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The financial arguement for firing Lovie
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 8:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Superman(DH23) wrote:
bearsaddict wrote:
Superman(DH23) wrote:
topwop1 wrote:
Nads786 wrote:
I think your argument is interesting, however will the next coach take us to the playoffs? Which coach is more likely Lovie or unnamed coach?

I think that is what Emery is struggling with trying to figure out if anything better is out there. I honestly think we just need a good OC and offensive line talent to be a 11 win team.

If Lovie can be like Kubiak and find his Wade Phillips of offense we would be set (pending Emery drafting sound offensive talent).

Lovie's had at least 3 chances to get that right and he's failed miserably every time. How many more chances does he get to screw up any more years of Cutler and the rest of this offense's development.? If Lovie is to stay on then Tice should stay as well. If they're going to want to change offensive coordinators again then might as well just fire Smith and start fresh.

If Bears fail to make playoffs regardless of whether or not they win Sunday, ideally I'd like to see a new offensive minded head coach come in but I would like them to keep Marinelli if possible to run the defense.
he's had 2, I keep having to point this out, he did not hire Ron Turner, Ron Turner was Jerry Angelo's hand picked OC. Lovie hired Martz (who was the only one who didn't turn the job down b/c of instability in the entire organization at the time) and Mike Tice (which everyone on here thought was a great move, which nobody would have guessed would refuse to run the football).
People, Superman is correct here.
It was b/c of Ron Turner and Ron Rivera that Lovie's "power grab" following the SuperBowl was really just getting what every other coach in the NFL already had, the ability to hire and fire his own coaches.
Turner and Rivera had nothing to do with it. Smith negotiated the additional power, if there was any, wrt coaches. It is true that he obtained more power over personnel and the results show it.

It is also false that "every other coach in the NFL" has the power to hire and fire all his coaches. Mike Ditka was forced to take Buddy Ryan as his DC and such things have never been uncommon.

It is likely that Marinelli will stay if Smith is canned as well. Why wouldn't Emery keep him?

As to who hired the earlier coaches I have seen nothing like proof that Angelo hired them at all. Just rumors. And there is NO way they were hired over an objection from Smith, none. He cannot escape responsibility no matter how many blind eyes are turned.
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 8:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

No he didn't. He received no add'l control over personnel, he received the right to hire and fire his coaches as he saw fit. That's it. That was the big power grab. It was reported as such. But the casual fan just sees that Lovie received add'l power and assumes it was control of personnel, it wasn't. Why did Lovie request this power? Well let's see, his coordinators were hired before he was. That's right, when Lovie took over the team Terry Shea and Ron Rivera were already in place as the Bears OC and DC respectively. When Shea was fired after 2004, he was replaced by Jerry Angelo's close personal friend Ron Turner who had been w/ the Bears under Jerry Angelo previously. It doesnt take scooby doo to solve this mystery as to why Lovie Smith chose to seek the power to hire and fire his coaches. He was saddled w/ coordinators he never wanted by the GM and wanted to make sure it wasn't going to happen again.

Edit: Also you named one coach who hasn't been a coach in the NFL for 20 years as your example as to how "there are many coaches who can't hire/fire their own assistants" and nonetheless it was a Bears HC where we don't do business like everybody else. I have never seen another situation where the DC and OC were hired before the HC was, and I doubt I ever will again.

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