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A Mock w/ Story from Fans perspective

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 9:23 pm    Post subject: A Mock w/ Story from Fans perspective Reply with quote

I’m guessing that by now we’ve all seen rabbisson’s Mock Draft from the Patriot’s ownership/coaches perspective, but now let’s travel to the complete opposite end of the spectrum… A football fan.

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally Saturday morning! The one day I look forward to more than any other, it’s a football fan’s Christmas. We all know the day I’m talking about, it’s draft day. Draft day, the one day where the long-term future of a team is shaped, the one Saturday of the year I set my alarm for.

I run downstairs and tell everyone and their cousin what day it is. “It’s draft day,” I tell my mom.

“Ya, hum,” she says, obviously not understanding the importance of it. It doesn’t take a sophisticated mind to appreciate the draft, maybe us simple-minded people appreciate it the most.

It’s finally time for it to start, and the Texans are on the clock. I somehow manage to fit on my couch a huge bowl of chips, a plate of salsa, the remote, and my 64-ounce cup of root beer, complete with enough soda to drown a buffalo. “Who are they going to pick?” I ask myself. Reggie Bush is the no-brainer, but every possible scenario runs through my head during those 14-plus minutes. It was a close call, with only 36 seconds left, but they finally get their pick in. Commissioner Tagliabue walks up to the podium. Suddenly, I lose all interest in the pick, and it is replaced with respect for this wise man. He made the NFL what it is today, and I have nothing but respect for the man. “With the uh, 1st pick in the 2006 draft,” he says, employing his patented “uh” technique that I have known and loved for so long. “The Houston Texans select Reggie Bush, runningback, Southern Cal.”

“So there it is,” I think. The first pick is in the books. Just seconds later I look up in time to hear Mel Kiper’s patented, “well, it’s a great pick he’ll benefit them in so many ways…” Man that guy drives me nuts. Sick of it, I check what I have stored on my TiVo box. I hit select and a re-run of That ‘70s Show appears on my screen. After about 30 seconds of that, I decide to flip back to the draft, not wanting to miss any action. The Saints are obviously much higher on D’Brickashaw Ferguson than they appeared, as the commissioner is already walking to the podium. Man am I going to missed that guy. “With the uh, 2nd selection in the 2006 draft, the New Orleans Saints select D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Tackle, University of Virginia. The way he says D’Brickashaw leads me to believe that he’s been practicing, just to avoid messing it up. A little more time passes, and the Titans pick Matt Leinart. No surprise there, Stevie Wonder could see that pick coming.

I encounter my first problems of the day when I run out of pop, who would’ve known that I could drink 64 ounces of root beer before having to get up and pee? So what do I do, I get up and fill more root beer. I know, it’s a tough life. This 4th pick is really intriguing to me. The thought of A.J. Hawk and Jonathan Vilma both in Jet’s jerseys making plays alongside each other was just too much. That would almost be too dominant. They pick Mario Williams, which is a bit of a surprise to me, as I had thought that they would run the 3-4 this year. As soon as I realized that Green Bay was on the clock, I nearly got sick to my stomach. Not that I think the Packers are a threat to do anything this year or anytime in the near future, but because they would select A.J. Hawk. Hawk, the Ohio State linebacker that I had watched since I was 13, was going to my most hated team, the Green Bay Packers. It became official just minutes later.

San Francisco wasted no time in selecting Vernon Davis, which was puzzling since I was expecting them to at least look for a trade down. Before the Raiders made their pick, I had to go get some more chips. Next thing I know, I hear that jingling sound that announces that a pick has been made. I hear them talking about Detroit, and I realize that I had slept through the last couple picks. I wait for the ticker to come across the screen and fill me in. As it turns out, the Raiders bypassed Vince Young and selected the #3 QB on my draft board, none other than Jay Cutler.

The Bills decided to go for Michael Huff, who looks like he could play either SS or CB for them, especially after Milloy’s departure. The Lions are on the clock, and, for the first time in the entire draft, I am stumped. BPA is Ngata, but they have Dan Wilkinson and Cody, last years second rounder. No one is available at any of their positions of need. The commissioner comes up and announces that they have, in fact, selected Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon. They must see something they don’t like in Cody, who was expected to be their DT of the future. Wow!

Now, it was the Cardinals’ turn, what to do. While Arizona’s coaches, scouts, and management were slaving away trying to select the player who would be a future All-Pro and hopefully the face of their franchise, I was working hard also. Only for me, it was scooping away at the ice cream bowl. Man, I almost broke a sweat. They made a pick that was controversial from the start. They selected Texas product Vince Young with the #10 pick in the draft, despite already having signed Kurt Warner to a 3-year deal that included “starter money”.

The Rams were up next. I hate to turn this into a Rams bashing thread, but they had their more than their fair share of holes to fill. Just about any defensive player available would be an upgrade over what they have now. Looking for that star defensive player, they selected Jimmy Williams, who should be their FS of the future.

“With the uh, 12th selection in the 2006 draft, the Cleveland Browns select Willie McGin, er-uh Manny Lawson, Defensive end, North Carolina State.” Good, so I’m not the only one who thinks Lawson is a McGinnest clone.

The weather outside looked so good, a perfect day for fishing. Instead, I was inside watching all of the players I wanted the Vikings to pick be selected before we even got the chance. This was going to be a long day.

The Ravens were on the clock, and I was in the kitchen. After looking through ever cupboard in my kitchen, I decided to go for some popcorn. The Ravens, on the other hand, decided to go for Winston Justice to replace the Unforgettable Orlando “Zeus” Brown.

The Eagles wasted no time in selecting Brodrick Bunkley, or is it Broderick Bunkley. Either way, I questioned the pick. Darwin Walker? Mike Patterson?

The Broncos were up, so I knew that it would be the best position player they could get. Who was it? Without a doubt, Deangelo Williams would be their guy. The Broncos front office was obviously reading my mind as they picked Williams just minutes later.

The Dolphins take us to the halfway point of the first round with their selection of Kamerion Wimbley. These 3-4 “tweeners” really shoot up draft boards, don’t they?

With my Vikings on the clock, I had to go to the bathroom so I didn’t miss it. I hop on the scale, nearly breaking it, look down and see… To be continued. Second half still to come.

I know that I've violated forum rules by only posting half of my mock, but I'm hoping that this isn't a problem due to the nature of this draft. Viewers eyes would explode if they read an article twice this long.

Comments or feedback of any kind greatly appreciated. Thanks.
-- Kansas State University, 2013 --
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