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2006 NFL Free Agents: Defensive Line
By: Thomas J Gersey

Continued from defensive line part 1

4. Kyle Vanden Bosch, DE, Tennessee [66 tkls, 13.0 sacks, 4 FF]

After three years as a complimentary player in Arizona, Vanden Bosch found a home starting for the rebuilding Titans. Only 27, it appears that he has learned how to harness his gambling tendencies, and maintain control at the line of scrimmage. At 278 lbs, he possess excellent size for an end, but also has great overall athleticism. One on one, he has the ability to defeat similar sized lineman. When engulfed by larger players, or double teamed, he has a tendency to play high and get pushed around. When his technique is sound, he brings great pressure, and has plenty of time to develop even further.


EARLY PICK: vanden Bosch may get attention elsewhere, but he has found a home in Tennessee and will likely sign before the free agent period begins.

5. Orpheus Roye, DT, Cleveland [88 tkls, 3.0 sacks, 4 PD]

Roye quietly had one of the better seasons by a lineman this past season. Traditionally, tackles are hard to come by from the interior, but Roye managed an amazing 88, while also defending 4 passes in zone blitz coverage. At 6-4, 305, Roye is built for the interior, but is agile enough to move along the line. Much like a Tommie Harris, Roye doesn't get alot of sacks, but does create alot of pressure. At age 32, he would be a perfect addition to a contender looking to solidify its interior defense with a veteran presence.


EARLY PICK: Roye is likely to get alot of attention, but a veteran team, with super bowl potential, makes the most sense for him. The Giants spent this past season weak on the defensive line, and may lose one of those players. Roye would be the ideal player to take pressure off of superior pass rushers Omenyioura and Strahan. Meanwhile, Baltimore could use an upgrade on the line, especially if Anthony Weaver were to leave.


Chris Hovan, DT, Tampa Bay: Despite 6 years in the league, Hovan is still only 27 years old. He has had alot of personal problems, but played solidly in Tampa Bay this year without any problems. He may be on the verge of resdiscovering himself as an elite tackle, if he can get into a good situation. Hovan may resign in Tampa, but a place like Philadelphia or the Giants would be a good situation. However, signing with St Louis or Oakland seems more likely, and less ideal for his well being.

Damione Lewis & Ryan Pickett, DT, St Louis: With Jimmy Kennedy waiting in the wings, its likely one of these two will be let go. Both are very young and talented, but have yet to break through and display the production that was expected of them. Young teams like Green Bay, New Orleans, Arizona, Detroit and Oakland may take a look at these guys, who could provide high reward for their risk.

Anthony Weaver, DE, Baltimore: At 6'3, 280, Weaver can play inside or on the end. As an end, Weaver gets solid penetration by overpowering smaller lineman. Inside, he can maintain a blocker long enough to peel off and make plays. Baltiore will likely keep the 25 year old on board at an affordable price, where he should develop into an above average lineman.

Ryan Denney, DE, Buffalo: The perfect example of a player who gets more out of his talent than others. Denney is an average athlete, but extremely tough and aggressive. Doesnt get to the quarterback very often, but is very effective against the run. Will likely remain in Buffalo, but might fit well opposite an elite pass rusher elsewhere.

Kimo Von Oelhoffen, DT, Pittsburgh: The perfect cog in a top notch defense, von Oelhoffen is the type of player who acts as the glue between players. He may not get the stats, but without him, no one else would. At age 34, he is likely to resign with Pitt and finish out his career tutoring a midround pick. One place he won't be next season is Cincinnati.

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