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Mock 2.0

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Joined: 21 Jan 2006
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Location: Richmond, IN
PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:00 am    Post subject: Mock 2.0 Reply with quote

Thought I'd make a new one. This one assumes we re-sign Whitworth, Zeitler, Dre, Winston and Peerman.

2017 Mock Draft

Round 1 Derreck Barnett RDE Tennessee A monster against the run and the pass. Plays with a chip on his should, borderline angry, on every step. A rotational guy next year, he becomes the long term replacement for MJ90 in the starting role.

2 Jarrad Davis ILB Florida Second best ILB in the class behind Foster, plus just a step faster than Reuben in coverage.

Round 2b (McCarron) Malachi Dupree WR LSU Smooth, fast, fluid, and a hands catcher. A long term running mate for AJ Green to man the position for the next half decade. That keeps Boyd in the slot, Core as a special teamer and part time offensive contributor. Watching his clips, I see an AJ Green-like player, just not quite as big. Was hampered playing in LSUs system by a weak QB and the teams focus on getting the ball to Fournette and Guice.

3. Tanoh Kpassagon DE Villanova This guy is the perfect match for what the bengals look for in their Defensive Ends. Hes 66/275 lbs. However, he is available here because he is raw. Very raw. Thankfully not Margus Hunt raw, but you get the idea. Will immediately take over the Hunt role on special teams and eventually work his way into the starting lineup

4 Alvin Kamara RB Tenn A bigger back with speed, he might be long gone by this point, or might slip due to the number of top guys (Fournette, Cook, McCaffrey) mixed with not many teams looking for RBs at the top. If he is gone, Id go with either Perine or Mixon of Oklahomas, despite Mixons past, as it was a few years ago.

4b. (comp) Dan Skipper OT Arkansas The hedge bet in case Fisher doesnt pan out, and eventual replacement for Winston at worst. A big RT type of guy.

4c. (comp) Zane Gonzales K Arizona State has made like 7 FGs over 50 yards already. Leg is obviously strong enough. Would want to see him kick in the cold a few times before selecting him, but if he can, he is the replacement for Nugent.

5. . Josh Boutte OG LSU Huge man (340lbs) that plays with an extreme mean streak. Teeters on the edge at all times, which leads to huge penalties. Personally, Id try to help him manage it, but imagine having him on the offensive line opening holes. If things ever got chippy, we know wed have one enforcer on the field when the offense is out there.

6. Ishmael Zamorah WR Baylor This guy is literally Josh Gordon 2.0, but his issue was beating his dog, not substance abuse. At 63/220, he is big, and should run pretty well, as most Baylor guys do. And instant mismatch when teams double Green and Eifert and leave this guy in one-on-ones. Character issues lead him to drop

6b. (comp) Donnel Pumphrey RB San Diego State A younger version of Bernard, but with a bit more size. I dont see the team keeping both Peerman and Burkhead. I think we keep the Peerman, as someone will throw a bit more money at Rex than we want to give.

6c. (comp) Greg Pyke OG Georgia A backup OG to groom, hoping of course that Westerman also develops

7. Josh Dobbs QB Tenn Big arm, athletic, but ultimately drops this far.

Alternate scenario

What if we dont go DE in the first? How about this
1. Reuben Foster LB Alabama
2. Trade McCarron and our 4th rounder to trade back into late 1, or keep the 4th rounderpick and trade AJM for an early early 2 for Taco Charlton DE Mich

If we lose the fourth, Id take the OT out of the mix from above.
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Joined: 04 Apr 2007
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Location: Indianapolis Indiana
PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I would love it

Big thanks to kacymcbryant18 for the sig....^^
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Joined: 19 Feb 2010
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ochocinco4pres wrote:
I would love it

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Joined: 12 Jan 2017
Posts: 1
PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 5:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's not bad...

The problem with Barnett is that his success was due to the match ups and play designs for him. I'm not saying he is a bad player I just don't think he is good enough to play RE in our system.
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Joined: 10 Jul 2013
Posts: 2638
Location: Hamilton, OH
PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's what I think about each pick

The resigning are all realistic (aside from Lafell), nothing to argue there.

1.Barnett is a reasonable and popular pick for the Bengals right now. I need to see who you have going in the first 8 picks though, because if Foster is there I still prefer him. And honestly I like Solomon Thomas more than Barnett right now as well.

2a.Good pick here. Davis is a guy that I could see going in the late 1st round, so its not only value, it addresses a need.

2b.Solid pick, seeing as you didn't have Lafell coming back, so it fills a huge need. I think Boyd will be the #2 starter though, unless they end up drafting a WR in the 1st round.

3.The same thing I had in terms of value. I don't like the idea of drafting another DE this early, seeing as you already have them taking Barnett. The only way they draft 2 DE's this early, 3 things need to happen IMO. 1.Hunt and Gilberry walk 2.They don't sign a DE in free agency 3.Michael Johnson gets cut.

4a.Excellent pick. They not only fill the void of Burkhead, this is tremendous value on a RB, someone I could see going in the late 1st round round.

4b.Don't understand this pick. Not only do I feel Skipper is a slight reach here, how are they going to have room for him on the roster, when they they already have Whitworth, Ogbuehi, Fisher, and Winston at the OT position?

4c.This takes care of a huge need. Gonzales is the only kicker in this draft that has what it takes in the NFL. My only issue with this pick is I don't want to draft him until the 5th round.

5.Hate this pick. I honestly don't see Boutte getting drafted at all. Things could change down the road in the offseason, but this is my least favorite pick in your draft.

6a.Another pick I'm just not sure about. They already drafted 1 WR, so why draft another, with an already crowded WR field. Also I think its a slight reach, so this is a practice squad pick IMO

6b.Its a good pick in terms of value, because I could see him going in the 4th round. But he would have no chance to make the roster, since they already drafted a RB in the 4th, unless they are ready to move on from Peerman

6c.Same pick as I had, so I can agree with it. But didn't you already draft another OG in the 5th round?

7.Dobbs is a solid pick, if they need to find somebody who can be a future backup.

I would of liked to see you draft a C in there somewhere, maybe a CB and DT

Overall, I like some of the value pick, especially at the RB position, drafting Davis, and going after the best kicker in the draft. Getting the right picks early on the draft are most important which is what you pretty much did.

The thing I didn't like the most though was I felt you double dipped on way too many positions. In your defense though, most of those picks were in the 6th and 7th, guys that are most likely going to be practice squad guys anyway. But the only way I would draft the same position twice is if there's a player that has great value somewhere.
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Joined: 21 Jan 2006
Posts: 7808
Location: Richmond, IN
PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mr. C

I had Garrett, Allen, two QBs, Adams, Williams and Fournette slotted. I was torn what would happen with that last pick between Foster and Barnett. I prefer Foster, and mentioned the alternate scenario at the bottom if we go Foster at #9. I think Thomas is a DT in our defense, not a DE, so I passed.

As far as double dipping at DE, I bade farewell to both Gilberry and Hunt, so we need two, and I don't see the team going the free agency route at that position. Barnett (or Charlton in the alternate first two rounds) plays right away while Kpassagon is inactive at first.

In the fourth, it got down to the RB or Orlovsky. The team seems set with Bodine, but by losing Burkhead pushed that need to the top of the fourth. Orlovsky didn't make it to the comp picks in the fourth. If I had thought one of the three I mentioned would make it there, I would have taken Orlovsky and then a RB instead of Skipper.

Didn't take a CB as we would have Dre, Jackson, Dennard, Shaw and Russell for sure, and most lkkely Jones after a suspension.

Double dipped at WR because I really like both prospects, and I lke Russell on the PS, but want upgrades. This draft will have several players end up there anyway, as we don't have 12 roster holes to fill.
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