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2014 NFL Free Agents

By: Roshan Bhagat

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Top Quarterbacks

Michael Vick [Philadelphia Eagles] - Given the landscape at quarterback around the league, Michael Vick should get a third chance to start next season. At this point, the book on Vick is well-established, but ultimately, he's still among the 32 best in the league and deserves that opportunity. However, if executives around the league disagree, Vick's relationship with Nick Foles and his fit in Chip Kelly's offense should allow him to return to PhiladelphiaÑan organization he credits for helping him return his life to normalcy.

Josh McCown [Chicago Bears] - With McCown at the helm, the Bears sustained top-notch offensive output and remained competitive. The concerns that his production may not be sustainable over sixteen games are reasonable and when combined with his age and history, he won't merit serious starting consideration around the league. It's possible a team will outbid the Bears for McCown as a back-up after the contract they gave Cutler this offseason, but his next job is unlikely to carry more responsibility.

Chad Henne [Jacksonville Jaguars] - In some regards, Chad Henne was simply too good for what the Jaguars needed at quarterback a year ago. With Henne at the helm, the offense was just good enough to move the ball and sneak out a couple wins. Though they missed out on a top selection, the team's performance in the second half of the season, gave the Jaguars confidence headed into next season. Surely, he's a strong back-up in the league, but when the Jaguars add their quarterback of the future this offseason, it may not be economical to keep Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert who is guaranteed to make $3.8 million either way.

Rex Grossman [Washington Redskins] - Caught in the mess of Washington is the third-string quarterback Rex Grossman. Grossman should seek out a better back-up role this season where he could hold a successful stint as a spot starter, if needed.

Matt Flynn [Green Bay Packers] - The curious case of Matt Flynn should finally reach a conclusion when he signs a deal to remain the back-up in Green Bay for a number of years behind one of his good friends. His success as a Packer hasn't translated in several other tryouts which should be enough to deter other teams from trying the experiment yet again.

Josh Freeman [Minnesota Vikings] - After an ugly divorce in Tampa Bay, the Buccaneers were somewhat vindicated by a disastrous first start and the eventual insignificance of Freeman in Minnesota. With Mike Glennon's surprising success and Cassel's strong finish to the season, it'll be interesting to see if any teams give Freeman a shot after reports suggest that he struggled with similar criticisms in Minnesota as he did in Tampa.

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