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Nacho Simulation Football League (S10 - Taco Bowl X POSTED!)
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:32 pm    Post subject: Nacho Simulation Football League (S10 - Taco Bowl X POSTED!) Reply with quote

Nacho Simulation Football League

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to the main thread of the Nacho Simulation Football League (or NSFL for short)! This is a Sim league that uses my custom American Football simulation engine, and posts games in play-by-plays viewable on Youtube, with Game Stats listed on the Video description. The league runs bi-annually, a Winter season (after the Super Bowl) and a Summer season (after the NFL draft) using a keeper system. Teams compete for the highly esteemed Quacamole trophy each season.

Registration & Off-season Schedule

All former-owners must re-register to renew their interest for this season. For those who are not past owners, you may still ask to join the league, however I will put you on a waiting list. When and if a GM decides to not renew interest or becomes idle, you will be contacted. You must remain an active FootballsFuture member in order to remain on the waiting list. I will remove inactive users from this list periodically.

Waiting list:
  1. steelcurtain29
  2. bucsfan333
  3. PoWww
  4. Oregon Ducks
  5. RandyMossIsBoss

Scheduling Information

The NSFL supports 20 teams split into four divisions (Red and Blue divisions in the Cheesy Conference, Green and Yellow divisions in the Salsa Conference). The regular season features sixteen games:
  • Teams will play each other team in their division twice.
  • Teams will play four teams in the other division of their own conference.
  • Teams will play four teams of a division in the other conference.
Games will be simulated on ďGame DayĒ, which is every three days after the draft. Unlike last league where complete play by plays were posted on a thread, I will provide links to Youtube videos with the complete Play-By-Plays.

The playoffs will feature eight teams (four in each conference) in total. This includes all four division winners, plus four wildcard teams (two per conference). Playoffs last three Game Days. In the first round, the 4th seed of each conference will play at the 1st seed of that Conference, and the 3rd seed will play at the 2nd. After that, the two winners in each Conference will play in the Conference Championship with the higher seed having home-field advantage. Then, winners of the Conference Championship Game from each Conference will play each-other on a neutral field in the Taco Bowl for the highly esteemed Quacamole trophy. Seeding for the playoffs are based on this list of tiebreakers:
  1. Record
  2. Head-to-Head*
  3. Division record (Same division only)
  4. Conference record
  5. Net points
  6. Strength of schedule
  7. Coin toss

*This tie-breaker can still apply for a tie featuring more than 2 teams using the transitive property... If one team has head-to-head wins against all of the others, that team comes first in the tiebreaker. And if one team has head-to-head losses against all of the others, that team comes last in the tiebreaker. Also if Team A beat Team B, who beat Team C but Team C and A didn't play, Team A wins the tiebreaker and Team C comes in last in it.

Division tiebreakers are applied first. Then with wildcard tiebreakers featuring 3 or more teams, only the teams highest in the division not currently in the playoffs are considered, since under no circumstances can a team make the playoffs over a team higher in their division.

Prior to the regular season, there is a preseason week that owners can sign their teams up for optional exhibition games. These games can be used for the purpose of friendly matches, or testing starting roster & team settings prior to the start of the season. The rules and information for exhibition games is as follows:
  • A team can schedule a maximum of two pre-season games, which must be against different opponents. These games can start being scheduled when a season's main thread is first created.
  • A game is scheduled by both owners agreeing to it in the main thread, including which team will be the home team. Alternately, a game can take place on a neutral field. If taking place on a neutral field, the owners can optionally specify the stadium's data (see Stadium Settings, below). If none is specified, the game will take place in an average Dome stadium.
  • Alternately, a team may schedule an exhibition game against any NFL team. Only one of their pre-season games can be against an NFL team, and the NFL team is always the home team. This type of pre-season game can be canceled at any time to make room for an owner-vs-owner matchup. A single NFL team may only play host to one team in the preseason, which means if someone already schedules a match with a team, they can't play anyone else.
  • Once a game is scheduled, it can only be canceled by both owners agreeing to cancel it on the main thread.
  • For each exhibition scheduled, each owner can PM me a starting roster and simulation settings they want to use for the game. This will not affect your actual regular-season starting lineup or simulation settings in any way. If no experimental settings are specified, the team's default settings and roster will be used. These settings will not be revealed until after the exhibition games are posted.
  • These games will not count in any way (practice squad players can be started without affecting their keeper status).
  • All exhibition games will be posted in the same "Game Day", which will be two days prior to Week 1.

One day before the Taco Bowl each season, a conference vs conference all-star exhibition game called the All-Star Bowl is played, between the Cheesy Conference and the Salsa Conference. Voting for this game is run by long-time owner Seahawks22. The game does not influence anything except the Game MVP of the All-Star Bowl's keeper cost the following season is reduced by 1. The voting rules are as follows:
  • Owners can submit a ballot with three selections at every position (including Returner), for each conference. Your first selection will receive 3 votes, your second selection will be worth 2 votes, and the last will be worth 1.
  • After the voting period, the final tallies will be posted.
  • In the event of a tie, TheKillerNacho will use a random number generator to determine who gets in.
  • On even years, Cheesy runs a 4-3 defense and Salsa runs a 3-4 defense. On odd years, Cheesy runs a 3-4 defense and Salsa runs a 4-3 defense.
  • The Head Coach for each conference will be the coach of that conference's highest seeded team. The Coordinators will be the coordinators of the team with the best yardage statistics of Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.

Roster Rules & Team Settings

At total, a roster now has 26 players and 4 coaches. This roster includes: one Quarterback, two Runningbacks, one Fullback, one Tight End, two Offensive tackles, two Offensive guards, one Center, three Wide Receivers, two Defenisve ends, one/two Defensive tackles, one/two Inisde linebackers, two Outside linebackers, two Cornerbacks, one Free safety, one Strong safety, one Kicker, and one Punter. Teams also draft four coaches: A Head Coach, an Offensive Coordinator, a Defensive Coordinator, and a Special Teams Coordinator. Coaches can give bonuses to certain positions. In addition to starters, teams may keep an five-player or coach Practice Squad that gives you exclusive rights to that player/coach, even if you do not start them. Players can be started at any position but its recommended you start them at their listed position or a similar position. Players do not get injured in this league, so you do not need to worry about that.

Teams may make several team changes at any time for the upcoming game (note that the deadline to do this is Noon EST the day before the game):
  • Trade Players, Draft choices, and/or Keeper tags to another Team. Both Teams involved must agree by either posting on the main thread or by both PMing me the trade details. There is a trade deadline each season that starts at Week 12, and is in affect until after the Taco Bowl. During this period, players cannot be traded but keeper tags and draft picks can. Picks of Round 16 or higher cannot be traded, as those picks are considered compensatory. I will not enforce any future or additional parts of a trade, so it is recommended that you not do this.
  • After the draft is completed, Teams may sign Free Agents. Free Agents are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have no available slot to put the player, you must cut a player to sign one.
  • Change your team's Coaching Philosophy. This can be done by posting on the thread, or PMing me personally (for private changes revealed on Game Day, highly recommended).

A Team's Coaching Philosophy changes how your team is simulated. Once again, a Team can change this at any time, excluding Game Days. It is highly recommended that Teams tailor these to both your team, and your current opponent! Changes PMed to me will not be revealed until the next Game Day, so they will be a secret to your opponent! These are the changeable Coaching Philosophies:
  • Run Chance (max: 75, min: 25, default: 45): This determines how often, on a situation-unaffected play (teams will run or pass more depending on situation), your team will choose to do a running play instead of a passing play.
  • Running Back 1 Chance (max: 85, min: 50, default: 65): This determines how often, when a running play is selected, that your 1st-string running back will take the carry. Warning: Players DO get tired as the game goes on, do not set too high!
  • Field Goal Try (max: 60 [your own 40], min: 10, default: 35): This determines which yard line (NOT length of FG!) your team will try to kick a Field Goal instead of punting.
  • Offensive Aggression (max: 100, min: 0, default: 50): Determines offensive aggression. Aggressive offenses have a greater chance of big plays, but are more prone to in-completions, turnovers, and plays resulting in losses (like sacks). Aggressive offenses are also more likely to go for it on 4th and short.
  • Defensive Aggression (max: 100, min: 0, default: 50): Determines defensive aggression. Aggressive defenses have a greater chance in making big plays (like sacks, interceptions, or forced fumbles) but also have a larger chance of giving up big plays to the opponent's offense. Conservative defenses focus on tackling and forcing incompletes.
  • Run Defense Priority (max: 100, min: 0, default: 50): Determines whether, on a situation-unaffected play, teams will focus more on stopping the run or the pass. A high value will result in defenses more likely to focus on stopping the run, a low value will focus defenses more on the pass.
  • Defensive Formation (default: 4-3, either 4-3 or 3-4): Determines your defensive formation. A 4-3 allows you to start four defensive linemen and three linebackers. A 3-4 allows you to start three defensive linemen, and four linebackers.
  • Return man (default: 3rd WR): Teams must set one of their Players to be their Kick/Punt Returner. This will be marked off as an asterisk in their Team listing. Practice squad players CAN fill this role.
  • You can swap starters with practice squad players. This counts as a coaching philosophy since it can be done privately (unlike Trades and Signing/Cutting players).

Lastly, a Team has a Stadium. Your Stadium can be submitted and changed at any time during the off-season (defined as any time after the Taco Bowl, but before the first game of the next season is played). Editable Stadium settings are as follows:

  • Stadium Name (default: Team's stadium): The Stadium's name. Has no effect on the Simulation, obviously.
  • Stadium Type (default: Random): There are four types of stadiums you can choose from - Outdoor Grass, Outdoor Turf, Dome*, and Retractable Roof. The difference between Grass and Turf have very minor affects in the simulation engine, but in poor weather, a Grass field tends to become harder to play on. A Retractable Roof stadium usually behaves like an Outdoor Turf stadium, except in increment weather where it behaves like a Dome stadium (most of the time... sometimes the roof gets stuck open!).
  • Timezone (default: Random): There are six timezones one can choose from: East Coast, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Europe, and Asia. Teams will be disadvantaged when playing in other time zones, with greater weight depending on the difference of distance. It is encouraged that you set the timezone to the location your team is located. For overseas teams, select Asia or Europe depending on which is closer.
  • Temperature (min: 1, max: 99, default: Random): Temperature of the location of the stadium. A high number means that the stadium is in a HOT place (Like Ecuador). A low number means the stadium is in a COLD place (Like Alaska). Weather has been integrated in the Sim Engine. Your team's ability to play in bad weather depends on their home location (a warm-weather team will have a hard time playing in really cold weather, and vice-versa).
  • Precipitation (min: 1, max: 99, default: Random): Amount of precipitation the location typically gets. A high number means that there is a high chance of precipitation. A low chance means there is a very low chance of precipitation (like you live in a desert or something).
  • Wind (min: 1, max: 99, default: Random): How windy your location is. The higher the number, the greater chance of windy conditions come game-time!
*For Dome stadiums, please still include Temperature, Precipitation, and Wind data for the LOCATION of where your Stadium is built, even though these factors are not releavant for games played at your stadium. These values still affect how well your team can play in bad weather at other stadiums.

In addition, teams may submit to me a 80x90 logo and a 22x95 endzone graphic for use in the Game Simulations to make them more visually pleasing. If you aren't skilled in image editing, you can still post something and I'll resize it as best I can. Also, you may select two team colors and of course your team's name! If you don't submit anything, I reserve the right to make them myself. I make most endzone logos myself, and most people seem pleased with the results.

A sample endzone image looks like this:

Offseason Rules

The NSFL runs Bi-Anually (twice per year) with a Winter season (after the Super Bowl) and a Summer season (after the NFL draft). Before the Winter season, Player's attributes will be updated taking into account his NFL stats from the previous year. Before the Summer season, incoming Rookies from the NFL draft will become available to be drafted. In addition, any new features to the Simulation engine will be available at the start of each new season, and will be announced and explained at that time.

First of all, Rosters become locked one week after the Taco Bowl. After that time, players cannot be Signed or Cut (but Trades can be made). Players can be maintained from season to season using Keeper Tags. Each team receives 20 Keeper Tags which they can use on Players as they see fit. Players of certain positions require more of a commitment to keep, and therefore require more Tags to keep. Obviously, this will lead to certain teams having more or less players than others going into the off-season. Keeper Tags, like Draft Selections, are considered an asset for a Team and therefore can be traded (but unused Tags are discarded at the end of the Keeper step)!

Very high upkeep positions (4 Tags):
  • Quarterback

High upkeep positions (3 Tags):
  • Runningback
  • Wide Receiver
  • Offensive Tackle
  • 4-3 Defensive End
  • 3-4 Outside Linebacker
  • Cornerback

Medium upkeep positions (2 Tags):
  • Tight End
  • Offensive Guard
  • Center
  • 3-4 Defensive End
  • 4-3 Outside Linebacker
  • Defensive Tackle
  • Inside Linebacker
  • Strong Safety
  • Free Safety
  • Head Coach

Low upkeep positions (1 Tags):
  • Fullback
  • Kicker
  • Punter
  • Offensive Coordinator
  • Defensive Coordinator
  • Special Teams Coordinator
  • Practice Squad Players*

*Only up to two Practice squad keepers can be players who played in a game the previous year. Other PS keepers who played a game the year previous will be charged by their positional price, at the position they spent the most time in during the season. In addition, players who are kept as a non-PS keeper the previous year will cost a minimum of what they cost the year before (for example, a QB keeper cannot be kept for 1 the previous season even if he spent the whole season on the PS).

Players count as the position they spent the majority of the previous regular season as. In the event of a tie, the higher value is used. For example, if one has QB Matthew Stafford and started him for 7 games and had him on their practice squad for 9 games, he can be retained with a single Tag instead of 4.

After a period where inactive GMs are replaced and Keepers are selected, a new draft will commence with all players not kept and, before a Summer season, new Rookie players. Unlike the inaugural draft, these drafts will not be Snake, and the ordering will be determined by last season's placing, with the Taco Bowl Champion selecting last, after the runner-up. Teams that have less players than others due to the Keeper Tag system will receive Bonus rounds at the end of the draft (in the same order) until all Teams have 30 players again. At that time, Rosters become unlocked and a new Season begins!


NSFL Seasonal History: http://thekillernacho.blogspot.com/2013/01/nsfl-hall-of-fame.html
Season 10 Statbook: http://thekillernacho.blogspot.com/2015/06/nsfl-season-10-detailed-statistics.html

Part 1 Main Thread: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=565751
Draft: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=566565
Preseason: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19699040#19699040
Week 1: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19705068#19705068
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Week 16: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19792687#19792687
Divisional Playoffs: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19801813#19801813
Conference Championships: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19808436#19808436
All-Star Bowl: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19815433#19815433
Taco Bowl X: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19817451#19817451

Team Rosters & Settings

Cheesy Conference

Red Division

Winterfell Direwolves (Owner: Tk3)

QB: Andrew Luck (IND)
RB: Frank Gore (IND), Chris Johnson (FA)
FB: Marcel Reece (OAK)
TE: Jordan Cameron (MIA)
WR: Calvin Johnson (DET), A.J. Green (CIN), Marvin Jones (CIN)
OT: Russell Okung (SEA), Cordy Glenn (BUF)
OG: Richie Incognito (BUF), Matt Kalil (MIN)
C: Stefen Wisniewski (JAC)
DE: Mario Williams (BUF), Brian Orakpo (TEN)
DT: Marcell Dareus (BUF), Clinton McDonald (TB)
OLB: D'Qwell Jackson (IND), Paul Worrilow (ATL)
MLB: Lawrence Timmons (PIT)
CB: Patrick Peterson (ARI)*, Prince Amukamara (NYG)
FS: Earl Thomas (SEA)
SS: Charles Woodson (OAK)
K: Adam Vinatieri (IND)
P: Bryan Anger (JAC)
HC: Jim Schwartz (FA)
OC: Pep Hamilton (IND)
DC: Bob Sutton (KC)
STC: Danny Crossman (BUF)
PS: Brandon Boykin (PHI), Eddie Goldman (CHI), Duke Johnson (CLE), Matt Asiata (MIN), Willie Young (CHI)

S11 Keeper Tags: 21
Picks: S11 5th Round Pick (IRI)

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 30, RB1 Chance: 85, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 65, Defensive Ag: 50, Run D Priority: 45
Stadium - Winterfell Godswood - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Europe, Temp: 1, Precip: 50, Wind: 50
Primary Color - Gray, Secondary Color - White

Houston Bulls (Owner: stefan52268)

QB: Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)
RB: Arian Foster (HOU), Darren McFadden (DAL)
FB: Will Tukuafu (FA)
TE: Jared Cook (STL)
WR: Antonio Brown (PIT)*, Steve Smith (BAL), Michael Crabtree (OAK)
OT: Derek Newton (HOU), Jermon Bushrod (CHI)
OG: Matt Slauson (CHI), Andy Levitre (TEN)
C: Mike Pouncey (MIA)
DE: Darnell Dockett (SF), Cameron Heyward (PIT)
NT: Vince Wilfork (HOU)
OLB: Cameron Wake (MIA), Elvis Dumervil (BAL)
ILB: Dont'a Hightower (NE), Rey Maualuga (CIN)
CB: Tramon Williams (CLE), Janoris Jenkins (STL)
FS: HaHa Clinton-Dix (GB)
SS: Aaron Williams (BUF)
K: Dan Carpenter (BUF)
P: Sam Koch (BAL)
HC: Mike McCarthy (GB)
OC: Ken Whisenhunt (TEN)
DC: Dom Capers (GB)
STC: Darrin Simmons (CIN)
PS: Ryan Shazier (PIT), Justin Pugh (NYG), Jalen Collins (ATL), Stephon Tuitt (PIT), Tyler Eifert (CIN)

S11 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S11 1st Round Pick (MEL)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 9

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 55, RB1 Chance: 78, Field Goal Try: 37, Offensive Ag: 68, Defensive Ag: 74, Run D Priority: 50
Stadium - Wild West Field - Type: Retractable Roof, Timezone: Central, Temp: 78, Precip: 56, Wind: 58
Primary Color - Red, Secondary Color - Black

Rio de Janeiro Pirates (Owner: RuskieTitan)

QB: Philip Rivers (SD)
RB: Jamaal Charles (KC), Pierre Thomas (FA)
FB: Bruce Miller (SF)
TE: Charles Clay (BUF)
WR: Jordy Nelson (GB), Demaryius Thomas (DEN), DeSean Jackson (WAS)*
OT: Andrew Whitworth (CIN), William Beatty (NYG)
OG: Orlando Franklin (SD), Louis Vasquez (DEN)
C: Ryan Kalil (CAR)
DE: Terrell Suggs (BAL), John Abraham (FA)
DT: Ndamukong Suh (MIA), Terrance Knighton (WAS)
OLB: Lance Briggs (FA), Sio Moore (OAK)
MLB: Jerrell Freeman (IND)
CB: Darrelle Revis (NYJ), Brandon Flowers (SD)
FS: Louis Delmas (MIA)
SS: George Iloka (CIN)
K: Matt Bryant (ATL)
P: Pat McAfee (IND)
HC: Andy Reid (KC)
OC: Josh McDaniels (NE)
DC: Ron Rivera (CAR)
STC: Jerry Rosburg (BAL)
PS: Derek Carr (OAK), Greg Jennings (MIA), Derrick Morgan (TEN), Frank Clark (SEA), Nelson Agholor (PHI)

S11 Keeper Tags: 20 (+1 for Jamaal Charles)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 4, Season 6

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 45, RB1 Chance: 80, Field Goal Try: 36, Offensive Ag: 65, Defensive Ag: 60, Run D Priority: 55
Stadium - The Boneyard II - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: East Coast, Temp: 40, Precip: 45, Wind: 35
Primary Color - Purple, Secondary Color - Gold

Baltimore Ravens (Owner: ravens5520)

QB: Sam Bradford (PHI)
RB: Lamar Miller (MIA), Carlos Hyde (SF)
FB: Vonta Leach (FA)
TE: Maxx Williams (BAL)
WR: Randall Cobb (GB), DeAndre Hopkins (HOU), Eric Decker (NYJ)
OT: Eugene Monroe (BAL), Ricky Wagner (BAL)
OG: Larry Warford (DET), Marshal Yanda (BAL)
C: Chris Myers (FA)
DE: Jerry Hughes (BUF), Greg Hardy (DAL)
DT: Pernell McPhee (BAL), Jurrell Casey (TEN)
OLB: Nigel Bradham (BUF), Wesley Woodyard (TEN)
MLB: Preston Brown (BUF)
CB: Jimmy Smith (BAL), Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (NYG)
FS: Reggie Nelson (CIN)
SS: Da'Norris Searcy (TEN)
K: Justin Tucker (BAL)
P: Brad Nortman (CAR)
HC: Jason Garrett (DAL)
OC: Ben McAdoo (NYG)
DC: Dean Pees (BAL)
STC: Tom Quinn (NYG)
PS: Breshad Perriman (BAL)*, Ryan Tannehill (MIA), Todd Gurley (STL), Telvin Smith (JAC), Taylor Lewan (TEN)

S11 Keeper Tags: 19
Picks: S11 1st Round Pick (BAL), S11 3rd Round Pick (BAL)

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 48, RB1 Chance: 60, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 40, Defensive Ag: 40, Run D Priority: 50
Stadium - Bird House - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: East Coast, Temp: 60, Precip: 30, Wind: 10
Primary Color - Purple, Secondary Color - Black

Blackwater Bay Dragons (Owner: Harper41)

QB: Robert Griffin III (WAS)
RB: Justin Forsett (BAL), Tevin Coleman (ATL)
FB: Mark Ingram (NO)
TE: Rob Gronkowski (NE)
WR: Victor Cruz (NYG), Brandin Cooks (NO)*, Amari Cooper (OAK)
OT: Duane Brown (HOU), Joe Staley (SF)
OG: Max Unger (NO), Kevin Zeitler (CIN)
C: Alex Mack (CLE)
DE: Robert Mathis (IND), Robert Quinn (STL)
DT: Michael Bennett (SEA), Linval Joseph (MIN)
OLB: Anthony Barr (MIN), Mychal Kendricks (PHI)
MLB: Kiko Alonso (PHI)
CB: Xavier Rhodes (MIN), Casey Hayward (GB)
FS: Devin McCourty (NE)
SS: Malcolm Jenkins (PHI)
K: Dan Bailey (DAL)
P: Thomas Morstead (NO)
HC: Bill Belichick (NE)
OC: Sean Payton (NO)
DC: Wade Phillips (DEN)
STC: Scott O'Brien (NE)
PS: Danny Shelton (CLE), Jaelen Strong (HOU), Kyle Fuller (CHI), Jake Matthews (ATL), Jadeveon Clowney (HOU)

S11 Keeper Tags: 21
Picks: S11 3rd Round Pick (BB), S11 5th Round Pick (BB), S11 6th Round Pick (BB)

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 75, RB1 Chance: 80, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 55, Defensive Ag: 1, Run D Priority: 1
Stadium - Blackwater Stadium - Type: Dome - Turf, Timezone: East Coast, Temp: 50, Precip: 50 Wind: 50
Primary Color - Dark Red, Secondary Color - Dark Gray

Blue Division

Hyrule Legends (Owner: Its A Sabotage, GM: IPwn)

QB: Cam Newton (CAR)
RB: Marshawn Lynch (SEA), Rashad Jennings (NYG)
FB: Will Johnson (PIT)
TE: Julius Thomas (JAC)
WR: Julio Jones (ATL), Alshon Jeffery (CHI), Jeremy Maclin (KC)
OT: Jermey Parnell (JAC), Ereck Flowers (NYG)
OG: Kelechi Osemele (BAL), Trai Turner (CAR)
C: J.C. Tretter (GB)
DE: Chandler Jones (NE), Everson Griffen (MIN)
DT: Brandon Williams (BAL), Dominique Easley (NE)
OLB: K.J. Wright (SEA), Daryl Smith (BAL)
MLB: Rolando McClain (DAL)
CB: Demetrius McCray (JAC), Rashean Mathis (DET)
FS: Antoine Bethea (SF)
SS: Kam Chancellor (SEA)
K: Kai Forbath (WAS)
P: Jeff Locke (MIN)
HC: Chip Kelly (PHI)
OC: Kyle Shanahan (ATL)
DC: Jack Del Rio (OAK)
STC: Keith Armstrong (ATL)
PS: Gabe Jackson (OAK), Travis Swanson (DET), Andrus Peat (NO), Knile Davis (KC)*, Dave Johnson (ARI)

S11 Keeper Tags: 20
Guacamole Trophies: Season 3

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 69, RB1 Chance: 80, Field Goal Try: 37, Offensive Ag: 74, Defensive Ag: 74, Run D Priority: 55
Stadium - Hyrule Castle - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Central, Temp: 75, Precip: 60, Wind: 25
Primary Color - Teal, Secondary Color - Gold

Toronto Assassins (Owner: x0x)

QB: Eli Manning (NYG)
RB: Eddie Lacy (GB), Zac Stacy (NYJ)
FB: James Casey (DEN)
TE: Heath Miller (PIT)
WR: Torrey Smith (SF), Julian Edelman (NE), Michael Floyd (ARI)
OT: Jason Peters (PHI), Rodger Saffold (STL)
OG: Jahri Evans (NO), Rob Sims (DET)
C: Maurkice Pouncey (PIT)
DE: Chris Canty (BAL), Kendall Langford (IND)
NT: Jonathan Babineaux (ATL)
OLB: Tamba Hali (KC), Rob Ninkovich (NE)
ILB: James Laurinaitis (STL), Sean Lee (DAL)
CB: Bradley Roby (DEN), Antonio Cromartie (NYJ)
FS: Michael Griffin (TEN)
SS: J.J. Wilcox (DAL)
K: Nick Novak (SD)
P: Shane Lechler (HOU)
HC: Tom Coughlin (NYG)
OC: Todd Haley (PIT)
DC: Lovie Smith (TB)
STC: Mike Priefer (MIN)
PS: Bishop Sankey (TEN), A.J. Jefferson (FA)*, Brandon LaFell (NE), Tim Tebow (PHI), Tre Mason (STL)

S11 Keeper Tags: 20
Guacamole Trophies: Season 2

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 55, RB1 Chance: 80, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 60, Defensive Ag: 65, Run D Priority: 40
Stadium - Slaughter House - Type: Dome, Timezone: East Coast, Temp: 30, Precip: 60, Wind: 50
Primary Color - Black, Secondary Color - Red

Melbourne Uni Royals (Owner: Gmen4ev)

QB: Tony Romo (DAL)
RB: Knowshon Moreno (FA), Doug Martin (TB)
FB: Anthony Sherman (KC)
TE: Martellus Bennett (CHI)
WR: Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG)*, Anquan Boldin (SF), Andrew Hawkins (CLE)
OT: Tyron Smith (DAL), Doug Free (DAL)
OG: Zack Martin (DAL), Evan Mathis (PHI)
C: Travis Frederick (DAL)
DE: Fletcher Cox (PHI), Muhammad Wilkerson (NYJ)
NT: Nick Fairley (STL)
OLB: Connor Barwin (PHI), Trent Cole (IND)
ILB: Parys Haralson (NO), Curtis Lofton (OAK)
CB: Corey Graham (BUF), Tim Jennings (CHI)
FS: Harrison Smith (MIN)
SS: Donte Whitner (CLE)
K: Phil Dawson (SF)
P: Dave Zastudil (ARI)
HC: Mike Zimmer (MIN)
OC: Norv Turner (MIN)
DC: Richard LeBeau (FA)
STC: Brad Seely (OAK)
PS: Devin Funchess (CAR), Bud Dupree (PIT), Damarious Randall (GB), Orlando Scandrick (DAL), Tyvon Branch (KC)

S11 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S11 3rd Round Pick (BB), S11 3rd Round Pick (BAL), S11 1st Round Pick (MEL), S11 4th Round Pick (MEL)

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 30, RB1 Chance: 70, Field Goal Try: 36, Offensive Ag: 50, Defensive Ag: 50, Run D Priority: 45
Stadium - Unnamed Stadium - Type: Retractable Roof, Timezone: Asia, Temp: 88, Precip: 35, Wind: 50
Primary Color - Blue, Secondary Color - White

Kansas City Knights (Owner: PSID412)

QB: Joe Flacco (BAL)
RB: Latavius Murray (OAK), T.J. Yeldon (JAC)
FB: Darrel Young (WAS)
TE: Dwayne Allen (IND)
WR: Donte Moncrief (IND), Cordarrelle Patterson (MIN)*, Pierre GarÁon (WAS)
OT: Jared Veldheer (ARI), Joseph Barksdale (SD)
OG: Alex Boone (SF), Clint Boling (CIN)
C: Kory Lichtensteiger (WAS)
DE: Cliff Avril (SEA), Charles Johnson (CAR)
DT: Sharrif Floyd (MIN), Jared Odrick (JAC)
OLB: Kyle Van Noy (DET), Shaq Thompson (CAR)
MLB: Jerod Mayo (NE)
CB: Byron Maxwell (PHI), Chris Culliver (WAS)
FS: Tyrann Mathieu (ARI)
SS: Landon Collins (NYG)
K: Matt Prater (DET)
P: Tress Way (WAS)
HC: Marvin Lewis (CIN)
OC: Marc Trestman (BAL)
DC: Ken Norton Jr. (OAK)
STC: Brian Schneider (SEA)
PS: Jimmy Garoppolo (NE), Jay Ajayi (MIA), E.J. Gaines (STL), Aaron Dobson (NE), Bruce Carter (TB)

S11 Keeper Tags: 20

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 45, RB1 Chance: 70, Field Goal Try: 35, Offensive Ag: 65, Defensive Ag: 65, Run D Priority: 45
Stadium - The Castle - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Central, Temp: 65, Precip: 35, Wind: 50
Primary Color - Silver, Secondary Color - Green

Tacoma Thunder (Owner: khodder)

QB: Russell Wilson (SEA)
RB: Andre Ellington (ARI)*, Chris Ivory (NYJ)
FB: Ryan Hewitt (CIN)
TE: Brent Celek (PHI)
WR: Larry Fitzgerald (ARI), Vernon Davis (SF), Keenan Allen (SD)
OT: Branden Albert (MIA), Bryan Bulaga (GB)
OG: Josh Sitton (GB), Xavier Su'a-Filo (HOU)
C: Roberto Garza (FA)
DE: Calais Campbell (ARI), Mike Daniels (GB)
NT: Damon Harrison (NYJ)
OLB: DeMarcus Ware (DEN), Brandon Graham (PHI)
ILB: Karlos Dansby (CLE), Mason Foster (CHI)
CB: Richard Sherman (SEA), Sean Smith (KC)
FS: Eric Weddle (SD)
SS: William Moore (ATL)
K: Chandler Catanzaro (ARI)
P: Mike Scifres (SD)
HC: Bruce Arians (ARI)
OC: Hue Jackson (CIN)
DC: Todd Bowles (NYJ)
STC: Dave Toub (KC)
PS: Vic Beasley (ATL), Brandon Linder (JAC), Eric Kendricks (MIN), Rueben Randle (NYG), Rahim Moore (HOU)

S11 Keeper Tags: 20
Guacamole Trophies: Season 8

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 40, RB1 Chance: 60, Field Goal Try: 35, Offensive Ag: 65, Defensive Ag: 55, Run D Priority: 40
Stadium Ė The Hammerdome - Type: Dome, Timezone: Pacific, Temp: 56, Precip: 88, Wind: 78
Primary Color - Dark Blue, Secondary Color - Grey

Salsa Conference

Green Division

Las Vegas Casinos (Owner: Panthers11)

QB: Drew Brees (NO)
RB: Matt Fortť (CHI), C.J. Spiller (NO)
FB: Mike Tolbert (CAR)
TE: Antonio Gates (SD)
WR: Kevin White (CHI), Golden Tate (DET), DeVante Parker (MIA)
OT: Ryan Clady (DEN), Kelvin Beachum (PIT)
OG: Brandon Scherff (WAS), La'el Collins (DAL)
C: Cameron Erving (CLE)
DE: Ryan Kerrigan (WAS), Olivier Vernon (MIA)
DT: J.J. Watt (HOU), Kawann Short (CAR)
OLB: Thomas Davis (CAR), Vontaze Burfict (CIN)
MLB: Luke Kuechly (CAR)
CB: Keenan Lewis (NO), Josh Norman (CAR)
FS: T.J. McDonald (STL)
SS: Reshad Jones (MIA)
K: Cody Parkey (PHI)
P: Tim Masthay (GB)
HC: Bill O'Brien (HOU)
OC: Adam Gase (CHI)
DC: Sean McDermott (CAR)
STC: Richard Bisaccia (DAL)
PS: Allen Robinson (JAC)*, Kony Ealy (CAR), Benť Benwikere (CAR), Tre Boston (CAR), Cody Latimer (DEN)

S11 Keeper Tags: 21
Guacamole Trophies: Season 1

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 41, RB1 Chance: 69, Field Goal Try: 35, Offensive Ag: 50, Defensive Ag: 50, Run D Priority: 45
Stadium - Casinos Stadium - Type: Dome, Timezone: Pacific, Temp: 75, Precip: 10, Wind: 10
Primary Color - Black, Secondary Color - Green

Texas Armadillos (Owner: YoungBucs15)

QB: Aaron Rodgers (GB)
RB: LeSean McCoy (BUF), De'Anthony Thomas (KC)*
FB: Jed Collins (DAL)
TE: Eric Ebron (DET)
WR: Mike Evans (TB), Mike Wallace (MIN), Jarvis Landry (MIA)
OT: Justin Britt (SEA), D.J. Fluker (SD)
OG: Jon Asamoah (ATL), Eric Wood (BUF)
C: Dominic Raiola (FA)
DE: Julius Peppers (GB), Randy Gregory (DAL)
DT: Gerald McCoy (TB), Brandon Mebane (SEA)
OLB: Sean Weatherspoon (ARI), Brandon M. Marshall (DEN)
MLB: Demario Davis (NYJ)
CB: Stephon Gilmore (BUF), Lardarius Webb (BAL)
FS: Antrel Rolle (CHI)
SS: Kenny Vaccaro (NO)
K: Connor Barth (DEN)
P: Marquette King (OAK)
HC: Dirk Koetter (TB)
OC: Bill Lazor (MIA)
DC: Ray Horton (TEN)
STC: Shawn Slocum (GB)
PS: Davante Adams (GB), Darius Slay (DET), Damontre Moore (NYG), Andre Williams (NYG), Demarcus Lawrence (DAL)

S11 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S11 1st Round Pick (TEX), S11 2nd Round Pick (TEX), S12 1st Round Pick (TEX), S12 2nd Round Pick (TEX)

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 57, RB1 Chance: 85, Field Goal Try: 36, Offensive Ag: 63, Defensive Ag: 63, Run D Priority: 55
Stadium - MusclePharm Stadium - Type: Retractable Roof, Timezone: Central, Temp: 85, Precip: 85, Wind: 50
Primary Color - White, Secondary Color - Green

Richmond Flying Squirrels (Owner: swoosh)

QB: Nick Foles (STL)
RB: DeMarco Murray (PHI), Ryan Mathews (PHI)
FB: James Develin (NE)
TE: Jimmy Graham (SEA)
WR: Brandon Marshall (NYJ), Josh Gordon (CLE), Roddy White (ATL)
OT: Sebastian Vollmer (NE), King Dunlap (SD)
OG: Joel Bitonio (CLE), Greg Robinson (STL)
C: John Sullivan (MIN)
DE: Paul Kruger (CLE), Jared Allen (CHI)
DT: Michael Brockers (STL), Sen'Derrick Marks (JAC)
OLB: Chad Greenway (MIN), David Harris (NYJ)
MLB: Paul Posluszny (JAC)
CB: Aqib Talib (DEN), Chris Harris Jr. (DEN)
FS: Will Hill (BAL)
SS: T.J. Ward (DEN)
K: Greg Zuerlein (STL)
P: Andy Lee (CLE)
HC: Pete Carroll (SEA)
OC: Scott Linehan (DAL)
DC: Dan Quinn (ATL)
STC: Dave Fipp (PHI)
PS: Marcus Mariota (TEN), Pacman Jones (CIN)*, Marcus Peters (KC), Dan Williams (OAK), Arik Armstead (SF)

S11 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S11 1st Round Pick (IRI), S11 3rd Round Pick (IRI), S11 4th Round Pick (RIC)

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 55, RB1 Chance: 70, Field Goal Try: 35, Offensive Ag: 65, Defensive Ag: 65, Run D Priority: 50
Stadium - The Nut House - Type: Retractable Roof, Timezone: East Coast, Temp: 50, Precip: 74, Wind: 45
Primary Color - Light Red, Secondary Color - Gray

Scranton Papermakers (Owner: Remixxxxxxx)

QB: Matthew Stafford (DET)
RB: C.J. Anderson (DEN), Alfred Morris (WAS)
FB: Henry Hynoski (NYG)
TE: Greg Olsen (CAR)
WR: Sammy Watkins (BUF), T.Y. Hilton (IND), Kendall Wright (TEN)
OT: Nate Solder (NE), Lane Johnson (PHI)
OG: T.J. Lang (GB), Jamil Douglas (MIA)
C: Corey Linsley (GB)
DE: Ziggy Ansah (DET), Jason Pierre-Paul (NYG)
DT: Star Lotulelei (CAR), Stephen Paea (WAS)
OLB: DeAndre Levy (DET), Denzel Perryman (SD)
MLB: Brian Cushing (HOU)
CB: Desmond Trufant (ATL), Brandon Browner (NO)
FS: Eric Reid (SF)
SS: Morgan Burnett (GB)
K: Randy Bullock (HOU)
P: Michael Koenen (TB)
HC: Chuck Pagano (IND)
OC: Mike McCoy (SD)
DC: Rod Marinelli (DAL)
STC: Bobby April (NYJ)
PS: Trae Waynes (MIN), Jacoby Jones (SD)*, Jordan Matthews (PHI), Jason Verrett (SD), Stephone Anthony (NO)

S11 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S11 1st Round Pick (TEX), S11 2nd Round Pick (TEX), S12 1st Round Pick (TEX), S12 2nd Round Pick (TEX)

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 40, RB1 Chance: 90, Field Goal Try: 35, Offensive Ag: 65, Defensive Ag: 70, Run D Priority: 60
Stadium - The Thunderdome - Type: Dome, Timezone: Eastern, Temp: 60, Precip: 50, Wind: 50
Primary Color - Royal Purple, Secondary Color - White

Allenville Mean Machine (Owner: Victor Cruz Pun, GM: bucsfan333)

QB: Matt Ryan (ATL)
RB: Reggie Bush (SF), Melvin Gordon (SD)
FB: John Kuhn (GB)
TE: Travis Kelce (KC)
WR: Malcom Floyd (SD), Vincent Jackson (TB), Wes Welker (FA)
OT: Phil Loadholt (MIN), Jake Long (FA)
OG: Manuel RamŪrez (DET), Todd Herremans (IND)
C: Samson Satele (FA)
DE: Corey Liuget (SD), Ray McDonald (FA)
NT: B.J. Raji (GB)
OLB: Justin Houston (KC), Junior Galette (NO)
ILB: Daryl Washington (ARI), DeMeco Ryans (PHI)
CB: Leon Hall (CIN), Vontae Davis (IND)
FS: Jairus Byrd (NO)
SS: Rashad Johnson (ARI)
K: Stephen Gostkowski (NE)
P: Kevin Huber (CIN)
HC: Jim Harbaugh (FA)
OC: Pete Carmichael (NO)
DC: Vic Fangio (CHI)
STC: Tom McMahon (IND)
PS: Devin Hester (ATL)*, Ryan Mallett (HOU), Austin Seferian-Jenkins (TB), Isaiah Crowell (CLE), Vinny Curry (PHI)

S11 Keeper Tags: 19
Picks: S11 4th Round Pick (ALL)

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 42, RB1 Chance: 90, Field Goal Try: 40, Offensive Ag: 50, Defensive Ag: 75, Run D Priority: 35
Stadium - Caretaker Field - Type: Dome, Timezone: Central, Temp: 64, Precip: 40, Wind: 45
Primary Color - Silver, Secondary Color - Black

Yellow Division

Motor City Machine Gunners (Owner: Lionsfanforever)

QB: Tom Brady (NE)
RB: Jonathan Stewart (CAR), Joique Bell (DET)
FB: John Conner (BUF)
TE: Kyle Rudolph (MIN)
WR: Emmanuel Sanders (DEN), Dwayne Bowe (CLE), Percy Harvin (BUF)*
OT: Andre Smith (CIN), Riley Reiff (DET)
OG: Ben Grubbs (KC), Laken Tomlinson (DET)
C: Nick Mangold (NYJ)
DE: Carlos Dunlap (CIN), Quinton Coples (NYJ)
DT: Timmy Jernigan (BAL), Glenn Dorsey (SF)
OLB: Jamie Collins (NE), Manti Te'o (SD)
MLB: Stephen Tulloch (DET)
CB: Jason McCourty (TEN), Alterraun Verner (TB)
FS: Glover Quin (DET)
SS: Stevie Brown (HOU)
K: Robbie Gould (CHI)
P: Sam Martin (DET)
HC: Jeff Fisher (STL)
OC: Darrell Bevell (SEA)
DC: Teryl Austin (DET)
STC: Danny Smith (PIT)
PS: Ameer Abdullah (DET), D.J. Humphries (ARI), Tyrunn Walker (DET), Sammie Coates (PIT), Mario Edwards Jr. (OAK)

S11 Keeper Tags: 20
Guacamole Trophies: Season 5

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 45, RB1 Chance: 70, Field Goal Try: 35, Offensive Ag: 55, Defensive Ag: 55, Run D Priority: 50
Stadium - No Man's Land - Type: Outdoor Turf, Timezone: East Coast, Temp: 35, Precip: 45, Wind: 15
Primary Color - Green, Secondary Color - Brown

Southview Saints (Owner: waffles7)

QB: Colin Kaepernick (SF)
RB: Le'Veon Bell (PIT), LeGarrette Blount (NE)
FB: Jay Prosch (HOU)
TE: Jason Witten (DAL)
WR: Dez Bryant (DAL), Mohamed Sanu (CIN), Doug Baldwin (SEA)
OT: Joe Thomas (CLE), Trent Williams (WAS)
OG: Ramon Foster (PIT), J.R. Sweezy (SEA)
C: Rodney Hudson (OAK)
DE: Cameron Jordan (NO), Dante Fowler Jr. (JAC)
DT: Haloti Ngata (DET), Kyle D. Williams (BUF)
OLB: Von Miller (DEN), Ahmad Brooks (SF)
MLB: C.J. Mosley (BAL)
CB: Joe Haden (CLE), Sam Shields (GB)
FS: Calvin Pryor (NYJ)
SS: John Cyprien (JAC)
K: Shaun Suisham (PIT)
P: Brandon Fields (MIA)
HC: Mike Tomlin (PIT)
OC: Gary Kubiak (DEN)
DC: Gus Bradley (JAC)
STC: Greg McMahon (NO)
PS: Teddy Bridgewater (MIN), Darren Sproles (PHI)*, Shane Ray (DEN), Martavis Bryant (PIT), Jarvis Jones (PIT)

S11 Keeper Tags: 20
Quacamole Trophies: Season 10

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 60, RB1 Chance: 83, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 70, Defensive Ag: 72, Run D Priority: 55
Stadium - The George Daniels Dome - Type: Retractable Roof, Timezone: East Coast, Temp: 70, Precip: 30, Wind: 10
Primary Color - Navy Blue, Secondary Color - Red

Indianapolis Predators (Owner: Seahawks22)

QB: Carson Palmer (ARI)
RB: Adrian Peterson (MIN), Jeremy Hill (CIN)
FB: Michael Robinson (FA)
TE: Coby Fleener (IND)
WR: Andre Johnson (IND), Reggie Wayne (FA), Dorial Green-Beckham (TEN)
OT: Donald Penn (OAK), Demar Dotson (TB)
OG: Kyle Long (CHI), Davin Joseph (STL)
C: Geoff Schwartz (NYG)
DE: Leonard Williams (NYJ), Kevin Williams (SEA)
NT: Johnathan Hankins (NYG)
OLB: Clay Matthews (GB), Khalil Mack (OAK)
ILB: Lavonte David (TB), Bobby Wagner (SEA)
CB: Kareem Jackson (HOU), Kevin Johnson (HOU)
FS: Dashon Goldson (WAS)
SS: Eric Berry (KC)
K: Steven Hauschka (SEA)
P: Jon Ryan (SEA)
HC: John Fox (CHI)
OC: Tom Clements (GB)
DC: Kris Richard (SEA)
STC: Amos Jones (ARI)
PS: Jeremy Lane (SEA), Tyler Lockett (SEA)*, Devin Smith (NYJ), Ali Marpet (TB), Cedric Ogbuehi (CIN)

S11 Keeper Tags: 20

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 56, RB1 Chance: 67, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 62, Defensive Ag: 65, Run D Priority: 61
Stadium - Fiesta Stadium - Type: Retractable Roof, Timezone: East Coast, Temp: 40, Precip: 2, Wind: 50
Primary Color - Dark Green, Secondary Color - Dark Red

Rhode Island Majors (Owner: mgoblue44)

QB: Peyton Manning (DEN)
RB: Giovani Bernard (CIN), Montee Ball (DEN)
FB: Kyle Juszczyk (BAL)
TE: Owen Daniels (DEN)
WR: Marques Colston (NO), Terrance Williams (DAL), Tavon Austin (STL)
OT: Anthony Davis (FA), Anthony Castonzo (IND)
OG: Mike Iupati (ARI), David DeCastro (PIT)
C: Jason Kelce (PHI)
DE: Chris Long (STL), Brian Robison (MIN)
DT: Geno Atkins (CIN), Malcom Brown (NE)
OLB: Bruce Irvin (SEA), Jelani Jenkins (MIA)
MLB: Derrick Johnson (KC)
CB: Brent Grimes (MIA), Johnathan Joseph (HOU)
FS: Matt Elam (BAL)
SS: Deone Bucannon (ARI)
K: Sebastian Janikowski (OAK)
P: Dustin Colquitt (KC)
HC: Urban Meyer (FA)
OC: Jim Mora Jr. (FA)
DC: Leslie Frazier (TB)
STC: Kevin Spencer (SD)
PS: Jacquizz Rodgers (CHI)*, Stefon Diggs (MIN), Luke Joeckel (JAC), Owamagbe Odighizuwa (NYG), Melvin Ingram (SD)

S11 Keeper Tags: 20

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 43, RB1 Chance: 50, Field Goal Try: 40, Offensive Ag: 47, Defensive Ag: 54, Run D Priority: 45
Stadium - Rhode Island Stadium - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: East Coast, Temp: 40, Precip: 30, Wind: 10
Primary Color - Navy Blue, Secondary Color - Light Blue

Iron Island Krakens (Owner: El ramster)

QB: Jay Cutler (CHI)
RB: Ray Rice (FA), Jerick McKinnon (MIN)
FB: Derrick Coleman (SEA)
TE: Zach Ertz (PHI)
WR: Kenny Stills (MIA), Steve Johnson (SD), Marlon Brown (BAL)
OT: Terron Armstead (NO), Zach Strief (NO)
OG: Jonathan Cooper (ARI), D'Brickashaw Ferguson (NYJ)
C: Jeremy Zuttah (BAL)
DE: Aaron Donald (STL), Sheldon Richardson (NYJ)
NT: Dontari Poe (KC)
OLB: Aldon Smith (SF), Jeremiah Attaochu (SD)
ILB: NaVorro Bowman (SF), Alec Ogletree (STL)
CB: DeAngelo Hall (WAS), Dre Kirkpatrick (CIN)
FS: Tashaun Gipson (CLE)
SS: James Ihedigbo (DET)
K: Josh Brown (NYG)
P: Johnny Hekker (STL)
HC: John Harbaugh (BAL)
OC: Rob Chudzinski (IND)
DC: Rex Ryan (BUF)
STC: John Fassel (STL)
PS: Jameis Winston (TB), Malik Jackson (DEN), Josh Huff (PHI)*, Kelvin Benjamin (CAR), Justin Gilbert (CLE)

S11 Keeper Tags: 21
Picks: S11 1st Round Pick (BAL), S11 4th Round Pick (RIC), S11 4th Round Pick (ALL), S11 4th Round Pick (MEL), S11 5th Round Pick (BB), S11 6th Round Pick (BB), S11 1st Round Pick (IRI), S11 3rd Round Pick (IRI), S11 5th Round Pick (IRI)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 7

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 55, RB1 Chance: 79, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 62, Defensive Ag: 77, Run D Priority: 58
Stadium - BlackTyde - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Europe, Temp: 35, Precip: 45, Wind: 25
Primary Color - Dark Gold, Secondary Color - Black


Cheesy Conference

Red Division

  1. Winterfell Direwolves (14-2) xyz
  2. Rio de Janeiro Pirates (10-6) x
  3. Houston Bulls (9-7)
  4. Blackwater Bay Dragons (5-11)
  5. Baltimore Ravens (5-11)

Blue Division

  1. Tacoma Thunder (12-4) xy
  2. Melbourne Uni Royals (9-7) x
  3. Toronto Assassins (8-8)
  4. Hyrule Legends (3-13)
  5. Kansas City Knights (2-14)

Salsa Conference

Green Division

  1. Allenville Mean Machine (13-3) xyz
  2. Richmond Flying Squirrels (10-6) x
  3. Texas Armadillos (9-7) x
  4. Las Vegas Casinos (7-9)
  5. Scranton Papermakers (6-10)

Yellow Division

  1. Southview Saints (11-5) xy
  2. Rhode Island Majors (9-7)
  3. Indianapolis Predators (8-8)
  4. Motor City Machine Gunners (6-10)
  5. Iron Island Krakens (4-12)

x - Clinched playoff birth.
y - Clinched division.
z - Clinched homefield advantage.
e - Eliminated from playoff contention.


PRESEASON (Thu, Jun 11)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19699040#19699040
Allenville Mean Machine 17 vs Rio de Janeiro Pirates 37
Allenville Mean Machine 40 vs Houston Bulls 14
Houston Bulls 3 vs Southview Saints 9
Hyrule Legends 26 vs Scranton Papermakers 14
Iron Island Krakens 37 vs Hyrule Legends 34
Melbourne Uni Royals 49 vs Blackwater Bay Dragons 10
Tacoma Thunder 34 vs Melbourne Uni Royals 44
Tacoma Thunder 26 vs Richmond Flying Squirrels 23
Richmond Flying Squirrels 37 vs Iron Island Krakens 13
Scranton Papermakers 9 vs Baltimore Ravens 12
Winterfell Direwolves 21 vs Blackwater Bay Dragons 24
Southview Saints 13 vs Rio de Janeiro Pirates 36
Baltimore Ravens 27 @ Baltimore Ravens (NFL) 16
Toronto Assassins 20 @ Miami Dolphins (NFL) 26
Motor City Machine Gunners 16 @ Detroit Lions (NFL) 10
Motor City Machine Gunners 20 vs Indianapolis Predators 34

WEEK 1 (Sun, Jun 14)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19705068#19705068
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 33 @ Houston Bulls 24
Southview Saints 24 @ Baltimore Ravens 13
Melbourne Uni Royals 16 @ Scranton Papermakers 19
Iron Island Krakens 34 @ Motor City Machine Gunners 41
Rhode Island Majors 14 @ Winterfell Direwolves 34
Texas Armadillos 28 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 23
Tacoma Thunder 26 @ Hyrule Legends 21
Toronto Assassins 45 @ Kansas City Knights 23
Allenville Mean Machine 29 @ Las Vegas Casinos 26
Indianapolis Predators 24 @ Blackwater Bay Dragons 19

WEEK 2 (Wed, Jun 17)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19713197#19713197
Baltimore Ravens 20 @ Blackwater Bay Dragons 15
Texas Armadillos 24 @ Tacoma Thunder 34
Iron Island Krakens 20 @ Indianapolis Predators 27
Winterfell Direwolves 31 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 24
Southview Saints 16 @ Rhode Island Majors 24
Las Vegas Casinos 22 @ Kansas City Knights 20
Melbourne Uni Royals 23 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 44
Hyrule Legends 16 @ Scranton Papermakers 20
Allenville Mean Machine 37 @ Toronto Assassins 33
Motor City Machine Gunners 22 @ Houston Bulls 27

WEEK 3 (Sat, Jun 20)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19719194#19719194
Richmond Flying Squirrels 24 @ Toronto Assassins 20
Hyrule Legends 24 @ Allenville Mean Machine 31
Blackwater Bay Dragons 9 @ Tacoma Thunder 16
Scranton Papermakers 14 @ Rhode Island Majors 37
Winterfell Direwolves 33 @ Motor City Machine Gunners 22
Las Vegas Casinos 24 @ Texas Armadillos 30
Indianapolis Predators 13 @ Southview Saints 20
Houston Bulls 21 @ Baltimore Ravens 16
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 34 @ Iron Island Krakens 20
Kansas City Knights 17 @ Melbourne Uni Royals 29

WEEK 4 (Tue, Jun 23)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19723763#19723763
Iron Island Krakens 20 @ Allenville Mean Machine 23
Southview Saints 38 @ Motor City Machine Gunners 17
Toronto Assassins 31 @ Hyrule Legends 39
Houston Bulls 39 @ Indianapolis Predators 23
Richmond Flying Squirrels 17 @ Scranton Papermakers 16
Baltimore Ravens 16 @ Melbourne Uni Royals 41
Blackwater Bay Dragons 17 @ Winterfell Direwolves 31
Tacoma Thunder 21 @ Las Vegas Casinos 17
Kansas City Knights 35 @ Texas Armadillos 42
Rhode Island Majors 30 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 23

WEEK 5 (Fri, Jun 26)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19731484#19731484
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 16 @ Blackwater Bay Dragons 20
Motor City Machine Gunners 31 @ Rhode Island Majors 35
Baltimore Ravens 10 @ Indianapolis Predators 17
Texas Armadillos 39 @ Scranton Papermakers 36
Winterfell Direwolves 17 @ Iron Island Krakens 24
Toronto Assassins 16 @ Las Vegas Casinos 13
Melbourne Uni Royals 13 @ Tacoma Thunder 20
Hyrule Legends 33 @ Kansas City Knights 28
Allenville Mean Machine 33 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 24
Southview Saints 17 @ Houston Bulls 28

WEEK 6 (Mon, Jun 29)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19735624#19735624
Tacoma Thunder 13 @ Allenville Mean Machine 15
Rhode Island Majors 19 @ Southview Saints 24
Houston Bulls 17 @ Blackwater Bay Dragons 23
Scranton Papermakers 16 @ Iron Island Krakens 10
Winterfell Direwolves 33 @ Hyrule Legends 12
Richmond Flying Squirrels 38 @ Texas Armadillos 28
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 30 @ Baltimore Ravens 28
Kansas City Knights 17 @ Toronto Assassins 33
Las Vegas Casinos 30 @ Melbourne Uni Royals 27
Indianapolis Predators 20 @ Motor City Machine Gunners 31

WEEK 7 (Thu, Jul 2)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19742258#19742258
Toronto Assassins 23 @ Texas Armadillos 17
Melbourne Uni Royals 34 @ Hyrule Legends 13
Indianapolis Predators 26 @ Scranton Papermakers 24
Tacoma Thunder 31 @ Kansas City Knights 21
Baltimore Ravens 33 @ Winterfell Direwolves 48
Iron Island Krakens 16 @ Southview Saints 20
Houston Bulls 24 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 35
Blackwater Bay Dragons 10 @ Rhode Island Majors 22
Las Vegas Casinos 13 @ Allenville Mean Machine 20
Motor City Machine Gunners 23 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 26

WEEK 8 (Sun, Jul 5)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19747721#19747721
Allenville Mean Machine 10 @ Rhode Island Majors 26
Kansas City Knights 13 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 23
Iron Island Krakens 20 @ Las Vegas Casinos 34
Southview Saints 10 @ Scranton Papermakers 7
Winterfell Direwolves 26 @ Tacoma Thunder 17
Toronto Assassins 28 @ Melbourne Uni Royals 31
Texas Armadillos 21 @ Indianapolis Predators 28
Baltimore Ravens 31 @ Houston Bulls 28
Motor City Machine Gunners 27 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 34
Hyrule Legends 28 @ Blackwater Bay Dragons 34

WEEK 9 (Wed, Jul 8)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19753363#19753363
Southview Saints 14 @ Texas Armadillos 38
Rhode Island Majors 20 @ Motor City Machine Gunners 31
Indianapolis Predators 17 @ Iron Island Krakens 30
Scranton Papermakers 14 @ Kansas City Knights 17
Houston Bulls 20 @ Toronto Assassins 27
Blackwater Bay Dragons 27 @ Baltimore Ravens 20
Hyrule Legends 20 @ Tacoma Thunder 37
Allenville Mean Machine 29 @ Melbourne Uni Royals 17
Richmond Flying Squirrels 23 @ Las Vegas Casinos 28
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 12 @ Winterfell Direwolves 30

WEEK 10 (Sat, Jul 11)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19759849#19759849
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 13 @ Southview Saints 10
Rhode Island Majors 36 @ Indianapolis Predators 17
Texas Armadillos 27 @ Hyrule Legends 23
Toronto Assassins 27 @ Baltimore Ravens 30
Richmond Flying Squirrels 14 @ Iron Island Krakens 13
Las Vegas Casinos 13 @ Motor City Machine Gunners 19
Melbourne Uni Royals 21 @ Winterfell Direwolves 30*
Scranton Papermakers 12 @ Allenville Mean Machine 21
Tacoma Thunder 28 @ Houston Bulls 16
Kansas City Knights 23 @ Blackwater Bay Dragons 30
*Alaska international game

WEEK 11 (Tue, Jul 14)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19764095#19764095
Motor City Machine Gunners 16 @ Southview Saints 27
Winterfell Direwolves 29 @ Houston Bulls 31
Kansas City Knights 16 @ Hyrule Legends 31
Tacoma Thunder 24 @ Toronto Assassins 28
Iron Island Krakens 17 @ Rhode Island Majors 30
Baltimore Ravens 26 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 31
Allenville Mean Machine 20 @ Texas Armadillos 16
Blackwater Bay Dragons 10 @ Melbourne Uni Royals 38
Indianapolis Predators 21 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 17
Las Vegas Casinos 14 @ Scranton Papermakers 16

WEEK 12 (Fri, Jul 17)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19768751#19768751
Melbourne Uni Royals 30 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 27
Baltimore Ravens 27 @ Kansas City Knights 31
Texas Armadillos 20 @ Las Vegas Casinos 30
Motor City Machine Gunners 27 @ Iron Island Krakens 20
Richmond Flying Squirrels 23 @ Allenville Mean Machine 31
Scranton Papermakers 20 @ Tacoma Thunder 24
Hyrule Legends 27 @ Toronto Assassins 34
Winterfell Direwolves 24 @ Blackwater Bay Dragons 20
Southview Saints 30 @ Indianapolis Predators 17
Houston Bulls 25 @ Rhode Island Majors 24

WEEK 13 (Mon, Jul 20)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19772350#19772350
Houston Bulls 24 @ Hyrule Legends 20
Toronto Assassins 13 @ Winterfell Direwolves 41
Iron Island Krakens 20 @ Baltimore Ravens 13
Allenville Mean Machine 37 @ Indianapolis Predators 16
Tacoma Thunder 23 @ Melbourne Uni Royals 19
Texas Armadillos 38 @ Motor City Machine Gunners 35
Rhode Island Majors 24 @ Las Vegas Casinos 27*
Blackwater Bay Dragons 13 @ Southview Saints 17
Scranton Papermakers 20 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 30
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 36 @ Kansas City Knights 10
*Iraq international game

WEEK 14 (Thu, Jul 23)
Links at: http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19777488#19777488
Kansas City Knights 20 @ Tacoma Thunder 23
Southview Saints 27 @ Iron Island Krakens 10
Allenville Mean Machine 34 @ Scranton Papermakers 38
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 17 @ Toronto Assassins 31
Las Vegas Casinos 21 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 37
Indianapolis Predators 31 @ Winterfell Direwolves 38
Rhode Island Majors 18 @ Texas Armadillos 19
Blackwater Bay Dragons 21 @ Houston Bulls 24
Hyrule Legends 20 @ Melbourne Uni Royals 27
Baltimore Ravens 23 @ Motor City Machine Gunners 16

WEEK 15 (Mon, Jul 27)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19783933#19783933
Tacoma Thunder 10 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 30
Iron Island Krakens 25 @ Blackwater Bay Dragons 23
Las Vegas Casinos 29 @ Southview Saints 7
Motor City Machine Gunners 31 @ Allenville Mean Machine 28
Richmond Flying Squirrels 27 @ Hyrule Legends 19
Scranton Papermakers 21 @ Texas Armadillos 44
Indianapolis Predators 33 @ Rhode Island Majors 23
Kansas City Knights 16 @ Houston Bulls 20
Melbourne Uni Royals 41 @ Toronto Assassins 10
Winterfell Direwolves 27 @ Baltimore Ravens 24

WEEK 16 (Thu, Jul 30)
Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19792687#19792687
Texas Armadillos 19 @ Allenville Mean Machine 30
Scranton Papermakers 27 @ Las Vegas Casinos 24
Rhode Island Majors 38 @ Iron Island Krakens 16
Motor City Machine Gunners 17 @ Indianapolis Predators 35
Houston Bulls 21 @ Winterfell Direwolves 24
Blackwater Bay Dragons 19 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 24
Toronto Assassins 10 @ Tacoma Thunder 12
Melbourne Uni Royals 26 @ Kansas City Knights 23
Richmond Flying Squirrels 20 @ Southview Saints 22
Hyrule Legends 27 @ Baltimore Ravens 36

Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19801813#19801813
Melbourne Uni Royals 29 @ Winterfell Direwolves 33
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 20 @ Tacoma Thunder 27
Texas Armadillos 44 @ Allenville Mean Machine 26
Richmond Flying Squirrels 23 @ Southview Saints 27

Links at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19808436#19808436
Tacoma Thunder 31 @ Winterfell Direwolves 38
Texas Armadillos 14 @ Southview Saints 20

ALL-STAR BOWL (Sun, Aug 9)
Link at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19815433#19815433
Cheesy All-Stars 27 vs Salsa All-Stars 24

TACO BOWL X (Mon, Aug 10)
Link at http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=19817451#19817451
Winterfell Direwolves 26 vs Southview Saints 27
With much cheese,

Nacho Simulation Football League

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El ramster

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

@Nacho.. I have 2 preseason games..

1 with swoosh and 1 with sabo.. Both have confirmed..

Gmen4ev wrote:
With my power rankings I'm strictly looking at the team themselves. I'm not taking into account the coaches or the practice squad players. Also I had to fudge the numbers for the Baltimore Ravens as they've yet to pick a Punter, but I looked at who's currently still available and filled in the numbers accordingly.

Also note that my Special teams grade does not factor in the return man.

Red Division


Rio de Janeiro Pirates (Owner: RuskieTitan)

This should come as no surprise to anyone whose been following the draft. Even before the draft process the sheer amount of talent the Pirates had through keepers was far and beyond better than anyone else could put together. This was made able through a trade involving five keeper tags, a move highly questionable but easily made profitable for the Pirates. While working out my algorithm the Pirates had the highest score in each of the three brackets except for their special teams where they were a close two.

The Offense

Pros- Having the top rated offense by a whopping 4% certainly means the Pirates know what they're doing. They have an A- graded quarterback, an A+ graded running back, and two A+ graded wide receivers. If that wasn't enough their offensive line is built providing excellent protection for the run and pass. Having three high quality talents in Whitworth, Franklin, and Kalil there's no question that the Pirates are a force to be reckoned with this season.

Cons- They're weakest positions on offense at the moment are right guard with Louis Vasquez and their second option at running back with Shane Vereen. Neither players scored below a B rating during my pre-draft process so to even say they're weak spots on this offense is laughable. We also have Charles Clay at tight end who is still a questionable right now. I couldn't get a read on him and decided to stay away. He's more of an all around player being able to block on occasion as well as not being a top passing target but being capable enough if the situation calls for it.

The Defense

Pros- While not having a dominant percentage leap like they do their offense, the Pirates still have the number one ranked defense in the Red division. They've got everything you want in a defensive line. Three A to A+ graded players being Suggs, Suh, and Knighton. Anyone who expects to get through this line easily is a fool. I expect them to win a few games for the Pirates alone. Speaking of helping the Pirates win games. The corner back duo is not to be forgotten about. If you're not able to run on the Pirates, good luck trying to pass. With Revis and Flowers downfield every team is going to be struggling to find a way to score with this powerhouse.

Cons- Jerrell Freeman is someone who instantly stood out to me. I for one couldn't find a reason why the Pirates owner would glance over multiple players that could bring more to the table this season. Freeman is easily the weakest spot on this team and I wouldn't be surprised if he were benched or cut by the end of the season. Other than Jerrell its hard to find any cons that truly stand out to me. The safety positions while strong could be improved if you asked me, but I also wouldn't say they hinder the defense at all. Sio Moore also being a weak spot given the talent around him, but I had him near the top of my big board when he was selected and felt like he was the best talent at the time.

Special Teams

Hadn't truly put too much thought into special teams this year. That being said the Pirates ended up with the second best ranked Special teams in the Red Division only falling .5% behind the first. Bryant and McAfee will perform without a doubt and were both quality picks by the Pirates owner.

Final team grade



Winterfell Direwolves (Owner: Tk3)

Coming out of a strong and smart draft the Direwolves land at my number two spot for this list. Having the second best graded offense and defense in your division helps and also coming into the draft with an elite set of keepers doesn't hurt. I was surprised as anyone when the Direwolves didn't grade out number one but you'll have to read more as to why.

The Offense

Pros- Andrew Luck.. Need I say more? Andrew Luck on his own is a dominant force in this league easily to be made as the focal point of any offense. It makes that much more easy for Luck when you have two A+ graded receivers in Johnson and Green. I had mentioned the Pirates having a secondary that'll shut down anyone. Well if I had to bet, all of my money would be on Winterfell. To match Luck they've got a solid option at running back in Frank Gore, while not the flashy selection ever Gore has been consistently good since the league started and you can never bet against the man rushing for big numbers if the opportunity is there.

Cons- The offensive line is going to be a problem going forward with Winterfell. Theyíve put so much focus on getting Luck weapons but seemed to forget the biggest part and thatís making sure Luck will actually be able to use those weapons. Matt Kalil once All-Pro talented linemen seems to have fallen off the face of the earth and for teams still hoping it was a hiccup need to face reality. I like him as a practice squad player going into this year as I feel like heíll bounce back to a quality starter now that his injuries seem to have been healed up. But going into this year heís shown no reason as to be starting for any team considering there are multiple options still out there. On the other side of the line we have Logan Makins who while was once top of his class in New England seemed to drop out of school in Tampa. I worry that these two will be the downfall of the Direwolves season if not addressed early on. Its going to be hard for Luck to prosper if heís on his back every down.

The Defense

Pros- Shying away from the cons of the offensive side I truly love what the Direwolves have put together here this offseason on the defensive side. Their secondary has no holes from what I can see. Patrick Peterson showed some regression this season but come his performance in the sim I believe heíll easily produce as expected. Having a great safety duo with Kam and Charles also helps immensely with the deep bomb threat. Woodson is getting up there in age but has proven that heís not done yet and to pair him up with the best safety in the game should increase his performance that much more. Enhancing the line looked to be a priority as well with Winterfell drafting Brian Orakpo in the second. This move was no blunder as theyíve got a viable option both defending the run and pass now. Three top players with Marcell Dareus being an A+ graded player surely means an unfortunate time for the opposing team.

Cons- Two questionable picks in Clinton McDonald and Paul Worrilow. I see neither being much of a problem going forward for Winterfell but I feel if better scouted they could have ended up with higher quality starters. Donít expect either of the two to be cut this year but if I were Winterfellís owner Iíd be surveying my options constantly with the two.

Special Teams

Actually having tied for the worst special teams in their division I understand the picking is tough once the good players go. Vinatieri is a quality kicker still and will do the Direwolves well. Anger on the one hand is a viable option but at the time he was drafted I felt like there was still better talent on the board to be chosen.

Final team grade



Houston Bulls (Owner: stefan52268)

Following suite from last year the champs had one good draft considering having the 20th pick. Going with the safe bets much like they did last year I expect the Bulls to be contending as well from the Red Division.

The Offense

Pros- Top quarterback? Check. Top running back? Check. Top wide receiver? Check. Like it or not the Bulls are going to be a force on offense once again. Keeping their big three intact I expect another quality performance by Houston this coming year. To help big Ben the Bulls have brought in some extra fire power with Jared Cook and Steve Smith, both of whom I expect to put up big numbers with Ben. Looking at the line I see very little to complain about here. Considering the rounds most were drafted Iíd say Houston while not fully addressing it still did a bang up job in making sure Ben stays on his feet.

Cons- Very little I can mention here. Having the third ranked offense only being short .015% of number two I canít say much. The fullback situation worries me, I donít believe Tukuafu is the best fit for Houston but my bet is that the owner is banking off of Adrian Petersonís success as of last year. And while having a top back in Foster that may not be a bad idea. Speaking of Foster, I wanna talk about the dude behind him. McFadden while I get the pick doesnít seem like an immediate option going forward. Perhaps Houstonís owner was banking on him putting up numbers behind Dallasís line but as of now McFadden is injured and doesnít look like heíll be getting any touches soon.

The Defense

Pros- Wanna talk about a good front seven? Because my goodness does Houston have one. Top rated player after top rated player. Forget about trying to win on the ground, because these guys will flip you upside down and take your lunch money. The linebacker crew is one of the best Iíve ever seen assembled no thanks to that one owner last year for missing Dumervil. Not to mention Dumervil isnít even their best player. That honor goes to Cameron Wake being one of the highest graded outside linebackers in my pre-draft process. These guys are definitely not to be looked over and come the regular season I hope everyone has got a game plan ready because I know Houston already does.

Cons- Not much can be said either on this side of the ball. Having kept the band intact Tramon, HaHa, and Williams are all going to perform as well as they did last season. While I feel like there is better talent currently available for Houston I can also understand the mentality of not fixing it if itís not broken.

Special Teams

Third best special teams in the division is no surprise. Both quality talents in Carpenter and Koch. I wouldnít worry too much about either letting the team down this year.

Final Team Grade



Baltimore Ravens (Owner: ravens5520)

Shaky shaky team if you ask me. Baltimoreís owner is looking towards the future it seems rather than the present having two rookie starters this season in Gurley and Williams. Unfortunately for Baltimore I donít see much out of them this year as the team doesn't look talented enough to reach that next step that many contending teams do.

The Offense

Pros- Theyíve got two young wide receivers that are already performing at an elite level. Hopkins looks to be a viable keeper going forward and Cobb just the same as long as Rodgers is his quarterback. Theyíve also got one of the best guards in the game in Marshal Yanda and Larry Warford following close behind. Chris Myers is a question mark going into this season as he was cut by Allenville last season due to his poor play but then picked up by the Pirates and excelled that team into the playoffs.

Cons- Unfortunately I donít see much promise going into this year for Baltimore. Sam Bradford at qb has mistake written all over it. A rookie running back coming off an ACL injury while being the best rated prospect still hasnít seen an actual down. The tight end position didnít really seemed to be addressed rather than just being filled with the fan pick while there are still better starting options out there. Lamar Miller also coming off a below average year doesnít help Gurley out much either. This looks like a train soon to be rolling but first weíre gonna have to wait another season or two.

The Defense

Pros- The cornerback situation is nice but not nearly as good as others put together. Two solid defensive linemen in Hardy and Casey but considering Hardyís recent case his production may drop soon after this season. Hughes isnít no schmuck either and should perform nicely for Baltimore in the coming season.

Cons- Having the worst rated defense in their division by a full 1.54% is never good. I addressed the Greg Hardy situation already and donít feel the need to repeat myself. The linebackers put together here are interesting. Only one B rated player out of the three this seems like an issue that could have been addressed sooner rather than later. I feel like these three will be a major reason for the downfall of Baltimore on the defensive side.

The Special Teams

Justin Tucker is great. The punter Baltimore ends up with will not be though. The picking is slim for a good punter now and mostly all of them are gone. I ended up giving Baltimore a C+ rated punter finalising their special teams grade as tied for the worst with Winterfell,

Final Team Grade



Blackwater Bay Dragons (Owner: Harper41)

Landing at the bottom of this list I have the Dragons. Making some questionable picks ended up landing them here. I donít see much coming from this team and thatís due to certain positions which Iíll explain.

The Offense

Pros- Best tight end in the game and a solid receiving threat at the same time. Itís no wonder Gronk is on the pro side of this list. The man produces night in and night out no matter the quarterback and I expect him to continue to produce nonetheless. The Dragons offensive line sure will keep RG3 protected having three A graded players itíll give him plenty enough time to find Gronk in the endzone or Cruz downfield.

Cons- RG3 was a questionable pick to say the least. The Dragons owner stands by the pick and feels like he has a slight chance to produce which we will see. As for my opinion I feel like this was a wasted pick that could have gone elsewhere and could have drafted a similar talented quarterback in the later rounds. With that behind us we have Amari Cooper who really isnít much of a con but heading into this season shouldnít be expected to produce like many still avalible wide receivers.

The Defense

Pros- These guys are young and good. Clowney, Quinn, Barr, Kiko all super young talents that are producing left and right. Not to mention I havenít even mentioned the best player on the defense yet in Michael Bennett. If thereís any salvation to Blackwaters season itís going to be their defense in my opinion. When theyíve got options to stop you on the ground and through the air itís going to be tough trying to score on these guys no matter how much time you have the ball.

Cons- Quite the hypocrite myself here but if I had to choose any cons it be the production out of Anthony Barr. This is the smallest con on this power ranking but having considered that he couldnít be moved to the practice squad even keeping him as a starter is a good move.

The Special Teams

Best rated Special Teams in the division. Dan Bailey and Morstead are both elite options and the Dragons will have no problems with them going forward.

Final Team Grade


Gmens ranking.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


^^El ramster^^
FF Hunger Games I Winner

FootballProdiG wrote:
Cant spell choke without OKC
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Harper41 wrote:
Gmen gets
DE Jadeveon Clowney
FS Malcolm Jenkins

I get
OT Tyron Smith
OG Zack Martin
6th round pick

I agree

El ramster wrote:
Krakens send::

Terron Armstead (NO)

To Black Water For::

Duane Brown (HOU)

Gmen4ev wrote:
Melbourne Uni Royals receive CJ Mosley

Waffles receive Jadeveon Clowney & 1 Tag for season 12

Harper41 wrote:
Waffles gets
DT Michael Bennett

I get
DE Cameron Jordan
5th round pick

El ramster wrote:
Krakens trade::

Aldon Smith + Second round pick for season 12(next year)

Melbourne Uni Royals trade::

Doug Martin + Travis Frederick

bucsfan333 wrote:
Allenville Receives
S12 Seventh Round Pick

Melbourne Receives
One Keeper Tag

With much cheese,

Nacho Simulation Football League

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Its A Sabotage

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

it looks like i'm still missing a preseason game
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Victor Cruz Pun

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 3:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mandatory post so this shows up in my egosearch.
mission27 wrote:
I would consider myself an extremely aggressive person, though not violent.

For example, I once attacked a stray dog.

thelawoffices wrote:
You guys are dumb af

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Wish we had one more spot on our PS.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 6:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nacho - please make Chris Johnson my #2 RB and put Asiata on the PS
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 6:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

bucsfan333 wrote:
Wish we had one more spot on our PS.

Wish I was smarter and had taken Crowell instead of one of my PS players.

Go follow the NSFL it's pretty neat.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 6:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Need a preseason foe

If not Nacho can I face Baltimore Ravens roster
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 7:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ravens5520 wrote:
Need a preseason foe

If not Nacho can I face Baltimore Ravens roster

With much cheese,

Nacho Simulation Football League
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Its A Sabotage wrote:
it looks like i'm still missing a preseason game

As am i, what say you sir??
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tacoma are proud to be the first to travel to Hyrule.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Circles have been make on the calender around weeks 8, 10 and 15.

I think those three games will tell me of I have a legitimate shot at another title this year.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Great breakdown on those rankings! You are right about my draft. I was lacking 2-3 picks this year from S9 draft trades. Put myself in a little hole right off the get.

Just breaking down your analysis below

1. QB situation.. Both guys aren't sim worthy lately, but at this point the low risk/solid reward is possible. Bradford in a system he can excel in & Bortles gets his number 1 WR back from suspension

2. RB situation (Gurley & Miller) Gurley is a value who is worth it IMO. Higher than normal for a rookie to be taken, but as of late the guys who are impact rookies tend to lite it up. Baltimore needs a RB for the future. Miller is coming off his best season yet? Not sure how he struggled? Averaged 5.1 YPC, went over 1,000 yards & showed his ability catching passes out of the backfield. Heading into his 4th year, if MIA can right that offensive line, he could be a top 10 RB or better pending his health

3. Myers - Take not Myers was played out of position in S9 at RG when he struggled. S8 played at center, he was top 5 at his position.

4. Corners/secondary - you say mine are good, but not as good as most... Jimmy Smith showed hes a lock down corner this past year. When he went down, it was like night & day for Baltimore's secondary. i believe my secondary is the 2nd best behind Ruskies in this division.

5. Defense overall - My defensive line with be disruptive and cause offenses problems. Linebackers are what you don't like, but if you look at their sim output. All 3 perform above average & what they lack my secondary & d-line can mask. I'm very confident that i'll have a turnover/stat/sack producing defense this year. Also love Preston Brown's potential as a starter in a stacked Bills defense this year. He was the reason Kiko became available.

Last one bud... where did you get your defensive %'s??
Having the worst rated defense in their division by a full 1.54% is never good

Just stating my case, but overall i didn't disagree with your input. Also again want to say you did an awesome job putting those together. Its not easy finding time to do that kind've extra input with our real life stuff... I almost contemplated retirement this offseason, but i couldn't come to that.
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