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Cardinals @ Rams - Week One Coverage Metrics + Notes

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:17 am    Post subject: Cardinals @ Rams - Week One Coverage Metrics + Notes Reply with quote


Man Free - Good coverage, Brinkley caught with Eye in backfield not on his man the TE in the flat. Easy pitch and catch.

Very strange looking coverage, Combination of Man Free and Cover 3. Peterson is in Man Coverage. Areans if in zone passes his player on far to early and if in Man completely blows an assignment. Enough pressure on the QB to not allow Bradford to hit a wide open receiver over the middle. Dumped to RB in coverage of Alexander

Zone underneath, Bracket coverage on both outside WR's with a CB and a S. Peterson/Johnson have a very tight coverage on #13, Arenas and Bell not so much. Huge hole down the middle of the field if the Rams ran a route into this area. Throw to Cook is inaccurate. Dansby in Coverage.

3 deep, 3 short zone coverage with Peterson in Man coverage. Mathieu blows his coverage here and leaves a wide open player who would have had a first down on 3rd and 19 if the ball was thrown to him. Failed to pass his receiver on in zone coverage, followed him. Gambled. Ball thrown short underneath Arenas in zone, who then misses a tackle as Richardson gains 15 yards.

Man Free. Rams stack receivers on one side of the Formation with Peterson and Mathieu in coverage. Givens runs a very shallow cross. Peterson in off coverage has a lot of ground to make up. Peterson then misses the tackle and Givens gains 15 yards on 3rd and 2. In this case Peterson probably should have played the press coverage his man was on the top of the stack. If he gets his hands on his receiver early it creates a flow though affect onto the other receiver. However in this case Mathieu played press and his man being the guy behind in the stack allowed Givens the free release off the LOS and an easy first down.

Man Free, Peterson gets a great press on Givens, Bradford drops the ball off to Kendricks the TE in front of Brinkely who misses the tackle. Play gains 10 yards.

Two deep players with Powers droppin off from his corner spot into a deep half. Man Coverage on the otherside of the field. Mathieu and Peterson is very good position. Bell has his eyes in the wrong place in a deep half. Cook runs by Dansby in man coverage, 47 yard grab. Mathieu saves the day.

Austin motions across the formation and then runs a screen route back across the formation. Almost gets caught up in the push from the defensive line. Peterson again in Man Coverage, rest of the team in zone. Johnson lets a receiver get behind him (cannot allow this as the deep man). Mathieu closes downhill to make the tackle.

Combo Coverage. Cover Three on one side (Bell and Powers each have a third) Peterson and Mathieu in Man coverage on otherside of the formation. Peterson is in very good coverage. Austin gets half a step on Mathieu. Powers is covering air as no routes go near him. Matheiu runs through Austin well before the pass arrives. 38 yard PI.

Man coverage underneath with Powers playing what looks like a short zone, but seems to be out of place. Bell lined up in man coverage over Cook split wide left. Bell takes a take step downhill as Cook shows slant, but then runs the fade. Bell is out of position, lucky not to be called for illegal contact here, could have been PI but might have been a bit harsh. Ball falls incomplete.

Man Free, Johnson with the deep middle. Good coverage from all involved. Bradford throws to Powers underneath on the shallow cross. Powers in good coverage had managed to evade the rub and stick with his man, incomplete, might have ripped the ball out.

2 Man. Rams run two vertical routes and isolate Austin on Dansby the LB. He runs a quick pivot out route. Austin slips slightly on the cut, but still makes the grab, Dansby makes the tackle.

2 Man. Both safeties are playing far too shallow. Mathieu is in poor coverage on his man. Dansby/Brinkley switch coverages underneath, seems to confuse Brinkley who stops and allows Austin plenty of space. Great coverage from Powers and Peterson. Dansby picks up Richardson, but is too far behind him. Mathieu comes downhill to make the tackle.

Man Free. Powers follows his man in motion and gets lost. He picks him up eventually, but Alexander also in Coverage. Bell is well behind Cook in man coverage. The ball is thrown his direction, but Dansby has dropped off (After back stayed into block) and makes the throw very tough from Bradford and it is overthrown. Peterson is good coverage vertically. Poor coverage from Bell, no consequence.

Man free. Peterson over Givens. Coverage is good from Peterson going vertically. Givens puts his foot in the ground and sits. Peterson slips in his break otherwise he would have been in a very good position to make a play on the football here. Bell again in coverage vs Cook, Bell again beaten. Bell lucky ball not thrown in his direction. Mathieu is beaten in his coverage too. Powers looks good.

Man Free. Bell over Cook split out right. Quick Hitter. Bell in off coverage has no chance. Makes the tackle.

Man Free. Johnson again the deep safety, Powers over Pettis. Pettis runs a comeback, but slips, Powers in good position.

Man Free. Mathieu over Pettis in the slot. Dansby comes on an A gap blitz. Bradford throws to Pettis, but very inaccurate.

Man Free. Rams run the same route combo that beat Peterson earlier. Austin comes in motion and runs a speed out. Mathieu in man coverage is a step late after following the motion and an easy pitch and catch for 9 yards on 3rd and 5 is completed.

Man Free. Bell line up over Cook as a normal in line TE. Runs a simple out and beats Bell with ease, makes a good dive and stretches the ball into the EZ for a TD. Everyone else is in good close coverage.

Goaline Situation. Man Coverage across the board. Alexander makes a good play to swat the ball away. Cannot tell who the target was, Possibly the RB Richardson which would have made Johnson the coverage man. Recorded in Other. NFL Play Tracker calls Givens the target (Peterson in Coverage)

GL. Man Coverage on one side, Bracket on the other. Peterson in good coverage, Mathieu in good coverage on Pettis. Pettis runs a route to the back of the EZ. Mathieu in good position ball just overthrown.

Man Free. Pressure from Shaughnessy, tips the ball into the air. Dan Williams makes one of the most athletic interceptions you will ever see and runs it back for 6. Target is Kendricks who is covered by Dansby. Target Dansby, INT Williams.

Man Free. Quick Hitting route. Rams run outside receiver on a short in, inside receiver on a quick out. Natural pick combo. Austin makes catch with Bell in coverage. Bell breaks down and makes an impressive openfield tackle, gain of 2.

Man Free. Austin matched up vs ILB's. Beats Brinkley in coverage then makes him miss the tackle. Peterson is in very good coverage. Bradford had a man over the middle in Mathieu's coverage if he wanted him. Too big of a cushion.

Man Free. Mathieu too far off in coverage on a 3rd and 3. Pettis gets a free release and it is an easy pitch and catch for the first down on th quick out.. Have to make it harder than this on 3rd downs. Mathieu makes a good tackle. Gain on 5 yards.

Cover 3. With Mathieu (From the Slot) and Peterson (From the outside) dropping each into what look like deep thirds. (Could be Man for Peterson and Mathieu too) Zone underneath. Ball thrown to Cook below underneath Coverage from Brinkley. Caught for 8 yards.

Man Free. Austin isolated on a LB. Bell on the RB. Good Coverage from the outside corners. Bell has a lot of ground to cover as RB runs an out away from his side of the field. Easy pitch and Catch. Bell closes quickly and makes a big tackle for gain of 1 yard. Cook has beaten Mathieu in coverage and is a huge mismatch which Bradford misses. More accurate throw to the RB might have led to YAC.

Man Free. Massive blown coverage from Jerraud Powers. He plays a deep third while the rest of the team (Outside of Johnson) plays man coverage. Acho and Brinkley drop into zone with nobody to cover. Peterson and Mathieu are in good coverage on their guys. Powers leave Cook running wide open on a crossing route. 36 of the easiest yards you will ever seen.

Man Free. Rams go five wide. Mathieu in cover on Austin in the slot who runs an in route. Perfectly thrown ball from Bradford just out of the reach of a diving Mathieu. 14 yard gain for Austin. Solid coverage elsewhere.

Man Free. Powers blows another coverage. Quick turns inside to receive the screen, but Powers drops off, then tries to cover a different receiver. This will be credited to "Screen" because that is what it was, and with Powers in off coverage a completion is to be expected, but man, it looks like Powers is just confused as to what he is supposed to be doing. powers then missed a tackle. Quick nearly scores.

Rams run PA at the GL with three in the backfield. Nearly the entire team bites on the playaction. Acho gives Cook a shove at the LOS then looks like he is passing him on to another defender. It looks like Dansby should follow Cook, but he is still playing Run. Cook is WIDE OPEN, in the back of the endzone.

Cover 3. Bradford forced out of the pocket via good push from…Darnell Dockett… Bradford throws towards Austin who is shadowed by Rashad Johnson who makes a nice play of the ball and bats it away.

Rams go 5 wide. Cards rush six and play cover 0. Rams run a WR screen. Matheiu breaks downhill quickly, but misses the tackle. It is cleaned up by Cason. Gain of 3.

Cover 3. Bradford throws a quick pass to Kendricks in the coverage of Brinkley. 5 yard catch, no YAC.

Man Free. Mathieu lined up over Pettis in off man. Pettis runs a quick out and some sloppy footwork from Mathieu opens up a gap. Easy pitch and catch for 8 yards. Peterson and Powers are both in good coverage.

Man Free. Brinkley on Richardson coming out of the backfield actually has good coverage and makes a good play, ball falls incomplete. Powers and Peterson in good coverage. Mathieu is a step late on the inside breaking route after not getting set pre-snap.

Man Free, Powers lined up on Cook in slot. Powers needs to play with better positioning and better technique here. He opens up his hips too far and plays too far inside. Needs to know his help is inside and any outside breaking route is all his. He gets beaten by an out route here from Cook because of poor technique. 25 yards to the Rams, moves them from their own 38 to the Cards 37 in one chunk. with 1:20 left in a tie game. Peterson is in good coverage. Mathieu is beaten on an inside breaking route late, would have had inside help if Johnson had not already broken down towards Cook where Bradford had thrown the ball.

Man Free. Richardson runs a little swing route. Bradford dumps it off. Mathieu flies downhill, but misses the tackle. Brinkley cleans it up, 4 yard gain.

Sorry for the poor formatting, sorry for any poor spelling and or grammar.


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Moderator - MVP
Joined: 19 Dec 2005
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 4:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nobody? Nobody at all?

Also - The big play to Cook that I ripped Powers on is more than likely Quarters and not Man Free (Makes a whole lot more sense too) and Cook is running in the void between the underneath and over the top coverage. Ideally Brinkley would have some more depth.

Still 36 incredibly easy yards.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not even a Cards fan but I enjoyed reading it. I'm following my LSU boys. Mathieu often missed coverages and was beat at LSU. His technique wasn't always the best but because of his hustle and hard-nosed playing style he made up for it. He was often out of position but seemed to always make some kind of awesome play at least once during the game. I'm figuring he will get better technical coaching with the Cards and Peterson will be able to help him out too. I'm rooting for you guys. Very Happy
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 4:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bell and Brinkley in coverage are problems, at the least to say.

And I think Big Dan will forever cherish that 1 INT. It was beyond beautiful

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awesome write up Khodder. I was surprised that Matthieu only gave up 4 catches (plus the PI). I didn't think he had a great game.
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