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Week 13: Denver Broncos @ Jacksonville Jaguars
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

.Buzz wrote:
Tugboat wrote:
.Buzz wrote:
DuvalsKing wrote:
.Buzz wrote:
If we have any offense what so ever with what the defense has done this team likely would have been right around where most expected prior to the season (7-9). But you couple the incompetence of the offense with this joke of a coaching staff and you get 2-10.

[inappropriate/removed] this team. Just fire him already Khan. Just delaying the inevitable. Becoming a bigger joke as weeks go on.

Everyone saying .500 is something "realistic" for this year from everyone in the org. and we sit at 2-10.

Do we say that every year with the Jaguars if our defense would just play better or another season comes and we say if our offense just plays better.Its like riding on a boat on a long trip then the boat has a lot of holes in it we plug one hole water starts coming at another point of the boat we plug that hole then we spring another leak on and on and on.

Our defense hasn't had this type of talent since back in the day...and it's still very young and growing.

I don't see this defense disappearing next year. Ramsey/Jack/Telvin/Ngakoue/Malik/Amukamara etc. We're going to be just fine on that side of the ball.

Ehhh. Wasn't there a lot of that same sentiment with regards to the offense last year?

Oh we've got all this up and coming talent growing together, still very young and growing. Bortles is on his way to being a star QB and the Allens are one of the best duos in the league plus we've got good TEs and Yeldon showing promise, with a better LT and Linder back healthy they'll be a good unit and yadda yadda! Just need to get the defense up to snuff and we could be a .500 team, this offense isn't going anywhere!!!

And then voila, here we are. And the offense is garbage again. Now the defense looks okay other than the plays when they're not. But it's hard to expect them to be regression proof the way things seem to go with this team.

We've got some good talent buried in this roster somewhere for sure. But do we have any great talent? Is there really anyone on either side of the ball that is a serious weapon that teams have to gameplan for?

Ramsey is definitely looking to be just that.

Im having a hard time not seeing Telvin and Malik being just that too. Im not sute what your expecting.

Pretty easy to be all dooom and gloom but we're a top rated defense even when you take into account they are out there way too much due to a [inappropriate/removed] offense. The offense last year was excitinf but they werent nearly as talented as a unit. We had a terrible running game and a terrible offensive line last year.

Sure Cyp has his troubles and id like to replace him but even id say hes been ok this year for the most part. Where are our weak spots like we had last year that were close to as glaring as the OL with Joeckel, Beadles, and Wiz with our running game.

Starting to think Parnell was just the best bad OL we had all along too last year.

We had such high hopes because we had two WRs who jad stud seasons and a QB who took a big step forward after his first year and had the looks of a potential franchise qb. Only reason their was buzz around our offense.

Are teams really afraid to throw at Ramsey? Are they going to be soon? I'm not sure on that. He's definitely tracking like a good, high end CB...but elite? A gamebreaker that teams plan around? I'm not totally sure i see that. Though obviously a rookie CB has time to grow and develop. It's not always linear arrow pointing upward though...remember when Demtrius McCray looked like a really good starting CB? Laughing Another in a heap of instances where it's one step forward, two steps back for this franchise in this "rebuild".

Even Telvin who i love...he's probably the closest thing this roster seems to have to a gamebreaking talent. It's something i guess...But after this many years of "rebuilding", i expect more.

It's hard to tell i guess, how much of it really is just terrible coaching not getting the most out of guys. But it's easy to be all doom and gloom when this many years into another rebuild, most of what's around this team is doom and gloom and things not working out quite as well as you'd hope.

It's not a completely talentless roster as it has been in some years past. But it's also not really coming together as anything more than a lot of "okay and decent". And a lot of plugging one hole just to see another area spring a leak. Just sucks watching this team every week and wondering if there's going to be enough here to really get out of this pit as a laughingstock of the league. And not really seeing many flashes from the potential gamebreakers it takes to do that...
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