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5 Questions Iíd like get your 2 cents on:

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:40 am    Post subject: 5 Questions Iíd like get your 2 cents on: Reply with quote

Iíll just get right to itÖ

1. Will the Saints eventually trade Mark Ingram?

Gotta start with this oneÖ right? Mark Ingram has usually been the hot topic amougst Saints fans and thatís saying something for a player who hasnít suited up since week 2 against Tampa Bay. Ingram is clearly the enigma of the Saints roster. Most Saints fans want him gone but Sean Payton continues to speak glowingly about the unproductive 3rd year back. The question is thoughÖ are those kind words simply an effort to drive Ingramís price up or is Payton genuine in his comments about the struggling running back and should be viewed as a sign that he and the Saints are committed to Ingram for the long-haul?

2. Will Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith finally be given there walking papers?

Letís face itÖ itís time! Both Vilma and Smith were great players during their time here with the Saints but unfortunately for them, their time has passed. Younger players have emerged to grasp the starting roles these two once called home and the idea of keeping them both around as quality reserves prohibits the young starters from fully emerging as new leaders for this football team. The fact that neither can remain healthy for a full season also must equate into the thinking of the Saints coaching staff and front office. Either way one looks at it, itís just simply time to move onÖbut will they?

3. Is the draft class of 2006 in danger of being no more in the Big Easy?

#2 Reggie Bush, #43 Roman Harper, #108 Jahri Evans, #135 Rob Ninkovich, #171 Mike Hass, #174 Josh Lay, #210 Zach Strief & #252 Marcus ColstonÖ Boy what a class that was!

Of course Bush and Ninkovich have long left the Saints for other teams while Hass & Lay never really panned out in the league but the others remain a staple of this franchise, the question isÖ for how much longer?

Harper, Evans, Strief and Colston are now in a new class for the Saints and itís a class that none of them want to be in. Each could be considered high priced, underperforming veterans. Strief will be a free agent this offseason and could be the first of the group to go while Harper has seen younger cheaper players at his position emerge on the roster making him and his contract expendable. Evans is still considered an all-pro but is having a down year by his standards because of injuries. Questions remain about whether he is truly a fit in the zone blocking scheme that Sean Payton has implemented and whether his contract may force him out of town. Colston is considered the most beloved by Saints fans of the four but has clearly lost a step and is currently playing under a contract that pays him more for what heís done instead of what he can do. Any way you slice it, the 2006 draft class is getting older and could be on the brink of being no more. The question is not if but when will we see it happen?

4. Where will Terron Armstead lineup next season?

When the Saints landed Terron Armstead in the 3rd round of the NFL draft last year, not only did I feel they got the steal of the draft but also the most athletically gifted player at his position that Iíve seen in the last 10 years. At 6í5Ē & 305 lbs. Armstead possesses unbelievable athletic ability and very similar to Jimmy Graham, was just a bit to raw fundamentally to be a starter as a rookie. At Arkansas Pine-Bluff where Armstead prepped, he was a developing talent who was progressing as a pass protector but was already adept at run blocking. Heís a very physical and explosive player that plays the game with a mean streak and edge that I feel has been missing for the Saints up front.

The Saints currently have three tackles (2 starters) heading into free agency this offseason as well as two high priced underperforming starting guards. It is inconceivable to me that Armstead and all of his immense talent would not be in the starting lineup of an offensive line that clearly needs upgrading this offseason. I truly believe that Armstead could thrive at either right tackle or inside at guard as early as next season but may struggle somewhat at left tackle until he adjust to the speed rushers heíd face in the NFL. Ultimately I believe Armsteadís future will be on the left side of the Saints offensive line but until he gets his feet wet his first starting position with the Saints is up for debate.

5. When Jimmy gets his money (and he will) what becomes of the rest of the roster?

Letís face itÖ Jimmy gonna get paid! That is only a matter of timing but the real question surrounding that topic is the affect that Jimmyís new deal will have on the rest of the roster. There are only so many pieces of the pie so to speak and Drew has already made sure he gets the biggest one of all. Now Jimmyís coming up to the lunch line with his plate and heís tired of eating crumbs.

The money has to come from somewhere? Yes, if and when the Saints move on from players such as Vilma and Smith that will surely help but Jimmy isnít the only young core free agent the Saints will look to lock up this season. With other players set to hit the open market that the Saints would like to prevent from leaving, Iím expecting some surprising moves from this club as they look to secure the future by moving on from the pastÖ itís just a question of who will fall on the sword for the better of the club?

Iím curious to hear your thoughtís regarding these topicsÖ Fire away!!!


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PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

1. No. As much as we all want this to happen I think Payton still has faith in Ingram.

2. Vilma is a free agent this offseason anyway. He won't come back. Smith has one year left at 10.4 millin. I could see another restructure for a Smith for one more year, unfortunately.

3. Strief leaves in free agency. Harper has already restructured, so it's do that much. He'll be here at least one more year, if Jenkins leaves he may stay the last 2 years of his contract. Evans will play his contract out, 3 years and retire a Saint. Colston we'll see. He'll be back next year, but 3 years seems like a stretch.

4. I think Strief and Brown will both leave in FA with us keeping DeLa and Harris. I don't see either of our guards getting cut this season. We will either draft or bring an OT in during FA. Whatever side he plays, Armstead will play the other.

5. No clue.
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