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Who's ready for Thursday

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:54 am    Post subject: Who's ready for Thursday Reply with quote

It has been a crazy last 6 months for me so I have not paid attention to the Draft/ Prospects as much as I typically do so I donít have a personal favorite that I want more than one guy, like I did last year with Wilson. This year's draft is like the 2011 NFL Draft we select 19th overall, and much like that year having the 19th overall selection can be hard to predict. JR will sit back patiently and let the first 18 picks unfold; see if there is a potential top 5-10 prospect that mysteriously slipped down to them like Prince did. However, that may not be the case again this year. That is why it is both a good spot to be in, but it could also end up being a bad spot to be in. If someone is to fall then you give thanks for the luck and move on, but if the top level prospects are all gone then decisions have to be made. Last yearís draft saw a lot of action taking place as far as trades, which was the first under the new CBA and rookie pay scale. Does that continue this year too, or was it an anomaly since teams didnít really know what to expect that first draft. I believe we will see a good amount of trades again, a few less than last year. That being said if teams continue to trade in and out of spots, the possibilities of who may be available continue to remain endless.

One of the options is trading the pick. I doubt JR will use the pick in a package deal to move up in the draft, but if he were to do that I think Carolina is the only logical choice. Gettleman is now there and 14th is not a huge jump to make. However, Gettleman isnít going to just give JR the pick for nothing because he was a former Giantís executive so I doubt JR will want to part with picks later on. Only way I see a deal working is if Carolina takes only a 4th and 7th rounds picks for swapping firsts. I doubt they would pull the trigger on that.

As for trading down, this where the options seem to present themselves and depending on whose available will determine who is willing to dance. Besides the Bear who pick right after us, the Colts (24th) or Falcons (30th) I think the other teams may be willing to trade up. St. Louis might be willing to if are torn at #16 on which player to decide, but seems unlikely. Same with Cincy unless Cincy thinks Chicago may be targeting the player they want. I think that JR would deal with Minny only for a trade down to #22, not #24 who may want to move up for Austin if he is there GB, Houston, and NE could all be in play for Austin and may be willing to slide up. SF and Balt could make the trade if Vaccaro is still available. SF could target Austin too as well. He could add another weapon, with manningham hurt, while taking away from their rivals in St. Louis who passed on him at #16 hoping he will fall to the #23 spot. Also the Giants may consider a trade with a team, ala Buffalo, a top of round 2 if they wanted to move up for their QB of the future. Would have to include next yearís first rounder in return though which I donít think teams will bite at.


I think if the top available players left look like this: Austin, Eifert, Trufant, TeíO, Williams, and Carradine the Giants should look to trade down and get an extra pick. The most likely trade scenario I can envision is with Houston, who sorely needs a WR to help complement Andre Johnson. If St. Louis is to pass on Austin and he were available at #19 the Giants could dangle the pick in front of Houston. Houston would love to be able to get Austin, but with Minny (2 picks), St. L, and GB all selecting before them they canít feel comfortable that Austin will make that gauntlet and be there at #27.

So Houston gives up #27, #89, and #195 for NYG #19 and #225 picks. Last year NE gave up a 1st and 3rd to move from #27 to #21 which is very similar to the deal I have suggested. My deal just has us swapping late round picks to sweeten the deal.

What I would like to see for NYG 2013 NFL Draft:

1. MLB Manti TeíO, Notre Dame:
Could very well be scooped up by Minny if NY decides to trade down, but you make the move and hope for the best, plan for the worse. If he is gone there should still be good talent available to be had and you have gained an extra third. His IQ and instincts remind me of AP who was not that most athletic MLB, but was a quality starter when in NY.

2. DE Alex Okafor, Texas
Tremendous potential and upside as a pass rusher in the NFL. Has good size and speed to go along with a lot moves that help him cause havoc on the QB. Can disappear at times, and needs to add more strength which cause him to slide to our 2nd round pick.

3a. OT/G/C Barrett Jones, Bama
Jones can compete for the RT, both Guard spots, and Center. I think he would become the C, Baas would move to OG, Boothe to back up before moving on FA this year. Foot injury is a concern, but with the starters likely in place early in the season Jones can be eased into the NFL.

3b. CB Tyrann Mathieu, LSU
He has his concerns that is for sure, but JR has selected players carrying baggage. Both Manningham and Hosely failed drug tests at the combine before being drafted by JR in the third round. So baggage does not necessarily eliminate a player unless it is deemed to be too much of a burdensome that will drag down the player and team. If JR and TC feel Mathieu is going to be able to keep it together he would be tremendous. Reminds me of Hosely which ppl are going to say is not ideal. Donít waste a pick on a player similar to one we already have. Well two things, I donít think Hosely and Mathieu should be pigeon holed to slot CBís due to their size. Both are playmakers who could do a little of both opposite Amukamara. I doubt this happens though as it has been talked about recently, one of those seems too good to be true so it must not be things to me.

4. S Bacarri Rambo, Georgia
Has the size and athleticism to be an early 2nd round pick. However dues to off the field concerns, and the depth of this S class he may see his stock slide to day 3. If he does slide, NYG wonít let him go very long on Sunday.

5. QB Tyler Bray, Tenn
I think one these 3 QBís is going to slide on draft day, because it seems like at least one does every year. Those guys are either Wilson, Jones, or Bray. Most people would probably say that Jones is the likeliest to fall, but I think Bray is in for the ride. He has good size and strong arm, but the mental make up is behind. If he can clean up his decision making, polish up his touch and footwork over the next 3-4 years he can be the Future starter Post Eli.

6a. RB Miguel Maysonet, Stony Brook
Brought in for depth and ST play.

6b. OG JC Tretter, Cornell
People assume if we take two O-line that itíll be one tackle and one guard. That may not be so, as 2 guards could really be used. All 3 interior lineman are over the age of 30. Baas and Snee both have been banged up recently and had offseason surgery. While Boothe is a FA again this year. So donít be surprised by multiple interior OL.

7. OLB Kenny Tate, Maryland
Was a safety who converted to OLB the last 2 years of college. Reminds me of JacQuan Williams in that he is a bit undersized, but his athleticism can not be ignored. Not saying he will be as good as Williams, but they are similar prospects.

What I expect to happen: no trades
1. CB Desmond Trufant, Washington
This is a very good pick for the Giants if the stay the course and donít trade down. Trufant is the BPA at a premier position who presents tremendous potential to go along with top tier athleticism. Sounds like a quality JR kind of first round prospect to me.
2. OT/G Kyle Long, Oregon
Brother of Chris, Son of Howie who hasnít played a lot of top level organized football, but undoubtedly grew up around it. JR takes him with the hopes that he can turn his potential into pro bowls.
3. LB Khaseem Greene, Rutgers
Future starter at SLB. Will back up Rivers to begin season, but may be rushed to the field with Rivers injury concerns. Great tackler/ Underrated playmaker.
4. DE Devin Taylor, South Carolina
Based on physical measurements and looks alone he would be a potential 1st rounder. If he was a no name person coming from a no name school, his potential would be intriguing to many people. However, he comes from a bigger school who plays in the best division, SEC, while playing opposite the best DE in college right now. He should have been able to produce which is concerning and there is plenty of tape to diagnose exactly what went wrong.
5. RB Montee Ball, Wisconsin
JR tries to erase the memory of the last RB we selected out of Wisconsin. Ball was a great college back who may make it or never amount to nothing.
6. OG JC Tretter, Cornell
This is the only pick I can see happening that I would like. But I am a homer since I work in the Ithaca area for a company that has a lot of business with Cornell fraternities. Plus was born and raised just 20 miles from Ithaca, where Cornell is located.
7a. QB Zac Dysert, Miami (Ohio)
Once again a late round developmental QB for the roster. JR selected one in both the 2008 and 2009 drafts so you know he likes the idea of it. The only thing that has changed since then and now is that both our QB and back up QB aged 4 years.
7b. LB Steve Beaurnaris, Rutgers
Brought in for depth and ST play.

Is it Thursday yet
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nope ... not ready at all Laughing

ask me on Wednesday
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 7:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'll take draft #2. I don't want Manti in the first.
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Joined: 07 Sep 2009
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Location: Founder and Chairman of the He-Man Oline Haters Club.
PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

HakeemTheDream wrote:
I'll take draft #2. I don't want Manti in the first.

Yea, plus Minnesota isnt going to trade up for teo ... they're taking a WR 1st Imo
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