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Round 2 Matchup Thread - Broncosfan07 vs Elliot878

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:21 pm    Post subject: Round 2 Matchup Thread - Broncosfan07 vs Elliot878 Reply with quote

broncosfan07 wrote:

Passing game vs Elliot's Pass D- Elliot's DL is full of perpetrators while his LB's are very strong in the run game, none of the 3 play well in space or in coverage. Nelson, Cobb, and Johnson play well in space and Nelson is a TD machine similar to Decker. And we all know what Graham can do. Use a short, quick passing system similar to that of NE with a fast tempo. Use Murray on 3rd down as a 4th receiver out of the backfield. Try to keep Elliot's base 4-3 on the field as much as possible.

Running game vs Elliot's Run D - Elliot has a formidable run defense, but Foster is one of the elite backs in recent years and Murray has been productive when healthy. Iupati and Warford are roadgraders while Mack, Solder, and Baker have better length and quickness. Stretch plays are what Foster excels at. Run a MBS scheme and let Foster/Murray carry the rock 25-35 times a game.

Pass D vs Elliot's Pass O- Elliot posseses 4 very good receivers + Pitta, but Wilson is a short in the pocket and with a DL of with size getting in the passing lanes is key to disrupting the passer. Sub Asante Samuel for Burfict on passing downs into the slot and let him make plays. Also slide Dunlap inside for Dareus on 3rd and 6+ yards and place Michael Johnson in his place. Let Dareus clog the lanes and Melton do his thing which is penetrate and disrupt. The key to keeping Jackson and Decker reigned in is being physical at the line. Press with Moore covering deep and Chancellor taking anything underneath.

Run D vs Elliot's Run O- Forte is a better receiver than runner at this point coming off of injures but with his OL and Leach as his lead blocker, good form tackling is a must as Forte while he won't run away from you he can and will run over you. JPP and Dunlap hold the edges well, as long as they turn him instead Polusnzy will clean up.

Offensive style- New England Patriots

Defensive style- Cincinnati Bengals

Depth Chart
QB- Tom Brady
RB - Arian Foster
WR- Jordy Nelson
WR- Randall Cobb
WR- Stevie Johnson
LT- Nate Solder
LG- Mike Iupati
C- Alex Mack
RG- Larry Warford
RT- Sam Baker
TE- Jimmy Graham

DE- Jason Pierre-Paul
DT- Henry Melton
DT- Marcel Dareus
DE- Carlos Dunlap
OLB- Sean Weatherspoon
MLB- Paul Posluszny
OLB- Vontaze Burfict
CB- Jonathan Joesph
S- Rahim Moore
S- Kam Chancellor
CB- Aqib Talib

Special Teams
K- Dan Bailey
P- Dave Zastudil

Michael Johnson
DeMarcy Murray
Jacoby Jones
Asante Samuel

elliot878 wrote:
Elliot's Defense vs Broncosfan07's Offense

Base Defense:
RDE - DeMarcus Ware
RDT - Geno Atkins
LDT - Calais Campbell
LDE - Michael Bennett
ROLB - Jerod Mayo
MLB - Sean Lee
LOLB - Dont'a Hightower
CB - Antonio Cromartie
FS - Devin McCourty
SS - Reshad Jones
CB - Cortez Allen

Elliots DL vs Broncofan07's OL
I am absolutely giddy about the way I line up in the trenches on this side of the ball. Broncosfan07 is formidable from the left side to the center with Nate Solder at LT, Mike Iupati at the LG spot, and Alex Mack at center, that is a damn impressive group. I'd like to match his left side up against DeMarcus Ware and Geno Atkins. I feel the strength of his line is these 3 players, but Geno Atkins was the best run stuffing DT, and best pass rushing DT in the game, he will require a constant double team from Mack and Iupati. This isolates Ware and Solder to one on one matchup. Solder is a fine tackle, and this matchup I believe is rather even. On the other side of the line, Broncosfan07 will start a rookie RG in Larry Warford, and a pretty bad RT in Sam Baker. This is really where I exploit the matchup in the trenches. Next to Geno Atkins lines up Calais Campbell. Campbell rated in the top 5 in run stop percentage and pass rush productvity, plenty to handle for a rookie right guard who will be left on an island. Next to him, Sam Baker, a weak RT who gets manhandled by power rushers will have to deal with Michael Bennett, one of the most disruptive left ends in the league over the past couple of years, ranking 5th in the NFL last year in tackles for loss, while also accumulating 9 sacks. He is one of the league's best run defenders and a major disruptor of the pocket.

We've talked endlessly on this forum how the best pass rush against Tom Brady isn't a great rush from the outside, but a disrupted pocket due to a dominant interior rush, this is exactly what I've created, and I think it will make Brady quite uneasy back there, especially behind a fragile right side of his line.

Given the overwhelming dominance of my DL BroncosFan's offense will be forced to have Jimmy Graham chipping in with blocking much more than you'd want Jimmy Graham to have to block.

You may think that my argument for a dominant performance in the trenches on defense is based solely off an overwhelming pass rush, but with the top run stopping DT, a top five run stopping 3-4 DE as graded by pro football focus sliding inside to play next to him, and one of the best run stopping 4-3 left defensive ends in the league, my DL is exremely stout. The weakest link in the run game is RDE DeMarcus Ware who isn't too shabby himself in the run game. But just in case, he will have one of the best 4-3 run stopping linebackers, and one of the surest tacklers behind him in Jerod Mayo. Mayo should stay very clean with the matchups along the line.

Backing up the DL
As I mentioned in my last paragraph, my advantage along the line should keep my linebackers quite clean. This should allow outside linebackers Jerod Mayo and Dont'a hightower the opportunity to stack up vs the run, or the freedom to cover Arian Foster on short dump offs. Both outside linebackers are well above average in pass coverage and run support, and the DL's dominance should only make those roles easier. In the middle sits Sean Lee, an emerging star. His weakness is taking on blocks, which is why I feel really good about having him in this matchup, as he should stay very clean with the work my DL will do. Lee is one of the best coverage linebackers in the league, and combined with that he's good working the creases in the line and making plays in the run game, while being a sure and consistent tackler.

Elliot's Secondary vs Broncosfan07's Receivers
Another matchup I'm excited about. Starting with the most dangerous weapon in BF07's passing attack, Jimmy Graham. I have two options with Jimmy Graham. I can go man on him with a linebacker, eithe Sean Lee or Dont'a Hightower who are both great in coverage as linebackers. This would allow Reshad Jones to cover the slot. Jones is an elite cover safety against slot receivers and TE's allowing a passer rating of just 38 against him last year. In this formation I can match up in man with my corners on the outside receivers, Lee or Hightower shadowing Graham, Reshad Jones locking the slot down, all while Devin McCourty keeps a lid on things as a deep safety.

My nickel formation would be:
CB - Cortez Allen
CB - Stephon Gilmore
CB - Antonio Cromartie
S - Reshad Jones
S - Devin McCourty
LB - Jerod Mayo
LB - Robert Quinn
DE - DeMarcus Ware
DT - Geno Atkins
DT - Calais Campbell
DE - Michael Benett

Gilmore as my slot corner is a beautiful thing as he's big and physical to deal with tall strong receivers, and quick enough to deal with speedy guys such as Randall Cobb. At LB Mayo patrols the middle while Robert Quinn picks his spot to do what he does best, rush the passer, a hell of a 5th pass rusher to have.

Elliot's Offense vs Broncosfan07's Defense
Looking at the lines, I'm tempted to run heavy and wear down this defense. My standard offense will stay balanced, but I think I have the ability to dominate in the run game on short yardage, for reasons I will elaborate on later.

Base Offense
QB - Russell Wilson
RB - Matt Forte
FB - Vonta Leach
WR - Vincent Jackson
WR - Percy Harvin
WR - Eric Decker
LT - Joe Thomas
LG - Evan Mathis
C - Jonathan Goodwin
RG - Brandon Moore
RT - Michael Roos

Pass Game
Starting along the line, the most dangerous defender on this front for BF07 is Jason Pierre Paul. Joe Thomas is one of the best left tackles in football, but in pass protection, he'll have his hands full, as would any blind side protector. With Vonta Leach having his back in pass pro, this should buy Russell Wilson time to make throws, and when it doesn't he'll use his legs effectively to make smart throws. On the other end, I don't see Michael Roos having a ton of trouble with Carlos Dunlap in pass protection and it should be a matchup Roos wins one on one. While Dunlap is a load, and a physical freak, Roos at the very least matches him in length, power and quickness. BF07's interior offers a special pass rusher in Henry Melton but he sometimes over runs the play, and he'll be contained by the best pass protecting guard in the league, Evan Mathis. Also inside is Marcel Dareus, who is a formidable DT, but not one that can overwhelm my interior in the pass rushing department as Brandon Moore is very sound in both pass protection and run blocking, while Jonathan Goodwin is a large center who moves well.

Russell Wilson should have a clean pocket with the pass rush threat along the line being handled, and no elite pass rusher in the linebacker unit. The linebackers and safeties do not contain a name that I can think of who can hang with Percy Harvin. I don't think Rahim Moore or Kam Chancellor have the quicks to handle an x-factor like Harvin. I'd like to get the ball out to Harvin quick and let him do what he does best, which is out run defenders and break tackles.

My matchups on the outside will be a bit more difficult as Talib and Joseph are good corners but I think with V-Jax and Decker I have an advantage, especially in the red zone and along the sidelines.

Run Offense
I've alway wondered how big a star Matt Forte would be if he played behind an NFL caliber line, because what he's had for lines in Chicago have been absolute garbage. With a very good run blocking line in front of him, Forte should find holes and make some gashes. He'll be led by the best lead blocker in the NFL, Vonta Leach.

Short Yardage and Goal Line
While he's not a big thick back, I'm also excited to use Forte in short yardage and goal line setups. I've drafted utility players to further compliment these situations.

Short Yardage/Goal Line
QB - Russell Wilson
RB - Matt Forte
FB - Vonta Leach
WR - Vincent Jackson
TE - Dennis Pitta
LT - Joe Staley
LG - Evan Mathis
C - Jonathan Goodwin
RG - Brandon Moore
RT - Michael Roos
SWING T - Phil Loadholt

I'm pretty sure given a short yardage situation in this particular matchup this lineup would get the first down or touchdown every time. It can run up the middle, out to either side or release quickly to Pitta or V-Jax. Not to mention, the defense can be fooled and Wilson can fake a hand off and run to the edge for easy yards.

Special Teams
I have a punter, a kicker, and Percy Harvin is my return man.

REMINDER: The poll is only open for 24 hours, so vote early!
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Joined: 06 Mar 2007
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'll be honest. I mostly just look at the depth chart when I'm voting. I only look at the game plans if it is a close call.

That said I really like Elliot's OL and WR's and think they would be able to exploit 07's team.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like Broncofan07's offense but it's only slightly better than elliot's and his defense is pretty inferior compared to elliot's.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I dont know why but my eyes keep looking at Tom Brady with Stevie Johnson, Jimmy Graham, Jordy Nelson, and Randall Cobb, with Arian Foster coming out of the backfield.

I dont think elliots defense has enough to defend that or have faith in Russell Wilson keeping up with Brady.
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