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CalhounLambeau 2017 NFL Draft Review Thread - DONE
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:29 am    Post subject: CalhounLambeau 2017 NFL Draft Review Thread - DONE Reply with quote

01. Cleveland Browns - Myles Garrett (RUSH)
- They made the pick they had to make. In a year without a blue-chip QB you should try to get the best player on the board and luckily this was a big need for the Browns. With Garrett's athleticism, lack of off-field and injury concerns he grades out with some of the best RUSH prospects I've ever graded. Will play right away and can play on the line or standing up.

02. Chicago Bears - Mitchell Trubisky (QB)
- If you're still surprised by anything this was probably a surprise for you. The Bears signed Glennon to that big deal which is ultimately a short contract and they're not paying anyone else on the roster much so going with a QB is not a problem. You can always find a reason to think a QB will fail based on past failures, in Trubisky's case it's a lack of college starts. I had Trubisky graded in the third round. Not a fan of the pick but I've been wrong before.

03. San Francisco 49ers - Solomon Thomas (RUSH)
- Put me in the camp where you don't worry about where you've picked in the past. You just draft good players. Past regime drafted the Oregon DE's. Who cares. Thomas makes your team better in a draft that lacked blemish free studs at the top of the draft. Pick that had to be made.

04. Jacksonville Jaguars - Leonard Fournette (RB)
- It has been a long time since this team has had a bull at RB and he fits a big need. The question is if he's the guy and if he should have gone this high. Fournette didn't do all the tests and has the ankle concerns but he handled an offense that was centered around him and defenses who stacked the box at unprecedented levels to stop him. He'll enjoy not being the center of attention. If the offense can move the ball through the air he should have a season similar to Jordan Howard had last year.

05. Tennessee Titans - Corey Davis (WR)
- Most did not anticipate this move despite the need the Titans had at receiver. Davis went to a smaller school but he owned his competition from day one and does everything well. He was my top receiver graded and his upside is a player like Jordy Nelson who can do it all.

06. New York Jets - Jamal Adams (SS)
- The type of player they desperately needed for leadership. Adams will likely have a huge impact on the Jets on the field and off. He can do a little bit of everything. I don't believe he's just a box guy. A great player hunting inside and a good player in the back end who can run and cover. Gives them versatility back there. Great pick. If he works out in a big way nobody will care if he is a safety or not.

07. San Diego Chargers - Mike Williams (WR)
- Most probably didn't anticipate him going this high but this is a team that hasn't had a bully of this caliber at receiver in a long time. He might not separate but he doesn't need to. Only played three seasons and still has some upside. Has an edge to him which is important. Needed a guy like this.

08. Carolina Panthers - Christian McCaffrey (RB)
- A guy who epitomizes where the league is going. McCaffrey is one of my favorite players who I've compared to Curtis Martin due to body type and style. Panthers GM Gettleman post-draft compared him to Martin. McCaffrey might only be 205 pounds but has the type of lower body you want in a RB. Not even old enough to buy beer. McCaffrey has some time to fill out and should be able to handle some abuse. One of those rare guys that prepares better than many NFL players already and treats his body like a temple. Lives for the game and grind. Great pick.

09. Cincinnati Bengals - John Ross (WR)
- What's been lost with Ross with all the talk of his speed and injury history is that he's a really good receiver. Ross is extraordinarily humble and has some of the best personal character in this draft. Most of his knee trouble occurred before he re-made his body so there is some hope his knee issues could be behind him but he makes a living with violent open field cuts. I wouldn't have made this pick but I understand it. The league has spread the field and speed is at a premium.

10. Kansas City Chiefs - Patrick Mahomes (QB)
- An example of a team going out and finding their favorite project to mold. Mahomes has a great deal of talent the question is if you think he's the type of guy who can reach it. He's a raw, outside of the mold guy similar to Brett Favre. His dad was a pro athlete so he gets it. You just hope the Chiefs take their time. Easy guy to root for and I don't blame the Chiefs for making this move. What a perfect spot for him.

11. New Orleans Saints - Marshon Lattimore (CB)
- Not much to say here. The Saints haven't had a long term stud at CB in a long time and they nabbed the top corner who likely fell due to concerns with his hamstring which have haunted him for years. Some guys are doomed by these types of injuries and at this stage of the draft you cannot blame the Saints for giving him a shot. He's a young guy and it all might be behind him, we'll see. What I like most about Lattimore is that he'll kill you with a straight face. Perfect temperament.

12. Houston Texans - Deshaun Watson (QB)
- Watson couldn't have asked for a better fit. I've never seen Bill O'Brien so happy in a press conference, he looked like a proud papa. Opinions range on Watson. I was unimpressed with a lot of his on the field work and how his role in the offense never expanded. He pretty much picked a side of the field pre-snap and forced the ball or ran with it. Everyone tells you he's smart and a worker, the Texans have a pretty deep playbook. They may have to adjust things for him at first if he starts. He's not a guy I feel good betting against, believe me. He's wired right. We'll see.

13. Arizona Cardinals - Haason Reddick (LB/RUSH)
- There were rumors the Cardinals couldn't get the trade for the QB they wanted so they settled for Reddick. The Cardinals can move this guy around. He can attack the QB or play LB and chase. He's a Swiss Army knife dude and brings explosiveness. He is the poster boy for the way the league is heading defensively. Great pick.

14. Philadelphia Eagles - Derek Barnett (DE/DL)
- I really like the pick. Outside of lack of length and some athletic limitations Barnett is doesn't have much against him. He's a young guy with good hands, good feet, impeccable football and personal character and has a great motor. They'll find a role for him. Was kind of soft and doughy at Tennessee and then lost weight after being sick/hurt during the process. If he takes his body to another level expect a name that'll stick around the league a while.

15. Indianapolis Colts - Malik Hooker (FS)
- Didn't think he'd still be here. The old regime took the Clemson guy at the same position in the second round last year. They simply couldn't pass him up. Hooker is that typical green dude who got stuck behind guys at a powerhouse school who showed big flashes. He's not a general like Jamal Adams and has some goof to him which I think makes some people a little uneasy but sometimes you just have to take guys like this. Nobody will blame you for it. He'll go as far as he wants to go. Hopefully the coaches can toughen him up in run support but he'll be running with the deer.

16. Baltimore Ravens - Marlon Humphrey (CB)
- About the most easy pick to predict. Humphrey makes a lot of sense. People like to poke at his high profile miscues on the big stage but the point is that he was on that stage in the first place on a team loaded with corners and he was bumping against NFL receivers. The guy is only 20 years old. He's not done yet. He's not the most natural guy and he''s not as smooth as Lattimore but Humphrey plays so hard and physical you've got to respect him. He could be another Chris McAlister in time. I have no problems betting on Humphrey. Some people in the league called him spoiled because of the family he comes from. I think he wants to make a name for himself.

17. Washington Redskins - Jonathan Allen (DE/DL
- This happens every year where a mock draft golden boy falls down. The Redskins made the obvious choice here. Allen didn't test well and he has the shoulder questions but there are plenty of pigs tearing up the league on the defensive line who didn't test well. He's got good feet, a good body type and great hands. He'll be a competitive guy as long as his body lets him. He made the Redskins job easy. You just lean back in chair and smile when this happens. Had his shoulders been perfect I think he would have gone higher, especially in this draft since the defensive line talent is below average.

18. Tennessee Titans - Adoree' Jackson (CB)
- Another pick most guys wouldn't have predicted. Jackson had that athlete reputation at USC going into the year. Most folks slept on him while the league took notice. Later in the process people kind of figured out that Jackson was actually really good and warmed up to him. Not that worried about his size. Plenty of guys his size line up in the league. He's a feisty dude who just runs, runs, runs. You can do the special teams stuff with him too. Can't fault the pick. We'll see how it goes.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - OJ Howard (TE)
- Fell further than draft people thought. I'm sure the Buccaneers were happy this happened. Howard never really got going at Alabama. Either they didn't use him right or he was running open and the QB went another direction. I think it was the perfect place for him and I'm glad he came back his senior year. His blocking improved greatly and he learned to handle adversity. CFB doesn't always know what to do with TE's but that's something the NFL has figured out. He'll have a lot more fun in the NFL.

20. Denver Broncos - Garett Bolles (OT)
- Another obvious pick. He was predicted here and everyone knew Denver loved him. One of the strangest stories you'll ever read. His life was saved by good people who went out of their way to save him. His body needs a lot of work, he's not pretty, he's a little wild and undisciplined. He's an older guy. Not a traditionally intelligent guy. You can't blame Denver for making this move, they needed him and he's got the upside. I wouldn't bet on him panning out. I hope he does.

21. Detroit Lions - Jarrad Davis (LB)
- They needed a linebacker and they got the best one available here without red flags. There is a deep fire in this guy on the field and off. He will run through a wall for his team and has explosive speed and a lot of range. He hits like bull and is an exceptional help tackler. He's high-cut and those guys get hurt. He's got injuries in his past. You have to wonder how long he'll last. He'll play as long as his body lets him.

22. Miami Dolphins - Charles Harris (DE)
- They really wanted a pass-rusher and were linked to other guys. Maybe they figured Harris would be gone. He wasn't a great tester and is a little leggy and stiff but he stays healthy and has a knack for getting after the QB. He graded out high in my non-field categories. Some some edge to him and a dad can be a big-mouth in the media which is something to be a little worried about. He could be a monster.

23. New York Giants - Evan Engram (TE/WR)
- They picked the closest thing you can get to a 6'3" Odell Beckham. A great pick and my favorite player in the draft. You can line Engram up everywhere and he'll take advantage of the attention Beckham gets and all the talent spread throughout that offense. Unsure how he'll be used early but he was my top player available. Down the line could be a guy trusted to block on the line. A potential monster playmaker. Get ready.

24. Oakland Raiders - Gareon Conley (CB)
- The pick they had to make. Almost too perfect. Of course we're assuming the incident clears. Conley is a smooth cover guy who can come right in and play. Obviously would have gone much higher. The Raiders nailed this pick. Goes into a great situation. It may all work out for Conley.

25. Cleveland Browns - Jabrill Peppers (S)
- Much has been made about this guy and everyone knows his story. It's been reported he'll play the kind of role he played in Michigan in Cleveland but I would expect his primary role to be box safety. He's a passionate guy should figure it out and have a career and was picked right around where he should have been.

26. Atlanta Falcons - Takkarist McKinley (DE)
- Drafted up for their guy who has one of the craziest stories I've ever heard. Has worked his way up from the bottom and has an edge to him. Loves the game. Working back from surgery and is a high-cut stiff guy. He's a big dude who runs everything down and takes pride in his effort. Should be a player but he has a lot to work on.

27. Buffalo Bills - Tre'Davious White (CB)
- They needed a corner and they got a good cover guy. Not much to say about this one. Got him at the right spot. No concerns off the field and known for the #18 jersey for LSU. Could be more physical.

28. Dallas Cowboys - Taco Charlton (DE)
- A guy I had graded later but I understand the pick. A perfect landing spot where he'll get great coaching. Was raw out of high school and never put it all together in college despite getting better incrementally. He talks a big game and says he wants to be great, but he hasn't done it. Didn't test extremely well but has the size and can do the job. Could be a monster.

29. Cleveland Browns - David Njoku (TE)
- Was rumored to go very high but this spot makes a lot more sense. He's a raw dude with explosive athleticism. He needs a lot of work and the Browns know they have to be patient with him but he has the athleticism to be utilized right away. There is bust factor here.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers - T.J. Watt (RUSH)
- Well regarded but the combine testing took up another level. Body type helped hide his athleticism. Watt is a leggy guy who doesn't look like he's holding 250 pounds. Has a history of knee problems, lacks bulk in his legs and being high-cut make him somewhat risky. Still needs work but he's athletic, has long arms and huge hands. Could develop into a star if he can stay healthy. Was a hard guy for me to project.

31. San Francisco 49ers - Reuben Foster (LB)
- Traded ahead of the Saints who thought they had Foster. Foster hung up on them and took the call from the 49ers. A potentially great pick. Foster has had a very messy draft process and he made things so needlessly difficult. People forget Navorro Bowman had character concerns coming out of college but he figured himself out. Foster has concerns with maturity and an injury history but he's more than worth the risk here.

32. New Orleans Saints - Ryan Ramczyk (OT)
- One of the weirdest college to the pros paths you can put together. Made his path extremely difficult by not wanting to play far from home. Despite the odd road he's a one-year wonder who's just a natural tackle. Can play the run and has good feet blocking the rush. A solid all-around tackle taken right around where his value was. Not who they ideally wanted.
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33. Green Bay Packers - Kevin King (CB)
- This was a big rumor by a lot of the team insiders the week of the draft. He is tall, lean, long, and has ball skills. I wasn't blown away by him but they just don't make many players with his measurables. I didn't like the pick but I understand why they made the pick.

34. Jacksonville Jaguars - Cam Robinson (OT)
- A bit of surprise here but I was glad he went around where he probably should have. I didn't like Robinson much as I thought he was always the same guy in college who was always too inconsistent but he's still a good prospect with some potential. I think his play coupled with him being rough around the edges dropped him. He was a little too hard to fall in love with and bang the table for.

35. Seattle Seahawks - Malik McDowell (DL)
- Went right around where I thought he would. Too rough to pick in the first round but perfect in this spot. The Seahawks seem unafraid to take on these players much like the Bengals. McDowell is obviously a huge talent but the fear is that he becomes a PITA player that isn't worth the effort. Great talent is hard to find and it's hard to be critical of this pick. They crept back and got their guy. Could be a monster.

36. Arizona Cardinals - Budda Baker (DB)
- A perfect fit for their defense who can move all over. Adds the speed and hunter mentality they love. I was never a big fan of him as a prospect but I like how he plays the game and they got him in a good spot.

37. Buffalo Bills - Zay Jones (WR)
- The type of player they needed. More of a safe and steady pick. Should be a reliable secondary receiver. His dad is a respected former player and he's apparently a football character gem. Should play for a long time.

38. Los Angeles Chargers - Forrest Lamp (IOL)
- Expected him to go higher but he just wasn't enough of a physical freak to go higher. Should be a long term starter. I really liked everything about him. I found out he has some wrist problems later in the process which may have hurt him a bit.

39. New York Jets - Marcus Maye (S)
- Not a bad spot for him as he was rumored to go earlier in the run up to the draft and probably would have in a normal safety class. Should be a steady starter. Hard to fault this pick. Jets just need steady and reliable players.

40. Carolina Panthers - Curtis Samuel (WR)
- Label him whatever you want I don't care. Very fast, very young and a lot of upside. The only thing I fear is that Samuel is not a natural player at any position and will float through his career as an athlete. His speed will always put him on the field and keep him around the league a long time assuming he runs reliable routes and shows steady hands. A very good character guy which really helped his grade with me.

41. Minnesota Vikings - Dalvin Cook (RB)
- Heard a lot of people were too scared to take him earlier so this wasn't surprising. I was never a Cook guy. Background is a little horrifying coupled with his body type that I don't care for. I think he'll always be injured. He's a natural RB despite some of his limitations. This was a good spot for him. Can't fault the Vikings for this pick at all.

42. New Orleans Saints - Marcus Williams (S)
- I really liked this pick for them and the player. He'll be good in the back end. Very smart player. Another guy that would have gone higher in a normal safety glass. They have to love this pick.

43. Philadelphia Eagles - Sidney Jones (CB)
- The injury is a little scary but look at previous team drafts after five years, you have to swing on talented players. Nobody will fault the Eagles if this doesn't work out. Jones is a big talent and a young player. He should bounce back. He's a lean guy so you wonder how he'll hold up. Tough, loves to learn and has ball skills. Hope he comes on strong.

44. Los Angeles Rams - Gerald Everett (TE)
- This guy was the hot name until he got bested by a similar player at the combine and it became known he had very small hands. This is a guy I warmed up to once I found out I was wrong and he was actually very intelligent as some thought he might struggle with a playbook earlier in the process. A good spot and fills a need. The Rams are doing all they can to prop up their young QB so he doesn't get eaten.

45. Chicago Bears - Adam Shaheen (TE)
- This guy is a wildcard and I still don't know what to think of him to be honest. Everyone was comparing him to Scott Chandler and they're pretty much size/athletic clones of each other. Do you draft Scott Chandler from Ashland here? I don't know. If he plays 10 years for the Bears nobody will complain.

46. Indianapolis Colts - Quincy Wilson (CB)
- A guy I liked a little bit but didn't love. He's big and he's got good feet. If he sticks around he'll probably be a guy who moves to safety. I don't have a big opinion on this fit. It makes sense. We'll see how it goes.

47. Baltimore Ravens - Tyus Bowser (RUSH/LB)
- A great pick. He will rush but can move around and wear many hats. This is the kind of athlete and player you hope you can get in the second round.

48. Cincinnati Bengals - Joe Mixon (RB)
- The more I've evaluated players the more I don't fault teams for swinging on talent. I get this pick. I don't trust Mixon. I think he's an odd guy who handles adversity like a child. Hopefully he grows up and gets past everything. Should play right away. Hopefully he comes in and blows up that odd 1-2 punch they've had there the past two years at RB.

49. Washington Redskins - Ryan Anderson (LB)
- Not a fan of this pick. I prefer better athletes in the second round. Old school football guys loves this type of player. I don't get it. Has the type of personality and mentality that could keep him around a long time. If he gets hurt he'll be out of the league fast.

50. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Justin Evans (S)
- Went below some of the other safeties for a reason but he's a fantastic athlete with a tough mentality. I get the pick. I'm not a big fan of the player although I get why people like him. A little to wild for my taste. This team has needed a infusion back there for a while.

51. Denver Broncos - DeMarcus Walker (DL)
- Love this players mentality and leadership but I just don't love him as a player. Made a living on moving inside and swimming bad interior offensive linemen. That won't work in the NFL. He's tough and will probably be in the league forever but he's an effort player. I would prefer him later but NFL loves these guys in their locker rooms and that's an important part of building a team. That's something I can't really gauge as a hobby evaluator. Hope he does well.

52. Cleveland Browns - DeShone Kizer (QB)
- One of the more odd QB prospects I've ever evaluated. Super young and inexperienced. Different personality. Strange college resume. For a guy his size with his talent it makes sense. I wouldn't bet on this panning out in a big way but maybe the Browns coach works his magic and something happens. They needed something to work with at this position. They swung big. Can't blame them for trying.

53. Detroit Lions - Teez Tabor (CB)
- The pick makes complete sense. This guy hit a wall during the process between predictably bad testing and bad interviews. If you have a guy with an edge and ego I suppose CB is the position for it. Players with his athletic profile have had success so it's possible. Might end up being a PITA prospect but they swung on talent. Right around where I had Tabor graded.

54. Miami Dolphins - Raekwon McMillan (LB)
- A player I was never overly impressed with but he tested well. I didn't see it. The big plus with McMillan that rarely got discussed was that he was a young leader and has great football character which is a plus. A little high for my taste. He could make me look like an idiot if he ends up being a highly productive three down guy.

55. New York Giants - Dalvin Tomlinson (DT)
- Another pick I didn't really love. Had a history of knee injuries early in his football career. Has a great story and his video is good but I'm not a big fan. He didn't play much there. If he holds up and plays in the rotation this will be a good pick but I don't think he'll be what people want. Reminded me a bit of Brandon Thompson who's been a disappointment in Cincinnati.

56. Oakland Raiders - Obi Melifonwu (DB)
- A player I really liked. He still has a way to go to clean things up but he's the epitome of a Nigerian genetic freak. They don't make them any better than this guy. I don't have a great feel for how he pans out to be honest. Wish he had more of an edge to him but he's huge and can move.

57. Houston Texans - Zach Cunningham (LB)
- I've never had a good feeling about this player. I don't like his build. I don't like how he plays. I never got a good read on him off the field. But he could just as easily become a star and make me look stupid. Big, long and can run. We'll see how it goes.

58. Seattle Seahawks - Ethan Pocic (IOL)
- The type of player they needed. He can fill in and play everywhere but I just didn't love the player that much. A little high for me but those versatile guys have value.

59. Kansas City Chiefs - Tanoh Kpassagnon (DL)
- They made out like bandits last year with Jones who I was very skeptical of. I didn't have this guy graded this high but the Chiefs have burned me before. He could be a monster end for them but don't expect the immediate returns they got last year from Jones. He might take some time. Swung for the talent.

60. Dallas Cowboys - Chidobe Awuzie (DB)
- A solid pick there. He's tough and versatile. Good character guy in a good spot. Can't fault this pick.

61. Green Bay Packers - Josh Jones (DB/LB)
- A player I didn't really get into until the week of the draft. Has a good edge to him which I think this team needs more of. He's big, tough, fast and versatile. The type of player that is becoming all the rage. He'll be moved all over. Cares about the game.

62. Pittsburgh Steelers - JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR)
- I really like this pick. JJSS is extremely young and has the size and enough speed to be a player. I wish he was more of a natural. Came to USC thinking he'd play safety but there was too much depth there. Plays WR with a head-hunting safeties mentality. Cares about the game. Will mature over time. Should become a player. May take some time though.

63. Buffalo Bills - Dion Dawkins (OL)
- Not a big fan of the player but he can play all over. Might take some time. Not very intelligent but he knows how to play. They needed OL help badly so I get the pick. A little higher than I would have gone but the versatility is a plus.

64. Carolina Panthers - Taylor Moton (OL
- Fits the mold and they needed more help. Not sure where he'll play but I didn't love him on video but I see the appeal. He's a mover and they need to start dominating up front. Not a bad pick.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


65. Cleveland Browns - Larry Ogunjobi (DL)
- Guy has a good story and he a lot of potential outside of football but I wasn't a big fan of him. Shallow group this year and got propped up a bit. A guy who overthinks the game.

66. San Francisco 49ers - Ahkello Witherspoon (CB)
- Such a mixed bag with great size and coverage potential but one of the most disgustingly soft players I've every watched. There is no dog in him at all. He was a big disappointment to me. If they can get something out of him to couple with his coverage potential nobody will complain about this pick.

67. New Orleans Saints - Alvin Kamara (RB)
- Went right around where he should have. Has a great body for his skill set but he's never done heavy lifting and has been hurt. Can he stay healthy? Off-field is a concern with him. Has an edge.

68. Jacksonville Jaguars - Dawuane Smoot (DE)
- A vanilla pass-rusher with some upside. Wish he had more pop. An awkward mover with duck feet. A rotational guy. Never put it together.

69. Los Angeles Rams - Cooper Kupp (WR)
- Right where I expected him to go. Should be a good fit. He's Jordy Nelson in Jared Abbrederis' body. Should be a productive player. There is no reason to think he can't be productive in the NFL.

70. Minnesota Vikings - Pat Elflein (IOL)
- Good pick. Has everything but the athleticism you look for. He'll give you everything he has and should stick around.

71. Los Angeles Chargers - Dan Feeney (G)
- Another guard I liked. Should pop in right away and start. The concussion thing is a little scary but I can't fault the pick. Perfect spot.

72. Tennessee Titans - Taywan Taylor (WR)
- Hoping to give them something Kendell Wright never gave them. He's got nice feet. I wish he was a better catcher. A guy I never really got a firm grip on. Not enough there for me to fall in love. I have questions.

73. Cincinnati Bengals - Jordan Willis (DE)
- His combine numbers blew my mind. He didn't move in a way on the field that makes those numbers seem possible. One of the biggest wild cards in this draft. His combine numbers carried his grade high with me but I have no idea with guy.

74. Baltimore Ravens - Chris Wormley (DL)
- Was always just a guy to me. He never really put it together and he was an older guy coming out. Has the ability to be a player but could be another guy that goes in and leaves Baltimore leaving you to wonder what happened. Could just be a steady rotational guy.

75. Atlanta Falcons - Duke Reilly (LB)
- The next guy in LSU's linebacker pipeline. He runs around and makes plays. The kind of guy every team will be looking for if they aren't already. A chaser and a finisher. Good spot. Liked the player on and off the field.

76. New Orleans Saints - Alex Anzalone (LB)
- He's always been hurt. I wouldn't bet on that changing. He's a giant dude who moves well. I get the pick. How many more times can a guy get hurt though?

77. Carolina Panthers - Daeshon Hall (DL)
- A big, smooth but robotic athlete you can put weight on and make into anything you want. Good value. I liked him. But he won't be a monster. Can play outside or inside. Good pick for them.

78. Baltimore Ravens - Tim Williams (LB)
- Off-field is crazy. Since he played at Alabama we'll never know everything that happened. But he can rush the passer. Wish he took better care of his body. A risky pick for the Ravens but it's not a bad spot.

79. New York Jets - ArDarius Stewart (WR)
- Fell because he's kind of a goofball with an edge. Not sure who is going to keep him in line in New York. They needed players and it's a good value but I wonder about him fitting in there.

80. Indianapolis Colts - Tarell Basham (RUSH)
- Not a big fan of this guy. I get that he has upside and the value for rushers is high. I wouldn't bet on this being a big winner. Has acting aspirations and is a little goofy, not sure how committed he is.

81. Washington Redskins - Fabian Moreau (CB)
- A fantastic athlete but I don't have a good feeling about the player. He didn't do much for me. You can try to teach him up which is why you draft athletes like him in this first few rounds.

82. Denver Broncos - Carlos Henderson (WR)
- Have been outspoken about not being a fan of this player. He put up big numbers beating up poor competition. Don't like his body type or leg stiffness. Made a lot of mental errors and was babied in his offense. I wonder how he'll handle it mentally. Might take time. Reminded me a bit of Cordarrelle Patterson in that regard.

83. New England Patriots - Derek Rivers (RUSH)
- I didn't love his tape but he tested well and he's a rusher and those guys get drafted pretty high. The Patriots draft a lot of players I don't like. Maybe he'll turn into something.

84. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Chris Godwin (WR)
- Love this pick. He was one of my favorite players in this draft and I had him graded higher. Reminds me a bit of a more reliable Davante Adams. He's a younger prospect with big possession receiver upside. Winston trusts his receivers and he'll love this guy because he'll bring those balls home.

85. New England Patriots - Antonio Garcia (OT)
- This is a guy I really liked. He got pushed up a bit because this class was poor but I think this will be a good pick down the line. Needs to get stronger and clean up but he's a nasty dude. There were some rumblings that he loses focus and might not be all in. He could be a huge steal. Went to the best possible place.

86. Kansas City Chiefs - Kareem Hunt (RB)
- Good pick. Hunt isn't special but he's a natural guy with a good body and balance you look for. Has had some issues in the past but appears to be past them. Went to a good place. Should be in the rotation. Good spot.

87. New York Giants - Davis Webb (QB)
- Don't like the player but considering the value of the QB position they got him in a decent spot. He's big, has an arm and is a willing learner. I don't think he's a natural QB. You make him think and it's over. I don't think he's accurate. Another guy who landed in a great spot for his development.

88. Oakland Raiders - Eddie Vanderdoes (OL
- This guy is a mystery wrapped in bacon. Was a big recruit. He destroyed people. Got hurt. Then got fat. Nobody knows what he is. Word got out he was coddled at UCLA and got away with anything he wanted. That's over. Tough to judge this pick but at this stage I think it's a good spot. I can't blame the Raiders if this doesn't work out. Upside is big and there isn't much at this position in the draft.

89. Houston Texans - D'Onte Foreman (RB)
- I like this pick. He was a big name that got soured on as the process went along but he's young and has potential. Foreman was used extensively at Texas and will never be used like that in the NFL so he will obviously drop weight. Maybe we'll see a better player. It's tough to grade RB's in college who are running the ball like 1990's NFL RB's and carrying extra weight. I think he'll pan out. He's got a huge chip on his shoulder.

90. Seattle Seahawks - Shaq Griffin (CB)
- A guy I'll admit I didn't do a ton of work on. I like the pick. Good size. Ball skills. Good movement skills. He's got flaws but a lot of what he has you can't teach and that's always good in these first few rounds. Corners are tough to figure out but I think he'll pan out.

91. Los Angeles Rams - John Johnson (S)
- One of my favorite players in the draft. He looks the part. I liked his tape. Just a good back end player they really needed. They had to take advantage of the safety talent and they got great value here.

92. Dallas Cowboys - Jourdan Lewis (CB)
- Huge value here if you can look past the problems he's had with his college girlfriend. Apparently there were multiple incidents which is always troubling. You were about a Josh Brown type situation. That aside he's a terrific player and one of my favorites on tape. Plays with a chip on his shoulder. If he pans out the Cowboys nailed another huge piece.

93. Green Bay Packers - Montravius Adams (DT)
- One of my favorite defensive prospects over the past couple of years. Glad my team got him. He's a hard guy to defend because he disappears and never dominated like he should but Auburn DL guys seem to shine brighter and play long in the NFL and I think Adams will be another one. He's get great coaching in GB and he's show some pop.

94. Pittsburgh Steelers - Cameron Sutton (CB)
- A guy who scored really high on a lot of my off-field metrics. He's a guy that's made of different stuff - in a good way. He never really put it together like I hoped he would and his measurables disappointed me but Pittsburgh could have a big steal on their hands.

95. Seattle Seahawks - Delano Hill (S)
- I didn't like him that much but he's got good size, he's a good athlete and he brings people down. You know who he'll be taking over for. Right around where he was projected to go. We'll see how it goes.

96. Detroit Lions - Kenny Golladay (WR)
- Interesting player I liked to talk about. I didn't expect him to go this high but I see why. You can't teach his size and ability to go get the ball. I don't mind the player at this pick. They needed someone like him.

97 Miami Dolphins - Cordrea Tankersley (CB)
- This team just keeps drafting corners I don't like. I didn't like him off the field and he was all over the place on the field. At least he's 6'1" 200 and has arm length. There's something to work with.

98. Arizona Cardinals - Chad Williams (WR)
- I didn't evaluate this guy. I saw a little of him late. Off-field stuff. He's physical. Good hands. Tough for me to judge this pick.

99. Philadelphia Eagles - Rasul Douglas (CB)
- I had him graded right around here. He's got ball skills and size. NFL teams were sure to gobble him up quick. He's got flaws but you can't fault the pick. Corners are tough to figure out but you have to grab them.

100. Tennessee Titans - Jonnu Smith (TE)
- In that second tier of small pass-catching tight ends. Very athletic and you can move him around. This spot makes sense for him. If he had natural hands he would have gone higher. Will likely always be unreliable in that category. When he does secure the ball he'll be good for them.

101. Denver Broncos - Brendan Langley (CB)
- I didn't like the pick but I understand it. He's not a life long corner and he has a lot to learn. His tape was messy but he's got the measurables and athleticism to develop. Teams take these guys high, you gotta have corners. I wouldn't bet on him working out but anything is possible.

102. Seattle Seahawks - Nazair Jones (DL)
- Not a big fan of the player because he's got very slow eyes but his measurables are rare and I suppose it's normal for a guy like this to go here. I wouldn't have made the pick but at least there is a big pile of clay to mold.

103. New Orleans Saints - Trey Hendrickson (RUSH)
- This was a dude I couldn't figure out. I wanted to love him but I couldn't. He was fun to watch but there are flaws. A lot of people I know really fell for him, I don't blame them but I don't see it. Will probably stick around for a while because if he doesn't pan out he'll be a team demon. Intense guy.

104. San Francisco 49ers - C.J. Beathard (QB)
- Everyone panned this pick and I didn't have him grades this high but I get it. The 49ers coach really liked him and didn't want to leave the draft without him. People like to say "they could have had him later" but there is no way to know that. You just pick your guys at this point. If he hangs around as a backup for many years this isn't a bad pick. He has qualities coaches look for, draftniks won't like it, whatever.

105. Pittsburgh Steelers - James Conner (RB)
- A one speed basher. He has a place and he'll do his job. Some people will expect more out of him that he has in him though. There are guys like him all over the league. He gets it. Everyone knows his story. Great landing spot.

106. Seattle Seahawks - Amara Darboh (WR)
- They made a pick I like in this round! I've always been a big fan of this guy. He's big. He can move. He's consistent. He's someone they needed who's a little different than what they've got. He looks the part. People will wonder how they got him here down the road.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Kendell Beckwith (LB)
- Didn't like this player. He had a lot of hype as an underclassmen. He's different than this latest batch of speedy LSU guys they've had. He's a big old-school looking linebacker. His tape was so inconsistent. I wished he was quicker. Now he's got the knee. Not sure how long he'll be around.
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108. Green Bay Packers - Vince Biegel (LB)
- Right around where I had him graded. A good athlete. Tape was pretty all over the place but he's got a lot to work with. Wonder if he'll stay healthy but at this stage this is a good guy to bring in and the Packers love taking white linebackers in this round.

109. Minnesota Vikings - Jaleel Johnson (DL)
- I had this guy a little higher than I probably should have but boy did he flash at times. He can make minced meat out of guys when he wants to. Not a great athlete. Can't blame the pick.

110. Jacksonville Jaguars - Dede Westbrook (WR)
- I had him graded in this round. Everyone knows his story. I spent an entire day researching this guy off the field. It literally took all day there was so much to go through. He's very messy. Reminded me a lot of Marvin Harrison but I'd very much doubt he'll ever be anything close to him. He's a talented guy if you can look past his stuff. Good luck.

111. Seattle Seahawks - Tedric Thompson (S)
- They've now brought in poor-man versions for both their current starting safeties. This is a good value for him and I liked him more than the power safety they picked a round earlier. This guy is active but he's flawed. I like that he can do a little bit of everything. Brother is in the league.

112. Chicago Bears - Eddie Jackson (S)
- It's too bad what happened to him but that's life in football. They really need help in the back end and I suppose this isn't a bad spot. The injury worries me but all these guys do is get hurt. Have to swing on talent and hope for the best. I like the player off the field.

113. Los Angeles Chargers - Rayshawn Jenkins (S)
- He makes sense in this part of the draft. He's got size and can run so you can't fault the pick. I didn't care too much for the player but they have to go somewhere and he would have gone higher in a normal class.

114. Washington Redskins - Samaje Perine (RB)
- Really like the player at this spot. I was hoping the Packers would bring this guy in at the top of the round. For a big dude he can get low. A little like those old Falcons backs (Turner and Anderson) but you have to worry about his ankles. I hope he keeps his weight down. There is no need to carry what he was carrying earlier in his career in the NFL when you're getting 10-15 carries in a committee. Great character.

115. Arizona Cardinals - Dorian Johnson (G)
- Looks like a tackle but moves like a guard. He's steady and square. I liked him a bit but didn't love him. Thought I'd like him more but was disappointed. Has some health problems. Worth the shot they took here.

116. Cincinnati Bengals - Carl Lawson (RUSH)
- A player I loved and hated. He's a great hand fighter and has a natural ability for getting the QB and on top of that he's an alpha leader you only see 3-4 times in a draft. He lacks length, his body is maxed out, he has an injury history and he has very little impact in the run game. His range is non-existent. Reminded me of LaMarr Woodley who flashed but wasn't long for the league.

117. Los Angeles Rams - Josh Reynolds (WR)
- The mission was clear in this draft, eh? This is a good spot for this guy. Kind of a poor mans Josh Doctson who can glide and float in the air. His body is a long way away and he's kind of a goofball but he's unique and can be molded. I like the pick.

118. Philadelphia Eagles - Mack Hollins (WR)
- Kind of surprised he's still around. Not a bad pick here. He's a great story and has tremendous character. Should be a guy who hangs around the league forever because he'll bleed for teams and he's got a great body type that tends to hold up.

119. Chicago Beats - Tarik Cohen (RB)
- A guy I didn't evaluate. I watched him quite a bit over the summer. He's obviously super fun to watch. He'll have a big adjustment ahead of him but he's a great athlete. Came out of nowhere. Great story. Hope he pans out.

120. Minnesota Vikings - Ben Gedeon (LB)
- This is the round where guys like this go. I like the pick. His measurables were impressive. Will be a teams guy. Could be something more.

121. San Francisco 49ers - Joe Williams (RB)
- If you've read their MMQB piece you know all about how they came to pick this guy. I suppose it makes sense because of the athlete he is but I didn't give him a draftable grade. His off-field was insanely messy and hard to grasp. Incidents with police, multiple transfers, early retirement, family issues, over-aged. Not for me. Hope he makes me look dumb.

122. Baltimore Ravens - Nico Siragusa (G)
- Not a bad place for him. They needed help inside. He's available here for a reason and needs work but I like the player and the spot.

123. Washington Redskins - Montae Nicholson (S)
- Barely made the cut for me to grade and barely got a draftable grade and survived based on his athleticism. A little rich here for me but it's better to go get an athlete if you think your coach is up to the task.

124. Detroit Lions - Jalen Reeves-Maybin (LB)
- Not a big fan of this one. I don't see him working out. He has upside as an athlete who can move and cover but it all depends on him holding up. I suppose it makes sense since it isn't a deep backer draft.

125. Los Angeles Rams - Samson Ebukam (RUSH)
- A guy I never got around to watching.

126. Cleveland Browns - Howard Wilson (CB)
- A good pick here and well worth the risk. Came out early and didn't run real well but he's quick and has upside. Already hurt but wasn't likely to come and play much anyway. Will take time.

127. Detroit Lions - Michael Roberts (TE)
- Not a fan of the player. His tape is wildly inconsistent but he's a measurables freak with hands that can cover a piece of paper. Picks when he wants to play hard and I hate those players. Considering his background you'd think he'd want to put better tape out there. Good luck with him. Hopefully the coaches can get it to click.

128. Cincinnati Bengals - Josh Malone (WR)
- Some of the big draft media guys were huffing and puffing this guy. I didn't really see it. He's tall and can move. I had him lower than most. I admit I didn't spend a ton of time on him since he declared out of nowhere.

129. Oakland Raiders - David Sharpe (OL)
- Wasn't impressed with him. Typical over-sized tackle project. They get picked because they have to be and rarely work out. Some people were really big on this guy. I had him going here and was probably a little too generous when gauging his upside. We'll see. Raiders saw something and they got something out of Denver Kirkland last year.

130. Houston Texans - Julien Davenport (OT)
- Another big tackle project who I had graded a notch over David Sharpe in this round. This is where they go. Have fun developing him and good luck. Dude can hug a school bus.

131. New England Patriots - Deatrich Wise (DL)
- He is their type of player. The type of lineman you can morph into whatever you want. Put weight on. Take it off. There is some value with a guy like him. Measurables guy. Hopefully he takes to the coaching.

132. Philadelphia Eagles - Donnel Pumphrey (RB)
- I had him lower. I didn't fall for him like some did. It's hard to get behind such a small dude. Warrick Dunn's happen don't get me wrong. I see him sticking around but I don't see a monster with him.

133. Dallas Cowboys - Ryan Switzer (WR)
- He didn't get a draftable grade from me. He's so small. But I was pretty sure he'd get drafted for his toughness and teams work. There was just something about him where he didn't click with me. I get his appeal. He's got hardcore little-man syndrome. He won't leave the league without a fight.

134. Green Bay Packers - Jamaal Williams (RB)
- Really surprised we drafted him. He's a good player but he scares me. I found him out of nowhere early in the process and was shocked nobody was talking about him. He went to a conservative school and was always in trouble over petty stuff. He's an entertainer of a personality and kind of the opposite guy we draft. A good-hearted guy. He runs really high and his knees meet helmets too often. GB hasn't drafted or played a RB I've liked in a long time.

135. Pittsburgh Steelers - Josh Dobbs (QB)
- Interesting prospect. Put a lot of effort into school in college so he never got as involved in football as he could have. When I watch him I don't see a natural and I don't think he sees the game fast enough in the pocket. I don't care for the body type. He's a tough guy to figure out but I wouldn't bet on him.

136. Atlanta Falcons - Sean Harlow (IOL)
- Didn't see much there but he could stick around. Went higher due to a poor group. People seemed split on him. I didn't buy into him.

137. Indianapolis Colts - Zach Banner (OL)
- I'm not a guy who roots against players. But this guy just rubbed me the wrong way like few players do. He's got a huge ego and he thinks he's much better than he is. He was never in shape in college and always talked about how hard he worked. The kind of guy who can talk all day about how great he is and just as easily make excuses all day about why things didn't work out. Not a terrible spot for him. This is where they go.

138. Cincinnati Bengals - Ryan Glasgow (DL)
- About where you expect an all-effort guy to go when his position lacks talent in the draft. Not a bad pick. If you're drafting a guy here who lacks athleticism he better play like a dog and he sure does.

139. Kansas City Chiefs - Jehu Chesson (WR)
- Good pick here. I liked him as a junior but he had a perfect storm of awful occur as a senior. I think he could turn it around and be a player.

140. New York Giants - Wayne Gallman (RB)
- He took a slide during the process considering where some had him before the season. Doesn't have a great body. Not a great athlete. But he's steady and gets every bit of power from his body when he runs. I wouldn't be surprised if he's their lead dog by mid-season. He's tough.

141. New York Jets - Chad Hansen (WR)
- Not a bad value here. Some folks liked him earlier. They needed help badly at this position and found two talented players. Like the pick. Hansen has a strange background but he'll work hard. The type of player they need more of over there.

142. Houston Texans - Carlos Watkins (DL)
- Right around where I had him. A little surprised he didn't go earlier. He's a big, fleshy dude but he lacks upside and is over-aged. Not a bad place for him to land.

143. Indianapolis Colts - Marlon Mack (RB)
- This is where these guys start going. I like the athlete but wasn't impressed much with the player. They needed someone like him. Not a bad spot for him, can't bash this pick.

144. Indianapolis Colts - Grover Stewart (DL)
- Didn't spend a ton of time on this guy but he got picked here for a reason. He popped on tape. Over-aged. Could end up being a guy for them. Can't fault the pick. Rough line group this year.
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145. Denver Broncos - Jake Butt (TE)
- I didn't love this guy but the pick makes sense. He's now had two major knee injuries and I wonder how he'll hold up. But at this stage of the draft how can you blame them? Dude can play. He responded to my Tweets about him over the summer. Confident guy.

146. San Francisco 49ers - George Kittle (TE)
- He picked up huge steam during the process. I love his effort as a blocker but I think some will be disappointed with him. I had him going here and was kind of surprised that's where he landed. I'll take it.

147. Chicago Bears - Jordan Morgan (IOL)
- He could be a player. I had him graded at the top of the fifth round and this is where he went. I'll take it. If he figures it out early the Bears will have an amazing interior rotation. I like what they're doing.

148. Jacksonville Jaguars - Blair Brown (LB)
- This is exactly where I had him graded. I'm on a fifth round hot streak. This guy has great eyes. His reactionary quickness is similar to that of my little cousin who always kills me when we play Call of Duty. Some people just have that gift. The perfect spot for a guy like this to go. Wish he had better measurables but guys like this break through sometimes.

149. Atlanta Falcons - Damontae Kazee (CB)
- I don't believe it. Another guy I had graded here in the fifth round, the hot streak continues! He's super tough. Over-raged and there were strangely some rumblings of character concerns I found out about late in the process. But he's solid and definitely worth the pick here. I didn't watch a ton of his tape.

150. New York Jets - Jordan Leggett (TE)
- The streak ends. I had him graded higher but it makes sense he was still around considering this guy's effort is so inconsistent it's enough to drive you insane. I get why the took a chance. His lack of motivation is troubling. He's such a tough guy to figure out. Why can't he just play hard and put consistent effort in for a couple hours once a week?

151. Los Angeles Rams - Desmond King (DB)
- Unsure where they'll play him but this is a good value. His measurables and testing really killed him. He's another guy who will leave the league kicking and screaming. He'll put in the effort.

152. Carolina Panthers - Corn Elder (CB)
- A lot of people really liked him and were surprised by him being here. He's small and lacked deep speed which is a curse for corners. I wonder how he'll hold up but he's competitive and spunky and I like those guys.

153. Cincinnati Bengals - Jake Elliot (K)
- I read into him after the pick. I don't evaluate players who kick the ball.

154. Washington Redskins - Jeremy Sprinkle (TE)
- Didn't like the player much but I love him here. I wonder how much the gift card situation hurt him? He's big and can block but he's a really leggy, rickety athlete that makes me cringe. He won't age gracefully.

155. Tennessee Titans - Jaylon Brown (LB)
- Didn't evaluate this guy. Can't catch 'em all.

156. Atlanta Falcons - Brian Hill (RB)
- Didn't like him at all and put him on my list to ignore. Was tempted to look back after he tested a little better than I thought but didn't. Didn't like him on or off the field. His size is appealing so I get it.

157. Arizona Cardinals - Will Holden (OL)
- I had him lower and was puzzled why so many draftniks were really high on him. I didn't get it. But at this point and in this class I understand the pick. He's a big dude with strength. Likely a reserve.

158. Indianapolis Colts - Nate Hairston (CB)
- I had him lower but he's got good size and he's an athlete. Typical guy that can be molded. Didn't spend a ton of time on this guy. Corners are tough as it is, corners from small schools, kill me.

159. Baltimore Ravens - Jermaine Eluemunor (IOL)
- Thought he would have gone earlier. I didn't have him graded this high. He's interesting but he's raw. I don't think he'll end up being a player.

160. Cleveland Browns - Roderick Johnson (OT)
- His tape made me projectile vomit. On top of that he's high-cut and he's clumsy. Not sure this team needed another project at tackle. I suppose it's fine at this stage in the draft, his measurables are crazy and he's young but he's got too much to overcome.

161. Indianapolis Colts - Anthony Walker Jr. (LB)
- This is a fantastic pick. I get his flaws but I think he'll be a player. Kind of surprised he was still around. A guy I get a great feeling about. Hard to explain. If he ends up being a dud don't remind me about it. I won't forget.

162. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jeremy McNichols (RB)
- This guy was still around too? What's going on. I think this is a great pick. I really liked his tape. He moves around real well and he's got a great body although he still needs to get stronger. He had injury concerns but this is a good spot. I liked him more than most.

163. Buffalo Bills - Matt Milano (LB)
- I had him pretty close to where he ended up. A good little player. At a minimum he's a teams guy who gets a couple chances.

164. Miami Dolphins - Isaac Asiata (G)
- He's an animal. I wanted to like him more. He's wild, emotional and not traditionally intelligent. There's some risk with him. That's why he's still around. The perfect place for him. They needed a big pair of nuts on the interior.

165. Detroit Lions - Jamal Agnew (CB)
- I didn't watch this guy.

166. Philadelphia Eagles - Shelton Gibson (WR)
- I had him a round higher and like his field speed and ability to go and get the ball. Wish he had natural hands but he seems like a worker. I think this is a great spot to get him. Good pick.

167. New York Giants - Avery Moss (RUSH)
- His character is a mess. Had he been clean he would have gone higher and if he played another position he might not have been drafted. Those rushers are valuable. Taking a big chance on him, even here.

168. Oakland Raiders - Marquel Lee (LB)
- I didn't watch this guy.

169. Houston Texans - Treston Decoud (DB)
- Picked right around where he should have. Not sure where they'll play him. Has the size teams spin the tires on. Not a big believer with this guy.

170. Minnesota Vikings - Rodney Adams (WR)
- Watched and researched him plenty but didn't end up with a draftable grade. Like him off the field. I discovered last summer he had a heart condition in high school. Must not have been a problem for teams.

171. Buffalo Bills - Nathan Peterman (QB)
- Just a guy who will float around a little bit. I didn't get what some others saw. Looks like the league agreed with me.

172. Denver Broncos - Isaiah McKenzie (WR)
- Gave him a late-round flier. These guys tend to drift in and out of the league pretty quickly. They're really limited. Not a fan of the pick.

173. Pittsburgh Steelers - Brian Allen (CB)
- Barely got a draftable grade from me. Squeaked by on size, speed, and upside but he's a big-time project.

174. Atlanta Falcons - Eric Saubert (TE)
- I dipped my toe into the pool with this guy, the water was cold and I got the heck out pretty quick. Have fun. I didn't.

175. Green Bay Packers - DeAngelo Yancey (WR)
I didn't evaluate him. I liked his size but he seemed ordinary.

176. Cincinnati Bengals - J.J. Dielman (IOL)
- He got a late grade for me. Survived on size and versatility. Good place for him to go. They needed to reload a bit inside.

177. San Francisco 49ers - Trent Taylor (WR)
- Got a draftable grade over Switzer for me. But it'll be an uphill battle.

178. Miami Dolphins - Davin Godchaux (DL
- Kind of like Adolphus Washington where you hear the hype but wait and wait and wait for him to make plays. This is where I had him graded. Makes sense.

179. Arizona Cardinals - T.J. Logan (RB)
- This is a guy I liked and had a little higher. I think he'll be a player. How much speed can this team acquire? My god. Great pick.

180. Minnesota Vikings - Danny Isidora (G)
- Dynamite pick. One of my favorite players in this draft. He's got flaws but he's an excellent athlete for a lineman. Coach him up. Put some more good weight on him. I think you've got a solid guard.

181. New York Jets - Dylan Donahue (RUSH)
- I'd be lying if I said I knew who this guy was.

182. Green Bay Packers - Aaron Jones (RB)
- I've compared him here and on Twitter before the draft with Paul Perkins who went in the fifth round last year. Does everything and moves well but lacks explosion and great speed. Just a guy but he does a lot of things well enough to stick around a bit.

183. Kansas City Chiefs - Ukeme Eligwe (LB)
- I've never watched him.

184. Philadelphia Eagles - Nate Gerry (S)
- I had him graded later but I get the pick. He's big and has teams appeal but he's stiff and inconsistent.
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185. Cleveland Browns - Caleb Brantley (DL)
- You know his story. Great pick. I didn't love him but I like his potential. Called fake tough and I can see it. Kind of guy who talks a good game and says things he knows you'll be impressed by but needs to do more on the field. That kind of stuff might fool the kids on your college defense and earn you respect but NFL players won't hear it.

186. Baltimore Ravens - Chuck Clark (DB)
Didn't evaluate him.

187. Seattle Seahawks - Mike Tyson (CB)
Didn't evaluate him.

188. New York Jets - Elijah McGuire (RB)
- I had him around this spot. He does enough to stick around but lacks size and great traits.

189. Los Angles Rams - Tanzel Smart (DL)
- Hard not to love his effort and football character. Worth the late round pick. Could stick around in a rotation.

190. Los Angeles Chargers - Sam Tevi (OL)
- Didn't evaluate him.

191. Dallas Cowboys - Xavier Woods (DB)
- This is right where I had him. I like the pick.

192. Carolina Panthers - Alexander Armah (FB)
- Didn't watch him.

193. Cincinnati Bengals - Jordan Evans (LB)
- Gave him a late round grade. He's an athlete worth giving a shot but he's going to leave his team wanting more. At this stage it's a good pick.

194. Miami Dolphins - Vincent Taylor (DL)
- One of the worst bodies in the draft and I'm not a fan of his athleticism but he's got great measurables, he's strong and he's a younger guy. I had a seventh round grade on him and it's a bad class so this isn't a bad spot. He's pretty ordinary. I wouldn't expect anything.

195. Buffalo Bills - Tanner Vallejo (LB)
- He barely hung on with a draftable grade. His measurables are terrible. Could stick around a few years as a reserve.

196. New Orleans Saints - Al-Quadin Muhammad (RUSH)
- This was a surprising name. I canned him early in the process. He makes terrible decisions off the field. He's got a bad body type. I'd be shocked if he sticks around but he can move and he rushes the passer so they'll kick the tires.

197. New York Jets - Jeremy Clark (CB)
- I was big on this guy and then the knee took him down. He played in a deep DB group and got lost by most. Dude is huge and has intriguing measurables. He barely got a draftable grade from me.

198. San Francisco 49ers - DJ Jones (DL)
- I really like this pick and had him higher. He's a stumpy little guy who works hard and has some power. He probably won't amount to much but I think he'll stick around in a couple rotations before the league spits him out. Has the JUCO background and isn't a smart guy which hurt him a bit.

199. Washington Redskins - Chase Rouiller (IOL)
- He's big, got a good body and plays hard. I had him as a draftable guy. Great fit for them. Nothing wrong with this at all. Hope he sticks.

200. New York Giants - Adam Bisnowaty (OT)
- I had him in the fifth. I just get a feeling he'll hang around somehow. I don't like him but he's something to work with. A smart guy.

201. Minnesota Vikings - Bucky Hodges (TE)
- This is what you call a home-run in the sixth round. He's here for a reason but when you add size and athleticism how can you not like this? He has a lot of work to do but he's huge. Way to go Vikings. Picking all my guys.

202. San Francisco 49ers - Pita Taumoepenu (LB)
- I had him here. Good pick. He's an athlete you can work with. Language barrier issue with him. Will take patience. I liked him as a developmental guy. Prefer him over special teams only dudes. He could be more.

203. Denver Broncos - DeAngelo Henderson (RB)
- I canned this guy due to size and being over-aged. He loves the game and works hard at it. Could be a rotational guy for a couple years.

204. New York Jets - Derrick Jones (CB)
- Didn't watch this guy.

205.Detroit Lions - Jeremiah Ledbetter (RUSH)
- Didn't watch this guy.

206. Los Angeles Rams - Sam Rogers (FB)
- Hard not to love this guy and it's a great fit. Terrible measurables. At a minimum he's a special teamer. Could stick and be a long-term guy.

207. Cincinnati Bengals - Brandon Wilson (CB)
- Didn't watch him.

208. Arizona Cardinals - Rudy Ford (S)
- He hits and he can cover a bit. Barely got a draftable grade. Terrible measurables. He probably won't stick around too long.

209. Washington Redskins - Robert Davis (WR)
- He's big and worth giving a try. I had him here. Don't like his hips and he needs a lot of work.

210. Seattle Seahawks - Justin Senior (OL)
- Didn't watch this guy.

211. New England Patriots - Conor McDermott (OT)
- I had him a little higher. Impressive measurables and can move around a bit. He needs to get stronger and I wish he had a better body. If anyone can get something out of him it's these guys.

212. Green Bay Packers - Kofi Amichia (OG)
- Jrry had me watch this guy and I was impressed but I just never got around to him.

213. Pittsburgh Steelers - Colin Holba (LS)
- Nope.

214. Philadelphia Eagles - Elijah Qualls (DL)
- I had this guy in the fourth round with the thinking he'll get in better shape and forge a career. Work ethic and weight are problems. Took a risk with this guy because he's young. They might have someone who'll stick around.

215. Detroit Lions - Brad Kaaya (QB)
- Having an average arm, no mobility and no ability to improvise is not an exciting combination. That's why he is here. Not a bad spot though.

216. Dallas Cowboys - Marquez White (CB)
- Average player with decent size. Had high body fat at the combine. He was a big disappointment throughout the process. I had him in this round. Not a bad place for him.

217. Tennessee Titans - Corey Levin (IOL)
- Didn't watch too much. Gave him a late grade. Great measurables.

218. Kansas City Chiefs - Leon McQuay (DB)
- A good athlete but he's so messy and never did enough. I evaluated him but he didn't grade out.
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219. Minnesota Vikings - Stacey Coley (WR)
- I had him a little earlier based on athleticism but he was a guy like Jarron Jones where effort, maturity and management will be an issue. The NFL doesn't like drafting children. This is another fantastic pick for the Vikings if the light comes on. This was a no-brainer.

220. Minnesota Vikings - Ifeadi Odenigbo (RUSH)
- This is where I had him. He's a good developmental pick. Didn't test great which is why he was still here. I evaluated this guy super early. Was on my radar for a long time.

221. Oakland Raiders - Shalom Luani (S)
- Didn't watch him.

222. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jalen Myrick (CB)
- I had him much higher but I understand why he fell. He needs a lot of work but his size and athleticism are very intriguing and he graded highly on a lot of my non-football metrics. Great pick.

223. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Stevie Tu'ikolovatu (DT)
- Another guy I had higher. An old-school Samoan power-plugger. He's old just like his cousin Sione Po'uha was when he came into the league but he can play. Needs to keep his weight in check. Should stick around.

224. Cleveland Browns - Zane Gonzalez (K)
- I doubt evaluate kickers.

225. Los Angeles Charges - Issac Rochell (DL)
- I had him higher than most and than the league had him. He's kind of a vanilla guy but I think he'll build up his body and become a long-term player somewhere. He's smart and motivated. For me he's of those guys you just get a good feeling about. Good pick.

226. Seattle Seahawks - David Moore (WR)
- Didn't watch this guy.

227. Tennessee Titans - Josh Carraway (DE/LB
- I had him by a hair in the sixth round largely due to athleticism. Not a big fan of the player but if the light comes on and he gets tougher he could make a career.

228. Dallas Cowboys - Joey Ivey (DL)
- Didn't watch this guy.

229. San Francisco 49ers - Adrian Colbert (CB)
- Didn't watch this guy.

230. Washington Redskins - Josh Harvey-Clemons (S)
- I had him at the top of the fifth. He had a lot of problems early in college and looks to be past them - hopefully. One of the great measurables guys in this draft. Not a big fan of his body type. He's tough. This is where guys like this go. Great pick.

231. Oakland Raiders - Jylan Ware (OT)
- Didn't evaluate this guy.

232. Minnesota Vikings - Elijah Lee (LB)
- I think this team went out of their way to draft a lot of my favorite players. I had Lee much earlier but I knew he was going to go lower. Lee is a young guy and he looks the part and he has a lot to work on. A great pick here.

233. Carolina Panthers - Harrison Butker (K)
- Don't watch kickers.

234. Los Angeles Rams - Ejuan Price (RUSH)
- I had him a little higher. Not a big fan of the athlete or injury history but he's physical and tough. Great spot for him.

235. Washington Redskins - Joshua Holsey (CB)
- This team really drafted the same type of guy over and over this year. A clear trend with their picks. I watched a little bit of this guy but I did not get to evaluate him.

236. Tennessee Titans - Brad Seaton (OT)
- I don't know anything about this guy.

237. Miami Dolphins - Isaiah Ford (WR)
- I had him earlier but didn't like him much. Apparently the league didn't either. Good young man though. Hope he makes it work.

238. Green Bay Packers - Devante Mays (RB)
- Didn't watch this guy.

239. Dallas Cowboys - Noah Brown (WR)
- I usually get infatuated with young, big receivers. Just not a fan. He needs a ton of work and his weight was all over the place. Heard he left because the younger recruits were pushing him. Hope he works out for them.

240. Jacksonville Jaguars - Marquez Williams (FB)
- Didn't watch him.

241. Tennessee Titans - Khalfani Muhammad (RB)
- I loved the athlete and body type. Just a really small guy who didn't make the cut for me. At this stage it's a solid pick. Why not.

242. Oakland Raiders - Elijah Hood (RB)
- I had him generously in the fifth round. He's a good runner but his lack of athleticism and rigidity are a problem. Would have gone higher in a normal RB group but he likely won't last long.

243. Houston Texans - Kyle Fuller (IOL)
- Right where I had him. A big measurables and size guy. Not a fan of his body type and athleticism. He's something for them to work with.

244. Oakland Raiders - Treyvon Hester (DL)
- Didn't evaluate this guy.

245. Minnesota Vikings - Jack Tocho (CB)
- Gave him a passable grade. One of those guys who's not overly athletic but he's smart and has enough size to slide by.

246. Dallas Cowboys - Jordan Carrell (DL)
- Didn't watch this guy.

247. Green Bay Packers - Malachi Dupre (WR)
- I had him in the fourth. A good pick here. Wish he had better measurables but he's smooth, young and has upside. You can't blame him for leaving considering their offense and the other talented WR's that were coming up around him.

248. Pittsburgh Steelers - Keion Adams (DL)
- Didn't watch this guy.

249. Seattle Seahawks - Chris Carson (RB)
- Didn't get a draftable grade for me. Body beautiful but not in a way where it's beneficial at the RB position. Bad RB legs.

250. Detroit Lions - Pat O'Connor (DE)
- Didn't watch this guy.

251. Cincinnati Bengals - Mason Schreck (TE)
- Didn't watch this guy.

252. Cleveland Browns - Matt Dayes (RB)
- He does everything but doesn't stand out. It's great that he has big hands and can catch the ball but he's not dynamic enough to be a standout in the passing game. Undersized. Not sure how long he'll stick around.

253. Denver Broncos - Chad Kelly (QB)
- A lunatic with loose screws who only got drafted because of his family connections.
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I really like our selection of CMC. He said when he ran into Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis in the weight room that his first thought was, "How would I block these guys on a blitz?" which is not only hilarious, but also the mindset you want in a rookie who is going to be a cornerstone of the offense for the next decade. Getting to work with his former position coach (Lance Taylor, our WR coach, was his RB coach at Stanford) will help acclimate him as well. Plus he doesn't need to fully carry the load right away with J-Stew here. I think he's gonna turn out great.
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Love the evaluations and excited to read the rest. You were able to incorporate why the team made the pick, your personal evaluation, and strengths and weaknesses of the player all in a very succinct way.

"Get ready". Cool
aceinthehouse wrote:

1st yr head coaches rarely see success their 1st yr, if at all.
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Zithers wrote:
I really like our selection of CMC. He said when he ran into Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis in the weight room that his first thought was, "How would I block these guys on a blitz?" which is not only hilarious, but also the mindset you want in a rookie who is going to be a cornerstone of the offense for the next decade. Getting to work with his former position coach (Lance Taylor, our WR coach, was his RB coach at Stanford) will help acclimate him as well. Plus he doesn't need to fully carry the load right away with J-Stew here. I think he's gonna turn out great.

The Panthers first 2 rounds were not the best, but very possibly my favorite. I really like McCaffrey and I really liked Samuel as well. I had Samuel ranked higher than most, tailing pretty closely behind CMC. To me, they are very similar with McCaffrey being a RB/WR leaning more towards RB while Samuel is a RB/WR leaning more towards WR. Both are extremely quick and athletic and high effort players. I was excited to watch them separately wherever they ended up, but it's going to be even more fun watching them on the same field together.
aceinthehouse wrote:

1st yr head coaches rarely see success their 1st yr, if at all.
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Great read. What do you not like in Trubisky's tape?
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Engram is nothing like a 6'3" Beckham. Engram doesn't have the nearly the body control, positional awareness, or catching ability that Beckham has.
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DraftHobbyist wrote:
Engram is nothing like a 6'3" Beckham. Engram doesn't have the nearly the body control, positional awareness, or catching ability that Beckham has.

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DraftHobbyist wrote:
Engram is nothing like a 6'3" Beckham. Engram doesn't have the nearly the body control, positional awareness, or catching ability that Beckham has.

I think Engram and Beckham have a lot of similarities. They're both very smooth and effortless on the field. Very similar athletically. Both contort themselves in the air and have a huge catch radius. Both make tremendously difficult catches look easy. Similar style. Different sizes. If you don't see it, so be it.
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CalhounLambeau wrote:
DraftHobbyist wrote:
Engram is nothing like a 6'3" Beckham. Engram doesn't have the nearly the body control, positional awareness, or catching ability that Beckham has.

I think Engram and Beckham have a lot of similarities. They're both very smooth and effortless on the field. Very similar athletically. Both contort themselves in the air and have a huge catch radius. Both make tremendously difficult catches look easy. Similar style. Different sizes. If you don't see it, so be it.

A little off topic but I must ask, why did you grade Jourdan Lewis and Cam Sutton down in your final rankings? I remember some time ago you had both rated as 1st round corners and then all of a sudden in your final rankings you bump both down to about where they were picked.

What happened to change your mind?

I only ask because I agreed with your earlier assessment on both. I thought they were the two best cover corners in the draft.
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