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Analysis of the Giants game...

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:01 pm    Post subject: Analysis of the Giants game... Reply with quote

Whats up guys, havent posted in here in awhile but im constantly on the site everyyyday, gonna start posting again frequently, but to the real discussion, our play vs the Giants:

-Cam Newton; he didnt play that bad as many people may think, obviously the 3 picks werent good but one was tipped by lafell, the other he was trying to make a play on a 3rd and 22 and the last was just him forcing it.

-The read option DOES work but as many of you have stated it should NOT be the staple of our run game. we need to line up in basic i-form, staggered 2 back set, single back, etc, and try to pound the ball down the defenses throats. To me we have great personnel for a basic running game, tolbert leading the way with deangelo/stew following behind and creating a huge run. The read option should be implemented frequently, NOT solely relied upon.

-The o-line needs to work on pass blocking better, yes they did a fairly well job against the giants tremendous d-line but there are many times where they need to improve: shutting down a stud DE/DT (JPP in this case, we need to focus in neutralizing their best d lineman) and picking up blitzes, it seemed every time they blitzed Cam was either hit or rattled) Run blocking to me isnt that bad, it can improve but that will happen as the season continues.

-Steve Smith...... we all know about steve so i dont need to get into it, but IMHO it is a disgrace that he only got FOUR targets last night, to me he is 1a. and 1b. with him and calvin as the best receiver in the league. The man breathes fire, intensity, passion, and heart. He was open on multiple occasions last night but Cam simply missed him or didnt look his way. I know they doubled and bracketed him, im well aware, but he SHOULD and NEEDS to be cams first look each and every time due to the sole fact that he is a game breaker and a game changer each time he touches the ball.

Where do i gonna try to shorten it up and make it quick

-Dline: where is the pressure from our front 4?? You know what this means and what i was screaming at the tv all last night......DIAL UP MORE BLITZES!!! why was eli relaxing in his lounge chair all last night?!?! If you cant get pressure from the front four, guess what the means mcdermott....send more guys!! play man to man and trust your corners!

-LB's: Kuechly played good, overshot some angles but hell get used to the speed of the game soon. Anderson played well also, didnt make as many plays as i was hoping but didnt do anything bad either (except for the deep seam route up the middle where he got torched...) Beason in my opinion played the worst out of the 3, i know many people will criticize me for that but i thought he did. Missed 2 very big tackles in the first half that both went for long runs, I remember one on the first possession where he had Brown wrapped up in the backfield and he broke it off for a 30 yd run, i was shocked at that. To be fair, he still looks injured, about 75-80% to me, hopefully he returns to form very soon. TD didnt play but we definitely need him back asap!

CB's: another point where i think i might get concerns about is the play of Josh Norman, everyone thought he played me he played fairly decent; not good but not bad/horrible. he was left on an island for the majority of the night and he didnt give up any hugeee plays, yes he got beat occasionally but he is a 5th round rookie is his 3rd game. Gamble-monster as always, i think they got 3 catches on him all night.

The play of the secondary- why did we run a soft zone all night? im still trying to figure that out... We would rush 4, and drop 7 back, 2 deep safties, and have our corners 7 yards off. Eli ate us up because of that, picked off his receivers left and right.

If it were me this would have been my defensive strategy (to get pressure on Eli):
-Bring the front 4 and send either beason/anderson/kuechly or a cb/s on a blitz (so bringing either 4/5/6 guys frequently but not every play) while playing TIGHT man to man. Keep gamble on cruz and let norman bully barden 2 yards off the LOS and keep ONE safety shadowed to either the strong side with more receivers or the side that would need help (cruz or barden)

The defense was pathetic last night, no pass rush, no breaks on the ball, no deflections, nothing.....

I keep hearing everyone blaming the O for last nights game but IMO the D cost us more than anything...

Im sure I missed many points and Ill add some here and there but for now this is my brief analysis of the game. Let me know what everyone thinks!!!! Very Happy [/u][/b]

Cam Newton
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You know we can talk about how bad the schemes were and the game plan was poor. But... if guys would step up and execute the game plan we would be alright.

Greg Hardy is absolutely crucial for the teams success this year. He has to be the DE he capable of being. If he stepped up we could actually rush 4 and get pressure. And I think he has had good moments but nows the time for this guy to turn it on. Somebody on the defensive line has got to dominate and give the offense someone to account for besides CJ.

Offensively blocking needs to be better all around, way too inconsistent. I agree with you on Smitty, he still had a decent game with 86 yds. When he made that 30 yds catch I couldn't believe how fast he still looked.

Josh Norman is not a concern of mine, he is being asked to do a lot for a 5th round rookie.
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