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Ravens (Week 4) Post-Game Thread: Good, Bad, Ugly
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

brownsfan1710 wrote:
Anyone who has seen Pat's post game presser, did you feel that he's beginning to get frustrated with himself? I think he made mention a couple of times that they need to coach one or two plays better too make a difference. I get that Pat's the scapegoat, but I feel bad for him. Is he the greatest play caller? No. Is he getting better? I honestly think so. But the drops, and the inability to get a push in the run game are just making us look miserable. The drops are the reason we are 0-4. I've never seen a team drop more passes than us.

yeah you can hear the frustration in his voice. Its like he is running out of ideas. prolly getting upset that they have talent like Mack, JT, and etc and still fail to get a good push, or that we have some talented WRs but they cant catch

prolly getting really frustrated because him and his coaches have prolly tried a lot of ways to solve these problems but are not seeing any results!

one positive

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:22 pm    Post subject: Re: hmmmm Reply with quote

Mastercheddaar wrote:
Would Taylor and Haden helped make a difference in this game? That is the question we need to be asking ourselves.

that is all


I'm sure Taylor would have made a bit of difference, but not to the point where he would have affected the Browns winning or losing. I say this because, while Taylor is very good, Winn and Hughes have played well in his place.

Haden, on the other hand, could have been the difference in winning vs. Baltimore and/or Cincinnati. It's arguable that the biggest reason the Browns lost those games is due to giving up big plays through the air. If Haden were playing, many of those plays probably wouldn't have happened. I don't think Cleveland's other cornerbacks are bad by any means, but they're all forced to play a spot higher than they should be. For example, Sheldon Brown shouldn't be a #1 CB, Patterson should be a nickel and while Skrine could become starting material in the future, he's not ready yet. Once Haden returns and those cornerbacks return to their original place on the depth chart, then every cornerback should look much better.

BigMoneysProtege wrote:
This is just venting a little bit, but the rest of this forum and the national media is unbelievable the way they talk about the Browns. It's like we're the most hopeless product they've ever seen on the field this year and we've stood no chance against a single team we've played. I've seen people saying that 0-16 is basically a given at this point.

Is anyone besides us even WATCHING Browns games this year? We've lost by 1, 7, 10, 7 to decent to good/great teams and it's like were the '08 lions all of the sudden. We look worlds better right now that we did last year after week 4 (to me at least). I understand we have to get W's to get respect but the disrespect that the Browns get is amazing to me. I'm not angry or upset but it is so lazy to just write off the Browns. Ravens fans claim that the game was "NEVER in doubt" or "100% under control." We had a chance to tie from the 30 in their house? I guess I just don't see what everyone else sees. I see a young team missing a star defender a couple mistakes away from 2-2.

Well said. I know the Browns are never going to get respect until they start winning, but it baffles me as to why so many people think the Browns are so bad. Like you said, some people act like this team is almost as bad as the 0-16 Lions when this team is WAY better than the 2008 Lions. Seriously, they cannot be watching the Browns if they actually think that. If they had, they'd know the Browns have actually looked better than quite a few 1-3 teams (for the most part at least) such as Kansas City, Tennessee, Oakland, etc.. Yes, each of those teams have won a game (KC's win came against the 0-4 Saints, though) and the Browns haven't, but those teams looked horrible in their losses and were blown out in each of their losses (I think). Cleveland has had a chance to win every single game they've played in, except MAYBE the Buffalo game and they only lost that game by ten points.

They also fail to realize the Browns are the youngest team in the league. If they did, then they'd know it's impressive that the Browns have been so competitive in every game vs. very talented teams.

Even some Browns fans thought Cleveland would be blown out by the Ravens. Those same fans are probably the same ones who are overly negative when it comes to anything about the Browns, though.

What the media thinks doesn't bother me, although it is annoying having to listen to the "experts" give their analysis when most of them are clueless when it comes to the Browns and several other teams who aren't media darlings. I do get frustrated when people on this forum talk about the Browns. People on this site should know better but some of them are clueless. There was a thread awhile back asking which team people knew the least about and many people admitted to knowing the least about the Browns and a couple of other teams. If they realize they don't know much about the Browns, they should stop acting like they ever do know what their talking about when it comes to them.

All the disrespect the Browns get will just make it that much sweeter once they do become successful. I know the Browns have the talent in place to become a good team in the future. They just need a few more pieces and they need to grow. Once those things happen, then this team could be very good.
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