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Fire Miller, Promote John McNulty to OC
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Should the Cardinals fire Miller and Promote McNulty to OC
 62%  [ 5 ]
 12%  [ 1 ]
Doesn't matter.
 25%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 8

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 4:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yibbyl wrote:
That's my "Doesn't matter" vote above. I seriously don't understand how someone could come away from yesterday's game thinking that the coaching staff needs to be held accountable for the players inability to execute. Did we see formations and plays that have not been utilized earlier in the year? No. Other than Lindley coming into the game early, there were no surprises. We're over halfway through the season, the players should know their assignments, should know what the play calls mean, and should know how to perform their duties. And to be fair, the majority of them have been doing that this season.

Yesterday, too many players came up short. It really was as simple as that...missed blocks, errant sure TD passes, short-arming what should have been a long completion, missed tackles, dropped balls, poor choice of lane selection, etc. A different guy telling them to concentrate and do their job is going to make a difference? Please. Rolling Eyes First off, the current staff, obviously held Floyd, for example, accountable and sent a message...what more could someone else have done? Hugged him and written up a cheat sheet so he can remember where he's supposed to line up?!? Second, these players are professionals - they know they need to be sharp and execute. A different voice would not equal setting a new fire under these guys. They didn't give up or play with a total lack of discipline, they just collectively had too many players with sub-par games and we still legitimately were a threat to win a game virtually no one said we had a chance at winning! Just stop with this knee-jerk reaction nonsense and focus on next week.

I agree 110% with this entire post but just to make note of the bolded, even if someone on this coaching staff were supposed to do that (They aren't, Floyd's a grown man. This is his job, he needs to own it)....it wouldn't be Mike Miller. That would be Frank Reich's problem to work through.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 5:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

JohnnyV wrote:
Jacksonville made a switch at QB this week and they put up 30+ points on a top 10 defense. They've had injuries to their starting QB and RB and have a first round WR they've chose to impliment and they aren't making excuses.

They're improving. They're making Henne better. We're imploding.

Houston did not prepare fro him at all. And once they picked up on some of the stuff he did it was game over for Henne.

He started 12-16 and finished the game 16-33. He finished the game 4-17. In OT Henne was 1-9 for 15 yards.

You actually beleive they are making Henne better? They got a couple of big plays from their receivers. Something we needed our receivers to make, but the couldn't. I'm talking the two deep balls from Lindley that could have been caught if the receiver layed themselves out. I am talking the fourth down play Larry should have made.
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