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Week 3 Review

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:58 am    Post subject: Week 3 Review Reply with quote

Aside from the horrendous officiating, what did you learn from the game against the patriots?

Flacco - I think BTerp summed it up best in the game thread.

BaltimoreTerp wrote:
Tonight was pretty much consumnate Flacco. Was absolutely money for much of the game, especially with his downfield throws, and then also still found some time for a couple of outrageous WTF throws that, luckily, the Pats secondary didn't do enough to take advantage of.

There isn't anything else to add. It's just classic Flacco.

RB - Again the running game looked good. The offensive line is getting a much more consistent push this season and Rice is taking advantage of it. Pierce looks decent in the few carries he gets too. I don't fault him much for that failed 4th down attempt last night, that was a bad decision to go for it and a bad type of run to try and get the needed yardage.

OL - I think this was their best performance of the year so far. Chandler Jones played very well in his first two games but Oher handled him well and Wilfork wasn't much of a factor either. I still expect them to be inconsistent from week-to-week but it's nice to see that they can have really good games like this.

WR/TE - There's not enough that can be said about Smith's performance. If not for Charles going insane against the Saints I think he would easily be the AFC Offensive Player of the Week but he still had a great game with or without the situation he is going through off the field. Jones has been a big part of the offense in all 3 games so far. He's not getting a lot of volume but the plays he does make are huge. Boldin on the other hand has been somewhat underwhelming. He pops in with a good play every now and then but it looks like he's not a big part of the offense anymore and Pitta seems to have taken over a lot of the targets Boldin used to get. Dickson isn't a factor in the offense anymore either but I'm happy with what we've seen from Pitta. I still expect the team to tender both of them this off-season since both will be a RFA.

Pass-rush - For most of the game is was pathetic but they did come up big on the last couple of plays of the Patriots' final drive. Pees didn't use the 3-man rush quite as much as he did against Philadelphia but he's not calling very many blitzes that are effective either. I know some of that falls on the players themselves but a lot of those blitzes just look extremely vanilla and easy to block.

Run-defense - I was pretty happy with what we saw from the run-defense this week. On New England's first rushing TD the defense was caught by their no-huddle and they lined up with a 3-man DL on the goalline (still probably could have lined up differently, but w/e) and I think that was the biggest reason it looked so easy. Woodhead's TD wasn't that easy but I'm not going to complain too much since overall the Patriots only averaged 2.3 yards a carry.

Pass-defense - With the lack of a pass-rush the pass-defense looked bad again. Aside from Williams I felt that the unit as a whole didn't play terribly they were just hung out to dry and did what they could. Welker's long catch early was the result of a poorly time blitz by Webb and if the other CB on that side went to cover Welker the inside guy would have been just as open. I was very surprised at how little the Patriot's TEs produced in this game. Of course with the games that Welker and Lloyd put up there wasn't a whole lot more to go around. Doubling Gronkowski with Reed most of the game helped but the LBs on him didn't embarrass themselves either.

Upshaw - He's looking better in and better in each game so far. Not so much as a pass-rusher but he's starting to show why he was labeled as a special run-defender and edge-setter. That reverse stuff was nice but I'm more focused on the way he's able to get around the OL and take down the RB.

Webb - This guy is awesome. That is all.

Williams - This guy is terrible. That is all.

Reed - He's not avoiding contact this season, that much is clear. Reed is playing very well this season. I'm sure the added motive of it being a contract year helps but I don't really care since he is playing like what we would expect from the GOAT. Yeah I'm on that bandwagon now too.

Tucker - Don't troll us like that. The snap/hold wasn't ideal but c'mon man don't make an easy kick like that so close. In the end he didn't pull a Cundiff and I'm very satisfied with his play so far this season.
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Joined: 10 Aug 2012
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I agree with just about everything, but I'm not totally sold on William's being terrible. There were a lot of passes yesterday where he was in position to make a play or knock the ball away, but he wasn't playing the ball. If he would learn to play the ball when its in the air he could have maybe 3 INT's this season. At the same time though i understand since he doesn't play the ball thats why QB's throw his way all the time lol.

Flacco is the man.

Upshaw will be the SAM backer of the future once Suggs returns 100% healthy, and still provides a decent pass rush. Love how he plays, and thank god we drafted him! we really needed him suggs or no suggs because Kruger in run defense IMO is HORRIBLE.

Ed Reed looks like he's 25 again lighting people up. Just stay Healthy please.

and Lastly I'm worried about the pass rush. It's Horrid.

Does anyone think a reasonable trade could be made for an at least good pass rusher? if so who?
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Joined: 02 Dec 2007
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 2:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

^^^ I doubt we make a trade. Anyone who can rush the passer is usually going to be a hot commodity on the team they're on... and if they're actually willing to deal him, it's likely because of a contract dispute.. and we don't have the money to be the answer to anyone's dreams as a pass rusher.

StevenV32 wrote:
but I'm not totally sold on William's being terrible. There were a lot of passes yesterday where he was in position to make a play or knock the ball away, but he wasn't playing the ball.

You basically later went on to answer indeed why he is terrible. Sure he's usually always in the near vicinity of receivers as they make catches, but at the same time, it's the most annoying aspect for a corner to have. Because you know he possesses the physical talent to be able to compete, but Cary simply doesn't have what it takes to be anything more than average. His ball skills are so insanely poor that it defeats the purpose of him having good coverage. He NEVER gets his head around in time- he's always slow to react. These are things that have consistently plagued him this year... and I'd expect that last year might have been a similar story, but teams simply had less tape on what he brings to the table.

It was nothing short of embarrassing with how much NE was targeting Williams. It seemed like for most of the game they weren't even attempting to target Webb or Jimmy. It wasn't like they thought our weak links were both our #2/#3 corners, but JUST Cary. In a way, I almost felt bad for him.
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Joined: 02 Dec 2007
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Location: Baltimore, MD
PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 2:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

In terms of the game and my thoughts.

I actually was shocked by Flacco's final statistics being THAT prolific; nearly 72% passing, nearly 400 yds passing, a 117.7 QBR, 9.8 pass avg... Honestly, I thought Flacco looked like he had his normal 270 yd passing but effective and efficient type of outing. And like BTerp mentioned, he still will make those throws that make you question whether or not Flacco isn't truly color blind... and can't tell the different jersey colors. The one thing about Flacco that I didn't think was mentioned that impressed me was the one sequence in the game where the Ravens were marching down the field, would eventually score a TD (at least I think it was the streaker- I mean Pitta TD drive)... the offense comes out on, I believe 2nd down, and the offense comes out in what appears to be a passing formation, so after reading the defense Flacco audibles, goes to the LOS, and hands the ball off to Rice for a nice gain. I think that play put into perspective the type of impact Joe's ability to audible now has on improving our offensive efficiency.

I thought our RBs looked good. I like Pierce's explosive ability and agility for his size.

I agree that the OL played a great game. At no point did I recall the pocket melting on Flacco.

At WR, it's looking more and more like Boldin won't be back next year. I love his attitude and playing style but he's simply making too much money for him to be brought back without serious production.

Defensively, I loved what I saw from Upshaw in backside pursuit and I love Reed actually playing. Webb is a beast. Ray Lewis still can ball.
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