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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Bucs interested in Randy Moss

It looks like another team is entering into Randy Moss trade discussions. According to the St. Pete Times, the Bucs are interested in Oakland receiver Randy Moss.

This latest Moss rumor seems pretty unlikely. The Bucs would have major problems fitting Moss into their salary cap. Also, it would be surprising to see Gruden put another difficult receiver on his team after his problems with Keyshawn Johnson a few years ago.



John Mitc hell said...

yes . . .

well in earnest, the likelihood of the bucs signing Randy Moss would be rather optimistic for the Tampa Bay franchise and further grant evidence to the effectual draft position of Cleveland Browns in correlation to the Buccaneers while coupled with the one year contract of Jamal Lewis.

In such a positioning, the Browns could draft the Bucs candidate of Calvin Johnson while forcing Lewis to re-establish a state of prominence within the league to garnish the cultivation of a long term commitment by this club or another.

Many skeptics are considering Russell or Quinn for the 3rd overall pick if they were to fall to this point in the draft, while Peterson remains in contention within a role of grooming i.e. Holmes-Johnson in K.C., Dillon-Maroney in N.E., or even Faulk-Jackson in St.L. yet, the ultimate infusion of a running back or quarterback at this state of the franchise would be unlikely based on previous experience with players such as Couch or Green not to mention the capabilities of bumping Braylon Edwards to the aspect of secondary option in the receiving unit, a position which granted a great deal of success in the college ranks.

Another option could be Joe Thomas out of Wisconsin which is rather unlikely while prospectively enriched by the assets of the aforementioned player based solely on the talent level in comparison of a receiver such as Johnson, an established level of physicality as well as character that is a rarity within the realm of professional football.

Even if such a player as Johnson is taken prior to the draft pick of the Browns, many viable options remain for the franchise which, eventually, should eleviate pressure on the administration and place the team within a position of contention as well as prominence in the future of this franchise which in turn should establish the historical dominance of Phil Savage as a general manager while removing Romeo Crennel from the depths of head coach inexperience and finally turn the franchise around in it's eighth year of being re-admitted to the league via expansion which should readily provide a launchpad for the Cleveland Browns franchise alongside it's historical importance to the National Football League.

March 8, 2007 9:21:00 PM EST  
Anonymous said...

This will never happen.....Moss's playing style does not fit within Gruden's type of WCO.

March 10, 2007 7:15:00 PM EST  
billyboob said...

LOL! Only pats, packers, and some others are interested in Randy Moss. I haven't heard packers sign more than like 2 people. So maybe packers might pounce...

March 12, 2007 8:11:00 PM EST  

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