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My Return Mock v1.0

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Joined: 21 Dec 2005
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:15 pm    Post subject: My Return Mock v1.0 Reply with quote

It's been ages since I've posted here, but what better time then following a Super Bowl VICTORY! Here's my mock based on where I see our needs are on this team.

Free Agency
Not Coming Home
Cullen Jenkins
Atari Bigby
Jason Spitz
Korey Hall
Brandon Jackson
Daryn Colledge
James Jones

Coming Back Home!
Mason Crosby
Charlie Peprah
John Kuhn

New Faces
Steve Smith – WR
Smith is the perfect slot receiver to replace James Jones with. He won’t be as expensive and can do some of the dirty work that Driver used to do over the middle which will help keep our aging vet out of harms way. Smith doesn’t have elite speed but he creates solid separation and has good hands; the thing that makes me like him even more is that he’s much more consistent than Jones when he’s out there.

AJ Hawk
AJ Hawk had a great year, but he knows he isn’t worth $10M a year and wants to play for this team; even when fans were calling for his head, TT and Co. stuck with him through it and he proved everyone wrong. He’s one of the reasons our defense works because he does all the dirty stuff no one else wants to. I think he restructures his contract so both he and Barnett can stick around.

Brady Poppinga
Donald Lee
Brandon Chillar

This draft assumes a comp. pick for Kampman coming in the 4th round, #132.

Round One
Gabe Carimi – OT Wisconsin

I for one think the most important thing in this draft is to find guys to protect Aaron with all that happened last year in relation to his concussions; frankly, we need a line that will 100% keep him upright and out of harms way for the foreseeable future. Carimi is an ideal RT prospect and is potentially the most NFL ready Tackle in the draft, even though his upside may not be as high as some of the others out there. He’s got “Packer Player” written all over him and he can come in and start day one on the right side, which would allow us to move Bulaga to the LG position to get him acclimated to that side of the line for his eventual replacement of Clifton. One other thing that makes me excited to have a guy like Carimi is that it instantly improves our ability to run the ball; Wisconsin lineman flat out know how to shove people around and pound the rock and frankly that may be just what we need in order to get the rest of the guys motivated on the line to do the same.

Round Two – From San Francisco for Matt Flynn
Marvin Austin – DT(3-4DE) North Carolina

We all know the story with him and his suspension in 2011, but there’s no doubt in my mind that he won’t be a monster on the field when he gets his chance again. With the loss of Jenkins, we need a guy who can rush the passer and create havoc on the side opposite of Clay Matthews and he fits the bill. Austin most definitely has some question marks when it comes to his personality and the fact that he’s been billed as a “me first” guy, but Green Bay is one of the best places in the league to help a guy like that flip the script and become a team player. This draft is filled with guys who project to be a 3-4 DE, but in the second round if Austin hasn’t boosted his stock back up to elite status, than I think we snag him.

Round Two
Chimdi Chekwa – CB Ohio State

Here’s a guy who has to battle back up draft boards because of injury, but before was touted as a potential first round pick. Checkwa plays solid man to man coverage and excel in zone schemes with his quick reaction and solid acceleration when the ball is in the air. Two years ago our defensive backfield was exposed due to the lack of depth we had, but CB wasn’t one of our positions that was decimated this last year so it isn’t fresh in people’s minds. Facts are, Woodson isn’t getting any younger and even though he had a solid year he didn’t perform like the real Charles Woodson; Starks sure does have tremendous upside and got better all throughout the year, but I’m not ready to put it on his back just yet, especially for a guy who’s only played the position for a couple of years now and uses his speed to make up for his mistakes when he’s on the field. Checkwa would be a steal IMO late in the 2nd if he doesn’t drive his stock up and with the added depth to the CB position our defensive backfield would be an absolute force.

Round Three
Andy Dalton – QB TCU

Dalton reminds me a lot of Flynn out of college in terms of his ability to win games. We just traded away our only back-up to Rodgers and Dalton is still on the board in Round Three where we snag him. Dalton has a great arm and accuracy and has the mental capacity our team looks for in its quarterbacks. Given a year or two with the Packers, there’s no doubt that Dalton will be more than ready to back-up Aaron should he go down and will provide great value down the road.

Round Four A
KJ Wright – OLB Mississippi State

Wright was a three year starter for the Bulldogs after being taken from his redshirt status as a freshman and thrown into special teams action. Wright has great size at 6-4 250 with terrific speed and quickness and an excellent burst. Wright is physical and isn’t afraid to mix it up and loves to make the big hit; he’s got excellent range and is great in pursuit. Many scouts like his non-stop motor and the one common knock on Wright that is keeping him in the middle of the draft is that he doesn’t use his hands well to shed blockers and at times over anticipates, taking himself out of plays. I think with some coaching from Greene and Capers he can learn to fix the mechanical issues he has and could be a VERY nice compliment to Clay.

Round Four B
Zach Hurd – OG UConn

The past two years, Hurd has achieve First Team All-Big East honors and he blocked for four different 1,000 yard rushers while at UConn. He’s got great size at 6-7 325 matched with a solid 40 time and overall quickness. Hurd is a solid young run blocker who needs to develop some in pass protection, but with time could be a very stable guard for our line. At very least he can provide depth on the interior with the losses of Colledge and Spitz.

Round Five
Derrick Locke – RB Kentucky

Locke is a bit of a mystery as draft day approaches; a lot of scouts love him saying he’ll go as high as the late second early third round all the way to undrafted. With the emergence of James Starks as a solid compliment to Ryan Grant between the tackles our focus in the backfield needs to be on finding a guy to replace Brandon Jackson for 3rd down situations. Locke has soft hands and catches about everything thrown his way out of the backfield. He’s explosive and can be extremely elusive in open space; on top of that, many scouts note how mature he is and how driven he is to succeed. Locke could be a great guy to have catching passes out of the backfield as long as he can improve as a blocker, but his real upside may be in the return game. I for one cringe every time I see Tramon taking a punt and I’d love to have someone back there that can make a play every now and than, but isn’t someone that we can’t afford to lose.

Round Six
Courtney Smith – WR South Alabama

Smith is big at 6’4 220, and has decent speed running in the 4.5-4.6 range, but what makes him intriguing is the fact that South Alabama has had a lot of success while Smith was there. Smith has had some off the field struggles, but he seems to have a decent head on him when it comes to stressful situations. In 2005, he wasn’t able to find his parents for over a month when Katrina hit and made it through those tough times making him a stronger willed person. While Smith doesn’t have elite speed, his height and jumping ability allow him to make catches other receivers can’t get to and has the ability to create separation from tremendous route running and double moves. His strength allows him to shed tackling attempts from smaller corners and he gets great extension with his arms allowing him to catch the long ball in stride. If he’s still available in the sixth, he’d be an excellent pick for another red zone threat for Aaron.

Round Seven
Ricky Henry – OG Nebraska

Henry was selected to the 2010 Big 12 First team and really emerged this last season as a leader on the line. Henry isn’t going to wow you with his size or strength, but what he lacks in certain measurables he surely makes up for in effort and tenacity. He’s the type of guy that never takes a play off and will work out ferociously to overcome his deficiencies. He may never be a starting guard in the league, but in the 7th round you can add a guy that will provide solid depth and be excellent in the locker room.

Per LOTO.Tailback
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Joined: 28 Jun 2008
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm guessing you mean the Giants Steve Smith?

I just dont see TT signing a FA WR, even if JJ goes.

The draft looks pretty good, but is Austin a good fit for 3-4?
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Joined: 26 Nov 2006
Posts: 15462
PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

JaguarCrazy2832 wrote:
I'm guessing you mean the Giants Steve Smith?

I just dont see TT signing a FA WR, even if JJ goes.

The draft looks pretty good, but is Austin a good fit for 3-4?

Nope, that boy is a three tech all day long!
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Joined: 21 Dec 2005
Posts: 771
PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

palmy50 wrote:
JaguarCrazy2832 wrote:
I'm guessing you mean the Giants Steve Smith?

I just dont see TT signing a FA WR, even if JJ goes.

The draft looks pretty good, but is Austin a good fit for 3-4?

Nope, that boy is a three tech all day long!

You really think so? His game kind of reminds me of Raji's, and Raji can play both DT or DE in our 3-4 if he needed to.

Per LOTO.Tailback
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