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Week 12 Mock

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:36 pm    Post subject: Week 12 Mock Reply with quote

Mock Draft #2

I volunteer these as tribute. That's apparently how it's done around here. If Riot Punch wants to help me out then I won't complain. Wink

Robert Woods (WR-USC)

Woods came into the year as the number one receiver in the class but several things have hurt his stock. His teammate, Marqise Lee, has emerged as the (or one of the) best receiver in the country, and an ankle injury has slowed Woods up somewhat which has hurt his ability to do the things he did so well the year before. Itís not insane to think that the Packers may be out Jennings, Finley, and Driver heading into next year. I donít think anybody will question the wisdom of keeping Aaron well-armed, so Iím choosing to go receiver here.

Woods is a great route runner and has really impressive speed when healthy. Heís experienced in a pro-style offense and does a great job finding holes in a zone, especially for a guy whoís only been in college for three years. Heís scary with the ball in his hand in the open space and has experience playing all over the field in the USC offense, which should help ease his transition into the complex Packers offense. I sympathize with the DC who has to come up with a way to stop Jordy/Jones/Cobb/Woods. To my knowledge it isnít possible, assuming that Woods develops like many think he will.

Travis Fredrick (C-Wisconsin)

Thereís something to be said for being able to run the football. Evan Dietrich-Smith is a decent player but I like him a lot more as a guy that can swing all along the interior rather than a starter. Saturday may be playing better recently but he still is going to struggle against elite players because his body doesnít have it anymore.

Fredrick is a big dude at 6í4 340, and while he may not be the quickest guy around, heís going to give you a really solid anchor piece to set the pocket around. Heís got enough technique to angle and play the run game when you take his drive skills into account. If I were Ted Thompson Iíd be looking to build the running game up, and it starts with a big MOFO with a bad attitude on the interior. We havenít been able to run the ball down peopleís throats for a long time, and I think thereís a part of McCarthyís brain that really misses it. Fredrick would be the first guy with elite drive skills taken by Ted and I think itís time that guy was selected.

CJ Fiedorowicz (TE-Iowa)

Fiedorowiczís 6í7 265 pounds from the University of Iowa, and he blocks like it. There isnít a good run blocking Tight End on this Packers roster. Andrew Quarless has improved from terrible to adequate over the course of his time with the team and Tom Crabtree also isnít bad, but at 245 pounds is more H-back than old-school Tight End.

Scary thing about Fido is that heís actually a pretty good athlete and receiver when he gets the chance. He was a really good basketball player in high school before Iowa convinced him to choose football over basketball for college. His stats are pretty mediocre but thatís more because heís asked to stay in to block rather than a failing on his part. At worst heís an excellent special teams contributor and contributes as a blocker, at best he has Gronk type upside.

Daniel McCullers (NT-Tennessee)

McCullers is a mutant. Heís 6í8, 370 pounds, and can actually move a little bit. He has trouble with conditioning, as one would expect from a man his size but when heís fresh heís pretty damn scary. In college he doesnít sit very often because him at 50% is still better than the backup at 100%, but with the Packers we would be able to cycle him through and keep him at the top of his game. Heís pretty raw yet, b0ut the insane size and strength still has him giving SEC offensive lines fits. Heís the only person Iíve seen all year thatís given Chance Warmack and Barret Jones trouble. Admittedly, it was only in the first quarter before he got worn down, but both of Alabamaís first round picks got moved backwards on several plays.

Heís a replacement for Pickett in the long term, but pretty much every one of our Defensive Lineman will be free agents shortly, so getting some new blood inked at the position for a while might be something that interests Ted.

Micah Hyde (DB-Iowa)

Itís going to be a sad day when Woodson hangs up the spikes, and sadly that day is closer than itís ever been. Thatís not to say that Hyde is going to replace Woodson, because heís not, but there are parts of Hydeís game that could replace what weíre losing with Woodson.

Hyde in some ways is similar to Hayward as a prospect. Both were primarily zone guys that were a bit slow to be considered elite prospects. Hyde is much better in run support, and Hayward was a better ballhawk. The attribute that is going to make or break Hyde as a prospect and as an NFL player is his ability to play man. Neither Hayward nor Hyde played much man in college but Hayward showed he had the short area quickness to do it in the pre-draft season. It will be interesting to see if Hyde does the same. If he does heís an easy candidate for a guy that NFL GMs are going to be mad at themselves for letting slip.

James Hurst (OL-UNC)

Iím not really sure where James Hurst fits on the Packers, but Iím pretty damn sure that we could use another lineman considering that weíre a minor injury away from hitting the panic button. It very well could be a waste of a pick considering you only suit up 7 and Newhouse/Sherrod and EDS will probably be the non-starters but with how bad weíve been hit this year having a guy who can handle 4 of 5 is a major boon for this team.

Hurst isnít ever going to be a pro bowler. He may very well not even be an average starter, but he strikes me as the type that can get you out of the game if the world falls apart. Heís smart and has adequate movement skills as well as drive power. He just doesnít seem like a guy whoís going to develop into anything more than that. Itís a luxury pick at this point but thatís one of the benefits of being in the position as a team that we are.

Michael Dyer (RB-Nowhere/Arkansas Baptist College)

Michael Dyer had a really impressive two years at Auburn before disciplinary issues sidelined him for the Chick-fil-A Bowl in his sophomore year. He was released from scholarship when he admitted in the trial of another man that his gun was used in a robbery and that he had used marijuana. Before he could play a game at Arkansas State he was pulled over, in a disturbing traffic stop, for going 25 MPH over the speed limit with marijuana and a gun in the car. He was kicked off the Arkansas State football team and ended up at Arkansas Baptist College, where he is not playing football instead working to earn an associate degree and get his life turned around. I think weíve got the locker room that can help him get it right.

The Packers have a lot of bodies at Running Back. Alex Green is a nice piece who does his best work as a blocker and receiver with hope that heíll develop some of his rushing skills. Starks is a decent enough runner when heís motivated but is inconsistent. Benson is an alright back who gets whatís blocked for him but isnít a big play threat. The Packers donít have a franchise back, and weíre not really looking to invest the pick to lock one up. This is a risk that could have a huge reward as Dyer is crazy talented.

Heís not much of a blocker, and he caught a total of 3 passes in his college career, but if heís half the player he was at Auburn then heís the most talented runner in this class especially since Lattimoreís knee blew up. His acceleration is totally ridiculous, his vision is excellent, and heís unbelievably slippery with surprising power. If Dyer hits he becomes a huge part of the Packers running game.

Marquess Wilson (WR-Nowhere/Washington State)

Wilson is a late round prospect who is no longer playing for WASU for reports that are varied. Some say he quit, others say that he was kicked off of the team. What everyone agrees on is that he clashed badly with the coaching staff and terrible QB play after two successful seasons. If the departures on offense are as rough as expected we could use a few more WRs to fight for spots in TC.

Wilsonís a big receiver whoís not real quick but he managed to get open quite a bit at the college level. Heís got amazing hands and is great at going up for contested balls. No guarantee he makes the team but there are much worse guys to take a seventh round flier on. I like him a lot as a late round possession guy.

Jalston Fowler (FB-Alabama)

Fowler came to Alabama as a power back but ended up buried behind Ingram and Richardson and Lacy and Yeldon. Heís a real football player whoís changed his game to compliment the team and turned himself into a really solid blocker. He did a good job plowing open holes on the occasion that Saban decided to line up in an I formation, did a good job keeping McCarron clean and contributed on special teams and as a short yardage back. Heís out for the year with a knee injury but when heís healthy heís effective enough in all facets that Iím willing to spend a compensatory 7th on a Fullback.

Iím not a fan of John Kuhn. Heís supposed to be a weapon out of the backfield but there isnít much there. Heís nothing as a receiver and as a runner heís only good for short yardage plays. Everytime he sees the field he takes a real weapon off the field and he contributes very little to the running game. Heís not athletic enough to contribute along the edges and heís not strong enough to contribute up the middle. Iím ready to move on, especially when you take into account his salary.


The emphasis was definitely on the offense in this mock. 2 WR, 2 OL, 1 RB, 1 TE, and 1 FB is the total haul on offense.Last year we went defense almost exclusively, this year I'm feeling offense, and specifically the running game.

Frederick, Dyer, Fiedorowicz, and Fowler are all players selected specifically to boost the run game. Some will say that that's a waste of time when the MVP of the NFL is lined up under center, but I think Aaron may break EVERY passing record ever if he could work with decent play action. Some may not like the fits, specifically Dyer and Frederick, but I think those guys fit better at their value slot than anybody else.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

LOVE LOVE LOVE the first 3 picks.
Woods- Great fit in this offense, very good after the catch. The guy has kept quiet and working hard even though they demoted him and promoted Lee. He doesn't appear to have a diva attitude. Love that.
Fredrick- Think he fits with the guys up front and adds a little nasty. Let him sit a year to get the mental part of playing center down.
I love the way Big Fiedo plays the game. Complete TE!
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Joined: 14 Mar 2011
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yep, I agree these first three picks would be awesome. Too bad Ted doesn't draft Badgers though. Sad

And me rikey the ladies. Eye candy is a staple in my mocks. Very Happy
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Joined: 26 Nov 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Like this one, all parts in. Some of those parts would make me think though. I'll say this, would be a interesting group and hella fun to watch.
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

100% Guru approved! I'd be giddy!
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