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After 8 games what have we learned about the 2012 Lions?

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 8:31 pm    Post subject: After 8 games what have we learned about the 2012 Lions? Reply with quote

What have we learned after 8 games?

1. The process of adding balance between the run and pass has been painful but is starting to produce positive results. Bell and Leshoure are reducing our 3rd and long situations. The balanced offense is finally starting to get and find its identity.

2. Martin Mayhew is starting to look pretty smart for taking Ryan Broyles. Lets hope he can continue his positive development

3. Jonte Green is slowly developing into a pretty good role player. His tackling has improved a lot. He is cutting down on his mental errors and making one or really good plays every game. Nice to see. Martin Mayhew and the coaching staff are looking pretty smart for having faith in this kid.

3. If things don't change DE and S will have to be addressed in the draft. Our DEs just aren't getting it done despite very good play from our DTs and LBs. We can't continue to hope that Louis Delmas will be consistently healthy.

4. Kyle Vandenbosch just can't produce at a high level consistently anymore.

5. Titus Young has regressed since his rookie season. Most players make a positive jump forward but he isn't the same player he we in his rookie season.

6. Brandon Pettigrew is a good chain-moving TE but putting him in vertical routes is a crap shoot.

7. Something has happened to disrupt Stafford's timing with his receivers. Not sure if he tried to change his mechanics or if there was a subtle scheme change but it is pretty obvious something isn't quite right. It was better today though. Hopefully it will continue to improve.

8. Cliff Avril is not worth $10M per year.

9. Despite the improvement in our run game, the interior of our line (C, RG) needs to be upgraded in the off-season. Maybe we will get lucky either Bill Nagy or Rodney Austin will turn out to be part of the solution.

10. We finally have quality depth on our team. Ricardo Silva, Eric Coleman, Riley Reiff, Ryan Broyles, Sammie Hill and Tony Scheffler are all making significant positive contributions.

How does everyone else see things?

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think you're pretty spot on with your assessments.
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nagy was projected as a sure fire starter for the Cowboys before his injuries. Hopefully he gets healthy because he is a significant improvement over Raiola.

I'm liking he fact that we just don't hear the O lines names that often, that is always an excellent sign.

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Joined: 24 Feb 2009
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awesome! Thanks man![/u]
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I agree about your assesment about offensive balance.

Any fans that knew about Broyles understood what the Lions were getting when they selected him. I know I'm not surprised by his performance and believe he will quickly become Staffords second favourite target.

No doubt Jonte Green has played better than I expected. When all is said and done and the youngsters in the secondary have a season of experience the Lions may be better off than anticipated.

Safety is a concern especially with Delmas and his inability to remain on the field. The Lions will have a big off season decision to make in regards to him. Do they resign him? If so at what $$$ value? No one can deny his impact on the field. I expect they resign him and continue, if the opportunity presents itself, to improve the secondary in the draft. I don't expect Mayhew to vary and reach in the draft. He will stick with the BPA approach. I also don't think he will all of a sudden change philosophy and throw out big free agent contracts. I think again he will make moves that are prudent and reasonable. If he makes a splash I expect it would be to move up in the draft targeting a specific player.

DE, I would agree for the most part. I don't see Avril as a 10 million a year player. He has the opportunity to solidify himself this season and while he has played O.K. I don't see anything spectacular. As I mentioned earlier it wouldn't surprise me to see Mayhew move up and the target may well be a DE. I don't share your feelings on KVB. He isn't the player of bygone years but he is more effective than he's getting credit for. I certainly notice him, in a good way, more than others.

I think most of us are wondering about Titus but we have to be somewhat patient. It's year two and he has been inconsistent but I'm not really concerned from a team aspect. I see Broyles passing him on the depth chart in short order. Specifically with Titus we would all like to see him improve and demonstrate on a consistent basis what he showed the second half of last season. But if he doesn't his production is easily replaced.

Brandon Pettigrew is the lightning rod of our discontent this season. He deserves a great deal of criticism because he has just dropped to many balls this year. I'm not concerned about him as a vertical threat because its not something he excels at and the team has so many options. This offence with all its youth in skill positions is really developing and I think Linehan is still determining with a number of players exactly what he has and how best to use them.

Stafford has always been a mystery to me. He still shows tendencies he displayed in college. He over throws short routes or occasionally dumps balls in the receivers feet. It's been with him since college. When it became apparent he was in contention for the number one pick I started watching all the Georgia games I could. It's funny how similar his situation in Georgia was to the Lions. A great wide receiver and a first round running back. A line that drew criticism. Whenever you watch him its like two stories. There's the young man that looks confused and has accuracy and touch problems followed by a young man who starts throwing 25-70 yard strikes. I've never been able to figure out why he's inconsistent. I try to be objective with Stafford and others think I'm overly harsh but what I do see from him is,

1. He has improved at reading defences. He isn't often scratching his head wondering where the defender came from.

2. His patience has improved. He's much more prepared to go through progressions and take what defences offer.

3. When he is in his groove he can make any throw on the field and make it look easy.

4. He has always had a cannon of an arm and with the injuries there were concerns but it hasn't negatively impacted him. He can throw the darned thing.

My concerns are really limited to his inconsistency with accuracy/touch and he needs to improve or again be more consistent looking off defenders. He did a good job of that today.

I also have noticed some changes in his mechanics but today I didn't see him throwing off the back foot often and he didn't throw side armed that I noticed. It may have happened but I was distracted during parts of the game. My observations may be wrong but I have noticed with many QB's over the years the mechanics deteriorate when injured. My gut tells me Stafford has been nursing a sore shoulder and the team hasn't said anything. Throwing side arm is just less uncomfortable. Again, I could be wrong but I sense he was having difficulty but looked better today. I suspect its similar to CJ. He had some nagging injuries but the team didnt say anything till this past week. Perhaps some others could share their thoughts about the possibility.

I agree about the offensive line. We have seen the running backs can get the job done when the blocking is there. If they could get some better run blocking from the interior line the balance we saw today would be achievable against the leagues better defences. My self I would like to see them add a road grader at RG. It was rather unique today watching the Lions put up 31 points without a passing TD. That type of balance in the offence benefits both the passing and running games and takes some of the pressure off Stafford.
If they could find Dom's replacement that wouldn't hurt either.

I agree about the depth. As fans we are in relatively new territory seeing draft picks that don't start day one. It's a good position for the Lions to be in. It allows for the development of the youngsters without them being thrown directly into pressure situations day one. I certainly hope they find a way to keep Sammie (General Lee) Hill on the team. He is one of my favourite players and is probably the best example of improvement from draft selection to today. It's been enjoyable to watch him improve.

I don't see Broyles as a depth guy but understand what you mean. He's part of a group at WR that can be plugged in.

How about Tony Scheffler? The guy does what's asked of him, seeming without complaint. He contributes some spectacular catches and can be lined up wide. His flexibility is an asset to the Lions.

I've been a Lions fan for so long I can't remember a time when they weren't a part of my life. This has certainly been a season of ups and downs and honestly I expected some regression in the win column this year. But with that said I'm still positive about this teams future. Slowly but surely they are adding talent and that's important. As fans it will be a few more seasons of ups and downs but after two more off seasons I think Mayhew will have this team positioned to be contenders for years.

We tend, as fans, to focus one week at a time and we get emotional. Mayhew took over an 0-16 team. He not only had to rebuild the on field product, he had to rebuild every part of the organization. Evaluation systems, scouting process, marketing. He had a big job. Not only are the Lions better on the field but games aren't blacked out. He doesn't have to depend on car dealers and furniture stores buying last minute blocks of tickets to get the blackouts lifted.

He has locked up CJ long term. When the time comes I'm certain they will do the same with Stafford. He isn't throwing money around but he's proven that he will lock up the major anchors that have proven themselves on the field. I don't know how you feel about it but I think it's good strategy. There are numerous other players on the Lions that have a good shot at some long term contracts but its up to them to produce consistently and stay out of trouble.

The only other thing I want to do is mention a couple of other players.

Deandre Levy along with SLH is one of the more unappreciated players for the Lions. He just keeps getting better.

Jeff Backus is quietly having an effective season. We all wondered how he would perform this year. I think he's done admirably and it's refreshing to see the forum not routinely calling for his head.

I noticed Travis Lewis has gotten a few snaps at linebacker the past few weeks. That's a good sign. I think he can be a major contributor as they work him in to the LB core.

Has anyone seen the Hammer? I don't think I've noticed him on a single play this year. It's disappointing to me. I thought he would be seeing some level of rotation at DE by now.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Reiff is a stud! That is for sure. Interesting notes courtesy of Freep

He was in on all three LeShoure td runs

Reiff lined up as an extra right tackle on Leshoure's first touchdown, a 7-yard run 3 minutes into the second quarter. He walled off his defender as Leshoure crossed the goal line standing up and was the first to congratulate him in the end zone

On Leshoure's second touchdown, a 1-yard run midway through the second quarter, Reiff motioned left as an H-back, then pulled back across the line of scrimmage with a punishing block on Kyle Bosworth to give Leshoure a clean lane to run through.

He lined up as an extra right tackle and backside blocker on Leshoure's third touchdown, an 8-yard scamper in the final seconds of the first half

He is obviously a very smart kid because they move him all around. His athletic ability as an Hback is not common for big OT

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