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The Dallas Cowboys Forum Ring Of Honor
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:28 pm    Post subject: The Dallas Cowboys Forum Ring Of Honor Reply with quote

The Legacy Class

The Legacy Class consists of three of the forums initial members who have tragically been taken from us all too soon. These members are:




DC Forum Ring of Honor Nominations Thread

DC Forum Ring of Honor Discussion Thread

The 2012 Induction Class

The 2012 Induction Class, the first team of inductees for the Dallas Cowboys forum, is comprised of the following:

- The_Slamman

- Matts4313

- Texas_OutLaw7

- TheStarStillShines

The 2013 Induction Class

The 2013 Induction Class, our second group of inductees

- plan9misfit

- htfryar

The 2014 Induction Class

The 2014 Induction Class, our third group of inductees

- MaddHatter

- textaz03

^^^El Rammy

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Joined: 20 Feb 2010
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Preparations have begun...

^^^El Rammy
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Leaders & Legends - this is their legacy.

Today is the inaugural opening of our own Ring of Honor. Here we commemorate those who - through exceptional posting - have earned the acclaim of our brothers. This is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon you here. It is a legacy of excellence. It's fitting that our franchise should be defined by the Star. It embodies the shining greatness that transcends ideological differences and builds the bonds of brotherhood. Here, our stars members become immortalize in Footballs Future Lore to be that shining example for future generations of posters. From this moment forward, consider your posting under examination. Strive to be better than you ever were.

The Dallas Cowboys very own Ring of Honor has 20 members inducted. These are those members:
    1. Bob Lilly, DT, 1961–1974
    2. Don Meredith, QB, 1960–1968
    3. Don Perkins, HB, 1961–1968
    4. Chuck Howley, LB, 1961–1973
    5. Mel Renfro, CB, 1964–1977
    6. Roger Staubach, QB, 1969–1979
    7. Lee Roy Jordan, LB/C, 1963–1976
    8. Tom Landry, Head Coach, 1960–1988
    9. Tony Dorsett, RB, 1977–1987
    10. Randy White, DT/L/DE, 1975–1988
    11. Bob Hayes, WR, 1965–1974
    12. Tex Schramm, General Manager, 1959–1988
    13. Cliff Harris, S, 1970–1979
    14. Rayfield Wright, OT, 1967–1979
    15. Troy Aikman, QB, 1989–2000
    16. Michael Irvin, WR, 1988–1999
    17. Emmitt Smith, RB, 1990–2002
    18. Drew Pearson, WR, 1973–1983
    19. Charles Haley, DE, 1992–1996
    20. Larry Allen, OG/OT, 1994–2005

Now, we will have our own. We will first induct a Legacy Class. Three exceptional posters who were taken from this world far too soon. While their time here may be over - the impact they have made will never be forgotten.

Then you will see the first inducted class will be voted upon by the members of Footballs Future here. Each year after these ROH members (and thereafter future members) can choose to elevate one poster to immortality. And the rest of Footballs Future has the chance to nominate and enshrine another brother. So, without further ado - let's get this started!


In Redball I Trust!
The price of progress is trusting the process.
Heart. Leadership. Passion. Will.
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Joined: 27 Mar 2005
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Location: Cowboys Forum ROH Class of '12
PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Legacy Class - Inducted Class 2012

We, over the years, have lost three brothers of the Star. While they are no longer with us, the impact they made upon us is palpable. So we that we honor their memory by immortalizing them. In place of acceptance speeches we have three decorated posters who will stand in for them and accept the award on the behalf of those lost to us. I will let them introduce the exceptional posters.

Greatness comes in threes.

At this point, I would like to welcome TheStarStillShines,
plan9misfit & Matts4313 to usher in brothers into immortality.

In Redball I Trust!
The price of progress is trusting the process.
Heart. Leadership. Passion. Will.
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Joined: 12 Oct 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This speech has been written by members of the Cowboys forum, and I am privileged to deliver it on their behalf.

Today, we honour Brian Barfied, better known as S.A. Cowboy Fan, who was one of Football's Future's best posters and moderators and a wonderful human being. While we use this opportunity to reflect on Brian's contributions to this great forum, we must remember the man Brian was. He was a dedicated husband and loving father of three young children. His family was always his main priority, taking every opportunity to spend time with them (when he wasn't on FF of course) and chronicling their exploits when possible. He wasn't a man of indulgences, however, but a man of simple pleasures – from football to history.

Well, he did have one indulgence – his motorcycle. When he first joined FF, he had a motorbike, which everyone who knows a thing about about motor vehicles knows that a motorbike is not a motorcycle. And for a long time, he expressed his interest in wishing to own a real motorcycle – a wild hog - and he was saving every penny to acquire one. Then I think in 2008 or 2009, he finally made his dream purchase. Besides his family and knocking sense into Slam, Plan, Texas_Outlaw, and everyone else, his motorcycle was his greatest joy.

Despite this “wild side”, Brian was also a person who had great intelligence and perspective, understanding that there was more to life than football and that every person deserved to be treated respectfully and without discrimination. He treated everyone fairly, as if you were a close friend or a family member. Never he did he spew insults nor did he take things too seriously. He realized early that every moment counts, so it was important to enjoy life. As Des mentioned to me, he was just one of the guys with whom you just wanted to have a beer and talk about stuff. Everyone was comfortable around Brian, and he was someone everyone called their friend.

He displayed these very same values on Football's Futures. Even during heated debates, he always kept his calm or was the broker in many disputes. At the same time, he had a great sense of humor, cracking jokes to defuse issues or just to bring some laughter to the forum.

One trait that he had – which very few do – was that he was able to see the contributions others made and rarely applauded his own work. He was often acknowledging the efforts of all forum members – from the veterans to the noobs. He did this not just in his daily remarks but through the establishment of an annual awards ceremony that has been replicated by others. As SlamMan stated:

He created the first forum awards on FF (the Cowpokes). Since that time, almost every other forum on FF has copied the idea. What many people may not know is why he did it. Back then, FF used to have MVPs. Several Cowboys forum members won MVP (SA, Silver Star, Plan9, and T_O7). SA recognized the talent in the Cowboys forum who never got recognized because they rarely ventured from the Cowboys forum. So, he created the Cowpokes to reward the great Cowboys posters who didn't get recognized by the general FF population.

He was the ideal person to be a Global and Cowboys moderator.

His football knowledge, his intelligence, his sense of humor, and his friendly demeanor made him the ideal host of the first and second Cowpokes. This is where Brian really shone, where he could speak intelligently and also poke fun at everyone and everything, including himself. One of my favourite dialogues was between him and JeffRizzle51:

S.A.cowboyfan wrote:
jeffrizzle51 wrote:
S.A.cowboyfan wrote:
The_Slamman wrote:

Is that why it takes so long to get my damn slushies?

No, Jeffrizzle works the counter. Did I mention that his family tree is a shrub?

That is correct. I work the counter, while S.A. and his band members work the corner.

Anything for extra quarters, I will beat dance dance revolution one day.....

What are you planning on beating?

And then there was the squirrel fetish that he had. I'm not sure how he got into squirrels, but it might have something to do with their ability to find the smallest nuts, keep them warm in the winter, and use every millimetre available. But then the squirrels turned on him, which one would think is really hard to do. Maybe Brian ran out of nuts or his were too small. We'll never know. HTFryar, however, tried to find out in this memorable interview back in September 2009:

htfryar wrote:
ht - Alright, joining me "live via satellite" from an undisclosed location is former Moderator s.a.cowboyfan, seen here in a pic before last year's Cowpokes Squirrel Disaster.

As you may recall, last year there were multiple winners for a few of the Cowpokes Awards. The squirrels that S.A. had conned into counting the votes were not happy about the long hours and minimal pay, so they staged a coup. S.A. barely survived and has gone into a self imposed exile to try to stay one step ahead of the squirrels. Here is what he looks like post-squirrel-trauma.

As you can tell, the months of hiding from the squirrels have taken a toll on our friend. S.A., I understand that you feared for your family's safety, so we are conducting this interview a couple of towns over from where your family is. What was it like leaving them behind just for this interview?

S.A. - I dropped them off with the neighbors, they should be well taken care of there. At least I think so, I was watching them move in next door yesterday and they looked like good people. I turned to them and told them "Hey kids, The Cowpokes are coming up so I will be going out of town for a couple days to...." and that is as far as I got before they started jumping up and down yelling "Yay! Yay!" and within minutes they had my bags packed. I could tell they didn't really understand how to pack for a short trip as they packed practically everything I owned. I started to put some of it away but they started insisting that I stay longer, a week, a month, whatever. They didn't even care if I was nominated for something, they were just so happy, god bless 'em, I know I am loved.

HT - If you could have been here in person tonight, what would you have worn to the ceremony?

S.A. - I would have to wear the jersey of my favorite player. The problem is that I like both Romo and Witten. I then got the idea that I would combine the two and make a jersey myself. I decided to use the #1 rather than try to fit 982 on the jersey then I combined the names, so now my jersey says Rotten 1. Pretty cool eh?

HT - That is pretty sweet. So, what are you doing after the interview?

S.A. - Since the kids are taken care of, I am going to go to Texas Roadhouse and get a nice rack of ribs, then, after the appetizer, I get an extra large Texas T-bone. I end the evening with dessert, a nice little plate of Filet Medallions.

HT - That's a lot of meat. What are you going to wash it down with?

S.A. - A midori sour please, and keep them coming. There is an odd story behind how I discovered this delectable delight of the senses. Spending a week in DC, we got to know our hotels waiter pretty well, a very nice guy. After getting to know him he told us how he and his roommate were very interested in politics and he hoped to be the first lady one day. I didn't understand what he was talking about so I changed the subject by asking him what was a good drink and that was what he suggested.

HT - Sounds like he might have been a Redskins fan. Well it is a shame that you weren't nominated for an award this year.

S.A. - I can't really say I am surprised as I have not been around much lately. Really, I have missed coming around but what can you do, you have to keep up on your responsibilities. I am just happy know...whats his name...oh and that guy up over there.

HT - Well, it has been nice talking to you my friend. Keep in touch and watch out for those squirrels.

Brian and I would also engage in such conversations. And thanks to SlamMan, here is an exchange that involved hockey. Not surprisingly, a guy from San Antonio only thought ice was good in mojitos, lemonade, and iced tea, but to play a sport on it was unfathomable. To him, shooting something meant hunting, not trying to put a rubber disc into a net.

S.A.cowboyfan wrote:
TheStarStillShines wrote:
S.A.cowboyfan wrote:
Welcome xul. Who are the Phoenix Coyotes?

They're a hockey team, my friend, who just so happen to be coached by Wayne Gretzky. You may have heard of him before. Wink

And welcome Xul. Good to have another hockey fan amongst the group even if the mod has no clue what that sport is. Smile

LOL, I have in fact heard of Wayne Gretzky. I really don't know much about hockey at all, pretty much just that it is played on ice and there are alot of fights. I went to a hockey game once here in San Antonio. I believe the team was named Rampage from some kind of minor league.

I quickly figured out that hockey was not the sport for me though. I could never figure out who the quarterback was, especially since everyone kept hitting the puck around. If you think the refs are bad in football, they don't have anything on those refs for hockey. I saw several forward laterals past the line of scrimage and not one of them was called a penalty.

I suppose I should cut them a bit of slack since the lines were blue and red as opposed to the traditional yellow you see on TV. The real culprit was the technician in charge of keeping up with it, they never moved the lines once. The refs must have gotten pretty fed up with it too since they called the game after the third quarter.

I have to give him credit for at least knowing who Wayne Gretzky is, but that might be more because Mr. Gretzky's affiliation with Janet Jones (now Janet Jones-Gretzky) and her starring role in “Police Academy 5”.

(I think all of us guys in our 30s remember her in that movie – did she even wear a police uniform? Really, does anyone care?)

Brian was such a respected member on this site. As Mighty Mouse said to me:

S.A. was the glue that held the forum together for so long... Not to hold anything against the current mods, but S.A. had something different about him that made you want to come back the next day to read the threads just to see what he said. He is someone that touched many peoples hearts and minds. He is someone that will never be replaced.

And here's what Tex had to say:

Back when this site was still fairly young, S.A approached me about the possibilty of becoming a MOD on our Cowboys Forum. At the time, I was over in Iraq serving our great nation, so I was very hesitant at first. I didn't think I would have the time to keep up with everything. Well, many PM's later and S.A.'s heavy persuasion (more like an artillery strike), I gave in and told him to put my name in the hat. A few weeks later Webby promoted me to MOD. If it wasn't for S.A., I probably wouldn't be a MOD today or heck, maybe not even on the site as much as I am. S.A. was my go to guy for any advice that I needed when doing my job on the site. He is greatly missed.

I think it's fair to say that Brian was our Bob Lilly – the Mr. Cowboy of this forum. He was everyone's friend and a mentor and role model for so many, including myself. So Brian, we're awarding you one last Cowpoke Award tonight to go with your Ring of Honor induction.

Wherever you may be Brian, I'm sure your star still shines brightly. You were always more than just an ordinary guy, but a wonderful human being and a person who touched so many. Enjoy the view from you are. And while this isn't Metallica or Pantera, I think this song is apt for you.

Rest in Peace my friend and congratulations on being immortalized on Football's Futures.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nikolas Coltan Evans

It is an honor to be selected to offer a tribute speech for Nikolas Evans, or as we know him, BoYz2tHeBoWl. I appreciate TO7 and Des for allowing me the opportunity to share a glimpse into B2TB the poster and Nikolas Evans, the young man who was tragically taken from us at 21 years old.

B2TB joined in January of 2005. He was known as an avid and extremely intelligent Cowboys fan. He was a student of the game, with vast knowledge of the organization. He spent time in the NCAA forum learning and commenting on the College programs. To this day his NCAA Season Previews set the golden standard. What he was most known for though was his contributions in the Entertainment sections. As an aspiring screenwriter, his knowledge of movies was top notch. In fact, to this day, the award for best entertainment poster is known as the B2tB award:

BoYz2tHeBoWl Memorial Award - A special award given in memory to a great member that we lost far to early. Nikolas was a huge part of the Entertainment Forum, and the award given in his name is to recognize the best Entertainment poster.

Here are some kind remarks about B2TB:

Nik was a well-respected member of the Cowboys forum and he will be greatly missed. - LR90

He was one of the most intelligent, well respected members here - NYFTB

He was one of my favorite posters and a guy I often chatted with outside of here. - Mav41

Boyz and I joined at almost exactly the same time, and we've been among the most vociferous supporters of our respective teams ever since then. We argued time and time again, but he was one of those people that made this place what it was, and one of those people that you really enjoyed the chance to talk with. - E16

His insight was second to no-one and he always managed to keep his cool when situations got rough. An Icon in this forum, and someone I looked up to when I first joined. This is a Hard loss for the Footballs Future Community and for the Dallas Cowboys Room especially. - TO7

BoYz2tHeBoWl was one of our best members. As an early member (#833), his posts were a big reason why new members joined the site. He will be missed here more than anyone can imagine. - Webby

B2B was one of the elite posters on this site. He knew it all too, the most knowledgeable entertainment poster, great CFB poster, great Cowboys poster. He was an MVP caliber poster, and one of my favorite on the site. - Ohiostate#1

Nikolas was one of our most savvy, articulate, respected, and intelligent members, and his presence will be missed. He had a great knack for debating issues, but in a way that was respectful and sometimes humourous. He will be missed, but he will not be forgotten. - TSSS

There are no words that can truly describe the amount of respect that I had for him or how rich he made the lives of those around him - Plan9

I feel like I have lost a friend. The world is a worse place without Nikolas in it. - HT

the part of him he showed to us touched many people, and all for the good. - VikeDaddy

Nikolas Evans not only touched the lives of his family and friends; Nikolas provided the gift of life to 5 more individuals through organ donations. Nik was recognized by the Texas Senate in February of 2011, stating:

"A young man of courage, strength, and wisdom
beyond his years, he gave unselfishly to others, and his
compassion, his wit, and his enthusiasm for living each day to
the fullest will not be forgotten by those who knew him"

There is plans for a "Niki Run" on August 5th, 2013. The proceeds will be donated to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

I am truly honored to share the life of Nikolas Evans to all of you, and am proud to announce B2tB as an inaugural member of the Dallas Cowboys Forum Ring of Honor!

My youngest son passed away
And we mourn him each and every day.
Please allow me to talk of him freely
as in time I know it will be healing.
His eyes were deep brown and his hair was brown too
He had a laugh that was contagious and his favorite color was blue.
He wanted to be a writer and known for his works
I read his journals now and again and laugh at all the quirks.
His spirit lives on in me, Ryan, the family and his friends
all of our love has been exhibited and has no ends…
I miss you more each day it seems
because I won’t have a chance to watch you accomplish your dreams.
I will try my hardest to live thru the pain
and know that I will see your bright shining light again.
Sweet, Nikolas, make us strong under your angel wings
and remember us down here, missing every one of your great things.
RIP Nikolas Coltan Evans
2-18-88 to 4-5-09
Your mommy does not go one day without loving and missing you and is so grateful to have been your mom.

-Ms. Evans

Tony Romos Last pass was a TD against the EAGLES!
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cool Hand Luke, road beers, man purses, class, integrity, the USC Trojans, and the Dallas Cowboys. This is the legacy of my friend and inaugural e-Ring of Honor inductee, the late and ever-resolute Michael “Mike” McLaughlin, aka Trojans14; one of the original flag bearers of Footballs Future and the Dallas Cowboys forum. Mike had a zest for life which was virtually unparalleled, and a passion for the Cowboys which could not be measured nor challenged. It was this passion which made him not only a dedicated sports fan (which also included UNC basketball and the NY Yankees), but a fan of music, outdoor activities, classic guy movies, and a good friend. Even though he stopped posting on this forum in 2006 due to an unceremonious assault on his character from posting a sports media article which reported inaccurate information (which was later retracted from the source web site), his influence and opinions still resonate in this forum. Even though I was unable to convince him to stay on this forum with us, we took it upon ourselves to remain in contact post-Footballs Future, and he was the first of the now-many message board friends which I have today. I cherished that friendship and miss him dearly. This is his story.

Mike joined our beloved forum on January 18, 2005 and immediately established himself as a fair, open-minded, and unbiased fan whose attention to detail, sharp wit, and unyielding hunger for perfection earned him the respect and admiration of many of the early posters, including me. His early posts often focused on how and why Dat Nguyen had a history of disappearing during football games, his unabashed man-crush for then-USC WR-in-limbo Mike Williams (which rivaled my own), the NFL Draft, trades, and the constant struggle to cope with his blind hatred of Jerry Jones. While he kept it far more tempered than many of us, what few people know is that even though TexasAce, The_Slamman and I founded the DCRA, Mike was one of my early inspirations in doing so. He would often tell me how the team needed to be “purged of all things Jerry” and openly laughed and cheered when I shared with him what the intent and purpose of the DCRA was. He even used to send me the occasional PM with the tag line “WWJD”. Most people understand that acronym to mean “What Would Jesus Do?”, but not T14. Oh, no. His version stood for “When Will Jerry Die?” I still openly laugh out loud every time I read and/or say it. In many ways, he was the first member of the DCRA without ever having the chance to fly that flag. So for this day, and only this day, we fly it for him.

Mike was also instrumental in the “anti-Zimmer” movement. He never liked Zimmer’s containment-style defense, nor was he terribly fond of his inability to get anything out of the players beyond mediocrity. He was outspoken and honest in a time when blue and silver glasses and CowboysZone style myopia ran rampant. The difference between Mike and someone like me was that he was the consummate gentleman; always respectful of peoples’ opinions, whether he agreed with them or not. We would all be best served to borrow a slice of his humility the next time a heated debate starts in our forum.

Mike was taken from us in late December of 2009 after being hit by a drunk driver in Costa Mesa, CA while crossing the street. He was 29 years old. It was a day that I will never forget and one which I wish I’d never had to live through. It is one thing to simply read about a person’s life being taken, but it’s another issue entirely when it’s someone whom you have regular contact with, regardless of medium. Mike’s passing was felt not only by the few of us left who knew him, but by those who had only heard about him from conversations occurring long after his forum exit. It takes a special person to leave a legacy like that, and T14 was indeed that special.

Although I am neither a religious nor a spiritual man, I humbly ask that we all bow our heads, park our differences, and take a brief moment to reflect on the life and character of one of the original members of this forum and a beloved friend; one who helped shape this forum to what it is today. He was here during its infancy and many of us, me included, would never have stayed here had it not been for him. It is my honor and a privilege to induct Michael McLaughlin, Trojans14, into the Dallas Cowboys e-Ring of Honor.

Co-Founder: DCRA - No McQuistan, No Super Bowl
Northland wrote:
If mediocrity is your SuperBowl then Garrett is your Lombardi.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 10:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It is my proud honor and duty today to share with you all the induction of one of our longest tenured and brightest forum members into the Dallas Cowboys Forum Hall of Fame.

Go to any internet football forum and you'll find scores of people solely interested in thumping their chests and pimping their teams. It is the rare fan who can look upon his beloved team with a critical eye. It is even rarer that he can endear himself to his fellow fans whilst decrying the team they love. The Slamman is one such man. His eye for detail and love for football can only be matched by his keen wit. The fact that he is a founding member of both the DCRA and Pat McQuistan fan Club lends credence to this statement; he possesses both the ability to decry poor personnel decisions and embrace the hilarious side effects of those decisions. It is perhaps that sense of humor that causes so many of his peers to recognize him. Constantly in the running for both best and funniest poster, The Slamman (or Slam as his forum companions call him) epitomizes everything that is right with Footballs Future. Together with his polar opposite in fandom, Matts, he keeps the Cowboys forum both well informed and in stitches. He bears the flag of S.A.Cowboyfan through his hilarious commercials in the Cowpokes, and his ability to spot a talented poster as soon as they join and make them feel welcome reminds us all of Boyz2thebowl's willingness to discuss almost anything with a member no matter how much they had posted before.

Slam embodies all of the Dallas Cowboys Forum, and before it, the NFC East Forum's finest members. Beyond anything else, know that in a debate you cannot stop The Slamman. You can only hope to get something funny out of it, and if you're lucky, learn something.

It is my humble privilege to present The Slamman for induction into the Cowboys Forum Ring of Honor.
iPwn wrote:
Your sig is wherever your car keys are. Sorry you won't ever see it.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Guys, it is both an honor and a privilege to be the one that inducts Matts4313 into the Cowboys Forum ROH.

When you think of the Cowboys Forum on Football's Future, Matts is one of the first guys you think about. He is our Forum MVP and one of the funniest posters we have. It seems like he is always on here with a quick comeback and a positive outlook on things. He is often the butt of jokes by other members, but he takes them all in stride. He is the founder of the DCOA and is truly one of the best posters on this site. But, Matts is not just a great poster, he's also a great guy, a loving father and good husband as well. Hell, he's such a great husband, that he blew off hosting the Cowpokes to do a bbq for his wife. [insert whip sound effect here]

I wanted to quote a few of Matts' best posts to show what a great contributor he has been to this site, but we all know his biggest contributions to this forum are bringing awareness to the genre of midget clown animal porn and talking about Guinness. What would we ever do without Matts? Personally, I hope we never have to find out.

Congratulations Matts4313. You truly deserve this honor.

My how the years have flown by.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

T_07...where do I start!

Whether it's his vast knowledge of everything Cowboys, or his banter about anything else you can think of, his posts are memorable and insightful. Since I was lucky enough to stumble across Footballs Future back in 2005, I've been following TO_7's varied posts. He brings more than just Cowboys knowledge, but he brings humor, and an extreme facetiousness that cannot be matched! From his days as "The Sheriff" to now just walking the line as a pure "Outlaw", no one is more deserving of being inducted into the Inaugural Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor!

I went back and dug up his second thread he made...his first of course was his introduction, but from what you see below, he was already digging through other threads to make sure the Star was represented throughout FF!

Texas_OutLaw7 wrote:
I think we need some dallas representative, i would do it but i feel a vet here should have it and not someoen who has join with in a months time. Also i have about 20 solid picks...and then i have no idea what to do...(it happend on my madden game). So somone... go and represent Big D.

(BTW this my 100th post...not that anyone cares Laughing )

He's been doing it ever since! No one can deny his love for the Dallas Cowboys, the game of football or Footballs Future. He's been apart of the Cowpokes since it kicked off many moons ago...he's been a pivotal voice of criticism for the positives and the negatives that surround our beloved Cowboys.

It is my honor and pleasure to introduce Texas_OutLaw7 as a member of the Dallas Cowboys Forum Ring of Honor!
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

When you think of the Dallas Cowboys you think of greatness and leadership. For as long as I can remember this forum had one man leading the way. He lead us through the tough seasons where we went crazy as we watched players like Julius Jones run into other players behinds. He was also there for our first playoff win in ages. He is the mod that started the whole thing here. It is only fitting that he joins the fellow Ring of Honor inductees in this legendary class.

He is a man that isn’t quick to jump the gun, but shows his Cowboy pride wherever he goes. He is a kind sensible poster that can always add something positive to the conversation. A man that is the silent leader the forum needs here. He has long waited with all of us on this forum for the Cowboys “Return to Glory”. He has transferred sigs with the same slogan three different times. If that doesn’t show you the dedication he has to the team and the forum, then I don’t know what else I can show you.

You can’t get into this Ring of Honor without exceptional dedication and skill. It has taken years of posting, leadership, and humility for him to reach this day. So here during our season opener, perhaps the most important opener in years, I would like all of you to join me in honoring TheStarStillShines into our forum Ring of Honor. As long as this man continues to post here, we know that our forum will continue to shine with him.

Congrats TSSS. You name will forever live on with this forum. You deserve this and more. Here is to the Forum and the Boys "Return to Glory."

buno67 wrote:
I dont think I have seen a more arrogant a-hole on this site that wasnt an eagles fan.
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When I was just a simple lurker around these parts a few years ago, it didn’t take me long to realize that this was no Camp Cupcake Forum. There were opinions running rampant and “discussions” being had. There were four or five posters who immediately caught my eye for their distinct style and opinions. One of those posters was and remains to be one of the most influential members, not only to the Dallas Cowboys Forum, but to Footballs Future as a whole.

Plan9misfit has been making a profound impact around these parts for almost a decade. His contributions to the forum are immeasurable. As a founding member of the DCRA, Plan makes his views of the current state of the Dallas Cowboys known to all and always stands strong in his stance. It’s for that reason that Plan is one of the most respected and tenured members around. But, don’t let his “realistic” views fool you. He is a Dallas Cowboy fan through and through and that will never falter. He has a vast knowledge of Cowboys history and is always happy to educate those who weren’t lucky enough to watch the “glory hole” days. While his love of the Dallas Cowboys is as intense as I’ve ever seen, it remains to be outdone only by two things: his top secret “closet shrine” type love of Joan Rivers (AKA Jerry Jones) and the man he loves more than his supermodel wife – Pat McQuistan.

Plan makes one question their thoughts and beliefs and always provides strong arguments to support his own. He has made a strong impact on me as far as my views of the Dallas Cowboys. He’s made me question, he’s made me think, and he’s made me work to back-up my ideals. When Plan goes on his occasional hiatus to get away from Matts and his midgets, the forum simply isn’t the same. While he may make us all crazy with his belief that Jerry Jones is behind every terrible thing that happens in this world, Plan deserves this honor. And it is my distinct honor and great pleasure to introduce to you, Plan9misfit. Our newest member of the Dallas Cowboys Forum Ring of Honor!

Congratulations Plan!


Official Supporter of "The Process."
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Random Thoughts as to why htfryar is now in the Cowboys Forum Ring of Honor:

1. He only posts in the Cowboys Forum. Seriously, check out his history. Every post is for our greater good, going all the way back to his joining the site in February of 2005.

2. Loves his son and hates his ex-wife, like a true American Hero.

3. Recently made the conversion from Iced Tea to beer, and has been carrying TACT ever since.

4. Works outside with his hands and hates his shebitch of a boss, like a real American.

5. Cooks things with fire until they're bloody and delicious.

6. Did I mention hates his ex? Like REALLY hates her, Sith style.

7. He is insanely devoted to either Kate Upton or the Cat Daddy. Example:

That noise you hear is HT banging the computer against the wall demanding more.

8. Loves the Cowboys. (Okay, should be obvious)

9. Has already concocted a plan to get his son oh so mildly injured before the scouting combine in 2032 or so, so he falls to the Cowboys at the 32nd pick.

10. Doesn't hate Slam and Plan for laughing derisively at the idea of the Cowboys owning the 32nd pick ever for any reason.

11. Has made you all subconsciously search this numbered list for a missing number. There isn't one for the record. That's his thing.

In all seriousness, it is my pleasure, duty, privilege and responsibility to induct one of the single most likeable forum members in the history of this site into it's ring of honor. htfryar has set an example for us all, not only with his keen wit, but with his ability to make any boring forum day fun with is contributions to TACT and his ability to transcend petty feuds between posters to see the real merit behind each side. He doesn't love everything the Cowboys do, nor does he automatically assume that every draft pick will turn out to be Dwayne Goodrich. He is fair and balanced in an age where even that phrase has lost some luster.

He rarely starts threads, but when he does, they're gold. Look no further than on the hot seat with HT to see some of the highest quality entertainment this site has to offer. And while other posters are content to clutter the site with pointless image posts and even more pointless man crushes, HT has breathed life into some of our best forum traditons, be they the Cowpokes, TACT, or Game day threads.

HT now gets to breathe life into another growing forum tradition, as his presence alone validates everything that this honor is supposed to stand for. It is with great pleasure that I present member 1803, htfryar for induction into the Dallas Cowboys Forum Ring of honor.
iPwn wrote:
Your sig is wherever your car keys are. Sorry you won't ever see it.
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Today I have the honor and privilege of inducting one of my original protegees in MaddHatter.

Since 2006, when he first joined the forum, he has been gracing us with a special firebrand blend of passionate and informed posting. He often started controversial threads and took the conversation higher by delving in the statistical analysis of the game. His threads and posts were and still are an absolute joy to read from the sheer level of informativeness. Often the Yang to several other posters here, MH was able to articulate a viewpoint of principled hope and spirited renewal. So passionate were his views that he was one of the most dynamic and outspoken champions of our fanbase outside our little room. Taking his message to the NFL General & New threads he refuted much of the nonsense that is perpetuated about the team we hold dear.

During his tenure here has has risen to the rank of Moderator where he helped maintain order in other aspects of Footballs Future, so his legacy isn't merely bound to our group - but to the entire site!

Today we enshrine one of the most opinionated members to ever post. Hopefully we will be treated to another 8 years of exceptional posting. Individuals who challenge our beliefs and hold our statements to the fire our some of the most valuable members of any community. They encourage us to find our convictions and figure out what we truly believe - drowning out the outside noise. MH is the archetype of that individual. Never shrinking from a debate, his posts always are in search of a greater truth. He will challenge your views and assumptions. He will bury you in a statistical avalanche. And he will sniff out and eviscerate any and all falsehoods. And in doing so, he will educate and make allies of enemies. To me, he is easily one of the most valuable and respected members of our forum.

Congratulations once again MaddHatter! Keep up that exceptional style of firebrand posting we are all so used to!

In Redball I Trust!
The price of progress is trusting the process.
Heart. Leadership. Passion. Will.
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