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The "Make A Movie Draft" VII -- Final Products!
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Which Film Would You Most Like to See?
Warriors of Time - Hiyao Miyazaki
 18%  [ 2 ]
Le Resistance - Steven Moffat
 0%  [ 0 ]
Lives - Duncan Jones
 18%  [ 2 ]
Wetworks - Darren Aronofsky
 0%  [ 0 ]
City of Angels - Paul Thomas Anderson
 18%  [ 2 ]
Longstanding Ties - Vince Gilligan
 9%  [ 1 ]
Republic - Pete Borg
 0%  [ 0 ]
Heavenly Sword - James Cameron
 18%  [ 2 ]
Misfits - Joss Whedon
 9%  [ 1 ]
SwatKats - Quentin Tarantino
 0%  [ 0 ]
Just Buisness - Jason Reitman
 9%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 11

Author Message

Joined: 06 Nov 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:02 pm    Post subject: The "Make A Movie Draft" VII -- Final Products! Reply with quote

The seventh Make A Movie Draft is complete, and we've got a brand new slate of film to present to you all. The entire crews for all of these fictional films were drafted by each participant, and a story written accordingly. Write-ups were put together by each participant, and then they were ready.

I'd also like to ask anyone interested to also put together a ballot submission. To go through the various films and decide which film deserves which reward. Kind of like a mock Academy Award ballot.

Ballot wrote:

Most likely to win Best Lead Actor:
Most likely to win Best Lead Actress:
Most likely to win Best Supporting Actor:
Most likely to win Best Supporting Actress:
Most likely to win Best Visual Effects:
Most likely to win Best Original Screenplay:
Most likely to win Best Adapted Screenplay (taken from source material, may not be applicable):
Most likely to win Best Director:
Most likely to win Best Picture:

Optional: What could be improved for the next draft

So with that, I'll present the completed films. A lot of hard creative work went into putting these together, so any comments or suggestions you have would go a long way to improving this draft.

Links wrote:

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In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Joined: 06 Nov 2006
Posts: 22821
Location: Milwaukee
PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

rabbisson wrote:
Warriors of Time

Directed and Animated by the Award-Winning Hiyao Miyazaki



A troubled artist wakes up one morning to find a young girl unconscious on his doorstep. When the yakuza, led by a nefarious Oyabun, come after them, he somehow finds himself magically transported inside one of his paintings. Now, with the yakuza hot on their tail and multiple worlds to explore, it is up to the painter, the girl, and a number of unlikely allies to find the three keys to restore their world back to normal.

Plot Summary:

The film opens as a man slumbers during a rainstorm. Tomo (Depp) is a 35-year old artist who is down on his luck. He sleeps, snoring softly. The shadows in the room shift, showcasing the beautiful animation, and face three paintings. One depicts a sunny day along the Champs-Elysees, another a futuristic London, England with robots storming the Millennium Eye. The final one is a bird's eye view of Tokyo, present day, from Tokyo Tower.

We zoom in on Tomo as he slumbers and gain access to his dream. He imagines himself painting, voices shouting at him to stop, shadowy figures coming and leaving in and out of his life, a spotlight shines on him at the climax...and he awakens.

Tomo begins preparing for the day, making breakfast, when he hears a thump outside. He opens the door and sees a disheveled teenage girl (Wasikowska). She is tall and blonde. Tomo brings her inside and lays her on his bed. He takes out her wallet, sees her ID and says her name aloud. Mai.

Mai awakens as Tomo brings her breakfast the next day: she demands to know where she is. The two talk and begin to engage in dialogue to get to know each other better: somewhat snappy. Mai warns Tomo that she should leave soon: people are after her. Tomo tries to calm her down, and she coalesces.

Afternoon, Tomo is working at his studio as Mai snoops around. She asks him about some of his sculptures and paintings, specifically the three shown earlier in the movie. Tomo describes all of them as previously mentioned. Mai asks if there is a connection, and Tomo says that there is: he used a special speck of paint in each one of his paintings called Golden Droplets. He originally intended on selling the pieces: however, something inside him compelled him to keep them.

That night, Tomo is making dinner when the plates start crashing: intruders. The yakuza break into his house, asking where Mai is. Tomo tries to hold them off to some extent, but they prove to be too powerful. Cornered with Mai, he holds out a painting to try and halt the intruders. It glows golden, and the two are sucked into Renaissance period France.

Mai and Tomo come to and gain their bearings. Mai tells Tomo that the Yakuza have formulated a plot to start a global war, taking power from its clutches, by using a magical force called the Nightshade. Mai can counteract this, but she needs the three Golden Droplets from each painting, symbolized by keys, to help.

As Mai and Tomo begin their journey, the yakuza sends in one of their top enforcers, Bull (Clarke Duncan), to deal with them. Bull has the power to enter the paintings, and he is watched over carefully by his Oyabun, Mitsumaru (Wantanabe.)

While exploring, Mai and Tomo meet Evaline (Gainsbourg), a headstrong young woman who’s parents own an inn. She grants the two travelers a warm bed for the night, and in the morning, with the help of some of her friends (Ensemble) and a gypsy named Vincent (Tucci), they search the sewers of Paris for the key. However, by this time, Bull has arrived. He pursues them through the city until a glimmer of gold is spotted at the bottom of the River Seine. Mai tries to hold off Bull as Tomo, despite an inability to swim, dives in to grab the golden piece. Evaline and Vincent help pull him to safety as Mai has trouble dealing with Bull. At the last moment, Tomo grabs her and escapes through a golden portal to another time period: futuristic London.

Tomo and Mai land amidst heavy fire. They wander the streets of war-ravaged London, eventually hiding in the Picadilly Circus underground station. There, they meet Ralph Bale (McGregor) and Daphne St. Louis (Bell), two freedom fighters who are trying to hold off the robot army. After initial mistrust, the two parties come to terms, and the story is revealed: the year is 3050, and man and machine are warring over the future of the world. London is one of the first places to be attacked, full scale, so this would be the time to head off the invasion. Tomo and Mai agree to help the mismatched couple. Tomo gets to know Daphne a little better as they wander through the streets of London looking for scraps to eat, while Mai and Ralph bond over harvesting scrap. Bull, meanwhile, portals into the new world as well, after corresponding with his Oyabun.

The next evening, after formulating a plan with their partners, Tomo and Mai help orchestrate a full-scale attack on the robots. The awesome battle takes them to the Milennium Eye, where a glint of gold is visible on the top. Mai and Tomo fight their way up with Ralph and Daphne giving them cover. Daphne ends up getting shot and killed by Bull, taking a bullet for Tomo. The pair reach the top and grab the key. The scene shifts, and they jump to the final time period: present day Tokyo. Bull is shown communicating with his boss, they have the pair right where they want them.

As they land, it feels like home for Tomo and Mai. However, they could not be more wrong. In this alternative Tokyo, the Yakuza rule. Tomo and Mai are chased by yakuza. They try to escape, but they are separated, as Tomo loses Mai in the crowd of people. He stumbles to the side and passes out.

Tomo awakens to see a young Japanese boy, Chiro (Cipes), poking at his body. Chiro yelps as he opens his eyes, but the two talk a bit more and then begin to walk. Chiro brings Tomo to his friend, Hideki (Hutcherson), a strong-willed young man with a penchant for conspiracy theories. Tomo tells him that he needs to find Mai: Hideki says that he’s heard a girl was recently captured by the yakuza, and they intended to execute her publicly to make an example of her. Tomo tells them his story, and they agree to help.

Hideki, Chiro and Tomo sneak into the Yakuza’s main base and see Mai, in jail. She warns them not to approach, but it is too late. The three are trapped and forced to face the sinister Oyabun, who tells them of his evil plan: to gain worldwide power in a sinister coup wherein the top world leaders will all be assassinated simultaneously. He ends with an ominous “Not just here…but everywhere.” As he walks away, Tomo ponders his next move.

The four are brought out to the public execution square, as the townspeople watch. Tomo looks out into the distance and sees a gold glint…a clue! He motions to Mai, who saw the same thing. The gunners take their positions, and Tomo braces himself. However, Mai has other plans: she kicks her captor in the air, hurling him at the gunners. In the confusion, Tomo, Hideki and Chiro sprint away, making a run for it toward Tokyo Tower. They sprint through the alleyways of the city, avoiding gunfire and Bull as they make it to the Tokyo Tower. Tomo reaches out and grabs the key…but no portal reveals itself

The Oyabun reveals himself and tells Tomo that he’s done well to retrieve for him the three keys. He motions to Mai as his daughter, and she returns to him. Tomo is told to give them the keys, but he refuses. Bull punches him, trying to beat the will out of him, but Tomo will not relent. He looks at Mai with pleading eyes…and she winks back at him as she pulls out a knife. The Oyabun catches her though, and they begin their final duel.

Chiro and Hideki try to help Tomo take on Bull, but his strength is simply overwhelming. Down to his last breath, Tomo summons the spirits of Evaline, Vincent, Daphne and Ralph to give him strength. Together, with Hideki and Chiro, they fight back Bull and are able to overpower him just enough to win the fight.

The Oyabun and Mai continue to fight. He has her on the ropes, a gun to her head. Ready to kill his renegade daughter, he pulls the trigger…just as Tomo is able to push Mai away with a flourish. Granted another chance, Mai is able to fight back and finish off her father, with some cheering from Chiro and Hideki. After the victory, she rushes back to Tomo, who is bleeding profusely. Mai promises that she will use the keys to save the world, she thanks Tomo for all of his help. All of the spirits they have met on their journey thank him. Tomo is happy. Seemingly near death, he closes his eyes…and then opens them.

He is back in his bed, alone. It is another rainy night. He has a headache. He stands up and sees the three paintings still side-by-side, as if nothing had happened. Was it all a dream? He lies back down to go to sleep, smiling to himself, as the picture zooms out and becomes a framed painting of its own. End film.

Characters: (All pics taken will look similar to animated forms in movie, except for Cipes who will be dark-haired)

Johnny Depp - Tomo

Tomo is a down on his luck painter who stumbles upon a young girl, Mai, and is whisked away on an adventure through time and space.

Mia Wasikowska - Mai

Mai is a mysterious girl who may be the antidote needed to save the corrupted world.

Michael Clarke Duncan – Bull

Bull is a fighter for the Oyabun, a pure warrior who’s mission is to serve his master in whatever he needs.

Ken Wantanabe – Oyabun Mitsumaru

The Oyabun is a mastermind who has his sights set on an increase of power…to a worldwide and possibly interdimensional scale.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Evaline

Evaline is the daughter of innkeepers. She is a friend to many of the starving young in pre-Renaissance Paris, France, and helps Tomo and Mai.

Stanley Tucci – Vincent

Vincent is gypsy-born and has intimate knowledge of the sewers of Paris. He also has an extremely witty sense of humor.

Ewan McGregor – Ralph Bane

Ralph is a British-born freedom fighter who is secretly in love with Daphne St. Louis. This affection is not returned.

Kristen Bell – Daphne St. Louis

Daphne St. Louis is an American ex=patriot who fled St. Louis to help the resistance cause. She thinks of Ralph as a friend, but may have a thing for Tomo.

Josh Hutcherson - Hideki

Hideki is a headstrong youth who believes strongly in conspiracy theories. He is also athletic, and works with Tomo to take down the Yakuza.

Greg Cipes - Chiro

In his big-screen debut, Cipes plays Hideki’s best friend, a curious boy who is extremely well-intentioned. This is also a name gag on one of Cipes’ anime characters.

In case you don't know who Cipes is, here is his IMDB.

Ensemble – Ensemble

The ensemble will come into play in a variety of contexts. There will be tons of familiar voices for the audience to enjoy.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Gnat wrote:
Le Resistance

This is the story of how the British fought against the German forces after Hitler and Germany won World War II. It is the brave story of Winston Churchill and his resistance fighters were able to become a thorn in Germany's side doing what the French weren't able to.

In the last days of the World War II, the British knew that no help was coming from the United States who were still holding onto a grudge from the Revolutionary War (or were to busy taking care of the war in the Far East with Japan, it depends on who you ask). Churchill, played by Ian McNeice, leaves London to hide in the northern part of Scotland where he is protected by the locals. Hitler, Martin Wuttke, personally comes over to see his demise, but can't find Churchill.

Seeing his chance Churchill gathers the town folks to take out Hitler while he is still in the country. Two men volunteer for it (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) volunteer for the mission. This plan goes awry when a French assassin (Marion Cotillard) bungles up both of their attempts to take out Hitler.

Together the British villagers and the French assassin race around Europe following Hitler on his victory tour trying to take him out at every stop. After nearly half a dozen failed assassination attempts, Churchill sends in reinforcements. The reinforcements, Matt Smith and David Tennant, fair no better in their blue box disguise plan, an homage to Doctor Who.

Le Resistence sends Churchill's assassins back to him. Churchill, disappointed in them, brings in an expert played by, Liam Neeson, who brings in another assassin to help them, Benedict Cumberbatch.

The new help turns out to have a secondary reason for going on this mission, his sister, played by Gemma Arterton, has been taken along with his girlfriend (Karen Gillan) by the German forces. They run across Le Resistance who has followed Hitler back to Germany.

Theo leads them off first to rescue his sister and his girlfriend. Le Resistance refuses to help and Eldon declines coming along so he can hit on her. They make in roads into the German leadership and bed while the other two break out Mary and Amelia from their captors in a place that turns out to be way nicer than the village where they come from.

Things come to a head on Hitlers return to Germany and one of his aides, played by Christoph Waltz, agrees to defect and help them take out Hitler. They regroup and with the help of Waltz, a fool proof plan comes together to take out Hitler. Needless to say with this group, wasn't as fool proof as they had thought, but they are finally able to assassinate Hitler.

Upon Hitler's death, Johann Schmidt, Michael Fassbender, takes over Hitler's rule and talks about his plan to take over the whole world, and that Hitler has a narrow vision of conquest. Everyone there isn't really buying it and Johann Schmidt gets arrested and sent to prison. Theo declares that the war is over and countries are to be returned as normal and sets himself up as ruler of Germany with Amelia by his side. Eldon goes back to France with Le Resistance and William and Mary go back to England together and fall in love on the way. After taking their time getting back, Churchill informs them that Johann Schmidt has broken out of prison and has gone to Russia to gain support of his movement.... to be continued????


Ian McNeice: He plays Winston Churchill who goes into hiding because Britain falls to Hitler and Germany in World War II.

Martin Wuttke: He plays Hitler.

Simon Pegg: He plays Eldon Frogworth a villager who takes up Churchill's plan to take out Hitler.

Nick Frost: He plays William Hufflebottom a villager who along with Eldon goes after Hitler.

Marion Cotillard: She plays Le Resistance as her character refuses to give her name to the two British "assassins" for their own, but really mainly her own, safety.

David Tennant: He plays Failed Assassin #1.

Matt Smith: He plays Failed Assassin #2.

Benedict Cumberbatch: He plays Theo Bedlam, a exit British special operations officer during the war who specialized in the mental aspect of war, strategy, and interrogation and is quite mental himself believing that he has telekinetic powers.

Liam Neeson: He plays ex. RFA commander who helped Churchill escape from London. He is brought back in by Churchill to train his recruits on the art of warfare when, as Churchill puts it, "the strength of the British war, the people, can't even keep up with the French who give up at the first hint of anything".

Gemma Arterton: plays Mary, Theo's sister who has been taken by the Germans.

Karen Gillan: plays Amelia Blockwauld who has been captured by the Germans and who is Theo's girlfriend.

Christoph Waltz: He plays Hitler's Aide who has traveled with Hitler and hadn't figured out until seeing the destruction Hitler has caused that he might not be the good guy that he thought he was.

Michael Fassbender: He plays Johann Schmidt, a reference to Marvel's Red Skull, who has a grand plan for world domination and who thought that Hitler was narrow minded.

Steven Moffat

Reason: The reason that Moffat was selected is because he is a man with a great ability to re-imagine the world. He also does the writing for this film. He has done this with producing Sherlock a retelling of Sherlock Holmes set in contemporary England and he constantly gets to expound upon and mix together history with Doctor Who. Also, much of his work has been semi humorous in nature with neither Doctor Who or Sherlock being completely serious in nature, so he works with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg who are known for their less serious roles to create this bumbling world of assassins and alternate history.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Darrelle Revis wrote:


Directed by Duncan Jones

General Synopsis:

A man (James McAvoy) and a woman (Carey Mulligan) begin having visions of each other. Ricky (McAvoy) figures out he was Chloe (Mulligan) in a past life. Both characters' lives become tangled due to the visions.

Character List:

James McAvoy as Ricky Coogan: An unspectacular low level salesman. Coogan’s life begins to unravel when he has lucid visions of a woman (Mulligan) living in London in the 1950’s. He begins to see a psychiatrist (Seymour-Hoffman) to dig deeper into these visions. He is consumed by the visions and obsessed with the girl in them.

Carey Mulligan as Chloe Roberts: A housewife married to an oppressive husband (Craig), Chloe too has interactive visions with a man (McAvoy) living in the future. She has an affair with the mail man (Pitt) and also enlists the professional help of a psychiatrist (Bale).

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Dr. Sydney Kruger: A socially awkward shut-in psychiatrist, Kruger fails to connect to his patients and often just prescribes them with whatever drugs they desire. He finally grows close to one of his patients when Ricky (McAvoy) tells him about his visions.

Christian Bale as Dr. Owen Clyde: Paranoid and intense, Clyde develops a strong relationship with Chloe (Mulligan). While she is significantly younger and married, he has strong feelings for her and struggles to repress them. He uses unorthodox techniques to induce Chloe’s visions.

Daniel Craig as Steven Roberts: Chloe’s husband, he married her when she was very young and dominates her life. His oppressive nature leads Chloe to have an affair.

Michael Pitt as Craig McElhenney: A young mail man, Craig becomes close with Chloe and the two eventually have an affair.

Brit Marling as Jessica Carter: Ricky’s fiancé. They have a strong relationship until his visions start occurring and he becomes obsessed with the woman (Mulligan) he sees in them.

Charlie Day as Billy Simmons: Provides most, if not all of the humor in the film. Billy is Ricky’s (McAvoy) best friend.

James Cromwell as Peter Coogan: Ricky’s (McAvoy) dad, he appears just once in the film and forces Ricky to go see a psychiatrist.

Paul Dano as Nathan Streelman: Chloe’s (Mulligan) brother, he checks in on her from time-to-time, but has ulterior motives to get money from her husband. He is sleazy and conniving.

Eva Mendes as Suzanna Lopez: McAvoy’s beautiful co-worker, she clearly has feelings for him, and they kiss during the deepest part of his mental breakdown.

JD Williams as Kevin Johnson: Dr. Kruger’s (Seymour-Hoffman) drug dealer. Appears in one scene selling Dr. Kruger drugs he can’t prescribe himself.

Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell: Reprising his role from Duncan Jones’ film, Moon, Bell failed to convince the world that what happened to him was real. He is one of Dr. Kruger’s (Seymour-Hoffman) patients and has a small cameo in the film.


Ricky Coogan (James McAvoy) is an unspectacular salesman with a normal life. He is engaged to Jessica Carter (Brit Marling) and lives an average middle-class existence.

His life changes when he begins having vivid dreams of a woman, Chloe Roberts (Carey Mulligan), who is a 1950s housewife married to an oppressive older man (Daniel Craig). Chloe also has vivid dreams of Ricky.

Both Ricky and Chloe begin seeing therapists (Philip Seymour Hoffman is Ricky’s therapist, Christian Bale is Chloe’s therapist) and they attempt to delve further into these visions. Ricky and Dr. Kruger (Seymour-Hoffman) come to the conclusion that Chloe is one of Ricky’s past wives.

The visions and treatment tear into the normalcy of the two leads lives, as Chloe has an affair (with Michael Pitt) and Ricky has a near mental breakdown. The visions become more frequent and are no longer contained inside dreams.

In the climax of the film, Dr. Kruger (Seymour-Hoffman) is preparing to leave for the day when his secretary announces he has one more patient. Dr. Clyde (Bale, the past therapist) walks in the room, but the two have never seen each other so they don’t understand their connection. Clyde is disoriented.

It cuts to Ricky’s bedroom where he is sleeping. Ricky wakes up and looks out the window where thousands of people are scattered in the street. He turns his head to see Chloe (Mulligan) sitting at his bedside.

The past and present have merged, and the film cuts to black.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

thrILL! wrote:
Please post as is below:

thrILL! Gotten Gains presents

A Darren Aronofsky Film

Based on Whilce Portacio's hit comic book, Wetworks showcases deadly Black Ops soldiers bonded with golden symbiotes, who battle against supernatural forces including vampires and werewolves.

Written & Directed by:

Darren Aronofsky

Team 7:

Team 7 is an assembly of the world's deadliest fighters drawn from the elite ranks of the most prestigious covert units from all U.S. military branches. Former director of International Operations and current National Security Czar Miles Craven formed the team to be I.O.'s surgical strike force for missions too politically-charged for standard military commando units.

Jeremy Renner as Colonel Jackson Dane

Dane was first acquired from Special Forces Detachment Delta (Delta Force) to lead Team 7. Known for his calm reflection off the field as well as his warrior instinct on the battlefield, he is beloved by his team for his leadership, loyalty, and dedication. Untrusting of Craven after previous missions gone awry, his faith in I.O. has diminished. Needless to say, Dane's often unconventional procedure of mission conduct has put him at odds with his superiors. However, his team's mission success rate is so high that any who doubt his methods are willing to tolerate Dane's command.

Keira Knightley as Mother One

Formerly a CIA agent trained extensively in a paramilitary background in irregular warfare tactics, Rachel Rhodes was involved in an ambush that nearly killed her. Whisked away by Craven to the medical facilities of a fledgling weapons/cybernetics company known as Waering Industries, she was retro-fitted with their inaugural prototypes of highly experimental, bio-compatible technologies. Cybernetically enhanced with hydraulic limbs, computer-assisted neural implants, internal databases, and telemetric communications hardware, she was swiftly transferred to I.O. under the call-sign of Mother-One where she became the first fully functional cyborg placed on active duty.

John Ortiz as Grail

Calm under pressure and merciless in combat, Grail is Team 7’s most proficient assassin. Born and raised in the Philippines before becoming a member of the Marine Rangers (a jungle-task covert ops team), he was granted U.S. citizenship after a joint U.S.-Philippine operation and procured directly into Team 7 following Dane’s personal request. In hand-to-hand combat, he is without equal.

Chris Pine as Jester

Notorious for his resentment of authority and his criminal record while serving with the Navy SEALs, Jester only received a release from Leavenworth (after being arrested for infiltrating the Pentagon’s National Defense Network by computer) due to to Dane vouching for him. Ultimately, John Lynch was able to convince the administration that Jester’s computer skills and gunplay would be of more use in the field than for him to rot in a prison cell. Dane is the only commanding officer that Jester has displayed any genuine respect for.

Kelly Hu as Pilgrim

Pilgrim is the sole female member of Delta Force and the unit's premier sniper. Her desire for solitude has been fully exploited by her superiors, who have placed her in the position to carry out Rabid Mole reconnaissance and sniping chores. Her marksmanship is without peer and has provided Team 7 with arguably its most dangerous member.

Vin Diesel as Dozer

Dozer possesses inherent tactical capabilities that far exceed comparable training qualifications demanded of other covert operatives. Known for his insatiable appetite for weightlifting and conditioning, his accomplished past with large, complex weapons systems made him an easy addition to Team 7.

Sam Worthington as Claymore

Claymore is the paragon of the soldier; the ideal grunt who wishes nothing beyond serving his team. His abilities as a tactical weapons authority brings with it a heavy responsibility; it is often by his personal actions that team extractions succeed or fail. His vast experience with virtually any type of explosive (in particular, chemical and plastic derivative bomb types) make him the primary demolitions expert for Team 7.

Ernie Reyes, Jr as Crossbones

An Apache hunter and a warrior, Crossbones was immediately approached by the Marine Force Recon Battalions to become their chief tracker during jungle operations for which satisfactory satellite photos were unavailable. Combining his considerable tracking knowledge with the most modern firearms, Crossbones has led his fellow specialists to several hard targets that would have eluded standard operational procedures.

Dante Basco as Flattop

Amply skilled with all U.S. and Soviet aircraft, Flattop has had several experiences as the "third leg" operative where another covert team (such as the SEALs) was forced to use native provisions as an alternate avenue of extraction. Flattop is credited with redefining the HALO jump and his fearless nature and bravado did not go unnoticed by his Special Operations Command who submitted his name to Team 7.

I.O. (International Operations):

International Operations was founded in 1964 as a branch of the Central Intelligence Agency with the mission to safeguard the United States' interests and safety abroad. It quickly became an independent agency under the leadership of Director Miles Craven and focused on dealing with the rising number of criminally inclined super powered beings. After Craven was named National Security Czar, he named John Lynch to replace him as Director of I.O.

Gary Oldman as John Lynch

Lynch was once a top agent for International Operations, until his sterling record attracted the attention of his superiors, and he was recruited to lead an earlier version of Team 7- a team of the finest and best operatives that all the various government forces (CIA, NSA, FBI, Army, Marines, etc.) could offer including Jackson Dane. His loyalty to Craven caused problems as leader of the team but was later repaid by Craven when he was promoted to Director of I.O.

Donald Sutherland as Miles Craven

The youngest man to ever carry the CIA's title of Director of Intelligence, Craven is a master of the espionage trade. Currently the National Security Czar, one of his first acts was to create the current Team 7 strikeforce. Power hungry, cold, and calculating, Craven bears zero emotion and is quick to settle for collateral damage if it suits his intentions. Unbeknownst to Dane, Craven nearly had the original incarnation of Team 7 killed after the group was deliberately exposed to radiation in an experiment to see if they could survive. Dane lost his memory as a result and Lynch was promoted to Director to buy his silence. History repeats itself as Craven orders a killstrike to make sure that whatever weapon the Vampire Nation was developing (the symbiotes) was destroyed regardless of Team 7's survival.

The Were Nation:

Daniel Day Lewis as Armand Waering the Jaquar

Armand Waering's company Waering Industries is one of the premier weapons/cybernetics companies in the world and one of I.O.'s primary suppliers. After a Team 7 mission resulted in betrayal by Craven and presumed certain death after a vicious battle with the Night Tribe vampired, Team 7 escaped with the help of the golden symbiotes. Waering offered to help and finance the team if they fought the Night Tribe, which they accepted.

At the same time, Waering is The Jaquar, the head of the Were Nation, and one of the forces trying to prevent Drakken from becoming the ruler of the Night Tribes by usurping the Blood Queen. Little has been revealed about Waering's past. At some point he was a slave, and when he escaped the slave grotto, he stole a neural dampening tool designed to slow a vampire's blood wrought rampage. The device also affected werewolves, suppressing their anger, thereby rendering them defenseless. Waering used it to keep himself in control and increase his longevity. He has never been defeated in battle.

Sam Elliott as Lupo

Lupo is the Jaquar's oldest ally and his mentor. He has been with him for an unknown number of years and has been a huge asset in running Waering Industries. He has more kills than any other werewolf alive or dead.

The Vampire Nation:

The Vampire Nation is among the oldest of the known Night Tribes. Under the leadership of the Blood Queen, the Vampire Nation has patiently remained secluded from the rest of the known world. Prince Drakken, however has other plans in mind: to reclaim the surface world from the creatures (humans) who forced them to live underground, and to use those creatures as food. Drakken has his sights set on the throne and looks to depose the Blood Queen

Eva Green as the Blood Queen

The Blood Queen is a pure breed vampire and while she looks like a woman in her 30's, she is over 1500 years old. Presiding over the Royal House of vampires, she has come under attack by Drakken and the members of the House of Thom who seek to reclaim the surface world and annihilate the humans in the process. At the same time, the Vampire Nation is at war with the Were Nation which has raged for centuries. The Blood Queen is aware of Drakken's plan involving the symbiotes and she engineers a plan to take the symbiotes out of his possession and into the hands of her desired mate, Jackson Dane.

Mark Strong as Prince Drakken

Drakken is the leader of the House of Thom and his bitter hatred for his sovereign ruler and cousin the Blood Queen runs deep within him. His claimed familial position to the Blood Queen has been questioned for decades but Drakken insists that he is the direct relative and heir proper to the throne in the event of her death.

Yearning the return of the Vampire Nation to its former glory as the self-professed rulers and protectors of the earth, Drakken is determined to see his visions made a reality no matter the methods or expense. Feeding the already significant displeasure that many of the Vampire Nation feel towards their Queen, who has been labeled lethargic and neglectful of her royal obligations, Drakken has successfully rallied the support of a large and voacl group of Beastmasters (who comprise a large percentage of the vampire ruling assembly, the "Collective").

Evangeline Lilly as Persephone

Persephone is the Blood Queen's charge and bodyguard. A rare, albino vampire who is mocked by those of a higher breed of vampire risk their lives if they do so in her presence as her blade is legendary. She hasn't left the Blood Queens's side for centuries and is her closest confidant.

Michael Imperioli as Draxis

Draxis is Drakken's brother with an insatiable appetite for both human and werewolf blood. He is one of the most dangerous vampires and is quick to enter full frenzy mode and unleash his wrath on any in his path. He has been a constant voice in Drakken's ear pushing him to rid them of the Queen so that the House of Thom can seize power and conquer the surface world.

Emile Hirsch as Johnny Savoy

Johnny Savoy lived among the humans as the leader of the band Johnny Savoy and the Living Dead and wasn't actively involved in the Vampire Nation. As a possible heir to the throne (the Blood Queen is his sister by marriage), Drakken wanted him dead, so his minions attacked Savoy during a concert at Candlestick Park. Team 7 intervened and saved him and let him go even though Savoy shifted to vampire form to protect himself which was witnessed by Dozer.

Wetworks plot wrote:
Location: The Balkans.

The film opens with Team 7 in the middle of a vicious firefight with an enclave of vampires who continue to stream in. Communications are down and there will be no air support for them to count on. They have no choice to but to retreat into the cavern behind them. Their mission is to set charges for the explosives they brought with them and make sure the vampires don't get their hands on the downed satellite that crashed to Earth less than 2 hours ago. They are being overwhelmed by hundreds of vampires and seem to have no way out. Colonel Dane is giving commands to fortify their defense and set the perimeter. Claymore and Jester are ordered to plant the explosives on the satellite so that the vampires cannot retrieve their unknown contents.

Claymore hears a familiar voice asking him to open the panel sealing the satellite. Jester starts yelling at him to get it in gear but Claymore is fixated on what he sees. A shadowy figure (Persephone) lurks above them and fires a shot at the mysterious container which erupts a golden liquid that engulfs Claymore who screams in agony. Dane can hear him screaming and starts yelling for him and then threatening Craven for his treachery as the screen is covered in gold.

Title and credits roll.

Location: I.O. Command in Washington, DC.

Team 7 is being prepped by John Lynch for their upcoming mission to retrieve any remains of the UARS satellite that is going to crash back to Earth in a few hours. The public is being told that NASA is unsure where the satellite is going to crash but that's a PR spin to cover the true nature of the satellite- a small advanced bio-weaponary laboratory presumed to be owned by the House of Thom vampire clan. Miles Craven appears on a video screen giving words of encouragement and stressing the importance of destroying the satellite at any and all costs before the vampires can retrieve the unknown weapons.

Location: Over the Atlantic Ocean

Team 7 is in flight at speeds that a F-22 Raptor jet could only dream of reaching. The Team 7 jet is state of the art and was constructed by Waering Industries and will reach the Balkans shortly. Dane is asleep and having a nightmare that starts with a women's soothing voice drawing him near demonic figure that plunges its teeth into his neck. He wakes up covered in sweat and decides to get up and go over the strategy again.

Location: I.O. Command

Several influential figures including the Chief of Staff and Armand Waering, Craven and these men are arguing the importance of destroying this satellite even if it means sacrificing the team. Those present who are aghast and appalled at the thought of sacrificing Team 7 change their tune when they are shown something on the monitor. These images are of werewolves and vampires in battle.

Location: The Balkans.

Team 7 HALO jumps into the drop zone and hits the ground running and ready for action. The satellite has crash-landed in the side of a small mountain and is out of view. Pilgrim is on recon and disappears into the horizon to scout. The rest of the team gears up and readies for a firefight of epic proportions. Pilgrim gives the all clear and the team advances toward the cavern housing the satellite. Entering the cavern, Pilgrim realizes this is no mere cave and has what appears to be ancient architecture. The place starts to shake as vampires funnel into the cavern from multiple directions especially outside forcing the team inside.

Dane yells commands to his team who open fire at every vampire in sight. Claymore notices the explosives have been armed but not by him. They've been armed by I.O. Command which kicks up the timetable to get out of there. The others carrying explosives inform Dane of this and it's becoming crystal clear that Craven views them as expendable. The battle wages on before Claymore appears covered in the golden symbiote and invulnerable to the vampires carrying weapons. Claymore shifts the momentum to their side but they are far outnumbered by Vampires. Dane commands them to retreat back by the satellite and while Claymore tries to cover their retreat, the explosives detonate.

From the rubble, the entire Team 7 emerges covered in golden symbiotes. They find they are faster and stronger in every capacity and they dispose of any surviving vampires withe extreme prejudice. Craven sees that they have survived and orders Mother-One whose Gunship units are hovering nearby to "Sweep and Clear" and make sure that the area of the satellite crash is to be "Scorched Earth" and "Rendered Morbid." Mother-One takes sole control of the Gunship with her cybernetics and destroys the other Gunships defying Craven's orders and thereby going rogue herself. She then rescues the team and briefs them of Craven's command and intentions while transporting them to her true employer- Armand Waering.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Waering has a top secret base in San Francisco 7 stories below the Golden Gate bridge unknown to even I.O. Waering tells Team 7 about Craven's demands at I.O. Command to terminate them as well as the satellite. He explains to them about how the Vampire Nation is on the verge of civil war and how Drakken devised the golden symbiotes to give them an advantage against the reigning Blood Queen. The symbiotes are actually nanotechnological liquid metal but the metallic composition of the material remains a mystery. The union of the technology and the metal with its human host appears to have no ill effects beyond the the impractical "gold skin" that results from its presence. Dane and Waering come to an agreement that if Team 7 helps Waering take out the Vampire Nation, then Waering will help them take out Craven. They shake hands and agree.

Location: I.O. Command, Washington D.C.

Craven is furious at his team's betrayal and Lynch is trying to do as much damage control as possible. Craven orders termination orders for every member of Team 7 and Mother-One.

Location: Dras'Adin - Vampire Nation Capital

The fallout of the attack in the Balkans has spilled into the Royal House as the Blood Queen receives an update of Drakken's actions. She and Persephone view this as the first step in Drakken declaring a rebellion to overtake the throne. Action must be taken but Drakken's supporters are many legions. The Queen insists that she has a secret champion in Jackson Dane who she has been visiting in his dreams preparing him for what must and will be done.

Elsewhere in the city, Drakken rallies his supporters as they prepare to make power moves and seize the throne. He declares that later that night will be the first step in reclaiming the surface world and the destruction of the humans.

Location: Fort Detrick, Maryland

A group of vampires led by Draxis attack a military convoy headed toward Fort Detrick and steal a biological weapon and massacre every soldier in the convoy and feast upon their blood. Draxis is clearly reveling in such an attack on the humans.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Waering briefs Team 7 about the stolen biological weapon and based on some intel he received, he predicts that Drakken's vampires will use it at the Johnny Savoy concert at Candlestick Park that weekend. The team prepares for a potential assault and stake out the stadium for an attack. A ginormous beach ball is used to house the biological weapon that will be unleashed in the middle of the crowd. Pilgrim spots vampires about to kill humans from her perch and is forced to take them out costing them their element of surprise. While fan flee in terror, vampires rush the stage to attack Savoy but Dozer intervenes to help. Savoy is far from helpless and it's clear that he too is a vampire. He asks if his sister sent them to intervene but Dozer does not know Savoy's sister is the Blood Queen. Dozer lets Savoy escape as it was clear that he was not a threat and was a target of Draxis' vampires.

Team 7 is in the middle of a brutal fight and Flattop and Crosbones are killed when their symbiotes are overwhelmed by vampires and leave them open to attack. The others are able to retrieve the biological weapon as Draxis leaves the stadium unharmed. Team 7 has no time to mourn their fallen teammates because they receive word from Waering Industries that they're under attack.

Team 7 returns to find the entire Golden Gate bridge swarming with vampires who have overrun their HQ. Team 7 split into 2 squads- one to dispose of the vampires above ground and the other to secure the premises. Inside the team finds more than just vampires; they find vampires fighting what appears to be werewolves as well. While the rest of the team wipe out hundreds of vampires, Dane finds that Waering is gone; apparently abducted by Draxis' vampires. The attack on Savoy was merely a diversion. Draxis however has not left and Dane finds himself in mortal combat with him. Draxis gets the upper hand when he starts using his psionic powers but the symbiote amplifies Dane's own abilities and he subsequently kills Draxis. With their leader killed, the other vampires retreat and the werewolves have also disappeared.

Team 7 regroup onsite and seek any necessary medical treatment and interrogate 2 surviving vampires to no avail. Fortunately, they learn from Lupo that Waering allowed himself to be taken and is carrying a homing device that will lead them right to Dras'Adin where millions of vampires reside.

Location: Dras'Adin

The Blood Queen knows that civil war is in full effect and Drakken's attack on the surface world by sending his bloodthirsty brother Draxis is confirmation of this. However, they know that they are outnumbered and have little chance of surviving this coup. Persephone plans for their retreat into exile while the Queen is confident that her secret chess piece Dane will checkmate Drakken when it all is said and done.

Meanwhile, Drakken is across the city preparing for his coronation and is planning the biggest celebration in centuries. Vampires from all the Night Tribes will come from all over the world to witness the next step toward the Vampire Nation's return to glory.

Location: I.O. Command, Washington DC

Lynch is hearing intel chatter about something monumental going down overseas. Craven cares nothing about such speculation and his sole focus is on the termination of Team 7. Lynch knows better and soon hears from Mother-One briefing him about Drakken's pending royal coronation. With Waering's weapons and supplies limited after the vampire attack, Mother-One acknowledges that they need I.O.'s help if they're truly going to eliminate the pending vampire threat to the surface world. Lynch agrees but chooses to keep this intel from Craven.

Location: Dras'Adin Cathedral

The coronation ceremony is underway and millions of vampires celebrate the ascent of King Drakken. The Blood Queen and Persephone watch from afar and out of reach. Waering is indeed there but looks to be more of a guest than a hostage. Team 7 prepares to make their attack and have infiltrated the vampire ranks with the symbiotes providing them protection from the vampires' heightened senses. Just as Drakken is about to be physically crowned, explosions above show that I.O. has engaged the House Guard. The elite Houses of vampires retreat to protect their homes and people leaving Drakken to withdraw with his own guard.

Dozer, Jester, Claymore, and Grail have only one job- kill anyone entering or leaving the Cathedral. Drakken is forced to retreat into the "safety" of the Cathedral Sanctum and Waering follows a right behind him. Dane is waiting in the Sanctum ready to spring the trap and seizes Drakken. Waering is outraged and transforms in front of them into the Jaquar- the leader of all the werevolves of the Were Nation. The Jaquar demands that only he is worthy of the honor of killing Drakken and he attacks Dane. As the two of them fight, Drakken slips away and escapes. Mother-One is using her cybernetics to slaughter thousands of vampires with laserfire and they soon begin to retreat. Werewolves have joined the fray with Lupo leading the way and attack every vampire in sight. Dane and the Jaquar's battle ends in a stalemate and is interrupted when Grail and Jester assist Dane.

I.O.'s Gunships are outside shredding any exiting vampires with gunfire and Lynch receives a transmission from Craven demanding to know what Lynch thinks he's doing. Lynch cuts off communication and goes back to focusing on the vampire threat.

Location: I.O. Command, Washington DC

Craven is livid thinking that Lynch has also betrayed him and begins threatening to dispose of him too. While Craven's threats bounce through the empty command center, a shadowy figure sneaks up behind him and kills him. It's Pilgrim who was dispatched by Dane to eliminate and seek vengeance for Craven's betrayal. Mission accomplished.

Location: Dras'Adin Cathedral

Th structures of the subterranean city begin to crumble from all the artillery damage and the ceiling begins to fall. The vampires and werewolves who escape disappear into the night yet many continue fighting above ground even as I.O. Gunships continue their assault. Drakken has escaped. The Jaquar is gone. With the reveal of Waering's true identity and agenda, Team 7 find themselves on their own. Lynch offers them amnesty and a fresh start at I.O. but Dane tells him they were going to do things their own way. Lynch offers him help whenever they need it and that things will be different with Craven gone. Dane manages a smile and his team board their own ship and disappear into the night.



In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Buckrock101 wrote:
City of Angels

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson


With society crumbling around them, the head of an LA mob goes to war with a ruthless vigilante, while at the same time staving off advances from inside his own organization.

plot description:

[background info]
Set in the early 2020s, in a crumbling America. Much of the country has been destroyed in an ongoing war with an unnamed foe, and any cities that are still standing have been left to their own devices, with the government's attention solely on fighting overseas. Society still chugs along in a few Western centers, most notably Los Angeles.

Environmental changes have also changed the shape of the world. Earthquakes and small natural disasters are very common, and it has become so hot during daylight that most people sleep during the day, and only come out at night.

With no government presence, no police, no law, society is forced to hold itself together. It is an 'everybody fend for yourself' world, and if you can't do that, you need to pay someone to do it for you. That's where the main character Joe (Lee Pace) comes in, as the head of an LA mob; while also dealing in typical organized crime outlets, his organization makes money running protection for people who can't (or don't want to) do it themselves. Organizations like these stop the world from careening into anarchy.

All these changes to the state of the world having it teetering on the brink of the apocalypse, something that is key to the tone of this film.

The film is told in three chapters.


We open in the desert; a lone diner, sitting beside a lone highway, stretching as far as the eye can see. Despite the location being the middle of nowhere, the diner is quite busy. It is dusk.

Inside, two drifters in cheap black suits meet up. They aren't given names- we'll refer to them as Blond (Ben Foster) and Brown (Channing Tatum). They share coffee and a cigarette, Brown very calm and collected, Blond jittery and distant. They discuss their plan- they are headed to LA, stopping off at Vegas along the way, where they have to pick up a package for a man called Theo, who they are meeting with when they get to LA.

They drive through the night, arrive in Vegas in the early morning... it is already starting to get very hot. Vegas is a run-down shell of a city. Seedy, dangerous, a place where no decent people want to stay for long.

Blond and Brown grab a motel room, where they catch some Z's during the day.

Just after sunset, they get up, get ready to make the pickup and get back on the road. As they walk through the city, Brown is animated, making conversation, while Blond is still distant, wrapped up in his own thoughts.

They get to where they have to make the pickup, a highrise hotel a couple of blocks off the strip. They enter, and unbeknownst to them, are seen by a spotter in the lobby, who calls upstairs.

They find the room number they were given. They have a practiced routine- it seems that they've done this kind of thing many times before. Blond's job is to listen at the door, make sure it's clear before Brown goes in. He does a rushed job, however, and they are met by gunfire when Brown opens the door. He takes one of the guys out, but then catches one in the shoulder, one in the head, and dies.

Blond finds cover, and then with disregard for his safety, stands up and expertly takes out the three remaining guys in the room. After standing there alone for a few moments, he quickly exits the room, not bothering to look for the package they were supposed to pick up.

For the rest of the night, he stumbles aimlessly around the city. He goes to a bar, has a drink or ten. His night culminates when he's walking through an underpass, and two surly men try to mug him. Blond flips out, and with his bare hands he destroys both of them.

The next day, he wakes up in a backstreet, lying in the shadows, caked in sweat and blood. Once again, the sun is setting, and people are beginning to come out from every which way.

Blond finds their car, and drives on. We fade out as he heads closer to Los Angeles.


Open in Joe's home... a multistory underground building which serves as the headquarters for his business as well as his personal residence. We begin with Yuri (Shia LaBeouf), a young twenty something, new in town. He meets with Joe, who takes him on as an enforcer.

After this, Joe meets with Theo (Nic Cage), a kind of "whatever you need, I can get it for you" type of guy, and probably the closest person to Joe. They have a drink and a bite to eat, and discuss Joe's business matters... most of all, what to do about a vigilante called Pitt (Cillian Murphy) who has been targeting Joe's men.

We see Yuri out with two of Joe's main enforcers, the veteran Baxter (David Strathairn) and the quiet, calculated Krause (Ryan Reynolds). We're introduced to the type of work they do, as well as the dynamic of the group- Baxter and Krause are very close, and Baxter is beginning to develop as a father figure to the younger Yuri.

With Joe again, another night. He can't sleep. He walks around his complex alone, plotting out ways to sort out his problems, particularly that of Pitt. He deals with his despair alone. After a while, he finds one of his workers, sends them out on an errand, tells them to go and check on his brother. He goes back to his bedroom, joins his wife Melanie (Evan Rachel Wood) in bed.

Joe wakes up the next day- except we can see only about an hour has passed since he was up previously. He meets with Yuri, Krause and Baxter, tells them that they will be watching over Melanie when she leaves the house. Here, Yuri sees Melanie for the first time. They catch eyes for the briefest moment.

The three enforcers continue on their day to day business, just running security for Melanie everywhere she goes. They grow familiar, but in particular Yuri, who develops a rapport with her before long. At the same time, Joe discusses with Theo the possibility of bringing in Sam Sullivan, a hitman well known in the underground circles, to take care of Pitt. Theo has some trepidation over this.

Joe also gets the news that his brother, a junkie, has been getting into trouble, and has drawn the ire of some dangerous people, and could possibly jeopardize Joe's operations if he gets in any deeper. Joe reluctantly has him brought to the house. They meet alone, and emotionally, Joe kills his brother. This tips him further towards breaking point.

Yuri, Krause and Baxter continue their everyday work, running security for businesses and such, when they are ambushed by Pitt's men. A firefight ensues, and Baxter is killed. The other two manage to get away.

While both are strongly affected by Baxter's passing, Yuri is the most. He had been very settled, cheerful, at ease, but is now often on edge, rarely shows any emotion... except when he is with Melanie, who seems to be the one person now who he is at all close to. Their relationship grows stronger, while she slips further away from Joe.

Yuri and Krause are out one night running protection, when they spot Pitt in the crowd. They get the go-ahead, and take after him. They pursue him through the crowded streets, through the inner-city nightlife, to an abandoned building on the outskirts of the city center, where they corner him. He puts up a fight, but they bring him in- alive.

He's taken by Joe's men to Theo's warehouse, just out of the city. Pitt's kept in a room out back, waiting for Joe to arrive, already knowing his fate. Before Joe can get there, Pitt- in a flash of rage and despair, breaks free, and is able to make his escape.

Krause disappears- no one knows where he is gone. Yuri now, despite his youth, has become Joe's main enforcer, his right hand man. Joe's mental condition is worsening by the day, and his decisions are becoming less and less calculated. He has also begun to go out on jobs himself lately, as his despair turns somewhat suicidal. This leaves Yuri and Melanie alone at the house at times, where they start up a full-on affair.

Elsewhere, Pitt readies his gang to go at Joe's base. He has been told of the building's whereabouts via a mysterious tip- from Krause.

Just before he is about to make his assault, however, Joe finds out about Yuri and Melanie. He calls Yuri to meet with him, where he savagely beats him, over and over. Bloodied and shaking, Yuri is still able to get up, and while Joe's guard is down, he puts a bullet in his head. Fade to black.


We open on Blond again, this time in LA. He's milling around the inner city, around a Blade Runner-esque market, following somebody. He continues to tail the man, following him out of the market and into an alleyway, where he robs him at gunpoint. The man asks Blond if he knows what he's doing, and who he's going to have to answer to. Blond tells the man he hopes someone comes after him, before fleeing back into the night.

Next, Blond is at a shabby apartment in the city, maybe a hotel room. He wakes up at dusk, does a set of push ups, pull ups, etc. He goes back out to the market, following somebody again- this time, we see it is Yuri. He keeps his distance this time.

He calls someone, and arranges a meeting. He meets him- it is Krause. They talk.

The next day, they meet again, this time at the market. Yuri is there again. Blond sets off an explosion in a nearby building, creating chaos- a diversion. He knocks Yuri out, and together with Krause, they smuggle him away in a van.

They take him to Long Beach- to the shore itself. After being in overcrowded, bustling city settings the whole movie, the beach is a stark contrast, incredibly calm and quiet. Blond throws Yuri down in the shallows, hands tied, gagged. Yuri thinks about trying to make a break for it, but decides against it, accepting his fate. Blond stands over him with a gun, Krause stands away, back at the van... while Blond seems to be reveling in this, Krause is not at all. He's affected quite strongly by Yuri's desperate, pleading look when he recognized his former partner.

For a moment, Blond delays the inevitable, basking in the tranquility of the sea, the moonlight reflecting off of the surface, the infinite nothingness. For the first time in the film, Blond looks at ease, satisfied.

Krause gives him a signal- 'do it'. and Blond does. He puts a bullet in Yuri's head, and kicks him out to sea. Camera holds still on the body floating out, as Blond and Krause get back in the van and drive off, out of shot.



Lee Pace plays Joe, head of the film's central LA 'crime' organization. More a businessman than a criminal. He is dipping slowly but surely into the abyss as he tries to keep everything under control... and then eventually loses it.

Shia LaBeouf plays Yuri, a young man who rises through Joe's organization, eventually becoming Joe's right hand man, and in some senses a protege of his. Idealistic, driven, and a natural leader... he keeps his ambition under control as long as he has a father figure in his life... but when Baxter dies, it all comes loose.

Ben Foster plays Blond, a mysterious drifter on his way to LA. Shaggy blond hair, a well-kept physique, and emotions all over the place define him. For most of the film, he is a broken man, sort of tagging along with his partner, struggling to hold onto the will to live. He's plagued by dreams in which a young woman runs out onto a rooftop, looks into his eyes, sad, apologetic, and jumps.

Cillian Murphy plays Pitt, a ruthless, emotional vigilante who for some reason (it is not made clear), has a vendetta against Joe's enterprise. Angry, unrelenting, and driven towards his goal.


Nic Cage plays Theo, a sort of jack of all trades type. He deals almost anything you need- mostly weapons, but also drugs, alcohol, even candy bars. Probably the closest person to Joe- the person whom he confides in, goes to for advice, and often relies on for companionship. Is definitely looking out for his own lot in life, though. It is hinted at one point that he may well be dealing weapons to Pitt's gang as well.

Channing Tatum plays Brown, the second of the mysterious drifters. Calmer, more together than Blond is. It definitely seems like LA was his plan, and he's bringing Blond along to try and help him out of his depression. Not expressly revealed, but it is assumed that they are from the same midwestern city, which has now been all but razed, forcing them to flee west.

Ryan Reynolds plays Krause, enforcer for Joe's organization. In his mid thirties, experienced, with a very subdued, quiet demeanor. Calculated person, never acting out of emotion. He's fine acting almost as a subservient, that is until Baxter is killed, and the urge to be in control begins to weave its way into his psyche... he achieves it by the end of the film.

David Strathairn plays Baxter, the elder statesman of Joe's group. Never had the urge to be in control, and has grown used to the way of life in this time, moreso than any of the other characters. A brotherly figure for Krause, and a father figure to Yuri.

Evan Rachel Wood plays Melanie, Joe's wife. She is an example of how most women in the film's time need a male to protect them, to keep them safe. She gets that from Joe, and then eventually from Yuri.

Peter Sarsgaard plays Stephen, Joe's brother. A junkie, a screwup, he only gets by as long as he does because of Joe's help. He continues to come to Joe for help, until he becomes a danger to Joe, and has to be neutralized.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays The Girl, who haunts Blond's dreams. It is strongly suggested that she killed herself, unable to handle the devolving state of the world around her. This is what threw Blond into an unbreakable depression.

Anton Yelchin, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Kim Ok-bin play the members of Pitt's gang. Their characters are rarely delved into with any depth, but are all close to Pitt, motivated by emotion as well.

Michael Douglas plays Sam Sullivan, an experienced, notorious hitman. He makes a brief appearance, and is talked about more than he is actually shown on screen. He is rumored among other characters to have died many times, but keeps showing up again and again. It is also hinted at that he is Yuri's father.

Michael B. Jordan plays an officer in the army, stationed overseas, who is a connect of Theo's, supplying him with arms from across the pond. He comes stateside every few months, bringing a shipment of guns, ammo etc for Theo. We see him in one scene, meeting with Theo out in the desert.

Michael Shannon plays The Stranger, a man who pops up from time to time, always wearing an immaculate suit and bowler hat, often smoking cigars. He is outside the diner where Blond and Brown meet. He is in a bar in Vegas, where he talks with Blond. He is out and about here and there in LA. He speaks confidently, almost cheerily, and has a very chilling, malevolent air to everything he does. He talks as if he is in control of these characters.

Lindsay Lohan plays a crackwhore.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Greg_Jennings wrote:
Longstanding Ties
Directed by Vince Gilligan
A GJ Studios Production

A single mother's family is put into danger when her criminal father returns to England after fleeing the country on the run from his old gang.

Character List (minus any UDFAs)

Naomi Watts as Eva Harris

Eva is a single mother of one 10 year old son. Her family has long been linked to criminal ties in their coastal town in England. Her father fled the country, and his family, almost 30 years ago. She was raised mostly by her father's younger brother, and her Uncle, Jackson, and since then, the two of them have attempted to distance themselves from the criminal life. Eva is extremely protective of her son, and her family. She wants to live a simple life, but if it comes down to it, her family's safety comes first.

Ryan Gosling as Quinn

Quinn is Eva's half brother, but not to Eva's knowledge. Quinn was raised his whole life in the States by their father, Tom. Through snooping over the years, Quinn knows more about his father's past than Tom knows, and follows him to England without his knowledge, when Tom goes back. Quinn arrives at Eva's doorstep early on in the film, to warn them that they might be in danger. Quinn is a pretty hard individual, getting into his fair share of criminal activity back in the States. He is a resourceful, but moral individual.

Ian McShane as Tom Harris

The father of both Eva and Quinn, and older brother of Jackson. Tom has been involved in criminal activity and drug running in England for a very long time now, and over that time, has gotten in pretty deep with the gangs. He was a prominent member of a drug running gang a long time ago, before he betrayed his boss by stealing a large shipment of weapons meant for the club. When the gang found out about this sooner than he had hoped, Tom stashed the weapons, and fled the country to America, barely making his escape, and killing his boss in the process. He hadn't been heard from since.

Hugh Laurie as Jackson Harris

The younger brother of Tom. Jackson did his best to lead an honest life while the rest of his family was running drugs and getting into trouble. When Tom fled the country, Jackson took it upon himself at a young age to take care of his daughter, Eva, and help her get an honest footing. He is extremely resentful of his older brother for his actions.

Jared Harris as Freddie McCalman

A while after his father's death at the hands of Tom Harris, Freddie took the reins as the new leader of his fathers old gang. Freddie now runs the drug smuggling operation rather smoothly, and is good at his job. When Freddie finds out that Tom has returned to England, he sets out to do whatever it takes to not only recover the stolen weapons, but get revenge on Tom for his father's death, even if it means threatening his daughter's family to do so. Freddie is not an honest criminal by any means, often doing whatever he can to get an upper hand.

Guy Pearce as Milo

Milo is Freddie's second in command when it comes to running the drug smuggling operation. He is more calm tempered than his boss, and likes to keep things strictly professional. He is known amongst some as the brains behind Freddie's success. He is against the use of violence in their business when it isn't necessary, and recently has been disagreeing with his boss' business strategies more and more.

Javier Bardem as Alvaro

One of Spain's most dangerous and infamous criminal masterminds. Alvaro is the head of one of the biggest Spanish cartels around, and his intimidating presence and ruthlessness has become legendary. Despite his fearsome nature, Alvaro puts business first, and its the reason he has become so successful. Alvaro is known to have connections within the law that have kept him out of prison for a long time. Alvaro enters the picture when Freddie begins searching for a buyer of the shipment of stolen weapons.

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Florence McCalman

Freddie's trophy wife, of sorts. Florence is spoiled, and often tiresome of her husband. She's never really cared for him in the traditional sense, but has grown very used to her upgraded lifestyle.

The roles of my UDFA picks:

Jason Flemyng as Ducky: one of the "henchman" working under Freddie McCalman (Jared Harris).

Jeremy Irons as Jonah: a long time member of the McCalman drug running gang, he's even been a member so long that he used to be a part of it under Freddie's father, before he was murdered by Tom Harris.

Kodi Smit-McPhee as Troy Harris: Troy is Eva's son, being raised by his mother, with the help of his uncle, Jackson. Troy's father has never been in the picture.

Thandie Newton as Officer Olivia Helling: Officer Helling enters the picture late into the film, arriving at Eva's home looking for Quinn, who she warns may be a danger to her, for he has committed serious crimes back in the U.S.

Giancarlo Esposito as Danilo: A ruthless and methodical hitman working under Alvaro.

I think my actual plot write up came out very shallow due to my unexpected lack of free time. Most of the soul of my film can be found in the character bios, while this description is more just to outline the plot details, not necessarily the story as a whole.

The film opens with a shot of a burning warehouse. Helicopters are flying overhead, and the authorities are just arriving. As chaos ensues with the fire, we get a panning shot closer the the foreground. The camera shows a woman limping toward the dock near the warehouse. We only see bits of her to begin with, her feet making her way slowly as she tries to get away. She finally reaches a docked personal boat, the woman turns toward the burning warehouse and slumps down to the ground against her boat, watching it burn, and we get our first look at her face. Eva (Naomi Watts) is dirty and beaten up, with a very noticeable black eye. As she looks at the flames, she catches her breath, and then the opening credits begin.

We are brought back several weeks earlier. Eva is living at her home with her son, Troy, and her Uncle, Jackson (Hugh Laurie). Eva is standing outside, smoking a joint, when her uncle walks up to her. Jackson asks her if she thinks its a good idea to be smoking that with her son around. Eva simply responds by saying, I'm living proof that kids don't need a perfect role model for a parent. Some time later, an American man knocks on their door named Quinn (Ryan Gosling). He quickly tells Eva that their family is in danger, and that her fugitive father is back in England, and the people who he ripped off are looking for him. When asked how he knows this, Quinn tells her that he is her half-brother. He was raised in America by their father, Tom, who, along time ago, arrived there after stealing a large shipment of weapons from the drug running gang he used to work for. Now that gang is after him, after all these years.

Eva's father's old gang, now headed by Freddie McCalman (Jared Harris), who took over after his fathers demise at the hands of Tom. Freddie forces Eva to turn in her father to him, even though Eva claims not to know. While being held at her house by a couple of Freddie's goons, including the loud mouth, Ducky (Jason Flemyng), Eva attempts to make an escape, grabbing a knife from the kitchen and taking a swing at Ducky. She hits him in the arm, and Ducky quickly beats her down to the floor, where she is beaten severely. Quinn steps in, yelling to Ducky that he can take him to where Tom is hiding. Eva and Quinn are taken to a warehouse (shown in the prologue) where Freddie's gang is residing. There, Eva is told of the gun shipment her father stole. Freddie puts it on her to find that shipment, and threatens her family.

Back at Eva's home, Jackson is watching over his nephew. Jackson is outside when someone behind him yells "Hello, Jackson". When he turns around, he sees his long lost older brother, but Tom is met with extreme resentment. The two get into an argument. Tom tells Jackson that he will turn into Freddie the location where he stashed the weapons, before Jackson tells him to get out and never come back. Back at the warehouse, Eva and Quinn are being led out, as Quinn leads them to find Tom. Right after they leave the building though, Quinn makes his move, pulling a pistol from the gangster next to him and trying to shoot his way out. Quinn and Eva both attempt to make their escape. Eva is caught quickly, but Quinn, despite being shot in the shoulder, makes his escape. Pinned against the ground, Freddie is ready to kill Eva, but is stopped when Tom intervenes. Tom makes himself known, and tells Freddie that he'll take him to the weapon shipment in exchange for his daughter's freedom. Eva is taken back to the warehouse, and Tom is forced to lead them to the stash point.

In a flashback several weeks earlier, we see Freddie in Spain. There he is meeting with Alvaro (Javier Bardem), a notorious Spanish cartel leader. Freddie is extremely intimidated by Alvaro, and is hesitant to speak openly with him. Freddie tells Alvaro that he is expecting a large shipment of weapons, and the two strike a deal. However, all during this conversation, Alvaro's main hitman, Danilo (Giancarlo Esposito), is ruthlessly beating a man for information behind them, as Freddie awkwardly tries to ignore it. When Freddie arrives back in England, he meets with his second in command, Milo, as we are introduced to him. Milo argues Freddie's recent change in business attitude, becoming more and more violent, and dealing with more ruthless people.

Back in present time, we see Quinn hesitantly standing outside of a shady door. He takes a deep breath, and knocks. A slide panel opens, and Quinn demands to speak with Alvaro.

The rest was rushed, due to a shortage of free time.

Tom eventually leads Freddie to the weapon shipment, which is brought back to Freddie's warehouse.

Milo is seen confessing his concerns with Jonah. Jonah admits that life in the gang was much smoother when under the direction of Fred McCalman Sr. When Milo goes to confront Freddie with this issue, the two get into a brawl, which eventually leads to fight to the death fist fighting. Freddie's wife, Florence (Catherine Zeta-Jones) intervenes, shooting and killing Milo, but something else is going on at the same time. Spanish cartel members are attacking the warehouse. Freddie's men are shown being slaughtered, with Danilo leading the charge ruthlessly. Eva is surprised when Quinn is there to back them up, undercutting Freddie's deal with the Spaniards. Tom is revealed to have known what Quinn's plan was. Quinn leaves the building, and Tom stays behind to finalize the deal with Alvaro. Freddie, in an act of desperation, tries to blow the warehouse using C4 from the weapons shipment. Eva had just made her way out of the south side of the building when it blew. Sending her forward, but ok. Eva tires to limp her way toward the dock, while some ways behind her, authorities are arriving at the scene to put out the fire. As helicopters begin to gather overhead, Eva leans up against the boat, watching for a moment, before leaving.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Favre4 wrote:
After nearly simultaneous bombings of populated areas in both New York and Beijing, both east and west scramble to mobilize forces. Director Pete Berg takes the reigns of the Republic franchise in this thriller told from both sides of enemy lines.

Brad Pitt -- Damon Morris

Americans Damon and his wife Lisa are vacationing in China when war between the two countries. The two are pursued by the Chinese as they try to escape the country.

Bryan Cranston -- Richard Collins

The newly appointed White House Chief of Staff whose Navy SEAL background is utilized as he advises the President.

Jon Hamm -- Ryan Starks

An Air Force fighter pilot who routinely patrols the skies over the West Coast.

Rachel McAdams -- Lisa Morris

Damon’s wife who is pregnant and is eventually captured by the Chinese. To complicate matters she has just found out that Damon has been having an affair, and at a time when she wants to be as far away from him as possible, they are forced to be together.

Damian Lewis -- Dr. Adam Jackson

The President’s physician and double agent for the Chinese who attempts to assassinate the President.

Aaron Eckhart

A Secret Service agent who is suspicious of Dr. Jackson.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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mgoblue44 wrote:
Heavenly Sword

Directed by James Cameron


Nariko, Played by Jennifer Lawrence

King Bohan, Played by Jeff Bridges

Shen, Played by Josh Brolin

Kai, Played by Michelle Williams

Flying Fox, Played by John Hawkes

Whiptail, Played by Anna Kendrick

Roach, Played by Robbie Coltrane

The Guards, Played by Ray Winstone and James Gandolfini


The film follows the story of Nariko (Jennifer Lawrence), the fierce red-haired warrior whose clan has long protected the "Heavenly Sword", a god's blade of immense power that drains its wielder of their life force. A power hungry ruler known as the evil King Bohan (Jeff Bridges), protected by two men simply known as The Guards (Ray Winstone, James Gandolfini), seeks to obtain the sword to gain its devastating power. The film begins with Nariko immediately thrust into the final battle with Bohan's army. After slaying many of Bohan's soldiers, Nariko can no longer resist the sword's deadly curse. She falls to the ground as the characters of the sword engrave themselves deeply into her skin. After dying, she wakes up and finds herself in an empty clearing. Nariko laments the sword's decision to take her at such a critical moment and begins to recall the last five days before her final battle.

Five days previously, Nariko's clan is assaulted by the first strike of King Bohan's forces. Before she joins the fight, Shen (Josh Brolin) thrusts the sword into the ground next to her demanding that she take care of it. Nariko fights alongside her father and her clansmen as their defenses are weakened and stretched by scores of Bohan's warriors scaling the city walls accompanied by catapults. As the warriors and Shen escape from Bohan's Army, Nariko protects them until spotting a catapult moving toward the fort. As Shen had earlier instructed her, she flees, as the fortress is apparently destroyed behind her. While fleeing, she passes a large black bird with a golden head, which gives the impression that it is watching her. When Bohan's army captures her father and corners her in a retreat from the clan's city, Nariko has no choice but to wield the sword to defend herself in order to escape. She takes a flying leap off a cliff edge when Bohan's archers begin to fire at her.

Kai (Michelle Williams) finds Nariko after disobeying Shen's orders to hide and informs her of the temple where her father and clansmen are being held captive. Nariko infiltrates the temple and is ambushed by Bohan's general, Flying Fox (John Hawkes). She defeats Flying Fox for the time being and continues on to rescue her father. Meanwhile King Bohan plots to set up a trap for Nariko with his mistress Whiptail (Anna Kendrick). Nariko sees her father dangling from a chain and falls for the bait. Whiptail's guards ambush her but are unsuccessful in their attempt to kill her. Whiptail decides to take Nariko on herself and tells Nariko the truth behind her father's original feelings about her birth - Shen wanted to kill Nariko shortly after her birth, but was unable to bring himself to do so. Nariko tells her father to leave her and fights with Whiptail. After Nariko impales Whiptail with the sword, King Bohan turns up and brutally snaps Whiptail's neck in her dying moments. Nariko passes out and is captured by Bohan.

Nariko awakens and realizes she has lost possession of the sword. King Bohan gleefully informs her that it is safely stored in his armory. Meanwhile, Kai makes her way to Nariko's holding cell. Kai is able to find where Nariko is imprisoned and begs that she comes home with her "like a good girl." Nariko explains to Kai that she needs to reacquire the Heavenly Sword to kill King Bohan. She asks Kai to retrieve the sword and Kai accepts the task. Kai eventually succeeds in finding the Heavenly Sword, only to also discover the corpse of her mother displayed as a gruesome trophy. In a flashback, it is revealed that, some years ago, Kai's mother was murdered in front of her eyes by Flying Fox. In the present day, Flying Fox suddenly appears and attacks Kai, who barely manages to escape with the sword. Bohan decides to throw a spectacle for his soldiers and forces Nariko to fight her own clansmen and Roach's monstrous pets, Orangumen, in a pit. During a battle with these creatures, Kai comes flying from the rafters and throws Nariko the sword. When Nariko defeats all the Orangumen, Bohan orders his own son Roach (Robbie Coltrane) to murder Nariko. After defeating Roach, both Nariko and Kai flee from the pit. Bohan then commands Flying Fox to kill Kai. As the two try to escape the temple, Flying Fox cuts Kai off from Nariko's safety and they are separated. Nariko desperately tails Flying Fox in order to save Kai from being murdered. When she finally catches up with Flying Fox, he hangs Kai from a rope, dropping her from a great height. Believing Kai to be dead, Nariko screams in grief and rage, before beginning battle with Flying Fox. As Nariko and Flying Fox battle with each other, Kai suddenly stirs and reaches for her crossbow, shooting an arrow into Flying Fox. Her shot pierces his forehead and he falls to the ground, dead. Nariko releases the injured Kai from the noose and returns her to the care of the clan.

King Bohan rallies his men to launch a final attack to regain the Heavenly Sword. Nariko fights alongside her father and clansmen once more despite being outnumbered a thousand to one. Nariko kills countless numbers of Bohan's troops with ease and destroys his catapults. Despite her efforts, the film is brought back to the beginning of the story where she fell to the ground dying. But this time, Nariko reverses her death by making a pact with the sword to protect it from becoming a useless and dusty relic. Nariko descends back onto the battlefield as a glowing white goddess radiant with light. As Bohan looks out over his troops as they are slaughtered he turns to the huge, golden-helmeted raven that is seen repeatedly throughout the game and begs that it bestow him the power to destroy Nariko, referring to it as "my Lord". Bohan gets his wish and the raven spirit enters his body as a smokey black cloud, making Bohan the new, nigh-invincible Raven Lord. An epic battle ensues similar to the one foretold in the prophecy of the sword. After Nariko manages to defeat Bohan, the raven leaves his body, and, despite Bohan begging for mercy, pecks his eyes out and flies away into the sunlight, leaving Bohan screaming on the ground in blinded agony. As Nariko raises the sword to strike the final blow, Bohan's son Roach comes to his father's side and begs Nariko to let him take the pathetic, defeated King Bohan home, which Nariko allows. Though successful in protecting the sword from coming into the hands of ultimate evil, Nariko still must give her life for wielding it, for that is the price for using the almighty sword, and the story comes to its end.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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B.Y. wrote:
Directed By Joss Whedon

In part one of this two part film, a misfit group of strangers who committed petty crimes are banded together in community service when a strange storm hits. Over the next week most of them realize they have acquired super human capabilities ranging from rapid healing to technopathy. After their probation worker acquires hulk-like powers with uncontrollable rage, they must protect themselves and learn to work together to survive. Once the conflict reaches it's breaking point, they realize their only option is to go public about their abilities. Meanwhile a power-hungry politician (Kevin Spacey) is perfecting his ability to take and grant people's powers. Working with his scientist (Michael Emerson) and defacto super power gifted body guard (Aaron Paul); he runs a back alley scheme to buy and sell people's powers, making him richer and richer.

Part two of the film brings us to a dark future 1 year later. We are shown a newsreel that shows what the world has become since the initial community service workers outted their powers. Super powers are sold, traded, and bought; and the world is pretty much run by the evil politician Ernest Wells (Kevin Spacey) who has been elected president and has employed an army of powered soldiers to do his dirty work. The misfits have lost their way and it's up to them to save humanity.


The film opens with a slow motion montage to the song "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John of several crimes. We see a riotous environmental protest outside the White House and a girl (Ellen Paige) hopping the fence screaming and getting taken down by cops. Then an amateur boxing match with a man (Tom Hardy) beating his opponent senselessly until the man starts convulsing; then cuts to him in a cop car. Then a guy (Jesse Eisenberg) drinking beer while driving and crashing into his neighbors house. Then a girl (Emma Stone) shoplifting from the Nordstroms that she works at and getting caught. We then see two twin brothers (Ryan Cartwright) in a room working furiously on their computers. We see they are hacking a federal system and subsequently arrested. Finally we see Bill Murray (playing himself) in Georgetown parading around in a street, nearly naked. He makes it rain money, and is then arrested.

We fast forward to them all wearing orange jumpsuits at their first day of community service. Their probation worker (Idris Elba) is obviously frustrated with their disgust. After a day of picking up trash off the streets of DC back at the probation office, a freak storm hits and a bolt strikes all of them.

The following day when everyone is back at work, suddenly Greg (Idris Elba) starts to rage blindly and attacks the crew with immense strength. Bruce (Hardy) defends himself by trying to wrestle him, but suddenly throws Greg 20 feet. Everyone stares shocked. Greg stands up and grabs Faith (Paige) and breaks her neck. He then runs at Hardy who drives his fist through Greg's chest, killing him.

Panicking, the workers know that it will look like they killed their probation worker and have no defense. Suddenly Faith's neck twists back into place and she takes a huge breath in, coming back to life. She holds Greg, now panicking as well - when suddenly she heals him and he wakes up.

Over the next week, the gang struggles to keep Greg's rage in check, as it spurts up controllably. They all agree to keep what is happening a secret, as they feel criminals with powers will only lead to a life of probing and imprisonment because others would fear them. Meanwhile the crew individually discovers they all have powers. All except Dale (Eisenberg) who doesn't appear to have a power at all.

Victoria (Emma Stone) finds that she can alter the realities that others see optically. She is able to make herself invisible and effectively make people see anything she wants. Unfortunately she can't hold onto the constructs for long, as she eventually weakens and it goes away.

The twin brothers Johnny and Jimmy (Ryan Cartwright) discover they have a hive mind and can communicate/share images and thoughts without speaking. Not only that, but they both find they can communicate with technology; instructing it to do whatever they want.

Bill Murray discovers his atomic transmutation capabilities, as he can transform objects into whatever he pleases by breaking down their composition and rebuilding it with the touch of his hands.

Dale (Eisenberg) becomes livid that he hasn't acquired any powers and constantly tries to "discover" them as they're probation continues.

After a month of fending off Greg (Elba), he eventually becomes uncontrollable and the crew decides they have run out of options in defending themselves, finally deciding to out their powers in a YouTube video.

We are taken outside the scope of the story we had been following so far and now find a man named Aiden (Aaron Paul) in an alley in DC. A gang approaches him with weapons and ask for his money. After saying no, their leader attempts to shoot him but Aiden creates a red electricity-looking force field which blocks it. He then constructs a gun turret out of this same energy (with the same electric appearance) and mowes them all down with it's bullets.

When he leaves the alley, he is pulled against his will into a black car where he finds himself sitting across from Congressman Ernest Wells (Spacey) who asks him if he wants a job. He explains that under the books and under the radar he has been conducting a business involving buying and selling powers with the help of his scientist (Emerson). It has been raising immense amounts of money for his campaign for Presidency. He then says he wants Aiden as a sort of body guard to protect his business and knock a few heads in when need be.

The YouTube video has exposed the existence of super powers and has given the community service crew fame and fortune.

End of Volume One

Start of Volume Two: A Year Later

We're watching a CNN broadcast commiserating the one year anniversary of the release of the famous YouTube video that revealed the super powers. A montage shows the initial fame of the community device workers and the outing of others in the world with powers. We see Barack Obama in 2012 announcing that he can fly; and we see him soar away from his podium. CNN then shows where it all went down hill, as Congressman Wells (Spacey) gets elected President and surrounds himself with a cabinet of entirely superhuman "politicians". President Wells over the first year in his term uses and abuses the American population, taking money wherever it lies and enforcing unfair regulations with a military force of superhuman soldiers.

The next chunk of the film shows the community service workers and how badly their lives become over the year. Most have become corrupted with their power and fame, much to the chagrin of the President who wants all the attention of the public. The only remaining innocent members of the original group are Dale (Eisenberg) who never acquired powers and Faith (Paige) who has used to her powers to heal the sick.

Bill Murray got out of hand with his power and constructed anything he could dream of, soon realizing once he had it all, he really had nothing.

Bruce (Hardy) basically took anything I wanted with his super strength and eventually realized everyone in the world fears him which isolated him from society.

The twins (Cartwright) basically control the world's Internet and have tapped into every important source of online information to the point where they are bored to death.

Victoria (Stone) has both scared and driven everyone she knew away with her manipulative power. She blew all of her money and is back working in retail.

Fox News decides to do a one year reunion of the original YouTube video (including Dale despite his lack of powers) to discuss how the world has changed (for worse) and what their future holds. Once catching wind of this, President Wells decides it's the perfect opportunity to basically exterminate them as he has them all rounded up at the Marriott they are staying at in New York City. He sends Aiden (Paul) to do the dirty work.

The darkest and most epic scene in the film transpires on the night before the interview. Aiden kills the bell hop, takes his uniform, and sneaks up to where they are all hanging out in an upstairs ballroom. He first beheads Faith who is unable to regenerate and dies. Bruce despite his super strength is no match for the constructs Aiden is able to create and is killed as the others cower. Aiden easily murders the twins with a machine gun construct and finds his toughest opponent in Bill Murray who is transforming every object in the room into a powerful weapon that is weakening but not defeating his enemy. Eventually out of objects, Aiden kills him as well. All that's left is Dale crying in the corner and Victoria who is somewhere in the room but disguised with her optical manipulation. Aiden creates glass that shoots in all directions, stabbing and killing Victoria.

Only Dale remains. Aiden approaches him and simply stabs him with a knife construct. As Dale bleeds out, he suddenly gasps and the camera zooms in on his eyes which show hundreds of images flashing in reflection on his iris. The images stop and he looks down, finding no knife wound and in different clothing. He looks around and finds himself back in time on the day they made the YouTube video; about to press record on the camera as he is back with his community service crew. It pans to his face, and his just says "HOLY SH-" and it cuts to black.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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tinoynk wrote:

Background: The film takes place in the futuristic MegaKat city, which is occupied by anthropomorphic cats. Due to severe crime the city employs a militaristic police force called the Enforcers, which is complete with fully armed fighter jets, helicopters and tank-like robots.

Seth Rogen as Chance Furlong/T-Bone- The Enforcer’s ace fighter pilot who was kicked out along with his partner and best friend Jake Clawson who made the Enforcers’ commander Feral look bad after disobeying orders and apprehending a villain. He and his partner become the vigilante Swat Kats after being expelled from the Enforcers. He is more reckless and more physically imposing than his partner. As the Swat Kats, Chance goes by the alias T-Bone.

Robert Downey Jr. as Jake Clawson/Razor- The partner of Chance Furlong who was also expelled from the Enforcers. He is a mechanical genius and is responsible for constructing and maintaining the various weapons and vehicles used by the Swat Kats. He is the brains of the group, but is smaller than his partner. Jake goes by the alias Razor when in the guise of the Swat Kats.

Hugo Weaving as Commander Ulysses Feral- The hard headed Commander of the Enforcers, Commander Feral is almost as concerned with making himself and his department look good as he is with the safety of MegaKat city. Due to the city’s pervasive crime he wields far more power than the average police chief.

Ian Holm as Mayor Manx- MegaKat city’s well-intentioned but lazy mayor, who often neglects his mayoral duties to play golf.

Scarlett Johansson as Deputy Mayor Calico “Callie” Briggs- MegaKat City’s deputy mayor and the Swat Kats highest ranking ally. She realizes that they are better at keeping MegaKat City safe than the Enforcers and alerts them whenever trouble arises, without the knowledge of Commander Feral or the Mayor. Due to the mayor’s incompetence she is often left to run MegaKat City in his absence. She is the object of Chance/T-Bone’s affection, but instead has feelings for Jake.

Michelle Rodriguez as Lieutenant Felina Feral- Commander Feral’s niece and one of the most capable of the Enforcers. She is one of the few Enforcers able to keep pace with the Swat Kats. She shares their disdain for authority, but keeps from being fired because of her being Feral’s family.

Samuel L. Jackson as Dark Kat- A mysterious supervillain orchestrating the escalation of crime in MegaKat city. He is bent on destroying MegaKat’s institutions and turning it into the lawless “Dark Kat City.”

Dominick Lombardozzi and Lara Flynn Boyle as Mac and Molly- A Bonnie & Clyde-esque thug couple who died while trying to escape from Alkatraz prison. Their bodies were recovered by one of Dark Kat’s scientists and their brains were reanimated and imbued into a pair of robots, making them the Metallikats, and are employed as Dark Kat’s henchmen.

The film begins during Jake (Downey Jr.) and Chance’s (Rogen) last stint as part of the Enforcers. They are part of a squadron of jets led by Commander Ulysses Feral (Weaving) and are in pursuit of Mac (Lombardozzi) and Molly (Boyle) (who have yet to become the Metallikats), who have kidnapped Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs (Johansson) and are trying to escape in a stolen mayor’s helicopter. Commander Feral foolishly wants to take in Mac and Molly himself and tells Jake and Chance to back off. Jake and Chance know that he would shoot down the helicopter and sacrifice Callie to get Mac and Molly, so they disobey him and after some dramatic maneuvering Jake is able to board the helicopter, where he overtakes Mac and Molly before taking control of the helicopter. Despite their skill and heroism, they are reprimanded for their disobedience and kicked out of the Enforcers, this being the latest in one of many authority-defying actions. After being kicked out, Jake and Chance buy an auto body shop.
Several weeks later, the supervillain Dark Kat (Jackson) reviews the file of Mac and Molly, their profile being raised after the attempted kidnapping of Callie Briggs. Admiring their ruthlessness and the fact that the only Enforcers able to stop them were kicked off the force, he orchestrates an attempt to break them out of prison to use them as henchmen. Using a corrupt CO at Alkatraz Prison he is able to sneak them out but the weather is violent and Mac and Molly drown before they are able to reach shore. Not to be dissuaded, Dark Kat instructs his henchmen to recover their bodies and has his top scientist implant their brains in a pair of advanced weaponized robots. They shortly begin a spree of crime, such as robbing banks and establishing a hierarchy of organized crime in MegaKat City, acting as Dark Kat’s figurehead.
In the Mayor’s office, Mayor Manx, Callie Briggs and Commander Feral discuss this new criminal scourge. Feral insists that he is more than capable of handling the Metallikats, despite the lack of success the Enforcers have had in curtailing them. During this discussion, the Mayor brings up Dark Kat as a possible source of the increase in crime. Though he had not shown up for decades, Dark Kat was known as one of MegaKat City’s most dangerous threats. Feral dismisses the mayor as a fool, but Callie thinks there is something to it. Realizing that the Enforcers won’t be able to handle this new crime environment, she goes to her office and begins examining the city’s defense budget, and looks up where to find Jake and Chance.
She finds them at their auto body shop, and after thanking them for saving her life, she proposes that she use her pull and resources to allot them some of the city’s defense budget for them to run their own vigilante operation. She insists that the Mayor (Holm) is distracted enough with his golf game to notice, and that he isn’t even versed in budget management to catch on if he knew what he were looking for. A montage of them making advanced customized vehicles and weapons ensues, and they rig an alarm system to a walkie talkie they give to Callie to alert them when their help is needed.
It isn’t long before the Metallikats strike again, this time trying to rob the city’s gold reserve. Using their custom jet and equipment, Jake and Chance (now Razor and T-Bone) foil their plan, though the Metallikats are able to get away. When they return to Dark Kat, they tell him about these new vigilantes, noting that they definitely weren’t part of the Enforcers. Dark Kat concocts a plan to bait the Swat Kats with a staged robbery. Meanwhile, Commander Feral is furious about these rogue vigilantes undermining his authority, and outdoing him at his own job, calling them troublemakers.
While Dark Kat constructs his plan, the Swat Kats are called on several more times to quell less competent villains. Eventually Dark Kat plans to lure the Swat Kats to his underwater lair off the coast. By staging a robbery at the MegaKat art museum, he gets Mac and Molly to lead them in a chase. After losing the squad of Enforcers chasing them, they find themselves face to face with the Metallikats, who are able to recognize them as the ones who sent them to Alkatraz. A fight ensues and though the Swat Kats are able to gain the upper hand, Dark Kat appears at the last second and they are forced to escape. Knowing their identity, he tips off the Enforcer’s chief as to their identity.
When the Swat Kats return to their auto body shop, it is overrun with Enforcers, most of whom they non-lethally dispatch. Commander Feral’s rebellious but capable niece, Lieutenant Felina Feral, is able to fend off the Swat Kats, but tells them that she would gladly defect to their side as she realizes the imminent threat that is Dark Kat.
Thinking that the Enforcers had taken care of the Swat Kats, Dark Kat is moving on a plan to kill the mayor and Commander Feral, pushing the city to move into anarchy and chaos. Callie Briggs signals them when Dark Kat, the Metallikats and his henchmen arrive. They are able to capture and incapacitate them, but when they learn that the Swat Kats are still around decide to use them as bait. However, Lieutenant Feral runs the Enforcers in the absence of her uncle and instructs the Enforcers to cooperate with the Swat Kats. Having combined forces, they destroy the Metallikats and save the commander, mayor and deputy mayor, though Dark Kat is nowhere to be found in the aftermath.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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james.mcmurry13 wrote:
Just Business

Directed by Jason Reitman

James Franco as Rick Smith

-Rick Smith is an average young business associate. Fresh out of college, Rick is having trouble adjusting to the real world.

JK Simmons as Dr. Simmons

-Dr. Simmons is a phsyciatrist who Rick starts having sessions with to deal with his issues

Chris Cooper as Wellington Brooks

-Brooks is Rick's boss, and is very unnerved by Rick's struggle to adjust to the corporate lifestyle.

Leighton Meester as Liz Hardwick

-Liz is Rick's long-time girlfriend. They dated through high school and college, but have grown apart with Rick's new job.

John C McGinley as Jim Mack

-Mack tries to be a good employee, but he is easily bothered and frustrated by others.

Christopher Meloni as Mike Nomowitcz

-Mike is a hothead, and yells at clients and other employees very often.

Nathan Fillion as Jerry Smith

-Jerry is Rick's uncle, who has been very involved in his life, and is very supportive of Rick during his struggles.

Lyndsy Fonseca as "Dream Girl"

-Rick often daydreams, and most of his dreams are about this "dream girl"

Paul Schneider as CJ Johnson

-CJ is a consommate professional, doesn't get involved in the office politics. He simply does his job. He is who Rick wants to become.

Michael Boatman as Sam Martin

-Martin is a corporate attorney, who is present during events that could put the company at risk of liability.

Dave Franco as Bill Smith

-Bill is Rick's younger brother, who lives with Rick, but is unaware of his state of mind throughout the film.

Plot Synopsis:

Rick Smith struggles to adjust to the corporate lifestyle through abandonment and tragedy, but finds solace where he least expects it.

Full Plot:

Rick Smith awaits an interview with manager Wellington Brooks. Smith met Brooks last week at a primary interview, and is excited about the prospects of this second interview. Rick’s long-time girlfriend, Liz Hardwick, waits with him in the lobby. Finally, his name is called, and he enters Brooks’ office. Alongside Brooks is corporate lawyer Sam Martin. They cut right to the chase—Rick got the job. He’ll be a junior associate at Arthur Investments, a financial services corporation catering to the rich and powerful. Rick knows that this new power will come with many new responsibilities, but at this point he is happy to have the job.

This company is all about efficiency (as was seen in the second “interview”); they don’t waste any time. So an orientation program for Rick was out of the question. He’ll just have to learn on the fly and hope that some of the senior associates will help him out. On his first day, he comes in an hour early, at 8 AM, and sees that everyone else is already there, and has been working for hours. There is no such thing as “business hours” in this field, you work when you have to. Vacations are rarely approved, sick days don’t exist, and, as salaried employees, overtime is just time.

Overwhelmed by the work that is going on, Rick receives hellish glares from several employees. Finally, about two hours after he arrived, Brooks came out and showed Rick to his desk. After that he pointed out his coworkers, Jim Mack, Mike Nomowitcz, and CJ Johnson, but told him there was no time for introductions, he needed to get to work.

The 7AM-11PM work days, having to work nearly every Saturday, and the overall sense of loss and confusion about his work wore on Rick. He had no time for Liz, who he had been dating since they were both freshmen in high school, and she didn’t appreciate being second string to his job. After work one day, Rick went home to find a note on the fridge, saying that she couldn’t deal with his job any more, and that she was moving out.

This devastation finally made Rick realize that he needed help. He knew he couldn’t turn to anyone at the company, as they all seemed like cold-blooded monsters to him, so he turned to his uncle Jerry. Rick’s parents were killed in a home invasion when he was 8 years old, so Jerry had been one of the main components in Rick’s life for as long as he could remember. But Jerry was no shrink, so he gave Rick the number of a psychiatrist he had seen for a year after his brother and sister-in-law had been murdered.

Rick was skeptical about what counseling could really do, since it hadn’t done much for him after losing his parents. But after a few weeks, things had gotten worse, and he finally decided to call. He was lucky and got an appointment with Dr. Simmons the next Sunday, but he knew that he wouldn’t give it much of a chance, since Sunday’s were his only time away from work.

Things actually started to look up for Rick. His counseling with Dr. Simmons was helping, he was spending a lot of time with his uncle Jerry and his brother Bill, and he was figuring things out at his job. Senior Associate CJ Johnson had been showing Rick the ropes, providing an example of the type of employee he should set out to be.

Rick also started daydreaming. Most of his dreams were about the same angelic figure, a “dream girl”. He had been with Liz so long that he didn’t even know where to look to find a girl, but he had found a hope for the future.
But as quickly as that hope had come about, tragedy struck. Jerry was taking Rick to an appointment with Dr. Simmons, and less than a mile from the hospital, a drunk driver hit their car. Rick managed to get out of the car, but he couldn’t rescue Jerry. Rick walked to Dr. Simmons’ office, covered in blood and clearly in tremendous pain. Dr. Simmons helped him get to the ER, and called an ambulance for Jerry.

But it was far too late, and Jerry died. All of this positive energy and good momentum disappeared in an instant. Rick went back into his shell, a depressed, lifeless being. He stopped going to Dr. Simmons’ appointments, because all he could think about was how he couldn’t do anything to help Jerry.

His work continued to decline, and eventually Rick had to be placed on a probationary leave. He learned of this in a meeting with Brooks and Martin, and was escorted out of the building by security. As he was leaving, he went crazy. Rick started screaming and completely let loose. He felt as if his life was over, and everything around him became useless.

Much to Rick’s surprise, he received a phone call about a week into his leave. Even more surprising, it was from coworker Mike Nomowitcz, who had never spoken a word to Rick. Mike told Rick that he had similar struggles when he got his first job. Rick agreed to meet Mike for lunch the next Sunday, and he said he had someone he wanted Rick to meet.

Rick went to the restaurant, and he was met by “Dream Girl”. She said she loved him, and that she would make everything in his life better. She said she would never leave him, never argue with him, and never do anything that he didn’t want. Then Rick woke up, got dressed, and went to the actual restaurant. Mike gave him the number to a psychiatrist that he had seen to help with his transition. No surprise, it was Dr. Simmons’ number.

Rick started going back to his appointments with Dr. Simmons. Things weren’t as good as they were before, but he was getting better. Now he had the support and leading example of 2 of his coworkers, and was back with a guy who seemed to be a miracle working shrink, and his probationary review was coming up the next week.

At the review, Rick was given a glowing review from Dr. Simmons, and several of his coworkers also recommended that he come back to work. He was reinstated, and everything went “back to normal”.

There aren’t always happy endings, but they don’t have to be tragic either. Rick went on living a normal life, having a stressful job, very few people close to him, but he was alive, and with hope for the future.

Wish I could have put a little more time into the write-up, but I just now got on the internet (I'm in Tennessee for my brother's wedding). So I'm glad I at least got to send this in.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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That otta do it right there. You guys are honestly, awesome. I love doing these.

That said, it might (actually) be a little while before I can host the next one. But this doesn't just have to be my thing, if someone wanted to take up hosting for a round, I'd still have time to at least participate. But for at least the next couple weeks, I won't have time to keep the next one updated.

If there is anything that needs updated in the posts above, PM me and I'll fix it as soon as I get the chance.

I'll fill out my ballot in a little bit, but I think BY would win the presentation award in a landslide if there was one. Wink

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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Greg_Jennings wrote:
I'll fill out my ballot in a little bit, but I think BY would win the presentation award in a landslide if there was one. Wink

I WISH! haha I decided it was the most fun way to display my cast.
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After much internal debate and meditating...

Ballot wrote:

Most likely to win Best Lead Actor: James Franco, Just Business
Most likely to win Best Lead Actress: Naomi Watts, Longstanding Ties
Most likely to win Best Supporting Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Lies
Most likely to win Best Supporting Actress: Keira Knightley, Wetworks
Most likely to win Best Visual Effects: Heavenly Sword
Most likely to win Best Original Screenplay: City of Angels
Most likely to win Best Adapted Screenplay: Wetworks
Most likely to win Best Director: Duncan Jones, Lives
Most likely to win Best Picture: City of Angels


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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