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Make A Movie Draft IV Final Products - Come Take A Look!
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Which Film Would You Most Want to Go See?
Oracle - Paul Thomas Anderson
 4%  [ 1 ]
Salem - Werner Herzog
 13%  [ 3 ]
The Death of Spider-Man - Edgar Wright
 4%  [ 1 ]
Batman - Peter Jackson
 21%  [ 5 ]
Valley Of Tomorrow - Nicolas Winding Refn
 17%  [ 4 ]
Tenderloin Pride - J.J. Abrams
 4%  [ 1 ]
The Malice League - David Fincher
 4%  [ 1 ]
At The Hands of Another - Steven Spielberg
 4%  [ 1 ]
Heir to the Throne - Christopher Nolan
 17%  [ 4 ]
Rip's Revenge - Joel & Ethan Coen
 8%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 23

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Joined: 06 Nov 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:01 am    Post subject: Make A Movie Draft IV Final Products - Come Take A Look! Reply with quote

These keep going better and better, and we've got some really elaborate films this time around. This thread is for folks outside of the activity to get to see what resulted from it, and to discuss. These films largely reflect our own tastes, but outside input is more than welcome.

ALSO: This time around I'm trying to make things more interesting. Along with posting you throughts on the films you find interesting, it would be cool if everyone could fill out an Academy-Awards, hypothetical ballot. These are obviously impossible to judge accurately, but its still fun to take bets. Criterias this time around include....


Most likely to win Best Lead Actor in a Leading Role:
Most likely to win Best Lead Actress in a Leading Role:
Most likely to win Best Actor in a Supporting Role:
Most likely to win Best Actress in a Supporting Role:
Most likely to win Best Original Screenplay:
Most likely to win Best Adapted Screenplay (movies taken from source material):
Most likely to win Best Visual Effects:
Most likely to win Best Director:
Most likely to win Best Picture:

Optional Question - What would be a good feature to add for the next draft?

Participants can fill out ballots as well, just don't vote for yourself Wink

and for the couple of you who didn't turn in your write-ups, feel free to PM them to me if you do get around to it. I'm not sure if it'll let me add you to the poll, but I'll definitely make sure it gets seen.

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Make A Movie Draft IV:

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Joined: 06 Nov 2006
Posts: 22821
Location: Milwaukee
PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

From Greg_Jennings....

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
A GJ Production


The story follows several characters in interrealted plots all semi-centered around a 12 year old child who claims he can see into the future. The child suffers from near total blindness and a history of mental illness, and his mother seeks medical help. The boy begins to develop a good relationship with his psychiatrist, Teddy. Things get even more interesting when the child's uncontrollable "visions" begin coming true.

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Teddy Bowen: a psychiatrist who has recently returned to America after an 8 year stint in London. He is a generally kind hearted guy, but is somewhat of an emotional wreck. He is a defeated man, but finds comfort in helping Colin, and begins to develop a good relationship with the boy.

Julianne Moore as June Jefferson: A single mother trying to make it on her own raising a mostly blind, and mentally ill child. She is irritable and often can get thrown into anger fits. She begins sleeping with Anthony Barrett but throughout the movie we get hints of a past relationship with Teddy, which perhaps connects the reason why he is helping to treat her son.

Joel Courtney as Colin Jefferson: Born into almost total blindness, The kid has had many problems in his childhood, but as of recently he has begun claiming that he receives glimpses of future events, which he says he cannot control. He claims that his visions even sometimes even come true.

Sam Rockwell as Anthony Barrett: a former criminal who has returned to his wife and daughter after a 4 year stint in jail (the story starts several months after his release), he has made a decision to turn over his life of crime to be a father. However, when he returns, it isn't his wife that he is excited to meet again, but his daughter who he is meeting for the first time. He strikes a really good connection with his daughter, but begins sleeping around on his wife (with June).

Benicio Del Toro as Tomas: a former crime partner and friend in Anthony's life. Tomas turns up on Anthony's doorstep one day, at first in a friendly visit, but begins accusing Anthony of ratting on him. Tomas is a very paranoid, disturbed, and dangerous person now on the run from the police.

Idris Elba as Harry: Harry plays a small role as Teddy's British friend from London. Harry was Teddy's best friend in England, and has come to America temporarily on business. He is confused about Teddy's sudden withdrawal from London and seeks him out in the states to talk to him about it. Harry plays a small, but important role in the film.

John Goodman as Doug Hardy: as the head of the mental health clinic where Teddy works, and treats Colin at. He is an old family friend of Teddy's and helps him get a job at the clinic where he works when Teddy returns from London. Doug provides a lot of the comical relief for the film, not only with his blatant sexual harassment of his employees (most notably of Caroline), but also from his long stemmed hatred and rivalry with Buck Watson

JK Simmons as Buck Watson: the head of a much larger, and better financed clinic in the area, he attended med school with Doug. The two have always had a bitter hatred for one another, and Buck sometimes even visits Doug's clinic just to make a mockery of its ineptitude. Doug and Buck are not afraid to have open shouting matches in the clinic.

Mary Lynn Rajskub as Linda Barrett: Rockwell's wife and mother of their child. She gave birth to their daughter while Rockwell was in prison. While reconnecting with her husband is a rocky path, she enjoys that he is connecting well with the daughter he is meeting for the first time.

Amber Heard as Caroline Mays: A young intern at the Mental Health clinic who plays a small role. She is a helpful person, trying to learn the ropes of the business. Throughout the film she gradually gets more comfortable in her job.

Plot Synopsis:

The film opens with Teddy in one of his treatment sessions with Colin, the two seem to get along pretty well, but Colin is confused as to what the purpose behind him being there is. Teddy tries to subtly work his way through the session, keeping the conversations light and casual. At the end of the session, Colin's mother, June comes to pick him up. Teddy greets her as she walks in, and the two have a brief, but awkwardly dodging conversation, and it is hinted that the two know each other personally. June then takes her son and leaves the building. We are then introduced to Anthony. Anthony has been out of prison for a couple months now, and he's just gotten back from his new job in construction. He walks into his small home and is greeted happily by his 5 year old daughter, Elena. His wife, Linda is also there, but the two just greet each other casually. Their relationship has long lost it's fire since he has returned from prison, but they put up with each other for their daughter's sake. These are the first couple months Anthony has gotten to see his daughter, as she was born while he was in prison, but the two of them have gotten along great so far.

A couple days later we join Teddy again at the Clinic. He's sitting with his boss, and old time family friend, Doug Hardy in his office having a conversation. In this conversation it's revealed that Teddy has recently returned from a 12 year stay in London, and that he's grateful that Doug got him a job here, although the reasons for him moving to London, or for his return, are yet unrevealed. In the middle of their conversation they are interrupted by the new intern, Catherine. Doug starts off in a playful mood, but his attitude changes when she mentions that a man named Buck Watson is here to see him. Doug's eyes widen and he quickly jumps up from his chair and moves toward the lobby. In the lobby Buck and Doug get into a argument. Buck confidently mocking Doug's facility and shoving his success into his face, and their shouting match starts to frighten some of the waiting clients.

The next scene we see is June lying in bed smoking a cigarette. She starts a conversation with the man lying next to her, and we see that it is Anthony. June doesn't know that Anthony is married or has a kid, but she doesn't really care all that much. The two are interrupted when Colin walks into the room. June tells him to leave, but Anthony stops her, saying its alright, and starts talking to the boy. He grabs his hand and Colin lets out a gasp. Colin steps backwards and yells "Elena!! Elena you need to help her she's hurt!" He falls down against the wall, confused, but not as confused as Anthony is, was this kid talking about his daughter? June is the only one who truly gets what just happened. Her son seemed to have random spurts of seeing glimpses of the future that she couldn't explain, and that she wasn't really sure if she believed. It was part of the reason she had him checked into the psychiatric facility.

Back at home later that night, Anthony has just finished putting his daughter to sleep, and his wife is already in bed. He goes downstairs to watch TV, but there is a knock on his door. He opens it hesitantly, who could be here this late at night? He opens it to see one of his old crime buddies, part of the reason he got locked up, Tomas, standing at his doorway. Anthony doesn't want to see him, but he plays friendly. Tomas lets himself in and sits down on the couch. The two talk for a little bit casually, with Anthony subtly trying to get him to leave, but the conversation quickly turns serious. Tomas tells him that police officers showed up at his house last night looking for him, but he got away through the back. Since then he's been on the run. Tomas says that one of his old crime buddies must have given him away. There is an awkward and nerve wracking pause after he says that, but Tomas says "Don't worry, man. I know it wasn't you. You and me go way back, right?". However, the conversation ends with Tomas asking why Anthony only served 5 years in jail, to which Anthony responds nervously, "Good behavior, I guess" Tomas gives him a strange look and walks out the door and says one last thing, "Nice family you have here. You're doing well for yourself already" and leaves. Anthony shuts the door, and see's that Linda has gotten up from bed. She asks him, "Does he know?" to which Anthony replies "I don't think it's safe here anymore."

The next day we are at another one of Teddy and Colin's therapy sessions. June has told Teddy about Colin's strange future visions, but Teddy is skeptical. At the end of their session, June is late to pick up Colin. They wait for about an hour, at which point Teddy decides he'll take Colin home himself. Teddy knocks on Junes door. She is ashamed at herself for forgetting to pick him up, and lets Colin inside. Teddy asks June if he can come in. June pauses for a moment, and then tells him that they shouldn't be talking to each other. She tells him they agreed this wasn't going to happen.

Anthony is back at June's house with her. Anthony asks about what happened the other day, with what Colin screamed. June explains to him that sometimes Colin does that, and that he thinks he can see the future sometimes. She says that sometimes he's right, but that its only just coincidence and him trying to get attention. She asks if Anthony even knows someone named Elena. Anthony pauses for a second, and lies and says he doesn't, to which June sees as confirmation that Colin didn't know what he was talking about. But Anthony is kind of worried now.

Back at work Teddy is at his desk when Caroline walks in and tells him that he has a visitor. "Some black guy with a British accent". Teddy gets up and goes to the lobby. He is happily greeted by his old friend from London, Harry. Harry tells him that he is in the states for a couple of week on business and stopped in to see him. The two catch up and then go out for drinks. At the bar, Harry asks why Teddy moved back to America after 12 years in London, and in this conversation, his relationship with June is revealed. Teddy explains that when June, his girlfriend at the time told him that she was pregnant with his child, Teddy got scared and fly off to England without telling anyone. He meant to come back, but ended up staying there for almost 12 years. Never speaking to anyone back in the states besides Doug. One day Doug told him about June's son's mental issues, but that she couldn't afford to get him treatment. Living in guilt over what he had done, Teddy offered to treat the boy for free and come back to the states. June agreed, but told him "You can be his psychiatrist, or even his friend, but you are not his father." She obviously could not forgive him for leaving, but knew she had to accept his offer. Teddy explains that since his appointments with the boy, he's grown closer and closer to him, and the fact that he can't be his real Dad kills him inside. Harry and Teddy finish their drinks, and call a cab back home.

That night, Anthony is out taking out the trash when he sees Tomas's pick up truck parked across the street. Anthony gives it a double take, but the truck starts up and drives away. Anthony makes a trip over to June's house, but June isn't there. However, Anthony isn't looking for her. Anthony looks up June's schedule and sees all of Colin's scheduled appointments at the clinic. Anthony drives over to the clinic and goes to the reception desk. He tells Caroline that he is here to pick up his son, Colin. Caroline tells him that he is waiting in the next room. Anthony tells Colin that his mom sent him to pick him up, and Colin goes with it and they leave. Teddy returns from the bathroom and see's that Colin is gone. He asks Caroline if June already came to pick up Colin, to which she replies, "Oh, no, his dad came to pick him up this time." Frightened, Teddy tries to go after Colin, but is too late. Teddy first calls the police, and then tries to call June, believing him to be kidnapped.

In the car on the road, Anthony is talking with Colin, trying to bring up a conversation about his visions. Frustrated and desperate he keeps badgering him to tell him more about what he said about Elena. Is Elena in trouble? What did you see? Colin tells him that he can’t remember all that well. All he remembers is what he said out loud, "Elena is hurt". Anthony slams on the breaks as they arrive at his house. Anthony runs in the house and grabs his daughter, and he drives away with the two of them in the car. Anthony gets a phone call from June, but he ignores it.

Elsewhere, Teddy and June are driving down streets in her neighborhood, hopelessly looking for Colin while the police do their search. We also see a scene of Tomas with his face in his hands over the steering wheel of his truck contemplating something. He looks up with a concerned look on his face, but shakes it off. He reaches behind him and pulls out a submachine gun, and starts up his truck. We see him drive by Anthony's house and fire a clip in through his windows. He yells out, "****!" and then speeds off.

Over The Sound of Silence, we are delivered several scenes at once. Anthony, realizing his irrationality, drives back to his home. When he gets there, the police are already surrounding the house with crime scene tape. Anthony gets out of the car, and he stopped by the police and arrested. Anthony is frantic to find out what happened inside. Elena goes with the police, and Anthony is put into the police car on suspicion of kidnapping. Teddy and June arrive at the house and are reunited with Colin. The three of them embrace each other in relief. Anthony is thrown in a jail cell for the night as the camera zooms out on him with his face in his hands, contemplating what he has done, and what has happened. We get a shot from inside the house, now occupied by crime scene investigators. The oven door is still open, with some half cooked food inside. The camera pans closer to the floor and we see Linda's dead body,with police taking pictures around the scene. and next to her, her wallet, swung open, where we see her full name, "Lindsay Elena Barrett"

Several days later, Teddy and Colin are sitting outside of the clinic on a bench. They make small talk until June pulls up to pick up Colin. Colin gets in the car, and Teddy tells them goodbye, sad that their time is over. June cheers him up when she invites him over to dinner with them, to which he eagerly accepts, and June drives away. Doug walks outside to talk to Teddy, in a short conversation in which Teddy explains that he may never get to be the boy's true father, but he can at least try his hardest to be.


That was about as brief as I could make the story for this kind of write up, and it might not make total sense (but if you have questions ask me, I know the answers). Each of the characters is a lot more in depth and complex than a plot synopsis can explain properly. Hopefully I can start writing the screenplay for this sometime and show you guys the real deal for what I was envisioning here. Overall I think it's a film that deals with the theme of Father's trying to make up for lost time with their kids. I also plan to go more in depth into minor characters like Doug and Buck.

Please, let me know what you guys think. I've been putting a lot of thought into this one

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

From Buzzman...

The Death of Spiderman

Peter Parker is no longer the man he once was. He’s donned the suit for over twenty years and the city has now grown accustomed to having the webslinger save the day. Peter Parker has risen to the occasion and accepted his responsibilities that came with his powers, but with it came consequences. He has been a lonely man, distancing himself from anyone who has ever cared for them in fear of losing them to his enemies. He would describe himself to be in a mild manner of depression but that is the only way he feels he can be the person the city has needed him to be.

That is another issue he is facing. The city has become too reliant of him. When civilians die, when criminals escape, when something goes wrong, people wonder, where was Spiderman? How can Peter save everyone? This question lingers with Peter for the last few years and his now only friend, Dr Curt Connors aka The Lizard has been helping him develop a cloning process that allows them to combine Peters DNA with another that would give him the same powers as Peter. He has always been weary that anyone else could handle the responsibility of the powers.

When a bridge begins to collapse, Spiderman is there to save the day. Obviously rescuing people. The real trouble occurs when a brother and sister are stuck in the middle of it all. After a few moments of saving others, Spiderman ends up catching the brother and slings a rope of web onto the sister before she falls. At that moment, a rock falls onto Spiderman’s shoulder causing him to let go of the web, and the woman falls to her death. Upset over not being able to save her combined with the guilt from her brother, Peter goes through with the plan and chooses Robert Nayson to become his apprentice.

They then train and go through what it means to be Spiderman. Blah blah montage of training shots and all that good stuff similar to when Tony Stark was trying to learn to use the suit in Iron Man 1.

While they were training and prepping to become the new Spiderman, a man named Kraven (Sean Bean) has learned he has cancer and will die in in the near future. He is a big game hunter who allows the news of his upcoming death to the brink of insanity. With nothing to live for, he sees Spiderman as the ultimate game to hunt and goes to New York to catch him. He is intelligent, agile, and most of all patient. He sets up a trap involving civilians and when the Peter tries to save them, he gets captured. Kraven then puts on the suit of Spiderman, and goes onto kill a group of civilians. The returns and lets Peter Parker go before disappearing and dying alone and by himself.

With the city hunting for Spidermans head, Peter Parker makes the ultimatum to to turn himself in and accept the fate Kraven gave to him. With the films tone at an all-time low, the screen starts to zoom away moving up into the sky where the last thing that’s shown is Robert as Spiderman watching over the city and the police truck that is taking Peter away.

Obviously there’s more stuff in-between all this and more development, but that’s the basic summary of the film that I would make if I were given the keys to a Spiderman reboot.

Clive Owen as Spiderman/Peter Parker

Gerrat Hedlund as Robert Nayson

Sean Bean as Kraven

Gary Oldman as Dr Curt Connors aka The Lizard

Martin Sheen as Norman Nayson, father of Robert Nayson and Emily Nayson

Emma Roberts as Emily Nayson

Hayden Panettiere as Julie Taylor, Roberts Girlfriend

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

From Its A Sabotage...

Directed by Peter Jackson

(quotes thanks to dcwiki)

Christian Bale- Batman/Bruce Wayne

The Caped Crusader. The Dark Knight. The Billion dollar playboy who will stop at nothing to stop the crime and holdings of mafia like powers at be from taking control of Gotham. Fighting for justice, Batman will do everything he can without breaking the law to do so.

Edward Norton- Carmine "The Roman" Falcone

Falcone is a powerful Mafia chieftain nicknamed "The Roman," where his stranglehold over Gotham City's organized crime is referenced as "The Roman Empire". Falcone is able to frustrate his enemies' efforts to thwart his criminal enterprise with a careful mix of murder and influence. However, the situation changes when Batman and Dent discover one of Falcone's warehouses which contains millions of dollars in literally towering piles of paper money the gangster is forced to stockpile due to being unable to launder it due to their interference. They burn it all, striking a potentially crippling blow against Falcone he cannot ignore. This drives him to take desperate measures to maintain his power such as hiring "freaks" in the form of what becomes Batman's Rogues Gallery. He asks The Riddler to solve the mystery of Holiday's true identity. He also has a hand in the birth of Two-Face; infuriated by Harvey Dent's efforts to disrupt his family's operations and convinced Dent is Holiday, he persuades his former rival, Salvatore Maroni, to murder Gotham's zealous district attorney while standing trial. Falcone's men provide Maroni with a vial of acid which he hurls at Dent during a court proceeding. This happens on August 2, also Falcone's birthday. The acid leaves half of Dent's face hideously scarred, and he becomes Two-Face. At the novel's climax, Two-Face and the rest of Batman's Rogue's Gallery break into the Falcone penthouse. Two-Face flips his coin, and the bad side lands up. Two-Face shoots and kills Falcone within the confines of his office.

James Franco-Harvey Dent/Two Face

Once Harvey Dent, District Attorney of Gotham City and an ally of Batman, goes insane after a criminal throws acid in his face during a trial, hideously scarring the left side of his face. He becomes the crime boss Two-Face and chooses to bring about good or evil based upon the outcome of a coin flip.

Chris Cooper-Captain Jim Gordon

James Worthington "Jim" Gordon, Senior (better known as Commissioner Gordon) is an ally of Batman. Gordon fully trusts, and is even somewhat dependent on Batman. In the original pre-Crisis version of his history, Gordon is a police detective who initially resents the mysterious vigilante's interference in police business. He appeared first in the first issue Batman did, where they both investigate the murder of a chemical industrilist. Although Batman fights on the side of justice, his methods and phenomenal track record for stopping crimes and capturing criminals embarrasses the police by comparison. Eventually, Batman meets up with Gordon and persuades the detective that they need each other's help. Batman is deputized and works with Gordon as an agent of the law.

Cate Blanchett-Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Rooney Mara- Gilda Dent/Holiday Killer
Associated with her fiancée (later husband) Harvey Dent, who becomes the criminal mastermind Two-Face, she has since been a recurring character throughout various Batman stories involving Two-Face. During the nearly year-long story, a serial killer called Holiday systematically murders prominent gangsters. During the series, Gilda's marriage to Dent shows signs of strain; she wants to settle down and start a family, while he is obsessed with capturing Holiday. In a private monologue at the end, Gilda states that she was the original Holiday killer, having committed all of the murders up until New Year's Eve. Gilda indicates that Dent attempted to assassinate Alberto Falcone on New Year's Eve, taking her place, and that he was the one responsible for the crimes from that point on. The confession is only known to readers since Alberto confessed to all the Holiday murders upon his capture.

Hugh Jackman- The Riddler

The Riddler is obsessed with riddles, puzzles, and word games. He delights in forewarning both Batman and the police of his capers by sending them complex clues. With this self-conscious use of a gimmick, the Riddler's crimes are flamboyant and ostentatious. The character is often depicted as wearing a domino mask either with a green suit and bowler hat, or a green unitard with question mark prints. A black, green, or purple question mark serves as his visual motif.
The Riddler is typically portrayed as a smooth-talking yet quirky character, deemed insane by the courts of intense obsessive compulsion and neurosis.

Peter Stormare- Soloman Grundy

Solomon Grundy has superhuman strength and endurance. His strength has varied greatly through the years.
Solomon Grundy,
Born on a Monday,
Christened on Tuesday,
Married on Wednesday,
Took ill on Thursday,
Grew worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday.
This is the end
Of Solomon Grundy

Brian Posehn- The Calendar Man

Calendar Man is fascinated by dates and calendars – even his real name is a pun on the Julian and Gregorian calendars. His crimes always have a relationship to the date that they are committed. The theme may be related to what day of the week it is or to a holiday or to a special anniversary on that date; he will plan his crime around that day. He often wears different costumes which correspond to the significance of the date, though he does have a main costume which has various numbers (meant to represent days on a calendar) sprouting from the shoulders.

Lori Beth Denberg- Sofia Carmine

The son Falcone always wanted, strong, ugly, mean, and the enforcer. Strong as an ox, as smart as a fox.

John Malkovich- Sal Maroni

In this version, Salvatore Maroni is the scion of the Maroni crime family, headed by his father Luigi "Big Lou" Maroni. Maroni is the most powerful mobster next to Carmine Falcone, and both believe that serial killer Holiday (so named for assassinating mobsters on holidays) is working for the other (although they also think that Harvey Dent has something to do with the killer). Their business relationship becomes strained as a result. When his father is killed by Holiday, Maroni makes a deal with Dent to reveal all of Falcone's criminal activities, in exchange for leniency.
However, Falcone's daughter Sofia, Maroni's secret lover, visits Maroni in jail, where she convnces him that Dent, not Falcone, is responsible for the killings and his father's death. Dent's assistant Vernon Field provides him prior to court with "stomach medicine" for a supposed ulcer. During the trial, Maroni throws acid into Dent's face, disfiguring him. Maroni gets into a scuffle with a bailiff who shoots him twice in the chest. He survives, however.
When he is moved out of his cell, Maroni is finally killed by Holiday, who is revealed to be Alberto Falcone, the rival crime boss' son who acted out against the family to make a name for himself.

Batman: Arkham Holiday’s
June in Gotham City is terrible place to be. Hot, sticky, stale air, which breads the freaks more than bacteria on a light source. There is one bright spot on a terrible day like today. Carmine “The Roman” Flacone has hosted the wedding and after party for his nephew, Johnny Vitti. But this wedding is not the only thing on The Roman’s mind today. He has brought forth the biggest players in the banking and criminal industries to gain an ever growing titan-esque grip on “his” Gotham City. Insert a Mister Bruce Wayne, a billion dollar playboy, and entrepreneur (and secret winged vigilante). Himself as well as the other heads of business previously mentioned are summoned into The Roman’s business chamber. There he highlight’s his plans for City domination and money laundering scheme.

Cut to the parking garage where we meet Harvey Dent copying down license plate numbers to make this case against The Roman for his crimes. Confronted by The Roman’s goons, Harvey is left with a dilemma. Continue his fight against crime and injustice or give in lose his good fight. Left with this choice, the goons beat him mercifully until Bruce Wayne and one Selina Kyle come down, leaving together, and the goons stop and leave.

In a private meeting in the only safe place in Gotham, Harvey Dent and Captain Jim Gordon meet up on the roof top of the Gotham City Police Department. Initially discussing the hardships of this case, and now the ever growing strain on their marriages due to the longer hours they are putting in, Harvey makes his case to bring down The Roman, when Batman shows up. The three men, now a Trio begin to make their plans to bring down Flacone. They all agree to (Batman reluctantly) to do whatever it takes, so long as the rules are not broken, bent yes, but broken goes against everything that Batman stands for.

Creeping into the lavish bathquarters of one newly married Johnny Vitti, an unnamed and silent killer is patiently waiting, plotting his next move. As Johnny undresses and gets comfortable, the assailant makes his move, and shoots Johnny twice in the head, killing him instantly. Leaving only behind a .22 caliber pistol and a Jack-o-Lantern, the killer leaves the same way he enters, silent, precise, on point. Today is Halloween, the start of the longest year in the careers of The Trio of Batman, Harvey Dent, and Captain Jim Gordon. As if on cue, the Bat-Signal goes up, as Dent and Gordon patiently wait for the Caped Crusader to appear. Silently and at an uneasy moment of their conversation, Batman walks from the shadows. After several minutes of quiet discussion about the murder, Batman, just as quietly as he appears, is now face to face with his nemesis in crime, Catwoman. Batman is questioning why she is eavesdropping and possibly gaining personal information for herself. They discuss they killing themselves, and they strike a deal. For information leading to a connection to the murders, Batman agrees to help Catwoman seek revenge upon The Roman for some unknown vendetta. The information given to Batman? The Roman has stockpiled millions up millions of dirty money from Gotham’s finest banks and has stashed it in a warehouse. Batman again rejoins a puzzled Dent and Gordon. Batman and Gordon decide to leave for the warehouse, Dent decides to go home early to help with wife Gilda with the trick-or-treaters. Making sure to get the mail on his way into the house, he spots a mysterious package left on his doorstep. Does he open it? Does he leave it? Forced with a tough decision, Dent picks the package up, causing an explosion, of which blows his house up, where Gilda is preparing dinner and treats for later.

Several months elapse, as Dent and Gordon continue to partner up, not only put the missing pieces of the Vitti murder together, but those of several other high ranking Falcone members as well as Bank leaders, Harvey begins to change little by little after each new murder. He is spending less time at the house with Gilda, more time at “the office” but when Gilda asks him what case he is working on, he becomes short and angry. Catching wind of Flacone hiring “The Freaks” The Trio meet once more on the roof tops. Catching whim of these hirings and the ever increasing crime and murder rate on the rise, Batman confirms their greatest fear. The Joker, the most feared and evil of all The Freaks is on the loose with an unlimited budget. Harvey Dent casually brings up a possible Hijacking of an airplane. Batman’s greatest fear to come true he thinks to himself? Quickly snapping out of this, Batman shoots off his grappling device and ascends the rooftops and races towards the airport. Getting there just a few seconds too late, Batman has work to do catch a plane bound for Gotham’s parade with a Madman on board. During this time, Harvey slips away from Jim Gordon. In the office of Harvey Dent, Vernon, a low ranking file clerk, with the social skills of an ant enters the room in a hurry. Speaking a mile a minute, he begins to tell a tale of how Bruce Wayne and Carmine Falcone are linked in the grand money laundering scheme. Pondering this aloud, does Harvey believe the richest man in Gotham would be caught up in a laundering scheme with the biggest mafia boss in town? He needs to clear his head and leaves the office….Would Bruce Wayne really jeopardize the entire company his father built from the ground up? He quickens his pace. Meanwhile some time later, on the yacht of said Crime Boss Roman Falcone, his “degenerate” and oddball son is having his usual miserable time, time spent pacing the boat decks and occasionally glancing over the side. Enter Carla Falcone and a cryptic and angry conversation she has with Alberto. Turning her back in disgust, she hears a single gunshot, followed by a “plopping” sound, to her grizzle surprise, Alberto is no longer standing where he was, seconds before. Only a .22 caliber gun, one of similarity to the one previously used in Johnny’s death and a single calendar page, Holliday strikes again? Finally catching the racing plane, Batman corners The Joker in the cockpit of the pane. The Joker explains his plan to fly over the crowd of the Gotham’s New Years day parade and drop his venom gas. Grappling and fighting leads to the plane spinning out of control. The Joker falls out and Batman goes diving after him. Barely getting there in time, Batman shoots his grappling gun once more at Gotham’s massive clock tower, and one more shot at the falling body of Joker. Catching him just in the nick of time, she pull him up and ties him up to the clock face.

Desperate for answers, Batman goes somewhere he never wanted to go ever again. In the basement of Arkham Asylum, lies one of the most maniacal, smart, and cerebral of all of Batman’s villains. The Calendar Man. Speaking in riddles and carefully formulated words and sentences, Calendar explains the make-up and psychology of the man they call The Holliday Killer. Frustrated at what he preserves as a lack of information, Batman leaves in an angry state.

Carmine “The Roman” Falcone calls a special meeting after the recent death of his son Alberto. In this meeting he brings in the other major players and mafia heads of Gotham and surrounding areas. Based and bathed in paranoia, Falcone begins to question one Sal Maroni, leader of Gotham’s “other” major mafia. This paranoia plays true as Flacone begins to blame Maroni for the Holliday killings, even naming him the culprit and murderer. This is due to only Flacone’s men being the main targets of all the killings, including his son and newest nephew. Carla Falcone enters as Maroni is leaving. She suggests these killings are his fault due to keeping all of his enemies closest to him, he plays this off as simple business practice. That of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Arriving home late once more, Gilda stops Harvey cold in his tracks. Holding a .22 caliber pistol she had found in the basement after doing some cleaning, she makes reference to how this is a similar gun to that used in the Holliday killings. After saying this and getting it off her chest, she notices how Harvey is dripping wet, including his hair, although he is wearing a hat. Thinking quickly, Harvey explains in great detail how he has been under extreme pressure and the late hours are forcing him to bring evidence home to examine before taking it into the police station.

Surrounded by Flacone’s thugs and hired killers, The Riddler is questioned and interrogated as to why he hasn’t acted on The Roman’s orders to find and kill this Holliday killer. After quick thinking and a few riddles, the thugs leave with less information then they had going into the bar that night. Suddenly and violently, The Riddler is hit with what he thinks is a chair. Picked up and thrown from the bar into the back alley, he is face to face with a machine gun pointed and ready to kill him. Taking a step back further into the shadows, the unknown killer, sprays an entire clip around the body of the Riddler, scared and emotions running high, he passes out, left next to him is only the gun and passed out body the Riddler, today is April fool’s day. Regaining consciousness, the Riddler awakes to a horrifying but familiar face staring into his eyes, into his soul. Batman? But he wouldn’t have attempted to kill me, that goes against his moral code? Batman questions and once again interrogates the Riddler, this time with more force than what Falcone’s thugs could do. Left with only the fact that Falcone hired The Riddler to find out and catch the Holliday killer, Batman releases him.

August 2nd, The Roman’s Birthday. Being interrogated by Carla for his hirings of The Freaks, namely, the Joker, Riddler, and Poison Ivy, Sofia, Carmine’s often distant daughter takes him by the arm, and processes with him the events of the past few hours. After their meeting, she takes him once more by the arm to a surprise party in his honor. Maroni, who recently was picked up with connection to The Roman’s illegal doings, surprisingly set up by the fake and scripted meeting held days before is now awaiting trial. Jim Gordon, comes into his cell, talks to him how he is going away for life, and can’t and will not be able to get out of the trial. Being escorted by Gordon and his finest to the courtroom, Vernon once again appears and gives Maroni a bottle of liquid decongestant to help with his ulcers. Unsuspecting, Jim allows this. Dent is now in the middle of his opening remarks, as he gets in close to Maroni, who is on the stand. Asking for his bottle to help with his ulcers, Maroni opens the bottle and throws sulfuric acid into his face. In the chaos erupting from the courtroom, Harvey is rushed to the hospital while, Maroni and his crew rush out of the room.

Horribly disfigured and clinging to lie, Harvey is a shell of his former self. Lying in a hospital bed, in a coma for several days, Harvey awakes in terrifying shock. Yelling, demanding a mirror, Harvey is face to face with a man, a man that is not him. A man that is now changed, hell bent on revenge, Harvey violently disconnects all the machines keeping him alive, and rushes from the hospital, to seek refuge in the only place he knows no one will find him. He needs to think, plot, plan, formulate the perfect plan. While sitting down in the sewers, knowing no one will come looking for him here due to the mangled and mangy Soloman Grundy. Gaining Soloman’s trust by reciting the beloved poem from his childhood, Dent and Soloman develop a trusting relationship.

Due to not being able to find Harvey, Batman again goes looking for answers from The Calendar Man. Another prolonged and deep discussion, this time based on Harvey, the so called “White Knight” of Gotham, The Calendar Man explains, that today is Labor Day, and can expect Harvey in a certain spot, not developing this statement, Calendar begins to chuckle and stops talking. Batman knows where to go, and doesn’t like where this could be going for his once comrade in Harvey Dent. Meeting with Gordon as soon as he leaves Arkham, Gordon tells Batman of the discovery of a .22 caliber handgun, similar to, if not the same as the Holliday Killer’s. Refusing to believe this, Batman begins his trek for Harvey or is he Holliday now? Shaking these thoughts from his head, Batman mentally prepares himself for what he must do. Finding Gilda, Batman questions her on the gun and the metal shavings he recently discovered on Harvey’s work bench. Gilda, taken aback by this, becomes enraged, categorically denies knowing nothing of this, and demands Batman leave for implying Harvey is the killer. Frantic, Batman once again contacts Gordon and demands for him to move Maroni, as he is Holidays most logical target. Agreeing, Gordon, once again with handpicked guards, begin the removal of Sal. Running down a secret tunnel, they armed guards along with Gordon and Sal, make their way towards the transfer spot. Suddenly Holliday shows up around the corner, shoot Sal several times in the head, killing him. Two of the armed, helmeted guards lunge towards Holliday, Holliday quickly reacts and shoots both men, killing them. Now only with one guard and Gordon left, Holiday places the gun directly in Gordon’s face. Now, seeing who the killer really is, Gordon realizes it is not, Harvey, rather Alberto Falcone, the oddball son of The Roman. The lone helmeted guard removes his helmet, revealing himself to be Batman, Batman disarms Alberto and takes him down, Gordon handcuffs him.

Under extreme interrogation, Alberto admits to all of the Holiday killings. He claims, this is fueled by his father expunging him from the family and the family business, sending him away and away from them. Alberto goes into details how he faked his own death, and later takes revenge on his father by killing those closest to him. Later in the interrogation, Alberto becomes furious when his father comes and offers him amnesty. Alberto begins to make demands and claims there will be havoc to pay for his father’s transgressions. Right as Alberto says this, there is a slight rumble under their feet shaking the building. Breaking News. Breaking News! Arkham prison is under attack, and all of the freaks are now set free once more. Who is behind this the anchor exclaims?! Only one thing is known for sure. A guard who is being interviewed as knowing who is responsible, says, a man with half his face flipped a coin. Letting go of all the freaks and maniacs was the winning flip. Making his way down to the bottom of the prison, Harvey is now face to face with the man responsible for casting doubt into his friend’s mind of him being a monster and killer. Harvey offers the man a chance rather than killing him there on the spot. Heads you die, Tails you win and live. (tails being the burnt side) Wining the flip, Calendar gives Harvey advice to get his point across and revenge finalized.

Gather all the freaks, as well as newly befriended Soloman Grundy, they wait in the chambers of one Roman Falcone. Once Falcone enters the room, he is grabbed, assaulted, and placed into his personal chair. Harvey begins to explain his plan for revenge and how Falcone is involved. Harvey tells Falcone he knows he is the one who planted Vernon into his office. He knows it was Vernon through Falcone who supplied Sal Maroni with the acid which now leaves Harvey disfigured. Harvey offers Flacone one option. Heads or Tails. The coin lands scarred side up, and shoots Falcone several times in the head and chest. Hearing these shots, Sofia rushes into the room, breaks down the door, Catwoman, always eavesdropping and keeping an eye on Falcone’s dealings, jumps through the window, grabbing Sofia, and beings wrestling. They make their way to the balcony, where Sofia lunges at her causing both to fall off the edge. Batman, watching this dealings go down, grabs Catwoman with his grappling hook and saves her before she hits the concrete below. Throwing a smoke grenade into the room, Batman begins to systematically taking down each freak one by one. Nervous about getting caught, Harvey makes a break for it through the recently damaged door caused by the now deceased Sofia. Today is Halloween.

Harvey again goes to the only safe place, a common place for him before the accident. On the rooftop, Harvey turns the Bat-Signal on, causing both Batman and Jim Gordon to lead there as well. While Harvey is being cuffed and taken away, he claims there was a second killer. Puzzled Jim and Batman discuss and come to the conclusion that Harvey must be the killer, as he kills The Roman on Halloween. Returning home Jim explains to his exhausted wife, that he must fight for Gotham, as it has changed The White Knight, but it will not change him. A few months pass and they decide to go visit Gilda, who surely is lonely with Harvey in jail. They have dinner, and discuss the case. After the Gordons leave, Gilda takes a box down to the basement. Now talking in an outer monologue, she explains she was the second killer, wanting Harvey home desperately, she was forced to help the killings, loosening Flacone’s hold on Gotham, means more time for Harvey at home. Explaining how she uses the guns and outfit, as described in Harvey’s case files he brough home, Gilda expunges these one by one and ends the monologue by saying, she will be with Harbey one way or another. Throwing the gun, that familiar coat and hat, metal shavings (the same ones Batman found earlier), and finally Harvey’s Holiday case file, Gilda once again claims her love for Harvey, and how she will stop at nothing to get him cleared and back home. Today is Christmas Eve.

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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From jagman777....


Werner Herzog's mysterious new project finally has a name and plot. Salem, starring Viggo Mortensen, Marion Cotillard, and a host of other A-listers, revolves around a fictional version of the oft maligned town in northeast America during the mid 1600s; where black magic paranoia has taken root.

Viggo Mortenson- William

Mortensen plays the lead role of the film, William. He wakes up in a small shack in the middle of the forest, weak and feverish. His memory of his entire life seems to be missing, though patches come to him in dream-like sequences. There is a mysterious woman named Alice who takes care of William in their wooden shack, who says she found him in the woods severely injured.

Marion Cotillard- Alice

Alice is a strange but beautiful woman who takes care of William in the woods. Though very caring, something seems a bit off with her. She does not want William to leave the woods, and offers little insight to who he was before he lost his memory.

Christoph Waltz- Reverend Mather

Mather is the reverend of Salem. He vehemently believes in witchcraft, and, being relatively new to the town, has little trust in the villagers. He has a reputation for being paranoid and cruel- the last town he ministered was the site of many witch trials.

Michael Shannon- Samuel

Samuel is a quarrelsome member of the Salem, though most believe he is a good man- despite the fact that he turned his own wife in as a witch years ago, and she was burned at the stake. Samuel acts as a leader of the community, and Reverend Mather often uses him and his support in his witch hunting mission.

Meryl Streep- Ann

Ann is a motherly widow in Salem, helping the sick and the hurt with herbs and medicine. She is a loving woman and opposes the witch hunts publicly, which has led to some negative attention from the new Reverend.

Kelly MacDonald- Margaret

Margaret is William's wife in Salem. Since William has gone missing, the timid and somber woman takes care of their daughter alone.

Saoirse Ronan- Mary

Mary is William and Margaret's daughter. Like her mother, she is quiet and reserved. She prays every night for her father to return home.

John Hawkes- John

John is William's brother. He is not very well liked in Salem, and has a history of disputes with many of his neighbors, including Samuel.

Vincent Cassel- Joseph

Joseph is a dead frenchman who was killed by native americans in the woods surrounding Salem. He talks to William, though William is uncertain whether Joseph is a real ghost or he is simply hallucinating.

John Hurt- Bill

William's dead father Bill, like Joseph, appears to him as a ghost or hallucination.

Plot Synopsis

Note: While not writing a full script, certain scenes I have described in much greater detail(such as adding dialogue) than others. The plot synopsis will switch between practical summary and more detailed description throughout, which hopefull does not throw any of you off.

Salem, a film by Werner Herzog

Act I

Flying over the woods, dark and foreboding while still eerily beautiful, we dive deep into the heart of the unmoving sentinels. What we discover is a shack, small but serviceable, lost among the leagues of brown and green spires.

A fly is perching on a mound of cloth inside the shack, but quickly zips off after something underneath begins to stir. A middle aged man(Mortensen), looking very tired, feverish, and pale, slips a hand out and reveals his face from under the mountain of threads. He slowly opens his eyes, muttering something incomprehensible. He is covered in many blankets, laying on a small bed inside the little home. He takes in his surroundings, and tries to move, but he lets loose a hoarse scream as a jolt of pain rips through his entire body. This leads to a coughing fit, which eventually subsides as he dives back into unconsciousness, but not before muttering something else.

"Why am I alive?"

The blurry image of a woman entering the shack is the last thing he sees. The screen jumps to black, and the word SALEM appears in big, white, bold letters.

We fade back in, this time in Salem. A man is waiting rather impatiently to see Reverend Mather(Waltz), the new minister. When Mather finally beckons him in, the man claims that his wife is a witch, going on and on about how she plans to kill him with poison. Mather listens quietly and intently, and waits before the man is done to speak himself. "Mr. Collins," he sighed, "I am not interested in you and your spouse's squabbles. This is the third time you've come to see me and you always sing the same song. I have investigated the matter thoroughly. Your wife is not a witch- but she does probably want to poison you, for all the times you beat her. Ah, Mr. Collins, I'm speaking. Now listen. I will not hear of this again. You are disturbing His Holy Work. Leave without another word." What if you find me dead, the next morning, Mr. Collins demanded in desperation. The anger on Mather's face becomes apparent.

"Then we'll know who did it."

The frustrated Mr. Collins is walking through the village, and passes a dispute between neighbors. Samuel(Shannon) is waving a pitchfork at John(Hawkes). Samuel was shouting, "I know you stole the pigs, and the chickens too. Do not try to lie to me, John. I am a man of god, and us men of god can see liars with His holy light. You can not hide in the shad-"

"Be quiet," John snorted. "Act like the reverend if you want, Samuel. We all know that land was mine. My father's. You stole it. And everyone knows you stole it. You are a thief, I swear my life on it, Samuel." By that time, a small crowd had gathered around them. John looked at them, his eyes pleading for support. He knew he would get none. "You know he's a thief," he snarled, now lashing out at the onlookers. Samuel teemed with rage, but calmed his voice.

"There's your answer, John. You'll hang for this, I promise you. This is the last time you steal from me."

"That's a shame," John laughed, "I thought you'd give me a stake and flames like your wife. Of course, I have known you for much longer than she. I understand why you would save me some agony." Samuel was not amused. A hush has fallen, and the world seems to have held its breath. It is silent except for the bugs screaming and chirping in the trees. The scene changes.

The man in the woods wakes up again, this time with a jump. "You had another nightmare," a soft, sweet voice says. "But you're awake now, William. You're getting stronger." She(Cotillard) smiled over him.

"William.. My name is William.." he whispered with effort, and a slight tone of surprise.

"I know. You say it in your sleep enough. Along with Margaret, Mary, John.. Father."

"Who are you?"

"Your guardian angel." She was very beautiful, and the way she talked made him feel safe."You may call me Alice." But he was still bothered by Alice.

"What happened? Why can't I remember anything? Who am I? Why am I so cold. Why am I so weak.. Everything spins.." and everything did spin, for a while at least. "You're getting stronger, William," she would say during the brief moments he would return from his sleep. And so he was, his strength was slowly returning and his head was less light. Yet he was still cold, and his dreams still seemed closer to reality than the shack and Alice. When he dreamed, sometimes he was in a village with a woman and a child. His family, he assumed. Those were good dreams, until the end. They almost always started out good. He would see his wife and daughter rot flesh and all into cold bones right in his hands, and he would wake with an icy sweat. Sometimes he dreamed of being in the woods, but those woods would soon be ignited, and he would get lost in the thick black smoke. Nightmares, Alice said. That's all.

"I dream about my family," William coughed.

"I know," Alice said sweetly.

"Tell me about them."

She just smiles that sinister, loving smile of hers. William had asked about his family and his life before, but Alice always answered that she simply did not know. She found him in the woods, sorely injured. Bleeding, bruised, and broken, she said. She only knew his name and the names of his loved ones from he sleep ramblings. She was even more coy with her own story. William was getting stronger, and more talkative. She resigned only that it had been her and her mother living in this shack all her life, but her mother was dead now. As William recovers, Alice lets him out of bed and they walk the woods and streams together. She likes to talk about the forest, how beautiful and powerful it is. It was there, by a stream, that she first tried to seduce him.

"I have a wife," he said, almost apologetically. "This would be a sin.. a terrible sin."

"In your dreams."

"I have a daughter."

"In your dreams."

"What if this is a dream?"

"Then sinning, it is not."

"Please, tell me where to find me family." She only smiled. He was angry; or as angry as he could be. Ever since he woke up in the shack with his memory gone, he has been lost in melancholy. Everything was numb. Food tasted like dirt, the air smelled like carrion. The sun was not so bright. And still, he was cold. I appreciate your help, he pleaded. You saved my life, he begged. His stomach soon grew sick, and he quietly walked into the woods, deeper, to whatever he could find. Where are you going? She laughed. "Home. Wherever it is. I've seen the place in my dreams. I need to find home. I need to find my family."

"You're too weak, still, William," she offered. "You still need rest. And my.. care."

"If you truly care, Alice, please tell me which way the closest village is."

Back in Salem, we watch Margaret(Macdonald) and her daughter Mary(Ronan) do their regular tasks around the house. They wash clothes, cook dinner, and pray with each other somberly. There is a knock at the door. A middle aged woman, Ann(Streep) has come to deliver herbs and other medicine for Mary. She was been ill as of late, a coughing sickness. Ann is gentle, kind, and very caring, but Mary seems to mistrust her. Margaret thanks Ann with a long embrace, when another knock was at the door. This time, it was John. Ragged and winded, he paused when he saw Ann was with them. Sorry, he muttered. I'll go around to the back, Margaret, if that's all right with you. It was.

"John.. He's.. He has no friends left but us, Ann. Ever since.. William.." Margaret weeps softly. Ann comforted her.

"I know, dear. I think it is very godly of you to be his friend when he has no other. He loved his brother very much." Margaret nodded, and Ann left after she got a half-hug from Mary, promising she would speak to Samuel and some others about John. Mary prays at her bed, asking her father to come home, while Margaret and John talk. John overhears Mary's prayers, throws a tantrum, and storms out.

Meanwhile, Reverend Mathers is giving a sermon. He speaks of devils and demons and witches, of hell and eternal torment. And then he reveals why he himself had chosen to come to Salem and minister there. I know there are witches here, he says as calmly as one would comment on the weather. Powerful ones, with black magic that will destroy this town, and soon. He calls for men to help take up arms against them, promising that he will uproot each and every one, and burn them at the stake. Samuel is on a bench in the front row, listening intently.

Back in the shack, William is tied up and drugged. Alice has kept him drowsy and dizzy with a potion she makes him sip, asking for his forgiveness. Why, he wondered. It is not safe, she would say. Nothing makes sense, William thinks. He sleeps. This time, he is standing on the edge of a cliff. Down below, the ocean crashed against jagged rocks. In front, a mob of demons, or people, or something in between, snarled and cursed at him. He knew they were there to kill him. He also knew, somehow, that he was going to step off the edge. Right before he hits the deadly spikes, he wakes up. Alice is next to him, hand on his face. She whispers words of comfort as she again seduces him, though with his hands tied, he could not resist as before. Then his dream came flashing back all at once, and he remembers. He finally remembers. "Witch," he cursed. She looked at him with curiosity. "I know," he said meekly. "I remember now. I remember." Tell me, she moaned. "I died," he said with conviction. He releases his hand that he had quietly been working on setting free, and smashes her in the face. Though he was weak and drowsy, she still fell hard. As he releases his other hand and feet, Alice rises with a terrible look in her black eyes. She was crying. He edged his way around her and tried to make for the door, but she snatched him and dug deep with her nails.

"You can't go," she cried. "It isn't safe."

"I died. I was dead. I remember it, I remember it more than any memory we have made together in this miserable shack."

"WILLIAM-" She screamed, but her cry is muffled as William lunges to her and kisses her passionately. When they finally break, blood runs between them and pools at the floor. William drove a hunting knife into her stomach. He stumbles out of the shack, and looks back at the door. Alice dragged herself to the opening, tears pouring and blood spilling.

"I'm sorry," he says sadly. He turns towards the woods and begins to walk.

Act II

Women are being interrogated by Reverend Mather and his followers. "Are you a witch? Do you know any witches? Are you a witch? Have you sinned?" Ann, in queue to be interrogated as well, whispered that this was completely ridiculous, especially since every women in town knew Sam's wife. She was an honest, holy woman, and they killed her for no reason. She thought that it would never happen again. Margaret only looked down solemnly. It was her turn to be questioned.

In the woods, William wanders aimlessly. He would fall asleep often under the shade of the trees and eat worms and berries. He did not know for how long he walked in circles, until a man appeared in front of him, leaning on a jutting rock. He named himself Joseph(Cassel) and that he was, in fact, dead. I speak to apparitions? Or is Alice's poison finally driving me mad? William asked to no one in particular. You speak to the dead, Joseph replied casually. Because you are dead as well. I know, thought William. Joseph was french, and had died years ago in these very woods. He says he was killed by the natives. He asks to hear William's story, but William says he cannot remember. Joseph says to tell him what he could remember, but William ignores him. William asks if he knew the way to the nearest village, and Joseph agrees to show him the way if William tells his story. So William tells what he remembers since waking up in that shack in the woods. Joseph tells him it was a very interesting story, and points west and tells William Salem is close by. Then he was gone.

William heads west, wondering if his family was still there. He wondered if they were even alive. Salem, he thought. That was his village. He knew deep inside. At the top of a sloped ridge, William sees smoke. He sits on a log and takes in the scenery, thinking about what lies ahead. Another phantom appears. William recognizes him after a moment of studying his face. It was his father(Hurt). His father Bill asked about William's family, but could only say he had a wife and a daughter. They spoke of William's childhood, Bill's childhood, and the last years of his life. Bill told him about his brother, John. He was troublemaker. They talked about the land battles with his neighbors. Finally, Bill asked William not to go to Salem. My son, there is nothing for you there but grief, he warned. Why did this happen to me, father. Am I a demon? Am I a spirit as well? Bill had no answers for him, he could only ask his son not to return home. William could not grant his father that wish and heads towards Salem after his father is gone.

Back in Salem, Margaret, Mary, and another woman were knitting when they heard a commotion outside. At first she feared it was an all out witch hunt, but when she joined the small crowd outside, she gasped and fell to her knees. William was warily moving between the people, meeting his eyes with theirs. They are terrified, he realizes. It was there that he saw the woman of his dreams, and the daughter running up behind her. Father, she screamed. I knew you would return. Mary squeezed him tight and he offered a weak arm in return. Margaret engulfed him in her arms, and whispered in his ear, "Come with me, hurry." He followed his wife and daughter through the larger by the minute crowd. They were muttering by now, some awful things.

"Will?" The cry was so sincere, so exasperated, so familiar that William had no choice but to stop and look. John stood among some of the men and women gawking. John looked confused and disgusted, William had nothing to say but, "Brother.."

A man in the crowd took note of John's sudden appearance and starting shouting orders. "Now John, I'm taking you to jail. Samuel's been looking for you, weasel. As for William, Martin, escort him to Reverend Mather right now. If he tries to take your soul, cut his head off." Martin was obviously one of Mather's men he brings with him, because he did not understand. "That man you see before you is no man," the loud one warned, "he's a dark spirit. The Reverend warned us of these troubling times, they are here. The dead walk among us, for old William threw himself over a cliff."

In a dark room, Mather interrogates William. Mather repeatedly asks if he is a devil. He asks how he is alive when many saw him die. William could only say, "I don't know." How did you get here? He leaves out the shack, but reveals he woke up lost in the woods and other apparitions guided him. "I can feel your skin", Mather concluded. "I can see that you breathe. I can see no explanation for what the others saw, because I was not here. But as of now, it appears to me that you are quite alive." William's former neighbors begrudgingly release him and let him return home. His wife was there waiting. When he arrived, she gave him a hug stronger than the first. It was all coming back to him, he thought. His time with Margaret and their daughter. His life in the village. His childhood with John.. Wherever he ran off to. Apparently he escaped. Mary was crying, thinking they were going to kill her father until she heard her mother open the door. William picked up Mary and for a split second, he almost smiled. "I remember you," he said.

The next few days were about getting William adjusted to town life again, but he learned fast. Even with Samuel and some of his men were following him and watching him like hungry dogs, he felt relatively free. Ann was around almost as much as his wife and daughter, helping him and examining him. Each time he did something, saw something, memories poured into his head. By the grace of god, I'm getting better, he thought. He hoped. Still cold, still unhappy. Still feeling like I'm walking around in dream. But I'm getting better.. Spending time with his wife and child was not as fulfilling as he expected it to be, but he tried his best to bluff through his depression. Should I have stayed with Alice? No, I can never think that thought ever again. This is my family, and they love me. I still have nightmares. Why am I alive..? Margaret never asked where he was for a year, or how he survived the fall. He never planned on telling her, until Mary said something interesting.

"Father, I knew you would come back to us. Everyone else stares, and I wanted to tell them too. We knew, but they did not." Who knew? He asked. "Me. Mother. Ann. Sarah. Aunt Emma." And how did you know? Mary looked away nervously. "I'm not supposed to speak of it, Father. But I must obey you." A slight smiled forms over her lips. "We prayed for you, father, all of us, in a circle." In a circle? "Father, please. We knew it was bad. Mother said it was bad. But we had to, to get you back. It was just special prayer, father. And God gave you back to us, like Mother said he would."

William confronts Margaret that night, after Mary had gone to bed. "Why do you not care about where I was? About how I am alive, Margaret. Does that not bother you? Your husband is a corpse."

"You said you lost your memory," she whimpered.

"Maybe some things are coming back to me," he said thoughtfully. "Why don't you care?"

"I prayed to god for you every day, and he answered my prayers. How can I question his will, his gift.."

"When was Alice supposed to bring me back," he wonders. Margaret grows pale as him. He knew. She looks up at him with the saddest eyes, and begins to speak when there is a crash at the door and shouts from outside.

Men, led by Samuel, are gathered around his house. Samuel rushes in and apprehends William, holding a knife to his throat. William struggles, but another man punches him in the gut. Margaret is screaming and crying and Mary is dragged from the house. William can only look on. Margaret was sobbing, telling him that she was so sorry over and over.

He's sitting in a dirty, damp cell. He can see the tips of the giant flames just out of the corner of his window. He could hear his wife and daughter scream as they were being burned alive. Even though he couldn't, he saw them burning sharp as if it were right in front of his eyes. He could see each agonizing moment.


William is in his cell, malnourished and bruised. He does not know how many days he is in there. He is delirious. The night they burned his wife and daughter, many other women in the town were killed. Ann has mysteriously escaped, he was told. Sam beats him for information on her whereabouts, but gets nothing. Reverend Mather comes and tells him that he never intended on letting him go at all, and that they had found the shack in the woods with the dead witch. He asks him what it is like, to be dead, yet still walk the earth. William spits in his face. Margaret, Mary, and Alice visit him. He does not know if he is hallucinating or if they are ghosts like his father and Joseph. Alice never says anything, she simply watches him and smiles. Margaret cries and tells William she's scared. Mary comes and holds his hand through the bars, and asks her father why all this had happened. He does not know.

Later one day, they drag him out of the cell and to a witch trial. They had found Ann. She was tied up above a pyre, glaring at the mob. "William.." she says softly, then turns her attention to her persecutors. "WILLIAM NEVER DIED, you damned FOOLS. He was severely hurt, but he was alive. WE saved him from the incoming tide. He needed medicine, and time. WE were not sure we could save him.."

"Save me," quipped the Reverend. "That story grows old."

"This is my fault. I should never have returned," William wept, meeting her eyes.

"It was not your choice."

He could only lower his head and stare at his filthy feet as they light the pyre.

Back in his cell, William felt close to death- if that was possible for a man who was already dead. He was as weak as he had been in the early days of the shack. The visits from his wife, daughter, and Alice become less frequent. He has a dream. He is in church, he realized. He is slowly, quietly, moving towards a man turned away from him. A priest. Fury built inside of him, and he gripped his axe tightly. The priest turned, but he swung. Blood splatters all over his face, and he wakes up.

"Will. WILL!" Someone was calling him.

"Alice.." He replies meekly.

"Alice..? Will, get up, it's John. We are leaving." John stood there, bloody and ragged. He had the cell door open. William could smell smoke and feel the heat of close flames.

"What happened," he managed to mutter.

"I killed him, John. I killed Mather. The town's in chaos. They are burning anyone and everyone who isn't with them. Half the town is on fire. Sam's leading the mob. We have to leave." John dragged his brother to his feet and they flee into the woods. "We'll head west. As west as we can get until we die, Will. I don't know what they did to you. I saw you fall off that cliff with my own eyes. But you are here now, and I will not lose you again." They hear dogs barking after them, and John leads them to a pair of horses he hid. Just as they were mounting up, they could hear the mob yelling and gunshots blasted behind them. A ball strikes William in the shoulder, and John curses. They escape, but William is hurt badly.

The next day, John and William are riding. William is about to fall of his horse, and John catches him. They demount and sit by a stream. John realizes that William has lost all drive and hope. "It's my fault," he mutters. John hears the mod closing in. John sets William back up on his horse and sends him off, and John watches him go. "Goodbye, brother."

Lost, sick, injured, and still cold, William wanders the woods. There is nothing for him in the West, he ponders. There is nothing for me anywhere. His father appears when William stops to die under a tree. "I told you not to go," Bill says sadly.

"I want to die," William says.

"You are dead."

"I want to feel nothing."

"Do you feel anything now?"


Bill grunts. "What are you running from? The mob? What can the living do to the dead, William." William only bows his head. "Stop running from the truth. Truth will follow you till the ends of this land, son." And he was gone.

William is on his horse, barely conscious. He stares up at the night sky, wondering why he hasn't died yet. A musket ball hits his horse in the back leg, and it bucks William off. William then realizes how close they had gotten. He had not been paying much attention. "Kill me, release me," he whispers, head in the dirt. Joseph stood above him. "You can save them," he promises. "It is not too late, my friend." It was the only hope William had. Joseph helps William up and leads him through the woods, running. Where did this strength come from? Saving his family? They did this to me, he cursed. No, they did it out of love. They have have damned us all in front of god, but they love me. Joseph was supernaturally fast, he would be here, then there. William could see the torches get brighter behind him, hear their shouts. He could feel the musket balls flying by his head, but he still ran. The last he saw of Joseph, a sly smile was on his face. William bursts through branches and into a clearing. This place is familiar. He walked forward, and he could hear the waves..

"Give it up, devil. There is nowhere to run any longer." Samuel stood at the head of his horde, carrying a torch and a musket. William only stared out into the sea. "We got your brother too. He's hanged and in hell, I looped the noose around his neck myself. You and your black magic family are all dead. God's justice is almost complete."

William turned and saw Samuel, only it wasn't Samuel. It was his own face he saw, standing there with the mob. He takes a step back and teeters on the edge of the cliff. As soon as he spoke, Samuel's face had returned. "Do you want to confess your sins? Do you want to accept the truth, William?" he called out.

The truth, his father echoed. "The truth is that I loved, Alice. But I also loved my family. And I killed them both."

"That's right, William. And the Reverend, too."

"And the Reverend.."

"Suddenly finding yourself more godly, demon? Have you finally seen the truth?" Sam bellows.

William turns and stares down at the rocks below. The nightmare ends, he mutters, and steps off the edge. As he falls in the darkness, he remembers being happy with his family. He remembers the love. He also remembers Alice, and their love. They were happy, smiling and laughing together. They were in the shack, in those black woods. Mary had somehow found them. She opens the door and can only stare, shocked. Do not tell your mother, he pleaded. That woman was a witch. She seduced me with her dark magic. We must tell the Reverend. Alice screamed as they burned her, William watching on. He had to hold back the tears. Margaret had become somber, only speaking to question William about Alice. They took her and her daughter one night, revealing that Alice had named his wife and daughter as witches as well. They tied William's hands and forced him to watch this fire, as well. He was empty inside. He felt dead. He released his bonds later in the dead of night, and broke into the church. He brutally murdered the reverend with an axe. Some reverend. And then he was running, running from demons in the woods. Running all the way to the cliff..

The last scenes of Salem are beautiful shots of the woods, bugs and birds singing their songs. The camera begins to swing into the trees..

SALEM appears in white bold letters over a black screen, and the film ends.

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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From Apodrocks...

A Film By Nicolas Winding Refn

We meet Noah (Gosling) a man in his early 30’s, a seemingly normal person, but has been living nearly his entire life in a fallout shelter. Through his vivid memories we find out how as a young child he was forced into a life shelter by his father (Eckhart) because of nuclear fallout. After being in the shelter for nearly 20 years, Noah is running low on food, and has no way of creating a source of vegetation. With nothing to do but re-read hundreds of books, that once taught him how to become an adult. He's beginning to lose hope, Especially with the thought of being the only man alive. Noah’s loneliness, depression and the fact he’s starving to death are getting to him, so he begins contemplating suicide. He realizes that his way of committing suicide, is leaving his shelter and going into what he’s feared his entire life, the world above.

After destroying his shelter, Noah leaves and finds a world that’s not what he pictured; actually a world that's was vaguely destroyed but there is very little sign of life. He is reintroduced to the things he hasn't seen since he was a child, trees, grass, and a large body of water. After walking around for hours Noah hears and spots a man working, Jericho or Jerry (Hardy) and after a sudden stand off, the two realize that neither pose any harm. We learn Jerry is apart of a working civilization with many other people, in which he takes Noah. We learn that there are many still many people on the planet alive but very spread out with no official leadership, so they colonized into small civilizations (Basically small cults) and live with no modern technology much like in the early 1900's. When Noah and Jerry arrive and are welcomed, by the Leader, Samuel (Fassbender) and Noah is welcomed to join them in working and help rebuild the new world. While shy at first, Noah begins to get out of his shell and starts to share his stories and experiences to the community. One of the people who becomes infatuated with him is Elizabeth (Knightly) Noah begins to talk to her and feels he is developing his first true love, but there is only one problem she’s claimed by Samuel. Because of his intellect, people began to look to Noah for advice and leadership and not their “master” Samuel. With all the jealousy from Samuel, he goes to extremes to prove he is the leader and that Elizabeth is “his”, no matter what stands in his way.

Valley of Tomorrow, A film about that combines the loss of hope and re-gaining it, friendship, love, and envy.


Ryan Gosling

Noah; A young man who grew up in a fallout shelter and was raised by himself. On the verge of death he leaves his home to see the post apocalyptic world but what he finds shocks him and he is actually welcomed with open arms to this new world.

Michael Fassbender

Samuel, the leader of this new colony, and the man who will do anything to hold control.

Tom Hardy

Jerry (Jericho) Noah's only real friend, and the person who shows him how the new world is ran.

Keira Knightly

Elizabeth, Noahs love interest in the film but is also claimed by Samuel, creates a love triangle between the two, and is one of the main conflicts of the story.

Abbie Cornish

Delilah, Jerry's love but she's also a major part of the story because she is Samuels brother, she's torn between the two.

Paul Dano


Cyrus; he adolizes samuel and will do anything for him **cough** try and kill ryan gosling and tom hardy **cough**

Aaron Eckhart and Diane Lane

Noahs parents, all via flashback.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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From thrILL!...

Batman/Superman- Heir To The Throne

Superman and Lex Luthor's adversarial dynamic becomes generational when each man fathers a child in this Elseworlds tale.

Jon Hamm - Superman / Kal-El

Michelle Monaghan - Lois Lane

Lois knows that Clark will long outlive her and desperately wants to give him a child so that he will never be alone knowing that it may cost her her own life to do so. Clark doesn't want to risk her life but a flashback shows the fateful day where they conceive and it's a cherished memory by them both.

Colm Feore - Lex Luthor

Recently appointed Director of Homeland Security, Lex Luthor and his curent wife Olivia (his 10th) are pregnant with a child conceived out of Luthor's manipulation, greed, and obsession to permanently rid himself of Superman.

Lois and Olivia's paths will fatefully cross through a puff piece for the Daily Planet unwittingly leading both women to lose their lives at Wayne Hospital in Metropolis in an unfortunately public manner. Olivia's baby kicks and sends a pulse of green energy that rocks Metropolis but when it hits Lois, her baby has a violent reaction sending her into labor as well. Both women are in their 2nd trimester but look like their in their final month due to the nature of their babies.

Liev Schreiber - Batman / Bruce Wayne

Knowing that the security of the child of Superman would tempt the world's most vile villains, Batman has been preparing for this day ever since by keeping the world's top specialists on retainer to assist Dr. Thomas Elliot in the birth. The moment he learned that Lois was pregnant, he paid absurdly sums of money to the country's top doctors and kept them in Metropolis telling them only that they were preparing for the birth of a child who would be superhuman. He also had all her phone lines monitored for trigger words and emergency calls in the event that she went into labor.

Tom Welling - Connor Luthor (formerly Superboy/ Connor Kent)

Furious that Olivia winds up at Wayne Hospital instead of in the care of his own private medical staff, Luthor sends in an extraction team led by a disaffected Connor who will successfully retrieve baby Alexander whose body has been horribly disfigured by prenatal experimentation. The baby has been injected with multiple serums including Kryptonite compounds which is what caused the pulse given off by the baby.

Batman has been prepared for such an attack and has Nightwing, Robin, Huntress, Impulse, and Supergirl waiting at the hospital. To their surprise, they are not there because of Superman's child, but because of Lex's. During the fight, Connor is revealed to be the leader of Luthor's team and Robin and the others are betrayed by his alliance to Luthor.

Both Lois and Olivia die during delivery as their bodies are ill-equipped for such offspring. Superman is overcome with sorrow at the passing of Lois and immediately withdraws from his suddenly former life and heads to his Fortress of Solitude with his newborn son, Kaleb. Luthor could care less about Olivia. He only wants to be in possession of Alexander who he will put in a hyperbaric chamber for further testing.

Angelina Jolie - Wonder Woman / Diana, Queen of Themiscyra

Batman and Wonder Woman follow in an attempt to provide him comfort and support all while escaping their own grief by finding solace in each other's arms. They too conceive but Batman will not learn of this for years.

After Superman fakes his exile from Earth by launching a rocket into the heavens, Luthor's focus shifts to his series of post-Superman contingency plans starting with sending Connor to the Fortress of Solitude and Smallville for confirmation. Connor kills both Ma and Pa Kent before heading back to the East Coast. With Superman gone, the Justice League suffers cataclysmic losses through masterfully calculated attacks.

While Lex addresses the media about the terrorist attack on Wayne Hospital being yet another sign that Metropolis and the rest of the country need to get more serious about security, Connor imprisons Martian Manhunter in a TK bubble filled with fire and then blows up the orbiting Justice League Watchtower killing dozens of JL members. Back on Earth, other JL members like the Flash are defeated, imprisoned and killed. Zoom uses his super speed to sever John Stewarts's hand and his Green Lantern's ring. Zoom kills Stewart but before he can retrieve the ring, he is taken out by a mysterious figure.

Nikolaj Coster Waldau - Aquaman / Arthur, King of Atlantis

Wonder Woman comes to Atlantis to accept Aquaman's proposal to unite the kingdoms of Atlantis and Themiscyra through marriage. Yet on their weddig day, Wonder Woman who had remained in water-free areas betrays and kills Aquaman and reveals herself to actually be Clayface. The rest of the Atlanteans are killed by poisonous gas mixed with Atlantis' water. With Aquaman and his people dead, Atlantis becomes the home for Luthor's Homeland Security magnum opus- the super prison known as "The Tank."

The Department of Homeland Security sanctions its own team of superhumans (to be led by Connor Luthor) subsequently outlawing all non-sanctioned superhuman and/or vigilante activity. Luthor cuts side deals with prominent members of the Gotham City underworld promising a blind eye to their activities as long as everything is contained in Gotham City. Gotham City quickly becomes the heartland of criminal activity in the country thanks to the efforts of Connor's team elsewhere. Batman and his few allies will nearly suffocate from the volume of chaos and rival warfare that will poison the Gotham City for years.

Years pass and with the exception of Gotham City, crime is nearly eradicated nationwide and the U.S. fluorishes to new heights. Luthor follows his unrivaled success as Director of Homeland Security with consecutive terms in the White House as President of the United States. Luthor's hand-picked successor for the Oval Office continues the precedent set by Luthor who continues to serve as National Security Advisor in Karl Rove fashion. The economy and national infrastructure are stronger than ever and technology has done wonders for cities across the country with Metropolis continuing to be the shining example. Luthor's popularity has never ben higher and he is beloved by nearly everyone.

15 years later, the only blemish on the nation is the decadent cesspool known as Gotham City whose Mayor, Harvey Dent, learns that side deals cut with Luthor are hazardous to his health especially after Joker escapes from Arkham Asylum. Batman realizes it's time to swallow his pride and confront Diana about the night they shared seemingly so long ago and seek some help to save Gotham City.

Taylor Lautner - Kaleb (son of Superman)

As Batman nears Themyscira, he is surprised in the air by Superman (now exclusively calling himself Kal) who directs him to follow to the far side of Paradise Island where he and Kaleb live away from the world and free from the prying eyes of Luthor's ubiquitous satellites which are useless above the mystical island. Batman explains what Luthor has done in Kal's absence and the current state of Gotham City as a result. Batman questions Kal's instinct to shield Kaleb from the world for so long only to be called out himself on his absence from the twins he unknowingly fathered with Diana.

Lucy Hale - Donna (twin daughter of Batman and Wonder Woman)

Boo Boo Stewart - Thomas (twin son of Batman and Wonder Woman)

Batman confronts Queen Diana and meets his son Thomas and his daughter Donna for the first time. Batman is rebuked in his quest for aid being so eloquently told that the "mortals" must clean up their own messes. However, not everyone on the island will obey Queen Diana's decision as Donna secretly stows away in the Batwing, mostly out of curiosity about her mysterious father. Thomas is a brawler much like his mother but Donna is more into stealth and weaponry.

Kal will follow Batman back to Gotham City where he will learn about Arthur and what Atlantis has become and is encouraged to go see for himself. Kaleb tricks his father into revealing the location of the Batcave after he follows him to Gotham City and expresses his desire to help as he is half-human because of his mother.

Mel Gibson - The Joker

Joker starts killing multiple people associated with both Lex Luthor (his information guru - Calculator) and then assassinates Mayor Dent at the Gotham Gala. He threatens anyone who dares to step in his unpredictable path sending the city deeper into all out, chaotic gang warfare.

When Luthor learns that Superman is back and Harvey Dent is dead, he releases every super criminal in The Tank offering a multimillion dollar bounty on Batman and his sidekicks. Luthor hopes to buy himself enough time to prepare for the inevitable showdown with Superman who will seek retribution after he finds a former haven of genocide in the remains of Atlantis. Superman finds one cell in The Tank sealed and opens it up hoping its contents will reveal an imprisoned Arthur only to find the now-teenage Alexander Luthor instead.

Superman races toward Metropolis as thoughts of vengeance fill his mind allowing Alexander to follow unnoticed. Alexander not only has superhuman strength and flight, but also psychometry which allows him to read the memories of things he touches. He is filled with his mother's memories from his time in her womb and after he finds her penthouse suite she shared with Lex, the memories he discovers send him into a rage-fueled desire to kill Lex.

Gotham City is in all out war as vigilantes and criminals seek to cash in on Luthor's promised reward. Descending from the sky is Batman who is using John Stewart's GL ring but has obviouly made modifications on it and has essentially became the Blue Lantern. With the aid of his children, Wonder Woman (who followed once she discovered her twins had left the island) and the rest of his allies, Batman is able to regain control of Gotham City which is in complete ruins after the biggest battle the city has ever seen.

After killing Connor and his team as well as countless supercriminals, Kaleb will join his father in Metropolis where Luthor and Superman's battle demolishes entire city blocks. Lex Luthor's battle suit is fueled by hundreds of former superheroes and villains whose powers were drained in The Tank. Lex thinks he's going to be victorious but ultimately pays the consequences for his actions and suffers a chilling demise at the hands of his son, Alexander.


I have an insanely long and detailed outline for this if anyone wants to read more. Just PM me and I'll send it when I finish wrapping that up. This is a story I developed as a proposed limited series for DC Comics or an animated movie for them and this draft was great motivation to work on it further.

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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From KB20.....

Tenderloin Pride

J.J. Abrams

Abrams latest film is a highly acclaimed story of mystery, love, and greed. The ominous atmosphere he creates throughout the film is in itself the beauty of the movie as it allows the viewer to feel exactly what Abrams is trying to portray.

The Cast

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

As Adam Thomas: Thomas is an up and coming lawyer who works for the law firm of hotshot attorney, John Grasso. After a falling out between the two, however, Thomas takes on defending Sarah Cooper in her murder trial. Throughout the movie he fights the demons of his father's expectations.

Natalie Portman

As Sarah Cooper: Sarah is the widow and accused murderer of Harvey Boyle. With nearly everyone against her, she turns to Adam Thomas to prove her innocence. She seems very helpless and very easily gets close to Adam

Tommy Lee Jones

As Harvey Boyle: Boyle is a San Francisco business tycoon. He is seen dead in the movie’s opening scene and is only seen through flashbacks thereafter. He was married to Sarah Cooper and was known to treat her pretty badly before his passing.

Mark Ruffalo

As Monty Johnson: Johnson is a veteran lawyer who has worked with Thomas since he began as a lawyer and is his confidante in the firm.

Andrew Garfield

As Johnny Boyle: Johnny is Harvey Boyle’s son and the primary accuser of Sarah Parker.

Emmanuelle Chriqui

As Jamie Boyle: Jamie is Johnny’s sweet, younger sister. Thomas gets close to her to learn more about the Boyle family.

Scarlett Johansson

As Allie Jones: Allie is the Boyle's office manager.. She is highly trusted by Johnny and was also held in high regard by Harvey before his passing. She is, however, very sly and has a very cut throat attitude.

Matthew Fox

As Chris Cooper: Chris is Sarah’s older brother. Early on, he is only known as the mysterious motorcycle rider who often chases Adam and leaves him notes trying to lead him towards finding the truth behind the murder.

Hugo Weaving

As John Grasso: Grasso is a hotshot attorney whose firm is very well known across the nation. He sees much potential in Adam and takes him under his wing but after fallout between the two, Grasso comes to stand in Adam’s way.

Quick Synopsis (For those who won't read the whole thing)
Adam Thomas (Gordon-Levitt) is an up and coming attorney who takes on the case of his life defending Sarah Parker (Portman). Parker has been accused of murdering her ex-husband, business tycoon, Harvey Boyle (Lee Jones). After quitting John Grasso's (Weaving) firm, Adam takes on Sarah's case on his own. He gets close Harvey's children, Johnny (Garfield) and Jamie (Chriqui), and his office manager, Allie Jones (Johansson) to investigate the case. After a series of events with the support of his friend Monty Johnson (Ruffalo), he is able to get an innocent verdict for Sarah and Allie ends up behind bars. But a twist in the end throws away everything he was able to accomplish.

Opening Scene
The movie begins during a stormy night with ominous music playing. The lightning lights up the house and we see Sarah Cooper (Natalie Portman) wake up in bed from the storm and go back to sleep. The camera then shifts to an open, empty safe and the dead body of Harvey Boyle (Tommy Lee Jones). It then pans to a hole in the sliding glass door. The lightning flash outlines the hole and then we shift to credits.

John Grasso (Hugo Weaving) is the head of a big time law firm. Adam Thomas (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), his protégé, is one of the best up and coming lawyers in the firm. The two are shown early in the movie winning case after case. One day during a meeting between the two, they are interrupted by an unannounced visitor. A veiled woman walks in and introduces herself as Sarah Cooper. She explains that her stepson, Johnny Boyle (Andrew Garfield), is accusing her of murdering his father, business tycoon, Harvey Boyle, and she needed a lawyer. She had been hiding out in her small apartment. Adam gives her his card, writing his personal cell phone number on the back.

During a meeting later that day, Grasso shot down Sarah’s case, citing that there was no way they could win with Johnny holding nearly every lawyer in town against her. Adam argued that she had a case but to no avail. That night he received a call from Sarah who asked him to dinner for a chance to explain her story. She told Adam the story of how she met Harvey and got married. She explained that while she never loved him, she was never in it for his money. Johnny, however, believed otherwise. He despised her from day one and constantly berated her for her poor background.

She explained that Harvey was found dead, the safe empty, and there was a hole made in the sliding glass door that after tests, was concluded to have been made from the inside. There was also a bracelet from the safe found on the front lawn and the servants who had been staying in the house that night were on record stating that they did not see anyone enter or exit the house.

After being chased out of her own apartment building by goons and back into Adam’s car, Sarah was taken to Adam’s house to spend the night. They stay up to drink and talk about Adam’s childhood, having come from a lawyer family, he had great pressure on him from a young age. The next morning they are awoken by a loud knocking on the door. Monty Johnson (Mark Ruffalo) and Tommy, colleagues of Adam walk in to find that Adam had company. Bobby snoops around and goes through Sarah’s purse to find her ID. Adam was scolded on his arrival to the office for sleeping with Sarah whom he was told to avoid. Adam quit the firm during a shouting match between he and Grasso and ran out of the building.

Adam immediately begins investigating for possible suspects but not before hiding Sarah out in his beach house. He then went out to meet Johnny Boyle. He is greeted by Allie Jones, Johnny’s spunky office manager. She rebuffs his request to meet with Johnny and tells him to leave his phone number. That night Adam “coincidentally” meets Johnny and Allie at a restaurant. They were sitting with Jamie Boyle (Emmanuelle Chriqui), Johnny’s sister. Adam sat down, with them briefly, introducing himself as Wayne Pierce and said that he was a friend of Harvey’s and that he needed to return money he had lent him 3 years earlier.

The next morning, a Saturday, he goes by the Boyle home to find Allie with them. He ate lunch with them and, “having been out of the country,” asked how Harvey died. Johnny, with all the confidence in the world, immediately says his wife killed him and is completely backed by Allie, clearly making Jamie uncomfortable.

As Adam is driving that night, he spots a motorcycle tailing him. He calls Monty to wait for him around the corner to catch him as he drives by but the mysterious rider manages to get away.

Interested to learn more about this Wayne character, Johnny called and set up a meeting with Adam. During their meeting, Johnny received a call and learned that Sarah had finally been arrested.

On his home from meeting with Sarah at the police station, Adam was stuck in traffic. On the phone with Monty with his windows rolled down, the same motorcycle that previously tailed him zoomed by and threw a small paper into Adam’s car stating, “Sarah is innocent.”

As an attempt to get closer to the family, Adam asked Jamie out for dinner. She instead invited him to an annual, outdoor benefit dinner that she used to go to with her father. They sat with Johnny and Allie. Adam spent much of the night hitting on and trying to flirt with Allie who continuously rebuffed his efforts to get her to open up. After briefly getting up and returning to his table, Adam found a note on his plate that said “You’re wasting your time with Allie.” Adam looked around and saw a man running into the building and took off after him but the mystery man once again got away.

Adam drove Jamie home from the dinner and began to get closer to her and delve into Johnny’s relationship with his father. Jamie mentioned that the two had a very rocky relationship and would often argue and go weeks at a time not speaking to one another. She told Adam that Johnny wasn’t on vacation when he was down in LA before the murder; he had fought with Harvey and was staying away from him for a couple days.

Adam then went to meet with Monty who had done some snooping for him and found out that Harvey was planning to leave everything for Jamie and not Johnny but didn’t get a chance to sign the papers before his murder. Adam made another trip to see Sarah to ask her if she knew anything about the last fight between the Boyle powerhouses. She said that she heard them argue about a woman once but that she did not know who that woman was.
A couple days later, Adam took Jamie out once again. The mysterious motorcyclist once again began to tail Adam’s car. Driving through a desert area with no other cars around, Adam made a quick swerve to force the mystery man, this time on a dirt bike to turn around. He chased him to the top of a hill where he got out of his car but the mystery man was able to jump off of the hill on his bike. Adam, however, spotted his license plate. While he was out of the car, Jamie found the real Wayne Pierce’s ID and called her brother. Adam came back to an empty car.

Adam traced the license plate number he got back to a bike rental shop which he immediately visited to find out who his mystery man was. After bribing the manager Adam found out that the bike was rented out to a man named Chris Walker the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. Adam got his address and went out to pay him a visit. Chris’s residence was in an area of very distinct characteristics. Adam went into his building and knocked on his door but got no answer. Disturbed by the knocking, the door across from Chris’s (which the viewers see says Jacob Johnson) was opened by an old man who told Adam that he could find Chris at work.

Adam went down to the restaurant where Chris worked. Chris (Matthew Fox) made eye contact with Adam and immediately took off running. Adam chased him through the back alleys and through a train but finally caught him when they jumped off the moving train. Adam found out that Chris Walker is actually Chris Cooper, Sarah’s brother with a pretty serious police record. He revealed that he found out about the murder when he was released from jail. When he learned that Johnny was accusing his sister, he immediately suspected it was Johnny’s doing so he began tailing him. He found that Johnny was having an affair with a woman whom his father would not let him marry as she was a woman with a not so nice past who would hurt the company’s image. He also saw that he had the same gun with him that had been taken from his father’s safe and suspected that the two of them had killed Harvey to get him out of the way of them getting married. He used his notes as an attempt to steer Adam the right way, as he feared his record might scare Adam away from Sarah.

Adam went to meet with Johnny who admitted that he had been in the house the day of the murder and that he did in fact take his dad’s gun from the safe but that not a shot was fired from the gun and that he did not murder his father. They were interrupted by Allie who came in with a bank statement stating that a $1 million check was deposited in Sarah’s name on the day of Harvey’s murder.

After putting on another show and bribing some bank employees, Adam traced the money to a man named Andrew Roberts whom Adam went to meet with. After a stern talking to by “Adam from the IRS” Andrew revealed that he was simply a middleman who delivers unmarked bills to a woman named Suzy in exchange for a check for his boss. He set up a meeting between himself and Suzy at her home and gave Adam his phone and left. Adam went inside to snoop around the beautiful little home as he awaited Suzy’s arrival.

Adam was delighted to find that Suzy was in fact, Allie Jones, the Boyles’ office manager. He found sexy lingerie lying around and accused Allie of having an affair with Harvey and that she was the one who murdered him. Flustered, she told him that the money was Harvey’s request. When Andrew delivered it, however, he asked for the check to not be written in his boss’ name because the IRS had been snooping around. Allie wrote it in Sarah’s name. Harvey was dead before she could give him the money and so she kept the money saying that it was hers to keep. She despised Sarah and felt that Harvey betrayed her by marrying Sarah. She deserved to marry him. Adam got cops a warrant to search the place and they found the murder weapon in the bathroom.

Next we go to the courtroom where Adam questions both Johnny and Allie on the stand and after putting on a show and crushing all allegations and possible accusations that would lead to a guilty verdict, is able to achieve an innocent verdict by the jury. The courtroom goes off in frenzy as Allie yells that she didn’t kill Harvey. The police officers arrest her. Grasso, who was in attendance, gets up to congratulate Adam, apologizing for what happened between them and saying that his father would be proud. He offers Adam his old job back but Adam blows him off and tells him to get ready for some competition.

We shift to see a little girl running around with Sarah running after her. Adam is sitting on the couch reading the paper where he sees Jacob Johnson’s name in the obituaries section. He recognizes that as Monty’s dad and goes to the funeral in Tenderloin. As he walks through the neighborhood, he begins to have flashbacks of when he came to look for Chris. He begins to put pieces together. He remembered the sign on the door of the old man and realized that the man had a semblance to Monty. He also realized that Monty’s car has a license plate frame that says Tenderloin Pride. When he asked one of the men walking by where Chris was he said that they haven’t seen him in the neighborhood in over a year. He also recognized two of the men there as the men who chased Sarah out of her building all those years ago.

Adam sat down next to Monty and after some back and forth, asked him how much he got. He said he made $2 million and told him the real story behind what happened. Sarah came to them crying about catching Allie all over Harvey in his office. He continuously treated her terribly and refused to divorce her saying that she owes him for picking her up off the street. She overheard him on the phone telling his lawyer to not give her anything in his new will after previously putting her down for $10 million in his previous will. Killing Harvey was their only option. Sarah wanted no part of it. Her only tasks were to give her brother her house key and tell them Harvey’s schedule. They didn’t tell her when or how the murder would occur.

On the night of the murder, Chris walked in through the front door, went into the office, and shot Harvey. He emptied out the safe and then made the mistake of making the hole from the inside. As he climbed back over the fence, he through a bracelet that he got from the safe back into the front lawn and ran off. When Adam questioned Monty about the innocent woman in jail he said that she was the greedy one. He then explained how when the officers were at her house that day, he went in to use the bathroom and hid the weapon in their for the cops to find. Monty told Adam that he had a feeling he would be able to win the case. The voices of those Adam dealt with during the case began to play back in his head as Monty went to greet other guests. Adam punched Monty in the face and walked off.

He returned home to Sarah where he revealed that he had learned the truth. She came to her own defense and was in tears, saying that she hadn’t touched the money and that they have a beautiful life together. Adam told her that it was his first case as a lone lawyer and that is what he built his own firm off of. She tells him that she loves him and that wishes she had met him before all of this had gone down. He says I wish and we hear police sirens. The cop car rides off with Sarah and Adam walks away with his daughter.

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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From Adrenaline_Flux...

The Malice League

Opening Scene Teaser

The scene opens with a shot on Jeff Bridges. He is sitting at a long table with a drink in his hand, smiling. The camera begins to fade out of the room and his place to show an isolated mansion on an island while he begins a voiceover.

"I've always been a fan of The Justice League. It's a terrific work of fiction. But at the end of the day, it is just fiction."

A man is shown walking down a sidewalk late at night. A bus drives by and the man is shown dead on the ground afterward. The camera zooms in to Shadow (Michael C. Hall) in a dark alley smiling maniacally.


Justin (Ryan Reynolds) is shown in the middle of a drive-by shooting in Miami and Monica (Helena Bonham Carter) is shown laughing crazily as she stands in front of a burning house taking pictures.

"...however... are very real."

The SLK Killer (Samuel L. Jackson) is shown cussing and yelling at a man crying in a chicken suit. "You gonna sell chicken for a *censored* living? *censored* that. I'm doing you a favor." He raises an axe and the scene cuts away to J.C. (Matt Damon) just staring down smiling. The camera holds...

"There is a Malice League. For in this world..."

The camera spans down to show a clearly pregnant woman lying dead with her stomach cut open.

"... there is no justice."

Skyler Hart (Brad Pitt) jolts up in the middle of the night from his sleep..."


Primarily, this is a dual-story. The first main story is the emergence of The Malice League. The Malice League is a league formed by Mr. V and it has become very successful very quickly. The movie will take a short look into the past of each and will show what they are doing now. The viewer will kind of get a feel for how they are, but as with any real serial killer, one can not begin to truly understand why they are. The Malice League's main objective throughout the movie is to capture and kill the head of the FBI: Skyler Hart.

Skyler Hart is well-decorated and a household name and face. If he were to run for president, he would have a good shot at winning. He has solved many high profile cases and is seen as a model citizen. He does have demons in his closet though.

The second main story in this movie will involve Skyler Hart and his ex-partner/protege: Matthew Britton (Jensen Ackles). When Matthew first joined the FBI, Hart brought him under his wing and tutored him. Though not nearly as well known, he is regarded as one of the best agents and arguably the best besides Skyler. Shortly after an incident and before Skyler became head of the FBI, they had a falling out. Matthew has resented Skyler for a long time, but their relationship status is only exasperated when an operation goes horribly wrong. Though Matthew remains resentful toward Skyler, his wife Amanda Britton (Ellen Page) stays in touch with him unbeknownst to him. When a woman is needed to pose as bait in an operation, she talks a reluctant Skyler into allowing her to help. The Malice League, however, captures her. This infuriates Matthew, obviously, and he has to be held down by many other agents in their main office when he learns of what happens. Despite this though, they are going to have to work together in order to find his wife.

In the end, will malice or justice prevail?


Darren Aronofsky




Brad Pitt as Agent Skyler Hart

Main protagonist in the film. He is the head of the FBI. He took Matthew under his wing when he first joined, but after an incident shortly before Skyler became head of the FBI, they had a fallout. There is some hostility there from Matthew toward Skyler which bothers him throughout the movie as he attempts to save Matthew's wife.

Matt Damon as J.C.

A member of The Malice League. #2 on the FBI's most wanted list. When he was 11, his brother died in what was deemed a "drowning accident" with him nearby. He spent his childhood getting in trouble and at age 19 committed his first documented murder. 15 years later, at least 100 murders can be connected to him with solid evidence.

Jeff Bridges as Mr. V

The head of The Malice League and as so is #1 on the FBI's most wanted list. The primary objective in this film is to take down the head of the FBI, Skyler Hart. The Malice League consists of the world's most evil men and those featured in the movie are the best of the "worst" and are all on the FBI's top 10 most wanted list.

Ellen Page as Amanda Britton

She is Matthew's wife. She remains friends with Skyler unbeknownst to her husband. After she convinced Skyler to let her be bait in an operation, she is kidnapped by The Malice League. Skyler must race to find her alongside Matthew whose hatred for him has only grown amongst these new developments.

Jensen Ackles as Agent Matthew Britton

Skyler's old partner/protege. After an incident shortly before Skyler became head of the FBI, they had a falling out. Already having clear resentment toward Skyler, it is added on when he finds out that she has been kidnapped by the world's most evil organization during an operation orchestrated by Skyler.

Samuel L. Jackson as The SLK Killer

He is exactly what you would expect form a Samuel L. Jackson character. He is BA, has awesome lines, cusses a lot, and he likes to kill his victims in style. It is unimaginable just how many deaths he is responsible for. He is #3 on the FBI's most wanted list.

Michael C. Hall as Shadow

Cold. Calculating. Shifty. Shady. Much of what is known about him can be summed up in a word. No one knows his true name and he is on the FBI's Top 10 list at #10 based solely on reputation.

Helen Bonham Carter as Monica

The most wanted woman in the United States. She comes in at #4 on the FBI's most wanted list. She typically likes to play with her victims. Sometimes before, sometimes (most of the time) during, and/or sometimes after. She escaped from a mental institution at age 15 after being there 3 years after witnessing her father torch her neighborhood. Did I mention that she likes to... use... fire?

Ryan Reynolds as Justin

As with the rest of the top Malice League members, his full name is not known. He used to be a member of a mafia-type organization in the southeast and was notorious for taking out people who missed their payments. He is #8 on the FBI's most wanted list.

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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From NextBigThing...

At The Hands of Another
Sypnosis: Set in 1954, At The Hands of Another follows two interconnecting stories: how a young man (Efron) falls in love with a young woman (McAdams), and gold diggers living off his wealth. The two sides clash, and everything changes.

Director: Steven Spielberg



Tom Cruise stars as Richard Wells, the 47 WW 1 and 2 veteran pilot who lives and works with Teddy Montgomery. Wells is a controlling and manipulative individual, who is having an affair with Montgomerys much younger girlfriend Evelyn, and living off Montgomerys large trust fund. Montgomerys affair with Andrea threatens Evelyn, who tells Wells to fix the situation or she will rat him out to Teddy. As the film goes on, it reveals Wells, though still a veteran, is actually named Leonardo Vaschiaelli, and is a former hitman now on the run from the mob and being pursued by the Government.


Teddy is a 25 year Yale graduate who comes from a powerful, wealthy family. He has had everything handed to him, and a path set for life. But he is seeking something different. Despite his lack of interest, teddy is an unusually engaging and charismatic personality. He has a very original sense of humor and loyalty which endear him to those who know him. He is tired of new england, finds girlfriend is boring and fake, and has interest in being a politician. Teddy feels trapped in circumstance as he forsees a life if misery and unfullfillment ahead of him. This changes when he meets and falls in love with Andrea, the socialite daughter of a wealthy newspaper owner in California. Teddy decides to finally break off his relationship with his girlfriend to be with Andrea, and pursue his own goals. However, Richard and Evelyn stand in his way. An avid flyer, teddy met richard when he hired him as a mechanic to work on his personal plane.


Andrea is the 28 year old daughter of a newspaper in owner in San Francisco. Her longtime love was recently killed in the korean war (he actually left her in an affair, but she is telling people hes died), and she returns to SF heartbroken. She meets Teddy. and the two fall in love. Andrea's outgoing, down to Earth, and mature personality is a contrast to Evelyns, and Teddy is very attracted to it. She moves out east with him, only to have problems arise. When teddy refuses to change his mind regarding dumping Evelyn to being with Andrea-threating Richard and Evelyns lifestyles-, Richard decides to take care of it himself, which puts Andreas life in danger.


From a middle class family, with a mother who pressured her to pursue affluent men to make into the upper class, Evelyn is the well intentioned but extremely materialistic and self absorbed girlfriend of Teddy Montgomery. The two met while he was in prep school, and what was essentially a friends with benefits fling blossomed into a romance when she claimed to be pregnant. With Teds interest obviously waning, she was manipulated into an affair with Richard. Town between guilt and fear, she commands Richard to get rid of Andrea-from teds life-or threatens to tell ted of the affair, which lead Richard to the streets as well.


The self mad father of teddy who has given his sons everything. James groomed his oldest son John to follow in his footsteps, but sees Teddys lack of interest in the similar upbringing and begins to question his motives of a parent. Though initially hesitant to Andrea, and he learns as the film goes that his son should obviously pursue whatever it is that makes him happy, not just what his parents imagined him to have. teddy gets his intellectual side form his father.


Teddys mom and James trophy wife wife. From a rich family who initially helped James business ventures take off. She is not as understanding as her husband is, and has grown up with expectations she was expected to follow, and doesnt understand why her son is different.


Teds best friend from college. Robert was a star athlete who lost a scholarship when he tore his acl. Teddy financed his education and now employs him. Robert works with Richard to oversee the grounds of Teds estate. Robert is very loyal to teddy throughout the film.


Open to a mansion, burning to the ground at night. James Montgomery talks with the police, asking if "it looks like murder". They respond say "yes, it looks like death at the hands of another".

Cut to 7 weeks earlier-JULY 1954. Teddy montgomery joyrides his plane on his beachside cape cod estate. He lands, where we meet Richard and Robert. We see htere a problem with the plane; Richard takes the blame. Teddy is an easy going, sarcastic individual. Teddy and his girlfriend Evelyn are attending a dinner that night in honor of his older brother, John. Robert gives him his mail, where teddy sees its a wedding invitation from an old friend. At the dinner we meet teds family (dad, mom, brother) and girlfriend Evelyn. Teds father James is powerful and respected; Evelyn is pleasant but Ted is very distant.

Meanwhile, in san francisco, Andrea Abbott is leaving to go shopping. We see of apparent love letters along her dresser. She lives in a large california house. We follow her driving her car along the coast. She arrives at a small building, wearing a hat and shades. It is here she signs final divorce papers with a man, who is there with another woman. The man is emotionless and leaves with the woman. Andrea plays it strong, but we see a tear slide don her cheek from behind her sunglasses. She leaves and meets her boyfriend for lunch. She, too, seems disinterested. He is a new yorkian businessman, straight laced but rich. Her parents seem happy with who she has chosen.

Back at the end of dinner, with Ted very drunk, he receives "fortune cookies straight from china". His fortune - "Is this what you really want?" and causes him to examine the scene in slow motion. After dinner, a drunk Evelyn and Teddy return to his estate. Evelyn wants sex, but teddy essentially kicks her out, claiming he s tried. We andrea in a similar situation, with her boyfriend leaving. We see Evelyn makes a stop by Richard apartment on the way out, assuming Teddy to be passed out. It reveals their affair, and how they live off teddys 1 million a month trust fund.

Teddy sits on his balcony overlooking the ocean, drinking more, with Robert late at night. Teddy is miserable, and jealous of his friends happiness. They smoke cigars while robert tries to comfort him before going to sleep, leaving teddy alone. Teddy gets up and stares off the balcony, down into the ocean. We see Evelyn doing the same thing, on the opposite end of the country. Teddy is drunk enough to ponder jumping, but instead throws the letter off, and goes inside. Andrea throws the stack of love letters we saw earlier into the ocean, and goes to sleep.

The next day, Teddy, his brother, and parents fly to san francisco. John Montgomery is in the midst of running for governor and is going to receive some fundraising from liberals in California. Its at this dinner that Teddy and Andrea meet. love at first sight. They decide to ditch the party and walk along the coast. They stay out talking all night, discussing their pasts and aspirations. Its revealed ted was notorious for never bringing flings to his place. Meanwhile, we find Wells and Evelyn in bed together. They ponder the rest of their lives, living in secret. meanwhile, its dawn, and Ted and Andrea watch the sun rise over the bay-near the golden gate bridge-together, before heading home.

The following night, Andrea parents are hosting a private party for John. Ted and Robert go, and seek out Andrea. They find her a mess, with her friends, in her room. She caught her boyfriend cheating on her-in her own house. Ted is visibly upset at this sight. They leave, without her seeing him.

Teddy is due to leave the following day, but decides he wants to stay. His family leaves and he drives a maserati convertible- a car Andrea mentioned she loves-to her house and pursuades to come out with him. They continue to hit it off while they go about san fran, and return to Andreas house(her house is seperate from her parents on their estate). They skinny dip in her pool before going into her room. They wake up the next morning, where ted says he has no plans for what to do he next 3 weeks hes there. She says she is available. We get a montage of them falling in love while showing off the beauty of the city in summer. In it, ted recieves a written letter from his father saying to come home. He also says he hasnt spoken with Evelyn the entire time. Finally, on the night before he is due to leave, he brings Andrea to his room- a rare and touching move. Ted says to go back to the east coast; that he has a job to go to.

The next morning, Ted awakens to find Andrea up. She has read the letter Ted got from his father. She realizes ted has no job, rather is going back because his family wants him to and it looks bad. Andrea says its best for both if they accept their fling as a fling and nothing more, and move onto where they were headed before. We get montage of them leaving. Ted is driving his convertible on the highway along the coast when his eyes well up in tears, and he turns his car around. He storms into Andreas house-shes on the balcony-and says she is coming with him, because he wont leave without her. She agrees to go.

The 2 arrive on the cape. Robert isnt sure what to think, while Richard is stunned when Ted reveals plans to break up with Evelyn. James is furious he brought a girl back with him, but Ted doesnt care. Andrea will stay in a hotel on the cape for the next few weeks while Evelyn moves out. Richard frantically calls Evelyn, who breaks down. She had known it was possible but didnt think hed actuallly do it. Unwilling to return to her house with an abusive mother-we learn her mother is, like Richard-conrolling and manipulative, and thats who she respond to.; she says shell stall while Richard need to get rid of Andrea. If he doesnt, she says, she will tell teddy she has been having an affair with him, and Richard will be fired.

Evelyn gives Ted the news that she is pregnant. Ted is outraged and wants an abortion, but she refuses. Ted is unable to break up with her. meanwhile, James Montgomery and Richard, on different occasions, attempt to talk him out of it. He refuses. Meanwhile, we follow Richard to downtown Boston one day. In a shady act, he hands a man in a bar an envelope, and gives the man address. He says "theyll be there one night". He leaves quietly.

Ted and Andrea go on a night out in new york. Reporters recognize ted, and try to snap pics so he and Andrea rush into a boat, and actually go out to see the statue of liberty. When they return to their hotel room, Ted quickly notices his bag hast brought up from the lobby, and goes to retrieve it, as the phones not working. Ted leaves. As he does, a man in black appears from behind the curtain. He wrestles Andrea to the ground and warns her to stay away from Teddy, before fleeing. Ted is outraged and the building is searched, but nobody is found. Andrea is shaken up. Ted says he can hire security and that will be enough.

Richard is annoyed when she returns to the cape. Lisa is mad when she learns Andrea will be staying in their boston penthouse apartment, but James agrees when Ted tells them what happened. James tells him to be careful in the way he breaks up with Evelyn, signaling a change of heart. Ted decides to contact Evelyns doctor, but learns he is away for the weekend.

Richard telephones the man again, and says he wants "the job finished" that night. We Andrea, and friend of hers who lives in Boston, are going to a yacht show that night. Andrea is finally alone on a yacht over the ocean, and is attacked by the same man, this time strangling her. Andrea is near death when a random person notices and intervenes. The police come and the man escapes, but is shot in the arm. The trail of blood leads into the ocean and they lose sight of him. Andrea is now petrified. Richard and Evelyn are equally annoyed that she is alive. Richard meets with a man in a warehouse, and says he have a cutoff in his cash flow soon. The man, an old friend, tells Richard he can no longer guarantee Richards protection if that occurs. Furious Richard resolves to take matters into his own hands when he learns Ted is having Andrea flown to a friends house in NY until this entire or ordeal is through.

Cut to the sky, and a plane flying. Andrea is the passenger. Engine trouble and the plane begins to lose altitude. Richard and evelyn listen to the radio when TEDS VOICE comes on-to their horror, he is piloting the plane thats rigged to crash, not the hired pilot! The plane nearly crashes until Ted recognizes the problem is the same from the very beginning, an realizes Richard must have messed with the plane and likely behind the attacks on andrea. Furious, he lands the plan in upstate new york, and leaves ASAP from the cape to confront the two of them alone.

Richard and Evelyn wait in silence that night. The cape estate is empty aside from the two of them. They are anxiously awaiting a phone call revealing the death of teddy. Evelyn is drunk. Headlights appear at the end of the drive and they rush to the door expecting a police an. its ted. PISSED. He tells them both to get out, says he knows Evelyn isnt pregnant, and realizes the affair mid scream but doesnt care. Evelyn begins to cry and act hysterical as Richard insults and belittles Teddy. The two men finally brawl, with Wells getting up the hand. Evelyn is a wreck and flees out the front door. Wells runs after her, and ted follows. A drunk evelyn gets in the car, and in a hysterical fury, runs over ted in the car. Ted is hurt but ok, lying bloody and motionless. Richard is panicing, and we fade into the dark sky.

Andrea wakes up the next morning. Ted never returned and didnt call. Shes worried. Wells meets with his man, and says he is unsure over this weeks payment. The man says if he fails to have his money by the following day in the day, Wells identity and location will be out in the open; that its out of his hands. Wells returns to the state, where we find Teddy tied to the bed in the basement to a bed. Wells says he needs access to Teds account, but Ted refuses. Meanwhile, Andrea has called James and informs of whats going on. He says that at 5 PM tomorrow-48 hours after teddy went missing-they will call the police if they cant find him. His wife fears political disaster. James instructs Andrea to stay where she is.

Evelyn is still a mess, and she is suddenly cold to Richard, who says he has a plan. Evelyn is the one who withdraws money from teds account. Ted reveals he had already removed evelyn access from the account as soon as he learned she wasnt pregnant. Richard says if they can get money out, they fly to mexico. Teddy says no. Wells is furious. Meanwhile, at the BOSTON PD, they recieve an anonymous tip regarding the location of a former mob hitman not missing, named Leonardo Viaschielli. We recognize the picture as Wells. They see that the address listed in Teddy montgomerys place. They call, but there is no answer. Pressed for time that night, Wells tells Teddy Andrea is coming to the house, and that wells "can either be on a plane to mexico...or i can be here, waiting for her". Montgomery agrees to gives Andrea information needed to access the bank.

The next day. Andrea, restless, leaves the place she is staying with a map. Wells meets with the same man he has been meeting with. The man says his identity has been compromised, its too late. one of his men has received a payout in exchange for Wells location; wells has a lot of enemies. Pissed, Wells shoots the man and his friend, and flees. He returns home, shaken. He hides the gun in his pants. Meanwhile, andrea -now with robert- navigates through mountains. Wells anxiously awaits a phone call, when the door bell rings. he answers-a policeman, here looking for Teddy to ask about the location of one of his employees. The phone rings. Wells excuses himself. Evelyn is on the other end, saying she couldnt access the account. Wells is furious. Now people know where he is, and he cannot leave. Evelyn hangs up; revealing herself to be at the airport and walking towards a plane. Wells returns to the door. He talks his way out of it. As the cop car leaves, Wells spots a car waiting at the end of the long driveway. Alarmed, Wells checks on ted-who is asleep, and chained to the wall-and quickly leaves. As he does, we see he is followed by two men in the car. Wells drives to a dock location, where he quickly loses the two men. The men stop, puzzled. Wells appear from around a crate, and shoots the two men in the head at point blank range.

Meanwhile, James montgomery calls the police, who say they just received word regarding Wells location. Alarmed, the police decide to head out to the estate; James is going as well. Meanwhile, at the house, night falls as Andrea and Robert arrive. They quickly scan the house-Andrea finds the bloodied car stashed in a shed-she returns to the house to see WELLS ARRIVING HOME. She warns Robert, who is in the window. Wells sees the car, and storms inside while Andrea checks the guest house. Inside, Robert greets Wells like an old friend, not suspicious. He says "We're" looking for Ted. Wells says "We?" and then glances out the door, JUST as the door to the guest house shuts. Wells tries to run, but Robert tackles him. Robert is physically an animal. meanwhile, Andrea finds ted and wakes him up. They quickly embrace when they hear a gunshot-they see Wells storm out front door in a sprint to the house. Ted leads andrea out the back door, and the two flee around, back towards the house while we see wells go into the guest house. He storms into the basement, and screams when we see Ted is gone. They get into the house and quickly bolt the front door locked. Ted-limping- takes out a gun while Andrea calls the police, and they decide to go upstairs.

Wells ponders fleeing on foot, but in a moment of fury, breaks through a window and is into the house. Ted and Wells fight, gun and knife tossed to the side. Wells owns Ted, but Ted is finally able to regain Wells knife and stabs Wells in the shoulder. Wells falls back, but lands ontop of Teds gun. They notice and scramble for it, but cant get there. Wells picks up, and rants maniacally for a moment. He aims it at Ted, but then says "Im going to hit you it hurts" and shoots Andrea in the chest. Ted lunges for her, while Wells proceeds to light up the very flamable curtains, and the entire place goes up in smoke. He quickly flees out the front door, just as cops arrive. Smoke already billowing from the rooftop. Ted is with andrea in the inferno; Andrea-clearly dying-tells him to leabe; but he shakes his head. Both are crying; Ted says he is going to stay. The house goes up into an inforno, and both of them die.

Cut to the opening scene. we see Wells in the back of the police car. The officer resonds it looks like " the hands of another". James, comforting a distraught lisa, says "oh son found happiness at the hands of another...and nothing else". the film ends.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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There's no doubt in the winner. The second best Batman story of all time(behind Hush). I love all the characters except for Blanchet for Selina Kyle.

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Feel free to post and fill out ballots now!

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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I voted mine cuz I'm biased.

Will read all of the posts and post my ballot ASAP.

Winner of Football's Future Big Brother II
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:50 am    Post subject: Re: Make A Movie Draft IV Final Products - Come Take A Look! Reply with quote

Outisde of my film, here's what I'm thinking

Most likely to win Best Lead Actor in a Leading Role: Viggo Mortensen
Most likely to win Best Lead Actress in a Leading Role: Natalie Portman
Most likely to win Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Tom Hardy
Most likely to win Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Rachel McAdams
Most likely to win Best Original Screenplay: Salem
Most likely to win Best Adapted Screenplay: Batman
Most likely to win Best Visual Effects: Heir to the Throne
Most likely to win Best Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Most likely to win Best Picture: Salem

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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Its A Sabotage

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devils1854 wrote:
There's no doubt in the winner. The second best Batman story of all time(behind Hush). I love all the characters except for Blanchet for Selina Kyle.

Only actress that semi-resembles her in the comics, plus decent sci-fi-ish actress that was left. Cool
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