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Resting players
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 6:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Apollo Stallion wrote:
mse326 wrote:
^I don't think anyone was saying anything about this week

Week 17 I disagree with you however. We have a hard enough time getting up for games after a week off. I don't want 2. I'm fine with just doing it a series or 2, but we need to at least prepare them like they are going to play and start them.

No way. There is a mountain of difference in preparing for a playoff game at home vs. week 9 vs. the Bills or week 12 vs the Jags (both games we still won - btw). If the Texans lose anyone in a meaningless week 17 game we will be the laughingstock of the league and deservedly so. While it may not be as drastic as I propose, if Matt Schaub takes a single snap it should elicit a Buddy Ryan - Kevin Gilbride type punch to the face of Kubiak. You didn't see the Packers run Rodgers out there in week 17 last year did you and we ought to pray for Matt Flynn-esque numbers that we could parlay into TJ Yates as the next QB of the Raiders. JJ Watt getting a sack record won't help us one iota in the playoffs while having him injured would instantly alter our playoff prospects in a way no less impactful than losing Schaub did last year.

Don't forget we played Jake Delhomme last year after TJ got hit hard in his first series and AJ played only a few series in our meaningless week 17 game last year. Kubiak essentially conceded the game in week 17 last year against the Titans by going for a 2 point conversion with the game on the line from the 7 yard line. Do you not recall Garrett Graham playing LB by the end of that game? Bad things happen in meaningless games all the time (just ask Minny last year although it seems to have made AP bionic this year). Drew Brees went down in a meaningless Week 17 game in 05 that ended his Chargers career and he also got hurt in the 06 Pro Bowl. If we have any doubts about our ability to "get up" for 2 playoff games at home separating us from the Super Bowl because of a 2 week layoff, we've got bigger problems.

Did you read my full thing saying I'd be fine with a series or 2? I'm not advocating playing them all game. And I can point to examples where coaches did play them. Patriots almost always do. Even Peyton who always sits normally played a series or 2. It's not about momentum per se. It's about staying in a rhythm. You can lose that with 1 week of lackluster practice and that is what would happen if you just come out and say we won't play starters in week 17.

And we call the game differently with starters in that don't need reps lik Yates did. Quick drops where Schaub has no chance of getting hit. PA rollouts where Kubiak will say just run and throw it away of just go down to avoid a hit. We don't have to throw it to AJ.

It's really not as much about the game reps as needing the practice to be normal. I guess I can be ok if Kubiak insists that the starters will play and he prepares them that week like they are and then doesn't play them. At least so they've prepared for the week in a normal fasion.

There is only 1 guy that I'd say shouldn't even really practice and that is Foster. For 1 with a RB it really isn't about rhythm and I have no doubt his vision wouldn't regress. And 2 I want him to rest the legs because they've have looked a bit heavy with all the work we shoved down his throat early in the year.

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