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The Make A Movie Draft XI - (Final Products!)
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Which Film Would You Most Like to See?
The Caped Crusader - Zack Snyder
 28%  [ 4 ]
The Devil in the White City - Richard Kelly
 7%  [ 1 ]
Phoenix Wright - Edgar Wright
 7%  [ 1 ]
Retro - Duncan Jones
 14%  [ 2 ]
Lightning Bug - Joe Wright
 7%  [ 1 ]
Cease to Exist - Alfonso Cuarón
 0%  [ 0 ]
The Bandits - Darren Aronofsky
 0%  [ 0 ]
Thieves for Children - The Coen Brothers
 0%  [ 0 ]
Superstar - Denzel Washington
 0%  [ 0 ]
Nova - Peter Jackson
 14%  [ 2 ]
The Pit of la Mancha - Alejandro Jodorowsky
 7%  [ 1 ]
Nigerian Prince - George Clooney
 0%  [ 0 ]
People - Quentin Tarantino
 14%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 14

Author Message

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:22 pm    Post subject: The Make A Movie Draft XI - (Final Products!) Reply with quote

Here are the films that were created for the 11th go around of our Make A Movie draft. A lot of work went into making most of these, so it's greatly appreciated if you guys could give us some feedback. In addition, we have our traditional voting categories...

Best Lead Actor:
Best Lead Actress:
Best Supporting Actor:
Best Supporting Actress:
Best Visuals:
Best Score:
Best Ensemble Cast:
Hottest Cast:
Best Original Screenplay:
Best Adapted Screenplay (written from source material):
Best Director:
Best Picture:


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Joined: 06 Nov 2006
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Location: Milwaukee
PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Greg_Jennings wrote:
The Caped Crusader

Based on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. The Caped Crusader follows Bruce Wayne as he is pushing 60. Wayne retired as Batman after the death of Jason Todd, also known as Robin. He is forced back to the mantle however when Gotham City takes a turn for the worse. As nuclear war with the Soviets becomes more and more plausible, Gotham is threatened by old enemies such as Two-Face and the Joker. Bruce Wayne finds himself fighting an impossible fight, as he is hunted by the federal government as well.

Directed by: Zack Snyder

Producer: Frank Miller
Music by: Tyler Bates
Director of Photography: Larry Fong


Bryan Cranston as Bruce Wayne aka Batman

Bruce Wayne, now pushing 60, is forced to come out of retirement as Batman when Gotham City takes a turn for the worse. After taking down Two-Face, Batman becomes a hot topic of debate in the media, and Wayne is eventually hunted down by the federal government, and thus, Superman.

Christopher Lee as Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred is very old, well into his 80s when this film takes place. Alfred does everything he can to push Bruce Wayne along as he tries to clean up Gotham during a crisis.

Emily Browning as Carrie Kelly aka Robin

Slightly different from her character in the comic, this Carrie Kelly is 20 years old. Coming from a neglectful home with criminal parents, Kelly has seen the worst of the criminal underworld. She eventually seeks out Batman in order to join his crusade against Gotham's criminals.

Ed Harris as Jim Gordon

Gordon is only week from retirement when he is involved in the shooting of a teenage mugger who assaulted him. Gordon is relieved from the force and replaced by Yindel, to which he finds the idea laughable.

Christoph Waltz as The Joker

When Batman disappeared, The Joker went into sort of a catatonic state. He spent his time at Arkham Asylum not doing much more than simply staring at the ceiling. However, when Batman's return is confirmed with the apprehension of Two-Face, the Joker awakens, and convinces his psychiatrist that he has made a full recovery. That he is completely sane again....

Josh Brolin as Harvey Dent aka Two-Face

Having just recovered from extensive reconstructive surgery, Harvey Dent is given a clean bill of health and released from Arkham. Not soon after, he begins terrorizing the city with his face covered in bandages.

Lena Headey as Ellen Yindel

Gordon's replacement when he is forced into retirement, Yindel is the youngest, and first woman police commissioner. She makes it her first official order to hunt down the vigilante known as Batman.

Steve Blum as the voice of The Mutant Leader

Jackie Earle Haley as Dr. Bartholomew Wolper

The psychiatrist of Two-Face and The Joker, who ends up releasing them both. Weather or not he is a dirty player, or simply gullible, remains to be seen. What is clear is that he has a very real hatred for Batman.

Christina Hendricks as Vicki Vale

Although Vale didn't appear in the comic, the media has a very strong presence in the film. In it, Vale will play the role of a former field reporter who now runs her own talk show. Through out the film, it will cut back to her show, where she will host an argument about the morality of the Batman.

Carla Gugino as Selina Kyle

The former Catwoman, long retired from field work, Kyle now runs an escort service in Gotham. She plays a small role in the film.

Liam Hemsworth as Jason Todd aka Robin

Only shown in a flashback, killed by the Joker.

John Noble as The President

Ron Perlman as Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow

He is missing an arm, for which he blames Superman. Queen was once a very successful crime fighter. He recently escaped from prison, and has returned to work since.

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent aka Kal-El aka Superman

Superman now works for the U.S. Government as their best agent. He is allowed to continue his work as a superhero in exchange for his loyalty. Kent sees it as the only way to continue his work, as apposed to Wayne who is hunted by the government. Kent soon finds it on himself to hunt down his former friend.

The film takes place in a dystopian near-future. The Cold War never ended, and the threat of nuclear attack becomes more real every day. All of the worlds heroes have been driven out or forced into retirement except for Superman (Henry Cavill), who now works for the U.S. Government (something he does reluctantly, but sees it as the only way to help). Bruce Wayne (Bryan Cranston) has retired as Batman since the death of Jason Todd, also known as Robin. Wayne decides to return to duty when Two-Face (Josh Brolin) is released from Arkham Asylum under the order of Dr. Bartholomew Wolper (Jackie Earle Haley). Two-Face begins terrorizing Gotham City almost immediately after. Bruce is able to take him down, but the media coverage from the return of Batman starts to become a heated debate. The media plays a large role throughout the film, with several scenes cutting to Vicki Vale (Christina Hendricks)'s talk show to argue about events as the unfold.

Weeks before retirement, James Gordon (Ed Harris) is walking the streets of Gotham when he is approached by a crook who tries to rob him at gunpoint. Without seeing him, Gordon spins around and fires at him without hesitation. Gordon is forced to retire even earlier than he had planned when it turns out that the man he shot was only a teenager. We are then introduced to Carrie Kelly (Emily Browning), a 19-20ish girl from a very estranged home. She is outraged by the public outcry against Batman, and attempts to seek him out. Batman shifts his attention to "The Mutants", a gang of young men terrorizing Gotham City. He tracks their leader to their main camp, and the two of them get into a fist fight. Batman has all but lost to the more physically fit mutant leader. Just before he goes for the final blow, Batman is rescued by Carrie Kelly, who commandeers the "Bat-Tank". The two return to the Batcave for Wayne to heal his wounds. While he is out, Bruce Wayne goes through a flashback. He reimagines the day of Jason Todd's death at the hands of the Joker (Christoph Waltz). At the disapproval of Alfred (Christopher Lee), Wayne invites Kelly to join him as the new Robin, to which she accepts.

Batman returns to take on the Mutant leader again. The mutant gang members gather around to watch the brawl. Instead of relying on his strength, something he may have been able to get away with when he was younger, Wayne chooses to outsmart the leader during the fight. Batman is able to take him down while the gang member roar in excitement over the fight they have watched. Meanwhile, the return of Batman has caused one of his oldest and deadliest foes, The Joker, to awaken from a years-long catatonic state at Arkham Asylum. The Joker convinces his psychiatrist, Dr. Bartholomew Wolper, that he is sane and regrets his misdeeds. Seeking to discredit Batman, whom he has crusaded against in the media, Wolper appears with the Joker on a late-night talk show. While the police, now led by the anti-vigilante replacement for Jim Gordon, Commissioner Ellen Yindel (Lena Headey), attack Batman, the Joker murders everyone in the television studio (including Wolper) and escapes. He finds Selina Kyle (Carla Gugino), and after finding out what he wants from her gags her, beats her, dresses her in a Wonder Woman costume, and binds her with a gold-covered rope. Batman and Robin free her, and track the Joker to a county fair, where he has already murdered several people. Batman defeats the Joker in a violent showdown but stops short of killing him; however, the Joker twists his own broken neck, with the intent that the police will charge Batman with murder. Batman escapes, but not before another confrontation with the Gotham police, and a citywide manhunt is now on for the Caped Crusader.

After Superman diverts a Russian nuclear warhead which then detonates in a desert, Gotham is hit by an electromagnetic pulse, and descends into chaos during the resulting blackout. The Mutant Gang, largely consisting of brainwashed individuals, is without a leader still. After witnessing their leader defeated at the hands of Batman, they take up his mission (however, using much, much more brutal tactics), calling themselves the "Sons of Batman". In the midst of nuclear winter conditions, Gotham becomes the safest city in America; the U.S. government, seeing this as a credibility-undermining embarrassment, orders Superman to take Batman down. Having been warned of the government's plans by Oliver Queen (Ron Perlman), the former Green Arrow, Batman confronts Superman. Their duel takes place in Crime Alley, where Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered decades earlier. Batman defeats Superman (with the help of Green Arrow and a kryptonite-tipped arrow), but dies from a heart attack immediately afterward. Alfred destroys the Batcave and Wayne Manor and suffers a fatal stroke.

After Bruce's funeral, it is revealed that his death was staged as an elaborate ruse; Clark Kent (Superman) attends the funeral and gives Robin a knowing wink after hearing Bruce's heartbeat as he leaves the grave site, suggesting his silent approval of what will happen next.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Its A Sabotage wrote:

Naturally, Richard Kelly has signed on to the project and will adept this to "fit my darker understanding of life" and went on to say "You can't have the World's Fair and not see some kind of Mystical Elements."

Don Davis will also put together the score for the movie, known for his work in The Matrix.

Kevin Spacey will be playing the role of Herman Webster Mudgett (aka Dr. H. H. Holmes):
A serial killer who used the fair to lure his victims to their deaths. Dr. Holmes had built his "World's Fair Hotel" complete with a gas chamber, dissection table, and a crematorium to dispose of the bodies. Holmes would remove the skeletons of his victims and sell them for medical and scientific study.

Edward Norton is set to play Frank Geyer:

The detective in charge of the disapperances.

Steve Martin as Mayor Carter Harrison, Sr.:
Mayor of Chicago who was assassinated on the last day of the fair and helped bring the fair to life.

Bill Murray as Patrick Prendergast:
An assassin who killed Mayor Harrison over his delusional belief that he helped Harrison win re-election.

Keanu Reeves as Daniel Burnham:

The chief architect behind the World's Columbian Exposition (also known as the Chicago World's Fair)

Laurence Fishburne as Thomas W. Barlow:

Assistant district attorney who prosecuted Holmes

Rachel Weisz as Julia Smythe:

Employee and lover of Holmes; wife of Ned Connor

Peter Stormare as George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr.:

Creator of the Ferris wheel


The story of Daniel Burnham, his building of the fair, and the struggles he overcomes in order to make the enterprise a success form one plot line. This sequence of events begins in 1890, when Chicago wins the bid for the 1893 World's Exposition. . Throughout the film, Daniel Burnham encounters many obstacles that threaten the success of the fair at all stages of construction. Burnham then faces many compromising forces, such as late-arriving building drafts, significant global economic decline, union strikes, construction injuries and deaths, and discovery of an attraction more amazing than the Eiffel Tower of the 1889 World's Fair in Paris. Despite these hurdles, Burnham and his crew persist, eventually finding a proposal to outshine the Eiffel Tower — the Ferris wheel. Construction continues and the fair opens, albeit incomplete, in 1893. Once the fair begins, Burnham still faces the challenges of finishing the Ferris wheel, boosting fair attendance, and making the fair turn a profit amidst a suffering economy. With grace, persistence, and determination, Burnham completes construction and increases fair attendance enough to pay debts and make a profit. Unfortunately, the closing of the fair brings tragedy, as the mayor of Chicago, Carter Henry Harrison, is assassinated.

While the story of Daniel Burnham progresses, another plot simultaneously unfolds. H.H. Holmes comes to Chicago in 1886 in search of work as a pharmacist or doctor. Holmes maliciously acquires a pharmacy in Englewood, a location very close to the future site of the World's Fair in Jackson Park. The top two floors of his building have apartments for rent with secret passages, hallways, and chutes to the basement to make the disposal of dead bodies convenient for Holmes. Once Jackson Park is announced as the site of the fair, Holmes decides to turn his building into the World's Fair Hotel, and the building undergoes another construction project. Throughout his stay in Chicago, Holmes becomes involved with many women, marries a few, kills many he comes into contact with, acquires loads of debt he never plans on paying off, and commits several acts of fraud.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

rabbisson wrote:


It is the year 2020, and “New Olde California” has instituted a new “fast trial system.” Under this protocol, every trial only takes three days to complete. There is a 15 year statute of limitations for cases.

Hotshot young defense attorney Phoenix Wright (Hutcherson) comes into his office early on a Monday morning, expecting to get some early filing in before the ardors of the day. However, he instead finds his boss, Mia Fey (McAdams), dead on the floor. Her sister, the young Maya Fey (Kendrick), stands over the body. The scene shifts to daybreak, as Maya is getting arrested by the police. She mouths to Phoenix “It wasn’t me.”

Wright and Maya meet in the jail cell and discuss the trial proceedings. Wright agrees to defend her in court. Maya tells him that they’re set to go up against the great young prosecutor Miles Edgeworth (McAvoy) who has a star witness in Redd White (Cole) that claims to have seen the murder. Wright doesn’t care: he agrees to help Maya out and fight for her right to be free.

The case begins. Edgeworth and Wright spar a bit, with Edgeworth getting the better of him, knocking him off balance. White takes the stand and says that he saw Maya kill her sister. Wright catches him in a lie, but Edgeworth defends him. This happens another time. Mia’s words of wisdom play through Wright’s head as he tries to figure out what to do. Eventually, Maya is found innocent and White confesses to the crime. Edgeworth and Wright stare each other down after the case.

A couple of weeks later, Wright is called into the station to defend another client…and it’s Edgeworth, who has been accused of murdering a man named Robert Hammond. Wright is called into action to save him as he goes up against perfect prosecutor Manfred Von Karma (Irons), who has never lost a case in his life. What will Wright do to defend Edgeworth? And what does this case have to do with a certain other one, called the DL-6 incident, which is soon to have its statute of limitations run out?

I won’t tell you the answer…you should play the game/watch the movie!

Really, play the game. It's awesome.

Director: Edgar Wright

Phoenix Wright: Josh Hutcherson
Miles Edgeworth: James McAvoy
Manfred Von Karma: Jeremy Irons
- Gumshoe (the detective who helps investigate cases): Danny McBride
Mia Fey: Rachel McAdams
Maya Fey: Anna Kendrick
The Judge: Michael Caine
Wendy Oldbag (a witness in the second case): Betty White
Redd White: Gary Cole


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

B.Y. wrote:
Directed by Duncan Jones

After George Backman (played by Guy Pearce) gains the ability of retrocognition, his ability to see all events of the past makes him the star of the public eye and a prime necessity for the government. While his ability slowly kills him, he is drained by the use of the power as the government forces him to cooperate as they milk intelligence out of him. Journalist Kenny Henson (Robert Downey Jr) raises a movement against Secretary of State James Worthington (Christian Bale) who detains Backman. His power raises questions about the beginning of the universe, existence of Gods, and the power of memory itself.

Character list:
Guy Pearce is George Backman

A normal guy with a normal job who gets into a car accident which briefly puts him into a coma, but after awaking discovers the ability of retrocognition.

Christian Bale is Secretary of State James Worthington

A hard headed ruthless political beast who shows no qualms about using George Backman until he's drained the life out of him.

Robert Downey Jr is CNN journalist Kenny Henson

An excitable, popular journalist who releases the news of Backman's powers to the public and leads the protest against the Secretary.

John Simm is Jacob Forsyth

Loyal best friend of George.

Joseph Gordon Levitt is government scientist Jordan Wyatt

Government's leading scientist who shows moral concern over their treatment of George.

Drew Barrymore is Carrie Backman

Loyal wife of George.

Frances McDormand is Christine Forsyth

Wife of Jacob.

Plot synopsis:

The movie starts with an orchestral montage of some of the most important moments in history. 9/11, Neil Armstrong on the moon, JFK’s assassination, Martin Luther King Jr’s dream speech, World War footage, and several other memorable moments. These moments flicker by on the screen, and the camera pans out to see these moments projected onto an eye (see movie poster for example) and then zooms out further to the protagonist (Guy Pearce) letting out a huge breath as the images fade away.

One Week Earlier

George Backman (Guy Pearce) narrates his normal life as he wakes up next to his wife Carrie (Drew Barrymore,) goes to his cubicle job at a paper company, and returns home at night for a dinner party with their friends Jacob (John Sim) and Christine Forsyth (Frances McDormand). The topic of religion arises and what everyone things about the universe. George (Pearce) expresses his agnostic views, unsure either way of a God or how everything started. His wife (Barrymore) says she believes in a God and that God created the universe and Jacob (Simm) agrees). His wife (McDormand) says she is an atheist and that science has yet to explain the origin of the universe but will in the future.

The following day George is driving to work when he gets into a horrific car accident. It puts him into a brief coma which lasts three days, and his friends and wife lay by his bedside. When he finally wakes up and is able to come home, he isn’t allowed to return to work so he sits on the couch watching the History channel eating pasta. About to fall asleep where he’s sitting as he lays back, he takes a huge gasp of air and suddenly a series of images begins to flash in his eyes. The viewer is taken inside his mind to see what he sees, and we witness a memory of George’s childhood. It is an extremely clear and visceral walkthrough of a time where he was just a baby eating penne pasta with his fingers.

George snaps out of it, bewildered at what just happened. (Narrating) He wonders to himself how he accessed so much of that memory as he was just a baby. He looks at photo on the table of he and his wife on their wedding day. Again he takes a large gasp of air and the images of his wedding day flash in his eyes. Inside his mind we see with such clarity the moment they had that photo taken. Snapping out of it again, he is concerned and calls his doctor who tells him some confusion is expected and that he just needs to rest.

George lays back again, and falls asleep with the History Channel still on the TV. The program is about the assassination of JFK. While he sleeps he is jarred awake again by a gasp of memory. This time he is experiences the assassination not from a camera angle, but in moving detail, experiencing it in a way that has never been recorded. When he snaps out of it, he calls his wife to come home panicking over the thought that he is hallucinating because of his injury. When she gets home, he explains what has happened and she asks him to try to remember something else. Carrie watches as he recalls his 8th birthday with a gasp. She watches the moving images on the face of his eyes. In disbelief, she calls their friends Jacob (Simm) and Carrie (McDermond) to come over.

Now all together, they ask George to try and remember something. The same thing happens. He appears to be able to access any memory with full clarity and vision. What perplexes them is his memory of JFK, so they ask him to think about another historical event. George inhales and remembers the 1980 Olympic hockey championships as the US beats the Soviet Union. They watch the moving images reflecting off of his eyes, and taken into George’s mind he is accessing every detail of the event.
After a long debate about what to do next, they decide it is something supernatural or beyond anything a doctor will help with. They also don’t want to expose it to the wrong hands. As a group they decide to call Christine’s (McDormand) journalist contact, Kenny Henson (Downey Jr.) who writes for CNN’s Science website and figure out how to go about showing people the amazing ability before it goes away.

The next day they meet with Kenny Henson (Downey Jr) in his DC office. They figure since people have to see this, they may as well have a friend to guide them through the media. As George shows him his ability by recalling the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Henson begins to bounce around his office in shock. An event never recorded, but able to be seen. He starts rambling endlessly about the possibilities this opens. He then suddenly stops and looks at George. He exclaims that he can answer every question of the universe!! They all pause. George takes the biggest gasp of all, and his face shakes as he draws in all of history through his mind. His mind arrives at the big bang and Henson, his wife, and the Forsyths watch in utter shock as it erupts in his eyes. It stops suddenly as George’s head cuts him off in pain.

Henson demands to record an interview with him and that an article couldn’t do this justice. Soon after, they shoot a short interview and it airs later that night. Only a half hour after airing as the Backmans sit home, their house is ambushed by media. They are soon cleared out by a government officials who come to the door. They ask Backman to come with them and they oblige in fear of all of the media.

They are brought to The White House and sat in front of the Secretary of State, James Worthington (Christian Bale) and a man in a lab coat (Joseph Gordon Levitt). Worthington tells George that he can be an essential tool for the U.S. government and that his retrocognition can provide key intelligence for the government. He also introduces his chief scientist Jordan Wyatt who he hopes can work with George. In fear of becoming a science experiment, George asks if he and his wife can go home to think about it. They are sent back.

A long scene shows Backman sitting alone recalling memories of his life. Toying with his ability. He watches moments of history in vivid detail. Reliving ancient events and attempting to access the furthest moments of time he can.

After several days the government begins to pester the Backmans, as do the media which they try to avoid with all their will. Eventually George is shoved into a van and wakes up in a lab. Doctor Wyatt (Levitt) is shining a light in his eyes, and George freaks out but is strapped down. Worthington (Bale) walks in and tells him he needs to cooperate with the government or his life could be in danger.

After being asked to recall several historical events, George’s nose begins to bleed. Doctor Wyatt hypothesizes that however he is doing this, it might be straining his brain which would explain his headaches.

Meanwhile, Kenny Henson (Downey Jr) is reporting about the government detaining George Backman beyond their legal rights. He is the voice of protest in the handling of Backman’s situation and gains several followers. The government comes under fire, but demand George is there for the safety of the country.

After a day of intense retrocognition demands, George faints. Doctor Wyatt (Levitt) attempts to medicate George but wonders if they are seriously damaging George’s brain. Worthington and other government officials force him to continue. Riots fill the streets of DC, led by Henson (Downey), demanding Backman’s release. Doubt over God’s existence has never been so prevalent, and some people wonder if Backman’s gift is one from God himself.

After the government cannot handle the strain anymore, they decide to temporarily release George to appease the rioters. George’s headaches get worse and his nose bleeds more common.

Kenny Henson films a follow up interview with George to expose his treatment and to show his amazing ability again. A 60 minutes piece airs in which tight camera angles show George’s eyes recalling planetary creation, the Milky Way Galaxy formation, and again he recalls the big bang. George says that a belief in God would be difficult with the images he sees. During filming he needs to constantly wipe his bleeding nose.
George gets weaker by the day, and having taken the world by storm, the pressure from the media and government gets stronger than ever. Doctor Wyatt (Levitt) suggests to Worthington (Bale) that George’s time is running out. He may in fact be dying and they must tread carefully if they want to get the last bit of intelligence out of him.

George is bed ridden and the Forsyths and his wife stay by his side. (Narrating) George knows his time is short. He no longer wants to be a tool of the government and is almost ready to let go of his quickly slipping health.

The final scene is a camera set up by George tight on his eyes. He draws in a spectacular amount of history and personal memory. Flashes of the beginning of time, to his childhood memories, and everything in between spin through his eyes and in his mind. We see stylized views of the most historical moments in his mind’s eye, as the viewer is taken through a montage of history. They then flicker away as his eyes go numb. Blood drips from his nose and he lays motionless.

He is now shown on a hospital bed with a flat lining heart rate monitor, eyes closed with no blood under his nose…fade to black.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Gnat wrote:
Media Blurb

The Gnat Entertainment through their subsidiary Flashlight Productions is proud to announce the greenlighting of their newest film Lightning Bug. This film, directed by Joe Wright, director of Atonement and Pride and Prejudice, and starring Carey Mulligan, An Education, and Jon Hamm, Mad Men, is the story of a government sting on the mafia in New York City going through a brothel.


Joe Wright - Joe Wright was selected for this film because of his prior work making period pieces, this won't be set back as far as Pride and Prejudice, but he will be able to use some of his set style from Atonement as this story will be set shortly after World War I. He also has a very graceful style, even with action it isn't designed to be as intense as the current film era generally works. That also works well as this story isn't supposed to be about the action as compared to being more about the players and how the characters are being manipulated to various ends.

Seamus McGarvey - McGarvey has worked with Joe Wright before on a couple of his projects so he and Wright are on the same page stylistically.

Dario Marianelli - Marianelli has worked with Joe Wright before as well and has worked in some films with a bit more action such as V for Vendetta, so he has range for a film such as this and familiarity with Wright.

Cast - Leads

Carey Mulligan - Carey Mulligan is starring in this film as Lydia, a prostitute who works in the mafia run brothel.

Jon Hamm - Jon Hamm will be co-starring as FBI Agent Simon Carlson. He is the head FBI Agent working on the mafia case.

Stanley Tucci - Tucci plays Michael Anthony Rossi, one of the mafia bosses of New York City who runs the brothel which is being investigated.

Cast - Supporting

Gary Oldman - Oldman plays a supporting role as Hamm's FBI Supervisor, who is receiving push from the head of the FBI.

Michelle Williams - Williams joins the cast as Scarlet, Scarlet is the favorite working girl at the brothel of Michael Anthony Rossi.

Paul Giamatti - Giamatti plays Vincente Gallo, a rival mafia boss who is working on trying to set up Rossi.

Vinnie Jones - Jones plays Carter, an enforcer for Gallo.

Helen Mirren - Mirren has joined the cast as Maria, the head mistress of the brothel, Felecia.

Dennis Haysbert - Dennis Haysbert will be taking on the role of Malcolm Haynes, the head of the FBI (note this not historically accurate).

Malcolm McDowell - McDowell is playing Ian Lambpert the current New York City mayor, who is on the take from a couple of the mob families.

Alexa Vega - Vega is a working girl along with Lydia and Scarlet named Angel. She is the youngest girl in the brothel.

Cast - Minor Roles

Daniel Dae Kim - He joins the cast as a businessman whose shop has a booking agency being run out of the backroom by the Gallo mafia in Rossi territory.

Kate Mara, Alexas Bledel - Working girls at the brothel.


Lydia is a working girl at a brothel in New York City working with a number of other girls. Scarlet is the favorite of the mafia boss who runs the brothel, and Angel is the youngest whom Lydia tries to protect from some of the rougher/crass clients.

She runs into Simon at a corner store while she is out running to get groceries for the brothel. They talk and she develops a crush on him. He realizes this and goes back to the FBI office to get permission to reach out to her and use her as a mole. He is told by his boss that this is the last chance because of pressure form the head of the FBI and the mayor of New York City.

Simon finds a way to track Lydia down, and playing on her crush on him and the promise of safety for her and Angel, she agrees to help him gather information on Rossi, the boss running the brothel.

Rossi meets with Angel without Lydia around, and tells her that she has to go and find out about a suspected booking agency in the area which he isn't running. He has her use her whiles to try and seduce the shop owner.

Lydia hears this and tries to be allowed to go instead of Angel, but Rossi refuses. Lydia runs to Simon in hopes that he can step in somehow and do something before Angel has to do this. She is followed by Gallo's enforcer, Carter. He sees her meeting with Simon and brings the knowledge to Gallo. Gallo brings this knowledge to Mayor Lambpert.

Lydia gathers what little information she can, but Simon pushes her for more and to take bigger risks in getting the information. She agrees as her crush develops and she looks at Simon as a saving figure for her and Angel.

Angel goes into the shop and tries to get information on the booking agency, she gets caught and Gallo assumes that she and Lydia are working together with the FBI through Rossi to try and take down Gallo. Carter roughs her up and sends her back to the brothel.

Lydia goes off on Rossi and Scarlet and tries to run away. Rossi catches up with her and Angel and brings them back. She is locked away in her room and not allowed out, but clients are allowed in. Lydia can hear Angel being abused in the room next to her.

Simon wonders what has happened to Lydia. Haynes and the mayor tell him that it is over, but his supervisor suspects the mayor is on the take and tells Simon to find out what he can and report to him only. Simon goes to the brothel posing a customer and meets with Lydia. He promises to help her, but he needs something to take down Rossi with, and Lydia says she'll find something.

Lydia has Angel let her out of the room at night with Angel's help. She goes and finds Scarlet and Rossi going at it. He gets pulled away for some business and she follows him. She sees a drug shipment arrive and tries to sneak back to her room. She gets caught by Scarlet who reports it to the head mistress who reports her being out to Rossi. Rossi takes her back to the basement where she is tied up and is forced to watch Angel being abused. Angel is then forced out of the house on her own.

Simon tries to meet with Lydia again, but is told that she isn't feeling well. He sees Angel on the street looking very poorly and asks her what has happened. He tells her what has happened and how they are holding Lydia. He breaks into the brothel to save her and blows his and her cover.

Lydia tells Simon what she saw going on in the basement. Simon goes to his supervisor and they raid the place. They put Lydia and Angel under protection as Rossi threatens that they'll be killed. They find enough to arrest and convict Rossi without Lydia's testimony.

Simon puts her and Angel into witness protection. Lydia wonders what is going to happen between her and Simon if she has to move and confesses her love of him. Simon reveals that he was only flirting with her to get her to help him and that he is married.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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devils1854 wrote:
Cease to Exist

December 7, 2012

Directed by Alfonso Cuaron
Produced by Alfonso Cuaron
Original Screenplay by Alfonso Cuaron
Cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki
Music by Paul Simon

Michael Fassbender as Charles Manson
-Manson is the leader of a 'hippie family." He is very carismatic, and can easily manipulate others to do what he wants. He wants to spread his music throughout the country, and will do whatever he has to, to get a record deal.

James Franco as Dennis Wilson
-Wilson is a singer songwriter, who was also a founder of the band The Beach Boys. He meets Charles Manson at his house, and immediately falls for Manson's trap. He would invite Manson and his family to move in with him, and he would help Manson get his start in the music industry.

Charlie Hunnam as Terry Melcher
-Melcher is a record producer, and friend of Dennis Wilson. He meets Manson through Wilson, and for a time, wants to sign Manson to a record deal, and make a movie about Manson and his family.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Geoff Jakobson
-Jakobson is a songwriter who is introduced to Manson by Dennis Wilson. He becomes friends with Manson, and even pays for Manson to record his original music.

Felicity Jones as Patricia Krenwinkel
-Patricia Krenwinkel, otherwise known as "Big Patty." Krenwinkel was one of the girls that Wilson met while she was hitchhiking.

Mia Wasikowska as Mary Brunner
-Mary Brunner was Manson's primary girl of the group. She also had Manson's son in April of 1968.

Elizabeth Olsen as Ella Jo Bailey
-Bailey is another member of the Manson Family, and was the other girl that met Dennis Wilson while she was hitchhiking.

Lucas Black as "Tex"
-Tex is a member of the Manson family. He puts the family in trouble when he steals one of Williams's cars.

Alfonso Cuaron is a director, producer, and writer. He has been nominated for an Academy Award twice for his screenplays of Y tu mama tambien and Children of Men. His directing credits include Y tu mama tambien, Children of Men, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Emmanuel Lubezki is a 5 time Academy Award Nominee for Cinematography. His best known works are Sleepy Hollow, Y tu mama tambien, The Lost World, Children of Men, and The Tree of Life.

Paul Simon is a 12 time Grammy Award Winner, a Academy Award Nominee, and a former member of Simon & Garfunkel. His greatest success in film was writing and performing the music for The Graduate, including the iconic song Mrs. Robinson.

Spring 1968:
Dennis Wilson, singer, songwriter, and founder of the group The Beach Boys is driving through Los Angeles. He sees two girls walking along the road, hitchhiking. He decides to pick the two girls up. The girls tell him where they want to go, and he agrees to take them there. After he drops them off, he makes the drive to his Pacific Palisades home to get ready for a recording session. While on his way to the recording session, he sees the same two girls hitchhiking again. He thinks nothing of it. he starts talking to the girls, and they agree to go to his home and wait for him to get done with his session, so they can party after.

Its past midnight when Wilson finishes recording. He heads home, and as he is pulling up, he sees multiple cars in his driveway. He is concerned, and alarmed. As he is walking up his driveway, a man comes out to meet him. The man looks unopposing, but it doesnt ease Wilson's mind. The man introduces himself as Charles Manson. Wilson asks him if he means to harm him. Manson insists that he has no intention in harming him, and as a gesture of good will, he gets down on his knees, and kisses Wilson's feet. He says that he is a friend of the two girls and they invited him and his friends over to party. Wilson still has his doubts, but he allows Manson, and his people to stay.

Inside the house, Wilson finds 12 people. All are strangers except for the two girls he picked up hitchhiking, and almost all of the unwanted guests are female. As a gesture of good faith, Manson shares a massive amount of drugs, that he brought, with Wilson. The two converse about music, philosophy, and love throughout the night. Manson also tells Wilson that any girl in the house is his for the night, even his main girl, Mary Brunner, who had just given birth to his son.

Wilson and Manson formed a relationship quickly. Wilson invited Manson and his family to move into his house The group would continute to have drug filled parties where Manson and Wilson would play music, and talk all night. Feeling confident in their relationship, Manson invited more of his family to move into Wilson's house.

Throughout all of this, Manson had a secret agenda. Manson desperately wanted a music contract. He wanted to spread his philosophy throughout the country, and he saw Wilson as the means to make this happen. So he decided to keep Wilson in a drug haze, and continue to offer him all of his women.

Manson's plan worked. Wilson absolutely loved Manson's persona, and philosophy on life. He thought that Manson had a quality about him that could make him a star. Wilson introduced Manson to some of his music industry friends. The first man Wilson introduced Manson to was Gregg Jakobson. Jakobson was a songwriter, and had collaborated with Wilson on songs for The Beach Boys. Jackobson was inpressed with Manson. He wanted to hear more of him. They would get together, and Manson would play with Jakobson. The two would become friends. Jakobson was impressed with Manson, and said that he had the total package. He even used his own money to allow Manson to record his own music.

Manson was now on cloud nine. His dream was close to becoming a reality. The next step was to find a record producer to sign him, and it just so happened that Wilson had friends that were producers. Terry Melcher worked with Wilson when he was with The Beach Boys. Melcher met Manson through Wilson, and was another person entranced with Manson. He was not only interested in potentially recording Manson's music, but he also wanted to make a movie about Manson and his family.

Towards the end of the summer, things would start to change. The family had taken their toll on Wilson. The had destroyed many parts of his house that he had to pay for, and he also had to pay for all of the family to get treated for gonorrhea. Two nights really stood out. One night, a family member named "Tex" stole Wilson's car, and completely destroyed it. The other night was when Melcher saw Manson get into a fight with a drunken man during a party at his house.

Wilson and Melcher had enough of Manson, and his antics. Wilson had his manager kick the family out of his home, and Wilson himself, quickly moved from the residence. Melcher decided to pass on signing Manson to a music contract. This angered Manson. His dream was shattered, and he wanted revenge. Manson set out to find Terry Melcher. He went to his Cielo Drive home, but when he got there, he found that Melcher had moved. Instead he met the new tenants, filmmaker Roman Polanski, and his wife, actress Sharon Tate. Manson was forced to leave with no information on Melcher's whereabouts.

Manson was now out of a dream, and a place to live. In November, Manson moved his family to a ranch that was owned by a family member of one of the women in the group. Manson and his family made their home there, and comtinued their hippie lifestyle. A acquantence of Manson visited the community one night. He partied with Manson. He even had a new record that he had just bought, to play for Manson. Manson listened to the album and fell in love with The White Album from the Beatles, and especially their song "Helter Skelter."


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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Desmond wrote:

Technical Crew
Darren Aronofsky | Director

Darren brings a visual touch and feel to the film that not many directors can pull off. He is capable of glam and grit.

Jeremy Soule | Composer

Jeremy Soule is the only composer targeted in this production. His work shows he can have ponderous tones, as well as fulfilling and enriching instrumental works.

John Logan | Writer

John Logan is the only writer targeted for this production. He is entrusted to write and adapt the story as it best fits the screen.

The Birmingham Bandits
The Bandits are a youthful, up-and-coming team in the Professional Football League. The franchise was founded fifty years ago, and won a title in the 1970's, however has since become a middling team with brief spats of success and failure, never again having reached the championship game. Their rival is the San Antonio Specters. While the Specters compete in a different conference in the PFL, the Bandits have always competed in exhibition games with the Specters, and their fans take great pride in their rivalry.

Under their new coach, the Bandits have gotten more technical-minded and disciplined, becoming more competitive, and the face of their franchise is the young Michael Boode.

Joe Slattery, Head Coach | Played by Daniel Day-Lewis

Joe Slattery is the 17th head coach of the Birmingham Bandits. Prior to being named head coach, he served as the team's linebackers coach under their former coach Lester Wilkins. While Slattery has the title of head coach, he also has the responsibilities typically bestowed upon a general manager, able to make deals for players and control the draft.

It is unknown how Slattery made the jump from LB coach to head coach in such a short duration, but in his third season, he has amassed an efficient and talented roster.

Prescott Lee, Owner | Played by Sean Penn

Prescott Lee is the owner of the Birmingham Bandits. He inherited the team from his late father Wallace Lee, who founded the club. It was seen as a questionable move to hire Joe Slattery as the club's head coach, despite a middling team coached by Lester Wilkins. Lee stood his ground against angry fans, as the Slattery hire was seen as "quick" and "cheap", compared to hiring a bigger name to take over for Wilkins.

Lee's private life has been under the microscope of the media during his time running the Bandits. After he inherited the team, his first marriage ended in a loud and publicized divorce by his wife, who has since retreated to the hills of Shenandoah. Eight years ago, after the firing of the club's fifteenth head coach, Lee was cited for indecent exposure and public drunkenness, following a 1-15 football season. Five years ago, Lee was investigated by the FBI in a money laundering ring, however Lee was officially found to have no attachments to the scheme. Around this same time, a woman came forward alleging that she and Lee had participated in an affair, but produced no evidence. Lee's second wife was supportive of him throughout the ordeal.

Shortly before the hiring of Joe Slattery, Lee was arrested for driving under the influence in Vestavia Hills, Alabama; however, he paid the fine and attended a seminar, meeting the court-ordered punishment.

Bobby Donovan, QB, Vanderbilt | Played by Damian Lewis

Bobby Donovan is the starting quarterback for the Birmingham Bandits. Coming out of college, Donovan was drafted in the first round by the Chicago Paladins, where he played for six seasons. He was traded to the Tulsa Centaurs, where he injured his arm and underwent Tommy John surgery. After being cut by Tulsa, Donovan bounced around to Louisville, Boise, Houston, and Los Angeles, serving as a backup on all teams.

He was a free agent and semi-retired before being signed by the Bandits in Slattery's first year. In his time with the Bandits, Donovan has set completion percentage records in the league. He is primarily asked to manage the game, not win it for his team.

Michael Boode, HB, Nebraska | Played by Jeremy Renner

Michael Boode is the starting halfback for the Birmingham Bandits. He is a rare athlete that possesses elite power and burst. Boode was drafted in the first round by the Bandits in Slattery's debut draft, where he fell to #8 overall after concerns around the league about Boode's character. Boode was arrested following a January bowl win three years ago, a couple of months prior to the draft, after getting into a public brawl with a half-dozen fans. Boode suffered nothing more than superficial injuries, whereas two fans had to be hospitalized. The charges against Boode were dropped following an eyewitness report that Boode acted in self-defense.

Since coming into the league, Boode is regarded as the best running back and has revolutionized the position for the Bandits, becoming a top-five rushing leader and an enviable passing option. While primarily a power back, Boode has a velocity that rivals defensive backs. His hands are regarded as "well above average" in the league, as one scout regarded at a draft workout.

Phil Holden, LB, Syracuse | Played by Seth Gilliam

Phil Holden is the starting middle linebacker for the Birmingham Bandits. Holden is in charge of calling audibles in Slattery's 4-3 defense. He was drafted in the fifth round of Slattery's first draft. Prior to coming in the league, Holden was admired for his tackling and intelligence, having scored very highly on a mental draft test, however he was dismissed by many for being undersized.

Holden is a quiet player off the field, despite being very talkative and passionate on it. Slattery often jokes that when Holden quits playing football, Slattery will have a coordinator job waiting for him.

Stacy Guerineau, Vice President of Business Operations | Played by Charlize Theron

Stacy Guerineau is the Vice President of Business Operations for the Birmingham Bandits. The hiring of Guerineau was seen as landmark, as female executives were not hired to such high positions in the league. Since her hiring, many women have been added to executive positions around the league.

Nancy Slattery, Coach's Wife | Played by Marisa Tomei

Nancy Slattery is the wife of head coach Joe Slattery. She is not employed by the Bandits, but often seen in the luxury box of Birmingham's stadium. She serves as a lawyer for a firm representing corporate interests in Alabama.

The Baton Rouge Specters
The Specters are a veteran team in the Professional Football League. They are one of the founding franchises in the PFL, and have won four titles, three in the last decade-and-a-half under their current coach. Their rival is the Birmingham Bandits. While the rivalry throughout history has been balanced, the Specters claim superiority, having retained more wins in the rivalry than the Bandits. The Specters have not only been dominant in the rivalry of late, they have also own more titles more recently than the Bandits. It would be safe to say that the Bandits are living in the shadow of the Specters, both in image and in regional fanbases.

Frank Mendoza, Head Coach | Played by Danny Trejo

Frank Mendoza is the fourth head coach of the Baton Rouge Specters. He has been a coach of the team for thirteen years, one of the longest-tenured coaches in the league. He is a former linebacker for the Portland Dukes. He is well-respected and players admire him. He is regarded as a "player's coach". Mendoza has coached the Specters to three championship titles in his duration in Baton Rouge.

Vince Blackett, QB, Auburn | Played by Peyton Manning

Vince Blackett is the starting quarterback for the Baton Rouge Specters. He has been in the league for a decade, and is regarded as one of the best quarterbacks of all time. His play has set passing yards and touchdown throw records.

What is most impressive about Blackett's play is that he has accomplished several great seasons while throwing to a turnstile of receiving options and handing off to various running backs. Mendoza coaches up the defense of the Specters, often ranked top-five in the league in yards allowed, and Blackett handles running the offense.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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tinoynk wrote:

Directed by the Coen Bros.

Dustin Hoffman as Hiram Patrick Schaffer
Schaffer was born to a German father and second generation Irish mother on in the 1820s. After several years working with his father as a railroad mechanic, he became a leader in local trade unions and eventually worked his way into the Tammany Hall machine during the height of the Tweed regime. By distancing himself from the illegal dealings he avoided indictment with the rest of the regime and became a prominent party leader during the following administration of Richard Croker. Though he did profit from Tammany’s involvement in illegal gambling and prostitution, Schaffer made most of his money buying plots of land throughout the northeast later used for railroad construction, knowledge he had from his position in rail unions. He lives on a large estate in what is now Harlem. His wife was killed during the Draft Riots several years after giving birth to their two sons, Stephen and Nathanial.

Sam Rockwell as Stephen Schaffer- Hiram’s son, a city councilman. Stephen worked as a captain in the NYPD, a position held in name only, which was gained through his father’s connections. He abused his position and his lack of accountability, rarely showing up for work and not hesitating to use his authority for his own means, eventually leaving for a career in politics. He is extremely clever and resourceful, but has a temper which has led to many burned bridges.

Michael Shannon as Nathanial Schaffer- Stephen’s younger brother, Nathanial graduated from law school at Columbia and helps manage his father’s property and acquisitions along with his other business interests. He is more reserved than his brother, but no less ambitious or unscrupulous.

Jon Voight as Thomas Murray- Hiram’s personal attorney and main adviser, Murray works closely with Nathanial, who he considers as almost a son after his own son was killed as a member of the Union Navy during the Civil War.

Kelly MacDonald as Sarah Collins- Nathanial’s wife, a first generation Irish immigrant. She is pregnant for the second time, with the first ending in a miscarriage. She enjoys the comforts afforded by her husband’s position.

Ian McShane as Jack Byrne- An Irish born Democratic councilman who spent most of his “political” career as a manager of brothels and gambling dens and bookies, a job he still performs even into his 60s. He immigrated to America with his older brother at the age of 8 to meet their widower father, who left them with an uncle in Ireland while he got himself established. However, he died while they were in transit, leaving him and his brother to fend for themselves, joining a local street gang on the Lower East Side. He met Boss Tweed as a child and they remained friends, and Byrne became one of the most trusted men with the dirtiest work the Tammany machine had to do.

Clarke Peters as Samuel Young- Born a slave in New Orleans, Samuel was one of many slaves to join the Union Navy during the naval blockade of southern ports, where he met Thomas Murray’s son, who gave him a message for his father before he died. Young’s diligence with carrying out his son’s wishes impressed Thomas. Though he is not officially a member, he uses his charisma to garner support among the black community for Tammany Hall, as well as managing Tammany’s illegal interests in black neighborhoods.

Mos Def as Isaiah Young- Samuel’s son who he had to leave in New Orleans after joining the Navy. After Samuel got settled in New York he sent money for Isaiah to make the trip, after which he joined his father in organizing New York’s black community for the Democratic Party.

Vincent Kartheiser as Dr. Theo Martin- the Schaffer’s personal physician, having taken over for his recently deceased father.

The year is 1890, the height of the Gilded Age. Hiram Schaffer’s (Hoffman) health has been declining for a year, and he finally begins to heed his doctor’s advice to take it easy and he begins to relinquish his responsibilities to his attorney Thomas Murray (Voight) and his son Nathanial (Shannon). As it becomes clear that he may not have much time left, Nathanial inquires to Murray about his will, and is shocked to find out that he leaves both he and his brother Nathanial out of the will entirely. He and Murray meet with his brother Stephen (Rockwell) to discuss the matters. Though Murray has been loyal to Hiram in the two decades he served as his attorney, he realizes the opportunity they have to take advantage of the power they now have over Hiram’s estate. He tells them that as attorney and notary, he can easily change his father’s will, but they will have to bide their time until his condition deteriorates further.

In the meantime, Murray and Nathanial start to pocket some of Hiram’s money which they manage, while Stephen begins to make plans to circumvent his brother and get to the will for himself. He discusses his situation with Jack Bryrne (McShane), a Tammany councilman notorious for handling some of their most dangerous and illegal business. He and Byrne are relatively close, as they both share similarly extroverted and occasionally violent dispositions, as well as the fact that Stephen routinely helped Jack avoid arrest during his days as a police captain. Byrne recommends enlisting the help of Samuel Young (Peters), who promotes the Democratic Party within black communities, where he also performs most of the same duties as Jack.

While his sons plot for his money, Hiram confides in Murray, telling him he is the only person he really trusts, even including his own sons. He tells him as a child he used to talk to an old Serbian immigrant who was paid a nickel a week to sweep the local butcher shop. He says that she would always tell him old Serbian sayings, and the only one he fully remembers was that “a greedy man has thieves for children.” He confesses that he knows that he did not make his money honestly, and regrets it. There is an obvious look of guilt on Murray’s face, but he does not make any indications as to his plans.

After a meeting at Tammany Hall, Jack Byrne approaches Murray and hints that he knows of the plan to get to Hiram’s will. Murray plays coy and does not let on any further. He goes to Nathanial and tells him that he suspects Stephen of trying to get his father’s money for himself. Nathanial confronts Stephen in their father’s parlor, and the conversation starts to get heated. When Stephen calls him barren and mocks his wife’s miscarriage, they go to blows. Stephen gains the upper hand and begins to choke the life out of his brother. Before Nathanial is about to pass out, he manages to pick up a billiard ball that fell from the table during their fight and repeatedly bashes his brother in the head, killing him. The commotion wakes Hiram who, even in his sick state, manages to make it downstairs and witnesses Nathanial delivering the law few blows to his eldest son’s caved in skull. Hiram passes out at the sight.

He and Murray clean up the mess and dump Stephen’s body in the Hudson River. Though there is no police investigation or inquiry into the situation, Jack Byrne realizes what happened and confronts Murray in his downtown office, not only motivated by his own greed but by his anger at his associate’s death. Threatening Murray’s life, he demands that he be added into Hiram’s will, and even suggests that he “expedite” Hiram’s demise. Murray tries to dissuade him by saying that nobody will believe that Hiram left money to him, but Byrne points out that there is no reason the matter would have to be public, and tells Murray that he has a day to make up his mind.

He discusses Byrne’s demands with Nathanial, who suggests he uses his influence to have action taken against Byrne. However, Murray is not as valuable as Byrne, who brings in large profits for Tammany Hall and manages to keep a hold on the most volatile of their interests, and dealing with such an issue would be too much of a headache. Realizing that Byrne will not be able to be stopped, he take it upon himself to kill him. Murray warns him against it, but after hearing that Byrne suggested killing his father he becomes enraged and begins planning the murder. He finds a back entrance to Byrne’s office on the Lower East Side, where he is known to arrive each morning at 500, and plans to ambush him.

As he cleans his revolver and readies himself, Murray realizes that he has not hitched his wagon to a winning horse. He goes back to Jack, tells him of Nathanial’s plan and writes him into Hiram’s will. After the will is changed, he is garroted by Isaiah Young (Mos Def), Samuel’s son. He leaves Isaiah to intercept Nathanial, while he and Samuel stake out the Hiram estate. As soon as Nathanial leaves, they enter the house to finish off Hiram. Jack leaves Samuel to guard the front door to make sure nobody interrupts, and goes to do the deed himself.

Hiram realized that Stephen and Nathaniel's fatal brawl was likely the result of maneuvering for his money, and as soon as Byrne enters his room he knows he is there to kill him. Byrne wastes little time approaching and smothering him with a pillow. But due to his suspicion, Hiram left a Derringer pistol behind his mattress, with which he takes off the top of Jack’s head. Sam rushes up to help, and is shot in the arm, which doesn’t stop him from emptying his own revolver into Hiram.

Meanwhile, Nathanial walks up the steps to Byrne’s office where Isaiah and several other henchmen wait for him. The sound of gunshots and glass breaking can be heard seconds after Nathanial enters, as the screen goes black.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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Buckrock101 wrote:

Directed by Denzel Washington
Cinematography by Steven Soderbergh
Score by Trent Reznor
Visual Effects/Costume Design by Richard Taylor
Stunts by Metta World Peace and JJ Redick


The rise and fall of a superstar in the NBA. AD Thompson makes it to the top of his trade, taking a city on his back in the process, before injuries threaten to take it all away.

plot description:

Film opens out at the NBA draft, where we see Albert Darrion Thompson, after being drafted 11th in the first round. We see snippets of interviews with him, as he is very chipper and looking forward to starting his pro career.

Over black, the title comes in over a brooding Trent Reznor instrumental…. SUPERSTAR.

A gym, empty but for AD, shooting hoops. After a little while his coach, Marty Richards (Ty Burrell) comes in. They talk for while, and we see the pressure that AD is under as the star of the future, tasked with leading this struggling franchise from a young age.

Before the start of the season, AD and the team are at a dinner, something of an introduction for the rookies/new faces on the team. AD already looks comfortable and at home with the team, starting to become one of the team leaders at a young age.

Game time. AD sits on the bench at the start of his pro debut. He gets on after a little while, plays about 20 minutes and impresses. After the game, the commentators talk him up as the possible #1 guy on this team in the future.

He goes through his rookie season, steadily improving, and winds up winning rookie of the year. The key scene comes when he plays against Jamal Haley (Tyrese Gibson); the guy drafted #1 in AD’s draft class. Playing directly against each other, AD has a great game, going off for over 30 points and leading his team to a close victory.

The team narrowly misses the playoffs in AD’s debut season. Going into his sophomore campaign, he is pushed by the talking heads as a sleeper MVP candidate, all of them putting a lot of pressure on him to carry this team. There are a lot of comparisons between him and Haley, who had his moments but was a little bit disappointing as a rookie. Despite this, AD and Haley hang out a little in the offseason, and get along pretty well.

Just prior to the start of his 2nd season, AD and a few teammates go out on the town one night. It starts off quietly, but things end up getting a little rowdy, spurring a bit of talk about maturity issues with the young guy. These stop as soon as the season starts, however, as AD takes the step up and begins to really carry his team. He averages over 20 PPG, and leads his team to the 5th seed in the playoffs. However, they lose in the first round. Meanwhile, Haley’s team, on the back of both an improvement from Haley and a couple of free agent acquisitions, makes it through to the finals and wins.

Rumblings begin to appear about the security of Coach Richards’ job, following a disappointing end to a promising season. AD comes out in support of his coach, taking responsibility himself for the season’s end. He says he needs to improve his all-round game, puts no responsibility on anyone else.

Next season, he does that improvement, becoming one of the premiere players in the league. He goes off in one game for 50 points, and in another he hits a buzzer beater from the parking lot for the win. At one point in the season his team has the NBA-best winning streak, before they slow down a bit, with a couple of good matchups, and AD missing a couple of games due to injury. They make it to the playoffs as the 3rd seed, but again lose in the first round, in a tough 7 game series. Richards’ seat is red hot now. AD supports him again, but the talking heads all ignore him, and cannot believe when Richards keeps his job for another season.

AD comes out absolutely on fire the next year, but the team as a whole cannot catch a break. Their next best player gets injured for the majority of the season, and they come up against a lot of teams in a great run of form, including Haley’s team, Haley himself in the midst of a great season. With AD playing great and his team going nowhere, he finds himself approached by Lamar Freeman (Denzel), the coach of a rival team. Coach Freeman shadily tries to lure AD away, telling him to ask for a trade, and that he can have more success on his team. AD firmly rebuffs him, and tells him where he can shove his offer.

AD keeps this meeting to himself, and doesn’t turn Freeman in for what could be considered tampering. Instead, he keeps playing his heart out on the court. The team still can’t get it going though, and narrowly miss the playoffs, though not before AD drops 40 points in a win against Freeman’s team.

With another disappointing season, Richards is finally fired. AD keeps it to himself, though personally takes it quite hard, losing his mentor. Larry Green (Lance Reddick), a rookie head coach, is hired in Richards’ place, and despite opposing to the move, AD buys into the new guy (publically, at least). Word gets out to the media that Freeman had his eyes on AD, and the talking heads say that Richards’ refusal to move AD may have been the biggest reason for losing his job. Green’s first order of business though is to make sure AD stays around, signing him to a max contract for 5 years.

In preseason, AD is a little erratic, clearly not dealing too well in Richards’ absence. Just before the season starts, he meets with Marty for a catchup. Richards, now coaching a college team, is very positive and tries to get AD to think the same way. He comes out of the meeting more focused, and takes that into the season. He comes out as he left off in the previous season, and things around him click this time. He plays angry, and really lays the heat on most of the teams he plays. Talking heads have him as a strong MVP candidate.

Just after the all-star break, we see his team in the midst of a tight game against a division rival. Ramsey Graham (Mekhi Phifer), a good player who is somewhat of a journeyman because of a knack for getting in trouble, gets into an altercation with an opposition player, escalating to where both teams empty the benches and throw down. AD backs up his boy Ramsey, and as a result they both get thrown out of the game and suspended. AD comes back from his suspension at top form again, but a few games missed towards the end of the season, coupled with the suspension, costs him the MVP, as Jamal Haley takes it out.

He steps up to another level in the playoffs, and they make it past the first round. Haley loses in the 2nd round, and AD makes it through to the Conference Championships… however, they lose in 6 games to the eventual champions. AD misses the 2nd game of this series with a small injury to his knee.

In the offseason he has a scan done on his knee, and winds up missing all of preseason, and the first couple of games in the regular season. When he comes back he appears at full strength though, once again making a big MVP push early on, as his team remains a legitimate title contender.

AD is selected as a starter for the all star team, but decides to sit out the all star weekend to try and overcome some niggling injuries. After the break though, it is clear he isn’t quite the same. He still plays hard, but has lost a bit of a step, and struggles to string together multiple games without the injury flaring up. Eventually he goes for a scan, and the results aren’t good. He spends a good amount of time on the sidelines, and when he comes back, is limited to about 15 minutes a game off the bench. Adair Goodwin (RZA), who was signed to be the #2 option to AD, steps into the #1 role for the team with AD down.

Before the start of the playoffs, AD meets with a doctor (Corey Stoll), who tells him that his knees are deteriorating fast, and he risks really serious damage if he keeps playing. We see AD alone in the dressing room after this meeting, dealing with the idea that his career is pretty much over. An executive for the team (John Slattery) comes in, after speaking with the doctor himself. He pushes AD to retire, tells him he needs to in order to help out the team. AD reluctantly agrees, tells him and tells Coach Green that he’ll hang it up at the end of the playoffs. Scene ends with AD flinging a chair across the dressing room in anger.

As the playoffs start, AD sits on the bench. He comes back for the last couple of games of the first round, though is still limited to his 15 minutes tops as a sub. They make it through the first round. In the 2nd round, they are up against the 1 seed, the team with the best record in the NBA. Talk in the media pops up that AD is done after this playoff run, and eventually he is forced to address it. In an emotional press conference, he says that he loves this city, and as long as he can stand, he will be doing all he can to win games for them. He doesn’t mention to the media that he is going to retire, but there is an air of finality to his statement.

Onto the final scene. His team is in a hole, and is in a must-win game. AD comes off the bench as usual, hits some jumpers, primarily a role player. At halftime, things are looking grim. AD pleads with Coach Green to send him out there and give him free license. Coach doesn’t give him a definitive answer, but sends him out there to start the 2nd half. AD gets the ball more, and when he hits his 15 minute cap, stays out there. However, pushing himself to the limit as he is, the opposition have a very handy lead at the end of the 3rd quarter.

AD stays out there for the 4th. He quickly hits a couple of big shots, and the home crowd starts a chant of A-D! A-D! A-D! He firmly has the team on his back, looking once again like the #1 option out there.

In a time out, he is limping a little, and looks in pain. Coach Green asks if he is good to keep going, and AD defiantly tells him he is staying out there.

He goes back out and closes the gap even further. About two minutes to go, and it is in single digits. Pain is evident on his face, but he continues to push himself. The crowd continues to chant his name. He drives into the lane and hits a tough And-1, and the crowd absolutely erupts.

On the other end, the opposition tries to run out some clock and play it safe. They feed it into their star big man, and out of nowhere, AD comes in and blocks his shot. They speed down the court, and AD sinks a three from the top of the key.

The crowd is deafening now, as AD’s team gets the ball back, in a one-possession game. He controls the ball, and you can tell the game is in his hands. He schools his man on the dribble, and sinks a go-ahead jumper with under 5 seconds left. The opposition gets down the court quickly, AD sticking to the ball carrier like glue. He plays some tough D, and the potential buzzer beater falls flat. The crowd goes nuts as AD is swamped by his teammates, his arms in the air. We hold on the final shot of AD, tears running down his face, his team embracing him, his city going mad for him, with poignant Trent Reznor score playing over the top.

additional notes:

-Very organic, realistic visual style. Replicating how you'd see it if it were a real NBA game.
-A lot of talking heads, snippets from the media, ESPN cutaways. Aim of building the universe in which this film exists.


Wood Harris plays Albert Darrion Thompson, commonly known as AD. Highly talented, but a blue collar guy through and through. The consummate team leader, he puts his team, and his city on his back, despite the constant adversity.

Ty Burrell plays Marty Richards, AD's coach when he comes into the league. A big part of his development professionally and personally. Hits AD hard when he's fired, but they still keep in touch. Father figure to AD.

Tyrese Gibson plays Jamal Haley, NBA star and sort of a rival of AD's. Drafted #1 in AD's draft class, they keep a running battle on the court, but are good friends outside of the game. More inconsistent as a player than AD, and is known as a bit of a diva on the court, but is a good guy at the core.

Denzel Washington plays Lamar Freeman, one of the biggest name coaches in the game. Fiery on court, and a snake at heart. Tries to lure AD away to his team.

Mekhi Phifer plays Ramsey Graham, a good player, but a journeyman due to his knack for finding trouble. One time teammate of AD's, and winds up getting into a big fight on court. AD steps in to back his boy up, and both get themselves suspended.

The RZA plays Adair Goodwin, player signed by AD's team to play the #2 role to him, before the knee problems neuter him. Goodwin then steps into the #1, though takes a back seat to AD in the final scene.

Lance Reddick plays Larry Green, NBA coach who gets his first HC gig taking over from Richards. Decent coach, but somewhat of a vanilla personality. Not a disciplinarian.

John Slattery plays a high-ranking executive for AD's team. We see him meeting with AD early on in the film, just after he's drafted, and then again near the end, when he pushes him to retire with his knee issues.

Anwan Glover plays Jarrod Channing, all-star big man on a rival team. Gets in the fight with Graham that ends up with multiple guys suspended.

Jason Taylor plays a big man on the opposition during the final scene. Usually one of the premiere guys in the league, he gets schooled by AD at the end.

Tyler Perry plays an opposition Head Coach, coach of the team in the final scene. Likes to run his mouth.

Souleymane Sy Savane plays an opposition player, pops up here and there throughout the film.

Corey Stoll plays the doctor who informs AD that he can't keep playing with his knees the way they are.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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Kiltman wrote:


Announcing, a Kilt Production, Nova directed by Oscar winner Peter Jackson. Starring Idris Elba, Marion Cotillard, Jaime Bell, and Tom Hardy as the crew of the Starship Nova, with an additional cast of Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Bettany, Cate Blanchett, and Andy Serkis. With award winning composer, Hans Zimmer, providing the score. 

In the the mid 22nd Century a crew of Astronauts make the long awaited voyage to Saturn's moon Titan, which had long been theorized for potential life, after a probe uncovered a breakthrough. But upon arrival the crew is intercepted by a race of beings quite the opposite of the single celled organisms they were expecting on Titan. A alien race, seemingly far more advance in every way, and hailing from far outside the Milky Way. The crew of the Starship Nova must fight their way to not only get back to humanity, but to reclaim their own, in the face of unthinkable odds.

Back Story
After almost a century of stagnant discovery, a new international effort is formed to set forth and explore what else is out there in the universe. This organization, the International Space Confederation  (ISC), goes on for a few decades with little discovery until a probe sends back a new lead on some form of small multi-cellular life on Saturn's moon, Titan.

The film starts, as the opening credits role, images and video of humanities' brief existence in this universe flip through the background with shots of a man checking screens..flipping switches..and in audible murmurs, the camera rotates in a spiral around him, with more videos liberally thrown in including events that won't happen for a hundred years, and finally rests on a Don Fulson (Elba) who has scarring along the left side of his face and what appears to be some kind of mechanical left eye as well. He flips a visor over his face and hits a button to engage the spacecraft, you see it lift off the back of a large jet, within seconds the boosters kick off, and send the Starship soaring to the stars. 

We cut to several weeks later, the crew has settled in and will be reaching Titan within two weeks, they are about to cross Jupiter's orbit path. This is the Starship Nova, humanities first craft built to encounter new life of any kind outside of our own planet. Captain Fulson addresses the crew for a status update. Lieutenant James Kline (Hardy) is the first to report on the navigational systems, he states that they will have to alter their approach slightly so they don't miss the moon. Next Sergeant Casey Suggs offers and update on the Crew's health and the preparations he and Lt. Adrienne Chevalier (Cotillard) have been working on for their new arrivals, he also offers an excuse for her absence as she is sick and confined in her protocol states. Next up is Sgt. Aidan Montgomery (Hedlund) who breaks down the status of vital systems like oxygen etc. Fulson dismisses them and makes his way to Adrienne's quarters. She tells him to leave, that she can't be near anyone, he tells her that she's not fooling him. The latch opens, she says with a smirk "How did you know?", He taps his left temple indicating his robotic eye implant then smiles. They laugh then she start going into an analytical rant of the problems that could occur with bringing any alien life they might find, onto the ship. He reassures her that they have multiple fail safes in place to keep the crew safe and the specimens alive. And then let's her go back to her secluded work to check on Kline in the front of the ship. A few scenes between Fulson and the various members of the crew to establish a bit of backstory, it's here between a scene between Fulson and Suggs that he reveals how he got the eye and additional implants. It was a wide spread belief that it was just war wounds accumulated of Fulson's long military career, however here he reveals, in a partially narrated flashback, how his wife died to protect their infant son and how he almost died himself to try and save her. As he wraps up the story a rotating shot from Fulson's left to right shows a stoic left side of his face and a slightly teary-eyed right. Over a speaker system Kline informs the crew that they are approaching Titan. Cut to the crew looking out the front viewscreen to see a magnificent scene of Saturn in the background as they approach Titan.

Suggs, Kline, and Adrienne get aboard a shuttle craft to get closer to the Moon's Surface. Before they go Adrienne breaks down the preparations that Montgomery must perform. The shuttle launches towards Titan, hurtling towards the surface, before coming to a stop a few meters from the ground. Adrienne quickly launches probes into one of Titan's lakes to collect samples for analysis, but as she does this a loud boom is heard and the crew in the shuttle look up to see a massive ship cover a portion of Saturn in the Sky, the Craft fires upon the Nova. We see Montgomery and Fulson feeling the impact, quickly suiting up for what is about to become open space. They start to make their way to the secondary shuttle, the ship is falling apart around them, the noise begins to fade as the oxygen is replaced with the vacuum of space, you hear the breathing of Fulson and Montgomery as they are speaking to each other over they headsets of the suits, they come to the end of the front of the ship....the shuttle on the other half which is now making its way to the surface. Fulson grabs Montgomery as they jump, you see a zoomed out shot of them hurtling towards Titan and their last chance at survival, the Alien Vessel continuously firing upon the half of the ship they just escaped, no sound other than their breathing, cut to a quick shot from the ground crew as they see this play out miles above them. Back to Fulson telling Montgomery to brace as they are about to crash into the other half of the shuttle. They hit, hard, the sound comes roaring back as they are now in the poisonous atmosphere of Titan. Fulson uses his robotic arm to punch open the blast doors to get to the shuttle, Montomery still weary from the impact has to be drug along, the half of the ship is plummeting to the earth, Fulson is now trying feverishly to detach the shuttle, but due to the current status of the ship much override the system and manually unlock the shuttle. With almost no time left he pulls the lever and the shuttle flies out from the ship seconds before it crashes into the moon. Fulson and a near unconscious Montgomery make their way to the rest of the crew, but then their engines begin to die and they start to float back towards space and the giant alien ship, they see the other shuttle do the same in the distance.  As they approach they are blinded by light.

Unknown days later the crew wake up, and slowly there after come to a full realization of the situation they are in. A voice starts to speak to them, not by sound but by some telepathic means. This voice appears to belong to a creature who steps into the light (Cumberbatch), this creature is about 7 feet high slender with a build not dramatically different from humans but still definitely alien. His large eyes a silver-blue with yellow specks and black irises. He walks towards Adrienne and touches her face as she quivers, Kline yells at him to get away, the voice still not making sense like a radio tuner. The Alien strides over to Fulson as the voice comes into focus, "Well for such a simple being, you have quite complex brain don't you." "I'll let you gather yourself, such an arrogant race must take time to realize that they are not only one of many species in the universe, but one of it's most primitive."

Of the course of the rest of the movie they meet with the presumptive leader of the aliens (Blanchett) as she breaks down their plans. Their home world was a near replica of Mars, But as their star knowing their star would go supernova within a matter of centuries they built three colony ships and sent them to prospective planets. They left their planet over five centuries ago, so they were unaware of the existence of humans, and mean them no harm they just want to re-establish a new home world. However other members of the species have a different plans. A faction has grown over the centuries, a faction that eyed the not so different planet blue planet not to far from the red one they currently had their sights on, a planet where they could rule themselves without the hierarchy that had "oppressed" them for generations dating back to when they were still on their home planet. This faction in its current form is led by two aliens (Serkis and Bettany), they belong to a much more simplistic but much more imposing (over 10 feet tall) race that had long ago been ruled by the more advanced species that (Cumberbatch and Blanchatt) belong to.

As The alien who the first met (Cumberbatch) begins laying the ground work to build the atmosphere of mars to match their own. A shuttle with (Blanchett), some of the alien guard and the crew of the Nova make their way to earth. To try to explain how they left in search of microscopic organisms and return in the custody of a highly advanced species. However as they touch down, it's clear that the rogue faction is making its move for the planet. They arrive in a fleet of stolen ships to take over the planet. Shots of the invasion from around the globe are captured in the futuristic cities of earth, though they have millions of followers they deploy swarms of nano-bites to harvest the materials of earth, including the living. Scenes of the skyline of new York disappearing, people being seemingly swept away in a cloud. Mass destruction planet wide, the aliens that aren't members of the faction are completely taken a back by this. Contrary to their first encounter, the aliens are quite peaceful, so this blatant disregard for life is horrifying to them. Fulson takes control of the shuttle and jets back towards the colony ship for reinforcements, he prays that he will get back to save his son and the rest of humanity. The shuttle crashes into the hangar bay, and (Blanchatt) signals the fleet to arm up and save Earth. She, her crew, and the crew of the Nova get aboard the flagship of the fleet and set a course back to earth right towards (Bettany/Serkis) who have begun laying the groundwork for their capital in Greenland. A massive battle takes place in the sky across the planet, and finally the Nova crew get close to take out the faction leaders. Montgomery and Kline stay on the ship to fill in for the undermanned crew, a they land (Bettany) goes after Suggs and Adrienne, being so much bigger physically he swipes them side to side with ease. Fulson goes after (Serkis), and has the fight of his life but with his prosthetics is an even match with the alien beast and brutally finishes him off. Kline has (Bettany) in his sights, who is about to perform a killing blow on Adrienne....and fires.

Montage: There are signs of the Rouge faction dissipating as they learn they are leaderless. Fulson seeing his son, the aliens and world leaders meeting....fade to black

Fade in....sometime has past...and the camera is flying over cities and land, elba narrating about the affect the aliens have had on humanity, then it zooms out through the clouds and you see the two moons of mars, then Elba says the new name of Mars......


Idris Elba  as Captain Donald Fulson 

Tom Hardy as Lieutenant James Kline

Marion Cotillard - Lieutenant Adrienne Chevalier

Jaime Bell - Sergeant Casey Suggs

Garrett Hedlund - Sergeant Aidan Montgomery

Cate Blanchett - Alien leader

Benedict Cumberbatch - Lead Science officer for the Aliens

Andy Serkis - Nameless Rogue Alien Leader

Paul Bettany - Alien Rogue second in command


Peter Jackson - Director

Hans Zimmer - Composer

Andrew Weisblum - Editor

ILM - Visual Effects

Weta Workshop - prop/set design and creature visual effects


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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Leader O'Cola wrote:

Director: Alejandro Jodorowsky
Cinematography: Colin Watkinson
Score: Clint Mansell (with additional musical contributions from The Chasm)

Don Quixote: Benicio del Toro
Sancho Panza: Cheech Marin
The Inquisitor: Johnny Depp
Dulcinea del Toboso: Salma Hayek
with Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, and Antonio Banderas

The film opens with a POV view of the protagonist jarring back to consciousness. He finds himself in an empty, cold room with the last rays of sunlight through a small window working its way up the wall beside him. After the sunset, a man comes in and lights candles around the room, the sense of its large cavernous nature having somewhat eluded the protagonist until then. A pair of armed guards enter and wrestle the protagonist from his prone position on the floor and sit him in a chair with restraints. In walk a panel of Spanish clerics, led by The Inquisitor. Seven tall white candles are laid on a table between the panel and the protagonist; they symbolize the timeline until his fate is known. There is a long period of still silence. He is found guilty and sentenced to death. The panel leaves the room, and the man eventually falls asleep.
A scene emerges in a harsh pastoral setting. The camera surveys the landscape, and eventually settles on a rather unassuming villa, the home of a very unassuming and fifty year old man named Alonso Quijano. He lives in his home with a housekeeper and his niece. The general nature of his life is shown in a montage. It becomes quite aware that he fixates on his passion of reading Romantic and chivalrous literature and overwhelms his life and thought. After many such days, he decides to become a knight-errant himself. He takes on a suit of armor and renames himself Don Quixote de La Mancha. He dreams of a neighboring woman , who he names Dulcinea del Toboso, and how his knightly feats will earn her adoration and love
He decides to explore the cell by placing a hem from his robe against a wall so he can count the paces around the room; however, he faints before being able to measure the whole perimeter. The protagonist awakens in a cold dark cell where he is fed. He uses his newfound energy to finish the process and stumbles across an amazing bit of information… in the center of the room is a deep welled pit ….
As the prisoner drifts in and out of consciousness over the next few days we are introduced to more adventures of Don Quixote , Sancho Panza and their friends… the lines between dream and reality begin to blur....and eventually the film concludes with the execution of the protagonist … or does it? Watch it and find out.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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Darrelle Revis wrote:

Plot: A dimwitted, middle aged grocery store cashier (George Clooney) is conned by an e-mail scam claiming to be a Nigerian Prince willing to give away much of his fortune. The film follows his attempt to find him, and his subsequent friendship with the scammer (Philip Seymour-Hoffman) once they realize they are actually very similar. Nigerian Prince is a quirky film that explores deceit, relationships, and the mind of a socially inept middle-aged man.

Directed by Sam Mendes

Screenplay by Charlie Kaufman

Music by Thomas Newton


George Clooney as Peter Christensen. He is a socially awkward, forty-something year old grocery store cashier. Convinced it will change his life, he responds to an email from a man claiming to be a Nigerian Prince, willing to bestow his fortune to anyone who would respond. Peter loses everything (which isn't much), then embarks on a journey to find this man. They develop a strange friendship along the way when they realize they aren't so different.

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Barry Smith. He is largely absent in the first half of the film, but is the con-man who scams Peter (Clooney). He is a low-life, living in a studio apartment with only some money from scamming people. He and Peter develop a bond at the end of the film.

Robert Sheehan as Teddy Harrelson. Peter's (Clooney) only friend. He is a young stoner, working at the grocery store instead of going to college.

Michelle Monaghan as Mrs. Baker. A frequent shopper at the grocery store, Peter (Clooney) is in love with her. They've spoken only a few times.

Rooney Mara as Lucy Smith. Barry's (Seymour-Hoffman) sister. She shares a studio apartment with him.

Lizzy Caplan as Katy. Peter's (Clooney) neighbor, they interact a few times throughout the film.

Albert Brooks as Mr. David. Peter's (Clooney) boss. He is strict and constantly trashes Peter.

Luis Guzman as Credo. He is Barry's (Seymour-Hoffman) only friend. They hang out and play video games a few times in the film.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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That's all of them. Feel free to start giving feedback and voting!

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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McM Studios wrote:

Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Produced by Robert Rodriguez


Ensemble Leads:

Timothy Olyphant as The Drunkard

Jon Bernthal as The Wife Beater

Clive Owen as The Ex Con

Samuel L Jackson as The Ex Marine

Ensemble Support:

Melanie Laurent as The Battered Woman

Ray Liotta as The Criminal

Matt Dillon as The Detective

Tim Robbins as The Wise Man


Jessica Alba as The Bartender

Electra Avellan, Elise Avellan, and Emmy Rossum as Bar Hotties

Michael Bowen as Police Captain

Robert Patrick as The Other Detective

Michael Madsen and Eli Roth as The Other Criminals

The scene is dark, sobs drown out other sound. Light slowly moves in, to show a woman crying in a dim-lit bathroom. Flash back to an hour earlier, the same woman sits with her man at dinner. As they leave the restaurant, she begins to cry, and tells him “I don’t think this is working out”, leaving without explanation.

The Triangle

Six months later, the man sits in a bar, alone, poorly groomed, drinking his sorrows away. He looks around at all the beautiful people, the bartender, and a world that doesn’t make sense to him anymore. The bartender asks if he was meeting anyone, to which he smugly says no. She explains that another man has been creepily scoping him out for a while. After a few minutes, the other man finally introduces himself, and offers to buy the drunkard a drink (he declines). The other man starts to talk about his “ladyfriend”, how terrible she is, how she never listens, never does anything around the house, and how he thinks she’s cheating on him. The drunkard replies “yeah, I had a lady sleepin around on me once”, sharing his sorrows. Finally, the other man pulls out his wallet, and shows the drunkard a picture of her. Much to his surprise, the other man is now with his ex.

The Exes

A convict is released from prison. With nobody with him, he walks to the apartment he has been provided with. At the same time, a man gets off a plane. He has just returned from overseas, where he was a marine, just retired. He is met with great praise, but is having trouble dealing with the end of that era of his life. The ex-con is still walking, its night now, and he is pulled into an ally buy three criminals. As they are beating him up, the ex-marine drives by and sees this. He pulls into the ally, pulls his revolver out, and shoots into the air, scaring the criminals off. He takes the ex-con to the hospital, where he learns his story.

The other man has now left the bar, and the drunkard decides to follow him home, to see his ex. When he gets there, he sees her sitting on the couch, expressionless. The other man goes to her, and starts yelling, for no apparent reason, and then smacks her several times. It turns out that she had left the drunkard for a wife-beater.

The men who were beating the ex-con were his former “associates”. The four of them were the main cogs in a crime ring, but after their last job, the other three left the ex-con at the crime scene, where police would find him. Because of the high levels of precautions they took, he didn’t have any evidence to use to flip on the other three, so he had to do his time in jail. Now that he was out, he wanted nothing to do with them, but they wouldn’t let him go so easily. The ex-marine, having still not come to grips with the end of his career, decided that this would be his new quest. He promised to use his connections to help keep the ex-con safe and out of the crime world.

The drunkard sits in his house, disgusted and distraught by what he just witnessed. Even though she had left him abruptly, he still cared for her. Plans were never his strong-suit, but he was trying to think of a way he could kill the wife-beater, evade arrest, and get his old life back. The only plan he could think of: Buy a gun off the street, wear gloves.

The ex-marine makes a trip to a police department, where he knew that a few of his former marine brothers were. His old buddy was a detective working the drug wars, but he hoped to catch him at a slow time. After talking it over with the police chief, the ex-marine was told where to find the detective. He and the ex-con go to find him, and they end up dragging the detective and his partner into it. They had just made a very large drug bust, so the plan was obvious, plant drugs on the three criminals, and lock them away.

The drunkard meets the wife-beater at the bar again. Knowing that she would now be alone, the drunkard steps outside to call her with his plans. She tells him that she almost always gets a beating after a night of drinking. This put things into action. He again follows the wife beater home, but this time with the intention of killing him.

Things were too easy for the ex-marine, as he and the detectives had gotten the three criminals behind bars in less than 24 hours. They and the ex-con were celebrating with a drink, when they heard a domestic disturbance call come over the police scanner. Since they were only a few blocks away, they decided to check it out. By the time they got there, they saw the drunkard holding his ex, with the wife beater, dead, and in a pool of his own blood, across the room, the gun sitting right next to his dead body. The detectives knew the victim, he had been involved in some petty crime with the men they had just locked up, but was always too sloppy for them, so he never broke into their crime ring. The drunkard explains what happened, and the detectives call a friend, a very wise man. The wise man arrives at the house, takes a look at the scene, and tells them what will happen. Because the victim was about to beat a woman, it was justifiable homicide, in the defense of a third person.

Homicide detectives still tried to paint it as murder, pointing to signs of premeditation and the obvious grudge the drunkard would have had since the man he killed was with his ex. But as the judge emerged into the courtroom, the drunkard was at ease. The “wise man” that had been called the night of the killing was the judge, and he dismissed the case immediately, citing exactly what he had told the detectives before.

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