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Ravens Positional Analysis and Grades.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2005 4:53 pm    Post subject: Ravens Positional Analysis and Grades. Reply with quote

Current Roster:
1. Kyle Boller
2. Anthony Wright
Grade: C. Kyle Boller still hasnt developed(hopefully that will chance this year). QB is may now be the weakest position now that we have Derrick Mason.
The Good news: Anthony Wright will be back to full strenght to provide us with a quality backup. Boller finally has a probowl WR, now we see if he really has it in him.
Need: 3rd QB, can easily be picked up late in the draft or a couple undrafted FAs to fight for the spot in camp

Current Roster:
1. Jamal Lewis
2. Musa Smith
3.---*(Im not counting BJ as an RB)
Grade: A-. Lossing Chester Taylor might hurt a little bit, but we should be alright. We learned we can never have to many RBs. Jamal Lewis likely will be back to 100% mentally and physically and will be looking for anothr 2000 yard season
The Good News: Musa Smith should be able to take over the roll of chester taylor without much problem as long as he can come back from the broken leg alright. Jamals head will be clear and he can focus on football
Need: 3rd/2nd RB. Again can easily be filled through the draft. Depending on who is available in what rounds the Ravens could take an RB anywhere. A first day RB could likely compete with Musa for the backup roll.

Current Roster:
1. Alan Ricard
2. Ovie Mughelli
Grade: A. We would not be one of the best rushing teams in football with out Alan Ricard, an unsung hero on the team. Hes been pancaking LBs for Jamal for years and get little recognition
Needs: None

Current Roster:
1a. Jonathan Ogden
1b. Orlando Brown
2. Ethan Brooks**pending FA, could be a different guy in here**
3. Tony Pashos
Grade: B+. Ogden and Zeus are great for now, however our depth is rather weak and Zeus is almost 35.
The Good News: OT is deep in the draft this year and there are still some decent guys left in FA. Should be a rather easy hole to fill.
Need: Replacement for Brooks/future Starter: Brooks may not be back and even if he is, hes not a starter. Ravens need to take a young prospect on day 1 of the draft to begin to groom.

Current Roster:
1a. Ed Mulitalu
1b. Keydrick Vincent
2. Mike Flynn**starting center but can play guard if neccessary**
3. Brian Rimpf
Grade: B. Vincent is an upgrade over Anderson and Mulitalu is great, but we dont have much for depth.
The Good News: Again signing another FA guard or picking up some depth in the middle of the draft shouldnt be to hard
Need: Depth. Our starters are fine, but we need atleast 1 more solid backup. Can be taken in middle draft or FA.

Current Roster:
1. Mike Flynn
2. Joe Maese**more of a pure long snapper**
Grade: B. Flynn is great for his versatily but losing Rabach hurt. Its always good to have 2 guys that can play center.
The Good News: None
Need: Backup center, either late in the draft or have a position battle in camp

Tight End
Current Roster:
1. Todd Heap
2. Dan Wilcox*if we resign
3. Darnell Dinkins/Terry Jones(hopefully 1 will be back)
4. Trent Smith
Grade: A. Our tightends are great. They all can block and they all make nice catches.
The Good News: Todd Heap hopefully can play a full healthy season and we will finaly get trent smith back who showed amazing potential before horribly breaking his leg and going onto an 18 month rehab.

[u]Wide Reciever

Current Roster:
1. Derrick Mason
2. Clarence Moore
3. Randy Hymes
4. Devard Darling
Grade: C+. Derrick Mason finally gives Boller the top receiving threat weve needed for years, however the rest of the crew is young and inexpierenced with a combined 15 starts.
The Good News: We finally got a probowl WR.
Needs: 1 more WR. I would prefer to add a veteran however adding through the draft is an option as well. Depending on who is brought in, they could be our 2nd or 3rd WR.

Defensive End
Current Roster:
1. Terrell Suggs
2. Tony Weaver
3. Marques Douglas**pending FA**
4.Jarrett Johnson
Grade: B+. Suggs should be great. Weaver is solid and Douglas could be great if we can bring him back however in the 4-3 defense we will need some more depth and possbily another starter/pass rusher.
The Good News: DE is deep in this years draft class. Coaches seem eager to see how Suggs will do at the position that he set NCAA records for sacks at.
Needs: 1. Pass Rusher 2. Depth Both can be fulfiled through draft and training camp competions.

Defensive Tackle
Current Roster:
1. Kelly Gregg
2. Dwan Edwards
3. Maake Kemoeatu
Grade: C+. Kelly Gregg is great, but we dont really have anything after him. No clear starter and no depth.
The Good News: None, DT will be our achilles heal this season.
Need: Somebody needs to step up as a 2nd DT in the 4-3. We also have no depth. A veteran FA could be brought in as well as draft picks to compete.

Outside Linebacker
Current Roster:
1. Peter Boulware
2. Adalius Thomas
3. Rod Green
4. Cornell Brown
Grade: B+. Our starters again look pretty good, but we are lacking depth. We havent seen much from Green, but even if he is solid, Cornell Brown is getting old and we will need to start building up depth.
The Good News: Young OLB prospects are abundant in the draft. Rod Green seems to have great potential.
Needs: Depth, possible Boulware replacement

Middle Linebacker
Current Roster:
1. Ray Lewis
2. TJ Slaughter**pending FA**
3. ---
Grade: A. Ray Lewis by himself makes this spot an A. He is simply the best. However now that Hartwell is gone we need to pick up another backup MLB.
The Good News: Like OLB, there are plenty of prospects in the draft.
Need: Depth. I would like to pick up a MLB in rounds 2-5 to provide depth maybe serve as the backup.

Current Roster:
1. Chris McAllister
2. Samari Rolle
3. Deon Sanders**Pending return
Grade: A+. Rolle and McAllister says enough. 2 of the best in the business. Depth is a concern though, especially if Deon decides not to return.
The Good News: 2 Probowl CBs on 1 team
Needs: Nickelback. Can easily be picked up in the draft. A huge need if Deon decides not to return.

Free Safety
1. Will Demps
Grade: B-. Demps is great against the run however he sometimes gets beat and coverage and has hands of stone.
The Good News: Not much, FS is rather deep in the draft.

Strong Safety
1. Ed Reed
2. Chad Williams
Grade: A+. Like Ray, Ed Reed defines the position. Chad Williams has proven to be a great backup and dimeback as well.
The Good News: Nothing, but no bad news either
Needs: None

Special Teams
Current Roster:
K-Matt Stover
P- Dave Zastudill
LS- Joe Maese
KR- BJ Sams
Grade: A. Stover is one of the best, Zastudill is great at putting it inside the 20, Maese hasnt botched a snap yet, BJ Sams returned a couple to the house as a rookie.
Needs: None

Total Players definetly on 2005 team: 43
Roster spots available: 10
Areas of Need:
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2005 9:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice job. I agree with pretty much all of your analysis, and you were quite objective. Overall things look pretty good, but I never think you should stop trying to make yourself better, and as you said there are still many areas we can strengthen.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2005 12:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

sorry computer screwed up on this post.
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