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2014 Team Needs
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Joined: 26 Nov 2009
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Location: Franklin, NC
PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cowboys Needs:

1. DT
2. DE
3. OG
4. RB
5. CB
6. LB
7. QB

8. D Coordinator!
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Joined: 06 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 12:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Giants can't afford to draft any defensive players with how bad our offense has been. We are the only team to be shut out, which has happened to us twice, and our offensive line right now is as follows:

Will Beatty-David Diehl-Kevin Boothe-James Brewer/Brandon Mosley-Justin Pugh


Not to mention Nicks is as good as gone because him, nor any of our other receivers have any desire to get open, and our TEs are Brandon Meyers, Bear Pascoe, and someone you've never heard of.

Giants need big help on the offensive line, particularly at the interior with both OG spots and C, WR, and TE in that order.

On the defensive side, CB, DE, and WLB/SLB could all use some shoring up, but are all well below the need for offensive help.
aceinthehouse wrote:

1st yr head coaches rarely see success their 1st yr, if at all.
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Joined: 01 Jun 2012
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 18, 2013 10:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Vikings needs have changed in importance a good deal over the season it's been strange.

Tier 1

1] LB, Greenway has regressed and the other two spots need to be upgraded badly as well

2] CB, Xavier Rhodes is a budding superstar but after him it's pretty bad Chris Cook has been awful this year, Josh Robinson is still very young and still has a lot of upside but he got abused in the slot so we'll see.

3] LG, Charlie Johnson Sucks he really sucks

4] QB, Yea you read that right I would put QB only at #4, The offense has actually been fairly potent when Cassel at QB averaging almost 30 ppg I believe, So if the Vikings wanted to take a QB in rounds 2 or 3 and groom him I think they could and keep Cassel as a stopgap.

Tier 2

1] RB, AP is amazing but he is coming up on 30 and Toby isn't coming back so RB has become a decently urging need.

2] NT, Phat Pat still hasn't been replaced and the defense specifically the run defense hasn't been the same since he left so I think the Vikings could really use a big space-eating NT like Wilfork.

3] DE, I just don't see Jared coming back right now that leaves Robison whose a bit underrated and Everson Griffen who I think will prove to be very good starting DE full time the Vikings should still consider drafting a 3rd DE early on.

4] CB, As mentioned above the CB situation is in pretty rough shape overall so a second corner should certainly be considered.

5] S, Harrison Smith is a good young safety but the other spot could certainly be upgraded but there's other needs that are simply more important.

6] QB, This is mostly a personal opinion I would seriously consider retaining Cassel as a stopgap and double dip at QB in the Draft.

Shoutout to JTagg7754 on the sig

Go Vikings, Badgers, Twins, Wolves, and Wild
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Louis Friend

Joined: 07 Apr 2010
Posts: 11101
Location: Detroit, Michigan
PostPosted: Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lions will now be drafting 10th.

Team needs:

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Joined: 02 Mar 2009
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Louis Friend wrote:
Lions will now be drafting 10th.

Team needs:

I'll go a little deeper with the needs, but this is pretty accurate

Tier 1:
WR (Boundary WR)
#1 CB

Tier 2:
WR (Slot WR)
CB (for depth and one needed in the slot)

Tier 3:
DE (backup for Jason Jones or starter if he isn't healthy yet)
DT (backup for Suh)

"Wildcard" Needs:
LG, if we trade Rob Sims
FS, if we trade Louis Delmas
DT, if we trade Nick Fairley
FB, if we decide to use a FB

I didn't include OLB as a need since we run nickel for the majority of our defensive snaps. Having a third "starting" LB is a poor strategy for us. Retaining Ashlee Palmer to be our run stopping LB has worked great so far.

"Strength is meaningless in o-line play if there is no explosive, or speed-strength, quality to the strength."
- LeCharles Bentley

R.I.P. Stylish
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Joined: 30 Dec 2010
Posts: 2832
Location: USA
PostPosted: Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Panthers Needs:

Tier 1:

1. Wide Receiver - Right now we have a quickly declining Steve Smith, Brandon "Stone Hands" Lafell, Ted Ginn, and a plethora of guys that will never really amount to anything. Of these I guys I can only see Steve Smith coming back, and that is mainly because he is the face of this franchise. We need to draft guys early and to bring guys in FA to revamp this average at best WR core. Rounds 1-3

2. Corner - We have Melvin White, a UDFA from Louisiana-Lafeyette, starting at CB2. None of our guys are consistent enough to be considered starters. If we had even one competent corner to rely on then it would be tremendous for this secondary. Rounds 1-2

3. Tight End - Cam needs receiving options, and that includes tight ends. Greg Olsen is great, but our offense was at its peak back when we had Jeremy Shockey and ran some two tight end sets. Guys like Hartsock and Brandon Williams are not viable receiving options, so this position needs to be addressed. Rounds 1-2

Tier 2:

1. Offensive Tackle - Cam has been under pressure all year, and it can be argued that tackle should be a tier 1 need. Our offensive line started playing better later in the year, and once guys come back from injured reserve then the line as a whole should play much better. Rounds 2-4

2. Defensive End - Greg Hardy has been outstanding this year, but he is a FA and may walk. Depending on how this situation plays out we may be in the market for another defensive end. Rounds 3-5

3. Running Back - Deangelo Williams has his moments, and Mike Tolbert is able to spell him from time to time. However, these guys are expensive and it may be time to let go of the old Double Trouble. Other options need to be explored at this position. Rounds 4-7

Tier 3

1. Linebacker - We don't have much depth here. It is a position to consider. Round 5-7

2. Quarterback - If there is an athletic quarterback in the late rounds to groom as a capable back-up/potential trade in the future then this is where to do it. Rounds 5-7
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Joined: 05 Feb 2007
Posts: 11167
Location: Cincinnati, OH
PostPosted: Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

With the Bills now officially picking 9th, I think we have a good idea for needs

Tier 1
WR and TE - Some kind of offensive playmaker. The defense is borderline top 10, but the Bills just can't score points. They are a very good running team, but lack a true #1 WR and could use a mismatch at the TE position.

4-3 OLB - Bills are about one OLB away from having a solid starting 11 on the defensive side. The Bills play a hybrid type defense, but with Manny Lawson playing one OLB spot, he can transition to a 3-4 OLB pretty easily, we need a run stopper.

OG - Doug Legurksy has played well enough to not make this the highest priority, but if he stumbles next year, it would be good to have a backup plan.

Tier 2
RT - Erik Pears is solid, but is in the last year of his contract, they might try to transition Chris Hairston into a starting role, but it would be good for him to have competition.

S - This really depends if we resign Jairus Byrd or Jim Leonhard. If we don't, Aaron Williams will have one S spot, and some combination of Searcy, Duke Williams, and Jonathan Meeks at the other.

RB - Tashard Choice is an UFA and Fred Jackson will be 33, Marrone seems to like the north/south runners, I could see them taking one as Freddy's eventual replacement to split carries with Spiller

3rd Tier

QB - If the Bills don't resign Thad Lewis, they could use a long term answer at backup QB. Jeff Tuel is not going to cut it.

S Corey Graham
LB Preston Brown
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Louis Friend

Joined: 07 Apr 2010
Posts: 11101
Location: Detroit, Michigan
PostPosted: Mon Dec 30, 2013 8:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

IDOG_det wrote:

I didn't include OLB as a need since we run nickel for the majority of our defensive snaps. Having a third "starting" LB is a poor strategy for us. Retaining Ashlee Palmer to be our run stopping LB has worked great so far.

We don't know what the next coaching staff is going to run. We are thin at LB.
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Joined: 27 Jan 2006
Posts: 420
PostPosted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 3:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My 2 cents on my bears.....

Has to be 75-90 percent defense and mostly big bodies...

1. Flexible DL... Timmy Jernigan, Stephon Tuitt, Hagman etc...
2. Quick move DE... Both as an under study for Peppers and as a 2014 player
3. Ready to play CB... Jennings resigned, peanut moving on?
4. Backup secondary player... Upgrade steltz and / or insurance at corner
5. Goal line backup RB that can catch out of the backfield
6. Under study OC prospect (a must real quick)
7. Backup insurance LB / contributing ST player

IMO this list is not debatable.... Even if peanut stays he is getting up there and is coming off an injury year. Make no mistake though, stopping the run is #1 and #2 on our needs list.

In a perfect draft...

14. DL Jernigan
51. DE Aaron Lynch
82. CB Dennard

I would throw a party if by some miracle those players all slide to those spots... But u never know
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Joined: 30 Dec 2009
Posts: 32991
Location: Delaware
PostPosted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 3:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


1.) PR - Pass-Rusher - Could be a DT or De
2.) Opposite of 1. If its a DE at 1, then DT and vice-versa.
3.) RT
4.) MLB
5.) RB
6.) CB - If Verner leaves
7.) QB
8.) SS - If Pollard leaves
9.) WR

Avery Williamson
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Joined: 06 Feb 2007
Posts: 13377
Location: aboard Serenity
PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Free Safety - Its the team's #1 need. MD Jennings was horrific and Morgan Burnett's play suffered because of it. With Jennings upgraded both safety spots would improve. This position must be addressed in the first 3 rounds. We CANNOT go into the 2014 season with MD Jennings starting at safety!

Nose Tackle - We know how important a NT is to a 3-4 defense and BJ Raji, Ryan Pickett, Johnny Jolly, and CJ Wilson are all free agents. Raji wants more money than he is worth and most likely won't be retained. Pickett and Jolly SHOULD both be brought back, but are 34 and 31 respectively and can't be counted on for too much longer. Again I think this position needs to be addressed in the first 3 or 4 rounds. My fingers are crossed for Louis Nix III to drop to #21. The run defense must improve.

Inside Linebacker - AJ Hawk was actually pretty good this season, but Brad Jones was awful and needs to be upgraded. This unit has a lot to do with the Packers running and passing woes on defense. CJ Mosley would be a nice addition to the defense.

Outside Linebacker - Clay Matthews is great, but has had injury problems and Nick Perry has underperformed when called upon. Even someone who is just a situational rusher on obvious passing downs would be a great addition. Unless a player like Mack or Barr slides this probably isn't a 1st round pick but in rounds 2-4 I would like to see a pass rusher added.

Tight End - This is NOT the dire need so many believe it to be. I would be ticked if we spent #21 on Ebron or Amaro. I want to see a TE added, but not before we upgrade the defensive side of the ball. That is they key for the Packers this offseason. If someone like Austin Seferian-Jenkins falls to the 2nd round I would love that pick, but if not I don't want a TE before the 3rd round.

OL Depth - David Bakhtiari performed admirably as a rookie when he was unexpectedly thrust into the starting lineup when Bryan Bulaga went down in training camp with a knee injury. From everything I can see he will remain the starting left tackle and a healthy Bulaga will slide back into the starting RT role. Derek Sherrod finally seems to be healthy (or should be when TC rolls around) and will be a nice swing tackle for the Packers. Don Barclay is a sufficient backup RT. Josh Sitton is an elite guard, TJ Lang is above average. Depth at guard could be added. Evan Dietrich-Smith was the big surprise on this offense IMO and is a MUST-RETAIN as he is a FA, if he is not then center becomes a 3-5th round need. JC Tretter is said to be waiting in the wings to play center after suffering a season-ending injury in TC.

WR Depth - James Jones is likely gone. We'll need a new #4 WR with Jerrett Boykin sliding into the #3 hole. If James Jones is retained then this isn't a need at all. Ted Thompson has a a history of taking late-round WRs.

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Joined: 09 Oct 2011
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Location: 12,998 ft above sea level
PostPosted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 7:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bengals Team Needs:

CB (1st-3rd Round) - Terrence Newman, the current LCB is probably a year or two from retirement. Or RCB (who is our primary slot CB when teams go to 3 WR sets), Leon Hall is coming off his second major lower body injury. Adam Jones is on the wrong side of 30, and was responsible for some burnt toast crumbs left on the field all season. Dre Kirkpatrick, as well allowed some big plays, but still hasn't progressed enough to trust. Easily put, this is a pressing need.

OL (Any Round) - This could change, depending on impeding free agent Anthony Collins. If he is re-signed, the Bengals would likely move long-time starting LT Andrew Whitworth to LG, which would eliminate both the need for a LT, depending on the length of Collins' contract, and a LG. Kyle Cook, our starting C, is a huge liability blocking, especially in short yardage situations. He needs to be upgraded, but there is a good chance the Bengals ignore the C position altogether. They always fall in love with below-average starters for some reason. If they choose to address C, I would imagine it would be between rounds 2-5. Kevin Zeitler didn't play quite as well as the Bengals would have hoped, but is in no position to lose his job. Same goes for Andre Smith, who is penciled in at RT. If the Bengals don't re-sign Collins, they'll likely draft a LT early and move Whitworth to LG, or draft a LG between rounds 2-5 to push Clint Boling, who started most of the games at LG this season. The Bengals also like to draft project lineman between rounds 5-7.

DE (Round 1-5) - This really all depends on what Michael Johnson does. If he stays, then this is not a need at all. Currently we have Carlos Dunlap at LE, with Robert Geathers (could be a cap casualty) and Margus Hunt, last year's second round pick) behind him. At RE we have Michael Johnson, and the surprising team leader in sacks, Wallace Gilberry. If MJ93 leaves, the Bengals could address RE as early as round 1, to keep a premium level of talent there, or possibly as late as round 5. I think if we chose to address this in the draft, it would be sooner as opposed to later.

SLB (Any Round) - Although the rest of our LB core appears to be set for next season (Maualuga/Rey/ at MLB, Burfict/Lamur/Joiner/Porter), I think SLB is unsettled. Currently we have James Harrison, who like Newman is basically at the end of his career. Harrison played alright in limited snaps. But we have nothing behind him, other than special teams ace Jayson DiManche. I wouldn't generally consider a SLB early, but the Bengals draft history since the Marvin Lewis era suggest we will take a LB early. We've drafted something like 8-9 LB's in the first three rounds during ML's tenure. The only one that makes sense is SLB. I wouldn't be surprised to see us address it as high as round one, or completely ignore it until late in the draft.

QB (3rd-7th Round) - Andy Dalton is going to be the starter next year, and no we're not taking a QB in the first round, nor the second round. But past that, the options are limitless. Not only would it be ideal to have someone to push Andy, but Josh Johnson has to have some competition. We cannot have him going in as our backup QB again. And with Gruden gone, I think Johnson's days as a Bengals are dwindling.

RB (3rd-7th round) - Yes, I believe the Bengals could address RB as high as round three. We've seen the value of having two talented RBs, and with the Bengals commitment to the running game (so they claim), we really need to have some competition behind Gio Bernard in the backfield. BJGE was far from spectacular last season, and with an expendable contract is in danger of being cut. I would personally be stoked if we cut BJGE and took a RB early, but I think the chances are slim. Changes have to be made, though, if we want to improve our team and one place to start is upgrading the OL and giving Dalton and the offense another play maker. If the Bengals chose to go into the season with Bernard/BJGE, then definitely expect a FA signing, or late round pick to compete with Burkhead and Peerman, who always finds a way to stick around due to his special team contributions.

TE (5th-7th) - I imagine the Bengals signing a veteran free agent, much like they did with Alex Smith, or even bringing him back. In the instance that doesn't happen, we likely would address the position late in the draft.

S (5th-7th) - Right now we have Iloka and Mays (if we re-sign him and I fully believe we will) at SS, and Reggie Nelson, Shawn Williams, and Tony Dye at FS. Considering there isn't any competition to unseat any of these guys, I would imagine we will sign a veteran AND draft a S late in the draft. If Mays walks, which I think the only scenario that happens in is if he chooses to follow Zimmer, then we'll address S early. Given that Williams can rotate between both FS and SS in our system, we are liable to draft either. I would imagine we would target someone large enough to fill Mays role in our defense. I see Chris Crocker returning back to retirement, but if he gets the urge to play again and we re-sign him, then that actually lessens the immediate need for both a S and CB (although it would be stupid to let Crocker deter us from a first round CB)

DT (5th-7th) - Only way we draft someone here is if someone falls that we absolutely love with and really want to draft and develop. We currently have Geno Atkins, Devon Still, Brandon Thompson, Domata Peko, Larry Black Jr, Ogemdi Nwagbuo, and Christo Bilukidi. Not much room there.

WR (3rd-7th) - Hear me out, while I don't think a 3rd or 4th round WR is going to happen, it 100% is not out of the question. Never settle for less than the best, and if that's the case we can certainly create some competition for any of the WR spots behind Green. I like what we have in AJ, Sanu, Jones and Hawkins, but with today's passing game I am never surprised when teams address WR early, who weren't expected to. I am not an advocate of taking a WR early, as I think an improved OL and running game is the key to opening up our passing game, but I am a realist and understand it's possible. We have the talent, now let's use it. A late round WR could be selected as a STs contributor as well.

Late rounds usually focused on STs (think WR, S, LB), and a developmental project (think QB, OL, etc.)

Not going to draft:
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

For the Jets, don't mock a tackle or RB to us early because it's not happening. In terms of tackle, we have D'Brick at one end and Austin Howard only allowed 2 sacks all year, so he'll be re-signed and will not be going anywhere. In terms of RB's, we were top 10 in the league in rushing. If you want to mock a speedy/versatile RB to us in the middle rounds, that's fine. Also, don't need to go guard early as well. I'd split the first three round ideally between a WR/TE in the 1st and split our 2nd and two 3rd's between WR/TE/OLB or potentially a safety.
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Joined: 04 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Atlanta Falcons

Tier 1
-We need someone that can rush the passer opposite Osi. This can be done by giving us a traditional 43DE like a Jadeveon Clowney, or it can be done by giving us a player that can both rush the passer with his hands in the dirt, or standing up. Mike Nolan loves to use the hybrid player a lot, and had planned on using Kroy Biermann in that role this year before he got hurt. Khalil Mack would fit the description perfectly. Anthony Barr, not so much.

-Corey Peters, Jonathan Babineaux, and Peria Jerry are all free agents, and I would bet that two of them wont be back. Either way, they are our three best tackles, and we need to replenish, because we rotate them a lot. Either a 43UT or a NT will suffice here, because I could see us double dipping in the draft, if we do not pick up one in free agency.

-Garrett Reynolds might have been the worst offensive lineman in football last year. Peter Konz slid over towards the end of the season, and was just as bad. We need someone that we can plug in and play from day one, if we do not address this in free agency.

Tier 2
-Double dip. We need both positions.

-Peter Konz was a disaster in his second season. Things got better once they put Joe Hawley in as the starter. If one of the top 4 centers fall to around the 4th round, then I could see us picking one up to battle Hawley for the starting job.

-Arthur Blank has already come out and said that we will not be taking any skill position players early because we have to get better on both lines. Im not sure that we would select another TE in the middle rounds since we selected Levine Toilolo last year, and he played decently this year. It would be more likely that we would pick a TE in free agency to start next year.

Tier 3
-This is only if Thomas DeCoud is let go. It could even be moved up a tier because of it. If DeCoud is kept, then we wont be needing a FS, because the job will be his, and more than likely, second year player Kemal Ishmael will be the back up once again.

-We have Joplu Bartu and Sean Weatherspoon locked into the starter roles, but Stephen Nicholas will surely be cut, and we will be looking for a backup, especially since Weatherspoon has the tendency to be injured every year. This need could be taken care of with a vet free agent. Think Will Witherspoon.

-Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford are locked in as the starters, and Robert McClain will be back as the nickle. We will be cutting Asante Samuel, so a 4th corner will be needed, especially if McClain struggles like he did at times in 2013.

-For better or worse, Sam Baker and Lamar Holmes will be the starters in 2014. We will probably bring in a vet to challenge both, and be insurance in case one goes down with injury. If a OT falls, then I could see us taking one in the mid rounds as a backup.

Tier 4
-We tend to carry 3 ILBs in some years. We have Paul Worrilow as the starter and Akeem Dent as the backup. We might need a third ILB, at least for training camp.

-We were awful running the ball last year, but that was mainly because Steven Jackson was injured for most of the year, and we had an awful offensive line. Jackson is healthy now, and we should see at least two new starters on the line, and Baker will be back at LT. We will ride Jackson/Quizz/Snelling for one more year. 2015, the year of the running back, is when we will probably find our successor.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 24, 2014 12:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


1. G/C - No way the Giants get out of this offseason without some serious re-tooling of the inner line. Pugh is a solid RT and I'm sure the team will give Beatty another chance at LT but the inner line is awful. The starters are bad and the depth is paper thin. This is absolutely the team's top need, though they could get away with waiting til the 2nd round to address it since G/Cs offer little value at the 12th pick.

2. OLB - This is the other major position where the Giants need to find starting-quality players this offseason. Jacquian Williams and Spencer Paysinger have been solid situationally but we need a pass-rushing presence in the LBs and someone who's well-rounded. Could see the Giants picking up Mack or Mosley in the 1st since they offer better value than a G/C would at that spot.

3. TE - Brandon Myers is gone. Bear Pascoe is a great blocker but not a no. 1 tight end. Larry Donnell needs time to develop. Who knows about Adrien Robinson. With TE coach Mike Pope the team probably would've waited for a diamond in the rough late in the draft, but I feel like Ben McAdoo might want to get one of the athletic TEs early and I'd be fine with that.

4. I think I'm being optimistic about the current backs, but I don't think the team needs to draft a RB in the first three rounds. They'll probably resign Andre Brown and hopefully he and David Wilson will split time enough that neither is a serious injury concern assuming Cox or someone else also gets a few carries. But I understand the appeal of getting one of the bigger names in FA or the draft as a safer option.

5. CB/WR - Mainly just need depth here. Jernigan is developing nicely but throwing another solid receiver into the mix behind Cruz and Randle wouldn't hurt. At CB if the team resigns T2 and/or Trumaine McBride they won't need to target a top CB (though if they did I wouldn't complain) and could get by with just adding some depth.

6. DE - JPP will be healthy and hopefully Tuck will be resigned. If Tuck doesn't come back then DE goes right behind OLB or TE as a need but I think he will be. If not, the team will probably get a DE early on as they like to do but if Tuck is back I don't see them doing more than drafting a late-round project player with Damontre Moore, JPP, Kiwi (unless he gets cut), and Tuck around.
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