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Bring on the Steelers
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

footballfan81 wrote:
Jakuvious wrote:
footballfan81 wrote:

Funny, but on the 3rd and 3, Ben scrambled to his right where, you guessed it, Justin Houston would have been had he not dropped into coverage, so looks to me like the Steelers correctly predicted Sutton would drop Houston into coverage.

Okay, clearly this play needs to be explained, because I've seen an absurd amount of criticism of that play of this nature, that just shows that people either didn't pay attention to the play, or they don't understand football schemes.

We were in a 3-3-5 on that play. Jones, Poe, and Roches on the line (we went with 3 DL for most of the late game to correct to stop Bell.) Houston, Wilson, and Zombo were in at LB. Our usual 5 were at DB (Peters, Parker, Berry, Nelson, Mitchell.) Pittsburgh went with a tight bunch formation to their left, with 2 WRs and a TE outside. They had 1 WR on the right and a RB in the backfield. Their formation dictated how we lined up. Peters solo'd the RWR, obviously. Parker was the single high safety. Which left Berry, Nelson, and Mitchell to line up across from the bunched receivers. Wilson was dead center watching Bell.

We ran a zone play, there. If Houston does not drop into coverage....no one drops into coverage there. We had two players lined up outside the right hash in the entire formation, Peters (again, manned up on the RWR) and Houston on the line. There's no one else to give that zone to. Houston is an OLB. Particularly when we go with 3 down linemen. He has to cover sometimes. Same with Hali, same with Ford, same with Zombo. The only situation, in that formation, where Houston is not dropping into that zone is if we rush 5 and play man coverage. In which case we would have likely had Steven Nelson running with Brown across field, which is not going to be any more successful there.

Because seriously, I challenge you, tell me who is going to cover that zone if it isn't Houston. Because there's no one else even close to there. To keep Houston out of that kind of coverage responsibility there, you'd have had to go with a 2-4-5 look, leaving Sorensen or Wilson with that outside zone, but that was the formation that we were getting gashed on, so they went away with it.

It's so easy to say, why is Houston covering Brown? But it isn't that simple. It's a freaking zone. Houston didn't cover Brown. Brown was schemed into Houston's zone. It was a good play call by Pittsburgh, taking advantage of the fear the instilled in us of Bell, and it was well-blocked by their OL (and it had to be, because that was not a quick developing play.) We schemed to stop Bell first, and to prevent the quick pass second (the bunch formation would've seemed to indicate a quick pass to the left.) Which was a reasonable call. They went with a long developing play across the field to the empty right side of the field. It worked out.

And beyond that, Houston is good in coverage. He always has been. With DJ out he's probably our second best coverage LB anyway. It's not like we put Tamba in man coverage on a WR.

So what's the excuse for having Houston cover Brown one on one earlier in the game that GIFTED the Steelers 3 points after we had just scored a TD with momentum on our side?

Complaints about that play are more legitimate, though the blitz worked and they should've been able to bring down Ben.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 6:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

kingseanjohn wrote:
Points win games. Not yards.

The offense needs to be better.
But giving up yards means giving up TOP which kills your D being on the field so much.

Yes the offense left much to be desired too.
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