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Senior Bowl Day Three North Practice - Scouts Notebook

By: Sigmund Bloom and Cecil Lammey

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Guest columnists Sigmund Bloom and Cecil Lammey from give us an unedited look at their scouting notebook while they attend the Senior Bowl.


Tyler Palko, Pitt – fumbled snap, windup on almost every throw, affecting accuracy, wobble on short and long passes, ball seems to hang in air forever, least promising QB here

Drew Stanton, Mich St – Underthrew and fluttered some passes, Gruden took time to coach him, zip on only one pass, uninspired on option play, half-hearted play fakes (didn’t sell), lethargic footwork in drops, inconsistent

Troy Smith, Ohio St – nice pump fake, deep balls dropped in perfect cylinder, good zip on most passes, good trajectory

Running Back

Tony Hunt, Penn St – pink pants, played against Thomas Clayton in high school, good play on counter pitch – took it to the end zone, still too upright, can’t use his weight because he doesn’t get his mass behind his pads

Thomas Clayton, Kansas St – Great burst to end zone, two fantastic TD runs, coaches overheard saying he belongs, showed up ready to play, stayed up til 1 am studying playbook to catch up, good hustle and determination, great vision, poor hands, but great qucickness in routes, good inside – keeping feet moving, good cutback, can do the “Thurman hop: (riding in hip pocket of blocker and emerging when he sees space)

Kolby Smith, Louisville – lined up at FB, good inside, couple of drops, but still had good hands, good extension on deep catch, not as impressive as earlier in the week

Brian Leonard, Rutgers – lined up at halfback, got to outside well, good lateral quickness, good shoulder dip, needs to switch ball to outside hand, but didn’t have ball security issues, willing to push the pile, always keeps feet going

Wide Receiver

Paul Williams, Fresno St – trouble securing the ball, body catch, caught a high pass with his pinkies together instead of his thumbs together, inconsistent effort, danced and spiked after TD, seemed to lack focus at times

Jason Hill, Wash St – great move on hitch and go, good leaper, but couldn’t down with catch in corner of end zone, ran a nice horn route, but dropped it, clearly lacks deep speed

Rhema McKnight, Notre Dame – decent work fielding punts, but not outstanding, still very consistent, good out and up route, continues to everything well but not outstanding, adjusts to ball well.

David Clowney, Virginia Tech – very good hands, very good route running, seemed more at ease and continues to improve every day

Brandon Myles, West Virginia – hands getting better every day, showed some good ability to catch and turn to get YAC

Aundrae Allison, East Carolina – most outstanding North WR today, good stop and start ability, great for running after catch, returned punts, showed ability to block out defender when ball was in the air

Ben Patrick, Delaware – great athleticism on diving catch, doesn’t out of place with top talent, great falling catch in end zone


Stewart Bradley, LB, Nebraska – great play to break up pass to RB

Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska – just dominating in one on ones

Ryan Harris, OT, Notre Dame – playing LT, getting beat more often than he was making good plays

Tanard Jackson, S/CB, Syracuse – showing zest for contact and good ability to break up passes

Boo McLee, LB,WVU – not a top talent, but playing with a lot of heart

David Patterson, DT, Ohio St – generally looking out of his league

Manuel Ramirez, OG, Texas Tech – tough, feisty, has OT footwork

Aaron Rouse, S, Va Tech – great plays in coverage, does not look slow, one of the most outstanding North DBs

Josh Wilson, Maryland – made some plays that would clearly be pass interference

Marcus McCauley, Fresno St – playing better every day, making good breaks on the ball to deflect a few passes

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