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How does a team prove that it is the best in the league?
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

iPwn wrote:
SuperBowl=best wrote:
The law of he NFL gets tested every season, IN THE NFL. You don't even comprehend what Feynman said.
The NFL doesn't test the system that only the best team can win. It simply sets up a situation where the last team is crowned a Champion. No where has the NFL ever officially claimed the Champion to be undoubtedly the best team or that it is impossible for a better team to lose.

And to suggest that I don't understand Feynman is incredibly laughable. My extensive study of him and his work aside, it's quite clear what he was stating. We must test a concept under every circumstance to ensure that it is true. The concept of gravity, for example, is only believed to be true because it exists everywhere that there is mass pulling on an object. We would reject the idea of gravitational pull if it wasn't demonstratable outside of Earth's mass. You don't get to claim gravity unless it works universally, or you have valid reasoning that it isn't working (i.e. the device doesn't pull you towards it because the mass isn't large enough to pull your mass towards it, but it still has a minute, undetectable pull). You clearly don't understand simple concepts of demonstratability.

2)That does not prove what the players were thinking. Nor does that article prove that they'd be mathematically eliminated.

There is no evidence that they thought anything. We don't have mind-reading capabilities. You don't know what they were thinking, and neither do I.
Let's talk about something called burden of proof, okay? All evidence that the players had told them that they would not be given another chance. The BCS had never granted another chance to a team, ever. Everything that the players had ever seen suggested this was their only chance. If you are going to claim that they might have thought differently, you have to prove that was the case, otherwise the claim is rejected. And thusly, yours is rejected.

I'm done here though. It's clear we have a disconnect and I'm challenging your claim in ways that you will continue to reject, despite reason. People from a distance and all that.

Have a good day.
1)I do understand concepts of demonstrability.

You claim I made up a law that has to be tested in all sports competitions for it to be valid. What is this law? According to you, it is "the best team always wins". I never said that. That's a nonsensical statement. It is much too general.

Go find where I say exactly that. I never did. You've veered this for pages off something I never even said. Something you just assumed.

You just keep ignoring all the posts that have told you that no playoff team has proven to be better before the playoffs. It's been said over and over again, yet you keep erroneously thinking that a team can be definitively better before its playoff game. It cannot.

You're right that the NFL hasn't made an official declaration, that I know of. But the facts presented in this thread are compelling enough to conclude that the SB champ did indeed excel all others, thus making it the best team.

2)You're the one claiming that no player knew that they could still survive a loss. The burden of proof is on you to prove that every player who played on that team was in the dark that Bama could have survived, which they did.

Yes, I claim that they might have thought differently than what you think they thought. There's a difference between "might have" and "definitively did". And it is true that they might have, so you can't reject my claim.

Well, in 1), you challenged a non-existent claim for pages.

And in 2), the claim of "might have" can't be rejected uness you provide evidence that they absolutely did not.

And both arguments have nothing to do with the thread topic, but you wouldn't let either go, despite numerous posts that taught you otherwise.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Question is way to ambiguous. The "best" is always determined by an opinion. Usually of an ESPN analyst or Broadcaster that then everyone just piggy backs off of. There are a lot of top 10 teams that went through scores of injuries and weren't able to operate effectively all season. On top of ALL that there are teams who were wildy inconsistent like the Jags with Chad Henne destroying the Patriots, or Green Bay showing dominance only to turn around and get 40 dropped on them the next game. No team was completely dominant at all this past year, and there isn't really much more to say on the subject.
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