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Thursday, December 21, 2006

JaMarcus Russell's decision to impact draft

LSU junior quarterback JaMarcus Russell is expected to be a first round selection should he enter the NFL draft. He has yet to give any indication on what his decision will be, but teams, players, and agents are all anxious to learn if the 6'-6" QB with a cannon for an arm will go pro. If he does, it will change the make up of the entire top of the draft.

The number one overall pick will lose some of it's value as Brady Quinn won't be the only elite QB in the draft. Teams won't want to give up as much to move into the first pick.

Brady Quinn will have some competition for the first QB taken. Most scouts still rank Quinn higher then Russell right now. However, that could change after Russell displays his skills for scouts during the combine and workouts. Some say Russell has one of the strongest arms to ever play the game.

Troy Smith might fall to the second round. The Smith bandwagon has been picking up steam and many consider him a first rounder. That could change with both Quinn and Russell expected to go higher then him.

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Anonymous said...

Russel is the man. I don't know if he is better overall then Quinn but, what this guy does with the ball is incredible. He hasn't even been able to show it in the conservative offense LSU runs. He has dealt with pressure and criticism like a grown man. He has room for improvement but, he is gonna blow people away at the combine. Go Tigers!

December 24, 2006 4:33:00 PM EST  
Anonymous said...

If I were the Detroit Lions and JaMarcus Russle is on the board. I don't even think about another player. Have you seen this kid. He is a hoss. His size, abd speed, and throwing ability are in thetop 5 of all QB's in the draft. Matt Millen I guarantee you get fired if you dont select Russell

December 28, 2006 12:15:00 AM EST  
Anonymous said...

JaMarcus Russel is with a doubt the best QB in the draft. Everyone knows how athletic, big, and strong he is. A lot of people do not realize how smart of a football player he is. He also has a lot of touch on his ball and he can make every throw. The tough SEC has prepared for the NFL. He is the type of player that a NFL franchise can build around.

December 28, 2006 8:21:00 PM EST  
Anonymous said...

i'm no SEC Kool-Aid drinker, but I absolutely convinced about Russell.

In fact, I'll say it's laughable that any team would pick Quinn before Russell. His arm strength is unbelievable, Not only that, but he can make every throw because he's blessed with a superb touch, too.

Russell also is extremely poised in the pocket and at his defensive end size, he's a load to bring down.

As someone alluded to earlier, Russell also locked down the starter's job at LSU despite being backed up by a pair players who themselves may one day play in the NFL — and with a lunatic fan base that probably screamed for a QB change whenever the Tigers got beat.

Best QB in this draft? Watch the Sugar Bowl and you'll see...

December 29, 2006 12:43:00 AM EST  
Anonymous said...

i must say this..
russel is a big-arm quarterback and has all the tools to become a good nfl qb but i seem to remember a few other qb,s who had electric arms and were busts, they are as follows
there is a guy named LEAF, Shaun King, Akili Smith, and one person the lions made a mistake on back around almost 20 years ago and his name was Andre Ware.
all i have to say is Quinn plays for a succesfull coach and plays in a system already set up for an easy transition into the nfl.
The lions need help now and so do the Raiders.
Russel will have to sit a year.
The Best Bet for russel if he declares would have to be going to either the Ravens (i know they have boller but lets get this straight he threw two passes this season that could have easily been picked but were turned into TD's)
Carolina, Philadelphia, Miami( who knows how good culpepper will be later and russel is sabans recruit),and Kansas City.
Those are places he can sit and learn and adjust.


December 29, 2006 4:40:00 AM EST  
Anonymous said...

All I keep hearing is people explain why Quinn is a better QB. I just want him to show it. If he had to played in the SEC which have 7 LSU type of defenses, it wouldn't have been pretty. Quinn will face 16 LSU denfenses at the next times 2. I just don't feel very good about him. He just have not won a big game, and people keep coming up with excuses for him. Soon you will run out of excuses.

January 6, 2007 12:36:00 PM EST  
Anonymous said...

Quinn, and any notion of Charlie Weis being a genius, is a product of the Notre Dame hype-machine. Big games over the last 2 years have proven this to be true, what is also true is the power of the ND faithful's beliefs in their teams superiority. Everytime they play a BCS conference team they get trounced yet the faithful give Brady "Happy Feet" Quinn and Charlie "I'm a genius" Weis the benefit of the doubt.

January 7, 2007 5:32:00 PM EST  

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