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PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

steadypimpin wrote:
oldman9er wrote:
steadypimpin wrote:
I'm just tired of excuses from our QB on why he was bad before. He needs to just let it go on what happened in his past. Yeah, he got a raw deal and he played well last year with a real HC. Making excuses for him being bad and blaming everyone but himself when he was part of the problem too isn't going to help anything. How many times are we going to hear this stuff. It's always something with him and I'm tired of seeing it. I'm sorry I don't have blind faith in him just because he is a Niner. There are other guys who I dislike on this team too but I don't hear them making excuses for playing bad.

Guess you missed or conveniently overlooked when Alex also had this to say....


When you talk to Aaron Rodgers, those other guys do they have the same problem?

“I think the headset problem is universal across the NFL. I think every QB has dealt with it and you have problems. You’ve got to have a plan ready, a Plan B, what you’re going to do.”

Yep. Now our QB is making excuses for the entire league. Laughing

Now ask yourself... if Alex was really looking to make excuses for himself.. would he have mentioned that he felt this particular issue was universal? Alex has always been a pretty stand-up guy when it comes to accountability.

N4L doesn't need to "get over himself"... He's pretty much just asking you to "get over" your constant negativity of our QB. This forum more than ever needs the fans to stop being petty and divisive if it is to survive. That is pretty much where your unnecessary comment comes in. Would be great if fans could wipe the slate clean and just go into the year removed of all the past nonsense.
I still don't see other players mentioning it. He threw them out into the conversation but I've never heard it from them. That's the thing, their game is good enough to overcome it where they don't need to have a built in excuse for their bad play. The bolded part is for you because you brought this topic up and made its own thread. I wouldn't be saying anything about it if it wasn't in here. I don't need to get over anything. I support our team, doesn't mean I have to be in love with every player just like you don't like Goldson. We are all entitled to our opinions. I've been here awhile and will still keep posting my opinions just like you. Nobody here will make me stop posting my opinions. If I get out of line and break the rules then yeah I'll probably stop posting. I'm not breaking any rules though.

The thing is, you see this as an excuse. Anybody else will look at this as just another training camp story. But not you, you MUST see this as Alex blaming his bad play on something that is not his fault. You simply must. There are stories like this for slow news day all over the NFL. How X player had a flat tire in the parking lot. How Y player has had issues with his shoulder pads the previous year. Those are just stories. YOU see them as excuses. I personally don't care. I knew about the radio problem before the article. It's not like Alex pulled an ace out of his sleeve to miraculously redeem his reputation. He just mentioned something we all already knew, probably because people have asked him about it before. I don't see an excuse. I just see an answer to a question, and an article for a summer day.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is going nowhere in terms of talking football.
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