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Cautiously Optimistic for 2013

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:47 am    Post subject: Cautiously Optimistic for 2013 Reply with quote

I'm sure as all of you, I'm disappointed but proud of what our beloved Redskins were able to do this year. IMO it was just a matter of time with RGIII playing on a visibly bad knee. Also let's be honest as out of this world as the Defense played these last few games they weren't that good especially with the lack of depth and injuries in the defensive backfield, "they are who we thought they were" (thank you Dennis Green). As much as I didn't want our season to come to an end especially against Pete Carroll (can't stand the man) and the Seahawks. I've slept on it and have a very cautiously optimistic outlook for next year, I say cautiously because us as fans know thanks to a 13 year span between playoff appearances that this organization seems to self implode for some reason.

On Offense we look very good for next year as long as RGIII's injury doesn't take a lengthy recovery. If you think about it, I'm very impressed with this offense.
As good as RGIII and Alfred were they are just rookies, if they continue to improve and grow the sky is the limit for this combination.
On the outsides Pierre Garcon was never fully healthy either this year so with some time to recover I look forward to this man. Our other receivers have potential but need to really hone in more. I can understand Santana's reduced role coming into the season because of past years, but after this year if he can come in next year where he ended this year I'd like to see him in a full time slot position. Make him an older X factor type receiver because not many nickel DB's can cover him even as he is older.
Logan Paulsen impressed me this year. Fred Davis is due to be a free agent and we cannot let him go. As impressive as it was for our Offense to do what it did without him, just imagine if we would have had him healthy all season long. We lost a legit weapon when he went down, we must resign this man.
I am not going to bash our Oline because they played very well, we need to continue improving and adding depth here though. They did falter a little when playing massive DT's, so if anything I'd like to see agility with a little more strength on our interior line.

Now for the Defense. I can hardly believe this team made it as far as they did with the lack of talent in our Defensive Backfield and the injuries they took on early in the season.
I like our Defensive front (well as much as I can since I still think a 4-3 scheme would fit this team better). They played well up front against the run, really wish we could have gotten a better pass rush out of our Dline, but I also think that's a product of the 3-4. Most 3-4 teams the linemen are for filling gaps and eating blockers to let LB's make the plays. If anything were to change up front maybe someone that can get a little more penetration or at least a push to move the QB from a clean step up into the pocket. Last night Russell Wilson didn't break long runs on the outside they were more up the middle.
At LB I love what this team was capable of especially when we were lacking Orakpo who still needs to develop a 2nd move to blend with his speed rush. But even with just his speed rush will always be a potential double digit sack guy. Perry Riley really emerged this year as an every down MLB, I hope London returns because he's been our constant and we flat out don't have a replacement for that leadership yet. Kerrigan did great, especially since now he was a focus of offenses because they didn't have to worry about Orakpo coming off the other side. This LB group might be the only group that I don't think needs to be touched on the starting group, maybe some depth or future replacement for Fletcher.
DB's are a completely different story. I can hardly believe they played as well as they did at times. Todays NFL is getting very big on the outsides at both WR and DB. I don't want to beat a dead horse so I'm just going to keep it simple and say at Safety we need not one but two new starters back there. I love Reed Doughty and he had a heck of a game last night, but he's not an every week starter. I do however want him on this squad as a 2nd stringer and special teams guy. Madieu played good at times and he can lay the lumber, but lacks overall playmaking ability. Pugh just needs to be gone. Josh Wilson seemed very jekyll and hyde to me. There were weeks where he played amazing, which he seems to do when he keeps his player/play infront of him, but also when he can't and has to turn and run he's very susceptible to pass interference calls because he face guards and lacks the ability to turn his head to try to make a play on the ball. D. Hall is the same guy he always has been, he did better with not watching the QB as much this year. He did bite on double moves at times, but not as much as usual. But if you say you have the WR and I want him shut down, he seems to step up to that challenge. So he is who he is and that won't change. Cedric Griffen I'm not fond of and I'll leave it at that. Richard Crawford really impressed me this year, especially for a rookie making spot starts. He has some potential I believe and he also may have stamped Brandon Banks ticket out of town. Crawford was sure handed, made good decisions, and has potential returning punts (still don't know how he didn't fumble last night when taking a simultaneous catch and hit). As much as I dislike the Seahawks I would like to see us follow suit with how they have big, physical, and fast corners but hey I can wish.

Special teams I liked this year. Kai Forbath looks like a potential long term kicker. Not many punters in the league like Sav Rocca so keep him, plus he's not afraid to tackle as a last line of defense. I'd like Crawford to continue returning punts next year. Only change might be kickoff returns, I'd like some more speed instead of Niles Paul.

Call it and overview, call it an outlook. I'm impressed with the direction of the team. Even with cap restrictions because of that joke of a penalty, we're in pretty good shape. I don't feel disappointed that we lack a 1st round draft pick this year, I feel that it's a weak class this year. Shanny and Bruce must have felt the same when trading up for RGIII. So as sad as I am to see this season end for our Skins, I am happy with the way we're heading.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The linebackers are preparing for next season. I love the attitude.
Riley said he was discussing offseason training plans with fellow linebackers Lorenzo Alexander, Rob Jackson and Ryan Kerrigan. The four teammates agreed to train together in the coming weeks in order to achieve maximum results heading into the team's first round of workouts in April

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

DL just needs to get healthy. We missed Carriker this year also. He gets a pass rush, but in the 3-4 DL aren't going to get more than 5 sacks usually. Also because we missed Orakpo and someone that commanded double teams it didn't open up Bowen, Cofield and Jenkins to get less attention from the DL.

Orakpo makes the entire pass rush better.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

We ARE the team to beat for years to come -- Twisted Evil Wink Dancing
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