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FFMD 13 (Part II): Rules, Info & Schedule

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:11 pm    Post subject: FFMD 13 (Part II): Rules, Info & Schedule Reply with quote

Official Rules, General Info & Schedule for FFMD 13 Part II

Free Agency

There will be no free agency in this FFMD. Anyone who is not on an NFL roster as of Friday, April 5th, is basically off limits to any team. Any player who was franchise tagged, transition tagged, or tendered as a restricted free agent is considered to be on the roster of that team. All rosters will be “frozen” as of close of business on Friday, April 5th. Any real NFL transactions that occur after this date will not be taken into account for FFMD.


Any player who is on your roster can be traded. This includes players who were franchise tagged, transition tagged, and tendered as restricted free agents. As in past FFMD’s, trades will be passed through a Trade Council. The Trade Council aims to be accommodating and permissive, but please remember to follow these guidelines when making a trade:

1. The GM or AGM of the trading team must post and approve the trade in the trade thread.
2. Both teams need to make a post approving the trade.
3. Compensatory picks cannot be traded.
4. A GM/AGM must get feedback from his staff and fans of their team before officially consummating a trade. Sufficient time should be given to allow members to review and vote.
5. Future picks may be traded.

Trade Council: TheVillain112, CWood21, wayne87reggie, Iceman88 and green24

For a trade to 'officially' be accepted, both teams and a member of the trade council must approve it in the Trade Thread.

Draft Day Trades

During the Draft, trades will be far more common. Therefore the following rules will be in place for the draft. To expedite trades, we will use the NFL Trade Value Chart. Any trade that is within 100 points of equal is automatically accepted. Any trade not within 100 points must be reviewed by the trade council.

Salary Cap

For purposes of simplicity, teams will not have to adhere to a salary cap. Since there won’t be any free agent signings, salaries are already set. Teams are free to trade for players with high salaries, as long as they follow the other guidelines of trades (see above). Also, there is no roster size limit. Real NFL teams are not required to be at 53 this time of year, so we're not going to enforce it for FFMD.

UDFA Period

The UDFA period will begin Monday, April 22nd at 9am EST. Each team is allowed to claim 1 player per hour. To claim a player, the GM/AGM (or approved delegate) must use the following format: Team Name claim Player Name, Position, School. For example:

Ohio Carps claim TJ Moe, WR, Missouri

If the timestamp for that claim is 9:01am EST then that team will not be allowed to claim another player until 10:01am EST. Players will be selected on a first come, first serve basis. Also there is no limit to the number of UDFA players that you can claim.

Authorizing Staff Members

At times the GM & AGM may be busy and need to delegate their authority to other staff members. Each GM/AGM can designate up to two additional individuals to draft players, approve trades or take any other necessary action in their absence.

That means at most four individuals (GM, AGM and two delegates) can be authorized rights to make decisions for the team. The GM, Staff and Writer Announcement thread will be kept up to date with authorized individuals, unless their name appears on said thread they are not allowed to finalize any decisions. It is recommended that teams have their delegates picked early to avoid last minute issues. Also be careful in picking your delegates for if they draft a player or make a trade that you don't like, you will get the following response from me as long as it follows all other guidelines "Too bad, so sad".

Also GMs/AGMs can limit the rights of delegates. For example, I delegate CWood21 to be able to make the Packers 2nd round selection. Unless specified it will be assumed delegates have full rights.

War Rooms

Each team is required to have a War Room. War Rooms should contain the following information in it's initial posts:

- All staff members
- Official Roster (NFL Rosters)
- Draft picks (See below)
- All approved trades

General Information

1. All times are EST.
2. COB: Close of business means 4pm EST.

Who to Contact

If you have questions, concerns, or need clarification on anything, please post them in the discussion thread. Additionally, most of the administrative duties for this FFMD will fall on TheVillain112 and CWood21. Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.


4/2 (COB): GM and Writer Announcements; Assembling of team staffs & War Rooms begin
4/5 (COB): Rosters frozen; Trading begins
4/9: Draft begins (Draft Thread)
4/22: UDFA period begins

The Prize

Big big thanks go out to the one and only Kempes for producing the following sig:

After votes are tallied at the end of FFMD II, the winning team can rock the sig as bragging rights...

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