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John Parker Wilson QB 6'2 219 Alabama 4.87

By: Robert Davis

Wilson did not play much as a freshman, but the time spent watching prepared him to take over as a starter in 2006. As a sophomore he completed 57% of his passes for 2,707 yards and 17 touchdowns along with ten interceptions. Last year, Wilson completed just over 55% of his passes for 2,846 yards and 18 touchdowns while being picked off 12 times. His numbers were not very impressive but he did a great job running the offense for a team that was undefeated until the SEC title game. He threw for 2,096 yards with a 57.7 completing percentage and nine touchdowns to six picks.


Wilson has come a long way since last year, and has shown a lot of improvement. He plays with an attitude and has shown a lot of poise this year. He is tough and has shown the patience to remain the pocket and take a hit while delivering the football. Playing QB in the SEC is not easy, and he has put up solid numbers throughout his career, but has saved his best for last up to this point as a senior. Wilson shows a solid arm when he needs to put the ball on a rope and fit it into coverage. He has also shown enough mobility in the pocket to side step the rush and buy that extra time to find his receivers.


There is not any one tool that stands out about Parker, aside from maybe his toughness. He can show a solid arm, but doesnít always show it. His accuracy can be erratic at times, and he appears to prefer float the ball to his man more often than just letting it go. His play has been up and down throughout his career until this year, so he will need to continue to show more consistency in his game. Wilsonís size is also only average, at best. He has a thin build and may not be able to take the beating QBís take on a week to week basis in the NFL.


JP Wilson doesnít have amazing stats but he does a good job managing an offense. A lot of people will like him because of the attitude he plays with, but that can only take you so far. He could fit as a solid backup in the NFL but his upside is definitely limited because of his lack of ideal physical tools.

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