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The "Make A Movie Draft" V - Final Products
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Which Film Would You Most Like to See?
The Luckiest Man in the World - Sam Mendes
 0%  [ 0 ]
Prometheus - Darren Aronofsky
 13%  [ 3 ]
Relativity - Duncan Jones
 4%  [ 1 ]
Life, Inconsequence - George Clooney
 13%  [ 3 ]
Republic - Christopher Nolan
 8%  [ 2 ]
Vengence - Quentin Tarantino
 0%  [ 0 ]
The Making of a Hero - Ridley Scott
 4%  [ 1 ]
Gene-X - Paul Greengrass
 8%  [ 2 ]
Breaking Out - Jason Reitman
 4%  [ 1 ]
Dry State - The Coen Brothers
 4%  [ 1 ]
Unsatisfied - Jonathan Levine
 4%  [ 1 ]
The Bunker - Michael Mann
 4%  [ 1 ]
Linus - Ben Affleck
 4%  [ 1 ]
The Real Toy Story - The Farrelly Brothers
 4%  [ 1 ]
Justice League:Annihilation - JJ Abrams
 8%  [ 2 ]
The Matrix Returns - Bryan Singer
 4%  [ 1 ]
Last Goodbye - Danny Boyle
 4%  [ 1 ]
Yet Untitled Martin Scorsese Film
 4%  [ 1 ]
Yet Untitled David Fincher Film
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 23

Author Message

Joined: 06 Nov 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:51 am    Post subject: The "Make A Movie Draft" V - Final Products Reply with quote

The "Make A Movie" Draft V - Final Products

Well it's that time again. The fifth version of the Make A Movie draft has been completed. For those of you living under a rock, the MAM Draft is an event where several people draft the crew for a hypothetical future film, including the movie's director, cast, and story. Once the draft is over we all put together detailed descriptions of what these future movies would be like. This version included several changes, including a doubled amount of participants, allowing us to reach further into the talent pool, and as well, we added the ability to trade draft picks and selections.

If you would be so kind, part of the final results includes the option for everyone to fill out what they think would be the most likely winners for various Academy Awards. This ballot looks like this.

Ballot wrote:

Most likely to win Best Lead Actor:
Most likely to win Best Lead Actress:
Most likely to win Best Supporting Actor:
Most likely to win Best Supporting Actress:
Most likely to win Best Visual Effects:
Most likely to win Best Original Screenplay:
Most likely to win Best Adapted Screenplay (taken from source material, may not be applicable):
Most likely to win Best Director:
Most likely to win Best Picture:

Optional: What could be improved for the next draft

So this thread is to discuss the final products, and show your ballots. Remember, not just participants can fill one out, but if you are one, just don't vote for yourself. Laughing

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Final Products

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Joined: 06 Nov 2006
Posts: 22821
Location: Milwaukee
PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Luckiest Man in the World
Directed by Sam Mendes - A GJ Production

The Luckiest Man in the World is a film about a man named Bill Kendall (Sam Rockwell), who wins the Pennsylvania lottery in the 80s. However, once he wins, his life begins to take a serious turn for the worse. He wastes away all of his money on pointless things, and his brother Luke (Casey Affleck) takes advantage of his brother's generosity by starting up his own car business on the lottery money. His other, resentful brother Marcus (Michael Shannon) refuses to speak with him anymore, and eventually hires a hit man to kill Bill and his wife, Cate (Naomi Watts), both in hopes of the money left as well as an act of spite. The only man Bill can still can his friend near the end is his lawyer, Frank Powers (Josh Brolin), who helps him through a number of legal issues. These include an ex-landlord lover (Mary Louise-Parker) who sues him for a third of his money, a charge for firing his gun at his ex-wife's car, and eventually a charge for firing his weapon at a debt collector. The movie follows Bill over the coarse of several years, and people come and go, as all these events begin to pile on him, and he begins to push away all of the people that still cared for him.

Sam Rockwell as Bill Kendall: a man who has won 16 million dollars in the Pennsylvania lottery. The story centers around him as his money is squandered away, as he loses all the people who once loved him or called him a friend, and as he drives himself deeper and deeper into the hole of unhappiness.

Michael Shannon as Marcus Kendall: he has a rocky relationship with his brother to say the least, and barely ever speaks to him anymore. Marcus holds a deep amount of spite for his brother, because he feels like Bill was the least of them to deserve the luck he was given. Driven by justified jealousy and spite, Marcus eventually hires a hitman to kill Bill and his wife.

Josh Brolin as Frank Powers: Bill's old friend and now, his attorney. Frank is a decent lawyer, and a funny and charismatic guy, and one of the few friends that Bill has left after his escapades.Frank eventually becomes overwhelmed by the amount of work that goes into being a man like Bill's attorney.

Casey Affleck as Luke Kendall: Bill and Marcus' youngest brother. Luke takes advantage of his brother Bill's new lifestyle, and in some ways, drives him even deeper down the path to losing it in pursuit of his own selfish endeavor. Unlike Bill, however, Luke still somewhat keeps in touch with Marcus, who has almost drifted away from the family all together.

Naomi Watts as Cate Jacobs-Kendall: Bill's wife (eventually ex-wife). She puts up with Bill's delusions of grandeur for a while, but eventually comes to realize how she is taking advantage of her luxurious lifestyle, and leave Bill. She cannot stand what he has become, but still holds onto feelings for him.

Mary-Louise Parker as Kristen: One of Bill's old affairs, and his former landlord. She is a charming, but vindictive woman. Bill was cheating on his wife with Kristen around the time that he first won the lottery. While staying in a motel room with her, with, at the time, barely any money to his name, Bill gives her $40 from his pawned wedding ring to go and buy a bunch of lottery tickets for him, one of which is the winning one. Many years later, Kristen would sue for a third of Bill's fortune, claiming that they had agreed to split the winnings.

Chris Cooper as Michael Jacobs: Cate's father. Michael plays a small role, coming into focus when Cate leaves Bill, and Bill starts following her around. Michael was never a huge fan of Bill, as you can imagine.

Mickey Rourke as "Randy": The Hitman plays a small role when he is hired by Marcus to kill Bill and his wife. The Hitman blends into a high profile party hosted by Bill, and makes his move there, making small talk until the time is right to strike.

Bryan Cranston as Jeff Lundy: Bill's head of security after Bill becomes paranoid after the attempted murder. Having lost all of his friends, Bill looks to Jeff for conversation, but constantly gets ignored.

David Cross as Walter: The Debt Collecter plays a cameo role when he visits the home of the, now virtually broke Bill after he is drained of his fortune. On his last straw, Bill freaks out and fires his shotgun at the front door, barely missing the collector. The collector runs away from the home and reports the incident to the police.

Plot wrote:
The film begins some years into Bill acquiring his fortune. He is seen sitting alone on his couch watching TV in a poorly lit, and now run down mansion. Wood boards cover broken windows, garbage fills the outside pool, and the building looks like its been abandoned for years, but Bill still resides there, now a broken man. Bill narrates the story himself, as he begins by saying,

"Everybody dreams of winning money, but nobody realizes the nightmares that come out of the woodwork, or the problems"

We are then brought back to the beginning. Bill is lying on the bed in a messy hotel room when Kristen walks in. Kristen is Bill's former landlord who he is having an affair with behind his wife's back. At this point in time, Bill is extremely poor, and his relationship with his wife is rocky to say the least. The only money he really even has to his name is the $40 he just got from pawning his wedding ring. In an act of disparity and hopelessness, Bill orders Kristen to go out and buy as many lottery tickets as she can with the cash. Kristen says alright, and heads out. We then move forward several days to the lottery drawings, and Bill ends up the winner of $16 million dollars.

The flashback moves forward several years. We are introduced to Frank Powers, an old acquaintance of Bill's, who Bill immediately hires to be his consultant and attorney, believing he is sure to have some legal affairs to deal with in the future. We are also introduced to Luke, Bill's younger brother. Bill and Luke are shown trying to come up with creative uses of the money. Bill says that he's thinking about buying a plane, to which Luke just happily agrees with. Luke, looking out for himself, asks to borrow money to start up a car lot, to which Bill happily agrees to.

A little while later, we are with Luke, as he is driving up to his older brother, Marcus' house. Marcus let him in and the two begin to converse. Luke asks Marcus why he hasn't been talking to Bill at all. Bill and Marcus never got along, but they were never so alienated ever since Bill won the money. Marcus expresses his feelings of spite. Talking about how despicable of a person Bill really is, and that is wasteful splurging of the money disgusted him. Marcus gives off the feeling of anger and jealousy over his brother, who he felt didn't deserve any of the luck bestowed on him.

We move forward about a year from then. Bill is about to host a large and expensive party at his new mansion home. Luke suggests that this might be a good opportunity to try and reconnect with Marcus. Bill agrees, and calls him up. Marcus picks up the phone and agrees to go to the party, but immediately dials another number. He dials the number of a man he had met recently who called himself "Randy", probably an alias, and was a paid hit man. Marcus had just been waiting for the right opportunity.

At the party, Luke answers the door for Marcus. Marcus introduces Randy as his Boss, who he brought as his +1 to the party. Luke lets them in and Randy separates himself from Marcus, while they both try to blend in. Randy notices Bill in a room talking with his lawyer, Frank. Randy introduces himself to Bill, and the three begin conversing with each other. A couple hours later, Bill tells the guys that he is going to go grab some beers from the fridge. Frank, who had been getting a weird vibe from Randy all night, notices Randy subtly follow Bill into the garage, and Frank follows them both. While in the garage, Bill receives a phone call, and begins talking up whoever is on the other line, his back facing the door behind him. Frank quietly observes what happens next. Randy is able to make his way about 15 yards behind Bill without him noticing, and he reaches for the gun in his jacket. Frank begins to move in, but trying to stay quiet. Frank grabs a baseball bat from the wall of the garage and moves in. Randy fires one shot at Bill, who falls to the ground. As Randy moves in to finish him off, Frank comes up behind him and beats him over the head with the bat, knocking him out. The camera just pans over the scene. Frank panting with the bat in his hands, Randy lying on the cold ground, and Bill groaning and bleeding onto the concrete floor.

We move a bit forward again. Days before he is ready to leave from the hospital, his wife, Cate tells him that she wants a divorce. After years of trying to remain happy, she has been noticing Bill's increased narcissism. The easy money has made him immature, irrational, and wreckless. She walks out of the hospital, and Bill is in no position to take chase. Moments after she leaves, the police arrive to talk with him. They say that the hit man, Randy, has confessed to who hired him, and that his brother Marcus is in jail. Bill requests to speak with him, and Bill and Luke go to visit their brother. Marcus is sitting in a temporary jail cell at the station, sitting on a bench looking the other way. Bill gets his attention, and asks why he did it. Marcus gets angry and begins to scold him. He calls Bill out on his selfish ways, how before the lottery, he never gave a crap about the family. While Marcus was taking care of his aging parents, Bill was running around with different women, and he only turned around to act like their friend when he won all the money. Luke tries to avoid the argument, but Marcus calls him out as well for taking advantage of Bill's money for his own selfish reasons. Bill and Luke leave the station, bewildered. They had no idea just how much anger their brother had built up.

We move forward another year. Bill has slowly blew away most of his money, and only generates a very minimal income on the small businesses he started. After his car lot failed, Luke hasn't talked to Bill much at all, and the only person Bill still has to talk to is Frank, who is still his lawyer. Frank stays around mostly because it's his job and even he is starting to grow tired of Bill, but still tries to help him out because of their old friendship. Frank tells Bill the bad news, that the woman he used to have an affair with, Kristen, was attempting to sue him for a third of the winnings, claiming that when she went out to buy the lottery tickets, Bill had promised to split the winnings. The time in court is shown over a voice over, as Kristen gets her way and successfully drains Bill of most of his remaining assets, as well as his last shred of hope. We rejoin Bill, as he was at the beginning of the film, alone in how broken down house, buried in debt.

A little while later, Bill is seen parked outside his now ex-wife, Cate's house, drunk. Bill gets out of the truck and watches her through the window from a distance, as she is talking with her father. Bill pulls out his hunting rifle and fires a shot into Cate's truck to try and get her attention. Cate's father, Michael, sees this happen. He becomes furious and storms outside. Michael confronts Bill outside and tells him to leave. After he refuses, the two get into an argument and Michael punches him to the ground. After beating him for a while, Michael lets him limp away, but says he'll be calling the police. Cate watching through the window, sympathetically.

Bill drives home and falls down to the floor, exhausted and furious. As he sits there, still in pain, the doorbell rings. Bill slowly makes his way the the door to see who it is. The bald, and overly giddy man introduces himself as Walter. Walter tells Bill that he has neglected to pay up on his car repair debt, and that he is hear to collect what he owes. Bill gives him a long, and vindictive stare, and tells him that he'll be right back, shutting the front door behind him. We get a single long shot of Walter waiting outside the door, whistling to himself like a dork. He notices his shoe is untied, and leans over the tie it. As he does so, a shotgun round blasts through the door at about eye level, missing him. Walter panics and frantically gets away, tripping over his shoe laces in the process. Bill keeps firing at him, but continuously misses, still drunk. After it is clear Walter has gotten away, Bill collects himself a bit, and falls back onto the floor, and begins sobbing. A couple hours later, Frank arrives at Bill's house and Bill tells him what happened. Furious with Bill's constant lack for responsibility, Frank leaves, telling him to deal with his own problems. Frank had remained loyal up until this point, but he had had enough.

That night we see Bill riding out into Lake Eerie on his expensive boat. He is going no where in particular, and he looks like an empty shell of a man. Once he is sufficiently out into the lake, he stops the boat, and just sits down as the boat rocks with the movements of the lake. Bill begins to tie a rope around his ankle. After a little bit, it is clear that what he is doing is tying the boat anchor to himself. Bill stands on the edge of the boat, with the heavy anchor behind him. He looks off into the darkness, and sees a slight hint of life. Curious, Bill keeps looking at it, as the light gets closer and closer through the fog. He then hears a voice over a speaker, "Bill Kendall, this is the police, get down on your knees and put your hands in the air". The film ends with a Sam Rockwell voice over as he is hauled into the police boat, explaining that he was much happier when he was broke. When no one knew his name. When he didn't matter.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Directed by Darren Aronofski

Earth is running out of natural resources. It our final attempt to save humanity, we send scientists from all over the globe to search for a new home. On route to their destination, some things end up going wrong. Now in the search for Earth's survival, they are now fighting to survive themselves.

Javier Bardem – Spanish – Gillermo Ramirez de Arroyo - Astrophysicist

Leonardo DiCaprio – English – Thomas Blackwell – Pilot/Captain

Gary Oldman – Russian – Vladimir Novikov - Engineer

Lucy Liu – Japanese – Akira Kichida - Botanist

Chiwetel Ejiofor – Nigerian – Adeola Okonowo – Planetary Physicist

Cate Blanchette – Australian – Alexandra Bishop - Psychologist

Joaquin Phoenix– American – James Knox - Geologist

Zachary Quinto – American – Jackson Holt - Chemist

Ben Kingsley – British – David Templeton – Research Scientist

Darren Aronofsky - Director


Plot wrote:
The year is 2540, and Earth’s resources have been all but used up. The world governments, in a collaborative effort to save humanity, have gathered together groups of their best scientists from many different disciplines to travel the vast distances in search of a new home. Twelve ships are to be sent out, each containing a multinational team of scientists put into hypersleep to shorten the journey. On the Prometheus, a team of nine is placed into hypersleep on August 26th, 2540, and launched into space. The pilot and captain of the ship, who will take over when the scheduled hypersleep for the crew ends, is Englishman Thomas Blackwell (Leonardo DiCaprio), who has led thirty-six previous missions into space for the West European Space Agency. Russian Vladimir Novikov (Gary Oldman), who played a pivotal role in saving the Ares Research Space Station and her crew in orbit around Mars, is the engineer and the man responsible for keeping the Prometheus in one piece.

The team of scientists is led by astrophysicist Gillermo Ramirez de Arroyo (Javier Bardem), a Spaniard that played a pivotal role in deciding which of the thousands of exoplanets would be Prometheus’ destination. Botanist Akira Kichida (Lucy Liu) from Japan, will deal with any native plant or animal species that they may encounter upon landing and beginning their tests. Adeola Okonowo (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a Planetary Physicist from Nigeria, will conduct tests trying to determine a rough history for the new solar system, and will work in conjunction with de Arroyo to make sure no planet-threatening asteroids or comets are waiting to destroy their potential new home. On the ground, American Geologist James Knox (Joaquin Phoenix) will be working to determine whether large earthquakes or volcanoes will ultimately make the planet too dangerous to inhabit. The only other American, Chemist Jackson Holt (Zachary Quinto), will be taking air, water, and ground samples to make sure the composition of the planet is such that human life can be supported. Rounding out the group is Australian Psychologist Alexandra Bishop, who will be working with all members of the team to help them adjust to the extended period of time away from their loved ones, and humanity in general.

With things moving exactly to schedule, the team begins waking from their hypersleep on November 6th, 2542. For most, it takes about 24 hours to fully recover from the effects of the suspended animation state, and by the next day everyone is beginning to fall into their daily routine. The team is still six months out, but the extra time gives them a chance to begin long-range experiments, and to begin to adjust to working and living as a group. Weekly sessions with the psychologist are mandatory, and with the lone exception of Novikov, everyone attends as scheduled. Always claiming to be too busy keeping the ship in working order, he attends only two sessions in the first month and a half, and both of them are spent in mostly silence.

As often happens – and though frowned upon, it is not necessarily forbidden – relationships begin to form. Among the most surprising, for her at least, is the one Psychologist Alexandra Bishop finds herself in with Blackwell, the captain. Initially intending not to get too close to any one member of the crew, so she may better help them all, Alexandra finds herself strongly drawn to him, and soon they are spending nights together in secret.

Things continue in this manner for nearly three months, with Alexandra and Blackwell’s relationship remaining a secret, Novikov mostly dodging his required sessions, and the rest of the crew going about their daily lives and experiments, before the routine is permanently interrupted. On the morning of February 9th, Akira Kichida is discovered dead in her room, with bruising around her neck and obvious signs of struggle surrounding her. Quickly, both individually and as a group, they come to realize that one among them is a killer. Blackwell orders no crew member to be alone at any point unless locked in their own room, and with nowhere to bury the body for three months, Kichida’s remains are incinerated.

A few days pass without incident, though it quickly becomes clear that no one is sleeping well and productivity has declined sharply. It is during this time that the Holt’s body is discovered, also in his room and also strangled to death and surrounded by signs of struggle. Suspicions quickly turn to the Russian Novikov, who was last seen talking with Holt the night before. With a quick poll among them, it is quickly determined that he is also the only one whose movements from the previous night cannot be verified by another member of the crew. Convinced he is the killer amongst them, discussion then turns to what should be done. As the engineer, it is believed that there is nowhere they could lock him that he would not, eventually, be able to escape from. After a secret ballot is taken, the decision to kill him is made. Without any weapons on board, the crew is forced to incinerate him, just as they did with his victims.

The leftover crew, now down three people, tries to attempt to go back to their work, but it’s half-hearted at best. Their mission, no matter what they find in a couple months, is doomed to be a failure. Without the chemist or botanist, critical tests simply cannot be adequately performed to warrant the risk of millions of people travelling such a long distance to what could be certain death.
Confident that the killer among them has been removed, and realizing that literally years of their life has now been wasted, the remaining crew members begin to spend more and more time alone. It is because of this that it takes four days before the bodies of Knox and Okonowo are discovered by de Arroyo. The Spaniard, much to his horror, quickly realizes that it was Blackwell all along, and seeing this realization on his face, Blackwell attacks. Unknown to both men, Alexandra walked into the doorway of the lab just as the Englishman was choking the last bit of life out of de Arroyo, and it is then that she has her own horrible realization: The man she had been sharing a bed with was a killer. It is quickly followed by the knowledge that they killed an innocent man in Novikov.

Thinking quickly, Alexandra locks the door to the lab, then initiates the contamination protocol. Blackwell rushes to the door and begins pleading with her, trying to convince her she’s mistaken, begging her to let him out so he can explain what she saw. As the countdown makes its way towards zero, Alexandra simply turns and walks away. Moments later, the ship is filled with Blackwell’s short-lived screams as the lab and everything inside it – living and dead – are consumed by fire.

Realizing she’s alone, without the ability to pilot the ship on a return trip to earth and so far away that attempting to contact is a pointless endeavor, Alexandra makes her way to the thick steel door separating her from the vacuum of space. As she begins inputting the code to open the door, hoping the end will come quickly, she is shocked when it instead begins to open on its own. Bracing herself for what is to come, she is met not with the cold emptiness of space, but with rushing cool air and a bright light. Confused, she stands before the door as it opens, and her confusion only deepens as the outline of a man cuts through the light. Speechless, she watches open-mouthed as David Templeton (Ben Kingsley), the lead scientist of the entire project, walks onto the ship.

Slowly, as if talking to a child, he begins to explain things. The date is not late February 2542, but instead December 4th, 2540. The Prometheus was not a ship at all, but instead a simulator designed to test how people would handle such long periods of time in space, isolated from the earth and the rest of humanity, and to help determine the optimal crew size for such a mission. Nine other such experiments were going on at the same facility she was at, with every action of the entire crew monitored by the staff. They knew of the killings, knew it was not Novikov doing it, and made the decision to let the experiment play out.

Templeton’s final words are to tell Alexandra that while she may view what they’ve done as barbaric, her grandchildren will someday be proud of her sacrifice in the service of humanity. With that, he turns and walks out of the simulator, leaving Alexandra to crumple to her knees before the doorway.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Directed by Duncan Jones

According to Albert Einstein’s theory of General Relativity, one cannot travel faster than the speed of light. When in late 2011 a team of astrophysicists discover light speed travel, they ready a two pilot ship to travel into deep space in 2015. Pilots Barnard (Russell Crowe) and Newt (Guy Pearce) embark on the journey, but when a sudden system failure forces their return back to Earth, they realize they have landed in the 1970s. Posed with the possibility of altering their dark, tragic family histories, both try to change the past and get revenge for their loved ones. Several twists of fate bring realizations that their past is actually not what they thought it to be and questions arise as to whether it is truly possible to change history at all. Relativity comes out March 2012.


Russell Crowe as Barnard

A hot headed astronaut looking to carry out his father’s dream of flying into space. His father, G.P., was murdered when he was a child.

Ben McKensie as Gliese-Paul “G.P.”

A young aspiring Apollo 17 pilot candidate. Father of Barnard in the 1971 timeline, his murder fuel’s Barnard’s passion for both astronomy and vengeance.

Robert De Niro as Albert

The grandfather of Barnard who reveals Barnard’s motives early.

Guy Pearce as Newt

A determined astronaut looking to move past his own tragic family past to make space history.

Matthew Fox as Hub

A young candidate for the Apollo 17 mission, whose stress of failure leads to tragedy. He is Newt’s father in the 1971 timeline.

Kate Winslet at Cassini “Cassy”

The wife of Hub, mother of Newt in the 1971 timeline. Her less than faithful behavior brings grave misfortune.

Ladd Fraternale as Dr. Schwartzchild

Playing Dr. Schwartzchild in the 2015 timeline, he is the man who discovers how to send objects faster than the speed of light. He is behind the launch of the spacecraft.

Matt Smith as Dr. Schwartzchild

Playing Dr. Schwartzchild in the 1971 timeline, he is found by both Barnard and Newt in the past to help with their dilemma.

Clive Owen as Vega

A candidate for the Apollo 17 mission, he is Barnard’s prime suspect in the murder of his father.

Plot wrote:
Plot Synopsys:
The film opens with a news report voice over as the camera pans through a NASA launching facility with hundreds of people actively working. In the news report we hear that a Dr. John Schwartzchild and his assistant James Webb, world renowned astrophysicists, had made the groundbreaking discovery of faster than the speed of light travel in 2011. Now in 2015, Having fully tested his findings and being fully vetted by the scientific community, NASA and the Global Space Agency are readying two astronauts to be sent into space with the intent of reaching the nearest solar system and then returning to Earth.

Now in a living room we see an older man discussing the mission with his grandson, Barnard (Russell Crowe), and the dangers Barnard is risking by being one of the two astronauts to take this highly unpredictable trip into space. The old man, Albert (Robert De Niro), talks about his own son and how proud he’d be of Barnard had he seen this day.

We are now taken into the past, 1971; a black and white scene shows four men in training at NASA. An executive of NASA approaches them and wishes them good luck in their candidacy for the Apollo 17 mission. The men disperse but three of them, nametagged “G.P.” (Ben McKenzie), “Vega” (Clive Owen), and “Hub” (Matthew Fox) walk in the same direction in silence. Hub begins talking but G.P. tells him immediately to shut up and not to bother trying to play nice. All vying to pilot the last Apollo mission with their dreams on the line, tensions are obviously at extreme highs.

Back to the present, we’ve reached the day of the launch. Dr. Schwartzchild (Ladd Fraternale) and James Webb have a brief conversation with the two pilots about their life’s dream being carried out today. The two pilots enter their individual cockpits (this is the first we see of co-pilot Newt). We watch their launch and soon find after three minutes that there is a problem with the shield of their pods, and moving at their speed the ship will break apart if they don’t return immediately.

The ship descends back to Earth as the two pods break apart to crash land in the ocean (they have significantly slowed down). They do not land in the same location and when they reach shore on their safety rafts, they both discover they have landed in the 1970s. Because they were traveling faster than the speed of light and didn’t return properly, time dilated and they did not crash in the present.

Now jumping to the black and white 1971 flashback, we find that none of the three pilots that were walking together were chosen for the Apollo mission. All in emotionally unstable and angered states, we learn that Hub’s (Fox) marriage is also on the rocks. He suspects his wife (Kate Winslet) has been unfaithful to him. He follows her out one night and sees her with another man. Later an argument between Hub and his wife leads to the realization that she is pregnant and the man she was cheating with was one of the candidates of the Apollo mission (though not revealed who).

As his life spirals out of control having failed in his dream and had a rival impregnate his wife, he is pushed over the edge and accidentally kills his wife in a blind rage. We see their young son cowering under his bed having seen everything. Now we flash to Barnard’s (Crowe) childhood home, where we see a silhouette of a man holding a gun, subsequently shooting G.P. (Ben McKenzie) in the chest. Back to Hub’s home two days later, we see him killing himself, unable to live with murdering his own wife.

Back to the non flashback 70s, we see that Newt had landed in 1970 and Barnard in 1971. Newt and Barnard both track down Dr. Schwartzchild (Smith) in hopes that despite his younger age, he could still help them return to the present. After Schwartzchild tells Newt it is impossible, Newt asks him if it is possible for him to change the future. He explains that his father killed his mother and then himself, all because of a man who he could potentially stop. Barnard has a similar conversation with Schwartzchild, and the doctor explains that a man two years ago asked him almost the same thing. Barnard reveals his father was murdered and hopes to be able to prevent it. Both are sent off with unclear answers from the doctor, but with full intent on stopping the tragedies.
The next chunk of the film concentrates on Newt and Barnard’s investigations. Newt’s is taking significantly longer, while Barnard quickly gets a lead on a man who we find is Vega from the Apollo candidates. Barnard hunts him down and kills him. Newt agonizes over his investigation for much longer.

In one of the last, longest scenes of the film, Barnard drives to his childhood home on the day of his father’s murder. He wants to see that his father is in fact safe and that he can rest knowing the murder was evaded. He sits in his car and watches the house for hours and is about ready to leave when a man in shadows enters the back of the house. Inside, we are reliving the black and white scene from earlier in the film where G.P. (McKenzie, Barnard’s father) was murdered, this time in color. The silhouette of the murderer comes to light, and we discover that the man holding the gun is actually Newt from the future, having believed G.P. was the man who ruined his family. In the time loop, Newt had always been the murderer returning from the future to kill G.P. and his timeline had met Barnard’s after his investigation took a year. After pulling the trigger, Barnard rushes in to find that it was his co-pilot who murdered his father in 1971. In a moment of shock, Barnard raises his gun but lets Newt explain. Stuck in the 70s with no life to speak of, having previously murdered an innocent man, and pure brokenness in his failure to save his father, Barnard shoots himself and not Newt.

In an attempt to preserve the time continuum, Newt decides to change his name and attempt to assist Dr. Schwartzchild towards his scientific dreams which he has to make come true. He picks the name James Webb, and we are then briefly flashed back to the beginning of the film where we recall that James Webb was Dr. Schwartzchild’s assistant in 2015. He had sent himself into space knowing he would crash into the past, aging and glasses hid the similarities in appearance. We now watch the launch again this time concentrating on Webb’s reaction which is a small smirk, and the movie fades to black.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Life, Inconsequence

Directed by George Clooney


A neo-noir set in the not-too-distant future, in which private detective Jung-ho (Song Kang-ho) navigates the underworld and political overworld of a dystopian mega-metropolis. In his travels he comes across a lazy political aide, a bipolar Irish hitman, a suave, smooth-talking politician, a beautiful Chinese temptress and the powerful head of an underground crime syndicate.

additional film notes:

-It is in multiple languages, predominantly English, but also Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, and a little bit of Irish Gaelic.
-The focus is very voyeuristic, mirroring the aimless, scattered nature of the time's society. A lot of the world in which the film is set is seen in passing, already familiar to all the main characters.
-The tone isn't too dark, more in line with the tone of many Korean films. While it may depict a serious plot, it has a subtle humor under the surface. Also not dissimilar to Confessions of a Dangerous Mind in the way it merges genres.
-While the tone isn't dark, the cinematography is, using familiar film noir visual techniques. In the sprawling metropolis, the buildings block out much of the sunlight, and most of the film feels like it's at night. There are also a few shots of ceiling fans, a lot of smoking (cigarettes and otherwise), and scenes with desaturated, muted colors, alongside a red or an orange every now and then which really stands out.
-Score features prominently, but not to the point where it is a focal point at all. Subtle, often quiet hooks. Muted trumpet/saxophone. Again, in keeping with many noir conventions.


Song Kang-ho plays Jung-oh, the lead, a private detective who fills his life with pot and noir films, until a job comes along, dragging him into the furthest corners of the dystopian society.

Cillian Murphy plays Patrick, a fast talking Irishman, aide to an important politician. He appears to be a big cheese when he first walks into Jung-oh's office, but as the film goes on, it becomes clear that he is very low on the food chain, is lazy and not all that good at his job.

George Clooney plays Mr Anderson, a mysterious, suave, smooth-talking, apparently very influential politician/executive of some type. He is the man that Patrick reports to, and works as a sort of go-between for the suits and those on the street. He draws power and respect from many different circles.

Michael Fassbender plays Seamus, the bipolar Irish hitman. A friend of fellow Irishman Patrick, he doesn't seem to be quite right in the head. One moment he is cheerful, another he is violent, another he is both. He does most of his work for Leung's Chinese mob, but comes and goes, instead of working on a fixed plan. He is somewhat of a drifter, apparently lacking the sanity to fit in with regular people.

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai plays the unnamed head of the Chinese mob. He is a cold, powerful, dangerous man, one who 'most everyone is afraid of. He is an unseen, almost mythical figure throughout much of the film, before Jung-oh comes across him, and subsequently runs afoul of him. He is an extremely knowledgeable man, a proficient speaker of English, Chinese, Cantonese, and Korean, among others.

Tang Wei plays Lin, Leung's trophy girl, who Jung-oh comes across and pursues with reckless abandon. She is fairly simple, no ulterior motives, even though she leads Jung-oh to his doom.

Bae Doona plays Yi-moon, a sweet girl, longtime friend of Jung-oh, one of the few he has prior to the film. She comes in and checks on him often, and cares for him a lot. Is more a confidant than a love interest, though there are hints to more below the surface.

Choi Min-sik plays Suk-gi, another friend of Jung-oh's, the opposite of Yi-moon however. He is a mess, always getting into trouble, meddling with drugs here and there, often bothering Jung-oh for help, both financial and otherwise. Jung-oh often helps him out, having been friends for a very long time, and the two have a sort of quasi-brotherly relationship.

Dominic Cooper and Charlie Sheen play two unnamed suits, associates of Anderson, who appear mainly in just the one scene. In this scene, the three American suits sit around in a hotel room, discussing all kinds of things their lives and jobs have in common, all the while smoking cigarettes, drinking a ton of whiskey, and snorting coke. They all appear to be very successful, influential figures, very much disconnected from the lower class on the streets.
It is Sheen's only appearance, however Cooper's character also appears in one or two other scenes, in which he interacts with Anderson in a hallway or an office.

plot description:

East and West come together in an unnamed mega-metropolis, somewhere in South-East Asia, which has become a multicultural hub of modern society. Dominating this society is an underworld and an overworld – the underworld ruled by gangs, mobs, organized crime. The overworld by mysterious suits, executives, politicians, who have a strong disconnect from the ordinary folk of this city.

We get a look into both areas, through the eyes of a small-time Korean PI Jung-oh (Song Kang-ho). He lives out of his inner-city office, spending most of his time smoking weed and watching old noir films... modeling himself after the protagonists of these movies. He doesn’t see much work, until Irishman Patrick (Cillian Murphy), aide to a politician, comes into his office, asking for him to investigate a new political party that is beginning to grow legs in the electoral scene. The job is small, and nothing much comes to light, but it leads to a partnership between Patrick and Jung-oh, a sort of friendship, wherein Jung-oh is hired on permanently, running security, small investigations and such for the young aide.

It is now that Jung-oh, a relative loner, is given access to the many facets of this modern society. He sees into the world of politicians and executives, through Patrick’s boss (Clooney), a sort of everyman of the ruling suits, a go-between for them and the world below them. He sees into the world of the mobs, via Patrick’s mob connections, in particular an old friend of his, a bipolar hitman named Seamus (Michael Fassbender).

The wise-cracking Korean, broken English in hand, travels further down the rabbit hole as the film continues. He gets deeper and deeper into the mob’s dealings, getting closer and closer to the reclusive head of the largely Chinese mob (Tony Leung). It is in his pursuit of the beautiful Lin (Tang Wei) that he finally comes face to face with the man, an encounter that turns dangerous once it is revealed that Lin is the boss’s girl.

The last third of the film is Jung-oh being forced on the run, trying to stay one step ahead of the mob, lead by the dangerous, frighteningly cheerful Seamus. The pursuit takes them throughout the city, getting a glimpse of the pseudo-dystopian future in passing. The tension jumps a few gears in the final act, while still retaining a fun undertone through Seamus’ craziness and Jung-ho’s bumbling. The film ends with Seamus getting the jump on Jung-oh, losing the battle of who has to sleep first. Jung-oh is backed into a corner. Seamus has the opportunity to pull the trigger. Doesn’t. The boss arrives. He walks in. He stands in front of Jung-ho, who is hunched up against the wall, preparing for the end. The boss looks him over. He kneels in front of him, looking him in the eye…. cut to black.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Directed by Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan directs the action-thriller Republic. The story revolves around a Navy SEAL on the run in Pakistan, a Secret Service Agent chasing an assassin in London, and an inexperienced Vice President trying to avoid World War Three. Their stories intertwine to reveal a terrorist plot to contaminate citizens of five major American cities with the small pox virus.


Jack Kesler - Will Smith

A Navy SEAL brought out of his recent retirement to lead a raid into Pakistan to kill an al Qaeda operative believed to be bin Laden's right hand man.

Greg Backes – Kyle Chandler

A Secret Service Agent that chases a suspected double agent after the President is assassinated.

Vice President Lawrence Green – Tom Cruise

The inexperienced politician from California becomes President and inherits the responsibility of protecting the free world.

Ethan Wallace – Jason Bateman

The Deputy National Security Advisor who coordinates the SEAL strike in Pakistan. Ethan is Jack’s best friend and the godfather of his children.

Speaker of the House Allan Marvin – Jermey Piven

The power hungry Speaker of the House (now the second in line for the Presidency) urges President Green to declare war on Pakistan.

British Prime Minster Whitney – Michael Caine

Prime Minister Whitney is with the President when he is shot and later consults with President Green when he faces tough decisions.

Mary Kesler – Kate Beckinsale

Jack’s wife grieves after her husband is believed to be dead.

Plot wrote:
An early version of the script for the upcoming Christopher Nolan movie Republic was leaked today. Here is a summary of the first act of the film

Two Black Hawk helicopters fly through the night over Abbottabad, Pakistan. The caption on the screen reads ‘May 1st, 2011.” Inside the first helicopter two dozen masked men of SEAL Team Six load their weapons. The helicopter lands outside a complex with ten-foot high walls. Eventually they make it inside the complex and encounter three men armed with AK-47s. After killing the men, The SEALs enter the main house of the complex and climb a staircase to the top floor where they find Osama bin Laden. He is shot and killed; the men place the corpse in a body bag drag his body to a helicopter. Four other SEALs collect flash drives, CDs, DVDs, and computer hardware from the room. One of the SEALs finds a document; a bio-hazard symbol can be seen. One of the SEALs reads the heading aloud unsure of its meaning “Variola Virus?” Another looks at the page and responds “Smallpox”

December 4th 2011; U.S. President Crandall is in London meeting with British Prime Minister Whitney (Caine). The President is informed that Ayman al-Adel, an al Qaeda operative identified in intelligence gathered from the bin Laden raid is believed to be hiding in a safe house in Pakistan. The President voices his frustration with Pakistan’s inability to keep terrorists from hiding within in its borders. He green lights a Special Forces mission to capture/kill al-Adel.

The scene changes to a class room; the class is reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. It is “Bring Your Parent to Class Day”. Jack Kesler (Smith) is there with his daughter who introduces him as a Navy SEAL. Jack has just returned from his final tour in as a SEAL, he seems at ease and very happy. He tells the class about all of the places in the world he has been including Pakistan.

We see Jack at home with his wife Mary (Beckinsale) and kids eating dinner. The doorbell rings, Mary answers the door to see Ethan Wallace (Bateman) and hugs him. Ethan served with Jack before joining the JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) command and is the godfather of Jack and Mary’s children. When Mary leaves to put the kids to bed, Ethan attempts to recruit Jack to lead a mission into Pakistan to “finish what he started”. Jack reluctantly agrees, he tells Mary that he has to go back overseas but promises that he will be back by Christmas.

In London, President Crandall walks out into Trafalgar square with the Prime Minister. They both wave to the crowd that has gathered and take questions from the press pool. We see a sniper in the window of an adjacent building; the President in his crosshairs. The sniper fires and hits the President; chaos ensues. Secret Service Agent Greg Backes (Chandler) leads a group of agents towards the building the sniper was shooting from. He sends the agents into the building and up a stairwell towards the roof; he radios another agent asking if the President is alive. The agents make it to room the sniper is located. They burst into the room to see the sniper with a bomb strapped to his chest. The agents turn to run but can’t escape the blast.

At the White House, Vice President Lawrence Green (Cruise) and the Cabinet are taken to the White House bunker. Green is an inexperienced politician from California who was chosen as a running mate primarily to earn votes. Section 4 of the 25th amendment is evoked by the cabinet establishing Green as acting President. Word comes from London that the President is in critical condition and that initial evidence suggests the assassin was an al Qaeda operative with ties to the Pakistani government and was aided by a rouge Secret Service agent. President Green tries calling the Pakistani President but he refuses to take the call.

CNN reports the link between the assassination attempt and the Pakistani government after the information is leaked anonymously. Public support for retaliatory strikes against Pakistan (including a possible invasion) begins to grow. The Speaker of the House Allan Marvin (Piven), now second in line for the Presidency, calls President Green and urges him to call an emergency session of congress to declare war on Pakistan.

Green is reluctant to authorize any further military action against a nuclear power. The CIA Director informs Green voices his concerns that the assassination attempt may only be the first phase of a much larger attack. He informs the President of the suspected ties between al Qaeda and the Pakistani government and the potential plot involving the small pox virus that was discovered during the bin Laden raid.

Unaware of the assassination attempt, Jack leads the SEAL team into Pakistan. They fast-rope from the helicopter and arrive at one of the suspected safe house that appears empty. Inside they find a make shift laboratory and hazmat suits. Jack finds evidence of plans to smuggle biological weapons into the Unites States using a Colombian drug cartel (billions of dollars worth of drugs are smuggled into the US every year from Colombia). As their helicopter approaches to fly them away it is shot down. In an instant three dozen Pakistani armed men emerge from hiding and open fire. Two SEALs are killed and the third is shot. Jack and the wounded SEAL Marcus (Krasinski) survive long enough to escape.

News of the ambush reaches Ethan. Everyone is believed to be dead. The US government officially denies any involvement in Pakistan. Ethan volunteers to break the news to Mary in person. He goes to Jack and Mary’s house with a Navy Chaplin, Mary is obviously crushed. The next day a fabricated story of the death of the SEALs in Iraq is leaked to the press.

In Washington, the enormity of his responsibilities beginning to sink in and President Green is becoming overwhelmed. People begin protesting outside the White House advocating invading Pakistan. The Speaker of the House arrives at the White House and asks to meet with key members of the cabinet in private. He asks each of the Secretaries if they feel Green is the right person to be in the Oval Office. The majority of the Cabinet dismiss the question, but a few seriously consider the question.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Director: Quentin Tarantino

Plot Tease: Victory seemed near to operatives Rob Jaksen, Jon Michaels, and Nick Gould. But when they find themselves in the midst of a trap by organized crime leader Tony Lombardo, mayhem ensues. The squad is left to pick up the pieces of this broken mission, and must cope with their lost brothers. Join them as they walk through the stages leading up to the failed raid and prepare for vengeance.


Anti-Crime Task Force

Brad Pitt--Robbie Jaksen---Organized Crime Raid Task Force Commander. Jaksen's relationships with Jon Michaels, Nick Gould, and Amber Michaels swing up and down throughout the film.

Bradley Cooper--Jon Michaels--Narrator. Michaels is the subject of much attention during the film, as his character is the biggest casualty during the failed raid. Michaels Father is Jack, his wife is Amber.

Aaron Eckhart--Nick Gould--Task Force Media Specialist. Gould controls the airways to ensure that his team is not put in unnecessary risk due to media leaks. Nick and Jon are good friends, but he clashes with the rest of the team due to his attitude. He acts as if he is on the front lines, which upsets those who actually are.

Samuel L Jackson--Dwane Andrus--Super Soldier. Andrus is the type that goes into a mission looking to kick [butt] and chew gum....but he forgot his gum. He's a risk taker, and his swagger gets him into sticky situations, but he is beloved by the team for his smashmouth approach. Andrus is a master breacher as well.

David Krumholtz--Dex Arthur--Task Force Strategist. Dex is a genius. He identifies patters within buildings (without even setting foot inside) and provides the Task Force with optimal routes and the best flanking routes. He works closely with Jaksen, and is mic'd in to provide strategic advice during raids.

BJ Novak--Tim Fields--Scrawny Soldier. Fields is a very small man, but he is a great member of the team due to his ability to fit through tight spaces. Fields often crawls through air ducts, windows, and other places normal sized soldiers could not fit through in order to flank or simply get into a better position.

James McMurry--Jim Mack--Rifleman. Mack is a boring character, but he's great with assault rifles. His range with an AK47 rivals that of an average sniper.

Quentin Tarantino--Quinn Richardson--Squad Medic. Quinn trails the team to provide on-sight medical attention to any wounded soldiers.

[Actor wanted--Rob Lowe]--Mike Daniels--TF Engineer. Daniels isn't too handy with a weapon, but he is a master of defusing IEDs.

[Actor wanted--Rob Morrow]--Rick Smith--TF Scout. Smith is (as his name suggests) very average. He mainly serves as a scout. His duty is to go ahead of the team and search the area for the bad guys. He has been wounded several times.


Uma Thurman--Amber Michaels--Jon's Wife. Amber is devastated by the loss of her husband, and looks to the team for ways to deal with her loss.

Harvey Keitel--Jack Michaels--Jon's Father. Jack is a retired marksman. He was ranked highly on the FBI's top snipers list, but was known for taking unnecessary and poor shots at times. Some question his motives.

Organized Crime Ring

Christopher Walken--Tony Lombardo--Organized Crime Ring Leader. Lombardo oversees a wide network of organized crime. His ring is under heavy surveillance and is being closed in upon, but his criminal swagger impedes the Task Force's progress.

[Actor wanted--William Fitchner]--Frankie Gambino--Lombardo's Right Hand Man. Frankie does a lot of Tony's dirty work, but they are a perfect team to lead organized crime.

[Actor wanted--Stu Riley]--Nikki Torrio--Organized Crime bodyguard. Torrio serves as Lombardo and Gambino's personal driver and bodyguard.

[Actor wanted--Tomas Arana]--Jimmy Morales--Organized Crime enforcer. You don't mess with Morales. He's ruthless.

[Actor wanted--Andrew Howard]--Joey D'Addio--Hitman. Joey takes care of messes.

Plot wrote:
Prologue: The Raid

-Squad Raids warehouse thought to be housing a crime ring
-Things go great at first, but Tony Lombardo (Walken) takes Jon Michaels (Cooper) hostage
-Sniper Jack Michaels, Jon's father (Keitel) misses shot, hits his son in the shoulder
-Lombardo gets away, Jon is rushed to a hospital
-His squadmates are informed of Jon's death
-After funeral, Jack is informed that he will no longer be working with the squad
-Amber (Thurman) vows to avenge her dead husband

Act I: Success

-Flashbacks. Shows successful raids on lower-level groups of this crime ring, leading up to failed raid
-Squad is briefed on what is supposed to be their final mission, bringing down Lombardo once and for all
-Squad goes over building plans/strategy with Dex Arthur (Krumholtz)

Act II: Preparation

-Amber begs Robbie (Pitt) and Nick (Eckhart) to let her join the squad
-Reluctantly, Robbie Jaksen and Dwane Andrus (SL Jackson) agree to train her
-Jim Mack (McMurry--In an oscar-nominated performance) trains as a Sniper in order to replace Jack Michaels, who is barred from activities due to his missed shot and jagged past.
-Squad receives solid intel on Lombardo's location. As before, they prepare to take him down
-During this act, both Jaksen and Gould (Pitt and Eckhart) have brief affairs with Amber Michaels

Act III: Revenge

-Andrus breaches Lombardo's new HQ, Fields (Novak) enters through the ventilation system in the opposite side of the building
-The remainder of the team (Jaksen, Michaels, Andrus, Richardson, Daniels, Smith) enter through the breached wall, work their way towards Lombardo
-Amber decides to break off from the group to pursue what she thinks is a quicker route
-Amber is taken hostage by Lombardo (much like her husband in the first raid). Mack can't get a clear shot.
-A door behind Lombardo breaks down, and Jon Michaels (supposedly killed in the prologue) comes through and shoots his wife's captor in the head
-Shocked and relieved, Amber runs to her man. They engage in a passionate kiss
-During the kiss, Jon is shot in the head. The camera cuts to an adjacent building where Mack had set up his sniper rifle. Mack lies in a pool of his own blood, and Jack Michaels is shown wiping his prints from the scene
-The squad does not know how to react. Though they successfully killed their target, they don't know what to make of Jon's murder

Epilogue: The Deal
-Jack Michaels is shown meeting with a super mob-boss [actor wanted: Robert DeNiro]
-The boss thanks Michaels for his many years of service, and hands him a brief case filled with $1,000,000
-As Michaels walks away, he is shot in the back of the head by the boss



In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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The Making of a Hero
Director: Ridley Scott

Scott’s directing career includes such hits as Alien, Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, GI Jane (which paired him up with our leading man), Hannibal, and American Gangster. His talents span exactly what we need for our movie. The way he portrayed the human side of war in Black Hawk Down was awe inspiring. and he shows us that he can make an epic in Gladiator, as well as create a sinister character as in Hannibal.

One Paragraph Synopsis:
Some heroes are born and some are made. Hunter (Viggo Mortenson) was making a good living helping people pretend to be heroes. When a stranger (Kevin Spacey) approaches him with a proposition to fake a terrorist attack and help a politician save the day, he gets caught up in a web that is much bigger than he bargained for. The twists and turns will leave you on the edge of your seat as Hunter tries to overcome the demons in his past to once again become the Hero he used to be. With the star studded cast which also includes Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey, and Jessie Eisenberg amongst others, The Making of a Hero will leave viewers guessing from beginning to end. When the credits role, you will have to decide for yourself who the real heroes were or whether they even existed at all.

Character list:
Hunter (Viggo Mortenson) – Hunter is a man who has been beaten. He was a war hero who killed his enemies with precision force until he made a big mistake in Iraq, killing scores of innocent people. It haunts him, and he has lost his family because of it. Just as he turns the corner to recovery, he is pulled into a web of deception that only gets deeper the further he gets pulled in. And once again he is confronted with his past as he struggles to save his family, and struggles to save thousands of others as the plot unfolds.

We needed an older actor with grit, who could play the part of angel and demon all in the same film. It's a very complicated character whose past haunts him like in A History of Violence. The Making of a Hero is a story that will have you on the edge of your seat, but shows the human side of a hero, and in the end it's up to the viewer to decide whether he is a Hero or a Villain, and in truth he is a little of both.

The Villain (Kevin Spacey) – Our villain is cold and calculated. He is manipulative and right from the beginning you get the idea this man is not going to take no for an answer. He is callous in a way that makes Hunter yearn for the days when his enemies declared themselves, and all he had to do was defeat them in battle. He is the one who works for the US Senator who wants to run for President. He tells Hunter about the plot to fake a terrorist attack, and offers to pay him handsomely to set it all up.

Kevin Spacey has the perfect cool, unassuming demeanor to be the gut wrenchingly perfect villian for the role I have for him to play. His role is a mix between the unassuming Usual Suspects character and the sadistic Seven villain. (Spoiler alert)

Marcus (Jessie Eisenberg) – Every hero needs a side kick and Marcus is that for Hunter. He is a genius who helps Hunter plan and implement the elaborate hero scenes. Marcus is a scrawny, unassuming guy, who handles everything from behind the scenes for the most part. He is the Brains behind the operations and the Brains behind the special suit and weapons Hunter uses from his days working for a company who was on the cutting edge of developing a super thin exoskeleton that could read yoru movements and make them faster and stronger.

Eisenberg is perfect for the role of the brilliant, young, and clueless when it comes to ladies role. I also needed someone who is scrawny and unassuming. He is the perfect fit!

The Rev (Jamie Foxx) – The Rev is a fast talking preacher type who curses like a sailor. In his own words, “I got a lot a sins to working on and saying &%$# isn’t high on my priority list.” He is absolutely devoted to Hunter who got him out of a lot of jams back in their fighting days, and he offers to help Hunter get his family back.

Jamie is the perfect fit for this role, cause the character is basically what Jamie does at his best. He is a very talented actor as proven in Collateral and Ray.

Stacey (Maria Bello) – Hunter’s ex wife and mother of his children, Stacey also shows up in dream sequences which show what his life was like before. She plays the role of the loving and devoted wife in a blissfully romantic marriage as well as the bitter, but still supportive mother and ex-wife. When her and Hunter’s children are kidnapped after Hunter has a change of heart and tries to turn down our villain, she has to stay strong for the children.

Bringing Viggo and former costar Maria Bello back together for this one was important, because of the on screen chemistry and tension they were able to show. Fans may remember her for her role as his wife in A History of Violence. She is perfect for the role of the loving and supportive wife, who later becomes the strong willed ex wife.

The Newsman (Jim Carrey) – The Newsman always seems to get wind of things that are going to happen before they happen by an anonymous tip. He is a pawn in Hunter’s games, and surprisingly out of sheer luck, becomes his ex wife’s new beau. He is a laid back, winding down his career type. When Hunter’s family and thus his girlfriend are kidnapped, Hunter decides to tell him the truth, and bring him along to Chicago to be part of the terrorist plot they have to plan in order to get Stacey and the kids back. He brings a little bit of humor as things go terribly wrong, and he has no idea what to do as the only guy involved who has never even shot a gun or gotten in a fight.

Carrey is perfect for this role, because he has played such a similar character in The Mask as well as in The Truman Show and has the perfect combination of comedic talent and serious acting to pull it off.

The Surprise Villain (Khalid Abdalla) – After it’s revealed that the Senator had no knowledge of this pretend terrorist plot, and it is indeed a real terrorist plot, our real villain makes his first appearance. Except it seems Hunter has seen him before. Yes, our new villain is from Hunter’s past. He appears in his nightmares as the man who’s wife and family he accidentally killed that horrible night in Iraq. That’s when the terrorist explains to Hunter that he is being framed for the largest terrorist attack ever done on US soil.

He is a diverse actor who showed his ability in The Kite Runner. He will really mostly be shown in dream sequences and for a few minutes as the shocker near the end of the film. He has played a terrorist before in Flight 93 as well.

Big Dog (Michael Clarke Duncan) – This is Hunter’s best friend and a guy who joined the military with him. They are on a mission together at the beginning of the movie in Iraq, when something goes wrong, and he is captured by the enemy. Later that night the terrorist make a live broadcast of his beheading. This is what flips the switch in Hunter’s head and causes him to go rouge.

Duncan is really one of the only characters in Hollywood today who could pull this role off as the giant of a man with a softer side.

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Directed by Paul Greengrass

When a body-inflitrating virus threatens the people of the United States, the President lead an elite squad, led by Rock Grayson (Christian Bale) to put a stop to the terrorist organization behind it.

Character List

Rick Grayson (Christian Bale) : A decorated soldier who is the leader of the squad sent to track the gene. Grayson is the film’s protagonist, as he faces the ultimate moral dilemma involving the gene. He is extremely close to Handler and relies on him throughout the film. Grayson receives an antidote once he finds the cult, so he is back to his mid-30’s for the second half of the film.

Scott Handler (Tom Hardy) : Grayson’s longtime partner, Handler is more open about his emotions. He falls in love with Reverend Robinson’s daughter, which ultimately tests his loyalty in the climax of the film. Handler’s aging is also reversed by the antidote.

Reverend Chandler Robinson (Tom Hanks) : Robinson is the head of the cult. He is brilliant and persuasive, convinced that he must allow the gene to rid the earth of humanity. Arguably the central relationship in the film is between Robinson and Grayson, as Robinson tries to get Grayson to join his cause.

Jennifer Robinson (Rachel McAdams) : The Reverend’s daughter, Jennifer falls in love with Handler, leading to his moral dilemma. She loves him, but is also supportive of her father and would do nothing to harm him.

Tommy Boyd (Shia LaBeouf) : The lone scientist sent in with the squad to analyze the gene once they find it. A light character, he is sarcastic and condescending, but a key member of the team.

Clarissa Robinson (Vera Farmiga) : The Reverend’s wife, she is warm and welcoming to the squad, but we see cracks in her armor multiple times in the film.

Roy Metters (Nathan Fillion) : A soldier in Grayson’s team, Metters is killed by one of the cult citizens in their initial confrontation.

Chris Kendrickson (Idris Elba) : Another one of the soldiers in Grayson’s team, he is cold and ruthless. Kendrickson is bribed by the Reverend to sway him.

President Mark Roderick (Terry O’Quinn) : Makes a short speech to start the film, stating that the USA is under attack from an unknown terrorist organization. It sets a dark tone.

Plot wrote:
The film starts with a minute long speech from the President of the United States (O’Quinn). He declares that the country is under attack from an unknown terrorist organization that has released an airborne disease that infiltrates the human body. President Roderick then goes into detail about how the gene works—It causes humans to age exponentially, making one day equal to roughly a year. Before ending his speech, he states that the country’s best minds are doing their best to bring an end to the gene.

Then Rick Grayson (Bale) is shows; he is a mid-30’s soldier who has led a decorated career in the US military. The next section of the film introduces Grayson’s squad. Grayson is seen preparing with his team that includes Scott Handler (Hardy), Roy Metters (Fillion), Chris Kendrickson (Elba), and scientist Tommy Boyd (LaBeouf).

The team receives a lead that the terrorist organization is based somewhere in South Africa, most likely in an isolated area. They spend a portion of the film searching for it, but to no avail. By this point, the team has all aged 20 years, and the reality of this disease is setting in. Grayson receives a message from the US that both the President and Vice President have died due to exponential aging.

Soon after, Grayson finds footprints and is able to track them to a gated community deep in the jungle. As they plan to raid the town, Metters is sniped from the forest. The rest of the team is brought in forcefully by two dozen of the community’s police force.

Here we meet the most unforgettable character in the film, Reverend Chandler Robinson (Hanks). It is quickly clear that he’s both brilliant and conniving. He explains his plan to the squad, revealing that his scientists have concluded that humans are destroying the earth at the fastest rate in human history. The earth will likely be unable to sustain life in two or three hundred years, but a wipeout of all humans could allow the planet to replenish its resources and last significantly longer.

As much as Robinson would love to kill the entire team and move on with his plan, he knows that the US military can easily track Grayson and his team should they stop responding. He decides that the only way he can remain off the grid is to convince Grayson and his team to join their cause. He gives Grayson’s team the antidote, making their bodies go back to their normal ages.

The rest of the film follows the team as they assimilate into the culture of the Reverend’s community. It focuses heavily on a couple of central relationships, between Grayson/Reverend, Handler/Jennifer, and Grayson/Handler.

We meet his wife and daughter, who seem perfectly happy, but Grayson claims are brainwashed. Almost immediately, Handler falls in love with Jennifer (McAdams), though he knows that he will eventually have to choose between Grayson and Jennifer.

The Reverend manages to flip everyone but Grayson, who still maintains that allowing billions of people to die isn’t worth saving the earth.

The climax of the film is a standoff between Grayson and the Reverend. Knowing that his entire team has been flipped, Grayson holds Jennifer and Clarissa (Farmiga) hostage in order to leave the cult. While Grayson and the Reverend are having their standoff and discussing the morality of the gene, Handler walks up to Grayson and shoots him in the head.

After the climax, we see the survivors walking through desolate cities, realizing what they had done. The Reverend smiles as he looks down upon New York City from the top of a tall building.

In the final scene, Handler is shown walking through his parents’ house until he reaches their bedroom. As he walks inside, the camera stays at the door and stops following him. Seconds later, we hear a gunshot.

The End.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Breaking Out

Directed by Jason Reitman

Jason Reitman (Thank You for Smoking, Juno, Up in the Air) brings you the tale of George Redding (Bill Murray), a man who has allowed his wife, Sadie (Tilda Swinton) to control every aspect of his life. Following her sudden death, George’s life is turned upside down when his son, Brady(Peter Sarsgaard), inherits Sadie’s record company and puts George in a retirement home. His stay doesn’t last long after smooth talking Roy Sorrento (Robert Downey Jr) breaks him out to teach him the fundamentals of independent living under the orders of George’s late wife. With his family, the local police, and the nursing home employees on his trail, George experiences his first chance at free will.

George Redding Sr (Bill Murray): Our protagonist is not capable of making his own decisions, as his entire life has been spent following the biddings of his recently deceased wife. Bill Murray plays his classic character of the defeated man. He is genuinely sweet and naïve.

Roy Sorrento (Robert Downey Jr): Roy enters George’s life by sneaking in the window at the retirement home that George is sent to. Roy is confident, cocky and savvy, and at first he views this as just another job before it becomes a bit of a soul searching journey for him, too.

Nigel Storm (Steve Buschemi): Our main antagonist, Nigel is the owner and chief caretaker of Storm Before the Calm resting home. He is a shrewd business man who does not genuinely care for the inhabitants of his home, instead caring only for the money that they give. He is more invested in potential new customers than the satisfaction of the old ones, as most families of the elderly in his home are used to hearing them complain and just ignore them. He views George’s escape as a PR disaster and looks to pay him off to keep quiet.

Samantha Beckingstone (Anjelica Huston): A mysterious woman who appears frequently whenever George is away from Roy. She is free spirited and doesn’t allow normal concepts to restrain her. Main love interest for George. She claims to be a treasure hunter, which George at first thinks is a joke.

Brady Redding (Peter Saarsgard): Oldest son of George and Sadie, he inherits Sadie’s record company and makes the decision to send George to SBtC resting home. While he cares for his father’s well being, he does not want to being him into his own home, so he found the most expensive place he could put him in so that he could be comfortable. The company is on the verge of having breakthrough mainstream success with one of their bands, and he wants to be able to focus on that rather than hunt his old man down. He is the one who first discovers George missing.

Robert “Bobby” Redding (Luke Wilson): Youngest son of George and Sadie. He is in a state of arrested development, and is living in an apartment in the city for another month before his brother forces him to start paying for his own place. He is surprisingly bright considering his lack of effort in life. As much as Brady resembles Sadie, Bobby resembles George.

Anthony Johnson (Don Cheadle): Nigel’s second in command at SBtC. His mother is in the home and cannot afford to have her stay anywhere else, because she gets to stay there for free. Nigel use this to guilt Anthony to do his dirty work. Anthony genuinely cares for the well being of the patients.

Officer Cartwright (Rainn Wilson): Despite the fact that Brady and Nigel keep George’s disappearance under wraps, they find themselves in trouble with the law when they refuse to pull over for a cop after a simple traffic violation, thinking that the law was after them for their escape.

Sadie Mitchell-Redding (Tilda Swinton): She is the founder and CEO of UnderSound Records, a record company that specializes in diamond-in-the-rough type bands who have the talent yet not the means to be serious contenders in the music industry. Her minor success in the industry leave the family well off, yet not enough to have their every action cast in the spotlight. She hid her cancer from George as long as she could, telling him just a couple of days before she died. Also, she does hire Roy to help her husband, but she does so because she knows that he needs guidance to be on his own.

Full Summary:
Plot wrote:
Opens on George going through his every day life in a very well-to-do house. Basic things like waking up late, brushing teeth, grabbing a simple breakfast like a Pop-tart, and sitting to read the paper. Checks his to-do list, and does a couple of things on there. Checks the messages. There are two. The first is from Sadie telling him to remember to do something. The second is from Brady telling him Sadie is in the hospital and that the chauffeur is waiting to pick him up.

He goes to the hospital where he finds out that he is the only one who didn’t know that his wife is dying. Even Bobby knew. Cuts straight to the funeral. He overhears Brady talking to a financial advisor about what’s next to come. Brady gets everything on the condition that Bobby and George are taken care of. Brady talks about how he’ll put George in a home despite his age because that way he’d be able to keep an eye on him without him being out in public. Also briefly mentions that Bobby will have a month to find his own place because Brady is planning on selling the house.

George and Brady go to Storm Before the Calm Resting Home, owned by Nigel Storm, who is awaiting their arrival after receiving their phone call. He begins to show them the various selling points of SBtC, and is interrupted by Anthony, who asks where he can find some more blankets for a couple of the people there who needed some more. Nigel shoos him away, citing that he is talking with a potential new customer, insight to his lack of actual care for the patrons.

Before long we find George assimilating to the daily routine without complaint. Finally, he is sitting in his room, when he hears a strange noise from the air conditioning unit. Finally, the unit bursts into the room, and in its wake crawls Roy Sorrento. He explains that he’s breaking George out on his wife’s orders. George, who always does as he’s told, complies and they leave.

Brady, however, was just on his way to make a visit. He gets there to find an AC unit on the floor and his father missing. He runs to Nigel’s office and tells him about the escape. Nigel tells him not to tell the authorities, making up some poor excuse when he’s just worried about bad press. Brady has the same concerns, however, and agrees. Nigel grabs Anthony and they set off in search, while Brady does the same.

Roy is driving George around the city in the midst of his BS spiel about finding oneself when they run through a red light they don’t see. Officer Cartwright attempts to pull them over, but Roy is convinced that Nigel called in the missing person and the cop recognized him, so he floors it and tries to lose the cop.

The car ends up going over a bridge, and while no one is hurt, the car is destroyed. While Roy goes to scout out the area, Samantha walks by George, looking for something. She tries to initiate conversation, but he isn't very interested in talking. After awhile he asks her what she's looking for. She tells him she's on a treasure hunt, which he laughs at. She walks away as Roy gets back, and they decide to head back to what used to be George's house.

When they get there, they loot around for supplies for their escape, when Bobby walks into the room. He's getting kicked out in a couple of days, yet has no interest in finding a job or an apartment. After a brief discussion, Brady pulls into the driveway. The trio escapes out the back while Brady comes in calling for Bobby.

After several run-ins with Officer Cartwright, Brady, Nigel and Anthony, and Samantha, the trio finds themselves cornered in a cemetery. At this point, Bobby has admitted his reasons for lack of effort in life, Roy has admitted the scam that his business is, but George has yet to see any change in himself. A small abandoned shack behind some trees is their last chance to hide, so they run in there, and fin some stairs to a basement. Anthony is the only one who sees them go down, and he quietly follows them.

In the basement, they find Samantha prying open some old crates. George asks her what she's doing, and she says she found the treasure. Each crate she tries, though, is empty. Anthony runs downstairs. The trio gets defensive, but Anthony doesn't have the heart to rat them out. He walks out an tells Officer Cartwright that there isn't anyone in there. After a time the crowd disperses, and Bobby checks to see if the coast is clear. He and Roy set off to leave. George tells them that he's gunna stay behind. Samantha pries open the last crate. She and George look inside. They look at each other and smile.


For those wondering, Nigel gets caught with drugs on his person at the end and is arrested, Brady decides he is OK with his Dad since he knows that he is fine, and Officer Cartwright sees someone else blow through a red light and gives them chase.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Dry State
Directed by Joel & Ethan Coen

In 1927, prohibition agent Bobby Rickles is sent down to a small country town in Florida to investiage reports of moonshine operations. Rickles, apathetic and usually drunk, decides to actually take initiative with this case. The problem is, instead of busting the moosnhiners, he makes them an offer that could make them all very rich men. Getting them to agree won't be so easy. He not only has to deal with Mr. and Mrs. Pepper, who run the whole thing, but contend with the local police who, imcompetant as they may be, still attempt to thwart his plans unknowingly. Things get even more complicated when gangsters from Chicago show up and try to make their own deal with the moonshiners, putting Rickles in serious danger. And just when the convoluted schemes and backstabbings to take over the operation begin to sink in and the players start to let the dust settle, a hot shot kid from the agency turns up in town, declaring himself Bobby's new partner, whos presence threatens to ruin everyone's plans.The game is changed. Rickles much rethink everything. The moosnhiners are spooked. The gangsters are tired of waitng. The local cops throw their hats into the ring. Who comes out on top?


Bobby Rickles- Johnny Depp

Agent Rickles is a hapless, uncouth agent from the Bureau of Prohibition. He is somewhat lazy, sarcastic, and a bit of a drunk himself. His superiors have sent him from New York down to the swamps of Florida where they suspect a small time moonshine operation is being conducted. Rickles discovers that the actual operation is much larger than expected, and instead of busting the moonshiners, he makes them an offer.

Glenn Pepper- Billy Bob Thornton

Pepper is the mastermind behind the huge operation. His wife and him run everything for the most part, and he has no intentions of letting any outsiders get involved. Pepper is fairly intelligent, but he only had to deal with the clueless local police until Rickles showed up, and he is unprepared for tougher openents.

Jennie Pepper- Milla Jovovich

Glenn's unpredictable, sexy, charming wife seems to have a crush on Agent Rickles. She asks him to take her to New York where she can become an actress, but he suspects she's just playing games with him and Glenn is pulling the strings.

Officer Dooley- William H Macy

Dooley and his deputy have been trying unsuccesfully to bust Pepper's operation for months. This is mostly due to the fact that he is entirely incompetent, and his own uselessness is only outdone by that of his deputy's. Still, Dooley acts like he's Sherlock Holmes, and believes he's the best cop in the state.

Deputy Paul Cooper- Steve Zahn

Dooley's deputy is slow, dimwitted, and follows along with all of Dooley's ridiculous schemes. He often needs Dooley to re-explain the plans, which leads to their hilarious dialogue.

Vincent- Edward Norton

Vincent is a gangster from Chicago, who shows up not long after Rickles and makes his own offer to the Peppers. He is fast talking, witty, wise cracking, and very smart, but also very vicious. He kills mercilessly and his tactics are cold, calculated, and cruel. He doesn't care too much for his companion, figuring he could handle everything by himself.

Joey- Peter Stormare

Joey is a thug who accompanies Vincent to Florida. His negotiating methods include beating, torturing, and shooting. He is usually drunk, and often disagrees with Vincent's cunning ideas in favor of more brutal, simple solutions. He often argues with Vincent, to humorous effect. Despite all that, he can be a likable character who really just wants to get this over with and return to Chicago.

Fred Vance- Charlie Hunnam

Agent Vance is a young gun from the Bureau who gets sent down to Florida to assist Rickles in busting the moonshiners. He is brash, arrogant, and keen on making his first big bust. His presence threatens to ruin all of Rickles' plans.

Martin Menke- Tom Waits

Menke is a freelance journalist and also the narrator of the story. He follows the characters' actions trying to piece together just what the heck is going on down there.

Plot wrote:
Dry State Plot Synopsis(Apologies in advance, I thought I would have enough time to fully synopsize the plot but my procrastination has forced me to simply summarize a large portion of the film because other responsibilities call)

The first shots of the film begin with Agent Rickles(Depp) on a train, staring absent mindedly at his newspaper, taking a swig from a flask once in a while. Intertwined with Rickles on the train are short cuts of different scenes involving the illegal alcohol trade. People brewing, loading up trucks. Gangsters shooting eachother. Police breaking open barrels. All the while, Martin Menke(Tom Waits, who we have yet to see) is narrating the introduction.

"It's 1927 and alcohol is prohibited in the United States. The business of alcohol, however, is flourishing. Bootleggers, moonshiners and gangsters across the country are getting in on the lucrative trade, which is why prohibition agent Bobby Rickles is headed down to Florida. You see, the agency believes a relatively minor brewing operation is being ran in the small country town of Trindale, a quiet town. Well it's Rickles' job to assist the local police, a real clueless bunch, in investigating and shutting down the bad guys. But one might wonder why a valuabe man like Rickles is being sent to the swamps, hunting for good old boys in the muck and mud. A couple of small timers in a big game. Sure, there's bigger fish to fry. Back in New York. Jersey. Chicago. But Rickles is looking at it like extended vacation, not a doubt in my mind. And the first question he'll ask when he finds them good ol' boys is gonna be, 'Will this backwoods (crap) turn me blind?'"

Rickles gets off his train and grimly inspects the meager town he'll be living in until his business is finished. The local police sheriff Dooley(Macy) and his deputy Cooper(Zahn) are there to greet him. They drive Rickles to the place where he can pick up his rental car. It doesn't take long for Rickles to realize how inept the duo is, and after he gets all the information he can about the moonshiners from them, he dismisses their company. He picks up his rental car and takes it to the only Inn in town where his room is. Menke(Waits) is in the lobby, watching Rickles over his newspaper. Rickles makes a quick call to the agency in the lobby and goes upstairs to his room. He goes inside, locks the door, opens his trunk and fills his flask with a bottle of whiskey. He takes a swig out of the bottle and lays down on the bed.

Someone is pounding on Rickles' door as he wakes up. He grabs his gun and swings the door open. Deputy Cooper is standing there. He notes the gun, and then says that Dooley has the moonshiner's wife in custody and that he was told to fetch him immediately. Rickles puts on his hat and coat and follows Dooley to the old bar, which is still a bar, but only when we aren't around, explains Cooper. Dooley has a beautiful woman(Jovovich) in handcuffs. Rickles instructs Dooley to uncuff her, which Dooley regretfully does. Rickles once again dismisses the cops, thanking them for their hard work, and assures them that after his interrogation of Mrs. Pepper, he would talk to them about their plan of attack. Mrs. Pepper is coy with Rickles, and they flirt over a couple drinks in his room. She tells him she knows he's a detective and asks what city he's from. She gets confused when he says New York, and he reveals he is a prohibition agent. She throws a tantrum and yells that Glenn had told her this day was going to come, and that she wasn't ever supposed to talk to "you guys". He tries to calm her down but she nearly smashes his head with a glass. He asks her to take them to their operation, which she refuses. He threatens that Dooley and his idiots already know where it is and he can show up with the whole county's police force and fifty agents if he wanted to. With that in mind, she agrees to show him to their place. He says they'll go in the morning, and handcuffs Mrs. Pepper to a bottom post of his bed, much to her chagrin.

The next morning, they drive through the woods and into the swamp on dirt roads until they reach the Pepper's residence. Glenn Pepper(Thornton) starts shooting at Rickles with a shotgun, oblivious that his wife is there too. She yells at him and tells him to stop, and tells him why she brought him there. He cusses(a lot) and says she's the dumbest girl he ever knew. He warily lets Rickles approach the house. He agrees to show Rickles around, but the small pistol he hides in his pants insinuates he plans to kill Bobby before he leaves this place. He shows Rickles their operation, which is much larger than what anyone assumed. They were making gallons and gallons, with a few dozen workers involved. Rickles says he's impressed. Glenn says they'll never catch them, because they can shut it all down before anyone else even gets close. he starts to reach for the gun at his hip. Rickles considers, and says, "But Mr. Pepper.. Shutting you down is the last thing I want to do. He explains how he'll use his government connections to use this alcohol to supply the entire east coast, making them very rich.

Meanwhile, Dooley and Cooper had followed Rickles to the swamp. They had been sitting in the woods for hours, waiting for any action. They watch Rickles finally leave their house and walk back to his car. Dooley approaches him and asks when the other agents will be here, but Rickles hurries them away into the trees so Glenn doesn't see them. "Listen, boys," he starts, "these guys have us in a bad position. This is a big time operation here. A lot bigger than what anyone at the agency expected. The Peppers have mob ties. We have to handle this delicately. It's gonna be quiet around here for a while, but don't think I'm not working. I'm just doing my job the way it has to be done. When we make the big bust, you two will be right up there with us." Partially satisfied, they accept his explanation and leave the property with him.

As Rickles is followed by Dooley and Cooper through the swamps, the scene changes to another car on a different road. Two men are heatedly arguing over the Chicago Cubs. The man driving, who is known as Joey(Stormare) ends up just laughing while the man known as Vincent(Norton) shakes his head and asks why he had such a dumb(butt) sent with him. "Because I'm so pretty," Joey says. Vincent smirks as they pass a Florida state line sign.

Rickles is back in the lobby of his Inn, where the innkeeper says there was a call for him. He goes straight to the phone and after an argument with the person currently using it, he dials a number. Menke enters the Inn and looks around, until he sees Rickles. He approaches him just as Rickles was getting off the phone, but Rickles looks flustered and pushes past Menke on official agency business. He speeds out back to the Peppers residence and pounds on the door. The sun is down by now. "You weren't supposed to be back until tomorrow, I swear to god if you're messing with us mister-" Glenn threatened as he opened the door, but Rickles just shoves through him into the house. He explains to them that he received word that there could possibly be serious gangsters on their way to town, and they couldn't see him for obvious reasons. He tries to explain to the Peppers that they have to deal with them, but Glenn wonders why he should amke a deal with Rickles instead of the mobsters. Rickles answers that they might make a similar deal, but they would kill the Peppers afterward.

*And unfortunately, from here on out it will be short summary because I severely mistimed this and I have to be somewhere very soon.*

Rickles fights to keep the Peppers from going over to the mobster's side, which becomes increasingly hard as they threaten the Peppers. Mrs. Pepper gets increasing frightened and takes solace in Rickles' company, and decides she wants to leave all this behind and be an actress in New York if Rickles will take her. Rickles does his best to focus on what to do with Vincent and Joey while avoiding them, as to not be seen. They begin to search for the prohibition agent who they hear was in town, because the Peppers' excuse as to why they couldn't do business was because an agent had been snooping around and the big bust was undoubtedly coming. Dooley and Cooper forgo Rickles' advice and investigate the Vincent/Joey situation themselves, finding out there is a connection with them and the Peppers. Menke is still watching everything from afar, narrating occasionally. Rickles thinks he has a plan to get rid of the mobsters once and for all, but all hell breaks loose when a new agent(Hunnam) arrives from New York to be Rickles' partner. Rickles has to juggle Vance(the new agent), the Peppers, and Dooley/Cooper all while he tries to escape Vincent's grasp. Chaos ensues when Joey, sick of being stuck there and very drunk, gets into an argument in the "bar" and shoots someone. Vance, who was also in the bar, shoots Joey, but Joey escapes with his wounds. Joey goes back to Vincent, where Vincent is furious because they had all seen Joey with him before. Vincent decides to finish Joey off with a couple bullets and goes to kill the Peppers before he skips town back to Chicago. Meanwhile, Dooley and Cooper burst in the Peppers residence and demand to be part of the game. Mrs. Pepper shoots and kills Cooper, and Dooley retreats. Rickles, with Vance at the bar, tells him to stay there and monitor the situation while he goes back out to the swamp. Vance is reluctant, but does so. Rickles, upon reaching the Peppers residence, finds them tied up and beaten bloody. Vincent does not notice Rickles at first, and continues his monologue. At the end, he shoots Glenn in the head. He then notices movement and engages a firefight with Rickles. Vincent is about to get the upper hand when Vance appears behind him and points the gun in his spine. Vincent finally gets a good look at Rickles and realizes that he knows him. Bobby Rickles works for Al Capone from inside the agency. Vincent works for Capone's biggest rival, Dean O'Banion. Vincent laughs and Vance shoots and kills him. Rickles expects to be arrested by Vance, but Vance instead shoots Mrs. Pepper. Vance reveals himself as another one of Capone's plants in the agency. As they start to leave the property, Vance starts to make a move to kill Rickles too, but Rickles anticipated it and kills Vance first. Rickles, realizing his former boss wants to kill him, has nothing to do but run. He steps outside but is immediately shot by Sheriff Dooley. Black cars pull up all around the house with agents pouring out, shouting at Dooley to drop the gun. Seeing Rickles' dead body and Dooley with a gun, they yell at him to drop his weapon. Dooley shouts back that he did it, he got the bad guys, why are you pointing your guns at me? They fire at him, dropping him dead. Among the agents is Martin Menke, who we assume had communicated with them. He has one last monologue, and the film ends.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Jonathan Levine – Director of 50/50 returns to the dramedy genre to direct this film.

In this dramedy, Roy (Ryan Gosling) deals with a series of emotional struggles and conflict with his family after his girlfriend dies suddenly. Roy moves back home and tries to rekindle a relationship with an old friend and hangs out with his lazy stoner brother.

Ryan Gosling as Roy Thompson. A recently “widowed” boyfriend who comes home and just never seems to leave.

Emily Blunt as Veronica . Roy’s high school sweetheart and maybes Roy’s second chance to win her back from what he left.

Jason Segal as Peter Thompson. Roy’s brother , who has lived at home his entire life and seems content on keeping it that way. He’s silly and a hidden lonely man who covers it up through idiotic actions.

Rose Byrne as Helen Williams. Roys dead ex girlfriend, who always seemed to be the girl for him.

Adam Scott as Adam Swanson. Veronica’s boyfriend who seems to treat her badly.

Seth Rogen as Paul. Roys childhood friend who he eventually finds new life once his pal Roy returns.

Paul Rudd as Sherriff Owens. Essentially a comedic serious role for Paul Rudd playing a small town sheriff who takes his job way too serious.

Alec Baldwin as Jack Thompson. Roy and Peters father, who treats his sons with two different scales.

Michael Cera as Jaybird. A drug dealer who says everything in a sarcastic manner, but is deadly serious, creating a confusion when he talks. [/i]

Plot wrote:
Roy comes home on a surprise visit and tells his family that his girlfriend Helen had died and he needed to get away for a while. Understanding the pain from his wife passing away, his father Jack, lets him. Roy always felt his father expected more out of him, seemed to push him unfairly, especially considering his brother Peter still lives at home, unemployed, and eating cereal in his underwear watching cartoons all day. His first few days at home are extremely strange to Jack. Roy acts as if nothing has happened, who messes around with his brother and has gone out a few times already. It seems unnatural state of mind for someone who has had a loved one die. When talking about her to his family, he says how much of a trouble she was to him, triggering flashbacks of them fighting.

In those first few weeks, it becomes clear that Roy isn’t leaving anytime soon. Starting to become a nuisance of sorts. Roy doesn’t care though because in these few weeks he met his former high school sweetheart Veronica. The two bumped into each other and seemed to hit it off quite a bit already. Cuddling together watching movies, holding hands during walls around town, and slew of other romantic gestures. Roy really thinks they might have a shot together. Things get weird thoug when Roy tries to advance on her one time and she pulls back slapping him and leaving.
The next day, Roy walks in on Pete smoking some reefer with his dealer, Jaybird, and decides to join them after that rough night. After some little chit chat Roy wonders what the hell went wrong with Veronica to make her slap him. Peter starts cracking up and asks him to look back on all those romantic moments and really see what was going on. Flashbacks trigger and those nights cuddling while watching a movie were really them sitting apart from each other on separate sides of the couch, those strolls around the town were just that simple walks with no hand holding whatsoever. Roy had only been seeing what he wanted to see.

Shortly after, Sheriff Owens comes in and essentially arrests them. He had gotten a tip from someone who is later to be revealed as their own dad, who wanted to jolt any type of motivation back into his son. A wake-up call some would call it. When Roy cannot get ahold of anyone to bail him out, he has no choice but to call the only person he can, his ex-girlfriend Helen. She was actually not dead the whole time, t was just the fact that he didn’t want to man up to the task of braking up with her, but rather just have her eventually go away if he left.

After confessing everything to Helen and her seeing him in the state she’s always wanted him to go she forgives him and they end up staying a bit longer to meet his family. Jack and Peter adore her and wonder what the hell Roy was thinking trying to leave this woman behind. In a state of happiness, sitting on the couch watching his family and Helen all enjoying a laugh about something, Roy just stares cant helping but to smile. As he sits there, a flashback triggers of them fighting again but instead of stopping once the screaming ends it continues on and shows them apologizing to one another, finally remembering the good stuff that he long thought was forgotten. And the screen fades to black the end, Cute indie song plays.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Michael Mann's The Bunker:

Korean War veterans Vincent and Cypress put their wartime skills to good use following the end of the war and hired themselves out as muscle to the highest bidders overseas.

^ Vincent - Daniel Craig ^

^ Cypress - Denzel Washington ^

Upon hearing that his father has died, Vincent returns to Los Angeles back home in the U.S. His father was William Baxter's trusted right hand man in his criminal operation. William, the biggest mob kingpin in L.A., was always like an uncle to Vincent and he's pleased to see him return and hires him instantly. Cypress stays behind but vows to follow Vincent as soon as possible.

^ William Baxter - Tom Wilkinson ^

Vincent discovers that two of William's sons died in the war and only his youngest son Bailey remains. Jamie, William's bastard child from an affair has assumed a major role within the organization and is instantly jealous of William's favoritism toward Vincent. William's wife passed away several months prior from cancer and William's mesmerizingly beautiful mistress Jasmine has become his full time love. Jasmine has her eyes set on marrying William until she meets Cypress who arrives looking for a job with Vincent. Vincent sings Cypress' praises and vouches for him and William agrees to bring him on too.

^ Jasmine - Marion Cotilliard ^

^ Bailey Baxter - Topher Grace ^

^ Jamie Warren - Josh Lucas ^

While Vincent searches for answers about the mysterious death of his father, Cypress and Jasmine begin a torrid affair. Jamie is suspectful and begins planting seeds in William's mind but William trusts Vincent unequivocally. Vincent, however is beginning to suspect that Jamie had something to do with his father's death. The situation becomes even more complicated when Jasmine becomes pregnant. William is overjoyed but Jasmine says that she doesn't want to have the baby without being married and William proposes and they plan to marry before the child's birth.

Meanwhile, William's biggest rival, Dutch, has his eyes set on William's territories and "clients" and has become increasingly aggressive. Vincent, Cypress, Jamie, and a now-involved Bailey prepare for potential war with Dutch's organization.

^ Dutch - Val Kilmer ^

Jasmine doesn't want to live in the same house as William did with the mother of his children so they begin a search for a new home. Sylvia, the highest regarder realtor of luxury homes in Los Angeles helps them search for a new home and catches the eye of Vincent. The two begin a furious romance and after Jasmine finds the home she wants, a gigantic estate with a state of the art bunker in case of nuclear war, their relationship continues. William sees the bunker as the perfect places to keep his millions but uses the current CMC scare as reasoning for wanting the bunker.

^ Sylvia Charleston - Keira Knightley ^

Plot wrote:
Already suspectful, Jamie sees strange behavior between Cypress and Jasmine potentially catching them in loving behavior. This comes to a head when Cypress follows Jasmine to the bathroom at the restaurant they all frequent and Jasmine leaves the bathroom in tears. Jamie is all in Bailey's ear about what he thinks is going on and Bailey confronts Cypress about it outside accusing him of sleeping with his father's fiancee. Vincent feels betrayed and asks if it's true and after Cypress tapdances around an answer, he shoots Cypress in the chest. Cypress stumbles back both from surprise as well as the gunshot. Bailey sees this as an opportunity to gain some respect and fires a few rounds into Cypress' chest too who falls to the ground. Bailey walks up to shoot Cypress in the face but Vincent stops him saying he deserves a slow death. They walk off and leave him there in the alley.

After William and Jasmine move into their new home, arrangements are made for their wedding which will take place in their backyard. Vincent continues to romance Sylvia while investigating his father's death. All signs are pointing to Jamie as the primary suspect. Vincent personally oversees the preparation of decorations, catering, etc for the wedding in the days leading up to it. Jasmine, distraught over Cypress' death, seems to have come to grips with her future as William's wife and her impending motherhood. Dutch continues to make a move and they expect war to erupt shortly.

Jasmine is 9th months pregnant and ready to pop. William asks her if she wants to postpone the wedding until she has the baby but she insists upon being married. On the morning of the wedding, Vincent discovers that it was actually Bailey who killed his father and not Jamie which he finds out thanks to Dutch who Vincent is league with. Vincent kills Jamie and heads to the Baxter Estate with Dutch's men.

No Michael Mann movie is complete without an epic gunfight and The Bunker is no exception. Explosive devices placed around the estate during setup for the wedding ceremony explode destroying nearly everything. William wants to know where Jamie is as Dutch's people attack but he is nowhere to be found because he is dead. Bailey readies the men but he is no match and is killed out back by the gazebo by a mysterious figure. Terrified for Jasmine's safety, William takes Jasmine to the bunker for her safety and closes the door. She cries that she doesn't want to be in there all alone and he tells her she's not alone- she's with the baby.

Jasmine goes into labor while William and a squad of his men protect the bunker. The scene switches back and forth between the gunfight and the childbirth. William's men are killed and silence exists for but a moment until the sound of a child crying is heard. William peers into the window of the bunker door for a glimpse of his son, but what he sees will kill him. The child is black. Next to Jasmine stands Cypress who secretly entered the bunker from a separate entrance that exits back in the yard near the gazebo. William has a heart attack and crumbles to the ground dying.

Vincent had been wearing a bulletproof vest outside of the restaurant when he was shot as everything was pre-planned, including the search for the perfect house to stage such a coup. Jasmine's tears at the restaurant after leaving the bathroom were actually happy tears having just told Cypress she was pregnant. They knew that William would want him killed and the only way they could be together was by getting rid of the Baxters.

Back at the Baxter Estate, Dutch approaches William and points his gun at his head. Vincent intercedes and slowly pushes the gun down. William feels even more betrayed after hearing Vincent reveal the truth about his father's death and William's implicit involvement in it. Mortified even more so, William keels over and dies. Cypress opens the bunker door and exits with his son in his arms telling him he's named the boy Vincent. Dutch smiles and asks the 2 of them if they're looking for a new job.



In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Directed by Ben Affleck - A KB20 Production

Affleck outdoes his previous work with this film. Also written by Affleck and Damon, Linus keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and jerks their emotions from start to finish.

Last we saw Linus Caldwell (Matt Damon) he was leaving Las Vegas after Danny Ocean and the crew gutted Willy Bank’s (Al Pacino) casino. Linus has since become a changed man after a con went wrong. Now living as Lenny Pepperidge, he has settled down with his fiancé, Emily Dean (Amy Adams), an investigative journalist, and is opening up a restaurant with his new friend, Tito (Ben Affleck). Tito comes from a rough background and has a criminal past, all of which has been made to disappear by Scott Davis (Jeff Bridges), a corrupt government official who has Tito run jobs for him. When Tito says he is done working for him and with Emily breathing down his neck, Davis takes matters into his own hands. When Linus learns that Danny has been killed and his old team is being taken out one by one and the loved ones in his new life are being harmed, he is forced to work alongside Danny’s protégé, Donnie Williamson (James McAvoy) and Vincent (Matthew Bomer) to take Davis down.

The Cast

Matt Damon

As Linus Caldwell/Lenny Pepperidge: Now making an honest living as the owner of a restaurant and settling down with Emily, Linus is left with no choice but to carry out one more job when he begins to lose his loved ones.

Ben Affleck

As Tito: Linus's business partner and best friend, Tito has a dark past that he keeps secret from Linus. Ashamed of his past, Tito aims to prevent Tommy Smalls, a 12 year old boy from his neighborhood, from falling down the same path he did. Yet, as his past begins to come out, he harms those he's closest to.

James McAvoy

As Donnie Williamson: Protégé of the late Danny Ocean, Williamson shows great promise and joins Linus on his odyssey to avenge his team.

Jeff Bridges

As Scott Davis: A corrupt government official who has his own team of thieves, Davis pushes Linus to his breaking point.

Amy Adams

As Emily Dean: Linus's fiancée, Emily is a journalist who is on the brink of uncovering Scott Davis's corrupt ways. She knows Linus as Lenny Pepperidge and does not know of the "work" he did in the past.

Julia Roberts

As Tess Ocean: Widow of the late Danny Ocean, Tess warns Linus of what is coming his way and advises him to strike first.

Al Pacino

As Willy Bank: Bitter over Ocean and crew's gutting of his casino, Bank develops a plan to get his revenge.

Matthew Bomer

As Vincent: Vincent is one of the best counterfeit artists in the world. He has worked extensively with Linus in the past and is called upon for this final job.

Asa Butterfield

As Tommy Smalls: Tommy is a 12-year-old boy from Tito's old neighborhood. With his father out of the picture, Tito steps in to take care of him and provide him with a positive role model.

Marisa Tomei

As Becca Smalls: Becca is the struggling single mother of Tommy. She works as a bartender and as Tito's childhood neighbor, she always had a crush on him and attempts to make several advances towards him.

Plot wrote:
Opening Scene
Willy Bank (Al Pacino) is released from jail and gets into a waiting limo. A phone rings, Bank picks it up, “Welcome back, boss.” We hear. “No time for that now, tell me, did you take care of him?” Bank responds. “He’s taken care of, boss, Danny Ocean has been taken care of.” Credits come on.

We see Lenny Pepperidge (Matt Damon) walk into his house and greet his fiancée, Emily Dean (Amy Adams). We learn from their conversation that Lenny is opening a restaurant in partnership with his childhood friend, Tito (Ben Affleck). Emily begins to speak about the work she has been doing investigating Nevada State Congressman, Scott Davis (Jeff Bridges). As she is narrating to Lenny how Davis operates, the movie goes back and forth between their setting and Davis’ actual operation. Davis is seen dealing with a man (Ben Affleck). This man, rifle in hand, leads a group of gun-wielding men into a warehouse. After some gunfire, Davis’ men force the men in the warehouse to surrender. Tito, as we learn his name to be, leads his men back to Davis where they give him several duffle bags of cash. Davis gives Tito some of the cash and Tito tells him that this was his final job. The two shake hands and Tito leaves.

The screen shifts back to Emily who is finished narrating Davis’ operation. She says she has to get prepared for her trip with her girlfriends and leaves the room. At that moment, Lenny’s phone begins to ring. Puzzled by the private number that came up, Lenny reluctantly picked up. We quickly learn that the caller is Tess Ocean (Julia Roberts), the wife of the late Danny Ocean and an old friend of Lenny. She calls Lenny by his real name, Linus and tells him that they need to meet. Linus initially rejects the idea and reminds Tess that he can no longer see her, not after what happened. However, when she mentions that Danny is dead, the two set up a secret rendezvous for that night.

The film shifts back to Tito who is, briefcase in hand, heading to a poor neighborhood. A group of kids is kicking around a soccer ball in the street when one of them, Tommy Smalls (Asa Butterfield), comes to greet Tito. The two embrace and Tito head to Tommy’s home where Tommy’s mother, Becca (Marisa Tomei) is awaiting them. It is evident from Tito and Becca’s conversation that Tito cares very deeply for Tommy. He mentions that he doesn’t want Tommy to follow the wrong path like he did and that he needs to choose better for himself. Tommy reminds Tito of himself growing up and he wants to be there for him. It’s also really clear that Becca has strong feelings for Tito and tries to make several advances at him but he rebuffs her and says that it can’t happen, that he doesn’t want her to end up getting hurt. He gives her the briefcase and tells her to keep it safe from anybody who comes for it and that she will know the right time to give it up. He gives her some money and tells her to buy Tommy some new shoes and heads on out.

Linus arrives to his meeting place. Tess tells him the story of what happened to Danny. He was working on a con with his new protégé, Donnie Williamson (James McAvoy). Their target was Scott Davis; they were looking to score a $100 million necklace, the same one they attempted to take from Willy Bank the second time they conned him which ended up being taken by the authorities. They had spent weeks planning their con but when they carried it out, the necklace was gone, someone had gotten to it first. During their escape they accidentally triggered an alarm they had not known about and Danny was killed while Donnie barely got away. Danny was not the first of the crew to be killed; the Malloy brothers and Frank have also been killed recently. Tess wants Linus to work with Donnie to bring Davis down. Linus says she should ask Rusty but she reveals that Rusty has been hiding out in Europe and cannot come back under any circumstances. She continues to try to persuade Linus, citing that whoever it is that is taking down their team is likely after him and that he needs to strike first to protect himself and Emily. He reminds her of their last job, their second time conning Willy Bank. Basher Tarr died because of him and he cannot take on another job and risk being responsible for the death of another of his friends. The authorities arrived and took the necklace and arrested Bank. Seeing that she was getting nowhere, Tess left him with hers and Donnie’s contact information in case he was to change his mind.

The next morning, Emily says her goodbyes to Lenny as she is heading on a trip with her girlfriends to Los Angeles. Lenny then heads to his office where he Tito is waiting for him. Tito tells Lenny he has the money and put a briefcase on the desk. Lenny asks him if he has indeed left his old life behind. He can’t have past problems come up and interfere with their new livelihoods. Tito assures him that it is all in the past and that he will be living a normal life here on out.

That afternoon Tito gets a call from Davis who tells him that there is one absolute job he needs from him and he will pay him $1 million cash. Davis tells him that there is a woman investigating him and that he needs her taken care of to prevent her from revealing his operation to the world. Tito reluctantly accepts. Davis gets him on a plane directly after work to LA. Tito falls asleep on the plane and we are let into his dream. He kills a man and grabs a bag of cash. When he turns around, Becca is holding Tommy who has tears streaming down his face. Lenny was looking on in disgust. Davis comes by and takes the money right out of his hands and Tito then wakes up in a cold sweat as he hears police sirens.

That night, Tito broke into his nameless target’s room, fully masked with a silenced pistol in hand. As he inched closer to the bed, images of Becca, Tommy, and Lenny continuously played over in his head. The woman in the bed turned in her sleep just as Tito drew his gun. He immediately recognized that it was Emily, his best friend’s fiancée. He immediately put his gun away and got out of the room. His flight back home was another torturous one.

Davis was furious upon finding out of the failed mission. When he calls Tito, Tito tells him that he can’t do it anymore, that he’s chosen better and he’s done. Davis tells him he will rue the day he crossed him.

The next morning Tito goes to spend the day with Tommy. He picks him up and takes him out for breakfast when he gets a call from Lenny. Lenny has just arrived at the restaurant site where it is being demolished. He tells Tito that the demo man was ordered by Scott Davis to take the building down for violating multiple codes and that they would also face a fine of $250,000. Tito is in shock but doesn’t mention that this likely had to do with him. Lenny thinks that this is Davis sending him a message that he is coming after him as he did Danny but doesn’t mention that to Tito either.

The screen shifts to Davis who is sitting out on the porch of his huge home smoking a cigar. We hear the voice of one of his men who tells him that the woman trying to expose him is the fiancée of Tito’s restaurant business partner, Lenny Pepperidge. The man identifies Lenny Pepperidge as an alias for Linus Caldwell, a known associate of the late Danny Ocean and a highly probably suspect of having the necklace.

Tito drops Tommy off who then heads out to sleepover at his neighbor and best friend’s house. Becca lures Tito in for a drink. The two reminisce and Becca confesses her deep love for him. Tito admits that he has feelings for her but that he can’t be with her now, not until things clear up a bit for him. He sleeps with her and then leaves, saying that he has to go home because he has work early in the morning.

Tito goes home, sits down and begins to write vigorously. He seals a letter and writes Lenny on the front. He hears sudden car doors close. He looks out the window and sees Davis surrounded by an army of armed men who are circling his home. Tito arms himself and the crossfire begins. He takes out a few of Davis’ men but he is far too outnumbered. They kill Tito, get back in their cars and drive off.

Lenny gets the news the next morning when the cops arrive at his home with the letter Tito had written. In it, Tito tells Lenny of his entire work with Davis, the money he made and the different jobs he completed. He takes blame for the restaurant being demolished. He tells Lenny about Tommy and Becca and his feelings for them. He gives him Becca’s address and tells him to go visit them and ask for the briefcase. The money is for Becca to keep and make a better life for Tommy. In the briefcase, however, is another case of sorts, this one is for Lenny to keep, a parting, I’m sorry gift from Tito.

We shift to the airport where Emily has just gotten off her plane. She is called out to by a man who walks up to her, shoots her with a tranquilizer gun, puts her in a wheelchair, and walks off with her.

We shift back to Lenny who goes to meet Becca and Tommy and give them the unfortunate news. After some tears and brief story sharing, Becca gives Lenny his case. He opens the case in his car and sees that it’s the infamous necklace they had chased so many years ago; the same necklace Danny lost his life chasing. He immediately closes the case and grabs his phone to call Tess. As soon as its picked up he immediately says, “Tess, Tess, I got it, I got the necklace.” A deep voice responds to him, “I know you do, Linus.” Lenny’s face immediately changed. We see Tess being carried off by Davis’ thug and Davis on Tess’ phone. “And if you don’t want Emily to suffer the same fate as Tito and the Oceans, you’ll bring me that necklace. I’ll be waiting in Milan, you’ll find a plane ticket in your mailbox for tomorrow night.”

Linus drove home in disbelief. He grabs the ticket from his mailbox and goes inside to make a phone call. He calls Donnie, Danny’s protégé and tells him that he needs him for a job, one to avenge the Oceans.

On the plane, Donnie asks Linus to see the necklace. Linus tells him that he sent it out by mail a day earlier to a man named Vincent (Matthew Bomer) in Italy. Vincent is a con artist that Linus has worked with previously and he will make a counterfeit necklace for Linus to use at the drop.

Upon their arrival, Linus and Donnie were immediately spotted by Davis’ men. They split up and run. Donnie gets away while Linus is caught by Davis’ men. Davis is infuriated when he finds out that Linus does not have the necklace. He lets Linus go to retrieve the necklace but sends several men to tail him. Meanwhile, Donnie goes to pay Vincent a visit. Vincent offers him a deal to con Linus by making 2 counterfeits and giving that to him instead of the real one after the drop. Donnie embraces the idea greatly and asks to see the real necklace but is told that it has been hidden to be retrieved after Davis is taken care of to avoid any possible set backs.

Linus goes on a wild goose chase to lose his tails. He and his crew make a new plan and he calls Davis to arrange a drop. They meet up in an empty area and complete the drop. Davis has a sniper ready to take Linus and Emily out but Vincent goes up and takes care of him during the drop. When Davis is surprised to see that his adversaries haven’t been shot after the drop, Linus takes the opportunity to knock him unconscious and get ready to leave as Vincent is joining them. However, a car pulls up and out comes Willy Bank.

Donnie grabs Emily and puts a gun to her head. Bank reveals that Donnie is in fact his son and that he is the one responsible for taking out Ocean’s crew and that he has been chasing Linus for years. He reveals the truth to Emily about whom she thought was Lenny. He told her his real name and how he used to make a living. Bank puts them all in his car and tells them to lead him to what was originally his.

Vincent leads them to a cemetery where he says the necklace is buried at the top of the hill. Bank stays at the bottom of the hill, gun to Emily’s head while Donnie and one of Bank’s goons go up with Linus and Vincent to uncover the necklace. Linus and Vincent begin to bicker and Linus pulls out a gun when Vincent reveals that he was going to betray him and shoots him but Vincent has enough strength to grab his gun and shoot Linus. Terrified, Emily frees herself from Bank’s grasp and runs. Donnie retrieves the briefcase and heads down to his father. As they open the briefcase, sirens sound and the police arrive on the scene to find them holding a briefcase full of cocaine.

Emily is seen running, terrified look on her face, begins to scream when Linus and Vincent show up in front of her. They show her that it was fake blood and take her to get going. As they are driving to the airport, we see a series of flashbacks that show their doubts about Donnie and how they planned this whole thing out.

Back in Las Vegas, it’s opening night of the restaurant. Linus and Emily are at the opening greeting everyone. They greet Tommy and Becca who mention that they love the name, the camera pans up to see that the restaurant is called Tito. It then goes inside to show us a large framed picture of Linus, Tito, and Vincent all in their high school years.



In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Its A Sabotage wrote:

The Real Toy Story
A Farrelly Brothers Production

Starring:Will Farrell

(Brian Glitch) The main character, he is the main antagonizer and main hero. Its his intuition and instincts that lead his eventual team to victory. He recruits his own friends because he is a social misfit. It is these recruits that help him through the tough times ahead.

Co-Star:John C Reilly

(Rick Fox) Brian’s “best friend” and the dummy of the group. He constantly is messing up the plans but in a comedic way. He turns out to be the voice of reason and figures out how to stop the evil doers villainous plot.

Larry David: (Brian Glitch’s Older Self) The older Brian, now in his 60s, he is now the founder of the largest cooperation in the city of Akron. Too afraid to help, gets scared, and wilts under pressure.

Lewis Black: (Rick Fox’s Older Self) Co-Founder of Brian’s cooperation, he is the brain head, and ingenious inventor of the “secret formula” that makes the toys run.

Aziz Ansari: (Jim Frankfurt) The scientist who creates a portable time machine, which he inadvertenly goes off sending the four into the future. Also one of Brian’s recruited friends….Oddly enough he doesn’t have a future self, and finds out, he dies in a lab explosion shortly after the four return back.

Kevin Hart: (Henry Stentson) The token guy. Funny jokes when needed, gets the gang into most of the situations, which normally end up getting them beat up and laughed at by adults and kids alike.

Craig Robinson: (Henry Stentson’s Older Self) Now the muscles of the group, still gets the gang into terrible situations, but now fights the would be attackers off. However he is now more wise but mouthy then before.

Mark Wahlberg: (Gary) The leading antagonizer and attempts to steal the secret formula by any means. He is the leader of the Other Guy’s Evil Doers Gang. He is also the leader and founder of the second biggest cooperation of toy manufactures.

John Malkovich: (Frank) The Crazy guy. He goes into all situations balls out and guns blazing. He is the counterpart to Henry. They eventually become friends and go into business together, making futons.

Robin Williams: (Torin/Laura) Gary’s so-called wife. After a freak accident in the toy plant, he lost his memory and now thinks he is Gary’s wife. Gary, who was Torin’s best friend before the accident now takes care of him and pretends to be husband and wife to appease him and keep him safe.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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