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Make A Movie Draft Finished Products - Take a Look!
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Which movie would you most like to see?
The Vengeful Matrydom - Martin Scorsese
 26%  [ 9 ]
Immortal - Steven Soderburgh
 2%  [ 1 ]
Cops n' Robbers - Quentin Tarantino
 14%  [ 5 ]
Cedar Junction - Danny Boyle
 0%  [ 0 ]
Nietzville - Darren Aronofsky
 11%  [ 4 ]
Between The Lines - Jason Reitman
 0%  [ 0 ]
Blackwater - Andrew Dominik
 8%  [ 3 ]
Retribution - David Fincher
 5%  [ 2 ]
Losing Grip - Paul Thomas Anderson
 2%  [ 1 ]
Dead Drop - Christopher Nolan
 26%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 34

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 4:29 pm    Post subject: Make A Movie Draft Finished Products - Take a Look! Reply with quote

So we've now finished up our draft, and people have finalized their films. For those who are just checking this out, what we did was we each drafted a Director and several Actors and put together our own films with the crew. Feel free to take a look at our Discussion Thread or our Draft Thread to get an idea of what we were doing here.

This thread is for everyone on the forum to be able to take a look at and discuss our finalized products. Here are the final writeups by each member of the draft.

Greg_Jennings - Martin Scorsese
Greg_Jennings wrote:
The Vengeful Martyrdom
Directed by Martin Scorsese
a GJ Production

Synopsis: Set in the late 1850's, the film follows several characters in this true story during the fight against slavery. Specifically, John Brown and his followers' raid on the Harpers Ferry Armory in 1859


Lead Roles: (2)

Viggo Mortensen as John Brown old man, with a history of fighting for the abolition of slavery. Brown believes that the only way to end slavery was to fight it with force. He organizes a small group of fighters to attempt to stage a revolution.

Christian Bale as John Henry Kagi

...Kagi is Brown's closest friend and second in command. Before the raid, he was involved in a gun fight with a local pro-slavery judge, who shot him, leaving him in critical condition.....but not before Kagi shot him in the groin first. Kagi acts as the groups battle master, and tactician.

Supporting Roles: (3)

Michael K. Williams as Shields Green

...Shields Green, nicknamed "Emperor", was introduced to Brown through Fredrick Douglas. Green was an escaped slave, constantly on the run. He believed strongly in John Brown's goals, and joins him in his attack.

Michael Fassbender as Silas S. Soule

...Part of the action on the Kansas border, Soule was constantly fighting for abolition. He is joined by his friend, Dr. John Doy, to free slaves and bring them to safety. He was also infamous in history for his skills as a prison escape artist.

Don Cheadle as John Anthony Copeland

...Unlike most of the members of Brown's attack force, Copeland was a free slave. He had fought for escaped slaves in Shields Green's hometown in Ohio, and is introduced to John Brown to join his raid. Copeland actually had a fairly decent education, and was a good writer.

Minor Roles: (4)

Djimon Hounsou as Dangerfield Newby

...A former slave, his freedom was purchased by his father. However, his family still remains under the plantation owner's control. Newby makes it his life goal to free them from his clutches. If not by purchasing their freedom, then by force.

Bryan Cranston as Dr. John Doy

...Friend and mentor to Silas Soule, accompanies him on trips to liberate slaves and send them to freedom in Canada

Charlie Hunnam as Watson Brown

...Raised as an abolitionist by his father, John Brown, Watson believes as strongly as his father in their goals. He takes his place on the front lines of the fighting constantly, and his father never shies away from his participation.

Jude Law as Lt. Israel Green

...Famous for being the man that brought down John Brown. He is assigned by Robert E. Lee to take down Brown during the final moments of their raid.


The film opens during the middle of the night in 1856. John Brown (Mortensen) and his three sons (including Watson Brown, played by Hunnam), are hiding behind a large rock outside of a wooden cabin in Kansas. When they see that the coast is clear, the four slowly begin to march toward the cabin. Standing in front of the house, Brown calls out from outside, ordering James P. Doyle to exit the home and surrender to them as their prisoner. He explains that they are armed and that they won’t hesitate to break in and kill him. Frightened, Doyle exits his home, still in his pajamas. John Brown and his sons escort him through darkness for a ways. When Doyle asks where they are taking him, he his punched in the stomach by Watson. Watson then draws his broadsword and stabs Doyle in the stomach. Doyle falls to the ground bleeding and crying in pain. John Brown stands over him and asks, “You are James P. Doyle, slave catcher, are you not?”. Terrified, Doyle says nothing. Brown then pushes his boot into the stab wound, and repeats himself, raising his voice. Doyle yells out that he is indeed a slave catcher, and without hesitation, John Brown executes him, shooting him in the head with his revolver, in what would be known later as the Potawatomi Massacre. The film fades to black and the opening credits role.

When the film returns, we see John Anthony Copeland, a free black, (Cheadle) is seen leading an angry mob in front of a local hotel in Ohio. Several slave capturers are held up in the hotel, with a runaway slave they are escorting back to his owner. Copeland approaches the front door to speak to one of the Slavers. After the Slaver refuses to negotiate with him because of his race, Copeland becomes furious and charges the mob through the hotel. They kill or injure most of the slavers, and find the runaway slave in the attic, alive.

Elsewhere, John Brown, and his second in command, John Henry Kagi (Bale) are seen sitting at a table with 6 other men. Brown says that they are organizing a campaign that they claim will turn the tide in the fight for abolition. He asks for funding to help them, but the 6 are hesitant because of Brown’s violent past. Kagi speaks up, and is able to convince them that the fight to end slavery cannot be ended without drastic measures. The six reluctantly agree, and Brown and Kagi leave the building victorious. Brown turns to Kagi, and says that there is one more person that they need on their side.

We are then introduced to Silas Soule (Fassbender) and Dr. John Doy (Cranston) as they are leading 13 former slaves toward freedom in Canada. Along the way, their group is ambushed by 20 pro-slavery men. During the fight, Soule is knocked unconscious and falls down into a ditch outside of the fighting. When he awakes, the rest of his group tells him that the men had fled with Doy and the former slaves captive, and that Hoy would be put on trial, and the slaves sold. Outraged, Soule tells his men that they have to go after them, and the group sets off.

We then see Dangerfield Newby (Hounsou) as he approaches the home of a plantation owner. As he walks to the front door, painful memories of his former life as a slave start coming back to him. But he pushes them to the side of his mind, and enters. He attempts to meet with the plantation owner, but is met with extreme hostility at the front door. The two men at the door threaten to kill him, and right as Newby prepares to defend himself, the plantation owner makes himself present. He asks why Newby has returned to the plantation, to which Newby replies that he has saved up the money for the price that the Plantation Owner had set, $1500 for the freedom of his wife and kid, who were still slaves under him. The Plantation Owner tells him that he doesn’t care, that the price has just been doubled. The two men who were guarding the door then proceed to assault Newby, who fights back but is overpowered. They beat him relentlessly, and then steal the money he had saved up.

In the night, we see John Brown and Kagi making their way towards a wooden shack in the middle of the woods. They are here to meet with Fredrick Douglas about their mission. They sit down with him, and they are joined by Douglas’s friend, Shields Green (Williams). Kagi, as the battle master, explains what they plan to do. Infiltrate the Harpers Ferry Armory, and steal tons of weapons and munitions from it. They plan to use the weapons to roam the country side of Virginia, freeing and arming slaves and staging a revolution of sorts. Douglas is concerned with their plan. He believes that a plan as violent as this will only lead to more oppression, and that full scale war is not the option. Upset, John Brown stands up and says that peace is not an option. Douglas apologizes, but explains that he cannot help them with a plan such as this. Shields Green however, steps in. He agrees with Brown that force is the only way to change the country, and he joins Brown and Kagi on their way out to join their operation. He tells them the story of John Copeland, who led a group of men to storm a hotel in his hometown and saved a runaway slave. Brown instructs him to send word to Copeland, to ask him if he would be interested in joining their army.

A while later, Brown and Kagi are assembling with their group of fighters to go over their plans for revolution. One of their men, Lewis Sheridan Leary arrives at their fort with another man. Leary tells Brown that this is a friend of his, Dangerfield Newby, who has become interested in the fight. Broken that he cannot free his family, Newby tells Brown that he hopes that during their march, they can go and free his family. Brown puts his hand on his shoulder and promises to do his best.

The night of the raid finally comes. John Brown, his son Watson, John Henry Kagi, Dangerfield Newby, Shields Green, John Anthony Copeland, as well as about 10 other men, stealthily make their way into the town to get to the armory. Kagi cuts the telegraph line so that word cannot be send out for help, and the groups moves forward toward the armory. Brown sees that a train is docked at the station, preparing to leave after seeing the large group of armed men invading the town. Newby takes 2 other men, and Shields Green, and makes his way toward the train. Meanwhile a fair amount of townspeople are beginning to notice what is going on, and are starting to form mobs. Newby attempts to get on the train to stop it from leaving, but is shot in the neck by an unknown assailant in the crowd. He falls to the ground and dies instantly, and the train gets away to send word out. Green and another member of their squad get away from the mob. The man tells Green that they can escape through the river, and get away. Green tells him to go ahead, but "I must go down with de old man", and makes his way to join Brown at the armory.

Kagi and Copeland are sent to capture the town’s Rifle Works. However, as soon as there, they notice that the town’s local militia is beginning to arrive at the scene. Outnumbered and outgunned, the two grab a man and take him hostage, and try to make their escape.However, as soon as they get out of the building, they are surrounded by not just local militia, but the army, who has sent Robert E. Lee and a handful of soldiers to protect the armory. Lee orders the two to put down their guns and surrender. Kagi refuses to surrender and raises his weapon, but before he can get a shot off he is gunned down by the soldiers. Copeland rushes over to his body, and is surrounded and captured.

Meanwhile, John Brown, Green, his son, and the rest of his men make their way into the armory and capture it. Brown's plan begins to fall apart here. The building is surrounded, and there is no escape. Desperate, Brown takes 5 hostages and with his group, drags them toward a fire house across the street. Brown holds up with his group here, and the two sides stand off until morning. Lee tries to negotiate, and tells Brown that if he and his men surrender, they will be spared. With no options left, Watson convinces his father that their fight is lost. Watson exits the building carrying a white flag to surrender, but he is shot in the gut by man in the mob. Bleeding out, Watson crawls back to the fire house, where he dies in his father's arms. Furious, Brown stand up and begins firing out of the window. Shields Green stands by him and the two gun down several soldiers. Robert E. Lee orders his Lieutenant, Israel Greene (Law), to break down the door with a battering ram. Greene breaks the door down, and chaos ensues. Shields tackles a soldier, and uses the soldier's sword to stab and kill him. Israel goes after John Brown with his sword. Brown shoots a soldier in the chest, sending him down, and then Israel hits him in the back of the neck with his sword, sending him down to the ground instantly, bleeding. Shields Green and John Brown are captured, and the rest killed.

Elsewhere, Silas Soule has led his small group of slave liberators to the prison where Dr. Doy is being held. One of Soule's men enters the prison and speaks to the guard, claiming he has a letter from Doy's wife to deliver to him. The guard allows him, and Soule's man walks in to hand Doy the letter. Hoy grabs it through the bars and reads it. All that is written is "Midnight. Tonight". That night, Soule arrives at the jail, being escorted by two other men. The men claim that Soule was caught trying to steal their horses, and demand he be jailed. The guard agrees and opens the door to the cell area. At that moment, Soule and the two men all draw large, deadly knifes, and theaten the guard into letting Dr. Doy go. Soule frees him, and the group makes their escape. When they arrive back to town, Doy thanks Soule for coming back for him, but tells him that he must ask one last favor of him to help their cause.

A while later, John Brown and his associates are sentenced to death for their actions. Brown is isolated in a cell, apart from his brothers in arms, unable to make contact with them. As he is writing a letter to his wife from his cell, he hears two men talking outside of the door to his cell area. Brown hears a thud against the door, and it opens. A man walks in, pulling down his hood to reveal himself as Silas Soule. Soule tells Brown that he has been sent here to free him, and to make their escape. However, Brown refuses. He tells Soule that he is too old to live a life running from the law, and that he is more important as a martyr than as a man, and that he must stay here and be put to death. Soule thanks him and shakes his hand before leaving.

The film ends with John Brown finally being reunited with Shields Green and Copeland on their execution day. The three of them march toward the gallows in the open field, as a voiceover from John Brown says,

"I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood. I had, as I now think, vainly flattered myself to think, that without very much bloodshed it might be done."


The Gnat - Steven Soderburgh
The Gnat wrote:

I have brought in Steven Soderburgh to direct this action film with a bit of depth to it. The film revolves around a team of vampire hunters who are attempting to kill off a vampire with an ethical dilemma because the vampire is turning humans into vampires because he considers it to be his divine calling.

The story starts in Italy around the year 500 AD. The papal order has been established and the church exists in Rome. A Bishop (Johnny Depp) is leading the defense of his church against a group of vampires that are trying to take it over. The church is defended by a Roman legion run by a Centurion (Arthur Darvill). The vampire with Malcolm McDowell as their leader attack the church. They are fought off but not before one of them is able to bit and turn the Bishop.

Flash forward to present times. In a small town in main the Bishop was been awoken after being buried in a coffin for several centuries. He begins to cause havoc throughout the town turning many people into vampires. A brother and sister lead team (Ryan Reynolds and Jeniffer Lawrence) come into town. Also on the team are David Tennant and Dwayne Johnson. They face off against the vampire as to who will get the town while the vampire faces off against his own kind to avoid mindless violence and killing for the sake of it but to only do what they do to turn people into vampires and give them immortal life. The Bishop finds a kindred spirit in Kate Mara who is a college student in that town and has been orphaned for all practical purposes since childhood with a non-existent father and a mother who died when she was young.

She has a level of sympathy for the vampires because she witnessed her mothers death at the hand of a vampire killer after her mother had been bitten. This vampire killer (played by Dennis Quaid) was the brother and sister vampire killers father. They had followed in his footsteps after their father had been bitten and taken his own life instead of turning into a vampire.

The brother and sister team eradicate the vampires from the town because killing the head vampire will destroy the other vampires. But when they lead their attack on the vampires they capture the Bishop and he explains why he has been doing what he has been doing. Also, in the attack, Jennifer Lawrence character is bitten. They leave the Bishop (as well as Kate Mara's character) in a locked room to die as the run rises and eventually floods the room with light killing off the vampires. Jennifer Lawrence's character takes her own life like her father before her.


- Johnny Depp: The Bishop
An old Roman Catholic Bishop who had been turned and has been living on the earth for 1500 years. He was put into a dormant state by other vampires when he came to America during the colonization process because he refused to kill and killings sake and only wanted to turn people.

- Ryan Reynold: Ethan Borrows (Lead)
A second generation vampire killer and leader of a team of vampire killers. He runs almost all the logistics of the team and does most of the planning on the attacks. He is a bit of a gadget head and has created with another team member a number of ingenious ways to kill vampires.

- Jennifer Lawrence: Melody Borrows (Lead)
The fighter and more head strong of the two Borrows' children and a couple years younger than Ethan. She has a martial arts style of fighting and is very graceful. She also has feelings for one of the team members.

- David Tennant: The Tech
He works with Ethan Borrows on creating new weapons against the vampires and generally runs any technology that the team uses in tracking and monitoring vampire activity.

- Dwayne Johnson: Mountain of a Man with a Born to Kill Tattoo
That is literally the guys name in my original screenplay (thank you Dierks Bentley). He is muscle and is all about fighting, give him a gun or a knife or whatever, and he will go in there swinging. He is the team member that Melody likes.

- Dennis Quaid: James Borrows
Ethan and Melody's father who died when they were both teenagers after he had been bitten by a vampire. He was a vampire killer before them and passed down that trait to his children. He is a conflicted character because of causing pain to other families and having one of his own.

- Kate Mara: Jenny
Practically orphaned as a child of 10, she lived with grandparents until she went off to college in main. Her father left she and her mother when she was young and her mother was killed by James Borrows when she was 10 as her mother had been bitten by a vampire. Since that point Jenny had been a bit of a loner and out of place in life and actually likes vampires because of the death of her mother and almost a kindred loner spirit. She falls for The Bishop.

- Arthur Darvill: Centurion (Cameo)
Anyone who watches Doctor Who knows why I put him in this cameo role as he is a Centurion for a couple of thousand years in the show (or so).

- Malcolm McDowell: Vampire (Cameo)
He is just too fun not to use in a film. He plays an old vampire who has come over to mainland Europe from Britain in order to destroy the Roman empire and the church.

Darrelle Revis - Quentin Tarantino
Darrelle Revis wrote:
Cops n' Robbers

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Tom Hardy

as Lenny. New to the United States from London, Lenny is a crazy, but brilliant thief. Hardy channels his inner-Bronson for this role.

Cillian Murphy

as Officer Ricky Curtis. A young police officer, Curtis has strong morals but sees the reality of the city when teamed with Officer Douglas (Jackson).

Samuel L. Jackson

as Officer Mike Wallace. A hardened, street-smart officer who takes no ****. This is vintage Jackson as he puts on his best performance since Pulp Fiction. Much of the film follows his new relationship with Officer Curtis.

Robert Downey Jr.

as Dave Stevens. An underachieving middle-class guy who loses his job and get mixed up with Lenny, who happens to be looking for a partner. Lenny and Stevens clash consistently throughout the film.

Supporting Actors

Marion Cotillard

as Carmen Turner. Lenny's long-time girlfriend who may be just as crazy as she is. She's bi-polar and extremely dangerous.

Christoph Waltz

as Sergeant Lucas Schmidt. A German hard-***, Waltz assigns Curtis and Wallace to give the newcomer a rude awakening. Wallace is incredibly subordinate to Schmidt.

Christopher Walken

as Richard Stevens. Dave's (Downey Jr.) single, loney pot-head Dad.

Topher Grace

as Sam Howard. A snarky, sarcastic pain in the butt. He is a journalist who constantly pesters the officers for information.

Uma Thurman

as Jade Hansen. Dave's (Downey Jr.) ex-wife. She can't stand him.


Lenny (Hardy) is new to the USA, straight from London. He is psychotic, but is also an incredibly smart thief. He isn't alone, as his insane long-time girlfriend, Carmen (Cotillard), is often by his side.

We then see Dave Stevens (Downey Jr.) getting fired from his job as a salesman for a failing company. Right after, he gets two calls, one from his deadbeat, pot-addicted Dad (Walken), and another from his hateful ex-wife (Thurman). It's clear that his life is in shambles.

The two characters meet, and after some forceful convincing, Lenny gets Dave to be his partner in crime. This relationship comprises half of the film. After a few mildly successful petty crimes, they plot to rob a major bank. Dave is incredibly skeptical of Carmen, but Lenny brushes off her clear issues.

The other half of the film focuses on the relationship between a new police officer, Ricky Curtis (Murphy), and a thirty-year vet who takes no ****, Mike Wallace (Jackson).
Curtis comes in with high-morals and no idea what the real world is actually like. He learns quickly that his new profession is all about politics. He is constantly pestered by crime reporter Sam Howard (Grace). Wallace and he clash consistently, leaving room for some great Tarantino dialogue.

In the final act, the four characters meet as the officers happen to be right around the corner when the thieves rob the bank. (Insert long amazing Tarantino scene with these 4 great actors).

Lenny kills all three of them and grabs up the money, only to be shot in the head by Carmen. She forgets the money and walks out like nothing happened.

The end.

Adrenaline Flux - Darren Aronofsky
Adrenaline_Flux wrote:

“Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torment of man”

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Opening Scene Teaser

The movie begins with Rysherino Khalipino (Will Smith) running through an alley. He reaches a dead end and is visibly out of breath and terrified. He turns around and this is when we get the first view of his predator. It was once human; the eyes are pure white and the teeth are sharp. A screech escapes its mouth as it arches near. Khalipino's flinches as a scream is heard.

The scene cuts away to Benson Trudell (Daniel Day-Lewis) cradling what looks like a little girl. The camera spans back and reveals Trudell to have a knife and the little girl to have been just killed with it. A shadow appears over Trudell as he looks up and the film cuts away to credits and the title.


In quiet Nietzville, there never was anything overly special or significant about the town. However, an odd and terrifying outbreak soon changes that. The cause unknown, much of the town becomes ill and either dies or turns into a creature that becomes known as a "de-man" by the media due to it no longer being a human and due to the media coming up with cliche crap terms like that all the time. The government decides to quarantine the town. They refuse to go in in fear of bringing the outbreak out to the rest of the United States and the world and they refuse to dispose of the town as it would have obvious backlash. They send in supplies and stuff on a regular basis though.

For the first year, there was pure anarchy. Eventually though, two groups arose. The Alpha Movement and the Omegists. The Alpha Movement hope they can either beat or outlast the outbreak and that they can eventually return to the real world. The Omegists, however, have given up hope in returning to the real world. They want to construct their own society and work to just make the best of the situation. They believe that the hope of returning to how things were is a pipe dream and overly optimistic. Due to these basic philosophical differences and a general battle for power, the two sides have gone to war.

This movie is based three years after the opening scene. Richard (Morgan Freeman) is the leader of the Alpha Movement and Freddy (Al Pacino) is the leader of the Omegists. Richard has recruited Rysherino Khalipino (Will Smith) as his number 1 and Freddy has recruited Benson Trudell (Daniel Day-Lewis) as his number 1. Kelly Morton (Kristen Bell) and Jensen Monroe (Matthew Fox) are also prominent members of the Alpha Movement and Anna Steinbeck (Rachel McAdams) and "Big T" Tyrone Jenkins (Michael Clarke Duncan) are prominent members of the Omegists. "Central" is the man in the middle. He is on neither side, but due to his connections, he receives protection from both sides and received his nickname as 1) his real name is unknown and 2) he is in the center of everything.

There are no true "protagonists" or "antagonists." Those definitions in relation to this story are all... well... relative. It depends on how you look at it.

This story will primarily follow the battle between the two main organizations and the battle between the healthy and the creatures. The struggle of power and hope will be evident. Along with physical aspects of the story though, there will be a lot beneath it too. A lot of the story will also deal with the social and psychological issues that accompany a situation like this. The story is very much multi-layered.


Darren Aronofsky




Daniel Day-Lewis as Benson Trudell

Benson Trudell is the right hand man for Freddy. In his former life, he had a wide and daughter. His wife died during the initial outbreak and his daughter turned in his arms. Shortly after, Trudell joined up with the Omegists. He is now one of the most feared men in the city.

Will Smith as Rysherino Khalipino

Rysherino Khalipino is the #1 guy for Richard. Khalipino was on a business trip when the outbreak occurred. He has family on the outside and is desperate to be re-united with them. He meets Richard when he is saved by him near the beginning of the outbreak. He is athletic and though he appears hesitant at times, he has gotten his hands dirty when felt necessary.

Al Pacino as Freddy

Freddy is the leader of the Omegists. The Omegists are a group of men formed with the idea that the world as they knew it is no more for those trapped in Nietzville. They believe that they need to jumpstart their own society and believe they should be in power. They are at war with the Alpha Movement.

Morgan Freeman as Richard

Richard is the leader of the Alpha Movement. They believe that hope should not be lost just yet. They believe that eventually the healthy will prevail and that they will be free to go back into "the real world." Until then though, they are at war with the Omegists. It is implied that Freddy and Richard knew each other prior to the outbreak and the last names of both are unknown.

Kristen Bell as Kelly Morton

Kelly Morton is a smart, young, quirky woman that has recently joined the Alpha Movement. She was traveling through Nietzville when the outbreak occurred. She is a law student at Harvard University.

Rachel McAdams as Anna Steinbeck

Anna Steinbeck is "under contract" with the Omegists. Before the outbreak, she was a manipulative con artist who had come to town to pull one of her tricks. She believes that once they begin a new society or they are allowed to re-join normal society that money will again come into play which is why she still puts an emphasis on obtaining it. That and, perhaps, old habits are hard to break.

Paul Giamatti as "Central"

"Central" is the man to go to for what you need. His name is unknown and his backstory is left completely untold in this film. He has connections with the government which is how he directly receives information and goods not made available to others. Of course, it is not a strong enough connection to get him out. Both sides look to him and he, like Steinbeck, believes that money will someday be valuable again to them. The added protection he receives also doesn't hurt.

Michael Clarke Duncan as "Big T" Tyrone Jenkins

"Big T" Tyrone Jenkins is Nietzville's claim to fame. He was a college football stud for the University of North Carolina and would have been an NFL star if he hadn't blown out his knee. He is a part of the "front lines" for the Omegists.

Matthew Fox as Jensen Monroe

The "it guy" for the Alpha Movement. He can get the most use out of anything put in front of him. Along with developing and repairing equipment for use for the Alpha Movement, he is also trying to work on a cure.

THE DUKE - Jason Reitman
THE DUKE wrote:
Between the Lines

Directed by Jason Reitman

George Clooney - Micael Patton - A high end specialty thief with a front business selling custom yachts out of Baltimore harbor. The most important thing to him is his daughter whom he raises alone in the Baltimore/DC suburb of Silver Spring Maryland

Russell Crowe - Detecive Max Shepherd - Devoted husband and father and the top detective for the Baltimore PD on the trail of the most wanted thief on the east coast

Supporting Cast
Marisa Tomei - Detective Kate Evans - Partner to Det Shepherd and close friend to his wife June who falls for Patton after they meet at a school play that features both Patton and Shepherd's kids.

Sairose Ronan - Eloise (Ellie) Patton - Daughter to Max and June Shepherd and just starting to date Lucas Shepherd where they met as the two leads in the school play 'Romeo and Juliet' since Ellie has just moved to this school from one in Baltimore after he father moved to the suburbs.

Monica Belluci - June Shepherd - Wife to Max Shepherd and close friend to his partner Det Kate Evans

Freddie Highmore - Lucas Shepherd - Son to Max and June Shepherd who brings the two unknowingly diametrically opposed families families together after he asks out Ellie Patton

Minor Roles
JK Simmons - Principal Ed Travers - Provides some comedic relief in interacting with all parties involved

Rip Torn - Police Cheif Sean O'Conner - Chief of police who has made catching the bandit the departments #1 priority

Titus Welliver - Dave Allons - International smuggler who sets up and moves stolen items for Patton, owns a bar on the wharf for his cover

Setting: Silver Springs, MD

Time: Present Day

Synopsis: The movie opens following a masked man breaking into a wealthy mansion. He tranqs the guard dogs before they detect his presence, disables the security system from a hidden panel at the base of the house that was supposed to be undetectable and slinks into the first floor of the estate. From there he finds a hidden door in the wall which leads to a secret room which is set up as an extensive civil war memorabilia collection. Bypassing everything else he heads towards a showcased display and as the camera focuses on the item it shows it to be a pair of pistols. On the handle of each pistol is engraved the name General Robert E. Lee. The man cuts open the side of the pedistal holding the guns and locates several wires, taking care to sever a particular wire and when he does a humming that had been heard since entering the room stops. The man now opens the case, collects the pistols and replaces them on the pedistal with two similar looking but fake guns, and quietly leaves without ever being detected. He makes his way down a steep hill and appraoches a beach and waiting there is a small speed boat which he enters and leaves the scene. After he passes a few turns the skyline of downtown Baltimore comes into view and we cut to him removing his mask showing to be Michael Patton (clooney) as he prepares to pull into the harbour. As he docks waiting for him is his contact to move the pistols in Dave Allons (Welliver), international smuggler and business partner with Patton in selling luxury yachts as a cover. Patton thanks Allons for the plans, gets immediately into his car and drives off.

Patton drives along the highway and is shown getting of the exit into Silver Spring, Maryland, a Baltimore suburb. He arrives at his home in a nice neighborhood, enters his house to find his daughter Ellie (Ronan) asleep on the couch with a movie running. He covers her up, kisses her forhead and proceeds to his study for a drink. The next morning his daughter wakes to him making breakfast and tells him that she would ask where he was last night but that she knows better by now. She knows full well what he does and while she doesn't approve she loves her father and accepts him for what he is and knows that what he does is the reason why they were able to leave downtown Baltimore and live in a nice neighborhood and she is able to go to a good school where she is an excellent student.

Cut away back to the mansion where the police are questioning the homes owner as a sedan pulls up and out walks Detective Max Shepherd (Crowe) and his partner Detective Kate Evans (Tomei). They begin discussing the case and ask the security guard why he waited until the middle of the day to report the theft and explained the the guns were there and it was not until the owner looked at them closely that he saw there was no inscription. They know that this is the work of a professional and suspect it to be the bandit who has been stealing specialty items over the past two years. They are unable to find any clues and head back to the station.

Back at the station the cheif (Torn) asks them what they have found and tells them that he didn't reassign them to this case two months ago after the last robbery to find nothing in a rather colorful manner only a chief of police posseses. From there Shepherd invites Evans over to his house for dinner with his family and they can then go from there to his son Lucas' (Highmore) school production of Romeo and Juliet, which Evans had promised Shepherd's wife (Bellucci) that she would go, being a close family friend and godmother to Lucas.

After a short scene at the Shepherd home where the family dynamic is shown and Lucas is teased about a girl that his mother says he likes that his father doesn't know about they head to the play where a crowd is entering, including Patton who ends up sitting next to Evans and strikes up a conversation before the play begins. They watch the play where Lucas is Romeo and Ellie is Juliet and as they interact on stage Shepherd tells his wife that he only needs one guess who this girl he likes might be. After the actors take their bow, Patton and Evans resume their conversation and as they get ready for the kids to come out he asks her out and she agrees. The school principal and play director (Simmons) comes along and talks to the parents and tells them about how much time they have spent together and all the extra hours they have stayed late working together. Once the kids are out the group gets together and Lucas introduces Ellie to her parents and tells them that they are have started seeing each other, which is the first that Patton has heard about this. He seems leary but is polite seeing how happy his daughter is and Shepherd and Patton start talking now knowing that their kids are seeing each other. Through a bit of awkward conversation Patton finds out Shepherd is a cop and it intensifies his already natural dislike of the boy who is seeing his daughter but other than a couple snarly comments he behaves himself.

On the drive home Patton teases Ellie about dating a cops son and tells her that he has a date with their family friend. At this point Ellie bursts out laughing and informs him that the family friend is Shepherd's partner and also a cop. Patton almost breaks the date off but while he keeps picking up the phone he never calls to cancel because he had great chemistry with her when talking at the theater. They go on their date which goes extraordianrilly well but towards the tail end of the date Patton learns that Shepherd and Evans are the detectives assigned to catch him which throwns him off his game a little but he gets over that speed bump and they spend the night together.

The next morning while both Patton and Evans are still in bed Patton recieves a call from Allons. Allons has set up another job for Patton in which he needs to steal a rare coin from the early 1800's that is one of a kind and would net him a contract of $2,000,000, by far the largest job that he would have ever had. He nervously talks his way around the conversation on the phone and when Evans asks him who it was he truthfully tells her it was his business partner but lies to her in telling her that it has to do with his business with yachts.

5 weeks have passed and we come to Shepherd studying the past robberies and he has drawn the link that each robbery ends up close to a water source that has a direct outlet into the ocean, meaning that the bandit could have used that as a means of quick escape in each instance. In the center of a map with pins on the locations of the robberies is Baltimore harbor. He goes down to the harbor to investigate and he runs into Patton who is on his own boat preparing for a day at sea. After they talk for a couple minutes out comes Evans who had called in sick. Shepherd is happy that Evans has found someone but he doesn't seem to quite trust Patton who was a bit evasive and spoke in generalities when asked if he had noticed any suspicious behavior at the harbor recently.

Shepherd then heads home to find Ellie and Lucas studying their next play together on the couch. He is nice enough and tries to probe Ellie for a little more information on his father without trying to sound susicious. What she says jives with what Patton told him so for the moment his mind is eased. As his wife enters she tells him that she just got off the phone with Evans and that they are going out to dinner with them that night. At dinner everyone gets along great and they head out for drinks afterwards and Patton gives Evans an elabotate necklace as they are talking. Shepherd is immediately reminded of one of the jewlery heists from the previous year but he has no proof or even that a necklace was missing from the heist. Even so he semi-casually asks Patton where he bought it. Patton answers that one of his clients is a jewler and that he got him a great deal, an answer that does little to ease Shepherd's suspicions. He is even more suspicious when Evans suggests they do something the following Saturday night, but Patton declines saying he has an important client coming in that night. On the drive home June asks Shepherd what is bothering him and after initially telling her nothing, he then tells his wife all his suspicions and the circumstantial evidence that gives him his suspicion. She thinks it seems pretty thin and the only thing she does know is that she has never seen Evans happier.

The folowing Monday Shepherd makes his way back to the harbor, this time speaking with Allons. After he Shepherd leaves Allons calls Patton and tells him that the cop is a problem. Patton assures him that he has everything under control and that he doesn't suspect a thing. That night Patton goes through his dry run of his approach and escape routes and as he returns to the harbor, he does not see that Shepherd is hidden in the shadows watching him return on his small boat in the middle of the night. While still with no proof, this confirms in Shepherd's mind that Patton is the bandit that he and Evans have been pursuing.

I've hit a bit of a stumbling block so i'm going to summarize the ending.

The final robbery sequence goes through with Patton stealing the coins in a clever heist but when he gets back to the harbor Shepherd is waiting for him. Patton tries to elude Shepherd and as Shepherd is chasing him he finds himself at gunpoint from Allons who is about to kill Shepherd. We hear a shot but it is Patton that has shot Allons. In the end Shepherd covers for Patton as long as he swears that he is out of the game, which he does. Patton asks him why he would do this for him and Shepherd tells him that you have to read between the lines of any situation to find out what may be the best thing to do. Patton saved his life, his partner is in love with him and their kids are falling in love with each other. Shepherd knows that doing what you are supposed to do isn't always the right thing.

Buckrock101 - Andrew Dominik
Buckrock101 wrote:


-Directed by Andrew Dominik


Patrick Wilson

Sam Rockwell

James Franco

Michael Shannon

Idris Elba

Michael Douglas

Gbenga Akkinagbe

Stephen Dorff

Jon Hamm

The film follows a man (Wilson) working primarily in the Middle East as a mercenary for the private military company known as 'Blackwater'. We see his struggle to deal with the ethics of his work, the morality of being a mercenary... a gun for hire, basically under the command of the US Government.

Early on in the film, he is given an assignment - to locate and hunt down a rogue Blackwater mercenary (Rockwell) who has disappeared without a trace into the Iraqi wilderness. This mercenary had voiced concerns about what he was doing over there prior to his disappearance, so the government is considering the possibility that he could have become an enemy of the United States.

As Wilson's character works towards Rockwell's character, he slips further down a slope of despair, questioning himself and the world around him. He is faced with the likelihood that he, too, will be driven off the deep end eventually, as Rockwell seems to have been. He struggles to deal with the inevitability of his demise.

He associates with different people in his travels, most importantly, a highly decorated young(ish) US soldier (Franco) who is opposed to Blackwater's involvement in Iraq, and who begins to question his own place there after encountering Wilson.

Michael Shannon plays Wilson's immediate superior, the man he answers to and checks in with routinely. He is a former marine, now becoming more and more jaded with every experience he deals with over there.

Elba plays a fellow Blackwater 'contractor' working overseas, similar to Wilson's character.

Michael Douglas plays a senior government official, the one who is tasked with bringing the Rockwell situation under control. He is seen in just a couple of scenes, interacting with both Shannon's character and the President of the US.

Akkinagbe and Dorff play members of Franco's troop. They are sparsely involved in the film, apart from one key scene in which they are with Franco's character, and come across Wilson broken and wilting (psychologically more than physically) out in the desert.

Hamm plays the President. His is only a brief cameo, with just one scene in which he makes an appearance.

The story is told mostly in a linear style, jumping out of that in a few brief occasions, mainly for flashbacks from both Wilson and Rockwell's characters (Elba, for example, only appears in flashback scenes). The film has a strong Western influence stylistically, and unlike your typical contemporary War movie, focuses mostly on character, and doesn't have any deep conspiracy or anything going on. It's contemplative, and thematically reaches a lot further than just the morality of war and the US Government's involvement overseas.

Apodrocks - Danny Boyle
Apodrocks wrote:
Cedar Junction

A Film By Danny Boyle

Matt Damon as Connor McDounough

Jeremy Renner as Sean O'Malley

Jeff Bridges as Dean Rolston

Gary Oldman as Warden Samuel McCormick

Mark Ruffalo as Leon Collins

Anthony Mackie as Michael Smith

Benicio Del Torro as Ramon Ávila

Michelle Williams as Carrie O'Malley

Amy Adams as Chloe McDounough

Set in Modern time with flashbacks of different eras.


The film starts off in 1993 with two 13 year old boys, Connor and Sean stealing from a department store. The two boys are seen and break out and run away but Sean gets caught and tells Connor to get away. Sean doesn't rat out Connor but his parents send him to a youth detention center, while Connor never gets caught. The film then jumps 3 years forward, Sean has been in and out of juvenile delinquent centers for the past few years and can't stay out of trouble, while Sean is a prized athlete and good student living a perfect teenage life.

Now in modern day; we're introduced to Sean (Renner) again, this time as an adult who is spending his final days as a free man. Sean was convicted of gun charges, and was sentenced to 3 years in Prison. Renner is married to Carrie (Williams) with two little boys, trying to provide an income for his family Renner started selling stolen goods because of his near life-long record he was never able to get a real job and stay away from crime.

We're re-introduced to Connor (Damon), a cocky young prison guard at MCI-Cedar Junction once one of the worlds deadliest prisons now a normal prison serving some of Massachusetts biggest criminals. Connor is living a near perfect life, he has a beautiful wife Chloe (Adams) and the couple is expecting their first child. He has a well paying job, and his life couldn't get much better.

Sean and Connor are reunited when Sean gets booked and begins serving his 3 year sentence. Both men lock eyes, but don't realize who each other are; because they haven't seen each other in nearly 20 years. After time passes both men eventually realize who each other are, Sean is bitter towards Connor for ultimately having a better life then him, and for him being on the other side of the bars. While Connor feels he owes Sean for his life, and everything he has.

Through conversation of inmates we begin to learn the backstories of all the Prisoners in the film. We start off with Dean (Bridges) Nearly a life long prisoner, whose been in prison since the early 70's when Cedar Junction then Walpole was ran pretty much by the inmates. One of the most dangerous prisons in the world. (Now set in the early 70's) Dean tell his story of how he got into prison; He was working for a rich powerful banker as landscaping and maintenance around his house. One day coming to work he found his girlfriend leaving the mans house. In a rage he takes a wrench and beats the man, and accidentally kills him in front of his kids.

We then meet Michael, Him and Sean have an instant connection when talking because of their age and similar life backgrounds. Mike was a ex-drug dealer, who got caught 7 days after his birthday 22 selling crack. Since he's been in jail he has turned to religious to heavy religious faith. Coming up on his final year of prison and his 8 year sentence life couldn't be better for Mike.

Leon Collins (Ruffalo) is the warden (Oldman) right hand man, and one of the least respected guards in the prison. Collins is a racist pig, in his flashback you find that one of his best friends was killed in a car jacking and because of it he turned his entire hate towards a group of people.

Throughout the storyline of meeting all the characters and introducing all their backstories. We have many in depth conversations with both men, when they have time to speak and begin to get along. Bonding and realizing how similar they both are. Connor feels he owes Sean for what he did to get him to the place he is now, and Sean is vowing when he gets out of his sentence he's going to become a better man and a father to the kids he has barely raised.

Ramon Ávila (Del Toro) is the drug dealer who Mike worked for before he got arrested, that Michael screwed out of a lot of money. Avila gets sentenced to Cedar Junction, and with it, he meets back up with Mike and is out to get his head. In the meantime we find out about Avila, he was born in a drug cartel family and just carried on his family traditions when his father died when he was a teenager. Ramon gets two of his goons to jump Avila and it begins a big brawl, in the middle of the fight Leon (Ruffalo) Shoots and kills Mike just weeks before his release.

in the final scene
When Sean gets released from Prison, his wife and kids are waiting for him with Connor, leaving us wondering if Sean continued his life or fell back into the circle.


In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Buzzman - David Fincher
Buzzman wrote:

Directed by: David Fincher

Brad Pitt as Vincent
Robert Pattinson as Bradley Davies
Daniel Craig as James Reed
Colin Firth as Arthur Davies

Kate Winslit as Grace Davies
Naomi Watts as Emma Reed
Andrew Garfield as Warren
Emma Watson as Vienna

The opening scene takes place in the Reeds apartment building. Emma Reed (Naomi Watts) has been waiting for her husband to arrive for an hour now, she has tried calling him but his phone must be dead. As her patience grows thin, she hears the door being opened, but as to her surprise, the man walking in was not James, but a ski-masked intruder. She tries to run to the phone and call for help, but before she can dial, the man comes at her with a blade, slicing her right arm. She screams but tries to keep moving, but this time for the front door. She manages to get a foot outside when the man grabs her blonde hair and rips her right back in slamming the door shut. As he sits atop of her, the man seems to take a second to enjoy the piercing of her screams, then takes the blade and stabs her in the gut. The screams die away, but she is still clinging to life. He leans in closer and smiles as she looks into his eyes. He gently wipes the backhand of his fingers across her cheek. “So beautiful,” he whispers. She tries to exhales one final scream but the hands wrapped around her throat are too much. She stares at her killer as he takes his mask off and has the screen slowly fade to black.


James Reed (Daniel Craig) is in a taxi on his way home. The thoughts of the last few hours still buzz around his head. We see flashes of him with another woman. Remembering her face brings a smile to his. He had never met her before, but the time they had last night was something he hadn’t experienced in a longtime. He checks his phone and sees 3 missed calls from his wife. This makes the memories evaporate away. He was worried his lies for tonight wouldn’t work with her, and as the taxi approached his home, he became anxious. As he walks up the stairs and through the door of the apartment, he steps on broken glass. He looks around and sees the room trashed, and a pool of blood at his feet. With his adrenaline pumping he follows the trail of blood up the stairs and into the bedroom, he sees a man (Pitt) moving what was left of his wife onto the bed. The two men quickly tussle. Punches are thrown, kicks are landed, but when James finally gets ahold of his gun, he turns to shoot the man, but the bullets hit nothing. The man had gotten away.


Two Days Earlier….

Arthur Davies (Colin Firth) waits anxiously at his desk, staring at a man named they call Vincent.

Arthur: You arrived so quickly, were you already in the city?

Vincent: What you’re asking me to do is very unusual Mr. Davies. You understand what will happen to him if you hand over this money to me, do you not?

Arthur: Have you ever known a monster Mr. Vincent? I have and it destroys me knowing that thing I thing I love most happens to be someone who doesn’t belong on this world. I have known for years that he needs to be stopped but I am afraid that it was just simply too hard to let him go. Everytime I watch the news of a dead girl or a missing persons poster, I wonder to myself if that was him. I cannot take it any longer. He must be stopped so I can be free of him.

Vincent: That is enough Mr. Davies, I have heard enough. Once the job is done, we will never speak again. Is that understood? (Arthur shakes his head yes). Vincent tucks the envelope full of money into his jacket turns to walk out of the room.

Arthur: Mr. Vincent, do it quick, if you will, he may be a monster but he’s still my son.


Bradley Davies (Robert Pattinson) is at a charity event with his friend Warren (Andrew Garfield) and his girlfriend Vienna (Emma Watson). After a few drinks into them, they get a little tipsy. After a short time of bragging about his charms, Vienna challenges him to try and take one of the women home. Bradley downs a shot, and smirks. He never loses. After scowling the room for a bit, he spots an attractive older woman. After a very brief chat, the woman proceeds to slap him then throw her drink his face. Embarrassed and enraged, Bradley goes into the bathroom and starts screaming at his reflection eventually shattering the mirror with a single blow. Upon leaving the bathroom, he pushes by his laughing friends and goes up to his mother, Grace Davies (Kate Winslet)

Grace: What happened to you?

Bradley: Nothing, just an accident. I am fine! Can you tell me the name of that woman over there? (Points to the woman who slapped him)

Grace: Well honey, that is Emma Reed. Why do you ask?

Bradley: None of your concern mother, get back to your party.

Bradley walks back to his friends, pretending to have a good laugh about the embarrassing rejection, but every few moments he finds himself staring across the room at Emma, itching for her to leave. When she finally does, he quietly dismisses himself from the party. As he follows her home, the familiar feeling of rage builds up inside him. This wasn’t new to him; he has been in this situation before. About an hour after she went inside her apartment, he steps onto the sidewalk and puts on a black ski mask as he walks up the stone set of stairs.


James Reed has not taken his wifes murder well. With the guilt of where he was when it happened combined with the fact that he let them man get away, ate at him. The man’s face appeared every time he shut his eyes. By sheer luck he had found the man who killed his wife two days later. He was leaving a restaurant when James was driving around in a vast emptiness. He had followed him all the way from the restaurant into a rich folk’s home. This was his chance to make things right. He waited a few minutes then walked into the house himself.


Vincent: (whisper) Wake up (shouts) WAKE UP!

Bradley jumps up a bit and stairs at the man holding a pistol to his face.

Bradley: Take whatever you want, I will not call the police.

Vincent doesn’t say anything, he merely pulls Bradley off the bed. Bradley falls to his knees crying, begging for him not to kill him. Vincent raises his gun and has Bradley feels its cold metal touch his face. But before he can pull the trigger, BOOM A bullet goes right through the side of Vincent’s head and he falls to the ground dead. James Reed is standing in the doorway. Bradley grabs his hand and shakes it fast and tight.

Bradley: Thank you sir. Thank you. This man was going to kill me. How did you know?

James: That man is responsible for the death of my wife. I followed him here to kill him.

Bradley: I have no idea why he was here, but thank god you followed him. What is your name?

James: James Reed.

James falls onto his knees and begins to cry. Despite killing the man responsible, the guilt still lingers. It never went away. He lifts his head at the familiar sounds. BOOM, A shot through James chest has him fall to the ground unable to move. Bradley stands over him smiling.

Bradley: Your wife. She had soft skin. BOOM another shot through the head.


Later that Night

Arthur is sitting in his study talking with his son Bradley. After asking his son to end this madness, Bradley simply mocks his father, as if he could ever do anything. The conversation is simply one-sided and dominated by Bradley, appearing to strike fear into his father. His father finally gives in and tells his son he can fix everything and make this mess go away. As Bradley has his back turned to his father and heads for the door, he hears his father whisper “forgive me”

bkobow05 - Paul Thomas Anderson
bkobow05 wrote:
Alright guys, here's my write-up...

Losing Grip

Losing Grip, a film by Paul Thomas Anderson, follows a former Marine who teetors on the brink of insanity as he battles addiction to drugs, alcohol and sex.

Discharged after the death of his mother, Jeremy Cameron (Gosling) finds himself back in his hometown and the target of his past transgressions. Cameron quickly regresses back to his old ways and into the world that he tried so hard to overcome. What Cameron doesn't realize is this time things are going to go much further than he ever anticipated.

Jeremy Cameron (Ryan Gosling)

~ The main character and a former Marine dealing with severe mental issues and addiction.

Sara Carter (Natalie Portman)

~ Former fiance and main love interest of Cameron's. She is the character that knows Cameron the best and helps battle his addiction throughout the film. She ultimately gives up hope and severs all ties with Cameron.

Deacon Thomas (Philip Seymour Hoffman)

~ Thomas is Cameron's lawyer and the one he turns to for advice/help. Thomas knows of all transgressions done by Cameron but, because of his profession, maintains he knows nothing. Basically, he is Cameron's facilitator.

Tyler Dawson (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

~ Dawson is Cameron's best friend that can't sit by and watch Cameron's diminishing sanity. He turns Cameron in for drug use in hope that it gets him help. He ultimately becomes a bad guy in Cameron's eyes and ends the relationship.

Dr. Katherine Hampton (Cate Blanchett)

~ She is Cameron's psychiatrist and sees the potential dangers he possesses. She does all she can to keep Cameron sane but ultimately fails.

Jon Foster (William H. Macy)

~ Cameron's stepfather with whom he has an extremely rocky relationship. In and out of the movie periodically.

Carmel (Emilie de Ravin)

~ She is the prostitute that Cameron regularly sees and ends up the victim of Cameron's break.

Jermaine Jones (Terrence Howard)

~ He is Cameron's drug dealer. Only in a few scenes.

Evan Donner (Timothy Olyphant)

~ He is the cop that busts Cameron for drug use and regularly keeps tabs on Cameron's whereabouts.

Writer's Thoughts
Basically what I wanted to accomplish, and I didn't have the means to go into very much detail, was that Gosling's character mentally breaks and we get to see the inner demons come out. At the end we see the actual slip into insanity when he kills Emilie de Ravin. The camera would be focused behind Gosling as he stares at de Ravin's body. The camera then comes around and focuses in on Gosling's face. His eyes are down and he has a blank expression. He then slowly looks up at the camera, stares at it for a moment and then unleashes the most evil grin of self satisfaction. It is here we see the complete mental break as the screen goes black, ending the movie.

OHIO - Christopher Nolan
OH-snelld4GB-IO wrote:
Dead Drop

Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Written by: OHIO

Plot Synopsis:
The movie takes place a few years from now and focuses around a group of agents who are part of Penumbra. Penumbra is a secret joint unit between the United States and Great Britain. The group was formed in direct response to terrorism cells that were threatening both nations, but with the early success of the agency it evolved into much much more. Penumbra has become the most funded and versatile of any agency in the world. Only the President, the Prime Minister, and a very select few of individuals are aware that this agency exists.

The movie will begin with an overview of what Penumbra is involved with throughout the world. Whenever something needs resolved, be it an assassination or a coup or any other thing that needs to be facilitated secretly, a single agent is dispatched to deal with it. Various agents are shown at this point all around the world, and a quick rundown of what is needed to be done is given.

Sam Tenner will then be introduced, as will Mark Bellows aka "tenpin." Bellows is undercover within Canton's (a man of great interest to Penumbra) organization and has been so for far too long, in his opinion at least. Bellows has had to commit countless crimes, including murder, in order to keep his cover. Tenner is Bellows' only contact with Penumbra. Bc Canton has his hand in a lot of international activity Bellows' information has been invaluable. Tenner and Bellows over the years have become as good friends as the job allows, and Tenner has tried repeatedly to get Bellows pulled from undercover duty after seeing how it has damaged him.

Tenner is an agent who feels as if he is being wasted. Simply being an owl between Bellows and Penumbra angers him immensely. He keeps this mostly to himself, but does open up to his liaison with Penumbra, Amanda Parker. At this point you'll see that there is chemistry between them, and there will be plenty of Scarlett for all to see ($$$) Laughing

Fast forward and the crap hits the fan. Agents of Penumbra are coming up dead before they can fulfill their missions. Now, death of an agent isnt new, but is rare, these are the best of the best. But agent after agent soon stop reporting in. With less than twenty people in the world who are even aware of Penumbra's existence, and even less who know specific information about these agents, it seems impossible that this could be happening. And with all the resources in the world at the expense, even Penumbra doesnt know how this is happening. Only one word keeps popping up: Demo. There is very little information on the man they know as Demo, but rumor is he works for Canton.

You'll get to see Demo in action, you will see that he is mostly silent and extremely deadly. The agents, though the best in the world, do not stand a chance against him.

Penumbra very quickly comes to the only logical conclusion they can come up with: Bellows has flipped. Tenner is given the order to eliminate Bellows. Tenner does not think that Bellows is the leak bc he has little to no knowledge of other agents, but he is given the order anyways. He ignores the order and extracts Bellows, and together they go after the Demo.

On Penumbra's end, they send the most decorated agent they have after Demo, Russell Dotson. It has become apparent that this Demo is goin after Penumbra agents, so Dotson heads to Paris, where the only agent currently active (Tamryn Parsons) is.

Dotson, Bellows, and Tenner all converge onto Paris in order to hunt this Demo. Penumbra believes Bellows to be dead and Tenner to be inactive at this time, hiding out somewhere. The only member of Penumbra to know otherwise is Parker, who gives him the info he needs.

The rest of the movie is the hunt for not only Demo but, in Bellows and Tenner's case, who really is the leak within Penumbra.

I hope you at least found this interesting, I dont fancy myself a very creative person so if this is subpar I apologize. Smile


Leonardo DiCaprio

as Sam Tenner: Tenner is a member of a secret shared branch of the CIA and MI6 known as "Penumbra." He is often looked on upon as a member who takes too many chances when it comes to the mission at hand. He is Bellows' only point of contact with Penumbra.

Edward Norton

as Mark Bellows aka "Tenpin": Bellows is an agent of Penumbra but he has been undercover for the past 2 years within Canton's organization. He is Tenner's primary source of information. His time spent undercover is causing him immense mental harm, as he has had to murder many innocent people to keep his cover.

Liam Neeson

as Russell Dotson: Dotson is the senior active agent of Penumbra. He is a living legend within the small organization

Scarlett Johansson

as Amanda Parker: Amanda Parker is Tenner's personal liaison within Penumbra when he is out in the field and is a love interest of Tenner's.

Kevin Spacey

as Canton: Canton is the head of a seemingly small time group of mercenaries and information brokers.

Guy Pearce

as "Demo": Demo (pronounced "Deemo") is a hitman for Canton. His past is unknown, even to Penumbra.

Ewan McGregor

as Robert Fields: Penumbra's primary source of intelligence throughout the world. A computer wizard and genius, Robert is one of Penumbra's most essential assets.

Olivia Wilde

as Tamryn Parsons: Penumbra's newest agent, Tamryn is immensely talented and resourceful.

Michael Caine

as Dean Gallows: Mr. Gallows overseas Penumbra. He also was the creator of Penumbra

Which movie are you going to see?

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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I won't vote for my own so I went with The Vengeful Martyrdom

-There are no men like me, only me.
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boy, that is quite a read Laughing

VikingsFan51 wrote:
OHIO just totally stole my thunder. Took my milkshake and ate it too

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 5:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

BTW, I gotta give major props to everyone involved. The finished products turned out so good, way better than I had expected goin in. I knew that we would get at least a few people that put a lot of effort in, but to see every single movie turn out so good is outstanding. Great job everyone Very Happy

VikingsFan51 wrote:
OHIO just totally stole my thunder. Took my milkshake and ate it too

Twitter: @snelld58
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OH-snelld4GB-IO wrote:
BTW, I gotta give major props to everyone involved. The finished products turned out so good, way better than I had expected goin in. I knew that we would get at least a few people that put a lot of effort in, but to see every single movie turn out so good is outstanding. Great job everyone Very Happy

Thanks. I agree everyone did an excellent job with their films. I could have done much better but I've been extremely distracted lately. I basically pushed that out this morning.

Good job fellas. Very Happy
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Hey guys, I'll have mine for sure done tonight. Sorry it took so long, I really love this project just got busy.. It's still able to be voted on. I'm going to just some up the ending real quick.. not get to into detail.

^Packerbacker87 on the sig, thanks!
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THats a tough one between Cops 'N Robbers and Dead Drop. I love the cast of Dead Drop, but Quentin Tarantino will always win out for me.
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It was between Flux's movie and Buckrocks, but I went with Blackwater because I liked the director a lot. Although I still hate you for stealing Idris Elba from me... Evil or Very Mad

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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but yeah, I should add, great job with this guys. Turned out a lot better this time around. The draft was finished pretty quickly this time around and we ended up with some sick movies.

We should definitely do another one of these soon.

In the end, it wasn't guns or bombs that defeated the aliens. It was the humblest of all God's creatures, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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Throughout the storyline of meeting all the characters and introducing all their backstories. We have many in depth conversations with both men, when they have time to speak and begin to get along. Bonding and realizing how similar they both are. Connor feels he owes Sean for what he did to get him to the place he is now, and Sean is vowing when he gets out of his sentence he's going to become a better man and a father to the kids he has barely raised.

Ramon Ávila (Del Toro) is the drug dealer who Mike worked for before he got arrested, that Michael screwed out of a lot of money. Avila gets sentenced to Cedar Junction, and with it, he meets back up with Mike and is out to get his head. In the meantime we find out about Avila, he was born in a drug cartel family and just carried on his family traditions when his father died when he was a teenager. Ramon gets two of his goons to jump Avila and it begins a big brawl, in the middle of the fight Leon (Ruffalo) Shoots and kills Mike just weeks before his release.

in the final scene
When Sean gets released from Prison, his wife and kids are waiting for him with Connor, leaving us wondering if Sean continued his life or fell back into the circle.

Okay I had to rush this, I had a whole different plot in mind. A Shakespearean ending so to say, with most of the characters dying. Anyways I love the storyline of one instance ruining an entire persons life. Just a rough draft, hopefully someone enjoys it.. Nothing really HUGE but a pretty cool story, can't get into much detail on here because nobody would read that much! haha

^Packerbacker87 on the sig, thanks!
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Greg_Jennings wrote:
It was between Flux's movie and Buckrocks, but I went with Blackwater because I liked the director a lot. Although I still hate you for stealing Idris Elba from me... Evil or Very Mad

Good to hear I was top 2 for ya lol

Good job everyone

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They all seems like movies I'd want to see. Damn good work fellas. Personally I'm a sucker for historical movies, so I would probably watch Jennings movie before the rest.

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This is by far the most amount of thought that has gone into a thread on this site. I love this and all the work everyone has done to make a complete story. This was a great great read. Kudos to everyone involved. Hopefully I can get in the next one.
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See if you all coud make awesome movies like these then why can't Hollywood do the same? Laughing No doubt in my mind that I would go see each and every one of these movies. Hats off to you all for an great great job. Clearly alot of time and effort was put into this. I enjoyed reading them but I'm disappointed because now I really want to watch them. Laughing I'm still deciding which to vote for cause it is a tough choice.
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