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FFMD-12 GM Announcement & Info Thread

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2012 4:19 am    Post subject: FFMD-12 GM Announcement & Info Thread Reply with quote


General Manager/Info Thread

Thank you to everyone that signed up for a GM or writer position. I want to make sure that everyone realizes that nobody was passed over or selected for personal reasons. The moderators picked members for GMs because we thought that they would be the best ones to lead their respective teams in this mock draft. Due diligence was served in that we made sure that, in every close decision, multiple forum moderators were consulted and were candid in their observations regarding various members. We also made an effort to try and pick members who had not yet had the opportunity to be a GM in a FFMD. If you have any complaints or issues, send skaterbirdhouse, or any other moderator a PM. Do NOT post issues in the discussion thread or in your team forums.

Finally and most importantly.....

*Anyone that breaks forum rules (i.e. gets a warning by a moderator) during FFMD-12 will be removed from their position on their team's staff. This holds true for any infraction, whether related or unrelated to the mock draft.
*Any GM that tries to take over his team entirely and does not involve the other members of his staff will be warned, then removed as GM if he does not comply. Remember, this is designed to be a fun event for the entire staff of your team, not just for you. Fun is more important than competition, strategy or realism.
*If a GM does not show up for the first couple of days and set up his war room, he may be removed as GM. If a GM goes inactive at any other time for an extended period without a viable explanation, he may be removed as GM.
*If you believe a GM is ignoring his staff's advice, has gone away for an extended period of time without explanation, or is being rude or disrespectful, send a PM to skaterbirdhouse, or to The Gnat, drd23, or The LBC (only after trying the other three and not receiving a response). Along the same lines, if you feel a GM is not active enough during the process, send one of us a PM.

Without further adieu, here are your FFMD-12 v.1 General Managers and Writers!

General Managers:

Buffalo – CLoSkills69
Miami – ProudDolphan47
New England – NextBigThing
New York Jets – BlaZeN37

Baltimore – Mr. X
Cincinnati – johndeere1707
Cleveland – pmk
Pittsburgh – jebrick

Houston – kenney
Indianapolis – ianlewis16
Jacksonville – Adrenaline Flux
Tennessee – Buckeyeboy89

Denver – paul-mac
Kansas City – ryknowssd
Oakland – LivingLegendWFC
San Diego – JammerHammer21

Dallas – Matts4313
New York Giants – Save The Hero
Philadelphia – EaglesFan5-36-81
Washington – 21 ALL THE WAY

Chicago – BEARS24
Detroit – Slim Pickens
Green Bay – packerraymond
Minnesota – this providence

Atlanta – Scar988
Carolina – boondock
New Orleans – Harper41
Tampa Bay – bucstopshere

Arizona – love2theOLINE
St. Louis – chris00cm
San Francisco – adamq
Seattle – TheOsprey

"Inside FFMD": SaveourSonics /Jgoldiscool /jrry32/Jamison.
"The Dirt Sheet": EliteTexan80/The LBC/(fretgod99)

GMs should check their PM boxes if they haven’t already where they will receive a full set of recommendations and other miscellaneous things regarding being a GM for the FFMD-12 v.1. Note, this will come later tonight, after my classes are finished.

If you did not get a General Manager position, or did not sign up for a spot, look for the "FFMD-12: War Room" or “FFMD-12: Position Assignment” thread in your team of choice's forum. Do NOT start one yourself. Read over the GM's post and reply to the thread, letting everyone know you're there, and follow whatever directions the GM leaves in the opening post. Make sure to share your opinions and do your job as best as possible. Also, keep checking in the GM Mock Draft forum for updates and/or new threads.


As most of you know, there are positions to be held by each staff member. They are: GM, Head Coach, Assistant GM, Capologist, Director of College Scouting, President of Player Personnel, Director of Media Relations and National Scout. Job descriptions are listed in the original overview/signup thread; if you have any questions about them feel free to PM skaterbirdhouse, The Gnat, or drd23.

If the GM would like to, he can create extra positions and be as creative as he'd like. Offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, more positional scouts, or even regional scouts are in play. Each staff member can do more than his job description. He can share advice on all matters, and work on all matters as well. The descriptions for each job are the minimum of what is expected of you. This year we are attempting to give the GM as much creativity in forming his staff as possible, so the sky truly is the limit. We just want as many posters involved as possible.

The positions are to be worked out by the GMs themselves. By allowing the GMs to work them out, I am assuming that everyone is mature enough to deal with the position that they get. I don't want to see complaints on the forum for any reason. All of them should be directed to skaterbirdhouse, The Gnat, or drd23 (or, that failing, EliteTexan80 or The LBC).

Note: The following information about the salaries and rosters is subject to change or have stuff added to it. You have been warned. We'll let you know if we do change anything.

Salary Structure Without a CBA:

The FFMD-12 v.1 will be operating under the premise that there will be a $125.0 Million salary cap. Any players already under contract should be deducted from your cap space posted on this list:

--- These are the compiled rosters and salary info for all teams. If any changes need to be made, please PM drd23 with the proper information and a supporting source/link and changes will be made as needed. (If the issue is with a player who a player who is a UFA not being listed as a UFA this will be taken care of at a later date.)

Starting Committed Cap****
At all times during FFMD teams are required to be at or below the $125M salary cap. If at any point a team exceeds the cap, said team's ability to conduct FFMD business (save for releases, restructuring of contracts, or trades in which less cap is taken on than given away) freezes until such time as the cap is met.

1. Indianapolis Colts -- 99.380M Cap Space Committed; Cap Space Available 25.620M
2. St. Louis Rams -- 102.130M Cap Space Committed; 22.870M Cap Space Available
3. Minnesota Vikings -- 99.672M Cap Space Committed; 25.328M Cap Space Available
4. Cleveland Browns -- 90.869M Cap Space Committed; 34.131M Cap Space Available
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- 91.672M Cap Space Committed: 33.328M Cap Space Available
6. Washington Redskins -- 87.213M Cap Space Committed; 37.787M Cap Space Available
7. Jacksonville Jaguars -- 100.380M Cap Space Committed; 24.620M Cap Space Available
8T. Carolina Panthers -- 122.546M Cap Space Committed; 2.454M Cap Space Available
9T. Miami Dolphins -- 103.592M Cap Space Committed; 21.408M Cap Space Available
10. Buffalo Bills -- 101.419M Cap Space Committed; Cap Space Available 23.581M
11T. Kansas City Chiefs -- 74.975M Cap Space Remaining; 50.025M Cap Space Available
12T. Seattle Seahawks -- 77.717M Cap Space Committed; Cap Space Available 47.283M
13. Arizona Cardinals -- 119.570M Cap Space Committed; 5.43M Cap Space Available
14. Dallas Cowboys -- 101.005M Cap Space Committed; 23.995M Cap Space Available
15. Philadelphia Eagles -- 113.494 Cap Space Committed; Cap Space Available 11.506M
16. New York Jets -- 119.134M Cap Space Committed; Cap Space Available 5.866M
17. Oakland Raiders -- 118.609M Cap Space Committed; 6.391M Cap Space Available
18. San Diego Chargers -- 104.233M Cap Space Committed; 20.767M Cap Space Available
19. Chicago Bears -- 99.227M Cap Space Committed; Cap Space Available 25.773M
20. Tennessee Titans -- 82.110M Cap Space Committed; 42.890M Cap Space Available
21. Cincinnati Bengals -- 62.913M Cap Space Committed; Cap Space Available 62.087M
22. Atlanta Falcons -- 101.354M Cap Space Committed; Cap Space Available 23.646M
23. Detroit Lions -- 105.322M Cap Space Committed; 19.678M Cap Space Available
24. Pittsburgh Steelerss –- 133.140M Cap Space Committed; -8.14M Cap Space Available
25. Denver Broncos -- 98.749M Cap Space Committed; Cap Space Available 26.251M
26. Houston Texans -- 105.400M Cap Space Committed; 19.600M Cap Space Available
27. New Orleans Saints -- 88.598M Cap Space Committed; Cap Space Available 36.402M
28. Green Bay Packers -- 116.216M Cap Space Committed; Cap Space Available 8.784M
29. Baltimore Ravens -- 107.953M Cap Space Committed; Cap Space Available 17.047M
30. San Francisco 49ers -- 88.021M Cap Space Committed; 36.979M Cap Space Available
**31T. New York Giants -- 115.877M Cap Space Remaining; 9.123M Cap Space Available
**32T. New England Patriots -- 82.184M Cap Space Committed; Cap Space Available 42.816M

[EDITED]There is no Final 8 Rule[/EDITED]

Also, teams will have either one franchise or one transition tag to use. More information regarding that will come in a later thread.

If anyone has any money questions, feel free to PM skaterbirdhouse, The Gnat, or drd23.

[bTagging/Releasing Period: [/b]

TBD (not prior to 2/5) will begin the tag/release period. A thread will be created in the GM Mock Draft forum at this time with necessary franchising costs, including a couple of exceptions. This is what you should be preparing for once the War Room's are in place. This period includes pre-free agency preparation as well. During this period, the staff will look over their cap situation and roster and decide if they would like to use the franchise tag and who they'd like to release before free agency. All teams must be under their set cap before heading into the RFA period.

If a team has already tagged or released a player in real life, that is counted in FFMD-12 as long as it happened up to Sunday, February 5th at midnight EST. Any “real world” transactions that occurred prior to this time will be reflected in the rosters for this draft. Any “real world” transactions that occur after will be excluded. We're blank-slating the rosters, so it's the GM's baby to make sure your key players are kept, not the meddling views of the "real world."

[bWar Room/Staff Assignment Threads: [/b]

These should be the main thread for staff discussions. Meaning that all discussions should be kept in the War Room threads only. Some discussions can be done via PM, but do not use that as a normal flow of communication. PMs are discouraged, although for some cases, they are acceptable (trade offers behind closed doors, etc...) However in this example before making a trade you must post the proposed trade in the war room for all members to debate before a decision is made.

Keep your updated staff positions list on the first post of the thread. Anyone, staff member or not may share their feelings here. If I see a staff member not including a non-staff member or a fellow staff member, then you will be warned. Do NOT do this.

Staff assignment threads are fine as well if you want to organize who signs up for what position. Just make sure to keep everyone involved!

Other Threads:
There will be a few other threads on here, including, but not limited to:

- FFMD-12: Trades/Trade Block -- Place players on the block, and browse through trades made. stillersenate will be heading up the Trade Council this year. (This will be up later.)
- FFMD-12: Discussion -- Discuss anything related to this mock here.

The Talent Agency will be making a return, under the new leadership of The Gnat. The agency will once again be offering opportunities to restructure current player contracts (within reason) and the chance of extending free agents prior to them hitting the open market; threads and further information on these aspects to follow soon And we may have a surprise or two in store for you, yet...keep checking in the GM Mock Drafts forum to see what happens!

This will be a lot of fun, but to maximize the fun, we have to make sure that is done in the best way possible, so follow the guidelines and rules, and we should all really enjoy ourselves. Good luck!

The discussion thread will remain open. Post there as this thread will be locked.

Tentative Schedule:**** (Will be finalized Feb. 5th; though still with some fluid flexibility as needed to accommodate the process)

Feb 6 - Staff positions finalized
Feb 7, 8 AM - Franchising period starts
Feb 7, 10 PM - Franchise period ends
Feb 9 - ERFA/RFA begins
Feb 13 - ERFA/RFA ends
Feb 14 - UFA begins
Feb 21 - UFA ends
Feb 22 - Draft begins

If you want to see more detailed schedules, please check the corresponding threads. Thanks.

****Note: Any or all of this is subject to change at any time. If it does, we will try to notify you immediately. I can't stress that enough.

And most importantly, have fun!

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