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New 4 round mock draft. all explained
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:06 pm    Post subject: New 4 round mock draft. all explained Reply with quote

so doing four rounds is mad hard, so althou many players might not be right, look to also see if positional picks for your favorite team were good. tell me what you think


1. Oakland
QB- Jamarcus Russell
This pick can go any different ways, Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson, or Brady Quinn. However, the Raiders need a franchise QB to build their program on, and there is none better then the shoulders of 6' 6” Jamarcus Russell

2. Detroit
OT- Joe Thomas
Detroit can also do the same thing Oakland did, where they have a ton of options to pick from. However, they already have a decent QB who proved that he can put up offensive stats, so they decide to go with the tackle who can help give Jon Kitna some time to make plays

3. Cleveland
QB- Brady Quinn
So many people dont like this pick of Quinn and they would rather have Adrian Peterson. But if Quinn turns out as bad as people say he will, what do the browns loose? a chance for ray rice, steve slaton, ian johnson, darren mcfadden?

4. Tampa Bay
WR- Calvin Johnson
With a good running back in cadillac, the Bucs pass on AP and take an absolute monster of a receiver in Calvin Johnson. Johnson will immediately become an impact on this team

5. Arizona
DE- Gaines Adams
Arizona really needs offensive line help, and since Joe T. is off the board, no other linemen can fill this pick. so either the Cards trade down or they just take the best defensive player in the draft

6. Washington
DT- Alan Branch
The Redskins really need help on defense, and whatever they dont get in FA they will draft. the Skins really need a pass rusher opposite Carter, but since Adams was taken on pick earlier, they upgrade the inside of their line instead

7. Minnesota
WR- Dwayne Jarrett
The Vikes think they have found their man in Travarias Jackson, so now they need to give him a good wide receiver to throw the ball too.

8. Houston
RB- Adrian Peterson
Fans are still yelling at the Houston Texan football organization for passing on both Reggie Bush and Vince Young. No more harrassing this year, they draft their star RB

9. Miami
QB- Brian Brohm
The Dante Culpepper era in Miami almost started this year, but it crashed and burned. Whether or not Culpepper can come back is the question, and the Dolphins think Brohm is the answer

10. Atlanta
FS- Reggie Nelson
Difficult pick for the Falcons. They can take the proven playmaker in LaRon Laundry, or they can take the hard-hitting wild and crazy Reggie Nelson. I personally see a little bit of Sean Taylor in Nelson, so I think the Falcons draft him.

11. San Francisco
FS- LaRon Laundry
Maybe the easiest pick in the draft, San Fran just takes whoever the Falcons pass on. Since I had the falcons taking Nelson, the 49ers r perfectly fine with the top collegic safety

12. Buffalo
DT-Amobi Okoye
Okoye is only 20, which already gives him around 3 to 4 more years then any other rookie this year, and with his growing talent, the Bills take him to run alongside last years 1st rounder John McCargo

13. St. Louis
DT- Demarcus Tyler
Demarcus “Tank” Tyler is what he is, a tank. And with a high powered offense in Marc Bulger and Stephen Jackson, the Rams take the tank to add that same firepower on defense

14. Carolina
ILB- Patrick Willis
The Panthers were a pre-season favorite to win the super bowl. what happened? no steve smith in first 2 games. and no depth in the middle of the linebacking group. Steve Smith is back, so now they fix that hole in the LB

15. Pittsburgh
OG- Justin Blalock
Can you imagine Willie Parker being able to run up through the middle and then bust to the outside, not having to run ouside first. By draftin Blalock as a guard, the steelers obtain that possiblility

16. Green Bay
RB- Marshawn Lynch
I said the 49ers had the easiest pick of the 1st round, i lied, green bay sees lynch coming to them and the new commisiner isnt even off the stage from pittsburgh's pick b4 he brings lynch up

17. Jacksonville
OLB- Paul Posluskny
Jacksonville has to deal with Vince Young twice a year, AP twice a year, and Peyton Manning twice a year. They need an OLB that can rush Manning, contain Young in the pocket, and just straight up flatten Peterson. Posluskny fills those shoes.

18. Cincinnati
CB- Antion Cason
This pick should have been Leon Hall a month ago, but following his performance in the Rose bowl, the Bengals go to the next corner in line.

19. Tennessee
WR- Ted Ginn Jr.
I'm starting to wonder if teams wont pay someone to take Ginn Jr. off the board before he reaches the Titans. Can u imagine Pacman and Ginn returning kicks? kickers will have no choice but to punt it out of bounds. Plus Ginn gives Young that explosive weapon he needs

20. NY Giants
OT- Levi Brown
Giants get a steal or a bust here in brown. Once considered a top 10 pick, Brown has faultered a little bit, slipping down to the Giants at 20. The giants dont know who will b runnin in the backfield, but at least they will have someone to help make that runnin easier

21. Denver
S- Micheal Griffin
Griffin didn't go as high as his buddy from last year Huff, but he is still an amazing safety, and will definatly be there when Jon Lynch retires

22. New England
CB- Leon Hall
The Pats have two picks this round, and they can take a WR with one or a CB. This time they take the Michigan standout (a once top 5 pick)

23. Dallas
OT- Joe Staley
Dallas found it's savior in Tony Romo, only to have him crush them. Romo is still the man, so Staley is brought in to give Romo more time in the pocket to grow and develop.

24. Kansas City
WR- Sidney Rice
The pitcher or the raw talent? KC has good receivers, so they can afford to take Rice here and let him develop. By the time Kennison is ready to hit the showers for good, Rice will be living up to his name.

25. New Orleans
CB- Darelle Revis
New Orleans was a rejuvinated city this year, Reggie Bush and Drew Brees lit a spark that wont be put out for a while. Despite all that the Saints could still use help on the defensive side of the football, expecially the pass defense

26. NY Jets
DE- Lamaar Woodley
DE/OLB Lamaar Woodley is a very special player in that he can play either DE or stand up and b an OLB. This type of hybrid player is just wat the Jets are looking for on their defense

27. Philadelphia
OLB- Lawrence Timmons
I dont really know what provoked everybody to put lawrence timmons as the philly's 1st round draft choice, but everyone is, so im jumpin on that bandwagon.

28. New England
WR- Jeff Samarjzia
The Patriots have absolutly no consistant recievers, Chad Jackson is really the only one that i could tell you about, so here they add a stud in Samarjzia

29. Indianapolis
ILB- Buster Davis
Stop the Run. Enough said

30. Chicago
OLB- Rufus Alexander
With Briggs likely going into the FA market, the bears look for a quick replacement in the very capable hands of Rufus Alexander

31. Baltimore
QB- Troy Smith
This is a very very debatable pick considering Troy Smith's very weak performance in the BCS national championship game, but i think he has to go here because the ravens need to groom a replacement for Steve Mcnair, and if they pass on him now, he may not still be there, nor will anyone else

32. San Diego
WR- Robert Meachem
The position that the Chargers are gonna draft was never a question, but only which receiver would they choose. I personlly that Meachem will b better suited for this offense, so i chose him.


33. Oakland
WR- Dwayne Bowe
Depending on Joey Porter and Randy Moss's decision to leave or stay in Oakland depends on who Raiders take here, but if one or both leave, Oakland picks up their new QB's favorite target

34. Detroit
RB- Kenny Irons
I personlly would love to put Micheal Bush in this slot instead of Kenny Irons, but with Bush's recovery time in his injury, it is too hard to tell which back detroit should compliment KJ with

35. Tampa Bay
DE- Jamaal Anderson
I hate this draft. Jamaal Anderson is top 10 talent, but unfortuatly, once gaines adams is off the board, the redskins pick between DT branch and anderson, and well branch is too good. This pick is a steal for the bucs

36. Cleveland
DE- Quentin Moses
This is the same sort of situation as Anderson, once you clear the top couple teams, DE isnt that much of a big deal, so extremely talented players such as Moses move down into round 2

37. Arizona
OT- Josh Beekman
Arizona isnt gonna miss out on their lineman this round, they snatch up Beekman as quick as they can

38. NY Jets
OG- Ben Grubbs
The Jets have a fixed Pennington, and if the plan to keep him that way then the offensive line needs to protect

39. Minnesota
CB- Marcus Macauley
Macauley is no doubt first round talent who slipped through the cracks. He will go great with last years pick griffen

40. Houston
FS- Brandon Merriweather
Houston's pass defense was terrible. and when ur in the same confrence as the best qb in football, u need a good pass defense. this problem is fixed with merriweather

41. Miami
DT- Quinn Pitcock
If Miami wants jason taylor to stick around longer, they need to take some pressure off of him. Pitcock is a big man, and he will take enourmous amount of pressure off of taylor

42. Atlanta
DE- Charles Johnson
John Abraham scored me mad points in my fantasy league... for game one. He got hurt and never realy came back, and nobody else realy stepped up. Another potential 1st round DE falls into the second

43. San Francisco
ILB- H.B. Blades
I personally thought Manny Lawson was a great pick for the 49ers last year, and this year I think they find another excellent linebacker to run along side him. Plus, this dude is named Blades, he has got to be good

44. Buffalo
TE- Zach Miller
You know eventually someone is going to figure out the Bills plan. I know it takes a lot of brains to stop a hail mary from JP losman to lee evans. so once some genius figures it out, they now have miller to go short too

45. St. Louis
OLB- Earl Everett
St. Louis doesnt have a very deep linebacking group, and no OLB really stands out. So i think they go with Everett in the 2nd to strengthen things up

46. Carolina
WR- Steve Smith
As ridiculous as this sounds, how cool would it be for there to be two steve smiths on the panthers. plus they are both extremely quick, short, african-americans. even though smith going here might b a stretch, the confusion it will cause defenses will make the panthers pick him.

47. Pittsburgh
OLB- Kamicheal Hall
Pitt is almost as well known as Chicago is for their linebackers. This group is getting pretty old, so its time to start bringin in the fresh legs.

48. Green Bay
CB- Daymeion Hughes
This will b green bay's second california draft pick this draft, and the third in the last 3 years. Funny thing, every single pick was justified and had nothing to do with the school, green bay needs a corner, and hughes is the best available

49. Jacksonville
OT- Aaron Sears
Nobody knows who the Jags qb will b next year, so there is nothing else jax can do except build up a line infront of QB#??

50. Cincinnati
DT- Glen Dorsey
You wanna know who is gonna beat them bengals? any team with a high powered offense. But dont worry, they have upgraded their secondary for the second year, and now they have a very good DT on their line. So now whos gonna beat dem bengals?

51. Tennessee
CB- Fred Bennett
Please just dont let this pick turn out to b another off the field pacman, on the field sure, but off it- no way.

52. NY Giants
RB- Micheal Bush
This pick may save Tom cauglins job for another year. Somehow Bush managed to fall this far, but with the Giants needin a faster running back the brandon jacobs, bush is their man.

53. Denver
CB- Eric Wright
This is my least favorite pick in the draft, denver should never be drafting wright, they should still have a very good corner by the name of darrant williams. but the unfortunate murder of williams left a hole, a hole which the bronco's will try to fill (R.I.P Darrant Williams)

54. Seattle
OG- Manuel Ramirez
Seattle is missin hutchinson, so mayb ramirez could be his successor

55. Dallas
DT- Justin Harrell
Dallas D needs a whole work up of help, and althou a corner could go here, i think the cowboys pick up a hog in the middle to try and clog things up

56. Kansas City
LT- Ryan Harris
A simple equation runs football. age= experience. experience= good. Too much age= too much experience. Too much experience= bad. Easy way to fix this, start over with new ppl, starting up front

57. New Orleans
TE- Greg Olsen
A complete New Orleans team is going to be scary. A good way to start off is by picking up a good receiving TE to add to their already plentiful offensive threats.

58. NY Jets
TE- Joe Newton
Just like Brees and JP need an underneath threat to throw too, Pennington needs one to go with coles and cotcherty

59. Philadelphia
FS- Eric Weddle
This pick is one of those “for future use” ones, brian dawkins is getting up there, and although he will finish out next year, he will need to soon b replaced

60. New England
SS- Tom Zibikowsky
Wouldnt it be a crazy trade if New England got Adam Archuleta from the Skins for one of their first 3 draft picks. But since im not sure that would happen, so New England picks up their SS the old fashion way

61. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
CB- Aaron Ross
Brother Tiki just retired, so it wont be long before Ronde will throw in the towel as well. the bucs need to get ready

62. Chicago
OG- Tim Duckworth
with no real hole in their team, the bears fill in depth at the guard position

63. Baltimore
RB- Brian Leonard
I think Brian Leonard is the man, he is a good fullback, a good running back, and a great receiver. talk about a triple threat

64. San Diego
FS- Josh Gattis
Gattis is a wake forest grad who helped lead his team to the orange bowl. san diego likes players like this (rivers; although hes an nc state grad) so i think they will take him


65. Oakland
OT- Doug Free
Jamarcus Russell is a beast and can just run through tackles, but why make him work so hard when u can upgrade ur line to protect him?

66. Detroit
QB- Drew Stanton
Detroit will probably look past the draft for a QB, or maybe next years. But who knows, its a hometown boy and maybe he will impress and get drafted

67. Cleveland
CB- Chris Houston
Jamaal Anderson will help this defense a little bit, now its the corners that need a little bit of an upgrade

68. Tampa Bay
OLB- Juwan Simpson
The entire tampa bay defense is just old. Brooks is way up there, and Juwan Simpson is a viable replacement

69. Arizona
OLB- Prescott Burgess
Everyone knows how ridiculously stacked the Arizona Cardinals are at the skilled positions. Now if that defense can just be as good, we might be talking about a good cardinals team

70. Washington
DE- Victor Abiamir
With Branch already aquired for the interior of the line, Abiamir will b a great pash rushing duo with Andre Carter on the outsides

71. Minnesota
TE- Matt Speath
With Dwayne Jarrett going long, Travarias Jackson is gonna need a security blanket to throw the ball too when he gets in trouble, speath may just b that blanket

72. Houston
QB- Kevin Kolb
David Carr just is not getting the job done. Kevin Kolb is a hometown player (texans missed that last year) and he has shown a ton of promise in his games this year

73. Miami
ILB- Brandon Siler
Zach Thomas is an amazing athelete and linebacker. Unfortunately, he is getting pretty old and will soon need replacing. Siler is a very gifted player who could start for any team, but is fortunate enough to learn from the best instead.

WR- Early Doucet
At the combine, Bobby Petrino is going to write down every receiver that can catch the ball, and when he gets to this pick, he will take the best one. As long as he can catch, Doucet will start for this team.

75. San Francisco
WR- Jason Hill
It looks like San Fran might be returning to it's glory days. If only they had another WR to fill Jerry Rice's shoes, wow that would b amazing. Maybe the underrated Jason hill can do something bout that

76. Buffalo
OG-Mansfield Wrotto
The Bills have two talented backs and a decent quarterback, with protection and blocking these players could explode. They need help on the O-line, so wrotto comes in to help.

77. St. Louis
WR- Dallas Baker
Dallas Baker WR
a guy with the name “dallas baker the touchdown maker” will definatly fit into a city which loves their wide receivers. Both issac bruce and tory holt are getting up in age, so baker is picked to succeed them

78. Carolina
S- Aaron Ross
Safety is just a need haha. Panthers have decent corners, but no help over the top, safety is just a need.

79. Pittsburgh
DT- Marcus Thomas
Doesn't Marcus Thomas seem to fit the name of “Mean Joe Green”, except he is not a linebacker. Thomas is a mean, punishing tackle, and will fit into the pittsburgh playbook well.

80. Green Bay
WR- David Ball
Probably the most debatable pick in the draft, but I stretch out to pick David Ball here. Ball has talent, that is shown by his record TD catches. And who better to learn from then Brett Farve? I think this kid has skills, and after tuned up a little from the man, he will b sick

81. Jacksonville
QB- Chris Leak
So jacksonville has done everything it can to make a nice home for a qb. now they just need to fill that home. Who better then the hometown qb of the national champion Floria Gators, chris leak.

82. Cincinnati
TE- Clark Harris
Every offensive weapon on the field is loaded, except TE. so get one

83. Tennessee
DE- Adam Carriker
A preseason favorite for many defensive honors, a lackluster senior year left much to be desired. But the Titans need a pass rusher, and hopefully carriker can come through for them

84. NY Giants
WR- Courtney Taylor
Eli manning is struggling, but its no help to his cocky, bad attitude receivers. put sum1 new in there

85. Denver
DT- David Patterson
Patterson was a player who in NCAA Football 07, was supposed to be a “household name”. Pitcock stole some of pattersons thunder, but he still has the lightning

86. Seattle
OT- Brandon Frye
That seattle line just isnt the same w/o hutchinson, they got a new guard, but with no hutchinson, other weaknesses on the line shown through

87. Dallas
CB- John Talley
Talley (a duke grad) is a smart player who can make plays, but wont do anything stupid. that sounds like something the cowboys need right now

88. Kansas City
DT- Kareem Brown
DT was a need that was going to be addressed in the first round. But with too many oppertunities showing themselves, this is the first chance the chiefs really get

89. New Orleans
C- Ryan Kalil
this is simple, not depth in the center position. Kalil is a good center who started and played for a great team

90. NY Jets
ILB- David Harris
with the DE/ OLB position already addressed by Lamarr Woodley, they move a little inside and get a middle LB

91. Philadelphia
DE- Baraka Atkins
the pass rush is on in philly. A team who drafted DT last year, and moves outside this year

92. New England
ILB- Desmond Bishop
bruschi is a very inspirational leader, but he is not a top pier player. He is good, but not brian urlacher good. New England needs to find an urlacher

93. Indianapolis
DT- Ryan Mcbean
Hogs block the line. Blocked lines make it pretty hard to run. No run gets peyton manning a super bowl title. so draft a hog.

94. Chicago
OT- Tony Ugoh
not much to say on this pick, the bears are still building up their lines.

C- Dan Mozes
Dan the man. Baltimore get a replacement for their old man with Dan.

96. San Diego
OG- Kasey Studdard
the chargers struck gold with mcneil last year, and they are hoping studdard wil pan out the same


97. Oakland
RB- Lorenzo Booker
Jordan is not the kind of back oakland expected. Lorenzo booker showed mad promise comin out of high school, but didnt show well at FSU. a great back might explode onto the scene in oakland.

98. Detroit
CB- David Irons
its like a family reuion in detroit. Brother kenny picked up in the 2nd, and now david in the 4th. this would b another cool scenario if it happened, and i mean hey, the lions need a cb

99. Cleveland
OG-Dan Sanctucci
Time to protect the franchise qb u picked up in the first

100. Tampa Bay
BPA- Leroy Harris (C)
At this point the Bucs have no really outstanding needs, so they take the best player available, the center from nc state.

101. Arizona
CB- Travarous Bain
Once again, offense is set, just need to fix up that d

102. Washington
CB- A. J. Davis
The redskins corners did nothing this year. Carlos Rogers showed sparks of brilliance, and shawn springs was hurt half the time. no chances r being taken on FA guys, we get ours in the draft

103. Minnesota
ILB- Anthony Waters
I think waters is a very capable middle linebacker, his play was often overshadowed by the guy on the line in front of him, Gaines Adams

104. Houston
OT- James Marten
Houston got much better line play this year, but i dont think it was enough, still building.

105. Miami
WR- Jonnie Lee Higgens
Chambers was a disapointment this year, and the dolphins need someone else incase he struggles next year also

106. Atlanta
RB- Garrett Wolfe
Garrett Wolfe was made for Atlanta. the Falcons perfer quick, side to side runnin rather then the tradtitional downhill. Wolfe is a shifty back who could have been amazing this year, but unfortunately struggled. I would love to see this guy in this offense

107. San Francisco
CB- Tanard Jackson
San Fran still needs those weapons on defense to keep up with their new high powered offense

108. Buffalo
OLB- Tony Taylor
Spikes is old. Tony Taylor comes in this year to give him breathers, and in a years time spikes will retire a hero and taylor will take over

109. St. Louis
DE- Dan Bazuin
They got the LB behind Little and the DT beside him. Now here comes the DE on the opposite side

110. Carolina
QB- Trent Edwards
Carolina seems to have success with no name quarterbacks taken late (or not at all). chris weinke is garbage, and delhomme is getting there, bring in this qb who may b the next jay cutler

111. Pittsburgh
RB- Tony Hunt
Willie Parker worked best behind the Bus, well Hunt is a power runner who can spell parker while being used on short yardage situations.

112. Green Bay
OT- Mike Otto
To save either their old qb or their new one, green bay need to block the pressure

113. Jacksonville
DE- Chase Pittman
With perhaps the best two DT set in the Nfl, the jags just need ppl around those DT's

114. Cincinnati
C- Kyle Young
Rebuildin that line, from the middle out

115. Tennessee
OG- Andy Alleman
If the Titans want VY to develop w/o getting hurt like mike vick, he needs to stay in the pocket, and to do so they need better blocking

116. NY Giants
S- John Weddling
yea safety play, it doesnt exist

117. Denver
WR- Brandon Myles
Denver and Javon Walker have found an amazing relationship, but sometimes cutler has to find another target, myles may b that target

118. Seattle
FS- Micheal Johnson
Hamlin was amazing this year, but may leave to FA, if they do, they need a safety that can come in and perform.

119. Dallas
WR- Ryne Robinson
T.O's hand damage may have him thinkin retierment, when he does, the cowboys need another receiver to pick up the slack

120. Kansas City
CB- Terrell Brown
Ty Law still has it, but soon he will loose it, and a corner needs to b ready to play when that day comes

121. New Orleans
DE- Anthony Spencer
A good pass rusher never hurt a good team

122. NY Jets
WR- Chansi Stuckey
The Clemson Tigers were not a passing team, but they had talented receivers, and stuckey is one of them. This pick is just for a third WR option for pennington

123. Philadelphia
QB- Tyler Palko
With McNabb comin off injury, again, and garcia getin old. Its time to bring in fresh legs.

124. New England
OLB- Stewart Bradley
Bruschi's replacement is in, now its time for vrabel to go

125. Indianapolis
C- Doug Datish
With Indy pickin up players for the pass defense, all that is left is to start pickin up possible future replacements, and thats what they see datish as

126. Chicago
WR-Rhema McKnight
Although he seemed to drop some passes, he proved to be a very good target for Quinn at Notre Dame, so the bears say why not.

127. Baltimore
OG- Mike Jones
A weak line (depth wise) probes the ravens to do the same thing as many teams at this point, fill in depth

128. San Diego
RB- Dwayne Wright
With micheal turner all but gone, san diego needs another back to spell LT, and wright may be the right choice
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

pretty much the worst browns draft i have ever seen.. no peterson.. no joe thomas.. pretty much.. bad

browns gm and head coach have 1 more year to prove they should stay.. they r not going to waste it on a qb who is not going to play
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

near perfect vikings draft.. i love the first three.. that would be my perfect 1st day for the vikes. the fourth rounder im not so sure about.. he would be nice to add depth but other picks that are possibilities would be

Johnny Lee Higgins
Ryne Robinson
John Weddling

2017 Aggregate Draft Board
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Joined: 07 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

did u even put brian leonard in this?
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

How many beers did you drink when you made this mock?

Drew Stanton = UFA Exclamation Stanton is the last guy we need to see on the Lions. I really dislike Quinn. But, I would much rather see Quinn in a Lions uniform than Stanton.

If Russell is gone at #2 overall, the Lions will wait until next year to get a QB.

Last edited by BillySims on Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:33 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

In those situations, those are all very good and very likely Packer picks. Not bad.
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ehh i dont agree with some picks.

the first round pick of griffin is a good one. but the broncos dont need a CB even with the passing of darrent, domonique foxworth is going to start. they need DT at the 2nd and 3rd round picks. also, denver has washington's 3rd rounder. i agree with the abiamiri pick for denver there though

Thanks, Tzimisce
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

i like this draft its long but its also detailed and explaining y they shud pick the people good job!!! Cool
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:45 pm    Post subject: Great draft Reply with quote

Love the Packers picks...and overall a great draft. The only thing I would change is Cason decided that he was going back to Arizona and I don't think the browns will draft Quinn (which would really screw up the rest of the draft...the browns take AP, which leads Houston to take Marshawn Lynch, which causes the Pack to take Ginn Jr. which means no team has to pay for another team to take Ginn jr. etc)
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Man, you aren't a very good Redskins fan are you? Don't you know they don't have a 3rd rounder or a 4th rounder ?
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Young Legend

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 11:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

JaMarcus Russell-great Pick
Dwayne Bowe -another great pick.
Doug Free -they need to get a Vet FA to play RT..they need a Center.. and Kyle Young is the best Center..
Lorenzo Booker- i like Gary Russell here..
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 11:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Eagles trade a 4th which becomes a 3rd if they resign Stallworth to NO.
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 12:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pretty good Texans draft

I give it a B+

^LORK 88^
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2. Detroit
OT- Joe Thomas
Detroit can also do the same thing Oakland did, where they have a ton of options to pick from. However, they already have a decent QB who proved that he can put up offensive stats, so they decide to go with the tackle who can help give Jon Kitna some time to make plays

Good Pick, although would much rather have a QB

34. Detroit
RB- Kenny Irons
I personlly would love to put Micheal Bush in this slot instead of Kenny Irons, but with Bush's recovery time in his injury, it is too hard to tell which back detroit should compliment KJ with

No way in Hell the Lions pass on Jamaal Anderson (that is if he is still here)

66. Detroit
QB- Drew Stanton
Detroit will probably look past the draft for a QB, or maybe next years. But who knows, its a hometown boy and maybe he will impress and get drafted


98. Detroit
CB- David Irons
its like a family reuion in detroit. Brother kenny picked up in the 2nd, and now david in the 4th. this would b another cool scenario if it happened, and i mean hey, the lions need a cb

Totally agree, good pick
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I LOVE all the Bucs picks!! Best Bucs mock I've probably seen this year so far...If we got all these guys, we'd be in great shape...

Big "Thanks" to IAmPacman for creating this Sig!
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