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Bills #1 on top five landing spots for Michael Vick in 2013
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yibbyl wrote:

Oh, didn't make it up, but I am guilty of getting sloppy & mistaking fumbles for fumbles lost! That's totally on me. Should have been:

01 - 4 TD's, 8 TO's
02 - 24 TD's, 14 TO's
03 - 5 TD's, 4 TO's
04 - 17 TD's, 19 TO's
05 - 21 TD's, 18 TO's
06 - 22 TD's, 16 TO's
09 - 1 TD, 0 TO
10 - 30 TD's, 9 TO's
11 - 19 TD's, 18 TO's
12 - 12 TO's, 14 TO's

As you can see 02 & 10 were obviously good years and 06 was decent to be fair. The rest have very Fitz-like TD/TO ratios and again no 2 impressive years in a row unless you want to reach for 05 & 06. In fact, go for it. You want Vick here so badly (and in Arizona as well, according to your posts in that forum!!!), just go ahead and talk up those 2 seasons! Super Bowl capable stats (like Eli & Ben)? Sure, if you have their team's caliber of defense to recover from that many TO's. Our D isn't there, yet.

Age-wise, 33 is pretty "experienced" for a QB and surely not a young building block for our team. And since you are comparing him to Young & Elway, go ahead and throw in Peyton as well. All very similar QB's...well, except for Vick. Laughing

I'm done. You obviously want him somewhere (Are you related to or employed by him?!?) and you're entitled to your opinion is completely the opposite.

Look there is no secret that I'm a Vick fan but I also think I'm capable of being objective in some respect. PEople thought I was crazy when I said Vick could even start again back in 2009. The reason why I believe that Vick could be unique in terms of having a more impressive number of seasons than he had before prison was two fold

1)I knew Vick had a JaMarcus Russell level work ethic in Atlanta
Even without knowing about the dogfighting I knew Vick was a guy
who was last guy in, first guy out in Atlanta. He didn't study his playbook
etc. And it showed.

He just was so talented that he could still be to some extent very effective
even without really knowing how to read defenses or refining his skills

2)I knew how incompetent of a coaching staff he had in Atlanta

The Greg KNapp offense was a HORRIBLE fit for Vick and the lack of creativity or adjustments to defenses was even worse. We cannot overestimate how much the right offense can make for a player. Look at Matt Cassel with Patriots coaching staff and CHarlie Weis vs him now. Look at Alex Smith before and after Jim Harbaugh.

Greg Knapp is an atrocious fit for Vick and he would have been an atrocious fit for someone like say Big Ben as well.

3)I knew that even with diminished physical skills, Vick because he started off as a 4.33 guy with two lost steps he could still make plays when they break down after going through his progressions.

Well 2010 showed what could happen with all of those factors in play. But the key factor in 2011 and 2012 again has been the offensive fit. And requiring Vick to make all these line checks at the line of scrimmage as well with the new Oline coach

Not to mention all the blown 4th quarter leads with an offensive line coach as a defensive coordinator.

But ultimately I know just like in 2009 the proof will have to be in the pudding

Just like Vick had to prove to skeptics he could play again in this league in 2010 after prison. He now has to prove to skeptics that 2010 wasn't a fluke
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