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The "Make A Movie Draft XIII Final Thread"
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Which Film Would You Most Like to See?
The Confession
 17%  [ 3 ]
 11%  [ 2 ]
Suffer the Same Fate
 0%  [ 0 ]
Drawing Dead
 17%  [ 3 ]
The Wingman
 5%  [ 1 ]
Indiana Jones and the Mayan Temple
 5%  [ 1 ]
 17%  [ 3 ]
Foreign Ties
 5%  [ 1 ]
The Place That Cannot Be
 5%  [ 1 ]
Good Omens
 5%  [ 1 ]
Jonny Quest
 5%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 17

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Darrelle Revis

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:22 pm    Post subject: The "Make A Movie Draft XIII Final Thread" Reply with quote

This is the moment you've been waiting for. The eighth FF movie draft is complete. Everyone drafted these movies, so check them out and make sure to vote for these awards:

Most likely to win Best Lead Actor:
Most likely to win Best Lead Actress:
Most likely to win Best Supporting Actor:
Most likely to win Best Supporting Actress:
Most likely to win Best Visual Effects:
Most likely to win Best Score:
Most likely to win Best Original Screenplay:
Most likely to win Best Adapted Screenplay (taken from source material, may not be applicable):
Most likely to win Best Director:
Most likely to win Best Picture:

Optional: What could be improved for the next draft?

The movies will go below this post, please don't post until all 11 films have been posted:

Big7BenMVP wrote:

A beautiful blonde girl is shown as she giggles under her breath and brushes her hair behind her ear. The film burns to black.

It’s a snowy day when a man opens the doors to St. Mark’s Church. As he steps through the doorway and closes the wooden door behind him, he shakes off some of the snow that is still resting on his worn down wool jacket. The man proceeds to walk to the front desk and ask to speak to the Reverend of the church. The lady informs him that her husband, the Reverend, is in a meeting at that moment but he can wait if he likes. She asks his name. He says Travis Boyette. She writes his name down and informs her husband that he has someone waiting. She introduces herself as Dana. He waits patiently for a little while until she lets him know that he can go in. The man walks into the private office and is introduced to Reverend Keith Schroeder. After he enters the office, she googles him and finds that he was just released from the Kentucky Department of Corrections for attempted sexual assault that landed him there for 10 years. It wasn’t the only run in with the law Boyette had gone through. He was a registered sex offender in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. She writes it down as she reads it.

While in Reverend Schroeder’s office, Boyette drops the reason for his visit. He’s dying of a brain tumor. A brain tumor that is untreatable, malignant, and deadly. After revealing that to the Reverend, he drops the other bombshell. He wants to admit to something that no one else knows that he’s done. He has to confess his misdeed before he dies. He wants a clear conscience. That’s when Boyette informs Reverend Schroeder of the Donte Drumm case. He says that Donte Drumm is a man on death row for the rape and murder of a girl in Texas. Boyette keeps telling the Reverend that Drumm had nothing to do with the murder. Saying that they have the wrong guy. There was no evidence. Not one piece. The cops just decided that he did after beating a confession out of him and now they’re going to kill him in just a few days. Boyette says he couldn’t believe it. Reverend Schroeder asks Travis Boyette if he committed the murder. Boyette just keeps saying they had the wrong guy. Before they can truly finish their conversation, Boyette decides it’s time for him to leave.

Robbie Flak is sitting in the conference room at his law firm, going over the trial facts one last time in an effort to get an appeal through on time for his client, Donte Drumm. He keeps replaying the case over and over in his head. A flashback is shown of Robbie Flak arguing with the prosecutor, Paul Koffee, at the trial. Nearly coming to blows and having to be restrained. Koffee with that smug look on his face like he had an ace up his sleeve the whole time. Flak insisting that Koffee and others had mistreated his client. The judge wasn’t having any of it.

Flak pops a tape into the cassette player that replayed the phone conversation between Detective Drew Kerber and an unknown man at 4:33 a.m. one night after Nicole Yarber disappeared. The voice on the tape wouldn’t give his name but said that he knew who killed Nicole Yarber. The voice went on to say that she was seeing Donte Drumm and wanted to break it off but he wouldn’t go away. Before cutting the phone call off, the voice gave one lass piece of information. Nicole Yarber was tossed over the bridge on Route 244 and she currently rests at the bottom of the Red River. And then the dial tone came.

A flashback is shown of Nicole Yarber getting thrown over the bridge and into the river in nothing but a bedsheet. Her body splashed down into the river below and disappeared from view. The van she was inside of sped off with nothing but brake lights shown in the distance.

Reverend Schroeder hunted down Travis Boyette at a halfway house that he was currently residing in after his release from prison. Schroeder keeps pressuring Boyette into giving him more details about the Drumm case and the murder of Nicole Yarber. Boyette tells Schroeder that he will spill it all. Schroeder takes Boyette to a little hole-in-the-wall tavern to see what exactly he has to say. As they sit in the corner booth in the back, Boyette finally lets out the real reason for his visit. He killed Nicole Yarber and buried her body at a location he just wasn’t ready to reveal yet. He proclaims to the Reverend that he doesn’t know why he did it and that he never knows why he does it. Since he, Boyette, is on his own march towards death, he feels a certain bond with Donte Drumm. They both got tangled up in the same mess and both are traveling down the same path. Schroeder insists that Boyette travel to Sloan, Texas and let them know that they have the wrong man. They must stop the execution. Boyette initially shrugs at the idea but then, reluctantly, decides it might be for the best. Boyette and Schroeder race back to the Reverend’s house to get a few last minute things for their overnight drive from Kansas to Texas. Dana, the Reverend’s wife, is not too keen on the idea but tells Keith that he’s there to help those that can’t help themselves. He must do this even if he is breaking the law by bringing a parolee across state lines. So they head out in the dead of night for Sloan, Texas. A town that sits some 650 miles away.

Donte Drumm lays in his jail cell just a couple of days away from his execution. He flashes back to the years he had of playing high school football. The joy he had of one day playing college ball. And then he flashes back to that fateful night where it was all snatched away from him. Run up on by the cops after he finished working his shift at the local grocery store. Hauled off to the police station for an unannounced reason. Kept alone in a dark room with nothing but a desk and a chair. Made to sit there for hours on end as Detective Drew Kerber berated him and told him how he killed Nicole Yarber. Kerber kept insisting that Drumm was repressing the horrific crime somewhere in the back of his mind, far away from being able to fully recall it. Kerber slams his fist on the desk and jams his finger into Donte’s chest. Kerber tells Donte that he had better confess. Donte sat there wondering why he killed her. Was he losing his mind? It’s definitely possible. As his world spun out of control and he lost the ability to tell what time or day it was, Drumm became someone who went from a strong, healthy kid to a meager, godforsaken man who convinced himself that he did what they said he did. He finally ended up confessing. They were so sure that he did it. So why not confess?

A flashback is shown of Nicole Yarber getting beaten by a blunt object and getting her clothes ripped to shreds as she screams with Drumm towering over her.

Robbie Flak, the only man in the world it seemed like who actually cared for Donte Drumm, was appealing left and right to the courts for a stay of execution. Nothing was working. Despite his best efforts, Flak can’t seem to shake the images of what Drumm must have gone through that night in the police station. Flak has his own visions of Drumm sitting there in that room with detectives towering over him, telling him what he did. Not giving him anything to eat or drink for nearly eight hours. Forcing Drumm to break down emotionally to the point where he would tell them whatever they wanted to hear in order just to get out of that room. Anything had to be better than that room. Everything would be cleared up and he’d go home in a few days. Surely. Flak can envision it now. The placement of the video camera in front of Drumm. The doughnuts to his left and bottle of water to his right so it looked like the cops were treating him very well. He can still picture the video in his head. The image of Drumm admitting to everything. The look on his face. The look of a kid who had been emotionally drained. A look that he will never forget. A look that he can’t forget.

As the sun crests over the hills of Sloan, Texas on the day of the execution, a camera crew can be seen setting up inside the home of Reeva Yarber, the mother of Nicole Yarber. Reeva enjoyed the publicity. She lived for it now. That and the simple fact that she got to keep her daughter in the forefront of everyone’s mind. The camera crew was for Sean Fordyce. He was the host of a show that took viewers inside the execution chamber. It was very controversial but a show that drew a ton of viewers. He didn’t shy away from tough questions. He got right to the point with Reeva. And she liked that. The interview was basically a sob session for Reeva as she went through the details of her daughter’s disappearance and the impact the trial had on her family. She cried throughout the entire interview as Wallis sat right next to her, seemingly uninterested in the publicity this was garnering. As the interview winded down, Fordyce asked Reeva what it would be like to be there in the chamber watching the man who killed her little girl die. She started to smile but then saw the cameras still on her. She held it back. Then the tears began to flow once more. Justice. The only word that she could mutter. Justice.

It was roughly 11 a.m. when Travis Boyette and Reverend Keith Schroeder arrived in Sloan, Texas. They walked into the offices of Robbie Flak. Flak looked like he hadn’t slept in about ten years. Schroeder told Flak that he had someone he wanted him to meet. A very special guest. Flak took one glance at Boyette and could tell something was off. He invited Boyette to sit down. Boyette obliged and then let the cat right out of the bag. He told Flak that Drumm was innocent and that they needed to stop the execution. But how does Boyette know this? Flak thought only he knew this. Boyette proceeded to tell him that he murdered Nicole Yarber. Flak couldn’t believe it. Why wait all this time? Boyette explained to him that he was in prison for other crimes and wasn’t released until just now. But Flak needed proof. He just couldn’t get a stay of execution based on the word of a sex offender who was dying and might have only shown up just to get free publicity. Flak told Boyette that the only way anyone would believe him is if he could show them the body. That was the only way. Flak set up a video recorder in the conference room in order to record Boyette spilling the details. Travis Boyette went into excruciatingly specific details about the rape and murder of Nicole Yarber. He told how he did it, where he did it, and where he stashed her body. As the interview concluded, Boyette collapsed to the floor under the pain of a seizure due to the brain tumor. When he finally regained consciousness some 30 minutes later, he agreed that he would take Flak to the body. The body was in Joplin, Missouri. It was Boyette’s hometown. Flak, however, stated that he couldn’t go with him. He needed to be with Donte just in case. And Reverend Schroeder had to come with him. Robbie told Boyette that he would send Travis with some of Robbie’s people and he would phone the Joplin, Missouri police department to meet them at the airport. Boyette was sent with Robbie’s associates while he and Reverend Schroeder traveled to see Drumm one last time.

There sat Roberta Drumm across from her baby, Donte. They were separated by no more than a few inches. Glass in between them. They hadn’t even touched since his trial. As Roberta sat there, full of tears, she conversed with her son one final time. Donte told her that she had nothing to worry about. She told him that she was worried he had lost hope. He said he never lost hope in her and a tear rolled down his cheek, the first sign of emotion from him in quite some time. Emotion from a man that had lost all semblance of such throughout his time in prison. Roberta sat there sobbing and talking to Donte for quite some time before the guards came in to let them know that their time was up. Roberta put her hand on the glass. Donte did the same. They told each other that they loved one another. As Donte was led out of the room, Roberta collapsed in tears. The only thing that could catch her was the cold floor beneath her trembling legs.

Boyette and Robbie Flak’s associates boarded a private jet and flew hastily to Joplin, Missouri. They arrived there in about an hour and were met by a hoard of police officers. They were informed that Boyette was a shady character and were told to be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. Boyette was loaded into a car and directed them where to drive to. He was leading them into a hilly terrain that featured nothing but trees and fields. Boyette seemed like he knew where he was going, though. And that scared them. As they went deeper into the woods, a devious smile crept across his face.

Robbie Flak and Reverend Keith Schroeder arrived at the housing facility where Donte Drumm was being kept just an hour shy of his execution. Flak and Drumm embraced through the bars and Flak informed Drumm that they were still pushing appeals through. Drumm sat there, staring at the Reverend with a confused look. Flak told Donte that Keith was there to help him. Robbie told Donte that he would be there with him until the end. They embraced one final time and Flak left the room to give Donte and Keith some time together. They just sat there staring at each other. Not knowing what to say. Donte finally broke down. He cursed God for what had happened to him. Donte tells Keith that he used to be religious but had just lost hope along the way throughout his ordeal. Keith said it wasn’t God that did this but man. Donte didn’t care. He hated God and man for what was happening to him. How could an innocent man die? Keith inched closer to Donte, reaching his hand through the bars in order to grab Drumm’s. Donte turned and looked at Keith. Keith then told Donte that his family still loved him. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be going through this with him. Keith then told Donte not to lose hope in himself because once that goes, you’re no better than the people you hate and not to go down that dark road with hate in his heart. Donte nodded his head in approval and clutched Keith’s hand. They were forever bonded. Donte asked Keith to stay with him until the end. Keith obliged.

Robbie was working the phones trying to get any last minute appeal through that he could. He called up Judge Elias Henry, the only judge in the state of Texas who seemed to even believe Donte Drumm. Judge Henry informed Robbie that the Governor, Gill Newton, was being his usual hardline self and that Newton had locked himself inside his office with the prosecutor for the case, Paul Koffee, and wasn’t answering any calls. He was seeing this one through until the end. Nothing was going to stand in his way. Koffee and Newton were tossing back liquor together. They were already celebrating. Newton with a wide smile across his face and Koffee with a look of vindication. They talked about how proud they were of this day.

Boyette led the men into a field that had a giant fern tree. He told them exactly where Nicole Yarber was buried. They started digging. A few minutes later, they hit something. A metal box. They unearthed it and opened it. In there lay the remains of Nicole Yarber. Still with her necklace on. One of Robbie’s associates jumped right on the phone. He dialed Robbie. Robbie answered. A few seconds later, Robbie Flak could be heard shouting words of joy for his client. He immediately hung up. He called the offices of the Governor. Gill Newton looked at the phone lighting up. He didn’t answer. Flak grew angry. He called again. Newton ignored it again. Flak grew furious. This was not supposed to be happening. Newton then took the phone off the hook. Robbie saw the time displayed on his cellphone. There were only five minutes.

Donte Drumm was led from his holding cell to the lethal injection chamber. Reverend Keith Schroeder right by his side. The guards pulled Schroeder away and into the main observation area. Drumm began to be strapped up. The chamber began to fill up with people. Roberta Drumm was there to see her son for the final time. Reeva Yarber was there to see justice for her daughter finally delivered. Sean Fordyce was there to broadcast it to millions of people. And Keith Schroeder was there to help in any way he could. As the minutes became seconds, Robbie Flak came storming into the chamber irate as could be. He informed Schroeder of what was going on in Missouri. They both turned grim. There was nothing they could do now.

An innocent man, Donte Drumm, was shown to those in the chamber. He sat there all wired up like a Christmas tree. He proclaimed that he was innocent one last time but told Reeva that he hopes she finds peace in his death. He tells his mother that he loves her. Even though he had given up on himself, she never had. And he loved her more than he could possibly let her know. As tears streamed down his face, he yelled out to Robbie Flak. The words stuck out like bullets in the night. He shouted to Robbie that his only mission now was to clear his name and let his mother rest easy knowing her son is not a murderer. He then looked at the men inside there with him and told them he was ready for what waited on the other side. The lethal injection started. One at a time the chemicals were streamed into his body. Within a few seconds, Donte Drumm was no more. Donte Drumm had died for something he didn’t do.

A flashback is shown of Nicole Yarber lying on the ground. Lifeless. Her body was covered in dirt and mud. Boyette standing over her dead body. He stood there. Laughing. Laughing a sadistic laugh.

The observers were led out of the chamber and into an area where they were allowed to disperse. Robbie got directly on his phone. Keith sat there in astonishment over what had just happened. He mumbles that most guys talk about how they’re innocent but this man was. Roberta Drumm proceeded directly to the mortuary where her son’s body would be delivered. It would be the last time she would be able to hold him before they buried him. She looked forward to it.

A phone call came in on Robbie Flak’s phone. He was informed that Travis Boyette had gone missing. He had ran off while they were exhuming the body of Nicole Yarber. They couldn’t find him. Flak was beginning to get enraged. He informed Schroeder of the news. They both got into a car and proceeded as fast as they could to the airport. They had to get to Missouri. They had to find Boyette. They had to find the real killer.

Roberta Drumm stood over the body of her son in the mortuary. She washed him inch by inch. She examined his body. It was nothing like she remembered. As she put him into a suit she had purchased, she kissed him on the cheek and whispered that she loved him into his ear. She then told him goodnight.

Robbie Flak was in the face of the cops at the scene where Nicole Yarber’s body was found. Berating them with profanity and any other thing you could think of. How could they have lost him? It wasn’t like Travis Boyette was a set of car keys. He was a grown man. A tall, sick man. The guy was on his death bed basically for Christ’s sake. Reverend Keith Schroeder just sat there in the car. Staring at the windshield. Unable to still fully comprehend what he had been through in the matter of a few days. He was emotionally drained. Robbie came back to the car and told Keith that Boyette was gone. He had vanished. No signs of where he went. No signs of where he was going to go. Keith told Robbie that he just wanted to go home and hug his wife. Robbie understood and drove Keith back to the airport.

About a week had passed when Gill Newton, the governor of Texas, opened up a manila envelop from the law offices of Robbie Flak. In there, a DVD was joined by pages upon pages of stuff Newton had never seen before. Flak listed DNA evidence of the body as being Nicole Yarber’s. Newton continued to read the letter. With each passing sentence, he sunk lower and lower in his chair. He couldn’t believe it. He, Paul Koffee, and Drew Kerber let an innocent person die. Newton walked to his office doors, locked them, and went back to his desk. He reached into his bottom drawer and removed a black, shiny object. He set it next to his glass of Jack Daniels and continued to read the letter. The evidence was all right there. Plain as day. Donte Drumm was innocent. As Newton finished the letter, he raised the glass and gulped down the last of the whiskey. Newton popped the DVD into his computer and pressed play. On there sat Travis Boyette admitting to murdering Nicole Yarber. He picked up the gun. A loud shot rang out from inside his office and his secretary stood straight up from her desk.

Robbie Flak went to the grave site of Donte Drumm. He stood side-by-side with Roberta. They embraced as they shared a smile together. The headstone read, “HERE LIES DONTE DRUMM: A LOVING SON AND AN INNOCENT MAN”. Robbie kneeled in front and placed his hand on top of it. He whispered words that only he could hear. Words that he hoped would reach Donte. He told Donte that they had done it. Robbie and Roberta embraced one last time and went their separate ways. Robbie had finally given Roberta and Donte peace.

Reverend Keith Schroeder and his wife, Dana, were sitting on their couch watching television when they heard the mailman putting the mail in the mailbox. Keith brought the mail back inside as quickly as it was delivered and noticed a very strange envelope in there. No return address. He opened it. The letter was from Travis Boyette. It only featured a few sentences. Boyette told Keith that he wasn’t really dying from a brain tumor. It was all a lie. Something he made up to get out of the state. He confessed that he did kill Nicole Yarber but doesn’t know why. He just does things just to do them. He’s sick in the head. Travis says there’s no use finding him because he’s long gone. Out of the country. He wants to thank the Reverend for looking out for him. He closes by telling Keith that he’s sure he’ll see him soon, though. Him and his wife. Keith tells Dana that they need to find another church to go to. Far away. Dana doesn’t understand so Keith shows her the letter. They begin to pack.

A bald man is shown laying on a lounge chair on a sunny beach. A very buxom beauty approaches him and smiles. He glances at her and shoots a devilish smile right back. She extends her hand. ”Hi, I’m Paula.” He takes off his sunglasses. ”Hi, I’m Travis.”

And the screen fades to black ...


"I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last."
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Darrelle Revis

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn

Written by Steven Zaillian
Music by Johnny Greenwood
Production Design by Dante Ferretti
Cinematography by Robert Richardson

Plot Synopsis: This grilly, violent drama details the exploits of Greek God, Apollo (Ryan Gosling), through four of his famous myths from Ovid’s Metamorphoses (creative liberties are taken). His interactions with his father, Zeus (Daniel Day-Lewis), and other significant mythological characters represent just how dynamic Apollo was.


Ryan Gosling as Apollo – The central character, Apollo is vicious, conniving, loyal, tragic, and sympathetic. He is the God of the Sun and music, among other things.

Daniel Day-Lewis as Zeus – Apollo’s father and King of the Gods. Zeus is charismatic and all-powerful, but is neglectful of his son and unfaithful to his wife.

Jeremy Renner as Marsyas – A satyr who becomes exceptionally skilled at playing the double flute , Marsyas is jolly, carefree, and overly-confident. He is the recipient of Apollo’s most brutal act following their musical competition. Apollo skins Marsyas alive.

Tom Hardy as Asclepius – Apollo’s son, Asclepius is removed from the womb of his mother by Apollo himself following her death. Asclepius is raised by the centaur Chiron, as Apollo watches jealously from a distance. (note: this myth strays from Metamorphoses pretty significantly)

Michael C. Hall as Chiron – The centaur who raises Asclepius (Hardy). He is wise and immortal, but is ultimately spurned by the Gods for being too proficient at medicine.

Elizabeth Olsen as Daphne – Apollo bullies Cupid (Smit-McPhee) and in return, Cupid shoots him with one of his famous love arrows. Daphne becomes the object of Apollo’s affection. He is incapable of displaying affection for the ones he loves and she is terrified of love itself. She is young and naïve, but wants nothing to do with Apollo.

Winona Ryder as Niobe – She is cocky and makes the ultimate mistake of bad-mouthing Leto (Nicole Kidman), the mother of Apollo and Artemis (Stana Katic).

Stana Katic as Artemis – Apollo’s twin sister. Together they brutally murder Niobe’s entire family.

Nicole Kidman as Leto – Apollo’s mother. She slept with Zeus and gives birth to Apollo and Artemis in the beginning of the film.

Mia Wasikowska as Coronis – Apollo’s lover. He hears she has been unfaithful and he kills her with a poisonous arrow. Once he learns she is pregnant, he pulls the child (Hardy) out of her womb.

Kodi Smit-McPhee as Cupid – Is bullied by Apollo then shoots him with an arrow, causing Apollo to fall in love with Daphne.

Michael Pitt, Stephen Graham, and Jack Huston as The Muses – They are women in Metamorphoses, but I love Boardwalk Empire and decided to make it this trio. They are the judges of the musical competition between Apollo (Gosling) and Marsyas (Renner).

Uma Thurman as Athena – Zeus’s daughter, she has a brief role in the Marsyas story.

Expanded Plot:

The film begins with an epic monologue from Zeus (Day-Lewis) as he is seducing Leto (Kidman). He is sleazy, but convincing and is successful in his courtship. Flash forward nine months, and Leto is sitting alone in a room. Zeus rushes in and tells Leto she must leave because his wife, Hera, is coming. He throws her out on the street.

Hera (never actually seen in the film) has cursed Leto so that no land will allow her to have children there. She eventually lands on Delos, a barren, fruitless land. Leto gives birth to Apollo (Gosling) and Artemis (Katic).

Myth #1 – In a wealthy city, Niobe (Ryder) is sitting with her entire family that consists of seven sons and seven daughters. She has a perfect life, but is burdened by the fact that she is a mortal. Niobe begins bad-mouthing Leto around town because of her jealousy. Zeus visits Niobe in her home and warns her of the potential consequences of her actions. Niobe doesn’t listen.

Flash to Delos, where Leto (Kidman) lives Apollo and Artemis. She hears of Niobe’s actions and is enraged. Apollo and Artemis volunteer to get revenge. In classic Greek God fashion, they go to Niobe’s house and slaughter her entire family. Apollo shoots all seven sons with arrows, and Niobe is forced to live out her life alone.

Myth #2 – In similar fashion to his father, Zeus, this myth starts with Apollo seducing young Coronis (Wasikowska). He sleeps with her, and a few weeks later, a confidant tells Apollo that Coronis has been unfaithful. Livid, Apollo brutally shoots Coronis with a poisonous arrow that kills her. While she is dying, he finds out that she’s pregnant and pulls the child from her womb. Terrified of having a child, Apollo gives the baby to the centaur Chiron (Hall).

Flash forward thirty years, and his son with Coronis, Asclepius (Hardy), is a grown man. Asclepius is charismatic and brilliant, but troubled by his lack of a father. Apollo is always watching Asclepius from a distance, but is incapable of displaying his true affection. This problem is a recurring trouble for Apollo. Once Asclepius is thirty-five, Apollo musters up the confidence to go speak with him. Chiron has just died, and Asclepius is in a deep depression. This myth culminates with Asclepius rejecting Apollo’s affection and ripping him a new one for cheating him out of a father his entire life. Apollo retreats to his palace, distraught and furious at the world.

Myth #3 – As Apollo is at Mount Olympus, he comes across Cupid (Smit-McPhee). Cupid is nice to Apollo, but the always-arrogant Apollo berates Cupid for being a child. As an act of revenge, Cupid decides to shoot Apollo with one of his famous arrows. Because of this, Apollo falls in love with the nymph Daphne (Elizabeth Olsen). She is beautiful and naïve, but troubled by the constant pursuit of her affection from male suitors.

Apollo’s inability to express his affection troubles him most in this myth, as he chases Daphne but can barely speak to her. She wants nothing to do with him. He is forever unsuccessful in his most important love conquests.

Myth #4 – Goddess Athena (Thurman) is roaming the woods when she comes across a double flute. She wants to play the instrument, but cannot do it without looking ridiculous. Furious, she throws it away where it is picked up by the satyr, Marsyas (Renner). Marsyas is a very sympathetic character in Greek mythology. He is fun-loving and carefree, but is arrogant like any other satyr. Marsyas becomes a master of the double flute.

Naturally, this puts him in direct competition with Apollo, the God of Music. He and Apollo agree to have a musical competiton, judged by The Muses (Michael Pitt, Stephen Graham, Jack Huston). Marsyas is clearly superior to Apollo in this competition as his music is flawless. Embarrassed in front of his peers, Apollo decides to alter the competition by making them both play upside-down. The double flute cannot be played upside-down, so Marsyas is defeated by Apollo. Following the competition, Apollo doesn’t just verbally abuse Marsyas; he skins him alive.

As Zeus is going home from a day of sleezily seducing young women, Apollo is waiting at his doorstep. Apollo is clearly drunk following his competition with Marsyas. He clearly feels ashamed. He seeks his fathers approval, but Zeus is clearly disgusted by his son. Zeus explains to Apollo that he is an utter failure and will never be equal to the greatest Gods.

The final shot is Apollo, alone at one of his palaces, drinking himself into oblivion.


"I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last."
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Darrelle Revis

Joined: 17 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

BEARS24 wrote:
Suffer the Same Fate

Written by Paul Schrader

Co-Directed by Quentin Tarintino and Paul Schrader

Music by Paul Bodekker

Leonardo DiCaprio as Shaun Holden

Anthony Hopkins as Dr. James Hillman

Hillary Swank as Maria Holden

Helen Mirren as Anita Hillman

Chloe Mortez as Abby Holden

Tommy Lee Jones as Officer Price

Jamie Foxx as the Murderer

Mila Kunis as Stacey Hillman

Henry Cavill as a young Dr. Hillman

Quentin Tarintino as a Psychotic patient #1 (Paul)

Its two weeks since Shaun lost everything he loves. Witness to his wife (Maria) and daughters (Abby) murder, then blackmailed with being framed for it if he tells the police who did it. Before the murder his life wasn’t much better. In an area of LA where he was constantly harassed by the local gangsters and he always wished he could get out and start fresh with the people he loved. But it all changed.

Shaun struggles with sleepless nights and psychotic fits of rage and is advised to see a councillor by a nurse after waking up in a hospital from alcohol poisoning after a truly horrific night for him. The councillor he goes to seek help from is Dr. James Hillman, husband of the nurse Anita Hillman. However, Shaun soon finds out that this couple do not try to help people get better. They turn them against themselves and get a kick out of it.

Through a series of flashbacks we see how Dr. Hillman affected many other patients, even convincing his own daughter to take her own life, and how Shaun looks back on how his life was and then could have been. We get to see how Shaun decides to deal with the horror story he has been dropped into. Aided by Officer Price will he manage to stop more lives being ruined? Will he be able to avenge his Wife and Daughters deaths? Or will he just Suffer the Same Fate?


"I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last."
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thrILL! wrote:
Drawing Dead (The Wire)

a thrILL! Gotten Gains production

Directed by
Ernest Dickerson

Ernest Dickerson directs Drawing Dead based on the acclaimed HBO TV series The Wire. Dickerson has directed several episodes of the show as well as the cult classic film Juice and most recently the season premiere of The Walking Dead.

Written by
David Simon & Ed Burns

David Simon, the creator the acclaimed TV series The Wire, has co-written and will co-Executive Produce Drawing Dead with creative partner Ed Burns which follows private investigators Jimmy McNulty and Lester Freamon try to find Michael Lee's half-brother Bug who has been abducted by a drug kingpin played by Forest Whitaker.

Music by
The Alchemist

Hip hop producer extraordinaire The Alchemist has scored the music and soundtrack for Drawing Dead. Artists on the soundtrack include Skyzoo, Wale, NaS, Mobb Deep, Saigon, Curren$y, and Dan Gerous.

Story wrote:
Michael Lee (Tristan Wilds) finds himself in Central Booking and will soon be moved to Baltimore’s Jessup Correctional Facility. We hear a conversation between Michael, Detective Bunk Moreland (Wendell Pierce), and Detective Kima Greggs (Sonja Sohn) as we watch Michael’s processing. Michael has been arrested for an illegal weapon possession but Bunk and Kima are trying to find out more. They’re pushing hard to find out what he knows about drug kingpin Lamont Sterling who was recently released from the North Branch Correctional Institution after a 22 year sentence. North Branch is known for housing Maryland’s most violent offenders and Sterling is no exception having been convicted of 2 murders but known to the streets for ten times that. Questionable evidence originally collected has recently come to light paving the way for Sterling’s release.

Michael is certainly not cooperating and Bunk is getting frustrated and starts talking about how much trouble Michael is going to have when he bumps into old “friends” in Jessup. In Jessup, we see a bunch of inmates yelling at Michael; threatening him over past robberies. Michael smiles and isn’t sweating them at all. He comes across a face that he hasn’t seen in awhile and one that concerns him- Chris Partlow (Gbenga Akinnagbe). Chris was Michael’s mentor when they both ran with street king Marlo Stanfield before Chris was arrested (for killing the father of Michael’s half-brother Bug) and Michael went on the run as they thought he had snitched.

Inside the offices of MF Investigations, we find former Baltimore PD detective Jimmy McNulty (Dominic West) passed out in his office chair. He is woken up by the newspaper to the back of his head delivered by his partner in McNulty Freamon Investigations- Lester Freamon (Clarke Peters). Both men were 2 of the best detectives the city of Baltimore had ever seen but thanks to some illegal wiretapping, they were both forced to leave the Baltimore Police Department. A few attempts at other ventures didn’t last very long and the itch to do “real police work” led them to open their own private investigations company. Arguing about which divorcee they have to tail next is interrupted by a young disheveled man walking in the door- Duquan "Dukie" Weems (Jermaine Crawford). Dukie tells them a friend of his has been abducted and he wants to hire them to find him. McNulty thinks this kid doesn’t have any loot so he tries to pass him off to the police but Dukie drops a thick stack of cash held together by a stretched rubberband and McNulty’s attitude changes.

Back in Jessup, Michael’s former crew member Spider tells him that Chris wants to talk to him but Michael plays it off talking he’ll get up with Chris later. Having handled Snoop, Michael thinks that Chris wants revenge. Later, Michael comes across Wee-Bey (Hassan Johnson) whose name and reputation Michael knows from the streets but has never met him. Wee-Bey escorts Michael to a meeting with Chris and the 2 say nothing for what seems like an eternity. Michael is surprised to find Chris is looking to squash any animosity after he tells Michael he knows he didn’t snitch. Snoop was an unfortunate casualty of war and Michael tells Chris how it went down. Chris believes him and nods and says there’s somebody who wants to meet Michael. Chris leads a hesitant Michael down to a specific cell and the inmate we see inside is none other than Avon Barksdale (Wood Harris).

Marlo Stanfield (Jamie Hector) and a few of his crew are having lunch at a local favorite spot and talking about the Ravens-Steelers game the other night. A man at the counter turns around and injects himself into the conversation talking about how the game is so watered down for sissies nowadays. He starts talking about how he likes the defense but the offense is garbage and needs a QB like Unitas or Tittle. Stanfield clowns him about his age and how this is a Ravens town; this ain’t Indianapolis where the Colts are. The man says he feels that but continues to hype up Johnny Unitas and how he could deliver a bullet with precision. Before Marlo can even reply, the man fires a round between his eyes killing him instantly. Marlo’s crew are stunned long enough that they get dropped by Swift (Kevin Phillips) in the sandwich shop. This is our introduction to Lamont Sterling (Forest Whitaker) who has returned to seize what he feels is still his rightful territory.

Avon and Wee-Bey are talking about moves they are making and Avon’s pending release in a few weeks having served almost 9 years for violating parole and additional conspiracy charges. While they converse, we see Chris talking on the pay-phone and his mood changes and it’s clear he’s learned some bad news. Chris enters the cell and tells Avon that Marlo is dead. Avon and Wee-Bey are stunned and are determined to find out what’s going on in the streets and who’s responsible. There's money to be made and power vacuums to fill.

Dukie tells McNulty and Freamon how Michael gave him money to hire them to find Bug (Kennon Brice ) who he believes has been abducted by Sterling's men after he heard the name dropped. Apparently, Michael has robbed many of Sterling’s associates and in an effort to draw him out into direct conflict, he had Bug kidnapped from his aunt’s house out of Baltimore in the suburbs. When asked why Michael didn’t just go to the police, Dukie explains that there are warrants out for his arrest and he knows police don’t care about some kid caught in the game. Dukie tells them how Michael made sure Bug was always cared for and how he helped look after him too altho he clearly looks like he can’t even take care of himself living on the streets while forking over cash for this investigation. Dukie tells them the money is from Michael but his sincerity about his concern for Bug’s safety is clear and genuine. They agree to take the case.

Sterling has seized all of Marlo’s corners with the help of his right hand man Swift who may or may not be his son. He immediately puts his stamp on his old stomping grounds eliminating other threats. Bunk and Kima find themselves with multiple homicides to investigate and McNulty and Freamon lean on them in their own investigation. Bunk tells McNulty to stay out of JoAnne Fabrics and not to buy any red ribbon. McNulty smiles and Freamon pulls up in the car. They’re headed to Bug’s aunt’s house where they find out that Bug is indeed missing and never came home from school several days ago. Bug is a good kid and student and disappearing for even one evening is unlike him, much less several days. She tried getting in touch with Michael but the number she had is no longer valid. McNulty and Freamon don’t know that Michael was himself arrested a few days earlier.

Sterling is making his moves from behind the scenes but is pushing hard. His bold and extremely public assassination of Marlo was dangerous for someone straight out of the pen after such a long stay. Swift makes sure he stays out of sight so that the police cannot even catch a glimpse of him. But McNulty and Freamon are the best at what they do and they’re getting closer to finding him. Yet, the next time they see Dukie they tell him that the odds of Bug being alive if they find him get worse the more time that passes and it’s already been a week. Dukie begs them to find him in time. They want to know what’s up with Michael and Dukie tells them he’s in Jessup. Frustrated with just learning this info, they head to MPD HQ.

McNulty and Freamon arrange a visit at Jessup with Sgt Carver’s help in a private room as to not attract too much attention to Michael. Michael is not very cooperative at first but when he hears that Bug is missing he gets visibly upset. He tells them he doesn’t know anything about Sterling who’s been in jail since before he was born. They ask if it’s because he robbed some of his money men and Michael says it’s possible but he was more interested in Marlo’s money. They tell him that Marlo is dead too and he’s lucky that he was in Jessup when it happened so he has an alibi. Michael is surprised Marlo finally got "got" but he’s not the least bit sorry to hear about it. He even manages a smirk. Freamon promises him they’ll do their best to find Bug. As they leave, Wee-Bey is watching with an intent eye as Michael exits back into general population.

The bodies continue to pile up and with the help of Bunk and Kima, McNulty and Freamon get a lead on where Sterling might be. When they close in, Sterling’s men open fire and a shootout erupts full scale. The BPD show up for back-up and Sterling’s men are soon outnumbered. Sterling vows not to go back to jail and tries to slip out an underground exit that leads to a different building. Before he is able to escape he comes face to face with Michael who’s pointing a gun at him. Sterling offers him a huge handful of cash to help him escape. Michael asks him if he should help Sterling like Sterling helped Butch Stamford back in the day. Sterling is stunned and asks Michael if he’s Butch’s kid. Michael says no but he knows who is and he paid him a grip of money to set this up. While the police continue to shoot it out with Sterling’s crew, Michael takes Sterling’s gun away and then tells him that the police are here to arrest him for the abduction of his brother Bug. Sterling says he hasn’t abducted any kids and he doesn’t get down like that. Michael says he knows because Bug hasn’t been kidnapped at all. He’s actually out of state with a friend (Dukie who was watching him the entire time) but he needed McNulty and Freamon to find Sterling’s location because he had too much heat on himself.

The plan was concocted in jail and was Avon’s plan the entire time. While the police move in closer, we hear Avon telling Michael about Sterling and what he had done and how he had betrayed his father and killed him. Michael shoots Sterling with his own gun and then wipes off the piece and tosses it in the furnace before slipping out the door. Out back he’s spotted by Bunk who grabs him and finds a piece on him and wonders how he got out of jail so quickly. Michael tells him the case was dropped and he got out a couple days earlier. Michael's gun isn’t the murder weapon which clears him in Sterling's murder but he gets sent back to Jessup for violating his parole. His lawyer, Maury Levy (Michael Kostroff) assures him he’ll get the minimal sentence and be out in less than a year. Inside, Michael heads to a jail cell and finds Avon waiting for him. They give each other a pound and nothing is said until Avon leaves and tells him to come see him when he gets out. Avon is getting processed out of the system as we see Michael hanging with Wee-Bey and Chris in the yard.

McNulty and Freamon are eating with their significant others (Elena and Shardene) down at the Harbor and wondering what happened to Bug. Freamon says he’ll drive down to Bug’s aunt’s house and break the news to her tomorrow. When he gets there he finds that Bug is alive in the flesh and back in school. His aunt says that Bug told her that he and a friend took a bus to Disney World but now he’s back and she’s already grounded him for his actions. Freamon leaves thinking they’ve been played by somebody but just doesn't know how.

Avon is at Cutty’s gym sparring with some aspiring boxers when in walks a familiar face- Michael. With a huge smile on his face, he gives Cutty (Chad Coleman) and Avon each a pound. Avon hands him a briefcase asks him if he’s ready for some more work. Michael smiles at the contents of the briefcase and says he might have some free time to do a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’.



Dominic West

Clarke Peters

Dominic West and Clarke Peters will reprise their roles as Jimmy McNulty and Lester Freamon. Former detectives for the Baltimore Police Dept. they are now Private Investigators in their own employ.

Tristan Wilds

Michael Lee was a former enforcer in Marlo Stanfield's employ before being forced to to go on the offensive against Marlo's crew after they thought Michael had snitched on them. He saw how much success Omar Little had a stick-up man and decided to follow his lead. Michael has been robbing drug dealers ever since and has kept an eye out for the chance to take out Marlo himself.

Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker plays Lamont Sterling who was a sinister kingpin in the 70's-80's before serving 20+ years in prison for murder. He recently was released after evidence came to light exposing some fraudulent forensic tampering by the detectives on the case. He seeks to reclaim his territory and eliminate any in his path starting with Marlo Stanfield.

Kevin Phillips

Kevin Phillips will play Swift who is Lamont Sterling's primary muscle.

Gbenga Akinnagbe

Akinnagbe will reprise his role as Chris Partlow who remains locked up for life without parole.

Jamie Hector

Hector will reprise his role as Baltimore drug kingpin Marlo Stanfield whose attempt to live a life on the straight and narrow was short-lived and he has returned to his old ways.

Wood Harris

Harris will reprise his role as former Westside kingpin Avon Barksdale who is set to get out of prison in a few weeks.

-Kennon Brice as Bug
-Wendell Pierce as Det. Bunk Moreland
-Sonja Sohn as Det. Kima Greggs
-Jermaine Crawford as Dukie
-Hassan Johnson as Wee-Bey
-Seth Gilliam as Sgt. Carver
-Michael Kostroff as Maury Levy
-Callie Thorne as Elena McNulty
-Wendy Grantham as Shardene
-Chad Coleman as Cutty


"I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last."
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MikeT14 wrote:
The W♀ngman

I feel bad not being able to put more jokes in, but it’s tough in this kind of situation. Anyway, here goes:
Directed by Judd Apatow (40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Funny People)
Written by Judd Apatow & Mitchell Hurwitz (Creator of Arrested Development)
James Franco – Adam Preston

Adam is that guy all mid to late 20’s guys want to be. He has a good job, funny friends, and sleeps with a copious amount of chicks. His methods for scoring come from his childhood friend, Derek, and watching the actions of his father, John, when he was younger. When Derek moves on (away), Adam needs to find a new wingman.

Anne Hathaway – Kenzie Kerrigan

Kenzie takes on the roll of that friend you had when you were younger that was so hot but either a) was just one of the guys or b) never could be more than a friend. She’s got a no-nonsense attitude about the opposite sex, but knows her own like all men wish they did. After being backstabbed not once, but twice, by females, taking on the role of the Wingman for Adam is no problem.

John Travolta – John Preston

Adam’s father, John, was the playboy of his generation. His repertoire of good looks, charm, and moves left the tales of legends – and stories for Adam to feed off of. That is, of course, until he met…
Sharon Stone – Lilly Preston
Adam’s mother, and wife of John. She is the woman who finally was able to tame the beast. That is, of course, after she (in a way) served as wingman to him.

Mark Walhberg – Derek O’Donnell

Adam’s childhood friend and neighbor. Even though he was older, he didn’t have many friends growing up (the difference in appearance between young Derek and older Derek is supposed to shock you). Derek, today, fits a similar mold to Adam – good looking, gets laid, successful, etc. It isn’t until a special announcement that Adam has to move on.

Charlie Sheen - Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen will be playing a parody of himself in a small role.

Danny DeVito – Chuckie Walker
Danny DeVito will have a small role as someone interviewing for the Wingman position

Jason Biggs – Lewis Grobenstein

Adam’s other childhood friend and neighbor. Lewis always liked girls as much as his friends, but was more of the romantic type (think Manny from Modern Family). Lewis enjoys his job selling insurance and has a lovely wife and child.

Brooklyn Decker – Gina Burns

Derek’s fiancée. Also, porn star.

Troy Gentile – Young Lewis
Logan Lerman – Young Derek
Justin Bieber – Young Adam

In 1998, freshman Adam and Lewis (Bieber and Gentile respectively), & senior Derek (Lerman) are at their lockers at school. While they are BSing with each other, the hottie of the school, Amanda Dermler, is walking down the hall, cleavage galore exposed.

As they are staring at her, Derek, knowing he is a senior and it is his last shot, attempts a muffled “hi” in her direction. Amanda’s response is a look of disgust as she walks by. The bully of the school, Rick Reynolds, sees this and proceeds to laugh and make fun of them.

Afterwards, Derek shows the two younger boys this book his brother gave him. The book was written by a guru under the pseudonym J.P. on the numerous ways to pick up chicks. Wanting to become the guy that can get girls like Amanda, Adam agrees with Derek to make a pact to read, study, learn and become what this book is about. Lewis declines for he knows “he will find true love one day.”

Present day
A phone rings and we see our lead, Adam (James Franco), now as an adult, answer it. It’s Derek on the other line and he wants to talk to him immediately and to meet him at his place. The camera pans out and we see a very attractive woman lying naked next to Adam. He wakes her, says it was nice to meet her, accidently calls her the wrong name, and offers to pay for her cab home.

Adam arrives at Derek’s (Wahlberg) place shortly thereafter to find boxes with things packed everywhere. Derek explains to Adam that he’s met someone that has changed his life. Gina (Decker) enters and asks Adam if he had fun with Mary last night (the girl earlier whom Adam had forgot the name of). They exchange some small talk until Derek drops the bombshell. Gina is a pornstar and has convinced Derek to join the lifestyle. Derek loves the idea and has decided to move to LA immediately to pursue this. Adam, taken aback by the whole situation, asks Derek who is new wingman is going to be. Derek merely replies that he will find somebody.

Adam meets up with Lewis (Biggs) afterwards, and explains the situation to him. Lewis claims he isn’t surprised as the two of them changed so much since high school. Adam reiterates the problem of trying to find a new wingman, because he is worried he won’t be able to do it on his own. Lewis tells him that he has slept with a lot of women and will be fine.

We later find Adam, alone, at a bar attempting to pick up women. It is apparent that without someone to feed off of, he is very unsuccessful in his pursuit. There was always a friend that needed someone to talk to, or his stories didn’t work, etc. The next day Adam calls Derek to tell him of his problem. Derek answers the phone while already on set working on a movie. Derek jokingly tells Adam he should take out an ad looking for someone. Adam finds this to be a great idea.

After the ad is out on craigslist, Adam meets his “candidates” at the bar to interview them. They all turn out to be disasters in their own right. Charlie (Charlie Sheen) plays a character of himself, a coked up older gentleman who is too drunk and crazy to even try and pick up a woman. Chuckie Walker (DeVito) plays a sleezy man who is more interested in the roofie method than the pickup method.

After failing to find anyone suitable, a stressed out Adam sits at the bar when Kenzie (Hathaway) sits next to him. Noticing his dejected mood, Kenzie asks what’s up. Adam, not seeming to care, explains the whole situation to him. Kenzie tells him that she could pick up any woman for him better than any “wingman” could explaining to him that she knows women better than any other person. Adam, in disbelief, bets that she can’t.

When Kenzie points at 3 different women asking Adam which one he would want, Adam replies, “if you’re so good, why not all of them?” Kenzie smiles and starts after the first girl. Adam sees Kenzie talking to the female, point to Adam, and the female smiles at him. She then writes her number on the napkin and hands it to Kenzie. This process repeats with the other two women. When Kenzie returns (with 3 napkins and numbers), Adam asks how she did it. The first girl, Kenzie analyzed, had just gotten out of a bad relationship, to which she told her so did Adam, and he needed someone to talk to. The second was an animal lover and Kenzie told her she met him at a shelter for animals. The third, Kenzie jokes, says that she eyed her and just told her that Adam was “well-hung.”

Adam, so impressed by this, rushes in asking Kenzie to be his wingman. To his surprise, she agrees. She explains that she thinks it would be a great challenge and sees the fun in it (plus Adam agrees to pay for her drinks). During their small talk, we learn that Kenzie has a boyfriend, but he travels a lot for business.

Over the next couple scenes, we see Kenzie and Adam interacting with many women, and both becoming extremely successful at it. You can see their relationship growing as well to one of close friendship. On one extremely rainy day, Adam shows up at her apartment with pizza and they sit down to watch the football game together. Adam has one of those moments where you can see him definitely begin to question his feelings.

A couple weeks later Adam shows up at the bar with Lewis after both had been out drinking elsewhere for a party. They sit down and start talking when they hear a very loud, and seemingly drunk, woman. When they look over we see Kenzie telling a story that no one can understand due to her intoxication levels. When Adam goes over to Kenzie, she explains that her boyfriend “had been doing what [Adam] does and sleeping with everything.” Adam then explains to Lewis that he’s gonna keep an eye on her and he can go home.

As Kenzie and Adam are talking, Adam begins to tell Kenzie what a beautiful and amazing person she is, and how she should have never been treated like that. It leads to a moment where both are looking at each other and then the next scene is them sleeping together. When Adam wakes up the next morning, Kenzie is gone.

Adam calls Kenzie multiple times the next day, but she doesn’t answer. He finally shows up at her place. When she answers, Adam confesses to her how she really feels. Kenzie’s response isn’t the same though. She tells him that she doesn’t feel the same based on who he and her ex are and that last night was a mistake and that they probably shouldn’t see each other anymore. Adam, taken aback, leaves.

The next couple scenes show Adam, with one of the wingmen he originally interviewed (the least creepiest one), and how he picked up “two older, hard looking women.” Adam is sleeping with one of them but is obviously just “going through the motions.”

The next day Adam visits his parents, John (Travolta) and Lilly (Stone). After some friendly banter about scoring with chicks, Adam finally explains to his dad what’s up. He tells John of his feelings for Kenzie. Ever since he read that book, it told him how to get chicks but never how to keep them. John asks him what book? When Adam explains him the book, John reveals that JP is in fact him, John Preston. Adam learns his dad was in a similar situation to him until he met Lilly and how Lilly changed his life. He then asks Adam if Adam read the last chapter. Adam says no, it was called “love” or something stupid. John tells him to go read it and find out what he was missing.

Adam goes home, reads the chapter, and has a moment of reflection of his last couple months. The next day, raining again, Adam shows up at Kenzie’s door. She finally answers and lets him in. Adam, in his most serious and heartfelt moment, explains to Kenzie his feelings for her and what was missing the entire time. From there, they kiss and the rest is history.


"I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last."
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GmenSeattle wrote:
From Giant Seattle Studios -

Indiana Jones and the Mayan Temple

A reboot of the classic Indiana Jones series is brought to you by GSS and the mind of J.J. Abrams who teams up with Peter Jackson and Weta Studios. When George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg went to block the production of the film a judge ruled they were no longer fit to be involved in Indiana Jones films after he Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The new film stars:

Matt Damon -

Damon takes the Fedora and whip in the reboot of Indiana Jones. Damon has shown that he has the chops to handle the action, whit, humor and intelligence of America's favorite archaeologist.

Sofia Vergara -

Vergara plays Iana Alvarez, the love interest/spark of Jones in the film cut from a similar cloth of Marion Ravenwood in Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark. She plays a Guatemalan professor who specializes in Mayan history and culture.

Kevin Spacey -

Spacey plays Marcus Grant a wealthy US business owner who used to partner with Jones as a financial backer of his excursions but betrayed Indiana when greed got the best of him. He tends to lean more towards technology and considers Jones' practices to be outdated.

Rade Serbedzija -

An gent of the Russian government, Aleksandr Markov played by Serbedzija, is sent to investigate the Mayan temples after the Russian goverment caught word of the possiblities of the powers that lie in the temples by hacking into Marcus Grants computer system.

Antonio Banderas -

Banderas plays Korvin Alvarez, Iana's older brother. With ties to the Gulf cartel he uses his influence to assist his sister even against her wishes. Patriotic and loyal his motives are never 100% clear he seems to dislike foreigners, especially those who look to take from his country.

Plot -

It is well known that the end of the Mayan calendar is coming on December 21, 2012. The big question is, what happens on December 22nd? Will the world end? Will life go on? Will we be able to add to the calendar? Can we control the future if we are the ones who write it? We'll find out when Indiana Jones heads to central America to uncover the secrets of the Mayan Temple.


"I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last."
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B.Y. wrote:
Directed by Martin Scorcese
Written by Jonathan Nolan

Guy Pearce stars as Douglas Wells, an FBI agent working on the most difficult case of his career, a terrorism threat in the nations capital. Parallels reveals three realities of Douglas Wells' life simultaneously happening at once. As it switches back and forth between worlds, we see the case unfold in different ways. As the different outcomes transpire, the alternate universes begin to bleed through Wells' consciousness, changing his perception of both the investigation and reality all together.

Guy Pearce – Special Agent Douglas Wells

Round, thick framed reality: A dedicated, highly respected FBI special agent and family man that is happy married to his wife Sandra and has a daughter Sally.
Thin-framed reality: A dedicated, highly respected FBI special agent who was formerly married to Sandra Blake.
Half-framed reality: A dedicated, highly respected FBI special agent who has never been married.

Casey Affleck - Special Agent Jacob McGuire

Round, thick framed/Thin-framed realities: A charming FBI special agent who is great friends with his bureau partner Douglas Wells and is married to his wife Jessica.
Half-framed reality: A charming FBI special agent who is great friends with his bureau partner Douglas Wells and is happily married to his wife Sandra.

Marion Cotillard – Sandra Wells/McGuire/Blake

Caring mother and loyal wife, she is married to Douglas Wells in the round framed reality, to Jacob McGuire in the half-framed reality, and is formerly married to Douglas Wells in the thin framed reality.

Adrian Pasdar – Deputy Chief of Staff James Cartwright

A tough, logical FBI Chief who is loved by his staff, but isn’t afraid to make ruthless decisions if it is in the interest of the safety of the majority.

Cillian Murphy – Bronson Kelly

A former FBI agent who went rogue and killed his partner on a mission. He subsequently went missing and is the lead suspect of a DC terrorist group that has more than just money on their wish list. He is partially deranged and reckless, despite still having keen wit and survival instincts.

Aaron Paul – “Red” Christianson

Possibly connected to the DC terrorist group.

Josh Holloway – Bruce Paul

Possibly connected to the DC terrorist group.

Abigail Breslin – Sally Wells

Daughter of Douglas Wells in the thick, round framed reality.

Michelle Monaghan – Jessica McGuire

Carefree wife of Jacob McGuire in the round-framed reality.

Plot synopsis:
The film’s opening sequence is a triple split screen, all three of which show Douglas Wells (Guy Pearce) waking up in the same bed. The three screens show a carbon copy same routine, almost as if we are watching the same footage in each. He brushes his teeth and grabs a bowl for cereal. As he grabs a spoon from the drawer, he drops it in the left and middle panels. In the right panel, he walks to the table and starts eating. We see the three routines slowly fork off as we notice differences in each world. Each version of him puts on a different pair of glasses which will be the staples of differentiating between each reality. In one, his wife Sandra (Marion Cotillard) and daughter (Abigail Breslin) join him at the table. In another, he eats alone. In the third he also eats alone but a camera pans to the refrigerator where we see a Christmas card from Jacob McGuire (Casey Affleck) and Sandra who is in that reality not Wells’ wife.
The three screens then merge into one and we watch the reality with the thick, round glasses in which he is married. Taken through a day at the FBI where he works, we find his partner to be Jacob McGuire (Affleck) and that they are best friends with a great report. Their boss is James Cartwright (Adrian Pasdar), a strict Deputy Chief of Staff who wants to come hard on a local terrorist group in Washington, DC who they believe is plotting to sweep through various banks in the city and potentially steal from/destroy federal buildings. The lead suspect and man they believe is the head of the organization is Bronson Kelly (Cillian Murphy), a former FBI agent who went rogue and missing after killing a fellow agent. Amidst these scenes, there are seamless transitions between the realities, indicated by his changing glasses. A cinematic focus is placed on character’s eyes.
At night, thin-framed Wells is eating a TV dinner alone in his house, looking at a picture of him and Sandra (where we find they were previously married but split). Half-framed is doing the same, without the picture. In the thick, round framed reality, we see a big dinner with Sandra (Cotillard), Sally (Breslin), Wells (Pearce), McGuire (Affleck), and his wife Jessica (Michelle Monahan). They happily reminisce about old cases and experiences they’ve all had together.

The next day, the terrorist group has hit their first bank, a Bank of America in Dupont Circle – killing three in their robbery. Over the next few weeks, the FBI struggles to stop the group who are working their way up the top. Larger banks, more deaths, and attacks on two federal buildings. We see Bronson Kelly (Murphy) who is in fact their leader, ruthlessly murdering and destroying anything in their path.

Deputy Chief of Staff Cartwright (Pasdar) notices a trend in the group’s attacks. It appears they are after not only money, but also pure destruction of federal property – a possible psychological game they are playing with the FBI.

4 PM EST: In the half-framed reality, a call comes in to Agent McGuire’s office from a restricted number. The muffled voice tells him that the group has taken Sandra McGuire and intends to kill her if they don’t give them 200 million dollars in unmarked bills in 24 hours.

Unwilling to negotiate with terrorists, Cartwright pulls in suspects who have a tenuous connection to the case. These suspects Bruce Paul (Josh Halloway) and “Red” Christiansen (Aaron Paul) give no information and with no leads, they are at a loss.

Meanwhile Bronson Kelly (Murphy) has Sandra McGuire captive in a dark basement. Kelly’s team calls the Agent McGuire again, upping the ante to 250 million with only 12 hours remaining. They are able to get a trace on the call this time, and decide to offer both of their suspects immunity if they are willing to admit they have a connection to Kelly and can distract them while the FBI flanks the building. Bruce (Halloway) spits in Cartwright’s face, while Red (Paul) agrees.

The FBI descends on the building as Red enters to find Kelly wearing a gas mask surrounded by his handymen and Sandra strapped down. He attempts to mislead Kelly by telling him he was taken in for questioning but that they are safe there, but Kelly instinctually knows he’s lying and instantly shoots both Red and Sandra in the chest. The FBI bursts through but are met with relentless open fire and McGuire is killed. Wells is shot in shoulder, and holds McGuire as he dies in his arms.

3:30 PM EST: The round glasses Wells’ reality has not had these events transpire yet (half hour before McGuire call), but he feels a disturbance in the force so to speak. He looks up at the TV in his office as the Washington Capitals’ drive down the ice on a powerplay. He mouths the play as it transpires, seemingly knowing what will happen next.

A meeting is called by Cartwright to discuss the case. As they talk about their next move, a phone rings. A momentary flash of images shocks Wells. He knows that it’s going to be Bronson Kelly and rushes to pick up the phone. The very same hostage situation is presented to him, this time Sandra being his wife. As Kelly speaks, a long rush of memories hits Wells. As he begins to tear, he hangs up the phone. His perception of reality has shifted and inherited memories of the events which transpired in the half-framed reality. Cartwright tells them they need to bring in two men possibly connected to the case (Red and Bruce).

The suspects are brought in just as they were in the half-framed reality, but Wells demands that they don’t attempt to send either of them to the location. When asked to explain why, he can’t because he simply can’t explain the rush of images he got, but he tells them Kelly will kill Sandra if they send either into the house.

4:00 EST – Now in the thin-framed reality, a brief “recap” runs quickly through the call that the station receives from Kelly and their subsequent planning as they bring Bruce and Red in for questioning. This time both Red and Bruce deny the immunity deal and simply tell them they will die if they send anyone near the building. Firmer in his decision to not negotiate, Cartwright’s strategy in this reality is to let the deadline run out. Without any moves to make, they wait. Wells however ducks out of the office, unable to cope with the duress of his wife’s captivity, and decides to go in solo. McGuire goes after him after realizing he left the office.

Wells enters the building and makes his way to the basement. He is met by Kelly and his crew, as well as his wife strapped to a chair. In a tense scene, he attempts to rationalize with Kelly. He then pulls out his gun and points it at Kelly, however Kelly reveals he is strapped to a device controlled by his pulse. If he dies, a deadly gas is released that kills them all. A life insurance policy so to speak.

Backing away, Kelly shoots Wells in the chest. McGuire who finally arrived rushes in to see the gun fire and reacts by shooting Kelly. As Wells dies, he sees the gas released and everyone collapse, including his wife who dies. He dies last because he is breathing the least amount of oxygen as his lungs fill with blood. The picture cuts to black.

5:00 PM EST – Finally back in the rounded glasses reality, the FBI staff are in the office deciding what they have to do. Wells glances at a picture of his family, and looks down at his gun. Hit with a second rush of memory, he inherits the memories of the thin-framed reality with the gas release.
Wells explains to Cartwright that they could attempt to send a small group into the house, but that they should use tranquilizer guns instead of their standard weaponry to keep him alive for questioning. Agreeing that it is their only option without negotiating, they decide on that plan.

With knowledge of two realities, Wells leads the way knowing exactly how to approach the situation. A special agent team enters the house and they shoot before speaking. They mow all 10 of his men down and take Kelly out instantly with tranq-guns. As the gas stays at bay with Kelly still alive but knocked out, Wells frees his wife and no one is severely injured.

With his wife saved and the terrorism case a wrap, he drives home from the FBI headquarters. The screen divides into a split screen. He is wearing different clothes in one. He sneezes in that one but not in the prime one. It splits again, now into four quadrants. Something different happens in all four. It splits again, and again, and again until tiny boxes of realities fill the screen with jumbled audio with tons of different things happening in each. Cuts to black, and “PARALLELS” displays on the screen.


"I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last."

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tinoynk wrote:

Thomas Dekker as Jonny Quest- The 18 year old son of government scientist and researcher Benton Quest. Jonny is adventurous and precocious, sharing his father’s fascination with the unexplained. He is brave, but reckless and often gets himself in over his head.

Ewan McGregor as Dr. Benton Quest- A U.S. government scientist, one of the most brilliant in the world. He is part of a top secret division of the government known as Intelligence One that investigates and manages mysterious, unexplained phenomenon.

Daniel Craig as Race Bannon- A government agent tasked with being the bodyguard and pilot for Dr. Quest.

Dev Patel as Hadji- An orphan from Calcutta adopted by the Quests. He becomes best friends with Jonny. He is a Judo expert, and occasionally seems to be able to perform small acts of magic (snake charming, levitation, etc.) but it is unclear whether it is legitimate magic or just parlor tricks. He is more cautious than Jonny, but can never talk him out of his more rambunctious actions.

Emma Watson as Jesse Bannon- The 19 year old daughter of Race Bannon, and Jonny’s main love interest. She learned many self-defense techniques from her father and is an important part of their team.

Ken Watanabe as Dr. Zin- A former Yakuza boss who was obsessed with science and the paranormal. He is a criminal mastermind and Dr. Quest’s main nemesis. He was responsible for the death of Dr. Quests’s wife/Jonny’s mother.

Ian McShane as Colonel John Stephenson- An officer of Intelligence One who gives Dr. Quests his orders and supervises his missions.

Christina Hendricks as Jade- A mysterious woman who has crossed paths with the Quests in the past. Her motivations are always unclear, but she has helped the Quests on more than one occasion.

The film opens in the middle of a mission by the Quest team. While studying the properties of electricity, Dr. Norman, a scientist on a small tropical island, had accidentally created a conscious and malevolent invisible energy monster, and Dr. Benton Quest (McGregor) and his team were called to help. Their first plan of action is to bombard the creature with paint, allowing them to see it. After the creature kills Dr. Norman, they are able to draw the monster to the basement. Race Bannon (Craig) plans on flooding the basement, and tells the rest of the team to leave. Jonny (Dekker) refuses to run away, but eventually is dragged away by his father. Race is successful at cracking the plumbing pipes, and just manages to escape the laboratory before it explodes in a massive electrical explosion.

After returning home, the Quest team celebrates over dinner. Race's 19 year old daughter Jessie (Watson) joins them. She has been away at college and hasn't participated in any of the Quest's adventures. Not long after, Dr. Quest and Race are briefed by Col. John Stephenson (McShane) of Intelligence One on their next mission. He tells them that a Mayan temple in Central America had been associated with a series of mysterious disappearances, and strange lights had been reported around the temple. When Race tells Jessie that he's leaving on a new assignment, she insists he take her along. He reluctantly approves after some convincing.

Less than a week later, the Quests are on their way to Belize to investigate the temple. They set up camp on the perimeter of the temple and begin a sweep of the area. After a few days, Jonny and Hadji stumble onto a secret entrance into the temple. Excited by his discovery, Jonny is too anxious to explore it to notify anybody else, despite Hadji's advice to wait for Race or Dr. Quest. Once inside, they find a surprisingly modern interior to the ancient temple. After sneaking down a long corridor, they find themselves overlooking a vast room with various advanced electric and mechanical equipment. Jonny starts taking pictures with his camera, focusing on the tall, sinister looking Asian man who seemed to be directing the activity. After Jonny is able to take just a few pictures, they are spotted by a guard. They are just able to escape the compound and return to their camp.

After viewing the pictures, Dr. Quest recognizes the tall man as Dr. Zin (Watanabe), his nemesis and the man responsible for the death of his wife. He tells Jonny that while investigating mysterious energy signals in Southeast Asia, they stumbled across Dr. Zin's laboratory, where he was working on advanced weaponized robots. However, the lab was a trap, and after Dr. Quest and his wife began to sneak around the facility, Dr. Zin sealed off the exits and set the lab to self destruct. Dr. Quest is able to escape, but his wife wasn't as lucky.

Soon after he finishes telling the story, Race tells them he saw some of Zin's guards scouting the area. Race, Dr. Quest, Jonny and Hadji easily dispatch the guards. They take one to interrogate, but he eats a suicide pill before he telling them anything. They decide to move their camp to avoid detection, and Jonny takes Race and Dr. Quest to the secret entrance he found. When they get there, they see all the equipment being packed up, ready to be moved. Dr. Zin has been expecting them and confronts them (the first time he and Dr. Quest had ever met face to face), but leaves in a helicopter, before telling them that the temple is rigged to collapse, forcing them to escape and lose track of Dr. Zin.

Once back at camp, Dr. Quest lays out his plan to follow Dr. Zin. They travel to Singapore, where they meet Jade (Hendricks). Jade has been helping Dr. Quest and Race for many years, and it is hinted that she and Race formerly had a relationship. She tells them that she has heard that Dr. Zin is planning on harnessing some kind of ancient magic to power his weapons. She admits she doesn't know his endgame, though she suspects he is crazy enough to try to use his new weapons for world domination.

They compare the energy signals from Zin's Belize temple to other ones from the area, and find an almost identical one in the Cambodian jungle. Soon after they arrive, they find a laboratory housed in an ancient temple, similar to the first one they found. This time the whole team is involved in the infiltration. Dr. Zin knows of their arrival, and they are surrounded by guards. Zin himself emerges, and tells the Quests his plan. The last two decades he had been in hiding, researching ancient mystical sources of power. He concluded that some ancient temples were built to channel energy from the earth, and that by harnessing this power he would be able to power his army of robots. He then turns on several of these robots, and leaves the Quests to be killed. However, they are able to destroy the robots.

Race, Dr. Quest, Jonny and Hadji race to the temple roof, where Zin is leaving in a helicopter. Race fires a flare gun at the helicopter. It flies through the window, killing the pilot. They watch the helicopter crash into the jungle, exploding in a fireball. They race to the crash site, but outside of an abbreviated set of footprints, there is no sign of Dr. Zin.

Back at Intelligence One, they report to Col. Stephenson, who tells them that Zin's laboratories are being dismantled, though there is no sign of Zin anywhere.


"I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last."
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james.mcmurry13 wrote:
james.mcmurry13 wrote:
Foreign Ties


Director: Ethan and Joel Coen

Producer: Scott Rudin
Co-Producers: Paul Webster, Robert Lantos, Tracy Seward
Music: Carter Burwell
Cinematography: Barry Sonnenfield
Storyboarding: J Todd Anderson
Editing: Tricia Cooke
Sound Editing: Skip Lievsay
Costumes: Richard Hornung
Set Decorator: Nancy Haigh


The Crime:

Gary Oldman as Aiden

-Aiden is the leader of a large scale criminal organization. His business focuses on human trafficking, with substance trade on the side. Through the years, his loyalty has come and gone, much to the chagrin of several key employees. Aiden is the child of a Brit and and Irishwoman, and though he has a diverse staff, he is not trusting of foreigners.

Hugo Weaving as Hugo

-Hugo has been Aiden's right hand man for over twenty years. They built the empire together, but Hugo, despite doing all of the dirty work, still lurks in the shadows, not reaping the rewards he is due. Hugo's greatest gift is an ability to read people, to see their intentions, to pick up on deception. But at this point in his life, Hugo is weighing his options.

Vincent Cassel as Pierre

-Simply put, Pierre is a screw up. His parents had extraordinary means, yet he has had to scrape his way through life. In spite of all the second chances he's been given, and the advancement opportunities passed down by Aiden, Pierre is still among the laziest humans on Earth.

Peter Stomare as Pedr

-Pedr is the mirror image of Pierre. Having grown up in poverty, living on the streets most of his childhood, he has learned to fend for himself, and is one of the hardest workers Aiden has ever come across. But having never been afforded an education, he is an idiot. Aiden loves his work ethic though, so he has kept Pedr around as an "enforcer", of sorts.

The Law:

Christoph Waltz as Linel

-Linel is an undercover agent, working on an international task force. His assignment is to get as deep into Aiden's affairs as possible, and then to force implosion. Linel has the skills of an actor; he can speak fluent French, German, English, and Spanish, and can speak in dozens of dialects. His skills made him the perfect man for this job, as INTERPOL is going in blind. They do not know who the leader is, they do not know they full extent of operations, and they do not even know what nationalities are represented. They do know that, whatever the case is, Linel can get the job done.

Leon Russom as Jack

-Jack is the supervisor assigned to this international Task Force. It is never made clear how high up in INTERPOL he is, but he's regarded by Linel as a very powerful man.

Olek Krupa as Olaf

-Olaf is the Eastern European equivalent of Linel. Unfortunately for him, Aiden is very wary of Easterners.

The Greed:

Javier Bardem as Carlos

-Carlos is a low level player in the Spanish trafficking game. Coming from a poor family in Spain, he knows he'll never be given a legitimate opportunity in his homeland, so he has traveled abroad to find a more suitable organization. His English is poor, and his associates speak only Spanish.

Danny Pino and Diego Luna as Manuel and Diego

-Manuel and Diego are cousins, Carlos is their Uncle. Carlos has taken them along on his journey as to appear more powerful, not knowing the norms of the business.

The Talent:

Mariska Hargitay as Natasha

-Natasha is Aiden's "First Lady". A former "employee" herself, she knows the ins and outs of the trade, and was selected by Aiden to help run that side of the business.

Scarlett Johansson as Jordan

-Jordan knows that Natasha is exiting the prime age of a First Lady, and she wants to make the career move. She takes risks along the way, but eventually takes over Natasha's duties.

Mélanie Laurent as Mélanie

-Mélanie is jealous of Jordan. She has worked for Aiden twice as long, and she thinks she deserved more responsibility. She is convinced that the only reason Jordan was chosen was because Aiden found her more attractive. Mélanie grew up in an impoverished area just outside of Marseilles, and is dead-set on revenge.

Jordana Brewster, Olivia Wilde, Diane Kruger, Bar Refaeli, Milla Jovovich, Katrina Kaif, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Aishwarya Rai as Marta, Olivia, Olga, Tzahala, Milla, Katrina, Jenni, and Ayisha

-These lovely ladies are low level employees. For their...'services', they are provided with food and shelter.


"I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last."
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Greg_Jennings wrote:
GJ Studios Presents...
The Place That Cannot Be
Directed by Andrew Dominik

Producers: Ridley Scott and Brad Pitt
Director of Photography: Roger Deakins
Original Music by: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
Editing: Dylan Tichenor
Production Design: Chris Kennedy

A couple years after an unknown devastating nuclear war in the United States, a man named Noah and a group of men attempt to build some kind of civilization after they take refuge in an abandoned sports dome. The film starts several years after the event, but we are delivered flashbacks as it goes on. As Noah's mini-city continues to expand and grow, he sees other factions grow to power, including the fearsome slavers and an over-zealous church.


Brad Pitt as Noah:

a former business executive before the bombs hit, Noah is a very pragmatic man. He is often the smartest person around, but sometimes alienates people with his narcissism. He also has a daughter, who he keeps a close eye on. He holds onto his pre-war business etiquette, even if his fellow man doesn't always do the same. He has an extreme distaste for barbarianism.

Bryan Cranston as James:

before the war, James and his wife, Audrey, lived in a decent home on a decent wage, and were in the process of trying to birth a child. After the bombs dropped, him and his wife went with Noah and Logan to find refuge. Audrey has since, gone missing however. He continues to pursue civilization with Noah, hoping that if he keeps building, one day his resources may help him find his wife. James was also an experienced doctor, and his medical talents often come in useful.

Sam Rockwell as Logan:

he is Noah's younger brother. Logan was in trouble a lot with the law, and was set to go to prison before the bombs hit. Since then, he's proved to be responsible when its needed. Logan, with a lost sense of purpose in the new desolate world, seeks religion to give himself peace of mind, which ends up escalating when he aligns himself with a dangerous church.

Emily Browning as Chloe:

Chloe is Noah's daughter. She travels with the group, usually close by her father. She has been raised by her father to see things logically. We understands the world and it's random nature, but unlike her older companions, she accepts it for what it is. She is also really close with her uncle, Logan, and the two bounce ideas off of each other from time to time.

Anthony Mackie as Priest Andre Porter

A devout priest who starts a church and begins to gather many people to follow him. His goals soon become over-zealous, and Noah (Brad Pitt) is constantly looking over his shoulder.

Rachel Griffiths as Audrey:

Audrey and James were happily married and trying to conceive a child before the bombs hit. Around the time Noah's party comes upon the abandoned sports done, Audrey goes missing. James hasn't since seen her in years. She is seen in several flashbacks.

Michael Rooker and Adam Scott as Curtis and Freddy:

Curtis and Freddy are two prominent members of a fearsome group of slavers who threaten Noah and his mini-city. They are very much barbarian in nature. Two extremely crude individuals.

Peter Saarsgard as Corporal Ken Stewart:

Stewart heads a small platoon that visits Noah's city at one point in the film. Most of the U.S. Military seems to be deflated, and their squad is almost rogue in nature now.

John Hawkes as Howard Longwell:

Howard is just one of the many followers of Priest Porter's once his new church begins to gain more support. Begins to play a more influential role once Logan and Priest Porter get into a disagreement.

Brittany Snow as Jamie Longwell:

Jamie begins to develop a good friendship with Chloe throughout the film, that is until she gets caught up in her father's religious plots.

Garrett Dillahunt as Gavin:

Gavis is a former accountant. He is kind of a soft person, nerdy in a way. Gavin's job is to help Noah in managing the town's finances. He shares a lot of ideals as Noah, and the two tend to get along well.

Scoot McNairy as Gabriel:

Gabriel is a man who used to work with James at the hospital. He was at a party with Noah and James when the bombs first hit, and followed them to find refuge. Gabriel only appears in flashbacks.

John Slattery as The Narrator

The film begins with Noah sitting in a worn down office. He has a stunned expression on his face as the camera zooms out on him. We see Gavin dead next to his desk in the office, his throat cut and his body lying in a pool of blood. A John Slattery narration tells that in a world so savage, there is no safe haven.

The story then moves back a good chunk of time. We then move back to present time. Noah's group (consisting of himself, James, Logan, and Chloe), has taken refuge in the ruins of an old football stadium. Over time, Noah has organized something of a miniature town. Refuges come to the stadium looking for shelter and offer their services. Noah runs the town's finances, and has become the de facto leader of the place. James runs the town's clinic, being an experienced doctor before the war. The next scene shows Noah and his group a while earlier. They are searching through the ruins of an old football stadium for the first time. As the group combs the place, James is seen staring out into the horizon from on the stadium's mid-level, seemingly looking for someone. The place has been looted almost entirely, but Noah sees an opportunity to turn it into a fortress.

Back in present time, we see the beginnings of the town church, as Priest Andre Porter begins to amass followers. He draws crowds from the large number of people trying to overcome the emptiness of this new world, and Logan is drawn to it as well. Logan, and a man named Howard, become prominent figures in the church over time. The next scene is a flashback, as we go back to a period just after the bombs hit. The group at this point includes Noah, Logan, Chloe, James, his wife, Audrey, and Gabriel. The group had been at Noah's house celebrating Noah's daughter, Chloe's birthday when the bombs hit. Their rural town was spared from the initial bombings, but the surrounding cities were hit extremely hard. The scene shows the group as they are making their way out of town. James and Audrey talk about the timing of the bombs. The two were in the process of conceiving a child, and the two find it difficult to admit that holding off on that child might be the best idea now.

Back in present time, we see Noah talking to Gavin. Noah sees part of himself in Gavin, a former accountant with a similar distaste for savagery. Noah tells Gavin that the two of them are the only ones who seem to have remembered how to remain civilized human beings. The next scene is another flashback. Noah, Logan, James, Audrey, Chloe, and Gabriel are marching down a deserted highway towards the city, having just left their camp an hour ago. Audrey stops them, and reminds them that they forgot their bag of medical supplies back at the camp. Audrey decides to take Gabriel with her to go back and get them, much to the reluctance of James. Noah tells James that he is going to need him and his medical talent to go scout of the stadium with him. As Noah, Logan, James, and Chloe head towards the stadium, Audrey and Gabriel head back, intent to catch back up. On their way back, Audrey hears someone yelling. The two go to check it out. They find a man named Curtis (Michael Rooker), he is grabbing on to his leg and yelling that he's been shot. Audrey explains to him that Gabriel is a medical professional, and that they can help him. Audrey says, "I can't believe someone would just up and do this to you", to which Curtis replies "Yeah, me neither" and then caps Gabriel in the head, moving the gun to Audrey next. Curtis's friend, Freddy makes himself present, and it becomes clear that the two are in fact, slavers.

In present day, Chloe is seen talking with her friend, Jamie. Jamie tells her that her father has been acting really strange lately, and that his new church has him behaving in a very radical way. Chloe explains that her uncle is also in the church, but she hasn't really seen him act differently. We then see Gavin as he runs into Noah's office. Gavin tells him that he has some visitors here to see him, from the U.S. Army, he claims. Noah invites the four men into his office. Corporal Ken Stewart (Peter Saarsgard) introduces himself to him. The U.S. Army was deployed mostly oversees at the time of the bombs, and by now has mostly crumbled. Small sects of them still operate in the area however. Stewart reveals why they are here, and offers Noah town wide protection courteous of the Army, in return for free reign over their supplies. Noah declines, saying that the deal is ludicrous.

Some time later, Priest Porter sets an appointment with Noah. Porter tells Noah that he has received some disturbing news. James had been circulating a picture of his wife for a while now, and Andre can't reveal how, but he has received intel that she may be being held at an abandoned prison nearby, which has been converted into a cruel, violent, brothel. Noah goes to this abandoned prison to confront the slavers. When he tries to inquire about Audrey, he is turned away. In response, Noah cuts off the supplies being sent to that part of the city.

Curtis and Freddy pay Noah a visit, forcibly making their way into his office. As Freddy orders Noah to stay out of their affairs, Curtis walks behind Gavin and slits his throat. The two laugh to themselves and make there way out. Noah looks grimly at the body of his friend, scared lifeless for his own safety. After the incident, Noah recontacts Corporal Stewart, and accepts his old deal. The next scene is at the church. After the ceremony, Porter pulls Logan aside. Porter tells Logan that he wants him as his new second in command. Logan is surprised, but accepts. Porter asks Logan if he can be trusted, and explains what is on his mind. Porter says that Logan's brother, Noah has sold the town out to the U.S. Government. Porter subtly proposes that the church needs to uprise, but Logan quickly shoots the idea down.

The next scene shows Logan in his office with Noah. Logan has just explained to Noah what Priest Porter said to him. Noah decides to keep a very close eye on Andre Porter and his church, now under attack from two factions. That night, James visits the church for the first time. As he walks in, he looks for a quiet place to sit down and think about his missing wife. Porter sees him sitting there, and sits down next to him. Andre asks James if anything came from the information he gathered. Confused, James asks what he is talking about. Andre reveals the information about his wife's whereabouts, and explains to him that he told Noah about it some time ago. James gets up from his seat and makes his way out.

James arrives at the abandoned prison. Freddy is at the front entrance keeping watch. James approaches him, and asks what the fee is for entry. Freddy tells him the amount and explains that once he is inside, he can pick one cell and stay there for the night. James pays him and walks in. He slowly walks by several jail cells. Inside each one, there is a likely kidnapped woman lying naked, most covered in bruises, and all of them extremely malnourished and drugged up. James finally arrives at the cell he never hoped he'd find. As he walks in, he finally sees his wife, Audrey. She is curled up in the corner, lying on hay. She is naked, drugged, and bone-thin. James kneels down and holds her as he breaks down. She is barely conscious enough to recognize him. James spends a few moments with her before covering her mouth with his hand and suffocating her. It takes all the strength he can muster for him to finish it, but he does. And James finally puts his wife to rest. James leaves the cell and further explores the prison. He sees Curtis standing in a room facing away from him, smoking a cigarette. James takes cover behind a wall, and withdraws the pistol he brought with him. James gathers himself, and gets ready to make his shot on Curtis, but two more men entire the room. The two men start talking to Curtis, and James realizes that he can never get away with this and get out alive, and he leaves.

Back at the town church, Priest Porter is wrapping up the ceremony. He says that he has a huge announcement to make. He will, today, be appointing his "second in command to god". Logan sits in the crowd watching on, expecting to be picked, but instead, Porter chooses Howard. Porter begins to get more excited in his language. He claims that he has received visions from god. He claims that god has told him that he must start an uprising, and claim this place as the first new Holy City. The crowd begins to get fired up from Porter's speech, and Logan quietly leaves.

We then see Noah sitting in his office, facing away from the door. The door opens behind him, and James walks in. James says that he just got back from the prison, and that he knows he knew. Noah seems distant. Noah explains that he was raised to be a civilized man, and was brought up on civilized ideals. This new stadium-city was his one attempt to try and rebuild some kind of civilization, some kind of sanity for him. But now that the town is crumbling beneath him, he is overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness. "This place was my world." he says. "And now it is slipping away from me". James listens to this speech in disbelief. James calls him a sad little man. James says, "Your world may have been gone a while. But my world was Audrey, and you've taken her away from me. She was all I had". The next shot is a close up of Noah, still facing away from James as he is seen behind him raising a gun to the back of his head. We see Noah begin to tear up and loose it, as he thinks his life is about to end, but James makes his leave instead, and proceeds to leave the town forever.

The next scenes show Porter's massive religiously fueled mob making it's way through the tunnels of the stadium. As they begin to cause havoc, the Army forces stationed there attempt to hold them off. A bloody battle ensues, as people begin dying everywhere. As chaos begins unfolding, Noah, his daughter, and Logan lock themselves in Noah's office. As the fighting gets closer and closer to them, Noah comfort's his daughter, as the three of them prepare for the end.

The shot zooms out from the stadium, concluding with another John Slattery voice over, as he explains that man is animal in nature, and that civilization as a whole, is merely an illusion.


"I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last."
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Ok. Let me hear it fellas.
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Darrelle Revis

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The Gnat wrote:
Good Omens


It is the coming of the End Times: the Apocalypse is near, and Final Judgment will soon descend upon the human race. This comes as a bit of bad news to the angel Aziraphale (who was the angel of the Garden of Eden) and the demon Crowley (who, when he was originally named Crawly, was the serpent who tempted Eve to eat the apple), respectively the representatives of God and Satan on Earth, as they have become used to living their cozy, comfortable lives and have, in a perverse way, taken a liking to humanity. As such, since they are good friends (despite ostensibly representing the polar opposites of Good and Evil), they decide to work together and keep an eye on the Antichrist, destined to be the son of a prominent American diplomat stationed in Britain, and thus ensure he grows up in a way that means he can never decide between Good and Evil, thereby postponing the end of the world.
Unfortunately, Warlock, the child everyone thinks is the Anti-Christ is, in fact, a perfectly normal eleven-year-old boy. Due to mishandling of several infants in the hospital, the real Anti-Christ is Adam Young, a charismatic and slightly otherworldly eleven-year-old who, despite being the harbinger of the Apocalypse, has lived a perfectly normal life as the son of typical English parents and as a result has no idea of his true powers. As Adam blissfully and naively uses his powers, creating around him the world of Just William (because he thinks that is what an English child's life should be like), the race is on to find him—the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse assemble and the incredibly accurate (yet so highly specific as to be useless) prophecies of Agnes Nutter, seventeenth-century prophetess, are rapidly coming true.
Agnes Nutter was a witch in the 17th century and the only truly accurate prophet to have ever lived. She wrote a book called The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch, a collection of prophecies that did not sell very well because they were unspectacular, cryptic and, ironically enough, all true. She, in fact, decided to publish it only so that she could receive a free author's copy. There is only one copy of the book left, which belongs to her descendant Anathema Device. Agnes was burned at the stake by a mob (because that is what mobs did at that time); however, because she had foreseen her fiery end ("Ye're tardy; I should have been aflame ten minutes since") and had packed 80 pounds of gunpowder and 40 pounds of roofing nails into her petticoats, everyone who participated in the burning was killed instantly.
Anathema teams up with Newton Pulsifer, the descendant of the man who initiated the burning of Agnes, to use the prophesies and find the Antichrist. Unfortunately, that is exactly what everyone else is trying to do, and time is running out.

Wiki Summary


James McAvoy - Aziraphale
An angel who wants to stop the Antichrist from being the end of the world.

Robert Downey Jr. - Crowley
A demon who is friends with Aziraphale who also doesn't want the end of the world.

Helena Bonham Carter

Chris Hemsworth - Metatron
A head angel.

Joel Courtney - Adam Young
The Antichrist.

Elizabeth Banks - Chattering Nun
The Nun who messes up the baby exchange.

Riley Griffiths, Elle Fanning, Ryan Lee - The Them
The gang that hangs around with Adam Young.

Charlie Day - Newton Pulsifer
A witchhunter low in the ranks of the witchhunters.

Christpher Lloyd - Shadwell
Head witchhunter, or what is left of them, on the payroll of Crowley and Aziraphale.

Helana Bonham Carter - Madame Tracy
Lives next to Shadwell and is a lady of the night, or was, and is a medium.

Eva Green - War (Scarlet)
Simon Pegg - Pollution (was Pestilence, but penicillin made him retire)
Hank Azaria - Famine
Tim Curry - Death

Nathan Fillion - Brother Francis

Bruce Campbell - Gabriel

Emmy Rossum - Anametha Device
Great grand daughter of Agnes Nutter and grand daughter of the creature of the device, who is trying to figure out Agnes' prophecies.


Dariusz Wolski
Cinematographer who has worked with Burton before on Sweeney Todd. Is going to help make this stylistically entertaining.

Danny Elfman
Composer who is going to make this feel whimsical and fanciful and who has worked with Burton before.

Steven Moffat
Writer/Producer who has done such TV shows as Coupling, Doctor Who, and Sherlock on BBC and has screenwritten the upcoming Tintin movie. He will work really well with the excitement and adventure of it while blending in the humor of it perfectly.

Tim Burton
The story suits him well because he has done great with worlds of whimsy and this fantasy sort of story has dark elements and light elements to it that match his standard.


"I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last."
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I probably won't get to vote until tomorrow morning, but it's gonna be tough.

"I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last."
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Working out my ballot right now.

Although I'm wondering why I'm seemingly the only one on this forum that can figure out roman numerals. Laughing

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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I missed the last 8 drafts I think. Wink

(title should say VIII, not XIII)
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