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Design the team in your image

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:02 am    Post subject: Design the team in your image Reply with quote

Just curious what everyone's take is on schemes. If you had to blueprint a team, roster wise and schematically how would you do it?

QB: Dual threat- My first season covering college football taught me a few things. One of those is that the game has changed, athletic QB's that were once turned into WR are now staying at QB. The other thing is that the zone read is the toughest play to defend in football. Give me a pass first QB that also has good speed, Tannehill actually is the mold that is a dream come true for me. I also like UCF QB Blake Bortles (similar mold to Crazy Legs Tannehill).

RB: I like thunder and lightning. I like a good power back that runs hard all the time. Ideally I would want a guy like Isaac Redmon, Marshawn Lynch etc. I also love an x-factor scat back, I love Lamar Miller.

WR's: I tend to favor big WR. Marshall is my favorite WR in the game today, always liked Malcolm Floyd, Vincent Jackson etc. Ideally I would want two big guys and two smaller faster guys.

TE: I love huge TE. The taller they are the more I like them. I like a TE that can play inline and then the other guy needs to be a move TE. I love Delanie Walker type guys that can do it all as the #2.

I personally always loved the man blocking scheme, but if I am going with a zone read type QB then I need a zone blocking scheme.

On defense I would probably run a 4-3. Used to be a huge 3-4 fan, but it seems it is easier to find pass rushers in the 4-3.

Two quick twitch explosive DE are a must for me. I also prefer huge run stuffing DT as opposed to pass rushers. Ideally a true NT and a true UT.

OLB I prefer best athletes I can that can cover and blitz. MLB as a tackler and playmaker.

Rangy safeties and large press man corners.

Schematically I would run a zone read spread attack on offense, and on defense an aggressive 4-3.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

QB's He has to have some mobility although I am not obsessed with it to Cam, kaep, wilson, RG status just want to have enough athletic ability to call rollouts and be able to side step well. My number one thing would be does he love to study and can he read pre snap recognition.

RB Thunder in lighting is ideal and I want someone who can get the tough yards up the middle but for me my RB has to be able to understand and excel in the screen game.

WR. I am not obsessed with size as much as I am looking for guys who can get YAC yards and break tackles bubble screens and crossing routes.

Oline I want athletic lineman who can get out in space and excel in the screen game having a team that can screen you to death if needed is big to me and gets the DE to be hesitent and keeps it in the D cordinator head.

I am not obsessed with size at WR but at TE very much so give me a mismatch TE all day infact I rather have a dominate TE then dominate WR. Give me a couple solid WR who can get YAC but I want dominate TE.

Defense 4-3 all day it seems so much easier to draft for. I want no part of defensive tackles who are better pass rushers then they are run stuffers they seem to have no gap discipline or understand that they are the glue of the entire defense I believe your DT kinda define if your team is tough on that side. I actually love our line except odrick at DE 70 percent would much rather it be 30-40 with a speed guy for 3rd down or a Ahmad brooks type rush linebacker to compliment them I want my strong side backer to have rush skills and my MLB and weakside to be coverage solid.

I would try to find great safety play before I found great CB play finding safety's who can be interchangable FS OR SS is a must for me and a priority over finding great corner play. I do want my corners to be press corners though as opposed to zone corners.
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