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The Introduction Thread: Just Who do you think you are?
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 6:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

jrry32 wrote:
The LBC wrote:
jrry32 wrote:
The LBC wrote:
Who is your favorite Rams player? Past or Present?: I've got two for two different reasons. From a pure player standpoint it is and will likely always be Jack Youngblood. Yes, it should probably be my distant cousin who was a Ram (and is in the HOF), but Elroy Hirsch had retired long before I was even born and I met him all of once before he died... and I was 6 years old with no great appreciation for who he was.

One particular Ram from my childhood will always have a soft spot in my heart though and that's Flipper Anderson. He was just that guy who really embraced the local community here in LA and especially Orange County - and rallied to get guys like Everett and Roman Phifer to come to meet & greets and signings at local pizza parlors (and bought food and soda for fan club folks who showed up on his own dime). Just one of those guys you could genuinely tell appreciated and reciprocated towards the fans.

What do you do?: I teach... which isn't to say I can't do therefore I teach, but well... maybe when it comes to writing films, I teach about film because I can't make films. But whatever. Mainly, I teach high school English along with a two senior elective classes (one of which is Film Appreciation) and coach high school volleyball. I also sit on the Board of Directors for a non-profit corporation that funds preschool and pre-K schooling and school breakfasts/lunches for low-income and single-parent families.

I'm entirely too ambitious for my own health though. I've been looking into Educational Doctorate programs (I have my Masters in Education), with the potential aim to teach at collegiate level - though seeing some college students of late I've started to really reconsider that.

What other teams are you a fan of?: Arsenal FC, Los Angeles Clippers (since the Danny Manning, Mark Jackson days), California Angels (don't even try me with that LA of Anaheim crap...), Chicago Blackhawks (yeah, sticks out like a sore thumb, but my mom's family is from Chicago and they're who got me into hockey)

Do you play sports? I was a four-sport athlete growing up (football, soccer, volleyball, and surfing - yes... in SoCal middle schools and high schools have surf teams). Played soccer on scholarship for UC Santa Barbara till graduation. I was trying to get back into rec league volleyball and indoor soccer until we had our twins three years ago - which also happened to coincide with a particularly nasty ankle injury. Now I'm considering it again with the kids getting older, but have to fit it into the schedule with coaching.

Who is your dream girl? (those that are married, go ahead and say your wife! That way she doesn't beat you senseless when she browses through you history):
I think I can actually pick one of the women off my wife's list (yes, there are women on her list, though if I'm being honest I doubt she'd ever actually act on that even if we could pull one of said women...) so...

Olivia Wilde - because she's freakin' gorgeous, smart, well-spoken, and crass as all hell (I'm pretty sure she cusses more than I do and that's an accomplishment, let me tell you!)

Why don't you coach soccer?

I've been trying and on the shortlist for the frosh/soph mens team at my school for a while now, but our school is actually really good at soccer (4 out of the last 5 league championships, made CIF semi's 2 of those years) and the head coach is comfortable, so the hierarchy hasn't changed. I've been holding out hope our JV Coach will get an offer to head his own program somewhere, but he's a teacher like me (different department) so a new coaching gig would probably mean a new teaching position as well, and we're both tenured at our current positions.

Can you volunteer or do they already have enough coaches?(or do you not want to volunteer since you won't get paid?)

It's pretty much this. If I already wasn't coaching and getting paid for it, it wouldn't be as big an issue. But I'd be giving up a paying gig to fill the time with a non-paying gig on the hope that either someone moved on and created a paying spot for me or I got offered a paying spot elsewhere - at which point I'd have to forfeit my tenure accrued in my teaching position (where, if I'm to believe my current department chair I'm her choice as a successor if/when she ever gets offered a principal's position somewhere - not sure that I want it, even if it is a pay-bump because it would severely cut into my ability to pursue a doctorate) to accept that gig.

I figure by the time my kids are old enough to play competitively (I don't consider a pack of 5 year olds all following the ball around the field to be competitive), I'll probably cut loose from coaching volleyball and coach AYSO (maybe even AYSO Premier if my daughter stays as coordinated as she's looked so far in her growth).

MathMan wrote:
I think I'm obfuscating all over the place!
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