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Former GM Angelo on QBs/Romo
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 4:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

TD-ES-JJ wrote:
cowboyfanin2890 wrote:
Receivers running the wrong routes, plays barely getting in to Romo in time to get up to the line, head coach choking away multiple games, D giving up more and O-coordinator not able to manage a lead. Yet people will dwell on the man who has kept this team above futility since he came in during the second half of the Giants game. Coaching means so much in the real world whether its in football or life, management is a key. Romo has had to do so much each season because of bad ownership and stupid coaches that I am amazed that he leads us to a do or die game, but it takes a team to win them type of games, not just a QB.

How do you define futility? For me its not making the playoffs. Only a fool would say that the QB is fully responsible for wins and losses...but good or bad he is the only player on the team with a win/loss record.

Futility is the Detroit Lions/Cleveland Browns, Romo has kept this team relevant for his entire starting tenure. Do I want to see playoff success, hell yes, do I trust JJ and JG to rebuild this team in the next ten years without Romo, HELL NO.

People say we should blow this team up and start over, we have had a couple good drafts in a row talent wise, but then we change schemes and it ruins part of our drat picks. I think Romo will win a Super Bowl before JJ can rebuild this franchise without Romo, that is why I continue to support Tony. Aikman, Staubach, and Merideth could not get better season results than Tony has with these teams, they might have did better in the final games but more than likely it would have not been do or die. I know Aikman and Staubach are HOFers, but they had TEAMS around them and not just a few pieces with [inappropriate/removed] coaches and no D.
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be WARE94

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 7:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

cowboyfanin2890 wrote:
The_Slamman wrote:
Matts4313 wrote:
The_Slamman wrote:
be WARE94 wrote:
matt79511 wrote:
From what I've seen, there have been times when Romo has played well enough to win, but the team let him down and he gotten overly scrutinized for a couple mistakes. Other times he's stunk up the joint but was far from the only player to do so.

Basically, he's shown up and lost and not shown up and lost. Ironically, that's exactly how I feel about the Tony Romo debate, no matter where you stand on him. You can show up and not win the argument, or not show up and not win the argument. I lean toward the latter.

yeah it's basically lose lose when talking Romo anymore.....he has had TOO many primetime meltdowns and final second blunders.....unless he wins a super bowl thats going to be the way his story is written.....NOBODY will care about his epic moments or the fact that he practically carried this poor excuse for a football team the last 3-5 years.....all they care about is that he hasn't won a super bowl.....guess thats the way it goes in NFL QB world Sad lol

Isnt that true in all professional sports though? Some level of post season success at least? Romo's 34 years old and has only won a wild card game against a team the defense shutout the week before and held to 14 during the playoffs. Every other elimination game has pretty much been a disaster from Romo.

of course, with out romo, we aren't anywere near good enough to get to those elimination games to actually "choke" away.

which, isn't that the point? Two different QBs took the miners to the NFC champ game in consecutive years.... So is it the QB or the talent surrounding?

I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to say. But if you are trying to say that the 49ers are the model franchise we should follow, then I think you are actually advocating dumping Romo and his huge salary to build up the entire team. Then draft a young QB or bring in a reasonably priced FA QB to manage the game which is doable when the rest of the team dominates the trenches.

I think he is talking about having a team AROUND a QB allowing him to play QB and not game winner all the time. I hope the D is top 15 this year and the O-line continues to improve and I think we will see a better team and QB next year.

i think jerry jones(or whoever is running things at this point) is/was under the impression that Romo was good enough on his OWN to lead us to the promise land.....or at least that's the impression i get based on how the team has been built(or hasn't for that matter...) over the last 5-6 years.....except he's not....and even i have know this ever since the botched snap against seattle....the people running things for the cowboys have done a TERRIBLE job of building and adequate/complete roster around there QB.....hence the ZERO post season success/scarce appearances under Romos tenure......look at the franchises brady,brees,BOTH manning brothers,rodgers,big ben ect have around can people not see the difference? i'm not trying to discredit those QB's as they all EARNED there rings with solid/GREAT post season play.....but they also had awesome teams/coaches/organizations surrounding them to make those post season runs possible.....the cowboys have been a dog poo of an organization for the better part of two decades.....well before Romo ever put a star covered helmet the right situation theres not a doubt in my mind Romo has had the talent,production and BALLS to win and win BIG.....the cowboys are not that right situation....
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

GeneralDissaray wrote:
plan9misfit wrote:
textaz03 wrote:
his opinion is nothing new. It's public knowledge that Romo is all of these things and has been for some time. Most fans, critics and media (if not everyone) have been discussing Romo's flaws for the last 4-5-6 years now.

Move along, nothing new to see here!

And yet, people on this forum continue to praise his mental toughness even though his meltdowns are well documented. So I'd give a former NFL GM's opinion a lot more weight here.

No way these three are currently better QB's than Romo.

9. 8.4 Russell Wilson
10. 8.4 Colin Kaepernick
11. 8.3 Alex Smith

Russell Wilson was on a team that won the Super Bowl. That makes him one of the best ever, didn't you know that? Just ask Giants fans and any moron lacking half of their brain. Laughing

Coaching football is just my way of staying close to the game.
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