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This is just a dream...

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Joined: 21 Apr 2010
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:13 pm    Post subject: This is just a dream... Reply with quote

Everyone has there own little dream for what they want our Phins to do, and as for mine every year it never seems to be the same as Mr, Ireland. Not that mine would have exactly worked out (I freaked out when we selected Ted Ginn Jr. over Brady Quinn), but his haven't exactly either. Here it goes, let me know what you think, no one is going to be 100% correct and I'd like to know where the rest of Phin Nation stands during this offseason.

Resign- With a lot of money and us not going to be able to sign all the big free agents, I feel like we need to bring back the majority of our free agents.

Jake Long- This isn't the most popular resigning among Phins fans, however with his leadership and yes he can still play, I think if we can get him for the right price (which I'm not sure what is right now) we need to pull the trigger.

Brian Hartline- He is not a #1 WR and not exactly a big threat WR, but I love how this guy plays and believe he can get it done with bigger threats on the field.

Sean Smith- Once again, not a #1 CB. Struggled last year covering the other teams best WR's, need to bring in another CB to help him.

Chris Clemons

Let Walk- If any of these guys give us a hometown discount, keep them. If not let them go because their either backups or we have players capable of getting the job done behind them.

Randy Starks- Filled in the Pro Bowl this year and I believe he made it last year, but at arguably our deepest position we can't put a ton of money into one position when we have so many needs. My best case scenario is to trade Paul Soliai and resign Starks, but I don't see that happening at all. Either way I see Starks being let go and Jared "PeeWee Herman" Odrick moving to DT.

Matt Moore- Got to meet him this past year and love the guy, but the way he performed 2 years ago he is going to be looking for a starting job somewhere. Not too many jobs open, but I think he will go somewhere and compete.

Reggie Bush- The past 2 years we have spent high draft picks on RB's (2011 Rd 2 Daniel Thomas, 2012 Rd 3 Lamar Miller). In the limited playing time last year I was extremely impressed in Miller even with our struggling o-line. DT33 hasn't really done too much, but Reggie is getting up there in RB age and it's time to move on.

I believe that's all of our big time free agents, if not let me know.

FA Signing- With all the money, we have got to make a splash in FA and Jeff Ireland needs to make some noise with his past.

Greg Jennings- Just put his house up for sale in WI and has already stated he is not happy in GB. Already familiar with Philbin's offense, it is the perfect fit for Jennings and this offense that is dieing for a playmaker. Alternate- Mike Wallace or Dwayne Bowe in that order. We have to get one of them though.

Outside of WR I'm not too sure where we're gonna go during Free Agency, but I would like to pick up Andy Levitre or a corner.

Extension- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE extend Reshad Jones' contract. Dude was a monster this year, and in a secondary that struggled he was a huge bright spot. Gotta keep him around for a long long time.

Draft- With 9 picks and 5 of them in the first 3 rounds we have to hit this year and should be a threat next year to dethrone the Pats with all the cap space and multiple picks.

1- Dee Millner CB Alabama- Our biggest need is WR, but we already picked up a WR in free agency and that leaves our biggest hole in the secondary. I believe he comes in and starts right away at the #1 CB spot pushing Sean Smith back to #2 where he should play much better.

There is a good chance he is not there at #12 and if that is the case we move back in the draft and draft Jonathan Cooper G North Carolina.

2a- Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame- With Zach Ertz off the board we grab the #2 tight end in the draft. Charles Clay isn't going to get the job done with Anthony Fasano leaving so we go out and get a day 1 starter and someone who can stretch the field for Tannehill.

2b- Quinton Patton WR Louisiana Tech- We can't get enough weapons for our young star quarterback so we grab another threat in the passing game. A rising star since the Senior Bowl and don't know how much more he'll rise before the draft, but would love to land him.

Haven't really looked much past the second round prospects, but for now this is my dream. I know we'll sign more free agents and there's more players that we have to resign or let go. Those are my top priorities though and the bigger names. Like I said before, criticize this as much as you want, I want to hear what everyone thinks. LETS GO PHINS!!!
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Joined: 25 Aug 2008
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My 2 cents FWIW.

It appears Jkae Long likes to consider himself the best and the way he proves it to himself and others is being paid the most. The last two years he isn't close to the best. So if he can put his ego aside, understand we have already paid him like the best, and agree to a contract that is in the team's best interest....well I'd love to resign him. Frankly I don't see him doing that and I'm scred that he will become the next Tony Boselli and be retired (due to injury) before his next contact expires.

I'm all for resigning Hartline as long as it is remotely reasonable.

I think Sean Smith will want top ten CB and I don't think he is worth anything close to that. He is okay on big tall physical WR's but stinks against the small shifty fast guys and isn't very good at run support. I think we can get a better and cheaper FA.

I advocated trading Solia even last year. I think Starks is far and away out best D-line guy and I'd resign him if at all possible. Lets agree to disagree here.

I'd keep Moore if possible. Good locker room guy that they players still trust to keep them in a game. You never know when a player can get hurt. Insurance is nice and he isn't going to be that mush more than another capable backup because so many teams are desparate for a decent QB.

I agree that Bush is likely to get more money elsewhere.

I would resign Fasano as we don't have any other starting quality TE. He isn't great but he is okay, can block and catch, and contribute as part of a two TE set. I'd ditch Clay, Egnew, and all the rest of our TE's though.

Now on to the draft. I tend to look at three things in particular. Where is the talent in the draft (i.e. QB?, WR?, CB? etc.). Next, where is the talent in the FA market. Last, what are the franchise tag prices for the talent that I have availiable to me. If I have a LT and TE at 12 that I value equally but the LT tag is twice the TE tag I have to pick the LT.

I think Dee offers good value at 12. However there are also other CB's, like Desmond Trufant, that might offer better value later on so I'm torn. If one of a few DE's were there I'd be inclined to take them over a CB. That said guys like Tank Carradine, Alex Oakfor, or even Jackson Jeffcoat could be had latter. I don't think any WR in this draft is worth the 12th pick. Thta leaves me looking at three OT's that could be there. Assuming we let Long go, and assuming we aren't sold on Martin as the answer at LT (and I'm not), that could be a smart choice. No way I'd pck a guard, center, or tight end at 12. It just isn't fiscally responsible IMHO.

I'm not as sold on Tyler as I was a few months ago. However I do agree that a great TE is absolutley necessary.

Your 2B pick as rock solid IMHO. My WR man crush is Deandre Hopkins. I'd also take the chance on Da'Rick Rogers if he falls to round three.

IMHO this draft doesn't have much in the way of elite talent but has a lot of good players (I so wish Ireland had stockpiled for a different year). I think there will be very good value to be had in the later rounds. I see no reason why we shouldn't be able to get a starting quality guard and safety in round three/four. There is also a good kicker and fullback. Anytime I can get a starter in the late rounds I'm happy no matter where he plays. Factor in the guys like Da'Rick, who drop because of character, and guys like Jeffcoat, who fall due to injury, and we could walk away with several starters.

Number one should be on speed with a focus on players proven to put points on the board and create turnovers.
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