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Steelerfreak76's Steelers mock 6.0 (Pre Combine)
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 8:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

jebrick wrote:
SteelProven wrote:
FourThreeMafia wrote:
SteelProven wrote:
I really don't understand all the hype surrounding Jesse Williams. I've watched a lot of Bama games this year and he really has stuck out to me. I know he plays in less then glamorous position, but what is special about him other then his bench press. What's the draft difference other then teams between Ta'amu and Williams. I know Ta'amu has some legal issues, but as far as comparing them on collegiate play by itself I wouldn't say Willams was better then Ta'amu. Only that Williams had far better talent surround him then Ta'amu.

This draft in itself is fine as the players fit the needs the Steelers have. But I believe in the end the Steelers will still pick BPA over a need at least in the first round.

So much wrong with this post.

First off, I seriously doubt you watched both of them play in college if you say that Williams is not a better prospect that Ta'amu was.

Secondly...since when is NT a glamour position? Outside of OLine, its possibly the most unappreciated position.

Third...Williams is much more polished coming out and was much more consistent than Ta'amu ever was, and against much better competition. Williams also has experience in the 34 at NT and 5 tech.

If you dont want Williams, I respect that. But this draft isnt top heavy. There likely wont be anyone who will be on the board that everyone will agree is worth the pick...unlike last year (and others) when there were several.

Pretty much every guy thats been mocked to us and has a realistic chance of getting to us, you can make an argument for why they are and arent worth the pick.

You can call me wrong, but it's my opinion on a message board.

Williams has been surrounded by a ton of talent. So there really isn't any way to gauge his actually value individually, because he didn't stand out individually.

I never said NT was a glamorous position I said it was a "less" then glamorous position.

Since you know I didn't watch any Bama games. Please tell me which one Jesse Williams dominated so I can rewatch it/them. Bama didn't play one good running team in 2012 until they went up against LSU who casually put up 145+ in consecutive years. But I must have missed that game since it was plastered all over AFN while I was deployed both times.

Alameda Ta'amu biggest negative is that his teams were trash almost his entire collegiate career.

The LSU and Georgia games had some odd sets. I think Williams played De more because they spread the field. Most of the time they had in 2 down linemen.

What about the A&M game?
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