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Diamondbull424 Bye Week Mock Draft (10/26/12)
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How early was this mock draft?
Any mock is right on time..
 70%  [ 7 ]
Pretty Early..
 0%  [ 0 ]
Way too early..
 10%  [ 1 ]
I have no idea who any of these guys are... so what do you think?
 20%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 10

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Joined: 02 Dec 2007
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Location: Baltimore, MD
PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

gooselovechild wrote:
Overall, I like it. My favorite pick is obviously Klein in the 3rd, as I have stated my mancrush on him in the draft prospects thread.

And when you look at his stats, several pop out at you, particularly the number of total tackles he has in his career and that he's scored 4 TDs in 3.5 seasons. I think he compares pretty favorable to someone like Chad Greenway, albeit without the pass rush skills.

With that in mind, I'm not entirely sure he gets to the end of the 3rd, so in your draft scenario, it probably would be an either/or choice in round 2 between him and Mauti. Of those 2, Klein has produced more, played more pass defense, and is a little thicker, so he would be my choice.

I would also like to get a S prospect a little earlier than you have us selecting one here, and maybe an OL who isn't 2-3 years away from at least being competent backup...I'm jaded by the Harewood (and possible Gradkowski) experiment, and would prefer someone more NFL ready even if it means sacrificing a little upside down the road.

I haven't seen AJ Klein play, so I can't exactly argue against your logic for him as your choice... and clearly he's been a playmaker, but I will say that Klein has better stats because Mauti has torn his ACL twice in his collegiate career... if anything that might be my biggest reason with choosing Klein if he looks as good as Mauti on tape (which will be hard to compete with, Mauti looks comparable to Luke Kuechly's tape in terms of technique/instincts).

But Klein was ranked #7 on Scott Wright's ILB list and #6 on nfldraftscout. To put that into perspective, the #6 ILB in the 2012 NFL draft went late 3rd (23 picks in to Steelers) and the 7th pick went early 4th (10 picks in to the Bills). In the 2011 draft they were taken late 3rd to the Bucs and Falcons (20 and 27 picks in). So AJ Klein being available in the late 3rd according to the current projections, wouldn't be unreasonable to assume. He could be taken much higher by a team that falls in love with him ala Derek Wolfe to the Broncos in the early to mid 2nd (IIRC), but generally speaking he should be around. And more than that, making a move to trade up and get him might not be a bad deal either. We should have plenty of compensatory picks coming our way apparently.

coordinator0 wrote:
If Jordan was any more of a sure-thing he wouldn't get past the top 10 picks. Picking where the Ravens likely will be there is almost always going to be some question marks about a pass-rusher that drops that far. The biggest thing with Jordan is his physicality but he definitely has the frame to add some muscle and I don't think it would affect his athleticism too much. Not only would he be able to spell Upshaw and give the team some different looks but he would be able to give Suggs some snaps off too. He just turned 30 and he's been in the league for quite a while. I wouldn't count on Suggs performing at a consistently high level for too much longer.

Agree completely. This is also exactly what I meant with the Jimmy Smith comment. Not often are you going to find 6'2" 210 lbs lockdown corners with low 4.4 speed and great hips at the collegiate level that fall to the late 1st round. But we did and we pounced. With Dion Jordan it's the same thing. Not often are you going to find an elite H-W-S specimen with his kind of versatility lasting until the late 1st (might not even happen IRL), but if it happens, the Ravens have to pounce.

You're right about Suggs needing to get more of a breather as well. And most importantly, I think securing Jordan is important because really we've been throwing multiple picks at that position for years to no true avail. We went after Kruger, Kindle, and Upshaw... and of that list only Kindle possessed potential similar to Jordan... only Jordan is like a taller/longer version.. possessing similar, if not faster, speed off the edge. Even with Suggs we've sorely been missing that explosive pass rusher that can really put pressure on OTs with his burst. Suggs is a great pass rusher because of his great technique and power, but he's not an elite physical specimen. Jordan would finally provide us with that "burst rusher" edge threat we've been lacking since Adalius Thomas... and that we also had with Michael McCrary and Peter Boulware.

A player of Jordan's skillset should only make Suggs more effective. And really, to get our best players on the field, it wouldn't surprise me at all if we decided to go with a 43 base like I mentioned above. I mean a front 7 of:
----------Upshaw------ Mauti ------- Klein
Suggs----- Ngata ----- Vellano ----- Jordan

With Cody, McClain, Kindle (DE), McClellan, and Tyson being some of the key reserves for our front 7 unit.
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Joined: 02 Dec 2007
Posts: 13074
Location: Baltimore, MD
PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mancunian Raven wrote:
diamondbull424 wrote:
I considered the possibility of adding another corner, but there was never a case until later in the draft where I felt a corner was going to be in the BPA category... and we just selected Chykie Brown and Asa Jackson as late round corners who we hope can develop into key contributors for us... and so far, Brown has looked pretty good. And earlier in the draft... I had to keep reminding myself that our corner play should only improve with Smith getting more experience playing. It's still too early to give up on his potential... he sat out most of his rookie season due to a high ankle sprain... and he came into the NFL coming from a strict press-man system... most of his struggles have been in regards to double moves coming off of playing in off-man coverage... Smith is still very much a work-in-progress.. experience will be the best teacher. No corner that we take is likely going to improve our current situation.

Hopefully Chykie Brown keeps improving, and I'd like to see Asa Jackson get a look in before the season ends. I do have high hopes still for Smith, but I'm not convinced Cary Williams is anywhere near good enough. Perhaps it's the system Pees is asking him to play, but if so, the Ravens need to address that.

One thing I've been thinking about for a while, and seems perhaps more worthy of consideration now, is the idea of converting Webb to Safety after Ed retires. Previously, it seemed crazy because of Webb's abilities at corner, but with both knees surgically reconstructed, it might benefit him in the long run. And if Smith, Brown, Graham and Jackson could prove themselves to be a good CB group over the next eight months or so, I think it's something that the Ravens might look at. Webb and Ed Reed are about the same size, have a lot of similar qualities and definitely know how to get to the ball.

That would remove the need to find a Safety in the draft, because Christian Thompson will hopefully be able to understudy for Pollard, and eventually replace him.

I wouldn't be against this idea of moving Webb to safety, but that's only if our current cast of corners can look good on the boundary before Webb returns. It would also have to be a situation where Reed decides to hang them up. Because if Reed returns and Webb is healthy, our best starting 4-5 will include Reed at FS... so Webb will have to play corner. But if Reed decides to retire (or go ring searching with some other championship contender... which wouldn't surprise me) then moving Webb to safety on 1st/2nd down... and then pushing him into the nickel on 3rd down with say.. Christian Thompson coming in to play safety... might be an ideal scenario. Webb would see less shifting of his gears playing only part time corner when we go to nickel, but otherwise playing safety. So it could provide the best of both worlds.

But again, that assumes that Reed leaves and we have reliable boundary corners we could plug into the starting lineup.
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Joined: 15 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 7:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

diamondbull424 wrote:

1. Dion Jordan has been pretty efficient as a pass rusher. He plays the drop-end position for the Oregon Ducks... which is perhaps one of the most versatile defensive positions in any defensive scheme at any level... not many players can excel at it.. and especially excel at it at the same level that Jordan has been able to. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "surefire pass rusher" but Jordan has all the tools to be elite in a system that utilized him as a strict pass rusher. Consider that he's only rushing the passer maybe... 70% as much as some of the other DEs in college football... his 5 sacks aren't going to look as eye-popping as some (heck, even then, a guy like Mingo rushes the passer more than Jordan, yet has two less sacks), but when he's rushing the passer he's very effective in getting to the QB.

Yeah, I like Jordan a lot, but what I mean by "surefire pass rusher" is a guy who has more pass rush moves than just a speed rush. I honestly didn't watch all of that tape, but, from what I saw, he didn't seem to have many moves or violent hands (which is something I like from a pass rusher and what I liked from Bruce Irvin moreso than just his 40 time). In the NFL, I feel like he's going to get shut down if he's just going to try and run around the tackle every time. You say he's active on tape, which he is, but he doesn't seem that active engaging the blocker. That kind of worries me because he could just be a guy who benefits from being the best athlete on the field in college and when he makes it to the pros he won't be nearly as effective. That being said, if I got to interview the guy and he seemed like a hard worker, I would probably take a chance on him developing some pass rush moves because he certainly has more than enough natural ability.
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