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Tired of my Boy Jared Veldheer being thrown under the bus
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pozzi wrote:
Silver&Black88 wrote:
Bo_Spice wrote:
All I remember from the 2004 draft was watching it at my aunts house and being disappointed that the Raiders didn't draft Eli Manning. Laughing

This was the first of a series of drafts where I flipped a shi about our picks.

Gallery was the first

I was really disappointed when we passed on Rodgers but we needed a CB. Then when we picked Routt I was livid.

Huff was real bad. I wanted Cutler real bad. Leinart too but I didn't think he'd last.

Russell I was infuritated with too. Wanted Quinn, Calvin, Thomas or Peterson

DMac was bad too. I wanted Dorsey. Sucked seeing him go to KC.

DHB may have been the worst. The scenario that played out was literally a dream. Monroe, Raji, Crabtree and Oher all there. And we go DHB, lolwut

McClain I hated because I was a Captain Kirk guy. I liked other MLBs better too. I lived with it though because it was supposed to be a safe pick

Then we decided 1st round picks were for suckers.

Being a fan of this team has definitely taken a good amount of years off my life.

the last superbowl run is the reason i made my son.
life was good back then Laughing

i remember we wouldnt let her watch the games when she was preg cause we always had those heart attack close games. but its been all down hill since then. in life and on the field lol

I've never read a more depressing post.

I only have been following since 06.

2007 Loved the Russell pick, the forum has never been so split on so many players. Of course after the past season that pick was the biggest fail.

2008 I didn't know how to feel about DMC. He felt like a luxury pick that we didn't really need. Would have prefered a LT that was available.

2009 I yelled and cussed at the TV screen. I wanted Crabtree and I was so happy he was there and when we took DHB...

2010 I liked Kirk and personally wanted a DT or DE like Morgan. I didn't want JPP and was alright with McClain because he was supposed to be a Defensive leader.
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Joined: 28 Oct 2009
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Professor Oak wrote:
LivingLegendWFC wrote:
Veldheer did a good job, but I don't think he played great football this year. I think Joeckel has that potential and if he didn't he wouldn't be looked at as a top five pick. I don't think its crazy to think a top five pick at LT could com in and play great football, maybe not right off the bat but in time.

Its like you guys are taking such offence to say I wouldn't be against adding a franchise LT and moving Veldheer over to RT to lock down both spots long term. I really don't get the problem there, and I even said I would rather address the defense but I couldn't be upset about the idea of solidifying the OT spot on this team long term. People want to talk about teams being built in the trenches, but if you suggest moving someone that is already on the team for a franchise type talent its blasphemy. The bottom line is drafting Joeckel could upgrade our entire offensive unit, just because Veldheer has been good doesn't mean we should rule mouth a chance to upgrade the team just because he would switch sides. That type of thinking leaves you missing out on talent because you have someone who's solid and thus rule out a potential upgrade to your overall team.

I agree with your line of thinking in terms of upgrading talent no matter what position, but at what cost? The bold is not really a guarantee.

Sometimes change backfires. If it's not broke, why fix it? Switching Veldheer to RT, as smart as he is, doesn't mean he will be successful. Joeckel at LT isn't a sure thing either. I've seen a lot of 'can't miss' OT's in my time. Don't get me wrong, he could very well be a franchise OT, but I'm not sure I would take the risk of taking him #3 overall when 1. We have something solid already in place 2. Would have to switch a players' position and 3. Have bigger glaring needs.

If the staff thinks it would work, I'd be okay with it, but I'd rather not play around with things & address it another way. Just my opinion.

Sorry the reply is kind of late, was extremely busy yesterday.

I get what your saying, I think it makes a lot of sense and that is why I would prefer we address the defense with our first pick, but I'm saying if the staff is confident that Joeckel is the real deal as a franchise LT we could do a whole lot worse with that pick even if we have a solid LT.

I get that prospects are never sure things, but you have to trust your scouting. If Joeckel isfar and away the best prospect on the Raiders draft board then we shouldn't pass that up. The chance at having two great OTs is something you can build a dominant offense around.

Now if two prospects are even and one is a moss rusher ornery DT then I would rather we go that direction. My unite point was that I couldn't be extremely upset with the staff if that is the direction we went even though we have bigger needs. Most of that is because I believe him to be the real deal and could potentially be the best player available.
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