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Fixing The Pack

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:55 pm    Post subject: Fixing The Pack Reply with quote

The team is what it is, so this is what we have to work with for the rest of the year. Hopeless? Nope, not at all. So instead of listing what is wrong like most call in shows and everyone on the net seem to be doing today, this is what needs to be done and what can change things.....

1.) Beating Cover 2 Defenses: This used to be called Cover 9 back in the MH era. Chumura used to love facing this coverage because he got action breaking over the middle and down the center of the field from the TE and Slot positions. Robert Brooks made his bread and butter doing this. What it takes is a tough WR or TE to do this though. They have to be willing to take the hard hits that come from playing this. But burn a team 3 or 4 times this way and it will open the deep routes. This doesn't have to come exclusively from Finley either, as he tends to play more finesse of a WR than a true TE.

2.) Jennings: Jennings back to form is one answer to beating Cover 2 as he is willing to take those hits and run those routes. Also by Jennings coming back he draws the Defenses' top CB, which trickled down lets nelson draw the number 2, Cobb draw the number 3 and Jones draw the number 4 and so forth. Contrary to most fans' POV, Nelson and Cobb are not number 1 WRs. But Jennings has to be back to form tfor this to be effective.

3.) Utilize Cobb: He is a playmaker and one must get the ball into his hands in different ways.

4.) Play Calling with Rodgers: We didn't have great O-Lines in the Favre Super Bowl era, but Holmgren used 3 step drops to negate pass rushers. Rodgers is getting nailed on longer than 3 step drops. This again goes back to using a WR or TE in point number 1.

5.) Negating Pass Rush: 2 ways to do this.

1.) Is the quick 3 step drops mentioned above.

2.) Is using more of a Pro Set or variation of using 2 TEs on the OL with only 2 WRs going out. Or using 2 backs kept in or some combination. It worked for the Bears this last week against the Vikes after the 9ers handed the Bears their butts the week before. It's what Holmgren use to do back in the day also during the SB year when our OL wasn't the greatest.

6.) MAN UP: Both Matthews and Jennings were cleared by the doctor to play and yet didn't. WHY? Just doesn't make any sense.

Again back in Churmura's era on the Super Bowl win year, he tore stuff in his foot that would have sidelined him for over six weeks, but yet played through it. He had some kind of a plastic thing made he attached to the bottom of his foot. (and this was a contract year for Chumuras as well) Reggie White had that miraculous healing of his hamstring in one week, which we come to find out, he willed mind over matter and played through. Sterling Sharpe played an entire season with an extremely bad turf toe.

7.) Play Calling: Every HC that calls his own plays has a bad day. Holmgren used to have them and then would turn those duties over to to OC. Which begs the question of does McCarthy not completely trust or have faith in his new OC yet?

It's easy to beat up on the OL and say the Newhouse sucks on his own, or Lang sucks or EDS sucks, but these guys got baptisim under fire and faced the perfect storm w/o getting help as described above. Give them a couple of weeks to gel and hopefully McCarthy will make the proper adjustments in the mean time and things will hopefully right themselves....
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 1:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Terranimal, forward your post to Mac! Wink It will also help to get Benson back who seems to be better at hitting the hole than Green or Starks presently. I will say I liked how Starks ran last week and was disappointed we didn't use him more. Are the coaches being careful with him?
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