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Senior Bowl Day Two South Practice - Scouts Notebook

By: Sigmund Bloom and Cecil Lammey

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Guest columnists Sigmund Bloom and Cecil Lammey from give us an unedited look at their scouting notebook while they attend the Senior Bowl.


Chris Leak, Florida - didn't see a pass batted down, feet kept play alive, released ball at highest point in delivery - mitigating short stature, good zip on short/intermediate throws, very athletic, preferred to dumpoff in drills

Kevin Kolb, Houston - flutterballs and one INT, overthrew deep ball, underthrew swing pass, good mechanics, mobile, good footwork in 3,5,7 step drops pushing back from center, good timing

Jordan Palmer, UTEP - way too many flutterballs (although some were accurate), little zip on any passes, stationary QB, too many interceptions - caused not by trying to get ball into small window, or outstanding individual plays, but just not seeing defenders doing their job, no anticipation of defense, consistent in his inconsistency

Running back

Lorenzo Booker, Florida St - VERY FAST, VERY QUICK, gets to top speed in a hurry, maybe fastest player at Senior Bowl, dropped pitch, powerful striders, change of direction is effortless and he loses little momentum, gets small to find creases inside, but not a pilemover or proficient inside runner, great vision, great instincts, powerful punch in blitz pickup drill, second gear in open field, long stride takes ground quickly as KR, good shoulder dip, accelerates/decelerates/accelerates quickly, set up 2nd level defenders without gathering, on a different than any other RB here

LeRon McClain, FB, Alabama - Universally praised for lead blocking

Ken Darby, Alabama - dropped seam route, did pushups for SF RB coach Bishop Harris, later caught same route, Harris bawled him out for half-hearted answer to "Do you understand?", plodding runner, Showed good hand, straight line runner, very little creativity

Kenny Irons, Auburn - smooth, loose hips when making cut, seemingly ideal one cut runner, good effort but sometimes whiffed in blitz pickup drill, fumbled and did pushups for Harris, good footwork inside, good vision, kept feet moving when he ran into pile, spin move in open field, set up 2nd level defenders, regaining 2005 form

Wide receiver

Dwayne Bowe, LSU - fast, quick, agile, natural hands catcher, crisp routes, Boldin-esque frame, but faster, tipped possible INT away from Michael Griffin to himself making catch while falling on his back, got 7-8 yards separation easily on go route, but didn't make catch, lots of attention by teams after practice, best WR on field today, extremely coachable, SF WR said "way to be coachable" after Bowe instantly applied suggestion on next play (pat kirwan commented on this too), got low to catch ball just off ground very easily

Dallas Baker, Florida - great matador move in open field, led ball thrown directly to him get to body, much better when forced to extend his long arms, takes some false steps in route running

Johnnie Lee Higgins, UTEP - solid routes, top end speed (along with Booker, Clowney, Josh Wilson), very quick, played gunner on punt return team and lead blocker/escort on kick return team, does not give away the route he's running, heads, shoulders and hips remain still, gets separation in cuts in routes - gets open with ease

Chris Davis, Florida St - terrific one handed catch, some drops, looks like only a slot receiver, but fearless over the middle

Courtney Taylor, Auburn -blocked out Meriweather well, outfought AJ Davis for ball up for grabs, very solid but unspectacular, vast improvement from Monday

Chansi Stuckey, Clemson - not as quick or fast as Higgins, didn't stand out, lack of concentration


Rufus Alexander, LB, Oklahoma - decent feet in drills

Fred Bennett, CB, South Carolina - very physical to the point of making plays that would draw flags

Justin Blalock, OL, Texas - seems to lack mean streak, pushed around by Antonio Johnson

Kareem Brown, DT, Miami - plays too high for DT, but is quick

Tim Crowder, DE, Texas - physically imposed, got corner twice on Joe Staley

A.J. Davis, CB, NC State - trouble planting and firing at times, great sprawling pass breakup on Bowe

Buster Davis, LB, Florida St - plays with mean streak, leapt well to deflect pass, stumbled over pad in drill, corrected by Singletary, but then had to stay upright to complete drill instead of getting low, suggest that he can't fire off ball, susceptible to getting run over while getting through trash, overachiever

Dustin Fry, OL, Clemson - Handled Tank Tyler at times, but struggled with quicker rushers

Michael Griffin, S, Texas - Has WR ball skills

David Irons, CB, Auburn - another terrific day, great ball skills, good reactions

Antonio Johnson, DE, Miss St - exalted by coach after putting instruction into practice

Ryan Kalil, C, USC - handled Tank Tyler again better than any other OL

Ryan McBean, DT, Oklahoma St - very athletic while playing classic DT technique

Ray McDonald, DE/DT, Florida - equally excellent getting low and getting great push as DT and getting explosive first step and wide as a pass rush DE

Quentin Moses, DE, Georgia - very athletic, got up to deflect pass pursuing QB on rollout

Joe Newton, TE, Oregon St - terrific natural hands catcher, not extremely athletic

Aaron Ross, CB, Texas - good acceleration as KR

Juwan Simpson, LB, Alabama - slow feet in drillls

Tony Taylor, LB, Georgia - slow feet in drills

Tank Tyler, DT, NC State - very difficult to redirect in one on ones

Tony Ugoh, OT, Arkansas - pancaked Chase Pittman (almost a body slam), very quick out of stance and stunning punch

Jonathan Wade, CB, Tennessee - solid but unspectacular, struggled as KR, made INT by jumping route, not particularly athletic compared to other South CBs, jumped when he didn't need to in INT return drill

Patrick Willis, LB, Ole Miss - class of South LBs, very quick feet in drills, great leaping interception

Mansfield Wrotto, OG, Georgia Tech - Beaten consistently in one on ones

Defense as a whole - Seemed to play together very well, Brandon Meriweather was firing up the defense

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